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2009 May-Aug


									                              Deaf Catholic News
                                                                     May - August 2009                Volume 10 No 2

  Welcome to your NEW Ephpheta Centre!
We have moved in and are starting to get
settled! Many people who have experienced
moving will know it can be a very stressful
experience; we are glad that the hardest part of
our move is over! We have set up the office and
the centre is starting to look very welcoming.

                                                                        Exhausted Nic, having a sit down break!

                                                             your new centre! Make sure you check our new
                                                             address and numbers on the back of this
                                                             newsletter, our emails and website address will
                                                             stay the same.
         Rosemary, what are you doing? Get back to work!

Over the next few weeks we will make more
improvements to the centre, we are very
grateful to have two very hard working handy
men doing a lot of work for us, David Nock and
Barry McPherson are busy building shelves and
fixing doors all around the centre.

                                                                         Did we remember to pack Danni too?

                                                             We will have our first mass in our little chapel on
                                                             the 7th of June at 10am (see the Mass page for
                                                             details) we plan to have Mass on the first
                                                             Sunday of the month at our new centre for the
                                                             rest of the year, then we will
                                                             hold a meeting with everyone
       So many boxes, did we really have that much stuff??   to discuss how it is working.
                                                             So we ask for everyone to be
The centre is now open, and anyone is                        patient as we trial this new
welcome to visit, please drop in or contact us               idea.
and make an appointment, but we are very
happy to see everyone and hope you will like
                                                DIRECTOR’S DIARY
                                     afternoon tea afterwards in the    Ephpheta Sunday this year will
                                     grounds of the Centre. Please      be held at St Mary’s cathedral on
                                     keep this date free and see        Sunday August 2nd. We are in
                                     details in this newsletter.        our 30th year of celebration and
                                                                        what a fitting way to celebrate
                                     The Easter vigil at Del Monte      Mass with Cardinal Pell by going
                                     Strathfield was a wonderful        back in tradition where the
                                     experience for those concerned Catholic Deaf community
It seems like that our newsletter    especially Craig Maynard who       celebrated annually at the
is long overdue and I know that      was received into the Catholic     Cathedral. I hope you will all be
you all have been waiting for        faith. The community especially able to celebrate our 30th year of
this edition.                        the Lenten group supported         service to the community.
                                     Craig throughout his               Please see details in this
Firstly thank you to all who         preparations. On behalf of         newsletter.
volunteered as working bees at       Ephpheta Centre and the
the Healing House in Picton. It      community I wish Craig all the     Before I conclude this report, I
was greatly appreciated and you      best on his journey as a           would like to thank everyone for
made me feel inspired. Please        Catholic.                          your kind thoughts and
see more notes and photos                                               condolences on the recent death
throughout the newsletter.           We welcome John Paul, the          of my mother Patricia Lawlor.
                                     Parramatta seminarian who will Mum was a wonderful mother to
After a couple weeks of              volunteer his time with the        my family and also of my brother
organising the move from             community every Friday and         and sister’s family. She had
Flemington we are now at             Sunday. We are grateful for his been through a lot of illness and
Punchbowl and things are             interest to learn our culture as   would always soldier on
starting to look up. We are in the   part of his studies and we hope regardless of her health. Her
settling down period and it          that he will learn a lot more      strength is admirable and she
shouldn’t be too long before we      about us. Please make him feel always strived to adapt to life.
are well established. There were     welcome and “invite” him to your God gave Mum a specific
times when we had to cancel or       house because it’s the only way purpose and that was to be a
defer our plans to serve the         he could learn to mix with our     mother to all of us. She did not
community over the weeks but         culture.                           let Him down. I thank you God
your acceptance, commitment                                             for my Mum and also to all the
and support have made our            The Ephpheta Centre has given mothers in this world. They are
work that much easier. I thank       Deaf awareness training to the an unique breed.
you for your patience. I am          seminarians in the Sydney
grateful for the staff members       Diocese at Homebush and hope God bless you,
                                     that someone like John Paul
who no doubt have been
stressed at the best of times as     may be interested to do this as
they strive to serve the             part of their training in the near
community. Change is always          future.
difficult but at the same time we
                                  The Ephpheta Centre team will
face some exciting challenges
                                  go on a retreat on 17th, 18th &
and we can always trust in God
                                  19th June. Once again we will be
that He will lead us through
                                  closed during that period. It is
troubled waters.
                                  the most important part of our
While the Centre is open to       rebuilding team works in
serve the community, the official spiritual faith and guidance. The
launch and blessing by Cardinal team will no doubt benefit from
George Pell will be held on       the renourishment as we
Saturday 25th July. You are       continue with our work
invited to attend Mass and enjoy throughout the community.                         Mum and me.

                                                   Page 2
Cardinal Pell is coming to welcome us to our new home!!
The most exciting news is that Cardinal Pell will be coming to officially bless our new building on
Saturday 25th of July – see below – The Cardinal will say Mass for us and share some time with our
community over afternoon tea, this is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to spend some time with
the Cardinal and with each other and celebrate our new building. We hope that everyone will come
along to this event, your invitation is included on a separate sheet in this newsletter.

 You are Invited…
 To the blessing of the NEW Ephpheta Centre building.
 His Eminence George Cardinal Pell will celebrate Mass and bless the new
 building for the Ephpheta Centre followed by a tour of the new building and
 light afternoon tea.
 Date: Sat 25th of July 2009
 Time: Mass starts at 2.30 pm sharp!
            (followed by tours of the building and afternoon tea)
 RSVP: Please fax your invitation sheet or email Nicole before 17th July

                                                              Community Retreat-CHANGED
Save the Dates                                                DATE 12th –13th September
                                                            Thank you for the feedback you gave us
Don’t forget to keep checking your                          about the Retreat dates. We have found
mini-calendar for new events & write                        another date & hope having it in
any changes on there. In addition to                         September will suit those who want to go.
the many things that are usually on our
calendar please look out for some new events!               Many people will remember the retreats
                                                     from years ago when we would all go away for
Some very important things to book in to your        the weekend and spend some time together. In
diary now so you don’t miss out!                     exchange for our working bee, the Aboriginal
                                                     Ministry will let us use their centre. Places are
                                                     limited so if you would like to go, please email
     Ephpheta Sunday Mass -                          Nicole & she will send you more information very
        2nd August 2009
Did you know that it is Ephpheta Centre’s 30th         Community Presentation - Counselling
Birthday? We are going to celebrate like we did in
the old days!                                                   5th July 2009
This year for Ephpheta Sunday, Mass will be held Robert Nock, the Counsellor who works with
at St Mary’s Cathedral with Cardinal Pell. We will Deaf People will give a presentation on
be joining the (hearing) parish and seats will be  Counselling including:
reserved for the Deaf Community at the front.           •    Why is counselling important
After Mass we will go to St Mary’s Cathedral Hall       •    What can you have counselling about
for lunch and celebrations. At 2pm we will return       •    How to organise an appointment
to the cathedral for a guided tour.                  When: 5th July 2009 1pm
So that we can cater for everyone please fax or                 (after Punchbowl Mass)
email Nicole to let us know you are coming.          Where: at Ephpheta Centre
Please see the flyer in this newsletter for more     RSVP: to Danni before 26th June (Please see
information or contact Nicole.                       page 4 for more information about Robert.)

                                                   Page 3
   Auslan Counsellor for the Deaf
       •   Robert Nock from Deaf Counselling Services provides bulk bill counselling
           for Deaf clients and their families in both English and Auslan.
       •   He provides counselling on a range of issues such as depression, relationship issues,
           issues in the workplace etc.
       •   The service is covered by Medicare, so you won’t need to pay anything.
       •   What you need to do to get free counselling?
               – Get a referral from a GP to see Robert Nock (Mental
                  Health Social Worker)
               – Contact Robert to make an appointment.
       •   Contact:
               – Ph/sms: 0414454055
               – Email:
       •   Please contact Robert if you have any questions or would like
           to arrange an appointment.

Heartfelt thanks from Archbishop of Melbourne
We received a letter from the Archbishop of Melbourne for the community donation of $266.45 for
the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal. The letter said:
Catholic Archbishop’s Charitable Fund—Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009
My heartfelt thanks for your most generous gift to the Bush Fire Appeal. Generosity has its roots in
our Christian faith and your generosity in this instance will facilitate the rebuilding of the affected
communities. Recovery from the devastation caused by the bush fires is a long term project and
your support will assist in the recovery of those who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods.
Thank you again for your kind support.
Yours sincerely in Christ,
† Denis J. Hart
Archbishop of Melbourne                          _|ààÄx f|áàxÜá yÜÉÅ à{x zÉÄwxÇ wtçáAAA
Books on sale!
75th Anniversary Commemorative Book
1922 – 1997. Printed in 2000. Now only $5.

Australian Catholic Deaf Community. Printed
in 1999. Now only $4.

Still plenty left of copies of both books.      Extra information about this photo—thanks to Margaret Crehan
If you want to buy these books please           & Margaret Brooke (nee Fitzpatrick) This was the 3rd Debut in
contact Brian Johnston by fax on (02) 4729      1962 & the little girls in front are Frances Fitzpatrick & Veronica
2446 or email on         Crehan, sisters of the two Margarets.
                                                  Page 4
                                                       Mother’s Club for the
                                                       On the fourth Tuesday of each month :-
When: Third Friday of every month, 10am-12pm            23 June         We meet at Holy Family
                                                        28 July         Children’s Centre, 116 Quakers
Where: The Domain Rooms,                                25 August       Road, Marayong at 10am to
         1 Oakes Street, Westmead                                       2pm. All mums and ladies are
                                                        22 September
Plenty of street parking OR easy 10 min walk                            welcome to come. Morning tea
                                                        27 October
         from Westmead train station                                    is provided but please bring
                                                        24 November     your own lunch and mug.
Every Month Bring: Snacks for your kids (if            More information, contact Carolyn Hanley on TTY
desired) & Mug for your coffee (Plunger!)              9837 7094 before 9.00 pm.

For more info contact:
Danni Wright -                    Catholic Deaf Community –
TTY: 9708 6904      Mobile: 0410 567 621 (sms)
                                                           Parramatta Diocese:
22nd May - Teddy Bear’s Picnic                         The Special General Meeting will be held at
The importance for play time –using our                Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, 7 Grantham
imagination & Prepare picnic                           Road, Seven Hills on Sunday, 16th August
Bring: Your favourite teddy bear or doll               2009 at 12.30pm (after Deaf Mass and lunch).
                                                       It is proposed that the Catholic Deaf
                                                       Community – Parramatta Diocese is to be
19th June - Outdoor Fun & Games                        merged (joined) with Catholic Deaf
Gross Motor skills including balance etc.              Association – Sydney/Broken Bay Dioceses
Obstacle course with tunnel & parachute & more.        into one Catholic Deaf organisation so we can
                                                       work together better. We will discuss and vote
17th July - Healthy Eating                             on the merge at the Special Meeting. Only
SCHOOL HOLIDAYS                                        Parramatta members can vote at the Special
Kids “cooking” & Tips on kids eating, fussy            Meeting.
eaters, healthy recipes, easy snacks.                  Also please put in your diary for our future
Bring: Any special foods for your child (e.g. wheat    events:
or dairy free for allergies)
                                                       Sunday, 20th September 2009 -
                                                       Mass and Picnic Day at Lake Parramatta.
21st August - Father’s Day
Why do we celebrate Father’s Day? Make a               Sunday, 29th November 2009 –
Father’s Day gift for Dad.                             Our 20th Anniversary Mass and luncheon at
                                                       Seven Hills.
18th September - Busy Fingers
Fine Motor skills including Finger painting, Shaving
cream painting, threading (necklaces) & crafts.

16th October - Fun & Games
Outdoor games for different ages, including “Catch
a Bubble” from the Bubble machine.

                                                 Page 5
   Getting Down and Dirty at
                                                                       The Ephpheta Centre helped the Healing House tidy up &
                                                                       clean the place on a working bee on 21st & 22nd March as
                                                                       part of Lent.

   Robert: “Nothing like a bit of gardening in the sun, eh mate?”

We had a stirring experience with our community and
Lenten groups in preparation for Easter by beginning
with the working bee at the beautiful retreat centre of
Healing House.

We are blessed to have a wonderful group of volunteers                                                           The Gunyah
who spend the whole weekend clearing the area and                                    Belle & Brydie Clark: “Ooh what a great play house this would make!”
numerous handyman jobs to support the Aboriginal

Like the Aboriginal
Community, we are a
cultural group and on the
weekend we discovered we
had many similar views and

Many of us know that actions
speak louder than words, as
does enthusiasm and
commitment. As you see on
these pages, those pictures
speak for themselves.                                          Craig: “Is the line straight?”

                                                                            We set up a new vegetable
                                                                            patch complete with a
                                                                            watering system. The work
                                                                            we did included gardening,
                                                                            painting, cleaning out
                                                                            cobwebs and much more.

                                                                                                                        Careful you don’t fall off, Margaret!

                                                                                                                       Other volunteers also
                                                                                                                       made lunches. We were
                                                                                                                       pleased to have
                                                                                                                       achieved many of the
                                                                                                                       things that needed to be
                   Who’s going to the rubbish tip??

                                                                                     Is the Boss having a bath?!?!

                                                                          Page 6
the Healing House, Picton...
Stephen says, “Admittedly I had doubts whether we would achieve the
necessary tasks before the weekend but I am proud to say everyone
proved me wrong. I was staggered when many of the volunteers asked
me when they could do it again. Oh my aching back!”

                              We will have our Community Retreat here
                               on 12th –13th September 2009. Please
                                  see page 3 for information if you want
                                      to come.

                                                                                                     Nola’s sweeping the magic dust away...

      What a woman!              Fixing the BBQ...

The Healing House is a beautiful place for
relaxation, meditation, reiki massage, spirituality,
and arts and crafts. It is a place for people to come
together to share, create and be supported.

The property is located on the Razorback Ranges                                      Lugging away the chopped off branches...
and is surrounded
by gorgeous bush
setting, trees and
water, rolling hills,
bird life and there is
there a great feeling
of Aboriginal

The tranquillity of
the house and
gardens allows
oneself to get in
touch with "Mother
Nature". It has a
large two-storey
homestead and a
cottage as well as
sheds, and 7 acres
of beautiful grounds.
                                                          Mission successful!! The happy but dirty group.

                                                        Back: Anthony, Andre, Robert, Craig, Nola, Sarah
                                  Middle: Pauline, Peter, Brett, Lynette, Laurie, Steve R, Nerida, Steve H, Jenny, Dennis, Barbara
                                               Front: Margaret H, Eva, Brenda, Margaret J, Brian, Mary, Stephen

Check out the Healing House’s website:
                                                              Page 7
Out and About in the Deaf Community
    Happy 94th Birthday Sr. Ann!!                                    Up, Up and Away…
Mary and I caught the train to Cardiff RSL club on                   Margaret Johnston enjoyed the ride of her lifetime
7th May for Sr. Anne’s 94th birthday. And we met                     when she accompanied her Brisbane friend,
other deaf ex Waratah girls. 16 of us had lunch with                 Christine Walker, on a hot
her so it was an excellent day. Sr. Anne enjoyed                     air balloon trip on Christine’s
herself and talked a lot. Mary and I tried to                        50th birthday on Monday, 9
understand her because she used one hand, and                        February 2009. We took off
Murreall helped us with what she said. She looked                    from the Gold Coast
very happy with us all being with her. We all,                       Hinterland area and what a
together, gave her a bunch of flowers. And Sr.                       beautiful clear morning it
                                                                     was – lovely views over the
Diane gave a speech about Sr. Anne from a long
                                                                     countryside. Brian and
time ago. We were very surprised about her life.
                                                  By Nola Lawlor.    Christine’s husband, Simon,
                                                                     followed us in a bus and it
                                                                     was fun to watch them play
                                                                     “cat and mouse” chasing us.

                                                                       Engagement Congratulations!
                                                                                             Congratulations to Cecilia
                                                                                             Johnston and Andrew
                                                                                             Pickering who announced
                                                                                             their engagement on 4
                                                                                             February 2009. A party was
                                                                                             held at their new home on
                                                                                             Friday, 1 May 2009 to
                                                                                             celebrate their
      Back: Mary, Jim, Nola, Beryl, Bernice & Michael.                                       engagement. They plan to
       Front: Janice, Murreall, Sr. Ann, Ruth & Frank.                                       marry in September 2010.

                                                                    Rest in Peace - PATRICK BURGMANN
                                                                    Patrick passed away on 25th February 2009 aged 64
              Recent Births!!                                       years. He was a Waverley PS and St Gabriel’s boy. Pat
                                                                    had a passion in public transport - buses, trams, and
                                                                    trains. He knew so much about trains; he could tell
3rd Grandchild                                                      you the make, manufacturer, specifications and
                                                                    timetable for almost every train in Australia as well as
 for Stephen and
                                                                    many in other countries. Patrick could be a rich man if
   Nola Lawlor                                                      they held a ‘’Want to be a Millionaire – Train Edition”!
Eva Katherine Lawlor,                                               Pat was often seen riding the trains all over Sydney;
born on 16th February                                               and was there when a Historic Train was in town.
2009, 6lb 13oz & 50cm                                               Patrick’s extensive collections of Railway memorabilia
long. 1st child for Jeremy
                                                                    & photos have been donated to
& Victoria, 3rd grandchild
for Stephen & Nola,                                                 The Railway Museum at
cousin to Jacinda & Ethan.     Adorable Eva getting kisses from     Thirlmere. His tram & bus
                                      Mummy & Daddy.
                                                                    memorabilia will also be donated
                                                                    to their respective museums. To
Grandson for Jan Strachan
                                                                    anyone who knew him Pat was a
Max Timothy Montgomery born                                         carefree, unambiguous, slightly
on 25th February 2009.                                              quirky, loveable guy who will be

                                                                  Page 8
Welcome to the Family Craig!
After months of preparation and through the support of Steve Ripley, Craig Maynard
became a member of our Catholic family at our Easter Vigil Mass celebration in
Santa Del Monte, Strathfield.
It was a lovely mass by Fr Paul McGee and                                                                     Craig’s a Catholic!
John Paul did the altar service.

                                        Danni created a
                                        beautiful Easter
                                        display on the altar,
                                        with holy water,
                                        candles and twigs of

                                        We had our
                                        wonderful signing
                                        choir for the hymns
                                        and members of our
                                        Deaf community did
                                        the readings as
    The golden Easter Display                                                                  May your heart always be filled with the Holy Spirit.
                            We each had a                                 A big
candle that we lit from the Pascal candle to                              warm thanks to all those who have supported
symbolise the light of Holy Spirit that came to                           Craig on his journey to becoming a Catholic.
the Apostles at Pentecost.                                                Congratulations Craig, we joyfully welcome you

                                         Our large and supportive Deaf Community. (Can you see yourself?)

                                                                          into our Deaf Catholic Family!
                                          We all renewed
                                          our Baptismal
                                          promises; Craig
                                          made his First
                                          Holy Communion
                                          and chose Saint
                                          Francis of Assisi
                                          for his

   Eva & Grant getting their light...

                                                                                          Our very talented Signing Choir: Mary, Jenny, Steve & Nerida
                                                                     Page 9
                              Welcome John Paul!
My name is John Paul Escarlan. I was born on 7th October 1983 in Cebu,
Philippines. My father, Paul was a town councillor for nine years and my
mother, Paloma was a teacher. I have one brother and two sisters and I’m
the 3rd child. My older sister and brother are both married and my younger
sister is getting married in June, I’m going home to the Philippines for her
I love to play basketball and tennis and I enjoy watching movies and
Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.
Some questions we asked John Paul:
Were you a good student at school?
I can honestly say that I was not really a good student at school. If I could go
back in time to when I was still at school, I would definitely do my school
years again. But since we can’t, we can only remember those years.
However, my school years, while not so good, make me who I am today.
Did you ever get into trouble in school?
Yes, of course, I got into trouble at school many times. I was a little bit naughty as a young boy. When I was
in high school, there was a school function in the evening and the school principal asked someone to call my
father around 9pm because I was caught drinking alcohol with my barkadas (friends). As a town councillor or
public figure, that made my father very embarrassed. The next day, my father sent a copy of the law, about
the right age people are allowed to drink, to my class. There are more times when I got into trouble but that
will take many pages to write!
Are you a good student now (at the Seminary)?
Now, I am. However, I entered the seminary when I was 16 years old. Because I was not so good in high
school, I could not be a good student immediately. But, after almost 9 wonderful years in the seminary (6
years in the Philippines and almost 3 years in Australia), I have changed a lot since the first day when I set
foot into the seminary in Philippines. I believe that I’m getting better but I’m not yet perfect. I’m trying my very
best to be very good, every day.
                                       What is life like at the seminary?
                                       Life in the seminary is a challenging one. During my first year in the seminary, I
                                       thought that I could escape from my father’s strict house rules. However, the
                                       seminary’s rules and regulations seem to be more strict than my father’s!
                                       Sometimes the Seminary can be very challenging but all of these difficult things
                                       help us become good people.
                                       Do you like Australia?
                                       Australia is one of the most beautiful countries that someone could imagine
                                       living in. Indeed, I really like being in Australia (maybe not during winter though -
                                       it’s freezing!).
                                       How has it been working in the Deaf community?
                                       It is such a wonderful experience for me to work in the Deaf community. So far, I
                                       have learnt many things that may not be learnt from hearing people. Deaf
                                       people have taught me two important things: understanding and patience. As I’m
                                       still learning to sign, it is difficult for me to communicate with deaf people, but
                                       they are very understanding and patient for me. In fact, they already taught me
                                       some signs but I’m still struggling with communication. The most important thing
    All dressed up for Easter Vigil.
                                       is that I’m learning and I will never stop learning.
                              Please pray for John Paul during his time at the Seminary.

     BYE BYE FLEMINGTON There will be no more Mass at Flemington.
  First Sunday of the month Mass is at Punchbowl until November 2009. Starts
              on 7th June at 10am (not 10.30am). See you there!
                                                                Page 10
Mass Times
7th      Sunday               10.00am
         PUNCHBOWL                                                Church Addresses
14th     Sunday        9.30am                                     Ephpheta Chapel
                                                                  4 Turner St
21st     Sunday               11.00am                             Punchbowl
         SEVEN HILLS

27th     Saturday             6.00pm
                                                                  Our Lady of the Rosary
JULY                                                              92 Glennie St
5th      Sunday               10.00am
                                                                  North Gosford
         PUNCHBOWL                                                Integrated Mass

12th     Sunday        9.30am

19th     Sunday               11.00am                             Our Lady of Lourdes
         SEVEN HILLS                                              Grantham St
                                                                  Seven Hills
25th     Saturday              2.30pm
       Blessing & Mass with the Cardinal
                                                                  St. Lukes
AUGUST                                                            Beaconsfield St
2nd      Sunday               10.30am                             Revesby
         St Mary’s Cathedral CITY                                 Saturday
9th      Sunday        9.30am                                     Integrated Vigil Mass

16th     Sunday               11.00am      We pray…
         SEVEN HILLS                       For those who have died
                                           25/2/09 Patrick Burgmann
                                           9/2/09 Daphne Parker (David Parker’s grandmother)
22nd     Saturday             6.00pm       5/3/09 Lesley Thornton (wife of John who died last Dec)
         REVESBY                           17/4/09 Betty Falconer (nee Phillips) aged 84 years (Anne
                                           Falconer’s mother)
                                           7/5/09 Joan Wright (Danni’s grandmother)
SEPTEMBER                                  19/5/09 Patricia Lawlor (Stephen’s mother)
6th      Sunday               10.00am
         PUNCHBOWL                         For those who are sick
                                           Ritsa Koutlakis
                                           Walter Johnston
13th     Sunday        9.30am              Molly Johnston
                                            P a g e 11
4 Turner St,
Phone: (02) 9708 1396
TTY: (02) 9708 6904
Fax: (02) 9709 5638

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                            Danni -
                            Nicole -
                            Peter -
                            Rosemary -
                            Stephen -

               Please send your news, stories,
             information and requests to Danni
                to be considered for the next

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                                                        Have you seen our website recently?
                                                  Our website is now being updated weekly so it is
                                                    always full of current information—we hope
                                                       everyone will get used to checking it!
                                                    If you have any ideas for our website please
                                                                   contact Danni.

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