Confession of Sin Before Church by Johnnyfiecka


									Words after confession:

  1. Church family, members of this assembly, people who have been
     forgiven much, do you forgive Joel for his sin against this
     congregation? Will you release Joel from his sin? If you do, say, I
  2. Joel and Suzanne both have even more deliberately brought
     themselves under the leadership and spiritual care of the elders. As
     you can imagine the hard work has just begun.

Pastoral Exhortation:

Church family, I need to exhort you this morning.

  1. Relational: Some will be tempted to avoid Suzanne and or Joel. You
     have placed the scarlet A about their necks. To you I say, you who
     are without sin, toss the first stone. If you identify Joel with this sin
     after today, then you are not thinking like God thinks. Joel and
     Suzanne are accepted in Christ, loved by God, given the treasure of
     the holy Spirit. But most of us, it is just difficult. How should I
     approach them? What should I say? Joel and Suzanne both need us to
     love them like Jesus through this. They each need the special ministry
     of the Holy Spirit, so let us resolve to intercede for them. Put yourself
     in their place and love them as you would want to be loved. Do not
     ignore or avoid them, come near to them and weep with them.
     Embrace them even if silently. Speak the truth in love to them—give
     them words of hope and edification.
  2. Skeptical: Some are tempted to think, well we’ll see if the
     repentance bears fruit. Yes, we’ll see. We’ll see whether it does in
     your life and Joel’s. I am personally optimistic that the Spirit has
     come and is alive and working to sanctify. We are going to toil and
     strive to wage war against sin. We must not be among those who
     think, well we’ll see if that wondering sheep returns. Good thing God
     didn’t sit back about you and me.
  3. Personal: I hope these solemn minutes have an enduring effect on
     us. Beware you stand, lest you fall. Some here are on a trajectory
     toward unfaithfulness in small or great ways, and you might not be
     married. You are lax in your morals. You are undisciplined in your life.
     You are not self-controlled. You are simple and open to temptation,
     and making your way toward evil. You live in your freedom and for
     your freedom and rarely make choices to voluntarily restrain your
     freedom for the sake of others. You have almost completely forgotten
     the eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the
     good. You think life is a playground to enjoy and forget that it is a
      battlefield to fight on. Dear friends, I exhort you to be sobered by
      this, to examine your heart and confess your sins with disgust and
      grief and helplessness. If you are currently the slave of some life
      dominating sin, you need help. You can’t do it alone. You need Jesus;
      and one of the great helps that Jesus provides is his people. You know
      you can call me or e-mail or stop in to my office or home.
   4. So let us warmly love Joel and Suzanne; let us believe that the gospel
      is working; let us soberly evaluate ourselves this day.
   5. I want to pray for --------: Father, we mark this morning with
      soberness and with tears. This morning, we as a church body have
      deliberately chosen to forgive Joel of his sin against us as a
      congregation, to loose him from that and to be reconciled to our body.
      We are not the main people against whom Joel has sinned; nor is
      Suzanne. It is you. We believe that on the basis of Christ’s finished
      work on the cross, that you have forgiven Joel, and it is that same
      blood that has pleaded for our forgiveness. Oh, Lord, we desire that
      the glory of your holiness and purity shines from this assembly, while
      here worshipping, and individually in our day-to-day lives. Give us
      your grace to live this way; and we resolve this morning to more
      deliberately live in holiness and honor. Father, we uphold our sister
      Suzanne this morning. Remind her again and again of the cross of our
      Lord Jesus Christ. Nurture in her thoughts of forgiveness and mercy.
      Sustain her faith in you through these difficult days. In the name of
      Jesus Christ, who has made the full atonement for our forgiveness, I
      ask for these things, Amen.

Transition to the Lord’s Table:

Do you remember when Nathan confronted David and David confessed his
sin. He says, I have sinned against the Lord. And Nathan said to David, The
lord also has put away your sin. That’s it. Uriah’s blood cries out for justice.
David’s adultery demands the stiff penalty of the law. And the prophet
replies: The Lord has put away your sin.

What about the woman caught in adultery in John 7. Jesus says, you who
are without sin, cast the first stone; stone her. Go ahead. The woman is left
with Jesus who was without sin, who has every right and reason to
singlehandedly stone her. As God, the woman’s sin was against Jesus
specifically. The law made it clear that adulterers and adultresses must be
executed. But David lives. But the adulterous woman lives. Frankly, you and
I live. How is the justice of God satisfied while he forgives sinners and
releases them from their debt? This table is the answer to that question.
The broken body and spilled blood of our Lord Jesus focuses our mind on his
cross, where as Paul writes, God nailed to christ’s cross the record of debt
that stood against us with all its demands for justice upon the guilty. David
lives because Christ would die in his place; God would put away David’s sin;
God would put David’s sin upon Jesus Christ. The adulteress walks away
forgiven because Christ died innocently as the pure lamb of God for her.
Andrew lives and is forgiven only on the basis of Christ’s death for me to
satisfy my debt with the king, by paying the debt with his own infinite,
precious blood.

Friends, if for you there is no other answer than the cross of Jesus Christ, if
he is your only hope and you are trusting that by his death he payed your
debt and you have bowed low and begged for mercy, then this table is for
you. Whether you are a member of this church or another, I invite you to
this table which speaks God’s mercy to us repenting sinners.

Friend if you are walking in darkness and you want to make a quick apology
before the bread comes to you so you can be seen by others as eating it,
don’t eat condemnation on yourself.

But if you are moved to turn from your sin and if you resolve to live a life
hating that sin and living Christ’s holiness, then eat. The Lord’s table is only
for sinners, for repenting sinners.

In this table Jesus left an enduring drama for us to act out to remind us of
what is truly central to the Christian faith: Jesus broken body and shed

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