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					                                    BLACK & WHITE RAG
                                      Edition 110                                      December 2010
Seasons’ Greetings ….and             Find Brinkworth on the web at
a Happy New Year to all!

                                                                            The History Group has just completed re-
 KARAOKE BEACH PARTY:                                                                               working and
 The Gambler won on the night!                                                                      printing the town
                                                                                                    History Walk,
 Family and friends of the students and staff of                                                                a 4.2 km walk/drive around
 Brinkworth Primary had lots of fun - and                                                                       the town with 54 History
 raised some money -at the recent karaoke                                                                       Group number plates
 beach party.                                                                                                   indicating points of
                                                                                                                historical interest. The walk
 Members of the school community prepared and                                                                   starts at the General Store,
 cooked a delicious tropical themed barbecue. They                                                              where guide booklets are
 also transformed the northern undercover area -                                                                available.
 Hawaiian shirts and straw skirts were the order of the                                                         Karen Wundke and Barbara
                                                                                                                Groom are seen here giving
 night and the soft sand was great for castles and
                                                                                                                Centenary Park (East
 entertaining the littlies!                                                                                     Terrace) its No. 44 History
 Those a bit bigger had a great time singing and                                                                Group Number Plate.
 moving to their favourite tunes. (“The Gambler” was
 so popular we hardly needed the words later in the                                   A REQUEST FROM BRINKWORTH
 night !)                                                                                PROGRESS ASSOCIATION
                                                                                   People requiring their yard to be cut must
 Kids and adults alike really got into the swing of it,
                                                                                   ensure that it is clear of rubbish and that
 letting their hair down and burning off the calories
                                                                                   weed growth is no more than 60 cm (2 feet)
 from the magnificent, and seemingly endless, supply
 of mouth watering slices for dessert.
                                                                                   Cost will depend on size and difficulty of the
 It was an entertaining family evening which saluted
                                                                                   job. Enquiries to Leo Krieg 8846 2173
 the community spirit of those involved, who worked
 together so effectively, and it provided an opportunity                           We reserve the right to decline
 for everyone to have a great time. –Judy Goss                                     jobs that are too difficult and we
                                                                                   may not be able to help until
                                                                                   harvest is finished.
                                                                                   Thank you for understanding ☺                    BPA

                                                                            Editorial & contact details; Birthdays etc; Caltrop alert;          2
                                                                            Progress Notes; Competition Results                                 3
        Above: Adelaide & Jordyn Hentschke,
        Darcy Meyer, Ethan, Iesha & Belinda                                 ‘No strings’ ad; RSL report & photos, Adopt a Town Awarded          4
        Napier & Stephen Klemm
                                                                            Snowtown surgery- changes in 2011; clover straw for sale            5
 Prize winners were:
                                                                            Agriculture Report; Cartoon; General Store NEW LINES.               6
 Best Male Singer—Liam Wilkins
 Best Female Singer– Jacky Hoskin                                           Cartoon; Sunday School & Pub notices; Uniting Church note.          7
 Worst Male singer– Andrew Burford
 Worst Female Singer-Jabba King                                             Red Cross morning tea report; Police Notes;                         8

 Best dressed Female-Jody Klemm                                             Wildlife Corner                                                     9
 Best dressed Male– Stephen Klemm                                            Railway signs & Linear Park background information; Greg           10
                                                                            Judd cartoon; Thanks from Marlene Martin
                                                                            News from the Library; Photos from Nov 11                           11

                                                                            “The Last Word…” ;            Health Service Fees Policy            12

                                                                            Christmas Eve Service flier and Something for the young &           13
                                                                            the young at heart.                                    1
  Black & White Rag Dec 2010 Produced for Brinkworth Progress Association
                                                                            What’s On and Cinema program                                        14
From the Editor:                                                                  HAP PY BIRTHDAY
G’day all.                                                                (dates omitted from on-line version)
I do hope the weather will clear up soon and
allow a problem-free harvest! On the bright side—its                        Please contact the editor for
great for our gardens..                                                         additions/deletions.
As I write, most people are busy with Christmas                                        DECEMBER
preparations. May you all enjoy the festive season and                                Jared Verran,
have a great 2011!                                                                    Susan Heinjus,
                                                                                        Tyler Cole,
-Cheers, Anne
                                                                                      Lorraine Mills,
                                                                                       Darrell Cole,
                                                                                        Tyler Willis,
                                                                                        Bob Green,
 SWIMMING POOL NOTES                                                                    Allan Elliss,
 VAC SWIM 2011                                                                          Zac Byrne
 Dates are: January 5th to 13th.
                                                                                         Phil Pese,
 Enrolment will be the usual place, under the pergola
 at the School on                                                                       Leah Krieg,
 Sat 11th December 2010 &                                                             Meg Weckert,
 Sun 2nd January 2011                                                                  Gary Pearse,
                                                                                    Cameron Christian
                                                                                       Lorna Pese,
                                                                                     Lachlan Heinjus,
KILL ON SIGHT!                                                                        Annette Elliss,
These horrible                                                                      Nathan Greenwood
prickles, detested                                                                     Tunya King,
by people and pets                                                                      JANUARY
alike, are                                                                            Barbara Hahn,
                                                                                       Luke Smith,
developing now, on
                                                                                     Tayler Symons,
innocent-looking,                                                                    Raelene Green,
ferny seedlings on
waste ground and, probably, on your block!                                    CONGRATULATIONS
They are CALTROP, a noxious weed.
The good news is that the plants are easily                                Cameron Christian on your 10th
scraped or pulled out—but it’s essential to get                                             Birthday!
them as soon as the first little, yellow, flowers                            Murray & Shirley Burnley on
appear (or sooner) because the prickles mature
and drop off incredibly quickly.                                                 60 years of marriage
                                                                                         on Dec. 6th
        Remember, in the War on Weeds,
     “one year’s seeds means seven years
                        GOOD LUCK!

Brinkworth Progress Association and the Editor do not take
responsibility for the content of articles supplied by other people            HAVING A FUNCTION?
or for products advertised in this newsletter.
Please remember the Black and White Rag, a Progress                            The Memorial Hall and associated
Association project, is a voluntary effort from ALL concerned.                   equipment is available for hire.
Thank you to the community members who take the time to                       Either the whole complex or individual
supply information.
If you have any suggestions, requests or information, please
contact                                                                         Exceptionally reasonable rates
   Anne Green: ph 8846 2260 email                   Contact Caretaker: Nick Hart, 87, Main St.
PO Box 2, Brinkworth 5464; or at 12, Clare Rd (Cnr. Oval Ave)               Home Ph 88463047 Mobile 0411208041

Black & White Rag Dec 2010 Produced for Brinkworth Progress Association                                                 2
        PROGRESS ASSOCIATION                                               NOVEMBER COMPETITION RESULTS
              NOTES                                                          Congratulations to the winners and
                                                                                 thanks to the sponsors &
   Meetings are usually on 1st Monday of
                                                                                      all who entered.
     the month, 7 pm. Visitors welcome.
   Contact Anne Green (Sec) ph 8846 2260                                    Without you there would have been no
          (                                                       competition!
                                         BPA                              Beautiful Brinkworth Garden Competition
    or any member known to you, for more
                                                                          Sponsored by Wakefield RC, Geoff Brock,
                                                                          Brinkworth Progress Assoc.
  Thank you                                                               Business and Community
  for keeping the community noticeboard up to                             · 1st Country Lodge Bed and Breakfast (Main St)
  date and tidy.                                                          · 2nd Linear Park- Pepper Tree Trail
  Congratulations                                                         · 3rd RSL
  to everyone who                                                         Private Landscape
  helped make Nov                                                         · 1st Landers Garden (Main Street)
  11th a memorable                                                        · 2nd Iris Quick (East Terrace)
  day in Brinkworth.                                                      · 3rd Agro Sitters (Main Street)
  It’s good to see                                                        Private Traditional
  KESAB has placed                                                        · 1st Vonnie Adams (Clare Street)
  a photo of our                                                          · 2nd Jaymi and George (Main Street)
  Stockyard Reserve                                                       · 3rd Lorna Pese (Main Street)
  shelter as the                                                          Garden Featuring Native Plants
  “head” of the                                                           · 1st Perce and Angie (East Terrace)
  people pyramid,                                                         · 2nd Chris Bolvig (Main Street)
  on the “Community                                                       · 3rd Annette Ellis (Main Street)
  (Heritage)” award                                                       Youth Art Competition Sponsored by:
  that we received (above).                                               Peter Searle, The Coffee Cup, F & B Groom, R &
                                                                          A Green.
  ♦ Town  CHRISTMAS celebrations                                          10-13 years: 1st Art Supplies Hamper Nathan
                                                                          Greenwood, 2nd $10 Adam Burford, 3rd $5
    Sun Dec 19
                                                                          Brodie Pengilly, Angus Hahn (commendation for
  ♦ Australia Day Breakfast Jan 26                                        design), Damien Welke (commendation for
  ♦ Next Progress meeting: 7.30 pm                                        draftsmanship)
    Tues Jan 4th at Junction Hotel.                                       8-9 years: 1st $25 Thomas Marheine, 2nd $10
                                                                          Bonnie Smith, 3rd $5 Josh Heinjus
                                                                          5-7 years: 1st $25, George Cook, 2nd $10 Harry
                                                                          Heinjus, 3rd $5 Ryan Marheine
                         Brinkworth Management
                         Committee Incorporated                           CWA International Day School Poster
                                                                          Competition Sponsored by Brinkworth CWA
                                                                          Yr 6-7: Dylan Goss, Nathan Greenwood,
                           NEXT MEETING                                   Damien Welke
                                                                          Year 5: Adam Burford, Naomi Wilkins
              Monday December 13                                          Year 4: Bonnie Goss, Brodie Pengilly, Georgia
       8 pm, Supper Room of the Memorial hall.                            Meyer
                       Enquiries:                                         Year 3: Tiffany Landers, Mitchell Symons,
          Chris Bolvig on 8846 2285 or email                              Thomas Marheine
                                           Year 2: Lucy Myer, Harry Heinjus, Emma Goss
     Everyone is welcome and encouraged to                                Year 1: Tryfan Evans, Ellie Goss, Mathew
                     attend                                               Burford
           We still need to elect a new                                   Reception: Jordyn Hentschke, Ethan Napier,
                   chairperson!                                           Alex Marheine

Black & White Rag Dec 2010 Produced for Brinkworth Progress Association                                              3
                                                                               You are invited...
                                                                               to a "no strings” cuppa and chat
Remembrance Day was observed on
                                           LEST WE                             session, usually on the first & third Mondays of
the 11th of November commencing            FORGET                              the month, at the Uniting Church Hall from
at 11 am.
                                                                               10.00 am to 11.00 am.
This year there were 19 adults (5 of whom were                                 Coming up: Dec 1st and 15th
veterans) and 33 school children in attendance.
                                                                               (Also on alternate Mondays, in Brinkworth
Pastor Finn Klien
                                                                               General Store.)
conducted a short
service and on the                                                             All welcome - please feel free to bring your
conclusion of this                                                             knitting or craft along if you wish.
everyone retired to the
club house for light
refreshments. Once                                                        SA Advantage Award to Adopt a Town
again Di Ann out did
                                                                          Hi to you all,
herself with the food and everyone just loved the
fresh strawberries that she had picked earlier that                       I thought I would let you know that the Adopt a
morning. I think the schoolchildren also thought                          Town project received an Innovative Award at
that this was OK.                                                         the SA Advantage Regional Awards last month
                                                                          in Wallaroo.
The veterans in attendance were Murray Burnley,
                                                                          Margaret Manuel and myself went along and it was so
Squid Adams, Pedro Fenwick, Keith Lawry and
                                                                          good to see so many small (and some large) Mid North
myself.                                                                   and Yorke Peninsula community groups, businesses etc.,
I would like to thank everyone who made the                               being awarded for the work they do and the difference
effort to attend this service as I believe it is a                        they make in regional South Australia.
important day in Australia's history.                                     Thank you to all of you for the support and interest you
                                                                          have had in the last 20 months. Everyone has done a
                                                                          small bit, and it has all added up to culminate in a
                                                                          significant contribution to helping our fellow Australians in
                                                                          I have just received an email from Melanie Evans who is
                                                                          working with the Precious Gems girls group (50 girls from
                                                                          yr 4-7) in Balaklava, and they have made bookmarks for
                                                                          each child who attends Traralgon South Primary School.
                                                                          The bookmarks will be sent to arrive before school breaks
                                                                          up for Christmas. That to me emphasises the spirit in
                                                                          which Adopt a Town has operated. Thanks Melanie and
                                                                          The people of the Adelaide Plains are to be congratulated
                                                                          for their concern, compassion and looking outside their
                                                                          own backyard and lending a helping hand to others
  On behalf of myself and Di Ann and all the                              across our border. Thanks to you all,
members of the RSL I would also like to offer                             Yours in Adopting, Joy Woodroofe
  our Congratulations to Murray and Shirley
Burnley who will celebrate their 60th Wedding                                                    Hart Field Site
 Anniversary on the 9th of December. Many
         Congratulations from us all.                                                        ANNUAL EVENTS
Our next main event for this year will be the                              •    Autumn: Getting the Crop In
Christmas Party which we are holding on the                                •    Winter: Winter Walk
9th of December. For information on this or if                             •    Spring: Hart Field Day
you wish to attend please phone either myself                              •    Spring: Spring Walk
on 88463047 or Murray on 88462121.
                                                                                                        Proudly sponsoring
Thank You                                                                                              the Black & White Rag
Nick Hart (President)

Black & White Rag Dec 2010 Produced for Brinkworth Progress Association                                                         4
                                            Snowtown Surgery Changes
Friday 31st December 2010 will be Dr Michael Gregg's                      The 2011 consulting times will be
last consulting day in Snowtown. There will be an open                    Monday 10.15 am to 4.30 pm
afternoon for the community to come and spend some                        Tuesday will be closed all day
time with Dr Gregg and share some afternoon tea with
him. (A plate of afternoon tea would be very much                         Wednesday 10.15 am - 4.30 pm
appreciated).                                                             Thursday will be closed all day
This will take place at the LAG Centre at the Snowtown                    Friday - morning session only - times                     to
Hospital from 1pm on the 31st December. There will be a                   be confirmed.
couple of small presentations made and a book for people   Michelle Dohnt (the practice nurse) will be working on
to sign if they wish.                                      Monday and Wednesday's, therefore blood test will be
January 2011 will see a small change in the consulting done on those days only along with other nursing
times at the Snowtown Medical Centre. There is be not procedure. Leanne Keech will be working Friday mornings.
consulting on a Tuesday afternoon but that session will    Monday and Wednesdays will also have a small fast
transfer to Wednesday Morning instead, therefore a Dr will track clinic each afternoon. These clinics are 5 minute
be in town all day on a Wednesday instead of just the      appointment set aside for script renewals and for referral
afternoon. Monday and Friday will remain as they are.      renewals. These consults will be bulk billed to all patients.
5 Doctors form the Clare Medical centre will be visiting Please let the staff know if you require a fast track
Snowtown.                                                appointment when booking. It is important to be open with
Doctor Andrew Pols will visit every other Monday and the your communication to the reception staff when making an
occasional Friday morning.                               appointment so we can make the best use of the
Doctor Michael Nugent will visit every 4th Monday and    appointments available.
the occasional Friday morning
                                                         Please do not hesitate to contact either Michelle Dohnt or
Doctor James McLennan will visit every 4th Monday and Danny Haydon if you have any concerns with the changes.
the occasional Friday morning
Doctor Tod Owen will visit on the occasional Friday                       Michelle Dohnt CMC - Snowtown Site
                                                                          Enrolled Nurse/Receptionist
morning                                                                   Phone: 8865 2222 Fax: 8865 2443
Doctor Lisa Koo will visit every Wednesday for the full day     
and will cover the very rare Friday morning.

                                                                                                               Paul & Alison Gibson
   "CLOVER STRAW" MULCH                                                                                        245 Main North Rd Clare
                                                                                                                    Phone: 8842 1071
                   in Big Square Bales                                                                                 Fax: 8842 1073
                          for sale                                                                       
                      at $25.00 each
                 Contact: Andrew Weckert                                   • New release CD's • DVD's
                                                                           • Games - PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii & Xbox
                     Telephone 88462124                                    • Supplier of Cole Clark, Ibanez & Ashton
                                                                             Guitars & Accessories • Laney & Ashton Amps
                                                                           • Drums & Accessories
                                                                           • Woodwind Accessories           Proudly sponsoring the
                                                                                                                Black & White Rag
                                                                           • Customer orders welcome

      of the

Black & White Rag Dec 2010 Produced for Brinkworth Progress Association                                                         5
                                              BRINKWORTH AGRICULTURE REPORT
                                             written exclusively for the Black & White Rag
                                            Harvest is getting well on the way with wet weather holding up progress, but
                                           one hopes that it will take up soon so crop damage can be minimal.
                            The hay harvest is almost completed, some being spoiled with rain, the odd one
                    getting it done with little damage. Barley crops are coming off well with good grain size,
            little screenings, but being stained from the rain and a little black tipping. This hasn’t affected the
feed quality. I haven’t heard a lot about yields but seems to be in the 20 – 30 bag acre yield range.
                                                                 Wheat crops are almost ready for the headers and look
     ‘Clean but not Green’ for Lentils                           good. Canola crops have been windrowed and/or are
                                                                 about to be harvested. Some pea crops have been
Yorke Peninsula farmer Kyle Holman has warned lentil
                                                                 harvested but I haven’t heard a lot about samples and
growers to expect long delays at silos this year as testers will
be vigilant in looking for green kernel in samples.              yields.
Mr Holman was a speaker at the Hart Field Day on September Crop prices have eased back a little but this seems to
21                                                               happen every season as harvest gets under way.
“Lentils go almost from the header to the table, they are bought Farmers, please take care during the season as
on appearance so exporters expect a very clean product from      accidents happen when people panic.
growers,” he said.
“Harvest timing is critical. If your barley gets downgraded you           Transport carriers are getting busy with the harvest as
could lose $15-$20 a tonne but if your lentils are downgraded             they play an important part in shifting grain.
we’re talking losing up to $500/t.
                                                                          Stock prices are still holding their own with wool
                                                                           being on the up side for a change.
                                                                           Spray drift is the talk on the radio with spraying
                                                                           being reviewed by the government. Lets hope it is
                                                                           worked out sensibly and all farmers use common sense
                                                                           with chemicals.
                                                         Doug & Louise
                                                                           Hope all goes well to complete the season.
                                                                           Wishing the
 BRINKWORTH GENERAL STORE                                                  community a
        Trading 7 days a week                                              Happy
                                                                           Christmas and
             Phone /Fax (08) 88462155                                      a good New
                               We will be                                  Year.
            CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY                                           Regards,
                & BOXING DAY                                               Dry Boots
    And on December 12 the kitchen will be
            closed for renovation                                                                      

                                                                                    The Black & White Rag is proudly sponsored by
 New Lines:
 Fresh fish delivered Tuesdays and                                             MILLS FREIGHTLINES PTY. LTD.
 Thursdays. Order by 10 am the day
                                                                                                 Proprietors of
 Salad tubs: garden, potato, pasta or coleslaw. (Please                            S.A. Agri & Everard Gypsum
 order if possible, to avoid disappointment.)                                  Super, Lime & Gypsum Contractors
 Takeaways:                                                                                   Grain & livestock
 Garden Salads, salad rolls, sandwiches & baguettes
                                                                                     Ph: Paul and Jayne 8846 2053 or
 Beer-battered or crumbed whiting and flathead, grilled
 hake (¾ inch thick fillet pieces)                                                    A/h 8846 2010 Fax: 8846 2161

Black & White Rag Dec 2010 Produced for Brinkworth Progress Association                                                             6
           SUNDAY SCHOOL                                                       THE JUNCTION HOTEL
                                                                                  Is a proud sponsor of the Black & White Rag
        Sunday School in the Lutheran Church
                                                                             Call in on Dave and Carolyn for an icy cold beer
        Hall will follow the 10.30 am Combined                                           and a tasty evening meal
             Family Service, each month.                                          *MEALS: THURS, FRI, SAT EVENINGS*
                                                                                               (Also take-away)
        ALL CHILDREN of primary school age                                                    CLOSED SUNDAY
                  are welcome.                                                 Friday Night Social Club Meat Raffle -drawn when sold
             Enquiries Craig Krieg 8846 2014                                    Having a function? Call the Junction!
                                                                             Meals and accommodation bookings: 8846 2152

                                                                            Magpie Junction Social Club
                                                                                Christmas lunch:
                                                                                   December 12
                                                                          Watch the pub blackboard for details of
                                                                                  the Junction Hotel …
                                                                            NEW YEAR’S EVE

                                                                           BRINKWORTH UNITING CHURCH
                                                                           We were thrilled to have former residents,
                                                                           Juleen and Rod Villis share with us.
                                                                           Juleen is now a Deacon at Mt Barker Uniting
                                                                           Church. She told us of her work there and
                                                                           delivered a message of hope for our future and
            PIANO LESSONS                                                  our community.
              All levels and ages welcome.
                                                                           Morning tea afterwards was also a great time
                     Jamestown or Yacka
                                                                           of catching up with the past 20 years!
                         Jill Fulton                                                                          -Judy Goss
     D.S.C.M, L.Mus.A, B.Mus(Hons), Dip.Ed, MIMT.

                 please phone 8846 4143
                                                                                            The following Brinkworth
                                                                                          Management Committee (BMC
                                                                                                 Inc) community
                                                                                             representatives can be
      BRINKWORTH PLAYGROUP                                                                contacted to present items to
                                                                                          the Management Committee:
                                                                                       Lorraine Mills
     (DURING SCHOOL TERM )                                                        PO Box 41 19 Main Street
     GREAT FUN FOR BABIES, TODDLERS AND                                      BRINKWORTH SA 5464 ph 8846 2056
                                                                                       Chris Bolvig
     COFFEE SUPPLIED FOR MUM                                                      PO Box 82 67 Main Street
                                                                             BRINKWORTH SA 5464 ph 8846 2285

Black & White Rag Dec 2010 Produced for Brinkworth Progress Association                                                                7
 Police Notes                                                              Brinkworth
 Brevet Sergeant Dave Evans
                                                                           Red Cross
 Thankfully suspicious incidents seem                                      Office Bearers for this year are
 top have decreased dramatically this month.                                   Coordinator: Raelene Green
 Residents are reminded to continue being                                      Treasurer: Leah Weckert
 vigilant and ensure that all property is properly                         The Brinkworth Branch is looking for new members.
 secured.                                                                  You can contact Raelene Green for more information.
 Motorists are reminded that the shared zone                               Brinkworth Red Cross held a morning tea at the
 across the Peppertree Trail has a reduced
                                                                           Brinkworth Kindergarten. The Kindy children
 speed limit and care should be taken as the
 surface is loose and provides lower levels of
                                                                           entertain invited guests, grandparents and Red
 traction should the need for an emergency stop                            Cross members with songs. Morning tea was
 arise.                                                                    enjoyed follow by singing Happy Birthday to
                                                                           Darcy Meyer. Gift s were hand out which Red
 Disturbingly a number of cigarette lighters
                                                                           Cross members had donated. The Kindy
 were discovered on school grounds with the
                                                                           children had made gifts as well.
 fuel canisters removed. Thankfully arson does
 not appear to have been the motive and it is                              Red Cross Coordinator Raelene Green gave a
 suspected that those concerned may have been                              book to the Kindy to say thank you for allowing
 sniffing the fuel. This is an extremely dangerous                         us to come. We also said farewell to Director
 practice which can result in brain damage,                                Sarah and Mrs Klemm who are leaving the
 unconsciousness and even death. Parents if you                            Kindy.
 are missing lighters this could be your child.                            -Raelene Green Coordinator
 The spate of thefts from Brinkworth Primary
 is ongoing. This is extremely disappointing as
 precious school resources are being taken away                                              Consult JIM YATES
 from our local children. If anyone has any
 information please contact the Brinkworth police.                                      For all your maintenance and carpen-
                                                                                                      try needs.
 Following complaints from residents regarding
 speeding along Main Street, police have                                                     No job is too big or too small
 loaned speed detection equipment to conduct                              Carports—Verandahs—Pergolas—Built in robes
 random speed checks.                                                           Kitchens—Painting—to name a few
 -Dave Evans                                                              He has over 40 years experience, delivering fast
                                                                               reliable service and top quality work
                                                                                        at competitive rates
               HAYFIELD PLAINS                                                      Pensioner discounts available.
             RETIREMENT VILLAGE                                              Call 8846 2082 for a free measure and quote
                7, DIEKMAN TERRACE, BALAKLAVA                                             BLD NO G12292
                                                                                   A proud sponsor of the Black & White Rag
          A new dimension in retirement living
Hayfield Plains features 33 distinctive, architecturally designed
two and three bedroom homes and an outstanding community
                            centre.                                       The Black & White Rag is proudly
 The detached and semi-detached homes offer luxury modern
                                                                          sponsored by
living with independence, spacious, low maintenance gardens,
                     security and privacy.                                          E.A. GRIGG & SONS
 Hayfield Plains has been developed by Life Care, which has                    R.P. & R.M. GREEN (PROPS)
been at the leading edge of aged care in South Australia since                    MECHANICAL REPAIRS
                                                                              RAA DEPOT — CASTROL OIL
                                      For more information                     ORIGIN ENERGY GAS AGENT
                                      contact Katherine on                        BBQ BOTTLES FILLED
                                      8849 2118 or                         Ph/Fax: 8846 2002 A/H: 8846 2083
                                      0400 250 004

Black & White Rag Dec 2010 Produced for Brinkworth Progress Association                                                       8
                             Wildlife Corner
This is the last Wildlife Corner segment for this year…. And also for the future.
The Christmas season is upon us – and I haven’t got over last year’s yet! Sammy and
I owe so many people so much and truly those who have lovingly helped our wildlife.
This last 12 months has been extremely difficult, especially since our “money tree” no longer bears
fruit. Our vet bills have been humungus even though discounts for wildlife were more than generous.
We can no longer afford the petrol to travel to pick up little critters in need. Thus, the only ones we
can now help are those brought to our door – but even then we are being forced to euthanase many
that could be saved if finances allowed.
We have tried desperately to raise some financing from corporate businesses, the government and
too many other sources to mention. The bottom line is that animals don’t have a voice and can’t vote.
So many local people have really put themselves out to help in many different ways and we are so
grateful for their efforts. However, the cost of everything goes up hundreds of dollars while the
pension only goes up a few cents. I am sure there are many people are finding the same problem.
We have done the best we can with so little, for as long as we can; so many wonderful, caring people
have been so generous and Sammy and I are so grateful, but we have reached the end of our
capabilities. Can’t begin to tell you how we feel. The frustration and stress hasn’t done my health any
favours of late either. However, if people can get animals in need to our door, I have been lucky
enough to find a couple of fantastic carers to help me out, who are dedicated enough to travel here
to pick them up. I hate the way things have turned out – wish I could win Lotto! We will have to
concentrate on just looking after our family of wonderful, adorable critters that live here with us.
But this is meant to be the festive season – a time for families to be together and share love and joy
with each other. So, we here at Wildlife Rescue wish everyone everything fabulous for Christmas
and the New Year. Thank you to everyone who has helped us in the past. Any help is so welcome that
words just can’t express our gratitude, but we are no longer able to function as we have in the past.
Thanks to Anne for always finding space for my articles.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
Sammy and Lorraine.
     PS We have two pedigree Chihuahua puppies for sale, ready 2nd week of
                                             Please phone 8846 2024 if you are interested.

                                                                                    Want Adventure?
          24 hr WILDLIFE RESCUE                                                     Contact SA Lone Scouts!
                                 Lorraine Samuels
                                                                          Available to kids everywhere from 6 to 26 years old.
                               11 Third St., Snowtown                     For further information, contact local leader, Lee-anne
                                     8865 2024                            Whitehead, Brinkworth,
                                         or                               email - or
                                                                          Scouts Australia - SA Branch, phone: 1800 726 887
                                   04072 03480                            Email:
                                Sorry, no call-outs!                      Website:
                                                                          SCOUTING FOR ANYONE - EVERYWHERE!"

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..from Brinkworth History Group
At Brinkworth township’s 118th Birthday evening on November 11th 2010 at Stockyard Reserve, the
Brinkworth History Group gave the town eight interpretive signs erected along the Peppertree Trail.
                                                           John Evans of Tourism SA unveiled the signs
                                                           assisted by James Maitland, the Mayor for
                                                           Wakefield Regional Council. Apologies were
                                                           received from the Hon. Rowan Ramsay, Federal
                                                           Member for Grey and Geoff Brock, State Member
                                                           for Frome.
                                                                                 This project was devised about eight years ago by
                                                                                 the late Kevin Weckert, former member of the
                                                                                 Brinkworth History Group, when he conducted a
                                                                                 tour of the railway precinct and told of the history
                                                                                 of Brinkworth railway and its significance to the
                                                                                 town. He stressed that this history should not be
                                                                                 lost or forgotten. The Brinkworth History Group
                                                                                 researched the story of the Blyth to Gladstone
                                                                                 railway extension of 1892-94 and the
                                                                                 development of Magpie Creek Junction. The
                                                                                 station and township of Brinkworth became the
                                                                                 junction of the Blyth – Gladstone line with the
                                                                                 Snowtown Redhill and Moonta lines.
                                                                   Brinkworth History Group acknowledges the
                                                                   assistance of John Evans from Tourism SA, Mark
                                     O’Malley from Inprotrans, the Port Dock
                                                                   National Railway Museum, History SA and
previous employees of the local railways in                        this research. Group members and Allison
Russell of History SA and John Evans of Tourism SA revised the layout and text before final editing by Geoff Spiers.
The artwork “the magpie with attitude” which features on each sign is by local artist Greg Judd.
The final layout of the signage and the production was by Ian Minett of Photo Mechanical. His work enhanced the
visual concept of ‘railway’ in the design.
We acknowledge the financial involvement of the SA Government and History SA in the grants that funded this project,
together with donations from Brinkworth Management Committee and Friends of the Brinkworth Museum.
Following this celebration, on Sunday 14th Nov. Northern
History Groups and other interested people were invited to                           MARLENE MARTIN
join the Brinkworth History Group in walking the trail to                 Would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who made
share in our delight at the completion of this stage of an                my birthday my best ever and I waited 70 years to get it.
ongoing project. We are erecting an information shelter at                 My Dad always told me ‘good things happen to those
the site of the railway station, using the original station signs                  who wait’ and guess what – it did.
and waiting room bench seat.                                                              “God Bless you all”.
Fred Groom, President, Brinkworth History Group.

                                  BRINKWORTH                               COMMUNITY LIBRARY
                                    MUSEUM                                   OPENING TIMES
                                      Opening Times                        Located at the Primary School
The museum is open 2-4 on the first Sunday of                                 WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY
every month except for January and open by
appointment by contacting History Group members
                                                                                4.30 pm — 5.30 pm
                                                                           Or you can browse any time during school
 Fred and Barbara Groom                  8846 2023
           Helen Weckert                 8846 6086
           Heather Hancock               8846 2085                                   Librarians
           Karen Wundke                  8846 2025                           Esma Krieg & Barbara Groom

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Everything old is new again..

Restored signs at the site of the original railway station, near                  Part of the crowd of eager locals waiting to see what is on one of
                 the crossing by the silos.                                      the eight interpretive signs that Tourism SA’s John Evans unveiled.

                              News from the Library
                                                             by Barbara Groom
  Two very different books interested me this month. Sometimes I feel Fred should review – I’ll
  just say he particularly enjoyed Paul Torday’s novel and was amazed by the knowledge lost since the year 1000!
  “The Year 1000” by Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger (published 1999) is very compact – only two hundred pages.
  But it gives a very thorough look at life in England in the final years of the first millennium.
  Using a ‘Work Calendar’ produced in the writing studio of Canterbury Cathedral around 1020 AD as a research
  prompt, the authors have painted a surprising and vivid portrayal of life in Britain month by month at that time. This
  was a world that already knew brain surgeons, property developers and even gossip columnists. Trade was
  international with calculating and monetary impacts.
  The shift from paganism to Christianity allowed increasing scepticism and led to a more scientific approach to
  finding answers. Ultimately this led to the Renaissance.
  This is a fascinating read, with a concluding paragraph worth discussing.
  “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” by Paul Torday can be judged as satirical as an episode of “Yes, Minister”. And, as
  all the best satire, it makes you think.
  A Yemeni sheikh wants to develop a sporting salmon fishery in a wadi in the mountains of his home country. A
  British fisheries scientist from the Dept of the Environment is directed to manage the unlikely project of flying
  10,000 salmon to a hot desert country and persuading them to swim there and ultimately to breed.
  The sheikh has an unwavering belief that the impossible can be made possible – if God wills. By the final chapters he
  has persuaded Fred the scientist that the unlikely scheme will work.
  The British Prime Minister and his Director of Communications see the opportunity to have positive news from the
  Middle East.

             The Black and White Rag
                                                                               Add the political unrest to the religious divide and racial
                 is supported by                                               tensions and the book becomes so much richer and
             WAKEFIELD REGIONAL COUNCIL                                        deeper. And of course no book satisfies without the
              Ph: 8862 0800 or 1300 762 500                                    personal development of its characters.
                      Fax: 8862 1115                                           Presented as a series of extracts from e-mails, letters,
            E-mail                                 journals, diaries, parliamentary questions and replies,
           Website                                   the story progresses through different
                                                                               voices and perspectives to satisfy and
                     CEO: Mr. Phil Barry                                       engage the reader.
                Mayor: Mr. James Maitland
     Local Councillor (Northern Ward): Mr. Darryl Ottens                       Definitely one to read. -Barbara.

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 ....The last word
 on the Railway Precinct development!
        The structure down by the silos is to be a shelter shed and information bay with a
 display of time-tables, lost and founds, train orders and ‘how did signals work?’ etc, all relating to the
 Brinkworth station. The station signs used are the originals, (photo pg 11) and when the walls are
 up, the seating will also be the original waiting-shed bench. This was a dream of Kevin Weckert’s – it
 is so good to have realised it at last.
        The group would like to have one further sign at the site of the former cottages by the
 shed silo; this would tell of the constant movement of railwaymen’s families and the women’s lives.
 There is also a need to indicate the coaling stage, fuel dump and ticket office etc with small photo
        The Progress Association and History Group were thrilled to receive a generous
 donation from Dr Crosbie’s family (Cherry Sinclair, Bill Crosbie and Jule Hudspith) towards the
 work on the trail. We would be grateful for further donations to complete the project.
        If you would like to help support this Brinkworth community project, please make
 cheques payable to “Brinkworth Management Committee, Brinkworth History Group”, PO Box 89
 Brinkworth 5464, or cash donations to any of the History Group members.
        Continue to enjoy this Railway Heritage and the town walk and show visitors our latest
 developments. Spread the word- history is alive in Brinkworth.
 - Brinkworth History Group.

Fees Policy
Dear Patient,
The purpose of this notice is to inform patients that the Practice’s Fee Policy
will change from 1 January 2011.
In recent years the Practice policy has been to bulk bill all standard attendances for Commonwealth Concession Card
holders, Pensioners and Children. Unfortunately the Federal Government does not index Medicare rebates to match the
increasing cost of running a practice. For example, in November 2010 the Medicare fees were increased by 1.8%
compared with the Labour Price Index of 2.96 % and Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 2.92%. Every year practices are
faced with this issue and either absorb the difference, or increase their fees.
Due to this perpetual funding deficit, the practice cannot afford to continue with the current bulk billing policy. If we did so,
the viability of the business would suffer and our capacity to maintain the current medical services will be put at risk.
Dr Pesce, [AMA President] said. “Practice costs including employing practice staff, and operating expenses such as rent,
electricity, computers and professional insurance must all be met from the fee charged by the doctor.”
The AMA’s recommended fee for a standard GP consultation is $66. Clare Medical Centre’s fee for a standard service will
be $55.90 ($25 gap) for Private patients and $46.90 ($12 gap) for Concession patients.
Clare Medical Centre Fees Policy
1. CMC will charge a gap payment for all consultations including Commonwealth Concession Card holders and
2. The following exceptions apply:
          a. Children under 16 years will be bulk billed for standard consultations.
          b. DVA and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island patients will be bulk billed for all services.
          c.   Patients attending for preventative health care services related to chronic conditions.
          d. Fastrack clinic appointments for repeat scripts or referrals.
          e. Patients who are seen for subsequent/repeat/follow up visits may be bulk billed (This does not include
             procedural items).
3. Outpatient services provided after hours at Clare Hospital will attract a higher fee.
4. Patients will be charged for missed appointments that are not cancelled at least 1 hour in advance.
To assist with payment of accounts, we will be using Medicare Easyclaim to enable patients to have their Medicare rebate
                                                                                                               (Continued on page 13)

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(Continued from page 12)
paid directly into their own bank account within 24hrs.
We understand that patients who are affected will not be pleased by this news. This decision was not made by our
reception staff and we ask that patients refrain from any confrontation with them about this policy.
We do encourage patients to direct their concerns to your                   Nicola Roxon MP
local Federal Member of Parliament, or Nicola Roxon,
Minister for Health and Ageing. I am also happy to discuss                 Minister for Health &        Ph: 9317 7077
your concerns directly in person.                                                 Ageing                Fax: 9317 7477
Yours sincerely,                                                            Electorate Office               email :
Danny Haydon                                                               1 Thomas Holmes St
                                                                            Maribyrnong 3032
Executive Officer

                     Can you spot the 9 differences?

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1     Wed Library 4.3-5.30 pm
2     Thur    RECYCLE BIN.
3     Fri     Playgroup 9.30, CWA Christmas Lunch
4     Sat
5     Sun     Lutheran Church 8.45 am Uniting Church 10 am
6     Mon     No Strings coffee morning at UC hall, 10 am. All welcome
              Progress 7.30 at pub
7     Tues CFS training.
8     Wed     Library 4.30-5.30 pm, Bowling Club committee
                                                                                     Blyth Cinema Program
                                                                                            (*subject to possible change*)
9     Thur RSL Christmas Party                                                            Films & times in italics to be confirmed
                                                                                  Please check Northern Argus, Plains Producer or local
10 Fri        Playgroup 9.30 Library 4.30-5.30 pm                             For those looking for something a bitare correct have
                                                                                            posters to ensure films different we
11 Sat                                                                        Creation (PG)(a film telling some of the Charles Darwin
                                                                              story) & Inception(M), a film that must be seen on the big
12 Sun        Lutheran Church 10.30 am Uniting Church 10 am                   screen to enjoy the full CG effects (& starring Leonaro
              Social Club Christmas Lunch at the pub                          diCaprio!).
                                                                              Come & enjoy the surround sound & big screen
                                                                              experience, & not forgetting we are fully air-conditioned, &
13 Mon “No Strings” Coffee & Chat 10-11 am at the shop                        with candy bar at deli prices.
14 Tues                                                                       Fri 3rd Dec 8.00pm Knight & Day (M) Action/3 stars Tom
15 Wed Library 4.30-5.30                                                      Cruise, Cameron Diaz
                                                                              Sat Dec 4th 6.00pm Twilight (M) Sausage sizzle between
16 Thur RECYCLE BIN                                                           sessions
                                                                              Sat Dec 4th 8.20pm Twilight: New Moon (M) Prices -all 3
17 Fri        Playgroup Library 4.30-5.30 pm                                  films-14 & over $20
18 Sat                                                                        Two films $14: One film $7.50. Under 14 $5 per movie.
                                                                              Sat Dec 4th 10.30pm Twilight: The Eclipse (M) 3.5 stars
19 Sun        Lutheran Church 8.45 am Uniting Church 10 am                    Fri 10th Dec 2.00pm Young @ Heart (PG) 3.5 stars -
              Peppertree Pageant & Community Christmas                        Uplifting over 50's film
              Party at Stockyard Reserve                                      Fri 10th Dec 8.00pm Twilight: The Eclipse (M)
                                                                              Sat 11th Dec 6.00pm Shrek Forever After (PG) 3 stars
20 Mon        No Strings coffee morning at UC hall, 10 am.                    Tickets $5
21 Tues                                                                       Sat 11th Dec 8.00pm Creation (PG) 4 stars Paul Bettany,
                                                                              Jennifer Connelly-Darwin
22 Wed Library 4.30-5.30 pm                                                   Wed 15th Dec 10.30am Shrek Forever After (PG) 3 stars-
                                                                              Tickets $5
23 Thurs
                                                                              Fri 17th Dec 8.00pm Creation (PG) 4 stars Paul Bettany,
24 Fri        Library 4.30-5.30 pm                                            Jennifer Connelly-Darwin
              Christmas Eve - Combined Community Christian                    Sat 18th Dec 8.00pm Inception (M) 4 stars Leonardo
              Service at the Brinkworth Town Hall 6.30 pm                     DiCaprio A big screen film!
                                                                              Fri 24th Dec 10.30am The Search For Santa Paws(G)
25 Sat        MERRY CHRISTMAS! Lutheran Church 8.45 am                        Tickets $5
                                                                              Fri 31st Dec 8.00pm Inception (M) 4 stars Leonardo
26 Sun        Lutheran No service                                             DiCaprio A big screen film!
              Uniting Church: no service at Brinkworth UC                     Sat 1st Jan 8.00pm Tomorrow When the War Began (M)
              Service at the Yacka UC at 9.00 am                              3.5 stars Australian-
                                                                              Fri 7th Jan 8.00pm Tomorrow When the War Began (M)
27 Mon        “No Strings” Coffee & Chat 10-11 am at the shop                 3.5 stars Australian-
28 Tues Hall Committee                                                        Sat 8th Jan 6.15 pm Despicable Me (PG) 4 stars
                                                                              Animated –Tickets $5
29 Thur RECYCLE BIN                                                           Sat 8th Jan 8.00pm Salt (MA15+) 4 stars Angelina Jolie
30 Fri        Black & White Rag deadline. New Year’s Eve celebration at
                                                                              Our programme can be subject to change, so if coming
              Junction Hotel
                                                                              some distance, please confirm film & time.
31 Sat        Lutheran Church 7.30 pm                                         Don't forget, if you would like a review of each week's film, I
                                                                              send out weekly emails. Email me at
                                           JANUARY                            au & I'll add your address
1     Sun     HAPPY NEW YEAR! ! Lutheran Church 8.45 am

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