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									                         BestCare Treatment Services, Inc.
                   Klamath Basin Recovery Center Detox Proposal
                                  November 2010

Community Need
Klamath County is severely distressed, faced with high unemployment and serious
budget shortfalls leading to dramatic cuts to law enforcement services. Recently the
county was forced to close 88 jail beds and the county sheriff is patrolling only one shift
per day. The combination of high unemployment, high rates of alcohol and opiate
dependence, and decreasing law enforcement resources has resulted in a dangerous
stew that can lead to increased deaths, increased crime rates, and increased
unreimbursed medical care, and untold suffering for severe alcoholics and addicts who
stay lost in their addiction.

BestCare seeks to develop a medically supervised social detox at its Klamath Basin
Recovery Center facility on Main Street. The facility would not be open to the general
public. Access would only be through key community partners: Sky Lakes Medical
Center, Klamath Falls City Police, Klamath County Sheriff, and Klamath Tribal Health.
The facility will also be used to detox clients enter BestCare’s residential treatment
program at the same facility. All clients would need to be transported to and from the

Program Goals
   1. Safe and humane detoxification from alcohol and other drugs
   2. Improved engagement in treatment and recovery resources
   3. Improved public safety
   4. Increased cost-effectiveness of limited resources, saving health care and law
      enforcement resources

BestCare Treatment Services currently has an unused wing to its residential addiction
treatment facility on Main Street. We propose setting aside eight existing, but unused,
bedrooms for the detox facility. One bedroom would be the office, one would be a
waiting room/common room, and the other six would be client rooms. Each client room
would have two beds, allowing for twelve beds total.

Access would be only through the supporting community partners. Each partner
agency has access to a defined number of beds, which allows them to prioritize which
clients they refer to the program and to have good information on when a bed will next
be available.
     Sky Lakes Medical Center would have access to two beds.
     Klamath Tribal Health and Family Services would have access to two beds.
     Klamath City Police and Klamath County Sheriff would share four available beds.

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      BestCare Treatment Services would have access to four beds for use of its
       clients entering residential treatment who need detoxification.

The facility would be supervised by BestCare’s Medical Director, Dr. Michael Price.
Staffing requirements are two staff for day shift, two staff for swing shift, and one staff
person for graveyard shift. Management and administrative functions would be covered
by existing staff.

Clinical Protocol
BestCare follows the best practice guidelines described in the federal Substance Abuse
and Mental Health Services Administration’s TIP 45: Detoxification and Substance
Abuse Treatment. Our Medical Director has developed treatment protocols based on
American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM) guidelines for safe withdrawal from a
variety of substances. The use of best practice guidelines helps ensure the medical
safety of clients.

Funding and Sustainability
The annual operating expense for the detox program is estimated to be $426,667 (see
attached spreadsheets). If BestCare is able to obtain ownership of the facility, and thus
be freed from its monthly lease payments, we would have $120,000 per year to put
toward the detox as a community benefit. This would then require a further $306,667
per year from community resources.

Our proposed business model is for four community partners, Sky Lakes Medical
Center, Klamath Tribal Health, the City of Klamath Police, and the Klamath County
Sheriff to each purchase two beds. Each agency would spend $76,667 per year, or
$38,334 per bed per year.

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