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                           ACP CONTRACTOR NEWSLETTER
        Field Evaluation Alterations                                        WEB Orientations
CLARIFICATION: Defects issued on Field Evaluation            We have recently added the ACP Orientation Package to
inspections are not counted in the ACP Defect Ratio. An      ESA’s website! Now Contractors wishing to join ACP or
ESA Inspector contacted the ACP Office requesting            those already on ACP wishing to add another vertical to
confirmation that defects he issues to a Contractor on       their existing membership, will have the option of
Field Evaluation work do not count in the ACP defect         reviewing Program information online, filling in the
ratio. He was correct: they don’t. Defects issued on Field   applicable e-quiz and application form and submitting
Evaluation work are entered into ESA’s computer system       their application to the ACP Office electronically.
differently than the defects issued on regular wiring
inspections. Only defects issued on ACP wiring               If you are interested in expanding your ACP membership
inspections count in the ACP Defect Ratio.                   to include additional verticals, check the “To Participate
                                                             You Need” ACP section of ESA’s website
                    WARNINGS                       , then contact the ACP Office to ensure
                                                             you meet eligibility requirements before you fill out the
                                                             vertical quiz and submit your application. It’s that easy!!
You will recall, in September 06 we introduced
WARNINGS. A “WARNING” represents a low-risk non-                                    Access
code compliant condition that provides an opportunity for
Contractors to correct their practices in the future. A      In our November 06 ACP Newsletter issue, we advised
WARNING does not count as a technical defect. Today,         Contractors that when they schedule a final inspection,
WARNINGS are only applied on ACP coded work for              they must be on site or access must be arranged. The
ACP Contractors.                                             Newsletter went on to say, “If a final inspection has been
                                                             arranged and the Contractor is not on site or has not
Effective April 1st 2007, Inspectors will be able to issue   arranged access up until 2:00pm on the day following the
WARNINGS on work by ALL Contractors. This will               request, the Inspector may charge an additional trip fee.
greatly assist Contractors who are already on ACP and        If this appears to be habitual, the General Manager may
wish to add another vertical to their membership and it      consider warning/suspending the Contractor from ACP
will greatly assist those Contractors not on ACP, who        for failing to follow Program processes. “
attempt to get on at a later date.
                                                             A number of Contractors called the ACP Office
WARNINGS are a clear indication that ESA listens to the      requesting clarification on the type of work for which this
concerns of its customers. For some time, Contractors        directive would apply.
had been requesting that low-risk occurrences not count
in their defect ratio. Now Contractors play an important     The above directive applies to New Residential,
role in preventing these types of low-risk occurrences       Residential Renovations, Service Upgrades, 1:3 and 1:5
from creeping into the method used to measure                Commercial/Industrial Small Jobs. This directive does
Contractors under ACP.                                       not apply to small jobs 1:10.
 Have you submitted your Licence application yet?                             Licensing Enforcement Underway
                                                                 To file a licensing enforcement or discipline related
If you have not submitted your application PLEASE                complaint with ESA all you need to do is phone or fax our
NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE HAS PASSED AND YOU                        Customer Service Centre at
ARE OPERATING IN NON-COMPLIANCE OF                                        Phone: 1-877-esa-safe (372-7233)
REGULATION 570/05. YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO                                  Fax: 1-888-251-7377
APPLY FOR AN INSPECTION AFTER APRIL 1/07.                        Ensure you include the nature and details of the
DON’T DELAY, SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION                             complaint including your contact information. Note: Your
IMMEDIATELY. Application forms are available on our              contact information will not be shared with the person
website                                        that is named in the complaint or with the ESA Inspector
                                                                 who’s undertaking the investigation.
         Electrical Contractor Licence Number                        Purchasing ECRA/ESA Vehicle Licence Decals
                                                                 To assist contractors in obtaining vehicle decals at a
YOU MUST DISPLAY YOUR LICENCE NUMBER                             reduced rate, the Electrical Safety Authority through a bid
Requirements for displaying your Electrical Contractor           process has negotiated an agreement with ATD Signs
Licence Number:                                                  Niagara. The vehicle decals can be purchased for $5.45
Ontario Regulation 570/05 requires electrical contractors,       per decal (+ taxes + S&H).
at their cost, to display their Electrical Contractor Licence    Here are the easy steps to follow to place an order:
number when communicating with the public by                     1. Contact ATD Signs Niagara:
referencing it on all:                                           Phone: (905) 228-1359
          correspondence                                         Fax: (905) 228-1371
          contracts, advertisements, yellow-pages                Mail: P.O. Box 350 Vineland Ontario L0R 2C0
          business vehicles                                      E-mail:
          websites                                               2. Provide your company name, address and licence
Note: You must display your licence number within 90             number.
days from the date of issuance.                                  3. Choose your preferred shipping method.
                                                                 4. Provide payment; cheque, credit card, or money order.
                                                                           Vehicle Decal Sample (Artist's rendition)
            Licence Applications Processed

As of March 2, 2007, ECRA/ESA has issued 3,271
Electrical Contractor (EC) Licences, 1,315 Provisional
Electrical Contractor Licences and 5,180 Master
Electrician (ME) Licences.
                                                                                     (actual size 5” by 12”)
 Pre-Master’s Course and Exam are in high demand!                Note: ESA is not receiving any profit from the purchase of the
ESA has held over 92 Pre-Master’s Courses and 117                                            decals.
Master Electrician Exam sessions across the province                         Licensed Electrical Contractor List
since October, 2005. Many new courses and exams are              Now available! You can now verify if an Electrical
being scheduled for 2007 to meet the high demand.                Contractor has a valid ECRA/ESA Licence simply by
Please see the schedule on our website for upcoming              visiting our website and checking the list of licensed
courses offered in your area.                                    electrical contractors.

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                                               Technical Corner
                                                By Ted Olechna
Plans and Specifications
Rule 2-010

Rule 2-010 of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code has been amended in accordance with recommendations made by
ESA’s Plan Review Subcommittee. The subcommittee was formed in order to review the rules for submitting plans the
contractors, consultants as well as ESA identified that some of the requirements were too restrictive, and puts
unnecessary hardship to the contractors as well as designers with the smaller installations. The committee was
composed with representatives from electrical contractors’ associations, professional engineers, consultants, as well
as ESA. The subcommittee proposed the following changes to the Ontario Provincial Code Committee, and just
recently it went through Cabinet was filed with the Registrar of Regulations.
Rule 2-010 may be followed effective immediately.

2-010 Plans and Specifications

(1) Electrical work on any electrical installation shall not commence, until plans have been submitted and examined by
the Inspection Department where the electrical installation involves:
    (a) A three phase consumer service or stand by generation, equal to or in excess of 400 Amp circuit capacity; or
    (b) A single-phase consumer service or stand by generation equal to or in excess of 600 Amp; or
    (c) A feeder greater than 1000 amp; or
    (d) Any installations involving consumer owned electric power generating equipment, with a rating in excess of 10
        kW (Micro Size) as defined by the OEB, and operating in parallel with a supply authority system; or
    (e) Any installation operating in excess of 750 volts, excluding
         (i) Installations of pole lines exclusively within the scope of Section 75; or
         (ii) That portion of an underground installation between a supply authority owned transformer and the related
         supply authority owned switch.

(2) Plans need not be submitted for maintenance/repair work.

(3) Plans need not be submitted for the replacement of: circuit breakers, disconnects switches transfer switches,
splitters, services, panel boards, motor control centers, stand by generators, switchboards, transformers, all operating
at 750 volts or less providing:
     (a) Equipment ampere ratings are equal to the existing equipment ratings; and
     (b) All other ratings are equal to or exceed the existing equipment ratings; and
     (c) The existing installation meets the requirements of the Electrical Safety Code.

(4) A copy of the examined plans shall be available on site. A copy of the Inspection Department’s code compliance
report shall be attached to the plans or the Inspection Department’s report number shall be written on the plans.

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                                           Technical Corner (Cont’d)
(5) The person responsible for the plan design shall file with the Inspection Department complete wiring plans and
specifications relating to the proposed work, and pay the Plan Review fees as prescribed by the Inspection

(6) For installations that will proceed in phases, plans may be submitted as the project progresses. The work of each
phase shall not commence until the plans for that phase have been examined.

(7) Those plans and specifications that are submitted shall contain the following information, where applicable:
    (a) The name and address of the person responsible for their preparation; and
    (b) The type of building or electrical installation and the site where the work will be carried out; and
    (c) The location of the service and distribution; and
    (d) The supply voltage and the single line diagram of the service and distribution; and
    (e) The loads, the rating of the protection, and the identification of the feeder and branch circuits at their respective
        panelboards; and
    (f) The KVA or ampere rating, interrupting or withstand rating, ampere rating for continuous operation (80 or 100%)
        of each item of equipment; and
    (g) The type and size of raceways; and
    (h) The number and rating of conductors in raceways; and
    (i) The rating of cables; and
    (j) The type of materials, accessories or fixtures installed in hazardous locations; and
    (k) The size and location of grounding conductors; and
    (l) A description of underground parts of the installation; and
    (m) For an addition to an existing electrical installation, any information related to the existing installation affected
         by the works and a report on the existing loads or the maximum demand loads of the existing installation
         recorded for the last twelve months; and
    (n) For an electrical installation of more than 750 volts, the vertical and horizontal clearances of live parts, and a
         description of the grounding and of the mechanical protection of live parts.

Please watch for your next mailing of your bulletins as they will include the complete listing of the amendments to the
2002 Code.

If you have any questions on this or any other Code issues please contact the Technical Advisor in your Territory:

Central Lakes    – Grant Line              (705) 739-5101
Metro            – James Fraser            (905) 712-7871
Eastern          – Kurt Budau              (613) 913-5492
Western          – Gary Gilbert (acting)   (519) 680-4455
Northern         – Dave Heron              (705) 522-6013
Head office                                (905) 712-7881

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