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1. The letter of intent uses a formal letter template in which the current date as well as the address of
   the recipient are written at the top left corner of the page. Two lines after the address, you should
   use the salutation "Dear" as well as the honorific and last name of the recipient. The
   body of the text should be aligned to the left, with the first line of every paragraph indented.


2. The introduction should clearly convey who you are. Introduce relevant credentials such as the
   university you graduated from, as well as any relevant titles that you have acquired from previous
   experiences. This is also the space where you tell the recipient where you found out about the job
   posting and why you are interested in applying. An example of an introduction is, "My
   name is John Smith. I am a graduate of the University of California with a major in English and
   served as the editor-in-chief of our school newspaper. I discovered the listing for the marketing
   coordinator position in my local newspaper."

    Reasons for Being the Right Candidate

3. The first paragraph should state the reasons why the employer should choose you over other
   candidates. Explain how you are different from other candidates who have the same
   qualifications. An example of the first paragraph is: "I am a motivated individual who has
   experience in advertising and business development, which makes me a great candidate for this


4. You should mention your abilities in the body of the letter. These abilities are essentially what
   you are selling to the company. By presenting yourself as a valuable candidate, you increase your
   chances of gaining an interview. An example of the second paragraph is: "Serving in a
   board of communication at my university allowed me to develop critical problem-solving skills
   that I can apply to the position as marketing coordinator."


5. The closing statement in a letter of intent should contain information that expresses your
   motivation for the position. Reiterate how the company can benefit from hiring you, as well as
   your aspirations for the position. An example is: "I am a goal-oriented individual who is
   looking forward to excelling in this position, and this is why I believe that the company will
   benefit from hiring me." Close the letter with "Sincerely" and your signature
   written in ink above your name (unless you are emailing the letter, of course).
Your Name
Your Address

The Designation of the Person
The Name of the Company
The Address of the Company

Reference: A response to your advertisement stating the need for Financial Analysts for your firm.

Dear Sir,

This letter is a response to your advertisement in the name of news paper newspaper that appeared on date when the
advertisement appeared.

I am a graduate in economics and have also completed my Law degree. In addition to both these degrees, I have completed a
post-graduate diploma in taxation and have also cleared the examinations of chartered accountants. I have worked with 3 law
and audit firms in the past. Subsequently, I switched over to Finance consultancy and have also worked with some notable
firms that cater to the needs of e-commerce related industry. I have served on the board of directors of two companies that
operate in the e-commerce industry.

I feel that the job profile that you wish to offer me is the one that suits my aptitude really well and my qualifications and
experience also fulfill your requirements. Hoping to meet personally. I have also enclosed my Curricula Vitae and I would gladly
furnish references and recommendations on request.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

Your Name
Your Phone Number
Edward Roger
15 Down Street
Los Angeles, California


Respected Mr Williams

My name is Edward Roger and am a resident of Los Angeles, California. Currently, I am pursuing my Honors. in (subject) at the
(University). The purpose of writing this letter is to express my intention of pursuing (program name) at the (name of the
university). I hope my decent academic record and significant achievements in the field of sports would act as an advantage for
my intention to join your university.

I came across the (program name) offered by the (university name) on (name the source of information). The program has
particularly caught my interest, because of (the reason) I would experience while I pursue my studies at your university. My
email address is (email address). I intend to discuss with you, my prospects of joining this program, and am looking forward to
getting in touch with you for the same.

Edward Roger

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