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									annual report 2008–2009
dear Friends:
On behalf of everyone at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, we thank
you for your generous support this past year. Despite the downturn in our
country’s economy, the steadfast dedication of our donors never wavered.
In fact, our total income increased by 16 percent during fiscal year 2008-
09 compared to our previous fiscal year. This critical support has allowed
us to continue providing much-needed and high-quality services and
programs for the nation’s pancreatic cancer community.

Our approach to fighting pancreatic cancer is comprehensive, effective
and far-reaching. We directly fund important research grants, advocate
for more aggressive federal research funding, provide comprehensive
services to patients and families facing this disease through our Patient
and Liaison Services (PALS) program and support a robust, all-volunteer
network comprising thousands of volunteers nationwide that focuses on
furthering our community outreach programs. The synergy produced by
these efforts has created an unprecedented momentum in the pancreatic
cancer community. More people continue to become involved all the time.

We cannot help but feel a renewed sense of hope as we reflect upon all our
accomplishments during FY 2008-09. Your enthusiastic involvement and
many contributions are especially inspirational.

We hope you share our zeal as you review this annual report.

Warmest regards,

Jason Kuhn                                   Julie Fleshman, JD, MBA
Board Chair                                  President and CEO

pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
Board and council
Board oF directors           scientiFic advisory Board              medical advisory council
Jason Kuhn                   Dafna Bar-Sagi, PhD                    Mark Talamonti, MD
Board Chair                  Chair                                  Chair
Tampa, Florida               New York University                    NorthShore University HealthSystem

Stephanie R. Davis, JD, MA   Teri Brentnall, MD                     Jordan Berlin, MD
Secretary                    University of Washington               Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center
Sherman Oaks, California
                             Michael Hollingsworth, PhD             Barbara Burtness, MD
Tim Ennis                    University of Nebraska                 Fox Chase Cancer Center
Lockport, New York           Medical Center
                                                                    John Cameron, MD
Julie Fleshman, JD, MBA      Ralph H. Hruban, MD                    Johns Hopkins University
President and CEO            Johns Hopkins University
                                                                    Marcia Canto, MD
Los Angeles
                             Elizabeth Jaffee, MD                   Johns Hopkins University
Stevan Holmberg, MBA, DBA    Johns Hopkins University
                                                                    Christopher Crane, MD
Potomac, Maryland
                             Craig D. Logsdon, PhD                  MD Anderson Cancer Center
Peter Kovler                 MD Anderson Cancer Center
                                                                    Jason Fleming, MD
Washington, D.C.
                             Margaret Mandelson, PhD                MD Anderson Cancer Center
Laurie MacCaskill            Fred Hutchinson Cancer
                                                                    Julie Meddles, RD, LD
Los Angeles                  Research Center
                                                                    Ohio State University Medical Center
Jai Pausch                   Gloria Petersen, PhD
                                                                    Mary Mulcahy, MD
Hampton Roads, Virginia      Mayo Clinic
                                                                    Northwestern University
Cynthia Stroum               Margaret A. Tempero, MD
                                                                    Maria Petzel, RD, CSO, LD, CNSD
Founding Chair Emeritus      University of California,
                                                                    MD Anderson Cancer Center
Seattle                      San Francisco
                                                                    Vincent Picozzi, MD
                             David Tuveson, MD, PhD
                                                                    Virginia Mason Medical Center
                             Cambridge Research Institute/CRUK
                                                                    Mark Pochapin, MD
                             Selwyn Vickers, MD
                                                                    Jay Monahan Center for
                             University of Minnesota
                                                                    Gastrointestinal Health
                             Geoffrey M. Wahl, PhD
                                                                    William Traverso, MD
                             Salk Institute
                                                                    Virginia Mason Medical Center

                                         pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009   1
A supporter shows her pride at PurpleStride Austin 2009.

2   pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
aBout the pancreatic
cancer action network
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Inc. was founded in 1999 to
focus national attention on a disease that is the fourth leading cause
of cancer death in the United States but receives far less consideration
than cancers of comparable severity. Initially created as a grassroots
organization, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has become a
national leader in the quest to defeat pancreatic cancer. The Pancreatic
Cancer Action Network fulfills its mission through a comprehensive
strategy that combines directly funding research, increasing federal
research dollars through public policy efforts, providing patient services,
and extending community outreach and education nationwide. The
organization stands as a beacon of hope for the pancreatic cancer
community by providing leadership and unity in the urgent fight to find
a cure.

                                  pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009   3
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research and scientiFic
Our Research and Scientific Affairs program advances basic science, early detection,
translational research and the development of new therapeutics by directly funding
research grants for scientists investigating pancreatic cancer. Under the advisement of
our pre-eminent Scientific Advisory Board, the organization employs a clear strategy to
combat a disease that poses unique and significant research challenges.

Importantly, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network not only provides financial support
for research, but supports a mentoring program to maintain ongoing involvement with
grantees to help leverage their funding and enhance their career development.

The organization continuously evaluates the scientific needs of the pancreatic cancer
community. These efforts enable us to make appropriate recommendations and
modifications to our research grants program that reflect changes, developments
and needs in the scientific community, ensuring that our program continues to have
maximum impact.

4   pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
RESEARCH AND SCIENTIFIC AFFAIRS                positioned to raise $25 million in private
HIGHLIGHTS IN 2008-09:                         funding over the next three years to support
•	 Since	 2003,	 the	 Pancreatic	 Cancer	      pancreatic cancer research and is asking
Action Network has funded 47 grants at         for an unprecedented amount of federal
institutions around the country, totaling      funding through the Pancreatic Cancer
approximately $5 million.                      Research & Education Act.

•	 In	 2008-09,	 the	 organization	 awarded	
more than $1.2 million in pancreatic cancer
research grants to 9 scientists. The grants
program is administered in partnership
with the American Association for Cancer
Research (AACR) to ensure that a rigorous
peer review system is used and the highest
quality science is funded.
•	 The Pancreatic Cancer Research &
Education Act (H.R. 745), the first-ever
substantive piece of legislation addressing
the needs of the pancreatic cancer research
community, was introduced in the U.S.
House of Representatives in September
2008 and reintroduced in January 2009.
Support for the bill continues to grow.

The strength of our approach lies in our
ability to create a comprehensive view
of the entire pancreatic cancer research       “every day, when i’m with those in my care,
landscape. This view has allowed us to         i know why i do the work i do. as a medical
build an all-inclusive strategy and action     oncologist, i’m driven to make discoveries
plan to place pancreatic cancer on the fast    in the laboratory to benefit these patients.
track to finding a cure through our RAISE
                                               the Fellowship award makes this possible.”
THE CURE initiative. RAISE THE CURE            — Eric Humke, MD, PhD
                                                 Stanford University
seeks to secure both private and federal
                                                 2009 Samuel Stroum
funding for pancreatic cancer research.          Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is          AACR Fellowship Award

                                         pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009   5
2009 grants
Our Pilot Grants provide funding to independent junior and senior investigators to explore
new and cutting edge ideas and approaches in pancreatic cancer research to speed
scientific and medical breakthroughs. Our Career Development Awards and Fellowship
Awards provide funding at critical times in researchers’ careers when they are beginning
to develop their research agendas. These grants attract and retain promising early career
scientists to the field of pancreatic cancer research by allowing them to develop preliminary
research data that can be used to apply for larger federal grants.

                     seena magowitz – pancreatic cancer action network –
                     aacr pilot grant
                     George Calin, MD, PhD
                     MD Anderson Cancer Center
                     Roles of MicroRNAs and Ultraconserved Genes in Pancreatic Cancers

                     pancreatic cancer action network – aacr pilot grant
                     Qingshen Gao, MD
                     NorthShore University HealthSystem
                     Discovery of Novel Pancreatic Cancer Susceptibility Genes

                     constance williams – pancreatic cancer action network –
                     aacr pilot grant
                     Brian Lewis, PhD
                     University of Massachusetts Medical School
                     Involvement of miRNAs in Kras-Induced Pancreatic Tumorigenesis

                     pancreatic cancer action network – aacr pilot grant
                     Jiayuh Lin, PhD
                     Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
                     Dual	Inhibitors	Target	JAK2/STAT3	for	Novel	Pancreatic	Cancer	Therapy

6   pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
          larry kwicinski – pancreatic cancer action network –
          aacr career development award
          Maxence Nachury, PhD
          Stanford University
          Role of the Primary Cilium in the Initiation of Pancreatic Cancer

          paul mitchell – pancreatic cancer action network –
          aacr career development award
          Marina Pasca di Magliano, PhD
          University of Michigan
          Notch Signaling in Pancreatic Cancer Initiation and Progression


          ruth Fredman cernea – pancreatic cancer action network –
          aacr Fellowship
          Philippe Foubert, PhD
          University of California, San Diego
          Role of Inflammation in Pancreatic Cancer

          samuel stroum – pancreatic cancer action network –
          aacr Fellowship
          Eric Humke, MD, PhD
          Stanford University
          A Novel Paracrine Hedgehog Signaling Loop in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

          pancreatic cancer action network – aacr Fellowship
          David Ting, MD
          Massachusetts General Hospital
          Characterizing Circulating Tumor Cells in Pancreatic Cancer

                                          pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009   7
“it seems to me that it is within                                   “when (my husband) harvey passed away
our power to do something about                                     (from the disease), i just decided that i
(pancreatic cancer). in fact,                                       would become a champion for increased
we’re going to.”                                                    funding for pancreatic cancer research.”
— U.S. Representative Anna Eshoo (D-CA)                             — U.S. Representative Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL)

         government aFFairs &
         Our Government Affairs & Advocacy program, based in Washington, D.C, focuses on
         educating elected officials about pancreatic cancer and the need to increase federal
         research funding dedicated to the disease.

         •	 The Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act (H.R. 745), the first-ever substantive
         federal legislation dedicated to advancing pancreatic cancer research, was first introduced
         in the U.S. House of Representatives by Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL)
         in September 2008. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of our volunteers and staff members,
         the bill now has significant bipartisan support in the House, with 165 co-sponsors to date.

        8   pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
The bill will likely be introduced in the U.S.           focus and advocates for the creation of a
Senate in the fall of 2009.                              targeted research program focused on just
                                                         these cancers. We expect the legislation
•	 In	 March	 2009,	 we	 hosted	 our	 third	
                                                         to be introduced in the U.S. House of
annual Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day
                                                         Representatives in the fall of 2009.
in	 Washington,	 D.C.	 Approximately	 1,430	
supporters participated in the event, either             •	This	year,	11,914	advocates	sent	29,814	
in person or through our National Call-                  e-mail	 messages	 to	 538	 members	 of	
In, enabling us to reach more than 425                   Congress.       This number represented a
members of Congress.                                     130	 percent	 increase	 in	 the	 number	 of	

•	 According	 to	 the	 American	 Cancer	                 participating advocates compared to the

Society,    the    eight    deadliest     cancers        previous fiscal year.

– pancreatic, liver, lung, esophageal,
                                                         •	 Since	 the	 Pancreatic	 Cancer	 Action	
stomach, myeloma, brain, and ovarian
                                                         Network’s advocacy program was founded in
– account for nearly 50 percent of all
                                                         1999, increasing federal funding for research
cancer deaths. To heighten awareness
                                                         into the disease has remained our top priority.
of this statistic among policymakers,
                                                         In 2008, our efforts helped to secure a nearly
the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
                                                         20 percent increase in funding for pancreatic
solidified and led a coalition of those
                                                         cancer research at the NCI compared to
representing these deadliest cancers to
                                                         the prior year.
further advocacy efforts.         In addition to
co-hosting a congressional briefing, the
group presented its case to the director
of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)
for increased funding.        Furthermore, the
group secured legislative language in a
bill that has been introduced in the U.S.
Senate known as the 21st Century Cancer
ALERT Act (S.717). For the first time, the
bill identifies high-mortality cancers as an
area needing a special federal research

From left, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network supporters Angus Mitchell, Lorrie Attalla, Jennifer Landon, Cindy
Landon and Sean Landon meet with U.S. Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) at the third annual Pancreatic
Cancer Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C., on March 31, 2009.

                                                  pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009   9
                          Know your pancreas
                          and live to tell about it
                          Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest cancer—because a lack of
                          investment has left us without early detection tools and effective
                          treatments. 75% of pancreatic cancer patients die within the first
                          year of diagnosis. The five year survival rate is less than 5%. You
                          can change that by joining the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network,
                          the national leader in the fight against this devastating disease.
                          You can raise awareness and much needed funding for research to
                          give patients a fighting chance against a disease that has no cure.

                          Go to www.Pancan.orG today or call 877-272-6226

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network achieved an important milestone this fiscal year by working with U.S.
Representatives Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) to introduce the Pancreatic Cancer Research &
Education Act (H.R. 745), the first-ever substantive legislation dedicated to advancing pancreatic cancer research.
To increase awareness of the bill during the third annual Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day in March of 2009, we
employed a "Know Your Pancreas" advertising campaign, which featured the ad above.

10 pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
A SummARy oF THE bILL:
The Pancreatic Cancer Research & Education          ESTAbLISHING A CANCER RESEARCH
Act would create a path for true progress           INCubAToR pILoT pRojECT FoR THE
by encouraging targeted research efforts,           HIGHEST moRTALITy CANCERS
the development of a cadre of committed             •	 A	new	five-year	grant	pilot	project	would	
scientists and promotion of physician                  be created at the NCI specifically for
and public awareness, and would require                research into the most deadly cancers,
accountability for such efforts. The legislation       defined as those with five-year survival
is based on the National Plan to Advance               rates below 50 percent. The initial phase
Pancreatic Cancer Research, a report                   would include pancreatic cancer and
developed by our Scientific Advisory Board in          potentially other cancers that meet these
2008. Key components of the bill include:              criteria. Following the initial phase, the
                                                       HHS Secretary would submit a report
DEvELopING A STRATEGIC pLAN                            to Congress evaluating the program
•	 The	bill	does	not	dictate	how	the	National	         and making recommendations for
   Cancer Institute (NCI) should conduct               continuation and/or expansion into other
   pancreatic cancer research. Instead, it calls       deadly cancers.
   for a strategic plan to be created under the
   direction of the Health & Human Services
   (HHS) Secretary and in consultation with         STRENGTHENING AND ExpANDING
   the Directors of the National Institutes of      CENTERS oF ExCELLENCE
   Health (NIH), the NCI, and the Centers for       •		The	legislation	builds	on	a	program	created	
   Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as            by Congress in the 1990s specifically
   well as a new Interdisciplinary Pancreatic          for breast and prostate cancer called
   Cancer Coordinating (IPCC) Committee                the Specialized Programs of Research
   comprising pancreatic cancer research               Excellence (SPORE). The program was
   experts, young pancreatic cancer                    expanded in the last several years to not
   investigators and a pancreatic cancer               only provide increased opportunities for
   advocate.                                           research into these cancers, but to also
                                                       offer some limited research opportunities
•	The	comprehensive	annual	strategic	plan	             for pancreatic and other cancers.
  would detail the needs for the conduct and
  support of pancreatic cancer research and         •	 The	legislation	calls	for	the	designation	of	
  awareness activities during the upcoming             at least two additional pancreatic cancer
  fiscal year. To improve accountability, it           SPOREs.
  would be submitted to the HHS Secretary
  and published on the agency’s website.            pRomoTING pHySICIAN AND pubLIC
•	 At	 the	 end	 of	 each	 year,	 the	 Secretary	   AwARENESS
  would submit an annual report to                  The legislation calls for the NIH and CDC to
  Congress that identifies the steps taken          work with patient advocacy organizations to
  to implement the recommendations in the           develop a primary care provider education
  strategic plan.                                   program on pancreatic cancer and a
                                                    communication tool kit for patients.

                                              pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009 11
patient and liaison
services (pals)
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Patient and Liaison Services (PALS) program is
a comprehensive, free information service for pancreatic cancer patients, their families
and health professionals. Those who call the PALS program are matched with highly
trained, dedicated PALS Associates who are available to answer questions and provide
information and support.            Those in need are encouraged to contact PALS as many
times as they wish to get the information they require throughout their pancreatic cancer

The PALS program also offers a library of educational materials and hosts Pancreatic
Cancer Symposia, a series of complimentary, in-person educational events held around
the nation for patients and their families.

The program is the only one of its kind providing quality, detailed information on topics
including diagnosis, treatment options, clinical trials, diet and nutrition, specialists and
support resources. The goal of the PALS program is to help patients and their families

12 pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
learn about and understand their options          Cancer, Información General del Cáncer
in order to make informed choices                 de Páncreas (An Overview of Pancreatic
together with their medical care teams            Cancer in Spanish) and La Dieta y Nutrición:
and loved ones.                                   Temas Nutricionales Relacionadas Con el
                                                  Cáncer del Páncreas (Diet and Nutrition in
In 2008-09, the PALS program maintained
                                                  Spanish). Twenty of our 50 fact sheets are
and expanded the impressive services
                                                  also now available in Spanish.
and resources it provides to the pancreatic
cancer community.      PALS also reached          •	 Approximately	 37,000	 pieces	 of	 PALS	
more individuals in their local communities       educational literature were distributed
by hosting more educational symposia.             free of charge to health professionals in
                                                  hospitals and clinics across the United
pals highlights in 2008-09:                       States.
•	 Nearly	 9,000	 individuals	 and	 families	
contacted the PALS program for pancreatic
cancer education, resources, information
and support. Since the inception of the
program in 2002, nearly 40,000 patients
and their families have contacted PALS.

•		PALS	Associates	maintained	impressive	
quality assurance ratings regarding the
services they delivered, the helpfulness of
materials provided and the timeliness of
the receipt of materials, with an average
quality assurance score of 98 percent.

•		The	PALS	library	of	educational	literature	
was expanded with the addition of new             “when i was a one-year survivor in 2005,
fact sheets and updated content.          Six     i felt i needed to go to the los angeles
booklets are now available in the PALS            symposium to see how this marvelous
library: An Overview of Pancreatic Cancer,
                                                  organization worked, how to get more
                                                  involved, and to see others with this
Diet and Nutrition: Nutritional Concerns
                                                  disease smiling and living life in spite of
with Pancreatic Cancer, Clinical Trials:          it. i found all that and more.”
Participating in a Pancreatic Cancer Study,       — Ralph Cheney
Hospice: End-of-Life Care in Pancreatic             5-year survivor, volunteer and advocate

                                            pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009 13
•	 The	 Pancreatic	 Cancer	 Symposia	
series offered six symposia in various
cities   across       the    United      States:
Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Phoenix,
Atlanta, Philadelphia and Seattle. PALS,
in conjunction with local volunteers,
also provided an educational lecture
in Pittsburgh. Between these seven
educational events, PALS hosted more
than 1,000 attendees.

•	 PALS	 provided	 approximately	 2,000	
peer-to-peer        matches      through      the
Survivor      and     Caregiver       Network.
These connections are made by PALS
Associates      between       people      facing
pancreatic cancer and volunteers who
share their personal experiences and
offer support, encouragement and hope.

•	 PALS	 staff	 attended	 the	 following	
professional conferences for outreach to
health professionals and for continuing
education: the Cancer Health Disparities
Summit, the Gastrointestinal Cancers
Symposium, the American Public Health
Association      (APHA),      the     American
Psychosocial Oncology Society (APOS),
the American Association for Cancer
Research (AACR), the Association of
Oncology Social Work (AOSW), the
Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), the
Pancreas      Club,    and     the    American
Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

Survivor Photos (counter-clockwise, from top left) Minneapolis, photographed on September 12, 2008; Seattle,
photographed on May 1, 2009; Phoenix, photographed on December 5, 2008; Atlanta, photographed on March 14,
2009; Philadelphia, photographed on April 4, 2009; and Los Angeles, photographed on November 14, 2008.

14 pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009 15
community outreach
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is powered by active affiliates in more than 70
cities across the nation. Our affiliates comprise hundreds of dedicated and passionate
volunteers who help us to fulfill our important mission.

Affiliate volunteers work as teams to raise funds and awareness by hosting local events,
by educating the public through health fairs, and by providing valuable information about
the disease to hospitals, clinics and medical professionals. They also help us to further our
goals by engaging their local media, and by alerting their elected officials about the urgent
need for scientific progress in the area of pancreatic cancer research.

Thanks to their focus and dedication, in 2008-09, our volunteers were extremely successful
in raising much-needed awareness and funds and educating their communities about
pancreatic cancer.

Above left: Supporters gather for the start of the PurpleStride Chicago 2009 in Lincoln Park on May 2.
Right: A runner on the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network team at the ING Miami Marathon/Half Marathon held on
January 25, 2009, crosses the finish line.

16 pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
•		 A	 total	 of	 396	 volunteer-driven	 events	 were	 held	 in	 many	 communities	 across	 the	
  country, significantly advancing our fundraising efforts and raising awareness about the

•	 A	total	of	11,914	advocates	sent	29,814	e-mail	messages	to	538	members	of	Congress,	
  representing	a	130	percent	increase	in	the	number	of	participating	advocates.

•	 The	 organization	 distributed	 more	 than	 1,000	 informational	 packets	 to	 volunteers	 to	
  deliver to healthcare professionals around the country about our PALS program.

•	 The	Pancreatic	Cancer	Action	Network	registered	819	media	hits	with	a	reach	in	excess	
  of 95 million due to the efforts of our volunteers.

                                                 “i chose to become involved with the
                                                 pancreatic cancer action network
                                                 because i believed in the programs
                                                 and the mission. i wanted to make a
                                                 difference with my time, my efforts
                                                 and my voice — not just by making
                                                 — Greg Petrosewicz
                                                   Austin Affiliate Coordinator

                                            pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009 17
donor & corporate
The generous donations of hundreds of committed individuals, foundations and corporations
support our comprehensive approach to fighting pancreatic cancer. This critical support
allows us to expand the essential services we provide, fund innovative research and
advance the best scientific investigations.

“Losing our mother (Ruth Fredman Cernea) to pancreatic cancer was
devastating to our whole family. It is absurd that a disease that is one
of the most lethal of all cancers is the most underfunded. when we
heard of the pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s commitment to fund
research to find early detection methods, more effective treatments
and ultimately a cure, we knew that is where we wanted to invest our
dollars to pay loving tribute to her.”
- Andrew and Kerin (McCarthy) Fredman and family

Above left: In loving memory of Ruth Fredman Cernea
Right: Andrew and Kerin (McCarthy) Fredman and family, funders of the 2009 Ruth Fredman Cernea
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network AACR Fellowship

18 pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
national corporate champion program
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has launched a Corporate Champion Program
designed to identify, establish and cultivate meaningful, long-term corporate relationships
to raise awareness and funds through national cause-related marketing campaigns and
sponsorship agreements. We wish to acknowledge these generous companies and their
customers for helping to support our lifesaving mission.

Our Corporate Champion Program reached its first major milestone
with the signing of a national cause-marketing agreement with
Tempur-Pedic, one of the most recognized brands for innovative
sleep systems in the bedding industry. Tempur-Pedic had previously
supported our cause as a corporate sponsor of the annual Seena
Magowitz Celebrity Golf Classic.

                                 In an effort to expand and deepen their commitment to our
                                 mission, Tempur-Pedic will launch a national awareness
                                 and fundraising campaign in the fall of 2009 by offering
a special edition of its popular My Tempur-Pedic Teddy Bear® for sale on their website
and at retailers across the country. The special-edition teddy bear will be co-branded
with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network logo in an effort to generate awareness of our
organization. Tempur-Pedic will donate all net proceeds from the sales of the plush toys to
our organization to support the fight against pancreatic cancer.

                                During the past six years, individuals with the Paul Mitchell
                                Schools have generously donated their time and talents for
                                philanthropy,	 raising	 nearly	 $3.4	 million	 to	 support	 many	
                                charitable causes. The school’s Future Professionals and
staff members have held a variety of hands-on events, including cut-a-thons, fashion
shows, bake sales, “Casual for a Cause” days and other grassroots initiatives to fundraise.
In commemoration of the 20-year anniversary in 2009 of Paul Mitchell’s passing from
pancreatic cancer, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network was one of seven charities that
benefited from the schools’ annual “Magic of Memories” campaign, an effort that raised
nearly $1 million this year alone.

                                           pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009 19
Cumulative Lifetime Giving                Gordon W. Williams                    Amanda Seyfried
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Tabach-Bank
$750,000+                                 $25,000-$49,999                       Tenet Healthcare Foundation
Eli Lilly and Company                     Amgen                                 The Brees Dream Foundation
Genentech/OSI Oncology                    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Anderson           The Gersten Family
$500,000-$749,999                         Nanci Caldwell                        The Jeanenne Thompson Foundation, Inc.
Blum-Kovler Foundation                    Edward J. DeBartolo, Jr.              The Justice Family Trust
Viragh Family Foundation                  Eli Lilly and Company                 The Karsh Family Foundation
                                          Enterasys Secure Networks             The Kenan Family Foundation
$250,000-$499,999                         Leibowitz Family Foundation           The Richard B. Hall Pancreatic Cancer
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company              Melanie and Richard Lundquist/           Fund
Michael Sweig Foundation                     Continental Development            UMB Bankcard
Cynthia Stroum                               Corporation                        Virginia Mason Medical Center
SuperGen                                  Estate Of Cynda Overton Mast          Wildwood Green Golf Club
The Seena Magowitz Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. McKinney
Z Gallerie (The Zeiden Family)            OSI Pharmaceuticals                   $5,000-$9,999
                                          Bradley Tabach-Bank                   1440	KVON	and	99.3	The	Vine
                                          The Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation     ABC News Digital
Angus Mitchell Foundation
                                                                                Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP
Braman Family Foundation
                                          $10,000-$24,999                       Allina Health Systems
Estate of Sharon Schwartz
                                          Abbott Laboratories Fund              American Association for Cancer
Jason Kuhn
                                          Abraxis Bioscience, LLC                  Research
Laurie and Paul MacCaskill
                                          Mrs. Laura G. Batterman-Wilkins and   Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Andries
Michael & Cindy Landon Foundation, Inc.
                                              family                            Anne and Mead Montgomery Family
Michael C. Sandler and Brenda R.
                                          Brannin Charitable Foundation Trust      Foundation
  Potter 1998 Trust
                                          Crown Castle USA, Inc.                Aquila Productions/Carlson Marketing
Patty Boshell Pancreatic Cancer
                                          Daniel Kleiman Fund                   Bank of America
                                          Dick Blick Holdings, Inc.             Baumeister-Reichard Trust
Roche Laboratories, Inc.
                                          Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.       Bayer Healthcare, LLC
Sanofi Aventis, Inc.
                                          Teresa and Brian Doremus              Bebe Foundation
Star Magazine
                                          Dr. Laurence A. Mack Memorial Fund    Janie Becker
Terry & Jane Semel Charitable
                                          FPA Gym Account                       Big Steve Foundation
                                          Michael P. Gau                        Blue Ridge Orthopaedics Association, P.A.
The Carole & Robert Daly Charitable
                                          Goldman, Sachs and Co.                Bobbye and Jerry Sloan Hand-In-Hand
                                          Gregory David Fisher Trust               Foundation, Inc.
The Riordan Foundation
                                          Hale Thornhill Foundation             Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida
Constance Ann Williams
                                          Jill Hammerstone                      Brookshire Green Foundation
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Justice       Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Stacie Brown
Donations received from                   Zorina R. Kroop                       Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Burbach
july 1, 2008 to june 30, 2009             Litman/Gregory Asset Management,      Joseph Burstein
$200,000-$249,999                             LLC                               Caplan Family Fund
Genentech, Inc.                           Mr. and Mrs. Roger Magowitz           Catholic Social Services-Archdiocese
The Seena Magowitz Foundation, Inc.       Peter Morgan                             of Philadelphia
Viragh Family Foundation                  Her Highness, Sheikha Mozah bint      Circle of Hope Bracelets
                                              Nasser Al-Missned                 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Concannon
$100,000-$199,999                         Munger, Tolles & Olson Foundation     Cosentino Charity Foundation
Angus Mitchell Foundation                 Pfizer, Inc.                          Mike Courtney
Constance Ann Williams Revocable          Brenda R. Potter                      Deerwood Bank
  Trust                                   Mr. and Ms. Walle Ralkowski           Richard DePosit
                                          Rensselaer Honda                      Derrick Ward Memorial Car Show Staff
                                          Rod Rogers Foundation for Charities   Detroit Lions Charities
Andrew and Kerin (McCarthy) Fredman
                                              Fund                              DeWitt Ross & Stevens
  and family
                                          Emily and Clara Ross                  Digestive Care, Inc.
Cynthia Stroum
                                          Sanford C. Berstein & Co., LLC        Mr. and Mrs. Steve Donahue

20 pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
Donald W. and Susan E. Lewis Fund                Charitable Foundation                 Nancy Boone-Hill, RN, OCN
Dorskind Family Foundation, Inc.              Ross Construction, Inc.                  Stacie and Matt Brown
Dow Family Trust                              Dr. Jeffrey A. Ross                      Robert Buchsbaum
William C. Dow                                Bruce W. Ruminski                        Carol J. Burns
Mr. and Ms. Alvin L. Eerkes                   Domenic R. Ruscio                        Central Valley High School
Mr. and Mrs. Tim M. Ennis                     Kenneth Rybicki                          Linda J. Chicca
EVS Memorial Golf Outing                      Saint James United Methodist Church      Timothy L. Christen
Film 101 Productions                          Jerrold Salmanson                        CME Group
First Federal Bank                            Saw Island Foundation, Inc.              Brendan M. Cody
Daryl Geiger                                  Matthew Sheerin                          Cody's Original Roadhouse
Mr. and Mrs. James Giuntini                   Shepard Family Foundation                Compuware
Keith Goggin                                  Gerald E. Sloan                          Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.
Kevin J. Golden                               Orin C. Smith                            Virginia M. Dameron
Denise Hatton                                 Teresa's Foundation for Pancreatic       Deloitte & Touche
Herman Family Joint Venture                      Cancer                                Deloitte Services, LP
Carol Jan Hopkins                             The Ahmanson Foundation                  Donald Derossi
Harry Howle                                   The Florence MacFarlane Martin           Darlene Derwinski
Icahn Charitable Foundation                      Memorial Foundation                   Dessault Systems Simulia Corp.
ImClone Systems, Inc.                         The George L. Shields Foundation, Inc.   Donald Gruenberg Jewelry
Jack and Bessie Fiterman Foundation           The Jaclyn & Sydney Rosenberg            Glenn Draper
Knight Capital Group, Inc.                       Foundation                            Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company,
Lamar Advertising of Scranton                 The Jim Haugen Memorial Foundation          Group 7799
Larry H. Carter Foundation L.C., LLC          The Mulhollem Cravens Foundation         Joan Enticknap
Maggies Enterprises, Inc.                     The Oberheide Family Foundation          Lynn Fastuca
John McInerney                                The Reichert Foundation                  Federated Insurance
Merrill Lynch                                 The Susanne and Gary Tobey Family        Thomas E. Ferguson
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.      Foundation                  
Michael and Nancy Sitrick Family              Joseph A. Tomasits                       Daniel E. Fogelman
   Charitable Foundation                      Mark C. Trinka                           Forest Lake Contracting, Inc.
Microsoft Matching Gifts and Giving           Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn W. Tripp             Frances Klein Classic Jewelers
   Campaign                                   Daniel G. Turner                         Michael Franco
Midwest Sign & Screen Printing Supply         UBS Realty Investors, LLC                Friends That Care
   Co., Inc.                                  Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP           Marsha S. Garil
Milken Family Foundation                      Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.        Michael Gemza
Moneta Group                                  Z Gallerie                               Mr. and Dr. Donavan Glanzer
Napa Bed and Breakfast Inns                   ZAZZ Writing, Inc.                       Marc Glazer
National Advisors Trust                                                                Mary Hansen
National Basketball Association               $2,500-$4,999                            Harper Collins Publishers
Carol Noll                                    5 Event Center                           Ruth Herman
Nordstrom                                     Pamela Acosta Marquardt and Robert       Impact Sports & Fitness
Northwood Merchants Group, Inc.                 Marquardt                              Jack in the Box
Northwood University                          AdSource Outdoor Advertising             Erin Johnson
Orange Apartment Investors, LLC               American Family Mutual Insurance         Gary Katcher
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Paetzold                      Company                                Mr. and Mrs. Steven Keefer
Ellen Pansky                                  American Osteopathic Association         Bess Kendall
Joan Pintkowski                               Anheuser-Busch Cos., Inc.                Randy Kennison
Platinum Equity, LLC                          Jane M. Anthony                          Margaret Keyes
Plotkin Family Foundation                     Aon Foundation                           Calvin Knight
Poniard Pharmaceuticals                       Archetype Media, Inc.                    Peter Lambert
PUMP                                          Susan R. Bennett                         Mr. and Mrs. Paul Landaiche
Thomas Pyden                                  Bereny Family Foundation                 Lazard Freres & Co., LLC
Robbins Family Fund                           Howard Bernstein and Bunny Wasser        Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lepping
Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, LLP          Christie A. Bienema                      Levitan Family Foundation

                                                           pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009 21
Bonnie Libby                              Elaine and Larry Senten               American Transmission Company, LLC
Advait Limaye                             Nancy Shane                           Duchess Vickie Anastasis
Carl H. Lindner                           Shin Enterprises, LLC                 Allison A. Anderson
Joan Mabbutt                              Mr. and Mrs. Ted D. Sielski           Kim Anderson
Laurie and Paul L. MacCaskill             Ellyn Silverman                       Laura Anderson
Manhattan Beach Chamber of                Ron Skoronski                         Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Andries
   Commerce                               Mr. and Mrs. Randy Smith              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Androw
Mayo Foundation for Medical Education     Mrs. Natalie Spalj                    Angelo Foundation
   and Research                           Sprint Foundation                     Appliance Service Center
Jennifer Meaney                           St. Joseph Medical Center             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Arends
Justine & Joseph M. Medeiros              St. Paul Plumbing & Heating Co.       Rosemary E. Armstrong and Morris
Antoine Mekni                             St. Supery Vineyards and Winery          Weinberg, Jr.
Tim Messer                                Stanley M. Stein                      David Arndt
Howard Metzenberg                         The Club Pelican Bay                  ARRIS Group, Inc.
Michael & Cindy Landon Foundation, Inc.   The McGraw-Hill Companies             Caryl L. Atkinson
Alysa Miller                              The Newell Foundation                 Atlantic Health Cancer Center
Terry Mix                                 The Private Bank Of California        Melanie Avner
Molly Maguires Irish Pub                  The Reif Family Fund of the Jewish    Jeremie Bacon
Money Pages                                  Community Foundation               Baird Foundation, Inc.
David L. Morris                           The Sheffer Corporation               Ralph P. Baker and Margaret Geisst
James Morrison                            The Trilogy Group, LLC                Martin Bank
Robert Morrison                           Lana Thompson                         Bank of America Foundation
Motorola Foundation                       Yanira Torrez                         Barbara White Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mullin                 Translational Genomics Research       Richard Bareford
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Myers                     Institute                          Bruce E. Barr
Nancy M. Daly Foundation                  Triad Financial Services, Inc.        Battery Place Green, LLC
Ann Natyzak                               Troll Enterprises, Inc.               Chris Beatty
Neil Finn Sports Management, Inc.         Tudor Pickering Holt and Company      Susan M. Beecher
Alice Nelson                              Dr. and Mrs. Martin Tullus            Peter Behrendt
Cynthia Nevins                            David Turetsky and Martin Bank        Gerald R. Benjamin
NextRx                                    US Bank National Association          Marlys A. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Noesen             Joanna Ward                           Joyce Berens
Jorge R. Nufio                            Rox M. Watercott                      Mr. and Mrs. Ian Berg
Sandra Okinow                             Weber Shandwick                       Maris Berg
Family of David Owen                      Weingart Foundation                   Rachel Berg
Anne Parker                               Werner Foundation                     The Bernadett Family Fund
Brian Parrish                             William Beaumont Hospital             Alan Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Krupal Patel                 Williams Lea                          Berry Family Fund
Linda Pendergrass                         Nicole Wood                           Kathleen Berry
PepsiCo, Inc.                             Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Yedlin             Richard Bertain
Stephanie and Walter Pisarski                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Benny J. Birkeland
Premier, Inc.                             $1,000-$2,499                         Nicola Blaha
Rio Tinto Alcan, Inc.                     Mary Aaland, MD                       Dick Bland
RM Crowe Property Holdings Co.            Tana Aardal                           Nelson Blitz, Jr.
Robert L. Dameron Memorial Fund           Adams Fund                            Chancellor Gene Block
Robert T. Smutzer Memorial Fund           Michael B. Ajouz                      Melvyn H. Blum
Rocky Hill Middle School                  Alcan Packaging Canada Limited        Mr. and Mrs. Calvin and Marla Boender
Joe Rogers                                Alcan Packaging -Tube France          Stephanie Boesch
Marcelle and Andrew Rosen                 Alco Industries, Inc.                 Daniel Boggs
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sarafolean           Mr. and Mrs. Curtis D. Allmon         Loraine Boland Tsavaris
Silke Schmiedel                           Pamela L. Ambler                      Venkateshwar Bommakanti
Metta W. Schneider                        American College Of Sports Medicine   Bob Bond
Peggy Sears                               American Metal Market                 Diane A. Borrison

22 pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
Heather Boruske                           Colorado Gastroenterology Prof., LLC   Michael J. Eckhardt
Bryan L Bossier, Sr.                      Commercial Warehouse & Cartage, Inc.   EduQuest, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Boyce                   Connex                                 Mr. and Ms. Alvin L. Eerkes
Ms. Susan E. Boyd                         Consumer Music                         Gail & Shmuel El-Ad
BP Fabric of America Fund                 Anthony Contini                        Michelle Eldridge
Marlis Branaka                            Control Associates, Inc.               Mary Ellen Elias
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Brandler         Craig Conway and Tina Graor            Ella	T.	Grasso	Lodge	#	2538,	Order	of	
Brittany Rodio Foundation                 Kelly J. Cooper                           Sons of Italy
Chris Brockman                            Courtney Corleto                       Empire Merchants North, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Bromberg              Ryan Cornelius                         EnCana Cares Foundation
Alex H. Brost                             Mr. and Mrs. Stuart S. Correa          Endo Pharmaceuticals
Brown Brothers Harriman                   Robert B. Cory                         Morton R. Engelberg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown                Costco Wholesale                       Verva A. Enoch
Richard W. Brown                          Kristina Cournoyer                     Enterasys Networks Germany GmbH
Mr. and Mrs. David Burge                  James Courtney, MD                     Entwistle & Cappucci, LLP
Mr. Jeffrey Buzen                         Nancy Cox                              EPAM Systems, Inc.
C.M.U. Entrepreneurial Alumni             CPR Worldwide                          Mary Ephardt
   Association                            Diane Cristina                         Ms. Marjorie Erickson-Schmid
Susan Caldwell                            Eddie and Susan Crowell                Ms. Nancy J. Eschedor
Sara Campbell                             Gary Cumpston                          Eskenazi Family Philanthropic Fund
Mr. and Mrs. William V. Campbell          Ken W. Cunzeman, Sr.                   Evergreen Orthopedic Clinic
Candlewood Suites                         D.A.M. employees                       Examination Management Services, Inc.
Capital One N.A.                          John Dakesian                          Richard Fallon
Cards With A Heart                        S.A. Dallman                           Mr. and Mrs. William Farrell
Carpenter Family Charitable Fund          Veronica Daniel                        FedEx Office, Houston Texas Tully
Carquest Charitable Foundation            Mark Darlow                            Donna Feig
CarVal Investors                          Joshua Davis                           Shana F. Figures
Catered Affairs, Inc.                     Mary E. Davis                          AnnMarie Filiere
CEBOS Ltd.                                DEA Survivors Benefit Fund             Steven Finerty
Charmed by Claire                         Debbie Delisle                         Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cherry               Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Denenberg         Jenny J. Finkbiner
Chevron Products Company (A Division      Steven Denison & Betty Childers        Brooks W. Fisher
   of Chevron)                            Dennis and Dale Weiss Trust            Gerrit D. Fitch
Ken Chmelko                               Denver Foundation                      Carolyn Fiterman
The Choate Family                         Christopher and Heather Derganc        Tony Fitzpatrick
Chords For A Cure                         Diane T. DeSanti                       Julie Fleshman
Scott W. Christopher                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald DeSanti            Jeff Fletcher
Maja Christiansen and Tracey              Lyn Dickerson                          Ruben Flores
   Jarzombek                              Robin and Timothy Dickhaus             Florida Mom Magazine
Christus St. Patrick's Hospital           Dennis Disken                          Steve Fontner
Chubb & Son Federal Insurance             Grace U. Dittmar                       James Foy
   Company                                Jolene K. Dohrer                       Freelance Civil Services
Ms. Alison Ciaccio                        Deanna Dominguez                       Katie Freeze
Cinderella Scholarship Program            Scott Donaldson                        Patricia Freigo
Janice Cleland                            Brian Dorchak                          Sheri A. French
Clemson Sports Medicine and               Dorothy & William Davila Foundation    Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Friedman
   Rehabilitation                         Mr. and Mrs. George W. Doucette        Friends of the Fox
Cleveland Browns Football Company LLC     Bridgett R. Dukoff                     Arthur Frischman
Coast to Coast Business Equipment, Inc.   Theresa A. Dukovich                    Richard Frohmader
Coca-Cola                                 Ruth E. Dunkle                         Elise Furer
Julia P. Colby                            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Dunn           Dayna L. Gaboya
A. J. Cole                                Alan Dworkin                           Charles Galat
Collections Fine Jewelry                  East Orlando Chamber of Commerce       Katherine Gallagher

                                                       pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009 23
Garber Corporation Fine Arts &          Susan and Roy Hendin             
  Accessories                           Norman Hendrie                             Leslie Jenkin
Charmain Gardner                        Nancy Hensel                               Jewell P. Morris Family Philanthropic Fund
John Gaston, Jr.                        Kimberly S. Herlitzka                      Jim Moran & Associates, Inc.
Paul Gedeon                             Melissa Hernandez                          John Ritzenthaler Company
Nancy Gehron                            Debbie Herrero                             John Wayne Cancer Institute
Geisinger Health System                 Sue Herrick                                Mr. and Mrs. David P. Johnson
Gene and Marlene Epstein Humanitarian   Rhoda K. Herrold                           Dennis Johnson
  Fund                                  Lianne Herzberg                            Wayne Johnson
General Beverage Sales Co.              Betty J. Hewitt                            Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd D. Johnston
General Electric                        Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Heyman                Jonesboro Elks Lodge #498
General Manufacturing Company           HH MedStar Health, Inc.                    Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Jordan
GenVec, Inc.                            Michael Hicks                              Robert E. Jordan
Georgetown University Hospital          Kenneth P. Hinckley                        Jeremy M. Joyce
Michael B. Geraty                       Russell A. Hissom                          Judi Livernois
Barry Gersten                           Dr. Nancy Hitomi                           Dorisann Kalescky
Gibbs Family                            Jonathan Hoffman                           Jeff C. Kan
Stephen Giove                           Timothy Hogan                              Erin Kane
Amy Gironda                             Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Holcomb               Angelo Kanellos
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Goff                  Mary C. Holcomb                            Ms. Barbara J. Karlen
Cheryl Golden                           Dan Holland                                Karmanos Cancer Institute
Golden Rent                             Stevan R. Holmberg                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Karpman
Good Space, Inc.                        David Holmes                               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kassan
Timothy R. Goodell                      Jane Holmes                                Heather Katt
Goodson Honda                           Hooker Furniture Corporation               Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gray                  Kristin W. Hope                            Ronald Kaufman
Betty Gregory                           Dr. Noah S. Horowitz                       Charles J. Kelchner
James Gregory                           Sharon Hoskins                             Donald Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Grossman             Mr. and Ms. Bennie E. Houghton             Kathleen M. Kelly
Richard G. Grotch                       Muriel Howells                             Ryan T. Kenny
Guardian Fall Protection                George Huettel                             Samira Kesaris
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Guest         Kathy A. Hughes                            Kessler & Kessler, A Law Corporation
Brad Gunn                               Bob Hunsberger                             John Kirby
Thomas Gunning                          Huntington National Bank                   Brett Kizner and Dana Rapoport
Kristal N. Gutmann                      Maryanne and Gary Hutchison                Robert Klug
Josh Haar                               William S. Hutchison                       Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Knudson
Ann Haberthier                          I Do Foundation                            Jeanne M. Koehler
Jean S. Hale                            Idexx Laboratories, Inc.                   Wei Koh
Patience M. Hall                        Donna Ikeda                                Douglas S. Komen
Denis Halmi                             Marcia H. Imken                            Dennis Korn
Venetia S. Halusek                      Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission      Saro Koumashian
Jon Halvorsen                           Innovative Rx, Inc.                        Suzanne Kouveliotes
Barbara Harder                          Interim Health Care                        Michael Gregory Kowalski
Hardiman Builders, Inc.                 International & Domestic Marketing, Inc.   KPG Solutions, Inc.
Carolyn Harhigh                         Mr. and Mrs. Vito Ippolito                 Roy and Carol Kraft
James Harris                            Island Weed Control, Inc.                  Mr. and Mrs. James C. Krause
Hartshorne Plunkard, Architecture       J.M. Huber Corporation                     Laura Krenz
Michele Hassen                          Jack Haley Memorial Fund                   Family of Evelyn Kretzer
Gordon Hawthorne                        Lowell Jacobsen                            Kroger
Robert Heck                             Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Jaffe                 Kroger/Division of Ralphs Grocery
David B. Heidenreich                    Tammy L. Jajola                               Company
Dr. Michael S. Heimlich                 Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Jarrett               Karen Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hendin                 Steven Jarzombek                           Eric Kwang

24 pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
Kwicinski Family Trust             Mathew Photographic Services                    Dale A. Nenadal
Ladies of the Elks & Associates    Mayer Brown, LLP                                New Orleans Portable Storage, LLC
Lynette Lake                       Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCallister                Nancy Nicholas
LaNatSa Consulting, Inc.           Ann McCarthy-Riley                              David Nichols
Laube Technology                   Robert McCormick                                Craig and Amy Nickoloff
L'auberge du Lac                   Boyd McDonald                                   Rama I. Nilson
Ann M. Layden                      Robert McEwan                                   Molly Nordstrom
LC Creations, LLC                  MCF Associates                                  Northbay Nissan
Erin Leary                         Patricia L. McFarland                           Northwestern University Medical
Ledcor Construction Inc.           Amy McFarlane                                      School
Jay Lee                            Bill McGarr                                     Nu Image, Inc.
Dr. Kewchang Lee                   Lynne McGraw                                    Karen Nusbaum
Miyoung Lee                        Colin McGuire                                   Mr. and Mrs. William R. Oberheide
S. R. Lee                          Mr. and Mrs. Leo McKigney                       Oconee Memorial Hospital
Mary Ester Lee-Machiz              Red McLaughlin                                  Maureen O'Donnell
Karen Leier                        Edward J. McNamara                              Matthew J. O'Haren
Wendy Leigh                        Andre C. Meade                                  Ohio State Eagles Charity Fund
Simon S. Leo                       Dorothy Medeiros                                Ohio State University
Alan J. Leszczynski                Anne Meixner                                    Ohio State University Medical Center
Karen LeVasseur                    Joan Meixner                                    Oien Securities, Inc.
Joan Levin                         Melin Foundation Inc.                           Karen Olcott
Allyson Levis                      Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith, Inc.   Astrid K. Olfenbuttel
Judith E. Levy                     Metastorm, Inc.                                 David Olson
Life Styles Family Hair Care       Michael Loeb Memorial Fund                      Ronald L. Olson
Su-Hwei Lin                        Jack M. Miciak                                  Thomas O'Neill
Linsley Process Systems Corp.      Midnight Spaghetti Productions                  Troy Osetek
Lions Club of Warwick, Inc.        MIHM Rentals & Sales Co., Inc.                  Mr. and Mrs. Dean Pachosa
Carrington M. Lloyd                Emil Milano                                     Pacific Produce, Inc.
Jaclyn Lombardo                    Mr. and Mrs. Lance Milken                       Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Painter
Henri Lorberbaum                   Millennium Shore Asset Holdco, LLC              Jodi Parach
Lorin Boswell Foundation           Edward Miller                                   Jay Parks
Kenneth and Wendy Lormand          Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Miller                    Susan Pashkow
Harriet C. Lubahn                  Joseph M. Miresse                               Mr. and Mrs. James J. Paugh, III
Adell B. Luke                      Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.        Peninsula Center Pet Hospital, Inc.
Rainer Lukoschek                   Dr. Carlos Mohamed                              Pennoni Associates, Inc.
Roberta and Victor Luna            Donna Mohan                                     Doniel Perl
Lycée Français de New York         Mr. and Mrs. Lars R. Monroe                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Peters
Matthew Lynch                      Irma Moreno                                     Jeffrey V. Peterson
Harriet Macmillan                  Aaron Morrill                                   Ms. Linda Petit
Judy C. Mageno                     Amy Morrison                                    Petrillo Stone Corp.
Virginia Magnuson                  Mortar Board, Central Michigan                  Tom Petty
Steven Mahannah                       University                                   David A. Phifer
Yoshiyuki Majima                   MPS Group                                       Physicians Plus Insurance Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthuros Mangriotis   Ellen Mulholland/Stewart                        George Piccirilli
Lorna Manifold                     Sarah Z. Munday                                 Vincent Picozzi, MD
Robert Manlowe                     John Murphy                                     Plainfield Asset Management LLC
Mann Family Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Murr                   Lisa Platt
Raj Mantena                        Mr. and Mrs. David C. Myers                     David Plinovich
Mrs. And Dr. Rick Mars             Mr. and Mrs. Harry Myers                        Plucked String Foundation
Nancy Marshutz                     Terri Nabozny                                   Susan Plutsky
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Martinez    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Nash                      Jason Pomeranc
David J. Martinson                 Mark Nauman                                     Poms & Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Marz          Monica Nelson                                   Brian Pong

                                                   pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009 25
Steve Powers                             Joseph F. Roslansky                      Richard Sippel
Glen A. Pray                             Jeffrey Ross and Sally Sanders           Domenick Sisto
Precise Medical Billing Service , Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ross                Mary Lou Skesavage
Daniel Primm                             Mary A. Ross                             Mr. and Mrs. James S. Skesavage, Jr.
William Primm                            Jack Roth                                Michael M. Skram
Joyce A. Pritchard                       Kenneth Rothlisberger                    SME, Inc. USA
J. P. Pritchett and J. A. Pritchett      Abraham S. Rubin                         Richard Smith
Prudential Malibu Realty Charitable      Dr. and Mrs. Richard Rubino              Ethel M. Snyder
   Foundation                            Allan M. Rudnick                         Melanie Snyder and family
Frank Puglessi                           Eugene R. Ruet and Family                Sokol & Company
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Pusley             Kathy and Trip Rumberger                 Melissa Sosnoski
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pyden              Joy E. Runyon                            Southwest Graduate School of Banking
Tom Pyden                                David Rutter                                Class of 49
Helene Pyne                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rynbrandt            Sparta Asset Management
David B. Quinty                          S&H Medical Management Services, Inc.    Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Spears
R.G.V. Adult & Internal Medicine         S & T Wealth Management group            Jaclyn Speece
   Specialists, P.A.                     Safeco Insurance                         John W. Spiegel
Jeff Rabatin                             Sandra Sallee                            Gunars Spons
Dale Radford                             Dale Salmanson                           R. and B. Springfield
Radiolody Associates                     David E. Salmanson                       Susan Srite
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Rameau              Sam's Club Foundation                    St. John's Lutheran Church
Joseph Rauser                            Allen Sanders                            St. Mary Catholic Central High School
Wanda Rayle                              Yates Sanders                            St. Louis Cardinals, LLC
Rebecca Halpern Charitable Gift Fund     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sandler             Star of the Sea Regional School
Redpath Integrated Pathology, Inc.       Miriam Schaeffer                         Rick M. Star
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Reedy               Nancy Schaenen                           Judith Stein, Esq.
Leland Reicher                           Barney Schauble                          Philip M. Stein
John H. Reichwein, Jr.                   Cleah G. Schlueter                       Stanley M. Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Reinis                 Peter Schmitz and MaryKay Richter        Steiner Sports Memorabilia
Ralph Reis                               David Schor                              Chris Stendal
Reish, Luftman, Reicher, & Cohen         Pamela Schwarz                           Stephen and Susan Montgomery
Zeno C. Reithmeyer, Jr.                  Seattle Mariners                            Charitable Fund
Joseph Rensin                            Sedgwick, Detert, Morgan & Arnold, LLP   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Sterken
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Resnik           Alex Seldin                              Lawrence Sternkopf
Respironics, Inc.                        Dr. Jeffrey Seltz                        Laurel Stevens
Retail Service Associates                Edward Semerjibashian                    Mike Stevens
Richard and Ellen Sandler Family         Dr. John Seng                            Lara Stone
   Foundation                            David A. Senn                            Mr. and Mrs. Gary Strand
Brian Richards                           Lisa L. Shafer                           Donna Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Richmond            Deborah Shaffer                          Allen G. Strouckel and family
Susan Ridgley and family                 Marie Shaffer                            Mr. and Mrs. Rob Stuart
Brenda Robinson                          Roberta J. Shaffer                       Success Magazine, Ltd.
Roche Laboratories, Inc.                 William Shanley                          Judith Sudbury
Roger Field Memorial                     Brenda R. Shapiro                        Chaniya Suebsanguan
Roll Giving                              Gavin Sharpe                             Dennis Sullivan
J.M. and InaSue Romick                   Sheet Metal Workers International        Rod Summers
Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School         Assoc., Local 17                      Heather Sumner
Mr. and Mrs. Jerod Rone                  Ted and Mary Jo Shen                     Sunshine Land Design, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Root                    David Short                              Paul Sussex
Rosehill Gardens, Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Shubeck           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tabarrini
Rosenberg Family Foundation              J. Richard Simon                         Mr. and Mrs. James D. Takas
Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Rosenlund          Betty J. Singer                          Mark S. Talamonti, MD
Rosenthal Furniture                      Ralph D. Sinsheimer and Amy G. Peck      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Taranto

26 pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
Patti Taruscio                                United Steelworkers (USW)               Dr. Larry A. Williams
Barbara Taylor-Hatje                          University of Wisconsin Hospitals and   Michelle D. Williams
James L. Teesdale                                Clinics Authority                    Wilmington Cape Fear Rotary
Margaret Tempero, MD                          USGA                                    Mr. and Mrs. R. Todd Wilson
Jonathan R. Temple                            Utica Community Schools                 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wittig
Anne-Marie Templin                            Brian Valentine                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Wolf
Tennenbaum Capital Partners, LLC              Steven L. Valuch                        Gavin Wolfe
Texas Medical Liability Trust                 Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Vaughn           Russell Wolff
Texas Oncology, P.A.                          George Veile                            Kathryn and Seth Womble
Nancy C. and Nick Textor                      Joseph P. Vermeren                      Mr. and Mrs. David Woo
The Bennett L. Wolf Family Fund               Mike Viator                             Bill Wulfing
The Bernadett Family Fund                     Anne Vincent                            Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wurtzel
The Capital Group Companies                   Edward "Ted" Vincent                    Monique A. Wyatt
The Cindy & Brian Daly Charitable             Fay Vincent, Jr.                        K. James Yager
   Foundation                                 Virchow, Krause and Company, LLP        Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Yannessa
The Clothes Less Traveled Thrift Shop, Inc.   Virginia and Francis S. Maas Fund       Susan M. Yannessa
The Harry & Barbara Goldman                   Vista Del Mar Child & Family Services   Larry Yarbrough
   Foundation                                 Sonya Vitali                            Julie A. Yarsinsky
The Huisking Foundation, Inc.                 Vitamin Water/Glaceau                   Dr. Helen H. Yen
The JennJoe Fund                              Vitte's Unfinished Furniture            Karin L. Young
The Katz Family Foundation                    Gregory C. Voetsch                      Peter Ziebelman
The Luzerne Foundation                        George S. Volk                          Leonard Zeid
The Marketing Directors-NY                    Daniel Vollhaber                        Ziffren Brittenham, LLP
The MCJ Amelior Foundation                    W & M Fund                              Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Zipp
The Newell Foundation                         William Wachter                         Zissu Family Foundation
The Ohio State University Medical             Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Wade              Mr. and Mrs. Marshall S. Zolla
   Center                                     Walker Interiors                        John Zubrin
The Outer Limit Studios                       Wallace Lincoln Mercury                 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Zucker
The Radar Foundation                          Walnut Street Properties                Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Zuehlsdorff
The Robert and Marion Schamann                J. Chris Walsh                          The Zutter Family
   Brozowski Foundation                       Mike Wampold
The Shane Foundation                          Warner Family Trust
The Weinberg Cancer Institute at              Warren George, Inc.
   Franklin Square                            Henry Warshaw
The Williams Capital Group, L.P.              Laura Wasser and David Weber
Melinda Thompson                              Patrick R. Waterhouse
Mr. and Mrs. W. Norman Thompson               Vicki Watson
Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.               Greg Weaver
Michael J. Timmermann                         Mr. and Mrs. Maynard G. Webb
Timothy R. and Ann Marie Painter Fund         Richard Weintraub
Mr. and Mrs. David Tintera                    Mr. and Mrs. Ken Weiss
John D. Tirone                                Leon Weiss
Morton Topfer                                 Mrs. Dave M. Wells
Maurice Toueg                                 Wells Fargo Foothill
Trattoria Aroma Charity Bartend               Wells Fargo Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Travisano              Wells Fargo Insurance Services
Bill Tripp                                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wesley
Rich Turgeon and Dr. Karen L. Turgeon         Nancy White
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Turner                       Warren White
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Uhlman                   Whole Foods Market
Ulupona Academy - A Paul Mitchell             Ms. Lore H. Wiggins
   Partner School                             Wilkes-Barre Golf Club
United Bancorp, Inc.                          Keith Williams

                                                           pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009 27
statements oF                                                           statements oF
Financial position                                                      activities
June 30, 2009 and 2008                                                  Years ended June 30, 2009 and 2008

ASSETS                                   2009                2008       INComE                                   2009                2008
Cash                             $    498,551        $    266,912       Contributions		                  $		4,064,439		      $		3,247,351

Investments		                        3,908,503		         3,141,837      Special events, net*                4,769,269           4,258,144

Pledges	receivable		                  367,117	            488,800       Store	sales,	net		                    170,737	            137,954

Sundry	receivables	                   145,822	             77,413       Net investment return                (176,994)            (58,600)
                                                                        and other
Inventory                               82,175             46,298
                                                                        ToTAL INComE                       8,827,451           7,584,849
Prepaid	expenses		                    245,344		           133,453
Property	and	equipment,	net		         360,421		           249,584	
                                                                        Program Services
Other	assets		                          20,677		           18,613
                                                                        Research	advocacy		                 3,181,019		         2,962,542
ToTAL ASSETS                     $5,628,610         $4,422,910
                                                                        Patient	support		                   1,828,122		         1,907,837
                                                                        Education                           1,971,928           1,447,286
                                                                        Total Program Services              6,981,069           6,317,665
Accounts	payable		               $					416,673		     $				155,571
                                                                        Supporting Services
Accrued	expenses		                    322,625	            216,069	
                                                                        General	and	administrative		          234,659		           243,287
Grants	payable		                      640,750		           536,000	
                                                                        Fundraising                           857,279             697,545
Capital	lease	obligations		             10,432		           31,584
                                                                        Total Supporting Services          1,091,938             940,832
Total Liabilities                    1,390,480            939,224
                                                                        ToTAL ExpENSES                     8,073,007          7,258,497
Net Assets
                                                                        INCREASE IN NET ASSETS            $ 754,444          $ 326,352
Unrestricted		                       3,737,067		         3,067,750	

Temporarily	restricted		              501,063	                   	

Total Net Assets                     4,238,130           3,483,686

                                                                        *	Special	events	are	presented	net	of	direct	costs	of	$1,148,036	
AND NET ASSETS                   $5,628,610         $4,422,910
                                                                        and $847,052 in 2009 and 2008, respectively.

These	financial	statements	were	abstracted	from	Pancreatic	Cancer	Action	Network’s	June	30,	2009	and	June	30,	2008	financial	
statements which were audited by Windes & McClaughrey Accountancy Corporation and McGladrey & Pullen, LLP, Certified
Public Accountants, respectively. Because the information does not include all the disclosures required by U.S. generally accepted
accounting principles, it does not purport to present Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s financial condition or results of activities. A
copy of the audited financial statements will be provided upon request at Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s office.

28 pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.
income sources 2009                                                   expenses 2009

income 2000-2009







                   2000*      2001       2002       2003       2004      2005   2006     2007      2008     2009

*Includes the 16-month period from February 15, 1999 to June 20, 2000.

                                                            pancreatic cancer action network annual report 2008–2009 29
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32         pancreatic cancer action network advance research. support patients. create hope.

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