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					     E NGINEERING

                                                                                   C AS E ST U DY


Delivering services and technical evaluations                                           COMPANY
for network operators worldwide                                                         - CDMA operator in an emerging market
                                                                                        - Large-scale deployment of EV-DO Rev. A
                      Qualcomm Engineering Services Group (ESG)
                                                                                        - Project targeted a region of 20+ major
                      accelerates the adoption of mobile technologies                     markets covering more than 3400 sites
                      through initiatives, professional services
                      and technical education. By analyzing and
                      recommending technology evolution solutions,                 SITUATION
                      optimizing network design and deployments,                     M
                                                                                   u		 ature	CDMA	1xRTT	(1X)	operator	had	no	
                                                                                        prior	EV-DO	deployment	experience		
                      educating via technical training and customized
                                                                                   u	Operator	was	working	with	relatively	new	
workshops, and collaborating with key industry groups, Qualcomm ESG
                                                                                        infrastructure	providers	
enables operators to efficiently migrate to next-gen technologies. The
                                                                                   u	Operator	desired	cost-effective	network	
following case study shows how Qualcomm ESG helped an operator                          deployment	and	device	solutions	
effectively and cost efficiently deploy an advanced wireless network.              		
                                                                                   u		 xchange	knowledge	via	classroom	
Meeting the demand for advanced 3G services                                             training,	workshops	and	on-the-job	
New multimedia and data-enabled devices are causing a rise in data services.            training	
Subscribers are purchasing 3G devices, and 3G networks are quickly growing in        G
                                                                                   u		 uide	the	operator	through	the	RFP	
popularity. Many established operators with successful voice and data business          process	for	infrastructure	providers
are now deploying high-speed packet data networks on dedicated frequencies.
                                                                                   u		 valuate	and	improve	network	design	for	
Understandably, they want this done in an optimal and timely manner.                    non	1-to-1	overlay	
THE CHALLENGE                                                                        A
                                                                                   u		 nalyze	network	planning	tool	
Implementing best practices during deployment                                        F
                                                                                   u		 ormulate	and	execute	network	and	
A CDMA operator in an emerging market was facing the challenge of                       device	acceptance	test	plans	
incorporating 1xEV-DO Rev. A (EV-DO) data services on top of its existing multi-
                                                                                   u		 ptimize	network	parameters	via	
vendor 1xRTT network.
                                                                                        performance	assessment	exercises
Although the operator had significant experience deploying CDMA2000, they            R
                                                                                   u		 ecommend	core	set	of	processes	
lacked in-house experience and expertise for an EV-DO deployment. To ensure             to	monitor	network	health	using	Key	
a smooth transition from CDMA2000 to EV-DO, it was paramount to educate                 Performance	Indicators	(KPIs)	
the operator about the data core and core RF, network planning, platforms,
and device teams. In addition, it was necessary to assess the operator’s           RESULTS
vendors’ capabilities in order to guide the operator towards an EV-DO solution.
                                                                                   u		 uccessful	and	accelerated	commercial	
Furthermore, the operator needed objective expertise and recommendations
                                                                                        launch	of	EV-DO	
on how to develop a core set of processes, procedures, requirements and
documentation to carry out the deployment.                                           Q
                                                                                   u		 uick	identification	of	launch	gating	
                                                                                        factors	for	device	and	network	
In order to navigate the various phases of deployment and achieve its goals of       Q
                                                                                   u		 uality	knowledge	transfer	to	core	
deploying EV-DO as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, the operator           technology	and	operational	teams
enlisted in technical consulting and support from Qualcomm’s ESG.
       S ERVICES


                      THE SOLUTION
                                                                                              Figure	1:	Network	Planning	for	Non	1:1	Overlay
                      Collaborating with Qualcomm experts
                      The project required close coordination between Qualcomm
                      ESG and the operator’s engineering team. To ensure
                      successful communication and collaborate with the operator,
                                                                                                                              Key Considerations
                      a Qualcomm subject matter expert (SME) worked at the                                                    • EV-DO Site Placement
                      operator’s site for several weeks.                                                                      • EV-DO Coverage

                      The Qualcomm SME identified several pre-deployment
                      projects, including the creation of a network Request for
                      Proposal (RFP) document; an evaluation of infrastructure
                      vendors; and an assessment of the operator’s capabilities and
In addition, Qualcomm ESG worked closely with the network planning team to                    Figure	2:	ESG	Services	and	Technical	
develop inputs for the network planning tool. These inputs were valuable for
determining site selection and designing the EV-DO network as a non 1-to-1
overlay with the existing 1xRTT network (Figure 1).                                                           Deplo
                                                                                                              • Netw ent
To verify the network design and performance, Qualcomm ESG and the operator                                   • Dep rk acceptan
                                                                                                                    loyme            ce crite
                                                                                                              • Aud        nt                 ria
jointly developed and executed a detailed acceptance test plan. The results were                                    it, ana support
                                                                                                                bench      lysis a
                                                                                                                       markin      nd
then analyzed to verify optimal network parameters and to identify “gating”                                   • Netw           g: KPIs
factors affecting a commercial launch.                                                                        • Expa rk monitori
                                                                                                                     nsion          n
                                                                                                              • Mas          and fo g
                                                                                                                   s call           reca
                                                                                                                events ing/specia sting
As part of its post-launch technical consulting services, Qualcomm ESG helped                 Desig                      optim
the operator identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and develop a set of                  • Tech
                                                                                                and ev gy selectio
processes and procedures, enabling the operator to better identify and predict                • RFP olution           n
network deficiencies.
                                                                                                      develo                           din
                                                                                              • RFP          p
                                                                                                      evalua ment                   ea
                                                                                              • Vend         tio              or kR
                                                                                                       or equ n                                      ng
                                                                                                                            tw                    ini tc.
                                                                                                trials        ipmen
                                                                                                                    t                          Tra s, e
                                                                                                                                            al asse
                                                                                              • RF d                                     nic cl
RESULTS                                                                                               esign                          ch
                                                                                                                                   Te ized
                                                                                                                               TS tom
                                                                                                                              M s
With the assistance of Qualcomm ESG, the operator was able to successfully launch its                                     / U , cu
                                                                                                                        MA ps
                                                                                                                    CD rksho
commercial EV-DO network on time.                                                                                   Wo

Overall, the consultative services provided the operator with:
u   a solid understanding of EV-DO;
u   a capable evaluation of RFPs;
u   development, execution & results analysis for device and network acceptance test plans;
u   and a core set of technical training, processes, and procedures to roll-out EV-DO.

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Description: EVDO (EV-DO) is actually the abbreviation of three words: Evolution (Evolution), Data Only. Its full name: CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, CDMA2000 1x Evolution is (3G) of a path of a stage. This path has two development phases, the first is called 1xEV-DO, the "Data Only", it allows operators to use an IS-95 CDMA or CDMA2000 same carrier frequency bandwidth can be up to 2.4Mbps of Prior to the data transfer rate, ITU ITU has now been accepted as an international 3G standard, and already have the condition of business. The second phase is called 1xEV-DV. 1xEV-DV means "Data and Voice", it can be in a CDMA carrier frequency to support both voice and data.