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									                                                                                                                August 2010
                                                                                                                  Issue 3

 Newcomer Youth Leadership Development

                                          Two months, eleven days and twelve hours 
                                                                                   By Mcah Jreh D. Dizon 
                                                    Two months, eleven days and twelve hours ago, my brother, my dad 
                                          and  I  arrived  here  in  Canada.  I  came  here  with  a  body  tired  enough  to  be 
                                          dragged  home  and  with  a  pout  that  nothing  could  remove.  Obviously,  it 
                                          wasn’t my decision to come here; they didn’t even ask me if I wanted to.  

               At first, I was so mad at them for bringing me here. I could not say that our life there in my country was 
      any better than our life here but there, I have friends, they know me for things that I have done, they know me. 
               At that time, moving here was like being robbed of everything you had and starting all over again. Back in 
      the Philippines, I never felt alone, and never did I feel that I was different or unwanted. There, no matter where I 
      go, I know somebody, not like here where I had nothing at all. 
               I went to the YMCA to accompany my dad and to look for a summer job when the lady at reception told 
      me that they had summer activities for newcomers like me. So we inquired about these summer activities and they 
      told me to go to another office.  
                There  we  met  Andrew  Kowalchuk.  He  turned  out  to  be  our  advisor.  A  strict‐looking‐yet‐funny  kind  of 
      person. He encouraged us to socialize with others, especially with those who are not of our same race. This program 
      helped me to be once again myself. Through these activities, I was able to realize that I would be able to live a life 
      far better than the life I used to have because even though I am away from my friends and loved ones, I can still 
      depend on them to be my anchor when bad times come. I learned that friends can come in different shapes,  sizes 
      and even color. 

                                                                         By VJ Maupoy, Roberto Kindipan, Marc Angelo

           The  most  awaited  event  the  YMCA
  team  anticipated  was  the  soccer  tournament.
  The  league  was  attended  by  different
  organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. The
  players were incredibly excited to play and win
  the  tournament.  In  the  first  game  there  were
  many people, both players and fans. The other
  members  of  the  YMCA  who  did  not  join  the
  soccer team cheered for the Y‐Not’s. 
           Before the game started, we were very                                                                          
  excited  to  play  and  trained  very  hard.  Some                       
  players had just joined the soccer league, while                        We went home with our first win and first 
  others  were  veterans.  When  the  game  started              lose, but we were not to look at the past. Rather, we 
  we were very confident and had a lot of people                 looked forward to the next day’s game. On the second 
  cheering  for  us.  We  –  the  Y‐Not’s  –  worked             day our third game was a do‐or‐die match. If we were 
  hard, scored the first goal, and we won our first              to lose our third game we were to be excluded out of 
  game!  We  were  very  happy  as  a  consequence               the tournament. Unfortunately, we did. But for us, our 
  of our victory and broke into having our lunch.                defeat is not important: what’s important is that we 
  After  lunch  we  practiced  immediately!  The                 did our best, enjoyed bonding moments and made 
  second game was very tough for us and it was a                 friends. After our game we gathered into a circle and 
  close fight.  We lost and  had our first  defeat of            made the loudest “Y‐not” cheer ever! We went home 
  the  tournament.  We  were  all  disappointed                  as losers – but we were the happiest losers! 
  because of our defeat.                                                   
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Volunteering at Rouge Park            by Emily Han
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          On July 28, 2010 the Scarborough Newcomer Youth Leadership Group travelled to Rouge
          Park to help install blue bird boxes for the east blue birds that live in Rouge Park.
          Approximately 20 people came to help; we were divided into several teams. Installing
          the boxes may sound easy, but actually it involved many steps and group coordination
          to get the job done. First several people had to measure the distance for where to install
          the boxes. This involved treading in the wild glasses to get to the location. Then, we had
          people who brought the post and box to the location. Believe it, it was not a short
          distance. Next we had to make sure that the boxes were facing the right direction so
          that the home for the birds wouldn’t get overheated by sunlight. The guys in our group
          had to lift a very heavy pounder to stabilize the post in the ground. And we couldn’t do it
          without the screwing crew who installed the box on the post with screws and wings. At
          last, it was the GPS team who recorded down the coordinates of each box so that the
          locations of the boxes were clear. All in all, it was not easy work! Everyone had to tread
          through the thick masses of wild glass for several hours and under the relentless heat of
          the sun. But we were glad to help the blue birds find homes.

               We went on a hike in the afternoon, with bottles of water ready at hand. It was a
               wonderful trip to the forest of Rouge Park because we had a chance to witness the
               different vegetation and plants as we traveled around. It was amazing that the
               trees and plants started to change as we travelled forward. There were coniferous
               and deciduous trees just opposite of the trail. And we even saw poisonous ivy.
               Different plants were able to grow there because of sunlight, water, temperature
               and other various factors. We learned a lot about the environment that’s around us
               and a lot of names too. Even though we were all tired, we really had fun looking
               and experiencing the different plant life in the park!

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                              Tom & Suzanne

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                             By Georgina, Gloria, Paolo, Mert

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My name is Joshua Garcia. I’m a                      My new school is different from the
fourteen year old boy from Spain. On
      My name                                        other one I went to. There are
the 13thJoshua
      is    of July, I immigrated to                 different rules and regulations. There
Canada, to live in Toronto with my
      Garcia.                                        are different people, and different
parents. Back a Spain, I used to live
      I’m                                            cultures. At first I was nervous to
in a village with a population of three
      fourteen                                       talk to people because my English
hundred people but where I live now
      year old                                       wasn’t fluent but as time went by, I
        are more than three million
there boy from                                       met other people from different
people. My new house is different                    countries, and they told me about
from0 the one I used to live in: there               their experiences and I realized I’m
are beautiful lights on the ceiling,                 not the only one who’s English is not
there’s a living room, a bathroom and                fluent. So I didn’t feel shy to talk to
a bedroom but in Spain, my house                     them because I knew we were all
only had a bedroom with no                           the same and I knew they wouldn’t
electricity. My parents and I had to                 make fun of me when I talked. So
use a torch light. Our bathroom wasn’t               far I’ve improved on my grades but
as beautiful as the new one. The new                 what I also want is to make new
one is built out of cement but the old               friends so I can learn about and from
one was built out of wood. Next                      different people. And I want to speak
month, I’m supposed to attend a new                  English fluently. If these things all
school where I have to make new                      come true, it’ll be easy to live in
friends and I know it will be easy                   Toronto.
because I heard it’s multicultural.                  But after all, it was a good day to
                                                     start at a new school.


     A Day to Remember                                             by Gloria Owusu                                       PAGE 5

July 22nd, 2010, beach day! At 12pm we all met at the
North York YMCA building. We took the subway to
downtown Toronto and met up with all the NYLC
participants from the Downtown NYLC. Together, we all
went to Woodbine beach where we met Joseph, a
dancer. He taught as a South African dance. But first he
explained to us that this particular dance was from a
long time ago when slaves from South Africa weren’t
allowed to talk to each other, so they used these dance
moves to communicate.
Joseph wasn’t the only person we met that day. We met
Rob Christian. He is a jazz musician. He plays the
saxophone, flute and other musical instruments. He
played the saxophone for us, and it was amazing. There
was a jazz festival that evening and Rob told us that he
and his band will perform. And we knew there was no
way we would be missing that.
Finally we headed down to the beach. The temperature
was perfect. We played beach volleyball, others went to
explore the beach, others went swimming and the rest
got dance lessons from Joseph.
After the lessons, we split up into two groups and performed for each other. It was really cool. Night
finally came and we all headed down the street to see the jazz festival. We saw a couple of different
performances and of course Rob and his band. When it was getting dark, we decided to go home.
We didn’t stay for the whole performance but after all, it was a day to remember.

Achilles Crossword Puzzle
by Ahilesh Kadian

 U    O     T    Z     X     M     G     A D S             P           CAMBODIA
 D    N     C    N     Q     O     A     I H E             I           DJIBOUTI
 I    I     C    I     S     R     I     B O L             P           USA
 C    A     U    G     E     O     D     M N L             I
 Q    R     X    E     R     C     O     A D E             T           HONDURAS
 H    H     J    R     B     C     B     Z U H             U           SEYCHELLES
 K    A     Q    I     I     O     M     L R C             O           BAHRAIN
 Z    B     V    A     A     U     A     Q A Y             B
 Y    R     Z    U M D C                 Q     S E         I           CUBA
 B    B     S    A B U C                 P     P S         J
 V    A     Y    N A M R                 E     G C         D

  Summer Fun, the YMCA Way!                                                                                              PAGE 6
            By: Sanobar, Christine & Tanea

                                                                      The YMCA is not just about having fun, it’s also about honing
  The YMCA is the right place for the newcomers. Every                one’s leadership skills. On July 27th we gathered at the YMCA
  summer, they come up with various activities that help              to plan a food drive for the North York Harvest Food Bank.
  newcomer youth explore the different attractions of the city.       Some made posters about hunger, and the others went to the
  To start it off, last July 13th we went to visit the prestigious    nearby offices to give out letters for food solicitation. We were
  University of Toronto. There, we were shown different               touched by Shawn’s story about how a child can make a big
  buildings and structures. Pictures of famous people could be        impact with a food drive just by asking for donations from
  found inside each building as these depict historical events.       friends, neighbours, and family. Truly, big things start with small
  Moreover, we found out that some films were shot inside this        things.
  university, like Mean Girls and Time Traveler’s Wife. We also
  got to visit the John P. Robarts library which houses more          Our next visit was to Center Island. We had a lady captain tell
  than 4.8 million books, making it one of the largest libraries in   us about the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, and some facts about
  Toronto.                                                            the area. The tour was just as fun and exciting as what we
                                                                      thought it would be! Upon arriving on the island, we had lunch,
                                                                      and then some fed the ducks, played volleyball and Frisbee.
                                                                      The best part of it all was that we got to see the beautiful
                                                                      Toronto skyline which is a tourist favourite.

                                                                      They say all good things come to an end. Summer is almost
                                                                      over, and so is the summer program. But the laughter shared,
                                                                      the friendships built and the happy memories that come with it
                                                                      will surely be remembered. ‘Til next summer, guys.
                                                                      Let’s go Y-Nots, Let’s GO!!!!

On July 14th we got to watch Toronto Argonauts game
(Professional Canadian Football) at the Rogers Centre.                  SUDOKU
Many YMCA youth were there together with their parents to               solution
show some support for the players. The next day, on the
15th we went to explore downtown. Our first stop was at                     4      8     2     9      5     3     1      7     6
Dundas Square, where there were live bands playing at the
time. Afterwards, we headed to City Hall and Nathan                         3      6     7     8      1     4     2      5     9
Phillips Square where we took some photos. We then went                     1      9     5     6      7     2     4      8     3
to have our lunch together at the Eaton Centre. After the
sumptuous meal, we departed for Ryerson University and                      9      4     6     7      2     1     5      3     8
Allan Gardens, where we played different fun games. Our                     2      5     8     3      4     6     7      9     1
next fun day which was on the 23rd was spent at the
                                                                            7      3     1     5      8     9     6      2     4
awesome beach. What a breathtaking view! We had an
educational jazz workshop at the Toronto Beaches Public                     5      7     9     1      6     8     3      4     2
Library and then after lunch we left to see the Beaches
Jazz Festival’s Street fest on Queen Street.                                8      1     4     2      3     5     9      6     7
                                                                            6      2     3     4      9     7     8      1     5

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