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					                                                     JIM GOSS
Hoight." 6'3* Weight                                                                                  Hair Brown/Grey
225 Ibs.                                                                                              Eyes: Brown

 U.S. Marshal                                         Detective                                     Warner Bros.
 Payback                                              Vito                                          R.U. Dun Productions

Christmas Party                                       Storyteller                                   TCI Cable STF
Americas's Most Wanted                                Lawyer                                        Productions Line 9
Chicago Sports.com NBC                                Sports Fan                                    Productions
Promotions ABC                                        Policeman                                     Channels Channel
Promotions                                            Auctioneer                                    7
Pierl                                                 Customer                                      Monarchy Productions
Safeway Insurance                                     Grandfather                                   Fasio Productions
Marshall Feilds                                       Doorman
Mayor's Jewelers                                      Millionaire                                   One World Productions
G.D. Searle                                           Red Cross Worker                              Rostralia Pyramid
Procter Hospital                                      Recovering Patient                            Pictures Kommtenich
Pittsburgh Art Institude                              Board Chairman                                Productions
Midwest Express
Lambs Funeral Homes                                   Grandfather                                   Media One
Baxter                                                Spokesman                                     Orbis Communications
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary                           Founder                                       Web Productions
Mitsubishi                                            Happy Owner                                   Downtown Reel Prod. Jim
Chevrolet                                             Dealer                                        Parrfsh Productions One
Palm Beach Post                                       Maitre'D                                      World Productions MPR
Bristol Meyers                                        Patient                                       Productions One World
                                                      Grandfather                                   Productions Bates
Hllshire Farms
                                                      Priest                                        Midwest Post Effects
Indiana Colts                                                                                       Bozell Group Kominich
Intel                                                 Business Man
                                                      Father                                        Films Arnold Worldwide
MidAmerican Energy                                                                                  Hoffman York & Compton
Disney                                                Reunion
                                                      Grandfather                                   Flying Fish DDBIucogs
Choice Hotels                                                                                       Dones
Wisconsin Lottery                                     Grandfather
                                                      Guest                                         Great Plaines Pictures
Disney                                                                                              Great Plaines Pictures
Illinois Lottery                                      Grandfather
                                                      Customer                                      Dempsey FUm Groups
US Cellular                                                                                         Ebel Production
Nebraska Medical Center                               Doctor
Physician Mutal                                       Customer
Hoveround                                             Proud owner
Ftscher Investments                                   Grandfather

First Financial                                       Employee                                      Gift Horse Pictures Image
Interstate Real Estate Mgmt.                          Judge                                         Base Mcdonakfs Creative
Mcdonakfs                                             Manager                                       Ronin Productions Creative
American Farm bureau Federation                       Spokesman                                     Intelligence Coleman
IMC Global                                            Narrator                                      Communications Allstate
Childrens safety Video                                Old Man                                       Multimedia Coleman
Allstate                                              Customer                                      Communications In House
                                                      Narrator                                      Anderson Tetomedia In
Good Life Video
                                                      Patient                                       House In House Sarah Boo
N. W. University Medical School
Anderson Consultant                                   Spokesman                                     Productions
Sears                                                 Customer
Wal-Mart                                              Supervisor                                    VOICE OVER: On Request
Ford Motor Co.

PRINT: On Request

                                            EAR AND TELEPROMPTER PROFICIENT
                                                       West Virginia University School of ttwater
Southern, Queens Engnh, Irish, Italian, German         Act One Studios
                                                       Voice Over.mark CoHins