The Influence of Game DOTA on Verbal Communication and Social Interaction of Children and Adolescents in Indonesia by rindumamah

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This paper talks about the influence of game DOTA on verbal communication and social interaction of children and Adolescents in Indonesia. Based on the study of various cases and literature, discovered the negative influence of DOTA game on children and youth in Indonesia. First, a negative influence on verbal communication, often in the form of children and adolescents to talk with harsh words. Second, the influence of the social interaction of children and adolescents, a solitary pleasure for playing games. In addition, from the side of social interaction, children and adolescents tend to have difficulty in adapting to the environment.

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                               Riski Ramdani

 Department of Computer Engineering, Telkom Polytechnic of Bandung,
 West Java, Indonesia. E-mail: Tel:+62 85659039799

This paper talks about the influence of game DOTA on verbal
communication and social interaction of children and Adolescents in
Indonesia. Based on the study of various cases and literature, discovered
the negative influence of DOTA game on children and youth in Indonesia.
First, a negative influence on verbal communication, often in the form of
children and adolescents to talk with harsh words. Second, the influence
of the social interaction of children and adolescents, a solitary pleasure
for playing games. In addition, from the side of social interaction,
children and adolescents tend to have difficulty in adapting to the

Keywords: Game DOTA, Verbal Communication, Social Interaction,
Children, Adolescents.

INTRODUCTION                            civilized     manners,     cultural
                                        meaning. So civilized means,
Indonesia is a country where the        namely attitudes, decisions and
population known to be very             actions are always based on
friendly and very polite language.      cultural values, especially social
As the second principle of              norms and ethics / morals. That is,
Pancasila said "Kemanusiaan yang        behaving and speaking based on
Adil dan Beradab," shows that           cultural values, social norms and
Indonesia is a civilized nations both   decency are the Indonesian
in terms of behavior or language.       national identity that has been
According to some literatures, the      stuck for a long time.
word comes from the word
   The opinion that Indonesian         many children or teenagers who
people are friendly and polite, not    are not good at socializing, so they
an independent opinion, this           get some difficulties to adapt to
opinion is strengthened by the         the environment.
results of the survey and the            One factor that has reduced the
findings of the famous publisher       national character (polite language
Lonely Planet, guidebooks to travel    and work together) in the
all over the world. According to       Indonesian society, especially
Lonely Planet, Indonesia is the        children and teenagers today is the
fifith most friendly country after     game online. Today the emerging
Fiji (4), Malawi (3), USA (2), and     online gaming in the community,
Ireland (1).                           demand indiscriminate ranging
   In terms of social interaction,     from children to adults. In the play
Indonesian people also known as        it sometimes does not know the
residents who like to work             time.
together which is called ‘gotong         Online gaming has mushroomed
royong’, helping each other, and       from a long time in Indonesia.
work hand in hand with each            Spread very fast too, especially in
other. Gotong royong is an             recent years. Everywhere is very
Indonesian native term which           easy to find cafe-cafe that offers
means working together to achieve      this service. Not only in big cities,
a desirable outcome.                   some towns even had "attacked"
   This means that Indonesian          by this opiate. Online gaming is
people are basically good people       considered      more      attractive
who work together, socialize, and      because it can be played by more
interact with each other. In           than two people together with the
essence, the Indonesian people are     different.
not individualistic human.               Among the online game, a well-
   Characters like these must be       known and much-loved today is
maintained so that they will           DOTA (Defense of the Ancients).
coalesce into national identity.       The main objective of the game is
Unfortunately,      these   positive   to destroy the enemy base with
characters this time even more         the team and the men fighting
reduced presence in the middle of      computer-controlled. Players use
Indonesian society. As proof, so       powerful units called heroes
easy we hear the conversation          (hero), and assisted by allied
between the children or teenagers      heroes and follower.
who use harsh words. Likewise            Along with the rise of online
from the side of social interaction,   game DOTA, it turns out negative
effects began to be felt. Negative        adolescents in Bandung, to know
impact of DOTA related to verbal          the influence of game DOTA on
communication          and       social   social interaction of children and
interaction in children and               adolescents in Bandung.
adolescents. Suppose the city of            The significance of this scientific
Bandung, when the teenagers and           paper is: “ To overcome the
children of primary school level are      negative effects of game DOTA on
busy playing game DOTA, often             children and adolescents in
issued harsh words of regret or           Bandung.”
curse fellow players taunting each          The hypothesis in this scientific
other. In addition, they tend to          paper are: There is a negative
close themselves constantly in            effect from game DOTA on verbal
front of the computer rather than         communication of children and
interacting with the environment.         adolescents in Bandung, in the
  From the above background, the          form of increased use of harsh
author was interested in studying         words in their daily life. There is a
more about the influence of DOTA          negative effect from game DOTA
on verbal communication and               on social interaction of children
social interaction of children and        and adolescents in Bandung, by
youth in Indonesia. However, to           emergence of pleasure to be alone
facilitate the assessment, case           (do not interact with the
studies that will be studied              community) and poor ability to
retracted only happens in the city        adapt to the environment.
of Bandung. The reason, Bandung             The writing of this research
is one of the major cities in             began on Tuesday, December 15,
Indonesia are already familiar with       2009 and ends on Tuesday,
online gaming.                            December 29, 2009.
  based on the above background,
the statement of the problem in           METHODS
this scientific literature is: "How is
the influence of game DOTA on             The writing of this research
verbal communication and social           conducted in Bandung. The writing
interaction of children and               methods used by the author are:
adolescents in Bandung?"                  Case Studies
  Based on the statement of the           The author did a search of cases
problem above, the purposes of            specified in social problems that
this scientific paper is: To know the     are urgent to overcome. Studi
influence of game DOTA on verbal          kasus yang dipelajari ini diambil
communication of children and             dari berbagai berita di internet,
dengan ruang lingkup yang terjadi        Literatures Review
di Indonesia.                            The author uses the form of
   The results of these case studies     reference books, journals, and
will be used as data to see the          scientific articles to find the facts
effects of DOTA game on children         and theories that support our
and youth in Indonesia.                  research.
   A case study is one method of            literatures review, namely data
research in social sciences. In          collection by carrying out studies,
research using this method,              analysis and documentation of
conducted in depth longitudinal          literature, and sources other
examination of a situation or event      records relating to the issues
referred to as cases using the           discussed.
methods          of       systematic        This section is a road that would
observation,      data     collection,   pass by the authors to build a
information analysis, and reporting      frame of mind (the theory). Frame
results. As a result, will obtain a      of mind will be utilized by the
deep understanding of why things         authors as a knife problem
happen and can become the basis          analysis. To have knives sharpened
for further research. Case studies       problem analysis, literature study
can be used to generate and test         should be able to search a variety
hypotheses.                              of theories, opinions, authority,
   Another opinion stated that the       and the results of previous studies
case study is a research strategy,       relevant to the issues raised.
an      empirical      study      that      The more complete the items put
investigates a phenomenon in real        forward the theory that the more
life setting. This strategy may          sophisticated frame of mind that
include kuatitatif evidence that         can be built. This means that the
relies on various sources and the        writer has a complete reference
previous       development          of   reading also. However, it does not
theoretical propositions.                mean that the writer who still has
   Case studies can use the              a limited reference and are not
evidence both of a quantitative          able to write the paper.
and qualitative. With a single              Literature study has three
subject research provides a              important functions. First, to
framework for making statistical         illustrate the subject matter to the
inferences from quantitative case        reader; second, to convince the
study data.                              reader that the author knows a lot
                                         about the subject matter being
                                         studied; third, to develop insight
into the studied subjects. While          game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos,
the order of quotation (citation)         and changed with the release of
can be done in three ways.                The Frozen Throne. There are
  First, starting from the findings or    many basic concepts, with the
the library of the most distant           most popular is DotA Allstars, [2] is
relationship       (most      distantly   maintained by several authors
related) to the library peneletian or     during development.
most closely related (most closely           Since its release, Allstars has
related);      second,     using      a   appeared       in    several    world
chronological order and grouped           tournaments, including Blizzard
according to three approaches are         Entertainment's BlizzCon and the
different (different approaches )         Asian World Cyber Games, as well
and quotations in each group are          as league and CyberEvolution
written in chronological order or         Cyberathlete Amateur.
from the general to the specific.            The popularity of Defense of the
                                          Ancients continue to increase. The
LITERATURE REVIEW                         game was featured by Computer
                                          Gaming World in the assessment
Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)            of new maps and game Warcraft
DOTA is a custom map (map-made)           III, and called "the ultimate RTS".
for a computer game made by                  Allstars has become an important
Blizzard, entitled Warcraft III:          scenario in the tournament, at the
Frozen Throne, based on the map           debut appearance in Blizzard's
"Aeon of Strife" from other               BlizzCon convention in 2005.
Blizzard game, StarCraft.                    Allstars was also appearing in the
  The main purpose of this game is        World Cyber Games Malaysia and
to destroy the "Ancient" enemy, a         Singapore began in 2005, and
heavily guarded structure in each         World       Cyber     Games     Asian
of the lower left corner and upper        Championships beginning of 2006.
right. Players use powerful units         DotA Allstars is now also included
called "hero" (hero), and assisted        in the league and league
by allied heroes and fruit-fighter        Cyberathlete                 Amateur
(creep) are controlled by AI.             CyberEvolution.
  Like the role playing (RPGs),              The game is also appeared in the
players level up their hero and use       Electronic Sports World Cup
gold to buy equipment during the          (ESWC) 2008. Oliver Paradis,
game.                                     ESWC's competition manager, said
  The game was developed by               that the level of community
using the World Editor from the           support, and also recognition of
the world, is the reason why DotA     greatest strengths of this folder.
is selected.                          Defense of the Ancients also affect
  This scenario is popular in many    Demigod game developed by Gas
parts of the world; in the            Powered Games.
Philippines and Thailand, the
number of players of this game as     Verbal Communication
much as the game Counter-Strike.      Verbal communication (verbal
The game is also popular in           communication) is a form of
Sweden and the countries of           communication submitted to the
Northern Europe other, where the      communicant           communicator
songs are inspired by this game ,     written manner (written) or verbal
"Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar      (oral).
DotA" by Swedish musician               A couple of sms to every day,
Basshunter, reached the top of        hosted a music presenter on the
European charts at position # 2006    television station, a journalist
and entered into the 116 top ten      writing news or opinions in the
charts in Sweden, Norway, and         newspaper, or a father calls his
Finland.                              son, it is a small example of verbal
  LAN tournaments are a part main     communication.
of this game worldwide, including       In the business world, verbal
tournaments in Sweden and             communication occupies a large
Russia; but, with so few LAN          portion. Because in reality, ideas,
tournaments and championships in      thoughts or decisions, more easily
North America, several teams have     conveyed verbally than the non-
since disbanded.                      verbal. With hope, communicant
  Blizzard points DotA as an          (both listeners Maun readers) can
example of what can be made by        more easily understand the
makers a dedicated folder using       messages conveyed.
artificial means developers.In June     Practice, verbal komunikais can
2008, Michael Walbridge, writing      be done by way of: Speaking and
for Gamasutra, stated that DotA "is   writing.      Generally    bussines
the game's most popular mod,          message to deliver, people tend to
discussed freely in the world as a    prefer speaking (talking) than
non-supported games.                  (writing).
  By pointing to the DotA               In addition to its practical
community is formed, Walbridge        reasons, speaking considered
stated that DotA shows the game       easier "touch" targets due to be
easier for communities to care for    heard directly communicant. But
the game, and is one of the           that does not mean a written
message is not important. To             relationship between people who
convey      the      message    that     produce a process that produces
businesses require long and              the effects affecting permanent
mature        understanding      and     relationships and ultimately allow
assessment, delivery is also             the formation of social structures".
needed writing. Such delivery            "Positive interaction is only
bussines report. Highly unlikely, if     possible if there is an atmosphere
only submitted to talk.                  of mutual trust, respect, and
   Listening and reading. Reality        mutual support" (Siagian, 2004).
shows, mostly business people get          Based on the above definition
information than to convey               then, the authors conclude that
information. Information revenue         social interaction is a relationship
and business activity is conducted       between human beings who
through the process (Listening)          interact with each other both in
listening and reading (reading).         the      relationships      between
Unfortunately, reality shows, is still   individuals, between groups or on
a lot of businesses that do not          behalf of individuals and groups.
have      sufficient   ability   and       The kinds of Social Interactions
willingness to make the process of       According       to    Maryati    and
reading and listening this. So that      Suryawati (2003) social interaction
important messages are often just        is divided into three kinds, namely:
go away, and only a small portion          The interaction between the
of well-digested.                        individual and the individual
                                         In this connection may occur
Social Interaction                       negative or positive interaction.
Human social life, will be               Positive interaction, if that
interconnected and need each             happens if the relationship
other. Needs that can lead to a          mutually      beneficial.   Negative
process of social interaction.           interactions, if mutual relations
Maryati and Suryawati (2003)             harm one party or both (hostile).
states that, "social interaction is a      Interaction between individuals
contact or a mutual relationship or      and groups These interactions can
interstimulasi    and      responses     take place in a positive or negative.
between individuals, between             Forms of social interaction of
groups or between individuals and        individuals and various groups -
groups".                                 kind of depends on the situation
  Another opinion expressed by           and condition.
Murdiyatmoko and Handayani                 Social     interaction    between
(2004), "Social interaction is the       groups      and     groups     Social
interaction and group group occurs        without losing the personality of
as a single entity rather than            culture itself.
individual will. For example,               Social    interaction     that    is
cooperation between the two               dissociative, ie, that leads to the
companies to discuss a project.           form - the form of confrontation or
  Forms of Social Interaction             conflict, such as:
Based on the opinion by Tim                 Competition, it is a struggle to be
Sociology (2002), social interaction      done individually or particular
categorized into two forms,               social group, in order to gain the
namely:                                   victory or the results are
  Social     interaction    that     is   competitive, without causing any
associative, ie, that leads to the        threat or physical impact on the
form - the form of associations           opponent.
(relationships or a combination)            Kontravensi is a form of social
such           as:       Cooperation      processes that are in between
Is a joint effort between individuals     competition and conflict or
or groups to achieve common               conflict. Another manifestation of
goals.                                    the attitude kontravensi not
  Accommodation It is a process of        happy, either hidden or is bright –
social      adjustment     in      the    publicly        directed      against
interaction between individuals           individuals or groups or to the
and groups - groups of people to          elements of a certain class culture.
ease the conflict.                        These attitudes can be changed
  Assimilation Is a social process        into hatred but not until a
that arises when a group of people        disagreement or conflict.
with       backgrounds       different      Conflicts is a social process
cultures, mix together intensively        between individuals or specific
for a long time, so that gradually        groups, because of the differences
their indigenous culture and              and understand the most basic
nature will change his form to form       interests, giving rise to a kind of
a new culture as a mixed culture.         gap or gap wedge social
  Acculturation is a social process       interaction among those who fight
that arises, when a group of              it.
human society with a particular             Signs of Social Interactions
culture are faced with the                According to Tim Sociology (2002),
elements of a foreign culture so          there are four features - features
that gradually the elements of            of social interaction, among
foreign culture that accepted and         others: the number of perpetrators
processed into their own culture,         more       than       one     person,
communication        between    the
actors through social contacts,
having a purpose or goal is clear,     Adolescents
implemented through a specific         Teenagers are human beings when
pattern of social system.              their teens. In human adolescence
  Terms - Conditions occurrence of     can not be called an adult but can
Social Interactions Based on the       also be called the children.
opinion by Tim Sociology (2002),       Adolescence is the transitional
social interaction can take place if   period people from children to
it meets two conditions below,         adults.
namely:                                  Teenagers are the transitional
  Social contacts is a relationship    period between childhood and
between one party and another          adulthood that runs between the
party that was the beginning of        age of 12 years to 21 years.
social interaction, and each - both      Of    the     English    language
sides react to each other with each    "teenager" that is 13-19 years old
other though not necessarily           humans.
physically touching.
  Communication Means related to
or associate with other people.

Child (plural: children) is a man or
woman who has not grown or have
not experienced puberty. Children
also a descendant of the second,
where the word "child" refers to
the opposite of their parents, the
adult is the child of their parents,
although they have grown.
  However this term is also often
refers to a person's mental
development,        although     the
biological age and chronological
someone has included adult
mental development, but if the old
order or the person may be
associated with the term "child".

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