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									A career at Villa Maria
 Imagine the possibilities

  Careers Adviser Seminars – July 2010
         Darren Mannix, HR Manager
    Bronwyn King, Lifestyle Services Manager
            About Villa Maria
• Established in 1907
• Values-driven not-for-profit organisation
• One of Victoria’s largest providers of
  disability, education and senior services
• Deliver 60+ programs to 5,000 people in
  42 locations across Victoria
                Villa Maria workforce
•   930 staff and over 300 volunteers
•   Diverse backgrounds, ages and professions
•   Fair and Flexible Employer Award
•   Variety of roles:
       •   Nurses
       •   Personal carers / disability support workers
       •   Allied health professionals
       •   Hospitality and administration staff
         An employer of choice
• Villa Maria recognises that it is only through the
  talent, passion, and the capabilities of our staff and
  volunteers that we are able to provide quality care
  and services to our communities.
• We have a range of innovative and creative
  workforce strategies in place to attract and retain
  staff and to ensure they feel valued and rewarded.
         A career with heart

• Community or not-for-profit
  organisations like Villa Maria are
  involved in many aspects of our lives,
  often in health, welfare and
  education, which benefit many people
  including families, youth, the aged,
  people with disabilities, or the
  financially disadvantaged.
         A career with a future
• There continues to be a shortage of skilled
  staff in the Australian aged, community
  care and disability services sectors
  coupled with increasing consumer demand
  for these specialist services.
• There were five working age people (15-
  64 years) for every older person (65+
  years) in 2007, but by 2056 there will be
  less than three working age people for
  every older person.
          A career with options
• From different backgrounds, ages and
  professions, staff enjoy varied roles.
• Villa Maria employs:
     - Nurses                     - Personal Carers
     - Occupational Therapists - Physiotherapists
     - Social Workers             - Instructors
     - Residential Support Workers
     - Educationalists            - Music Therapists
     - Rehabilitation assistants - Chefs
     - Hospitality Services Staff - Business Support
         A career with flexibility
• Recognised by the Victorian Government
  as a Fair and Flexible Employer in 2009
  and 2010.
• Villa Maria has flexible work arrangements
  to ensure a healthy work and life balance
  for staff. These include:
     • 48/52 leave arrangements, flexible hours, working
       from home, job share, part-time hours, carers
       leave, combined leave entitlements, six weeks
       paid maternity leave and phased return to work.
A career with ongoing development
• A dedicated Learning & Development
• Range of programs and services, including
  frontline management and business
• Villa Maria also provides traineeships and
  student placement as part of its overall
  commitment to training and learning within
  the health care sector.
Bronwyn’s Career
  at Villa Maria
       What was I looking for?
•   A career, not just a job
•   Opportunities for growth
•   Friendly, vibrant workplace
•   Support and acknowledgement
•   Honoring and promoting values
   My professional development

              Casual Pool     Residential            Acting Team       Secondment    Team
                            Support Worker             Leader                       Manager

2002   2003     2004            2005         2006       2007             2008         2009         2010

2002   2003     2004            2005         2006       2007             2008         2009         2010

                        Student Placement           Cert 3 Frontline   OH&S Rep Diploma Business
                                                     Management                   Management
 Perspective from Generation Y

                          Driven & Motivated
                             Techno Addicts
 “But why…?”                   Resourceful
  Why not?!
  Launching a career at Villa Maria

• Student placements – contact our
  Learning & Development Team on
  T: 9855 7600
• Casual Staff recruitment information
  sessions are held quarterly
• All other employment opportunities – visit
  our website www.villamaria.com.au
Thank you!

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