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									    ovember     1980                               SA       MEDIESE           TVDSKRIF                                                    743
A Cautionary Tale: The Footballer's Leg. A 21-year-old football            Or. F. (Frans) Smit, narkotiseur, praktiseer tans in vennootskap
player sustained a compound fracture of the right tibia and fibula.        met drr. A. Tell, J. Roelofse en C. van der Merwe by Jan. S. Marais
In the local hospital a small laceration on the back of the calf was       Mediese Sentrum 905, Bellville, KP. Telefoonnommers: spreek-
sutured and cephradine given because of possible penicillin                kamers - 97-0891; woning - 96-3465; indien geen antwoord - 21-
sensitivity. The calcaneum was pinned and the leg placed in                5400.
traction. The next day the lower leg was rather more swollen than            Or F. (Frans) Smit, anaesthetist, is now practisinz in partnership
expected, but the fever had subsided. On the fourth postoperative          with Drs A. Nell, J. Roelofse and C. van der Merwe at 905 Jan S.
day the temperature was 39,0°C and there were large black blisters,        Marais Medical Centre, Bellville, CP. Telephone numbers: rooms
some of which had burst and released an unpleasant smell. Gas              - 97-0891; residence - 96-3465; if no reply - 21-5400.
gangrene was then suspected for the first time, and crepitus was
present at the level of the wound in the lower leg. Radiographs                                       *     *     *
showed gas in the tissues, and penicillin was given despite a history
of allergy, with no untoward results. The patient was also given           Or. Andre le R. Liebenberg, pediater, praktiseer tans by Jan S.
anti-gas gangrene serum, but the following day it was apparent that        Marais-kliniek 605, Bellville, KP. Telefoonnommers: spreek-
the gangrene was spreading alarmingly. He was referred elsewhere           kamers -97-0600; woning - 92-3554; indien geen antwoord - 21-
for treatment with hyperbaric oxygen but nevertheless eventually           5400.
had to undergo below-knee amputation.                                        Or Andre le R. Liebenberg, paediatrician, is now practising at 605
   A claim was put in for negligence on the grounds that gas               Jan S. Marais Clinic, Bellville, CP. Telephone numbers: rooms -
gangrene should have been suspected earlier on the basis of the            97-0600; residence - 92-3554; if no reply - 21-5400.
radiographs, the temperature, the discoloration and blistering of
the leg and the patient's general condition. It was alleged that he                                   *     *
had been referred too late for treatment with hyperbaric oxygen.
The Medical Defence Union and the member felt that the claim              Ors G. Weiss and A. M. Sloane, specialist physicians, have dissolved
could not be successfully resisted, and it was settled for                their partnership with Dr I. J. Rutovitz. Drs Weiss and Sloane will
approximately R40 000.                                                    continue to practise at 407 Medical Centre, Preto~ius Street,
                                                                          Pretoria. Telephone number: 21-217112.
                            *     *     *
Or Charles P. Tel, gynaecologist and obstetrician, has commenced
                                                                                                      *     *     *
practice in partnership with Drs Charnock, ichol, Shelton,                Or. Andre van iekerk, ortopediese chirurg, praktiseer tans by
Mannion and Baillie at 9 IO Medipark, Foreshore, Cape Town                Chelmsford Mediese Sentrum, Durban. Telefoonnommers: kamers
(telephone number - 21-2326) and 20 I Stanhope, Main Road,                - 21-2278; woning - 52-3803.
Claremont (telephone number - 61-7025). The telephone number
                                                                            Or Andre van Niekerk, orthopaedic surgeon, is now practising at
at his residence is 65-1850.
                                                                          Chelmsford Medical Centre, Durban. Telephone numbers: rooms
   Or. Charles P. Nel, ginekoloog en verloskundige, praktiseer tans       - 21-2278; residence - 52-3803.
in vennootskap met drr. Charnock, Nichol, Shelton, Mannion en
Baillie by Medipark 9 I0, Strandgebied, Kaapstad (telefoonnommer
                                                                                                      *     *     *
     2 I -2326) en Stanhope 20 I, Hoofweg, Claremont                       Or F. Wannenburgh, dermatologist, is now practising at 236 Main
(telefoonnommer - 61-7025). Die telefoonnommer by sy woning is             Road, Claremont, Cape Town. Telephone numbers: rooms -71-
65-1850.                                                                   0081; residence - 72-4173.

                                                        In Memoriam
                                             HE DRIK JACOBUS GREYVE STEI
                                                              DE VILLIERS
                                                  M.B. CH.B. (CAPE TOWN), M.R.C.O.G., F.R.C.O.G.

Dr H. M. Pretorius, of Durban, writes:                                        Henk was a quiet person who believed that a human being has
                                                                           two eyes, two ears and one mouth and should use them in that
  It is with great sadness that I write of the death of Dr H. J. G. de
                                                                           order. He had no enemies and was greatly loved and respected by
Villiers on 29 March 1980 in Durban, after a distinguished career as
                                                                           all. His greatest relaxation was going to the races and he had a
a gynaecologist.
                                                                           profound knowledge of the thoroughbreds in Durban and
  'Henk', as we all knew him, was born in Barkly East on 13                Pietermaritzburg.
October 1922 and educated there and at Craddock. He qualified                 Both his colleagues and his patients are going to miss Henk
M.B. Ch.B. at the University of Cape Town, took his M.R.C.O.G.             tremendously. I personally have been associated with him since
in 1953 and was elevated to F.R.C.O.G. in 1969. He served the              1951 and cannot believe that this fine gentleman is no longer with
Addington and King Edward VIII Hospitals, Durban, well and at              us.
the time of his death was a visiting consultant to the alal                   To Alma and his son and daughter we extend our sincere
University Medical School and King Edward VIII Hospital.                   sympathy.
 744                                                SA      MEDICAL           JOURNAL                                   1 November 1980
                                                     SIR GEORGE PICKERING
                                                                 F.R.S., ER.CP.

Professor W. P. Leary, of Durban, writes:                                 Professor's Depanment was always an unusually stimulating place
   Professor Sir George Pickering, who died on 3 September 1980,          in which to work. Pickering's young men of the 1960s currently hold
will be remembered with affection by many of his South African            chairs throughout Britain and in the USA, Australia and Africa. Sir
colleagues. He was born at Whalton, onhumberland, in June                 George had charm and personal warmth, which made juniors at
 1904 and educated at Dulwich College, London and Pembroke                ease in his company, but could be very short with anyone he
College, Cambridge, where he distinguished himself academically           thought guilty of second-rate work or intellectual dishonesty. In the
before moving to St Thomas' Hospital, London, for clinical                days before his arthritic hips were repaired research fellows would
training. Later he became an assistant to Sir Thomas Lewis at             be interviewed in the Regius' office, where he would recline on a
University College Hospital and in that environment developed the         couch, two walking-sticks and his infamous washbasin close at
characteristics which made him a formidable clinician, sCientist,         hand. Dinner at his home could be hilarious, particul<irly when
medical politician and educator. He was, in turn, Professor of            some of the great men of British medicine or public life were
Medicine at St Mary's Hospital, Regius Professor of Medicine at           discussed. Except on special occasions, he cut a less than dashing
Oxford, President of the British Medical Association, Master of           figure and with his ancient bicycle, ragged pullover, baggy trousers
Pembroke College, Oxford, and a visiting professor to numerous            and sometimes erratically shaven chin, was occasionally mistaken,
foreign universities. He was married for 50 years to Carola Seward,       by children, for one of Oxford's college gardeners. I believe this
whom he met while they were medical students at Cambridge; they           delighted him.
had three daughters and a son.
   George Pickering achieved great academic distinction, wrote               Few of the many great men who held the Regius chair at Oxford
lucidly, lectured often and travelled widely, yet those who worked        were as active and successful as George Pickering; I doubt that any
closest to him will also remember other characteristics. He had a         were looked upon by their colleagues with greater respect or
rare ability to choose good men, with the result that the Regius          affection.

                                            ALEXANDER GEORGE CUNNING HAM
                                                     M.R.CS. (ENGLAND), loR.CP. (J..o DON)

Dr C. J. Brink, of East London, writes:                                  he spent 19 interesting but strenuous years until his retirement. His
   Jhe announcement of the death on 14 August 1980 of Alexander          lifelong interest in trains led him to join the Rhodesian Railway
George Cunningham (Alex) at the home of his son in Norfolk,              Medical Service, where he served for 3 years. (He left a large
England, was received by his many friends and acquaintances in           collection of books and journals on the subject of trains and
Southern Africa with a very sincere and deep sense of loss.              railways.)
   Alex was born in Bexley Heath on 12 July 1912 and after his              He was then persuaded to join the medical staff of the Havelock
father - also a medical practitioner - moved to Tottenham, he            Asbestos Mine in Swaziland for a further 7 years, after which he
attended the Highgate Boys' College and afterwards completed his         joined the medical staff of the Frere Hospital in East London in
medical training at St Bartholomew's Hospital. When World War            1977.
II broke out he joined the RNVR and was assigned to the monitor             His health suffered a setback in April 1980 and he had to undergo
Erebus. He developed an acute infection, was taken off the ship at       a lobectomy just before he was due to leave for his annual 3 months'
Mombasa and sent to a hospital in Nairobi. On his recovery he was        summer holiday in England. Here he hoped to recover his health
posted to the naval base at Mombasa; here he found romance which         completely but he did not survive to return to South Africa.
led to his marriage on 19 January 1944 to Linda Jeffrey, who was            He was a popular doctor and a hard worker; his large circle of
serving with the FANY in Mombasa at the time.                            friends would join in extending their sincerest sympathy to his wife,
   After the War he started in private practice at Ferry Hill,           Linda, and their son, daughter and grandson in their sad
Durham, but later joined the Bechuanaland Medical Service. There         bereavement.

                                                     LI TZIMA GOLDE               NGAM
                                                H.Se. (FORT HARE). M.B. H.CH. (WITWATERSRAND)

Dr Linzima Golden gam of ew Brighton died in the Livingstone             qualified in medicine in 1952. After working at Frere Hospital in
Hospital, Port Elizabeth, on Sunday 3 August 1980, at the age of 58.     East London, Dr Ngam opened a practice in ew Brighton where
Dr gam was educated in East London and Alice, after which he             he was a popular figure; he remained there until his death. A
obtained a B.Sc. degree at Fon Hare University College. He then          memorial service was held in the Gana Kakaza Methodist Hall,
proceeded to the University of the Witwaters~and where he                New Brighton.

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