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									A Call to Greatness
John Piper
Date Given:
August 29, 2000

Greatness in Jesus' eyes is serving the needs of others. And
Jesus' eyes are the only ones that count in the end. He said,
"Whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant"
(Mark 10:43). So I am issuing a call for greatness at

Sunday morning, September 10, during both services, the annual
fall Ministries Fair will fill the Fellowship Hall, Ministry Hall,
Conference Room, and space outside the Library because dozens of
ministries will have displays. The aim is to acquaint you with what
God is doing through our people and show you possibilities for
ministry this fall.

"Ministry" is another word for "service." In the Bible they are
both from the same word: diakonia. "Ministry" means "service."
Which means that ministry is the path to greatness in the eyes of
Jesus. So the Ministries Fair is a call to greatness.

As you come to worship on Sunday, September 10, come on the
search for true greatness. If you are not already serving the needs
of others in some way that fits your gifts, pray that God would
show you a path to greatness this fall at Bethlehem. For example .

Ushering is crucial and simple. It is crucial 1) because good
ushering will gain us 50 to 100 seats in the sanctuary, which we
really need; and 2) because it can help people see and feel the
warmth and friendliness and love of Christ; and 3) because Psalm
84:10 says, "I would rather stand at the threshold of the house of
my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness." Already in the Old
Testament, true saints knew what true greatness was: serving others
in unsung, simple ways. Pray that God would lead us to a servant of
servants - a person who would love to oversee the ushering ministry
and dream of ways to make it one of the best things about
Bethlehem. Talk to Dustin Shramek or Sam Crabtree (612-338-7653,
x225 or 203) or someone at the Worship Ministries display.

Parking and Greeting is another part of the seamless garment
that gathers people from car to pew. O that God would raise up
dreamers who love to think about how to handle the parking
challenge and come up with creative solutions that serve people.
Same with greeting people at the doors and in the Commons. There
are people at Bethlehem who would be so good at this! Ask God if
this is your path to greatness this fall. Talk to David Jaeger
(612-338-7653, x208) about parking ministry, Marcellus Mosley
(651-714-0178) about greeting or, for either ministry, visit the
Welcoming Ministries at the Info Desk in the Commons during
Ministries Fair.

The Nursery is a huge ministry at Bethlehem. It takes hundreds
of volunteers plus staff to make it work for the joy of the parents
and children. And, stunningly, Jesus adds greatness to greatness in
the nursery. He said, "Whoever receives one child like this in My
name receives Me; and whoever receives Me does not receive Me, but
Him who sent Me" (Mark 9:37). So not only do you meet needs and
become great in Jesus' eyes, but you actually "receive" Christ and
God the Father. Ponder this. It may take your breath away. Then
catch your breath and go to the Children's Ministries display and
find out how to give an hour a month - or be a team leader.

That's the beginning. The paths to greatness are many. Don't
waste your life laying up treasures on earth and seeking the praise
of men. True and lasting riches await you in servanthood. And the
only praise that matters is the praise of Jesus: "Well done good
and faithful servant." See you at the fair!

Seeking the lowly path to true greatness,

Pastor John

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