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                                City of Tigard’s Official Newsletter

                                                                                                               October 2009 Edition

Mayor’s Corner
And the survey says...                          Voters to Decide at November 3 Election
     Every two years the City of Tigard         For several years Tigard residents have said that preserving parks
conducts a scientific survey of its residents    and open space is a priority, before the land is unavailable due to
to find out their views on the issues            development. Tigard City Council, after working with citizens to
that the city is facing or that we will be      update the Parks Master Plan, has placed a $20M bond measure on
facing in the near future, from land use to     the November 2009 ballot to fulfill that vision. Here’s what you can
transportation, how to deal with growth         expect to see on the ballot:
to what to do about water, and at least a
dozen others. This is just one of the ways
that the city tries to get valuable input       Measure No. 34–166
from its citizens about what they feel is       CITY OF TIGARD BOND ISSUE TO PRESERVE NATURAL AREAS, AND
important and where the city should focus       DEVELOP PARKS, TRAILS.
its energies.
      The formal survey takes a poll of
about 400 randomly selected households          Shall City Issue $20 Million General Obligation Bonds to Preserve Natural Areas, Develop
                                                Parks and Trails Beginning Fiscal Year 2010-2011?
within the city limits of Tigard. This
random selection ensures that the data          If the bonds are approved, they will be payable from taxes on property or property
                                                ownership that are not subject to the limits of Sections 11 and 11b, Article XI of the Oregon
received truly reflects the views of the
average Tigard resident, and not just of
those who self-select themselves to be          SUMMARY:
heard because of their interest or concern
for a special issue or because they have        If approved, this measure would authorize the City of Tigard to sell up to $20 million in
the time to be active in local affairs. BUT     bonds for costs of capital construction and improvements, including land acquisition and
for this to work it means that those who        restoration, which would:
receive the call must be willing to take           • Preserve natural areas,
part, thus preserving the randomness of            • Create and improve community parks, recreational areas and trails,
the action. So when the surveyor calls you         • Protect creeks and streams for improved local water quality, and
and identifies themselves as polling for            • Protect streams, fish and wildlife.
the City of Tigard, please make yourself
                                                The Parks and Recreation Board would provide oversight; proceeds would be audited in
available for the few minutes it takes to
                                                City’s yearly audit.
answer their questions. It just takes a
little time, and it makes a big difference      Bonds would mature in 21 years or less from issuance and may be issued in one or more
in our ability to accurately represent your     series. The estimated additional annual cost to property owners if all $20 million in bonds
interests and serve the common purpose.         are sold would be $0.32 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. For the owner of a home with
                                                the median assessed value of $200,893, the city estimates that the additional monthly cost
                                                would be about $5.41 per month, or $65 per year.

                      Craig E. Dirksen, Mayor

                                                                                                                     City of Tigard

Make Your Mark — Define Your City
                                                                                               COMING SOON:
      The following committees have             Tree Board
openings for new members—maybe                                                                 Tigard Bike Map
                                                     The Tree Board is responsible for
it’s you? Citizen Committee Interest                                                                 We’re fortunate
                                                developing and administering a community-
application forms are available online at                                                      to live in a city that
                                                wide tree management program and a or at Tigard City                                                  contains many
                                                citywide tree stewardship and urban forest
Hall, 13125 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard.                                                             low-volume, low-
                                                enhancement program. The Tree Board
                                                                                               speed streets and
City Center Advisory Commission                 meets every month and terms last two to
                                                                                               local and regional
                                                            four years. Members must be
    The City Center                                                                            trails perfect for
                                                             residents of Tigard.
Advisory Commission                                                                            riding a bicycle.
(CCAC) advises                                                    Applications are due         These paths provide a safer and more
the City Center                                              Friday, October 30, 2009 by       pleasant way to explore the city than
Development Agency                                           5 p.m. For more information       riding along major roads. However, in
on Urban Renewal                                             about the Tree Board, contact     order to take advantage of these streets
projects in downtown                                         Todd Prager at 503-718-2700       and trails, you have to know where
Tigard. The committee                                        or            they are located!
meets once a month                              Planning Commission                                 The City of Tigard, with grant
and terms last three years. They’re seeking                                                    assistance from Metro, is developing
applicants who meet the following criteria:         The Planning Commission advises
                                                                                               a bike map to help you find trails
                                                the City Council on general land use and
         One downtown business or property                                                     and low-volume streets that will get
                                                transportation planning issues and acts as a
         owner                                                                                 you where you want to go. If you’re
                                                hearing body for certain land applications.
         One Tigard resident representing                                                      interested in helping or if you have a
                                                The commission generally meets twice a
         a cross-section of interests in the                                                   favorite bike route to add to the map,
                                                month and terms last four years. There are
         community at large                                                                    please contact Mike McCarthy at 503-
                                                four vacancies that need to be filled.
                                                                                               718-2462 or
         One Tigard resident living within or       Applications are due Monday,
         adjacent to the boundaries of the                                                         The map is scheduled to be
                                                October 26, 2009 by 5 p.m. For
         Urban Renewal District                                                                completed this spring. Send Mike an
                                                more information about the Planning
                                                                                               e-mail if you would like to get a copy.
    Applications are due Monday,                Commission, contact Dick Bewersdorff at
November 2, 2009. For more information,         503-718-2432 or
contact Senior Planner Sean Farrelly at
503-718-2420 or,

                                                                                               Creating Invincible Youth
                                                                                                     Join the fun at Fowler Middle
  Health Center Opens at Tigard High                                                           School (10865 SW Walnut Street)
                                                                                               on Saturday, October 3, 2009 from
     Washington County has partnered with          Routine physical                            Noon to 4:30 p.m. The Tigard-
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center             exams; sports
                                                                                               Tualatin School District (TTSD)
and LifeWorksNW to provide a quality               physicals;
                                                                                               Family Advisory Council is hosting a
healthcare facility on the Tigard High             immunizations, and
                                                                                               free community event for residents of
School campus (9000 SW Durham Road).               lab tests
                                                                                               the TTSD to promote safe schools and
     Open when school is in session, the           Mental health and                           healthy students.
health center is designed to ease access to        substance abuse
                                                                                                    Bring the whole family for a
healthcare for all Tigard-Tualatin School          assessments and
                                                                                               free lunch at noon, followed by
District students regardless of their ability      referrals
                                                                                               games, community resources, raffles
to pay. Call 503-431-5775 to make an               Vision, dental, and                         and prizes. Childcare and Spanish
appointment.                                       blood pressure screenings                   translation will be available.
   The health center provides                                                                      For more information, call
comprehensive health services, including:                                                      Stephanie at 503-431-4144.

Page 2                                        • 503-639-4171                                          CITYSCAPE
 Cityscape Newsletter

                                                                                               A Reason to Log On
    YOUR NEW NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTION                                                                Waiting for a reason to check
                                                                                               out your neighborhood web page?
    New Resource for Neighbors                                                                 Here it is! We want your thoughts
         On September 21, 2009, the Neighborhood Network                                       on the city we call home. Log onto
    Program was assigned a staff member dedicated to the                                       your neighborhood area. Not sure
    Neighborhood Network Program! Joanne Bengtson,                                             which neighborhood you’re in? Visit
    Executive Asst. to the City Manager & Mayor will be                                        the City’s web at
    assisting Neighborhood Networks with connecting to                                         neighborhood.
    City Hall and each other. You can reach her at 503-718-2476
                                                                                               Neighborhood Web Sites:
                                                                                               Area   1
    Congratulations Area 8 Neighborhood!                                                       Area   2
         Please join me and the rest of city staff in welcoming the city’s new                 Area   3
    Community Events Coordinator, Dianna Weston. Dianna                                        Area   4
    is half of the team who cares for the Area 8 web page. She                                 Area   5
    started her new duties on September 9, 2009. She is a Tigard                               Area   6
    resident who brings years of event planning experience and                                 Area   7
    lots of enthusiasm to the job! Dianna wasted no time in                                    Area   8
    jumping into Family Fest and will be gearing up for events                                 Area   9
    scheduled for late winter and spring.                                                      Area   10
                                                                                               Area   11
                                                                                               Area   12
                                                                                               Area   13
   Area 10 Neighborhood Update                                    Trick or Treat
      At the Area 10 Neighborhood Open House                      on Main Street               Tell us what you’d like to see on
  held in June, some residents requested that the city             Saturday, October 31        your web page that isn’t already
  consider establishing a school zone behind C.F.                    3:30 to 5:30 p.m.         there or share your opinion on what
  Tigard School on Park                                                                        defines your neighborhood. Is your
                                                                  Tigard kids and parents...
  Street from Grant to                                               Enjoy a safe and fun      area home to parks and trails, sports
  Watkins.                                                        Halloween on Main Street     fields or commercial center? You get
                                                                          in Tigard.           the idea!
       City staff
  conducted a needs-                                                If you have questions,     You Could Win!
                                                                  please contact the Tigard
  assessment during                                                                                 Give us your feedback and we
                                                                  Chamber of Commerce at
  the second week of                                              503-639-1656 or the Tigard   will enter you to win a gift card from
  school in September.                                             Central Business District   your neighborhood Starbucks. Each
  Particular attention was                                               Association at
                                                                         503-624-2975.         neighborhood area will have a winner!
  paid to the number of
                                                                                                    Your comments will go a long
  pedestrians, how many
                                                                                               way toward building a site that focuses
  are school children, how
                                                                                               on your neighborhood’s needs and
  the vehicular traffic interacts with pedestrians and
                                                                                               issues. The drawing will take place
  other safety issues.
                                                                                               November 1.
       The results will be shared with Area 10
  residents as soon as the review is completed and                                                    What are you waiting for?
  included on this page in next month’s Cityscape.                                                         Get connected!

October 2009                                    • 503-639-4171                                                       Page 3
                                                                                                                                   City of Tigard

   Recycle-Fest is Coming!                                                                                Big Book Sale!
        Recycle your e-waste and have sensitive documents shredded on Saturday,
   October 10, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will be held at Fowler Middle
                                                                                                        Friday, October 2 from 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
   School (10865 SW Walnut Street). Vehicles will enter on Tiedeman Avenue and
                                                                                                        Saturday, October 3 from 9 a.m.–3 p.m.
   exit onto Walnut Street. Payment by cash or check only.
   4th Annual E-Waste Collection                                                                        Community Room in the
        Recycle computers, TVs, fluorescent light bulbs, printers, hard drives, ink                      Tigard Library
   cartridges, batteries, fax machines, modems and keyboards. Manuals, disks and
   software will not be accepted. All items that have a screen (including laptops, TVs, and             Who:
   computer monitors) are accepted FREE OF CHARGE.                                                      Friends of the Tigard Library
   E-Waste Fees                                                                                         To support the library and get great bargains
         $5 for peripherals (examples include: desktop printer/copier/                                  at the same time!
         fax machine, UPS battery back up, VHS/DVD players)
                                                                                                         The Friends use book sale profits to support
         $0.50 — Fluorescent tube light 4’ or shorter
                                                                                                           library programs, furnishings and some
         $1 — Fluorescent tube light longer than 4’                                                             special items for the collection.
         $1 — Compact fluorescent light bulbs                                                                      It’s the best way to recycle!

   Paper Shredding and Food Drive
       Securely dispose of sensitive documents and support the Oregon Food                                      WANTED:
   Bank. If your materials fit into one brown, paper grocery bag, we’ll shred it for a                             Your Old
   donation of two non-perishable food items. There will be a $10 charge for each
   additional red recycling bin of shredding (minimum fee of $10).
                                                                                                            Water Guzzlin’ Toilets
       This event is sponsored by the City of Tigard, Pride Disposal Company,                               Do you have a 3.5 or 5 gallon toilet
   and Pride Recycling Company. For more information contact Pride Disposal                           and want to upgrade to something more
   Company at 503-625-6177 or visit                                            environmentally friendly? If you are
                                                                                                      interested in purchasing a new WaterSense
                                                                                                      labeled toilet, the City of Tigard is
                                                                                                      offering up to a $150 credit to your water
                                                                                                      bill. One requirement of the WaterSense
Who Was That Masked Canine?                                                                           Reimbursement Program is to recycle your
     Join the fun at the eighth annual                  Hunziker Street at Wall Street behind the     old toilets—and we’re here to make that
HALLOWEEN CANINE COSTUME CONTEST                        former Coe Manufacturing building.            a bit easier. Recycle your old, unwanted
hosted by the Tigard                                                            The City of Tigard    toilets at the Westside Toilet Roundup.
Dog Park Committee on                                                      is proud to have three     Here’s your chance:
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, at                                                   off–leash dog parks        When:       Saturday, October 17
Potso Dog Park. Contestant                                                 and was the first city                  9 a.m.–1 p.m.
registration begins at                                                     in Washington County
10:30 a.m. and judging                                                                                Where: Tualatin Valley Water District
                                                                           to create these parks.
will begin at 11:15 a.m. A                                                                                       1850 SW 170th Ave., Beaverton
                                                                           Dog park users are
celebrity panel of judges will                                             responsible for keeping    Cost:      None. The event is sponsored
be on-hand to award prizes                                                 the parks safe and clean   by the City of Tigard and Tualatin Valley
for the best costumes.                                                     for the enjoyment of all   Water District. All toilets will be accepted
     Start planning your                                                  park visitors.              free of charge.
canine companion’s costume today. Human                       For more information on Tigard dog      Questions? For more information about
escorts are welcome to dress up too! All                parks, contact the Tigard Dog Park Com-       water saving reimbursements, visit our
participants will be eligible for great raffle           mittee at or the     website at, or contact
prizes!                                                 city’s website at    Environmental Program Coordinator
     Potso Dog Park is located off                                                                    Jennifer Joe at 503-718-2599.

Page 4                                               • 503-639-4171                                                 CITYSCAPE
 Cityscape Newsletter

   Sunday, October 11 | Noon–6 p.m.
   Community Room
   The eve of Columbus Day is
   a perfect time to celebrate the
   many cultures that comprise
   our community. Please join us for a variety of musical and dance performances
   highlighting the diverse cultures that make Oregon the place it is today. Sample
   desserts from many nations, too.

Special Needs Story Time                        eBay Workshop
                                                Saturday, October 17, 2–3:30 p.m.
Saturday, October 10, 10:30–11:30 a.m.
                                                Community Room
All Ages, Puett Room
Enjoy rhymes, songs,                            eBay Training Class
books and crafts during                         Thursday, October 22, 7–8:30 p.m.
this monthly story time                         Technology Room | Registration Required
especially suited for
                                                Discover how fun and profitable it is
special needs children!
                                                to sell items on eBay. Patricia Hogan, a
Books and activities will
                                                certified eBay Educational Specialist, will
                                                                                             TGF (Teen Game Fest):
be geared toward children
                                                present the essentials for getting started   Fall Frenzy
with developmental ages 3–6. Families                                                        Thursday, October 15, 5–7 p.m.
                                                as an eBay seller and conduct a separate
with children of all ages are welcome.                                                       Community Room
                                                hands–on class.
Registration is encouraged. Please call                                                      TGF n. 1. A gathering of teens to play
Rick at 503-648-9809, ext. 5# to register                                                    Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Wii
or for more information.                        Winter Waterfowl
                                                                                             games, bingo, Twister and other gaming
                                                Saturday, October 24, 1–3 p.m.
                                                                                             devices. 2. A place with plenty of snacks.
                                                Community Room
Frightful Film Fest                                                                          3. A program often featuring a special
                                                Local birding expert Doug Robberson          theme with crafts and activities.
Thursday, October 29
                                                will present a lecture and slideshow,
3:30–8:30 p.m.
                                                “Winter Waterfowl of the Tualatin River
All Ages, Community Room
                                                National Wildlife Refuge.” Join us for a
Stop in to watch some                           look at the types of waterfowl that can be
kooky and spooky                                found at the Refuge in winter and learn
films on the big screen.                         to identify those that migrate through our
It’s perfectly frightful!                       community each year.                         Book Group Social
Costumes encouraged.                                                                         Friday, October 23, 1–2:30 p.m.
                                                                                             Community Room
                                                                                             Librarians will share book talks, book lists,
                                                                                             news about the latest great books, tips and
                                                                                             tricks for running book groups and online
                                                                                             and library resources for groups. Then
                                                                                             meet, eat, mingle and talk about books
                                                                                             and book groups with fellow enthusiasts!
                                                                                             Refreshments! Prizes!

October 2009                                 • 503-639-4171                                               Page 5
                                                                                                                           City of Tigard

Thank You Friends & Neighbors!
     The 5th Annual Family Fest was a huge success! This event celebrates our
                                                                                                Construction Begins on
community—the residents, businesses and partners who make Tigard a great place to               Burnham Street
live and work. The Family Fest Planning Committee offers their sincere gratitude to                  Burnham Street construction is
the generous business owners who contributed to the festivities. Thank you for your             expected to begin mid-October and
kindness, consideration and helpfulness! Please support these local merchants—their             will include the following features:
contributions to our community truly make Tigard A Place to Call Home!                               A 2-lane street between Main
Main Street Contributors:      Other Local Contributors:         Tualatin Family History        Street and Ash Avenue with water
                                                                 Center                         quality treatment planters, sidewalks,
   A Taste of Heaven              Baskin Robbins Ice
   Bakery                         Cream                          Tualatin Valley Brass          parallel parking on both sides of the
   Kepler’s Upholstery            Community Pet Clinic           Tualatin Valley                street, landscaping, new street lights,
                                                                 Community Band                 and pedestrian crossings.
   Sherrie’s Jewelry Box          Cathy Wheatley
   Tigard Cleaners                Fired Up Dan’s                                                      A 3-lane street from Ash Avenue
                                                              Couldn’t Do it Without
   Tigard Fitness                 Lamb’s Thriftway on         You:
                                                                                                to Hall Blvd. with sidewalks, parallel
   Tigard Sub Shop                Scholls                                                       parking on both sides, landscaping,
                                                                 CERT Volunteers
   Tyler’s Automotive             Little Caesar’s Pizza                                         new street lights, pedestrian crossings,
                                                                 Diana Kravitz,                 and gateway treatments at the
                                  Tigard High Sophomore          C.F. Tigard Elementary
                                  Leadership Team                                               northwest and southwest corners of

                                                                 Tigard Police
                                  Tigard Lions                                                  its intersection with Hall Blvd.
                                                                 Tigard Public Library
                                  Tigard Music                                                        View the plans online at www.
                                                                 Tigard Public Works
                                  Tigard Senior Center                                 Questions?
                                  Tigard Turns the Tide                                         Contact Kim McMillan at 503-718-
                                                                                                2642 or

                                                                                           Trees! They Do a City Good
Been Stuck Behind That Train Too Long?                                                          After a year of conducting an in-depth
     Many of us have experienced the        no more than 10 minutes during the day         study of Tigard’s urban forest conditions, a
frustration—you’re                                       and 15 minutes at night.          Citizen Advisory Committee
driving down the                                           Railroad companies can          has developed Tigard’s first
road, perhaps                                               get fined for longer            Urban Forestry Master
running late,                                               blockages. The rules           Plan. In October, the plan
and you get to a                                            and reporting forms are        will go before the Planning
railroad crossing                                           on ODOT’s website at:          Commission and then City
and the gates                                                Council for approval.
are down. You                                               RAIL/Crossing_Blockage.
watch as the train                                          shtml.                         The main goals of the plan are to:
slowly moves one                                                   To summarize, if        1.     Revise Tigard’s tree code
direction and, just                                           you stop at a crossing       2.     Revise Tigard’s landscaping code (includes
when you think                                                and think you’ll be there           street trees, parking lot trees, and other trees)
you might be able                                             for a while, note the        3.     Develop a tree grove protection program.
to get through,                                               time you first got there
the train stops for                                                                        4.     Develop a hazard tree identification and
                                                             and the time the train
a minute and starts                                                                               abatement program.
                                                           cleared the crossing with
moving the other direction. You check       the gates up and the red lights off.           5.     Improve the management of the city’s urban
your clock and think you might still be                                                           forestry program.
                                                If it was longer than 10 minutes, you
able to get there—until the train stops                                                    6.     Develop an urban forest stewardship program.
                                            can call ODOT to report the blockage at
and reverses direction again…
                                            866-628-8867.                                        Read the plan online at www.tigard-
    There are state rules that govern how                                         or for more information
long trains can block crossings—typically                                                  contact Arborist Todd Prager at 503-718-
                                                                                           2700 or

Page 6                                     • 503-639-4171                                                     CITYSCAPE
 Cityscape Newsletter

                                                                                               Let it Flow!
      RULES of the ROAD: TARGETED ENFORCEMENT                                                      Phase I of the Fanno Creek
      Although traffic violations are                                                           Restoration Project is complete.
   dispersed over many of Tigard’s                                                             Work on bank stabilization makes
   streets, there are certain locations
   where enforcement is concentrated                                                           way for a Phase II re-meander of the
   due to high traffic volumes, citizen                                                         stream next year.
   requests or the frequency of crashes.                                                            Here are some fun facts about the
   These currently include:                                                                    healthy stream project:
      Citations for “Following too                                                                 Approximately 50 cubic yards of
   closely” on Highway 217: This                                                                   rock were used in the stabilization,
   violation, often combined with                 Speeding on the 99W viaduct
                                                between SW Greenburg Road and                      ranging in size from 3/4-inch
   excessive speed, is the most common                                                             gravel to 4–foot boulders.
   cause of collisions. Drivers who             Johnson: Although the posted limit
   fail to leave enough room between            for the viaduct is 35 mph, excessive               The largest rock weighed more
   themselves and the vehicle in front of       speeds (up to 70 mph in one case) are              than 300 pounds.
   them will be unable to stop in time to       common.
                                                                                                   The trees that were used for
   avoid a crash.                                  Illegal U-turns in front of                     habitat are recycled from other
      Violations of the “Right Turn             Costco near SW Dartmouth and                       construction sites (such as trees
   Only” signs at SW Greenburg                  SW Atlanta, even though the area is                pulled for new or expanded
   Road and SW Center Street (near              clearly marked with signs. Oregon’s                roadways).
   99W): For a short side-street, this          strict U-turn law would prohibit such
   intersection has a surprisingly high         turns at this location even without the            Approximately 16 people have
   incidence of collisions. Drivers             reminder offered by the signs.                     been involved on this 20-day
   who violate the well-marked turn                                                                project. Along the way, they
                                                  Lane violations at both ends of                  encountered bullfrogs, crayfish,
   restriction risk an accident and a           the southbound on-ramp from
   citation.* They can also block the                                                              fish (sculpins, pumpkinseeds,
                                                Highway 217 to Interstate 5. “Late
   intersection and contribute to traffic                                                           mosquito fish, carp), and lamprey.
                                                mergers” often commit violations by
   congestion.                                  making unsafe lane changes or driving              The site will be planted in late
      Speeding on SW Walnut Street              over the fog line during busy periods.             winter next year by CWS, using
   between SW 121st and SW Gaarde                                                                  trees and shrubs grown by native
                                                  Obstructing cross traffic at                      plant nurseries specifically for the
   Street: Excessive speeds are common          various locations along Highway
   in this hilly residential area despite the                                                      Tualatin Basin.
                                                99W and SW Boones Ferry Road.
   number of side streets and driveways,                                                            For more information visit
   not to mention the recent opening of              Please note that traffic
                                                enforcement priorities can quickly    or contact
   Fire Station 50 near Jack Park. The                                                         Cheryl Caines at 503-718-2437 or
   speed limit on this portion of Walnut        change with the needs of the
                                                community. Now that schools have     
   is 30 mph, lowering to 20 mph on
   school days farther east near Fowler         reopened, for example, nearby streets
   Middle School.                               are likely to receive more attention.
                                                      [*Please note that a new state law
      Speeding on SW Tiedeman
                                                will substantially increase fines for traffic                 Fanno Creek
   Avenue between SW Tigard and
                                                violations on October 1st. The current base                 Restoration
   SW Walnut streets, a residential
                                                fine schedule is online at                In Progress
   neighborhood with a posted 25 mph
   limit and signs warning that it is
   strictly enforced.

     Speeding and center left-turn-             BY JUDGE MICHAEL J. O’BRIEN
   lane violations on SW 72nd.                   TIGARD MUNICIPAL COURT

October 2009                                 • 503-639-4171                                                   Page 7
                                                                                         City of Tigard
 Save the Date:                                                                          13125 SW Hall Blvd.
                                                                                                                                       PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                       US Postage
 8th Annual Free Leaf                                                                    Tigard, OR 97223

 Disposal & Food Drive                                                                                                                Portland, OR
                                                                                                                                     Permit No 2528
 Area residents are encouraged to drop off
 leaves and donate non-perishable food items
 for local residents in need from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the
 following dates:

  Saturday, November 7              Saturday, December 5                                         POSTAL CUSTOMER
  Saturday, November 21             Saturday, December 12

     The event will be held in the parking lot at the Public Works
     Building, 8777 SW Burnham Street, Tigard. Our Public
     Works crews prefer that leaves be loose or bagged in paper.
     A donation of two non-perishable food items is
     recommended. Donations will be forwarded to needy Tigard               Regular Council Meetings: Tuesday, October 20, 27
     area residents through Tigard’s St. Vincent de Paul food                @ 6:30 p.m., Tigard Town Hall (13125 SW Hall Blvd.)
     distribution facility. For more information, contact Rob Block
     at 503-718-2607.                                                       Tigard Town Hall Meeting: *NEW*
                                                                              Tuesday, October 13 @ 7–9 p.m., Tigard Town Hall
 This Just In...                                                              Join elected officials from local and state offices to exchange ideas
 Public Works has a small supply of biodegradable plastic leaf                relevant to Tigard.
 disposal bags that can be yours in exchange for three non-
 perishable food items. Pick yours up at the Public Works Building          All meetings are open to the public. Council agendas are
 located at 8777 SW Burnham, Tigard (while supplies last).                  available online at or contact
                                                                            Cathy Wheatley at 503-718-2410 or

         Tip of the Month: Influenza Season

Seasonal Influenza Protection Tips                   about which vaccines are appropriate             Regular seasonal flu vaccine should
Remember, influenza peaks during the                  for you (especially for                                   not be administered in
fall and winter months.                              youth and if you are                                      conjunction with the H1N1
                                                     older than 65 or have                                     vaccine, so people will have
    The best protection for staying
                                                     lung diseases, heart                                      to plan when they want to
    healthy is to wash your hands
                                                     trouble or other chronic                                  get which vaccine.
    frequently, especially when you are in
                                                     medical conditions).                                             Currently, there are no
    public places.
                                                H1N1 (Swine) Flu:                                                central inoculation sites for
    Get the flu vaccine—each year a
                                                     H1N1 is spread the                                          the H1N1 vaccine. You will
    special vaccine is made to protect
                                                same way as the seasonal                                         need to contact your health
    from this year’s strain of flu virus.
                                                flu: from person–to–person,                                       care provider for vaccine
    Vaccines will be offered at central
                                                especially through an                                            information.
    sites as in the past or at your work
    place.                                      infected person coughing or sneezing.           For more information visit:
                                                You may also catch it by touching things 
    FYI: Pneumonia is a leading                 that have come in contact with the virus
    complication associated with                                                         
                                                and then touching your mouth or nose.    
    seasonal flu. Some types of                  You cannot get H1N1 flu from eating
    pneumonia can be prevented by               pork.
    vaccines. Talk with your doctor

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