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ADULT ART                                                 PAINTING                                                     OPEN PAINTING AND DRAWING STUDIO
                                                                                                                       This time is open to any Gallery Member who would like
                                                          FIGURE DRAWING AND PAINTING FOR THE BEGINNER                 to work independently (no instructor) in the Painting
CLASSES                                                   WITH NEIL STOUFFER

                                                          A class for beginners, you will focus on drawing and

                                                                                                                       Fri: 1pm – 4pm, Jan 21 – Mar 25 (10 wks)
DRAWING                                                   painting the figure using clothed and nude models.
                                                          Topics include proportion, balance, gesture drawing
                                                                                                                       No cost - Must be a Member of the Art Gallery
INTRODUCTION TO DRAWING                                   and shading.
Explore a variety of drawing techniques such as line,
positive and negative space, perspective, light and
                                                          Mon: 7pm – 10pm, Feb 21 - Mar 28 (6wks)                      TILE MURALS
shadow as well as proportion. Build your confidence        Members: $140, Non-Members: $165                             WITH KEVIN CONLIN
in drawing while developing your own creativity and       Model fees included in cost.                                 Explore the exciting process of tile making for architec-
interest in this fine art.                                                                                              tural purposes and decorative wall applications! Learn
                                                          DRAWING AND WATERCOLOUR                                      various methods for creating di erent types of tiles;
Tues: 7pm – 10pm, Jan 18 – Feb 15 (5 wks)                 WITH BECKY CHINN                                             press moulded relief, slab and interlocking techniques,
Members: $70, Non-Members: $95                            Build confidence in your drawing, sketching, and              as well as installation methods. Discover new glazes
                                                          painting skills while developing your creativity. Learn      and surface treatments as you create several tile
THE NEXT STEP IN DRAWING                                  basic drawing and watercolour techniques along with          projects.
Continue to develop your skills with line, shading,       sketching, paint application, pen and ink techniques,        Prerequisite: Introduction to Clay.
value and tone. Learn more about composition,             proportion, and light and shadow.
proportion and texture. Develop and practice your                                                                      Mon: 1-4pm - Jan 17 – Mar 28 (10 wks)
drawing skills through gesture drawings and figure         Tues 7pm – 10pm – Feb 1 – Mar 22 (8 weeks)                   Members: $150, Non-Members: $175
drawing. Students will be given guidance to develop       Members: $120, Non-Members: $145                             *No class Mon Feb 14 Louis Riel Day
their drawings and take them to the next level.
                                                          INTRODUCTION TO PAINTING                                     ADVANCED FORMS ON THE WHEEL
Tues: 7pm – 10pm, Feb 22 – Mar 22 (5wks)                  WITH WEIMING ZHAO                                            WITH ALAN LACOVETSKY
Members: $70, Non-Members: $95                            In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of           The advanced student will concentrate on control and
                                                          painting in either oil or acrylic mediums. Colour theory     technique; development of larger forms; and particu-
EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY                               and various painting techniques, as well as elements         larly on using advanced throwing techniques to create
WITH CHRIS REID                                           of composition are covered in this course using still life   multiple piece forms. This class is a must for those
In this course, students will examine the work of well-   and images of your own interest. Check out Weiming’s         individuals looking to refine skills with the guidance
known artists to discover how they have used the basic    works at:                            and assistance of an instructor.
elements of art such as form and color along with em-
phasis and harmony to tell a story. Using materials of    Wed: 7pm – 10pm, Jan 19 – Mar 23 (10 wks)                    Mon: 7pm – 10pm, Jan 17 – Mar 28 (10 wks)
their choice students will experiment with line, shape,   Members: $135, Non-Members: $160                             Members: $150, Non-Members: $175
texture and proportion to create narrative works based                                                                 *No class Mon Feb 14 Louis Riel Day
on their own stories and experiences. They will learn     CREATIVE WATERCOLOUR
how to represent sequences of events, time and mood       WITH GERRY OLIVER                                            THROWING
through tone, contrast and pictorial space. Students      If you have tried watercolour painting and want to do        WITH JEFF BETTLE
may use any drawing and/or painting materials of their    more then this is the class for you. Learn to experiment     Develop and refine the skills you learned in Throwing 1
choice in color and black and white.                      with this spontaneous and transparent medium. Gerry          and 2, and concentrate on control and technique. You
                                                          will provide you with hands on demonstrations and            will learn how to make larger more complex forms such
Thurs: 7pm – 10pm, Jan 20 – Mar 24 (10 wks)               guidance as you develop techniques, colour mixing,           as pitchers, co ee pots or teapots and how to make
Members: $135, Non-Members: $160                          and paint applications. Develop your confidence and           spouts, lids and lips.
                                                          skills with watercolour.
OPEN DRAWING STUDIO: DRAWING THE FIGURE                                                                                Tues: 1pm – 4pm, Jan 18 – Mar 22 (10 wks)
Study and draw the figure in a studio setting while        Thurs: 7pm – 10pm, Jan 20 – Mar 24 (10 wks)                  Members: $150, Non-Members: $175
working independently! Participants will each pay         Members: $135, Non-Members: $160
a small fee to cover the cost of the model for the                                                                     INTRODUCTION TO WORKING ON THE
evening.                                                  INTRODUCTION TO WATERCOLOUR                                  POTTER’S WHEEL
                                                          WITH GERRY OLIVER                                            WITH JEFF BETTLE
Mon: 7pm – 9:30pm – Jan 17 – Mar 28 (10 weeks)            This short course is perfect for those that have little      Have you always wanted to learn to create on the
*No class Mon Feb 14 Louis Riel Day                       or no experience with the watercolour medium. Gerry          potter’s wheel? Learn step by step how to wedge clay,
Must be a member of the Art Gallery                       will provide you with a variety of techniques, hands         centre, raise a cylinder, make bowls, turn/tool a simple
                                                          on demonstrations on application and colour mixing,          foot, glaze and decorate your work. Students will also
MIXED MEDIA                                               which will help you to create watercolour paintings
                                                          with confidence.
                                                                                                                       learn about basic kiln operations.
WITH ELAINE ROUNDS                                                                                                     Tues: 7pm – 10pm, Jan 18 – Mar 22 (10 wks)
Take ready-made books to a higher level of meaning.       Thurs: 1pm-4pm – Jan 20- Feb17 (5 wks)                       Members: $150, Non-Members: $175
Using books found in second-hand bookstores, library      Members: $70, Non-Members: $95
book sales and yard sales, transform them into works                                                                   OPEN CLAY STUDIO
of art or sculpture! A variety of multi-media tech-       THE NEXT STEP IN WATERCOLOUR                                 Open to experienced ceramics students with previous
niques and book structures will be explored to produce    WITH GERRY OLIVER                                            clay experience, this 10-week session is an independent
accordions, niches, boxes and journals with hard and      If you have tried watercolour painting and want to do        studio class where you continue to develop your skills,
soft covers. Open to all levels of experience.            more, Gerry will help you to develop and apply your          knowledge and proficiency in ceramics. Work at your
                                                          watercolour painting skills over the next 5 weeks.           own speed on projects of your choice with consultation
Thurs: 7pm – 10pm, Feb 3 – Mar 10 (6wks)                  Build confidence with watercolour techniques, colour          available from an instructor when needed.
Members: $100, Non-Members: $125                          mixing, paint applications, and composition.
                                                                                                                       Wed: 1pm – 4pm, Jan 19 – Mar 23 (10wks)
                                                          Thurs: 1pm-4pm – Feb 24 – March 24 (5 wks)                   Members: $150, Non-Members: $175
                                                          Members: $70, Non-Members: $95

WITH ELEANOR BEEVER                                                                                                 MAKE A PRINT IN A DAY MATERIALS INCLUDED!
An excellent class for beginners, you will gain an                                                                  INTRODUCTION TO PRINTMAKING
overview of what ceramics is about and be introduced                                                                WITH STEVE CASSIDY
to the fundamentals of hand building with a short
introduction to throwing on the potter’s wheel.
                                                            WEEKEND                                                 No experience is necessary! This workshop will look
                                                                                                                    at what makes up a "print", how artist's prints are

Thurs: 1pm – 4pm, Feb 17 – Mar 24 (6 wks)
Members: $100, Non-Members: $125
                                                            WORKSHOPS                                               made in comparison to photo-reproductions (what
                                                                                                                    we commonly see sold as prints). Steve will explain
                                                                                                                    the various art forms that are considered prints
                                                            COLOUR THEORY BASICS PAINTING                           (relief prints, intaglio, lithograph, etc.) and then he
THROWING                                                    WITH CHRIS REID                                         will show you the techniques to make your very own
WITH ELEANOR BEEVER                                         During this workshop Chris will show a variety of ex-   simple prints using textured materials and printing
Students experienced with clay basics and throwing          amples and explain how a basic knowledge of color       ink and possibly ink on a metal plate.
on the potter’s wheel will focus on form as you learn to    theory can strengthen compositions, add depth and
create bowls, plates, mugs and vases. You will experi-      create moods. Students will have the opportunity        Sat: Feb 19 – 10:30am – 4:30pm
ment more with glazing and build your knowledge of          to work in their choice of media – watercolour, oil     Members: $50.00, Non-Members: $75.00
proper kiln procedures for loading and firing electric       paints, acrylic paints.
kilns.                                                                                                              RELIEF PRINTING MATERIALS INCLUDED!
                                                            Sat: Mar 12 - 10:30am – 3:30pm                          WITH STEVE CASSIDY
Thurs: 7pm – 10pm, Jan 20 – Mar 24 (10 wks)                 Members: $45, Non-Members: $60                          This workshop will provide an opportunity to make
Members: $150, Non-Members: $175                                                                                    relief prints from a soft piece of linoleum or wood
                                                            INDOOR SKETCH CRAWL PENCILS, PEN AND INK,               (linocuts or woodcuts) at the wishes of the partici-

PHOTOGRAPHY                                                 CHARCOAL, WATERCOLOUR
                                                            WITH BECKY CHINN
                                                                                                                    pant. The process of using the printing press will
                                                                                                                    be discussed and the practice of producing prints
INTRODUCTION TO BLACK AND WHITE DARKROOM                    Have you always wanted to learn to draw the             without a press. This is a technique that allows you
PHOTOGRAPHY                                                 world around you but were shy to try it? Plein air      to produce prints at home.
WITH BOB WALBERG                                            (outdoor) drawing can be a little bit tricky during
Learn the basics of black and white photography and         Manitoba winters but we have a new solution for         Steve will show you how to create an image by using
darkroom techniques! Discover the camera, key ele-          you! Come on out this winter and work alongside an      basic tools (provided by the Art Gallery) to cut into
ments of shooting, processing, and printing in black        artist who regularly sketches in public. Becky will     a soft piece of linoleum to create a print/multiple.
and white. Find out the secrets of good composition         provide a basic drawing lesson in the studio to begin   Steve will teach you to use inks, rollers, and the
and image selection. Express yourself through indi-         with and then as a group you will travel to a variety   printing press as you are introduced to the basics
vidual projects. You will need your own 35mm camera.        of indoor locations in Brandon to sketch in this fun    of printmaking. If you’d like to try something new,
                                                            new winter workshop. Becky will help you develop        then this is the workshop for you.
Mon: 7pm – 10pm, Jan 17 – Mar 28 (10 wks)                   your skills drawing people, architecture, or even the
* No Class Feb 14 (Louis Riel Day)                          steaming cup of co ee in front of you! As a group       Sat: Mar 19 – 10:30am – 4:30pm
Members: $195, Non-Members: $220                            you’ll stop for lunch along the way, learn some new     Members: $60.00, Non-Members: $85.00
(Includes materials for class)                              drawing techniques, and bring beauty and creativity     If taken with Intro to Printmaking - Members $ 50, Non-
                                                            to your drawings.                                       Members: $75
WITH ROB LOVATT                                             Sat: Feb 26 – 10:30am – 3:30pm
Explore the creative potential of digital photography!      Members: $45, Non-Members: $60
Through group discussions, photographic excursions,
independent projects, and critiques of your images you
will gain a better understanding of how to use your

                                                            COME AND JOIN
digital camera.

Prerequisite: Digital camera and a working knowledge
of computers.
Thurs: 7pm – 10pm, Feb 17 – Mar 17 (5 wks)

                                                            THE FUN
Members: $135, Non-Members: $160

Explore advanced techniques in digital photography
with particular emphasis on the relationship between
traditional photography and new technologies. Discus-
sions and critiques will guide each class, but the course
will be project-oriented.

Prerequisite: D1 – Introduction to Digital Photography

                                                            THIS WINTER!
Wed: 7pm – 10pm, Feb 16 – Mar 16 (5 wks)
Members: $135, Non-Members: $160

                                                                                                                     MORE FUN
TEENS YEARS                                           TOYS, ART, US!                                       AFTER SCHOOL
AND UP                                                A TOY MAKING                                         SNACK AND ART:
EXPRESS YOURSELF                                      ART ADVENTURE                                        PAINTING,
 You will explore how to work with watercolours,
develop your drawing skills and experiment
                                                      What better way to spend a Saturday than to
                                                      make your very own unique toys and develop           DRAWING AND
with art in new and di erent ways. If you are
interested in developing your creative side in a
                                                      your sculpting, drawing and painting skills at the
                                                      same time!? The magical pieces of art that you
                                                                                                           INCLUDES A FREE INTERACTIVE TOUR
fun studio setting that encourages creativity,        get to take home are also toys that you can play     OF THE ART EXHIBITIONS!
discussion and personal expression, then this is      with!                                                After school, come to the Art Gallery for a light,
the class for you.                                                                                         nutritious snack on us. After you fuel up, pile into
                                                      Sat, Mar 5 – 10:30am – 3pm                           the studio where you will learn how to create all
Wed: 7pm – 9pm, Feb 9 – Mar 16 (6wks)                 Members: $25, Non-Members: $35                       sorts of artwork. From Wild Animal Drawings to
Members: $90, Non-Members: $110                                                                            learning how to use watercolour, your teacher
                                                                                                           will help you find your own unique style in this
CHILDREN’S                                            CLAY FOR KIDS                                        energetic and satisfying class!
                                                      Spend the day learning how to make your own
CLASSES     YRS                                       unique clay sculptures, bowls, mugs and plates       THURSDAYS 4pm – 5:30pm - Jan 20 – Feb 24 (6 wks)

SATURDAY ART                                          out of soft, squishy clay! Your teacher will show
                                                      you how to hand build with clay and help your
                                                                                                           WEDNESDAYS 4pm – 5:30pm – Feb 9 – Mar 16 (6wks)
DAYS FOR KIDS!                                        imagination come alive!                              Members: $50, Non-Members: $60
Bring your own lunch for our supervised lunch
hour and come spend the day at the Art Gallery        Sat, Jan 29 – 10:30am – 3pm
with our Children’s Art Instructors!                  Members: $25, Non-Members: $35
STAMP IT! PRINT!                                                                                           OF GRAFFITI ON
Learn how to make your very own stamps and                                                                 PAPER PAINTING
prints! Your teacher will introduce you to the
magical world of printmaking! You will learn to                                                            AND DRAWING
use inks, rollers, learn to use exciting new tools,
and watch the magic of the printing press. Bring
                                                                                                           WITH TJ VANSTONE
home your very own art prints. If you’d like to                                                            6-9 year olds
try something new, then this is the workshop                                                               10-13 year olds
for you.                                                                                                   This class is sure to provide an alternative way to
                                                                                                           thinking about gra ti! Gra ti can be a positive
10:30am – 3pm                                                                                              art form when used in a respectful, creative way.
Sat, Feb 26                                                                                                Each Saturday let your imagination run wild with
Members: $25, Non-Members: $35                                                                             paint, markers, pastels, charcoal and much more.
                                                                                                           Learn to make your own hand drawn letterforms
                                                                                                           and other graphics so you can be free with your
                                                                                                           art and express yourself. These non-traditional
                                                                                                           art lessons will help you develop your creative
                                                                                                           side while you learn how to draw, shade and work
                                                                                                           with colour.

                                                                                                           Sat: 1pm – 3pm, Feb 5 – Feb 26 (4 wks)
                                                                                                           Members: $60 Non-Members: $85
Drawing Painting Creative Watercolour
Ceramics Photography Digital Photography
Teens 11 Years and Up Children’s Classes
After School Snack and Art Saturday Art Days
For Kids! Clay and Printmaking for Kids
Weekend Workshops Mixed Media Gra ti On
Paper Toys, Art, Us! – A Toy-Making Art Adventure
REGISTRATION FORM                                                                 REGISTRATION INFORMATION
Please do not mail cash. Make cheques payable to the                              How to Register:
ART GALLERY OF SOUTHWESTERN MANITOBA                                              Phone:
                                                                                  Fax:          with completed registration form and payment information
Mail to: Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Rosser, Unit , Brandon, MB R A K
                                                                                  Mail: Completed registration form and payment to:
                                                                                  Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba Studio Programs
STUDENTS NAME                                                                         Rosser Ave, Unit 2 Brandon, MB R A K
ADDRESS                                                                           In Person: at the Art Gallery with cash, cheque, credit card or debit card

                                                                                  Class fees include a $10 non-refundable registration fee.
P (Day) (   )                        P (Evg) (     )                              • Full Payment is required at least one week before classes start to complete registration.
                                                                                  • Space is limited. Admission is on a first come, first served basis.
                                                                                  • If you wish to attend but are not able to because of your financial situation, inquire about
EMAIL                                                                               possible payment plans or financial assistance

[ ] ADULT [ ] SENIOR [ ] CHILD/TEEN (age if under 18)                             Withdrawals and Refunds
                                                                                  • Cancelation because of low enrolment will result in a full refund to registrants
PARENT’S NAME IF UNDER                                                            • Refunds for classes or workshops will only be issued if we receive notification of withdrawal 7
                                                                                    working days before the first day of the class or workshop. After that date a doctor’s certificate
                                                                                    is required. The registration fee of $10 is non-refundable.
[ ] AGSM MEMBER (expiry date)
                                                                                  • In the event of postponements due weather, instructor illness, etc, the instructor will arrange
[ ] NEW MEMBER (payment enclosed)                                                   make-up classes.
                                                                                  Supply lists available upon registration. Teens and Children’s Classes fees include art supplies. Art
PAYMENT [ ] Cheque [ ] VISA [ ] Mastercard                                        Classes are messy, dress appropriately.
Card#                                                         Exp   /
                                                                                  The AGSM reserves the right to photograph classes in progress and works being produced for
                                                                                  educational and promotional purposes.
                                                                                  Personal data will not be shared, traded, or sold to any third parties. The AGSM reserves the right to use
COURSES REQUESTED:                                                                this information for our own statistical, mailing, and membership purposes. You will be on the mailing list
a)                                                       Fee                      for art class brochures for one year after your last registration.
b)                                                       Fee
c)                                                       Fee                      All artwork left behind when classes end becomes the property of the AGSM. Work must be retrieved within
                                                                                  two weeks of the close of each session (winter, spring, summer, fall). We are not responsible for artwork
                                  % GST(kids classes exempt)                      after the deadline.
                                                 Membership fee

                                     TOTAL ENCLOSED                               For more information regarding education programs
Student / Senior Individual   Family
                                                                                  or school tours, contact the Art Gallery:
CLASS FEES INCLUDE A     NON REFUNDABLE ADMINISTRATION FEE                        P               F               E

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