Unit 2 Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel The TREK in a NUTSHELL by dfsdf224s


									     Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel                                                           Unit

                     The TREK in a NUTSHELL
         Activity                    Supplies             Leader         Group Size         Time
1. Rendezvous                                          Team Leader/      All children       10 min.
  Welcome/Logistics,                                      Guide
  Introduce the Trek

2. Equipping the Trekker          • Script for         Team Leader/      All children       15 min.
  Story — 1 Samuel 3                Gideon              Storyteller
  Memory Verse                    • Bibles in the
  1 Samuel 3:9                      backpack
  Prayer Time                     • Map
3. Discovering the Route          See Below           Resource People     Children          20 min.
  3 Viewpoints:                                                          divided into
  Baking                                                                    groups
  Musical Group —

4. Sharing the Adventure          • SonKids CD         Team Leader/      All children       10 min.
                                    and CD player      Song Leader
                                  • Recycled
                                  • Travel brochure                                         5 min.
                                    and stickers
  Snack (optional)
                                  • Peace cookies
Total Time                                                                                  60 min.

             Discovering the Route — Viewpoints — You Choose!
    1. Baking                      2. Science                3. Music Group
       • Sugar cookies – 2 or 3         • 8 glasses                • CD player and
         dozen                          • Water                      SonKid’s CD
       • Icing sugar (different          • Spoons                   • Recycled instruments
         colors)                                                   • Flip chart paper and
       • Plastic knives                                              words to “God Knows
       • Raisins or Smarties,                                        Your Name”
         thin licorice
       • Sample cookie

                                                SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons 109
  Unit                        Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel
                          Preparing for the Trek!
       All successful Treks have well-prepared leaders and enthusiastic Trekkers. To help you be ready and excited
       for each Sunday’s Trek the lessons begin by briefly explaining the story background and include suggested
       Bible readings, prayer thoughts and objectives for the Trek.

       Understanding the Terrain — God Calls Samuel by Name — 1 Samuel 3

       Last week we heard the story of Hannah, a woman of prayer who kept her promise to God. She brought her
       young son, Samuel, to the tabernacle in Shiloh. Eli, the priest, would now look after Samuel and teach him
       the ways of God.
       Eli and his family had been chosen by God to be guardians of the Ark and to lead the people in worship of
       God, However, Eli’s sons completely disregarded and disobeyed this awesome responsibility. God could no
       longer allow them to continue in a leadership role in Israel.
       Samuel was about twelve years old when God called him by name late at night. He thought it was Eli calling
       but each time he went to Eli, Eli said he hadn’t called Samuel. After the third time Eli told Samuel it was the
       Lord calling him. Eli said, “If the voice calls again say, ‘Speak God. I’m your servant, ready to listen.’” When
       God called the fourth time, Samuel replied, “Yes Lord your servant is listening.” God then gave Samuel the
       message that God would destroy Eli’s sons because they had blasphemed God (1 Samuel 3:8–10).
       Samuel listened to God’s message. He didn’t want to tell the message to Eli but he was obedient to God and
       in the morning when Eli asked Samuel what God has said, Samuel told Eli God’s exact words. Eli accepted
       the words from God and said, “He is God. Let him do whatever he thinks best” (1 Samuel 3:16).
       The story of Samuel is important for children as they trek through the story of God. It tells how God called
       Samuel, a young child, by name and gave him a special message. Samuel was open and obedient to God.
       This story is equally important for those who lead children as we are reminded again that God has special
       plans for children. God’s love has no boundaries.

                Bible Study                              Prayer                             Objectives
             1 Samuel 3                          Pray that children will              Children will
             Exodus 19:5
                                                   • experience God’s                  • find 1 Samuel in
             Deuteronomy 5:10
                                                     call in their lives.                 their Bibles.
             Psalm 46:10
             Matthew 5:19                                                              • recite their memory
             John 14:15                                                                   verse.
                                                                                      Children will know that
                                                                                         • Samuel listened to
                                                                                           God and obeyed
                                                                                         • Samuel was a great
                                                                                           prophet for God.

110   SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons
Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel                                                            Unit
Beginning the Trek
1. Rendezvous
   Children are welcomed and new children acknowledged.
   Logistics are taken care of — attendance, offering.
   Talk to them about last week’s Trek and introduce
   today’s Trek.

2. Equipping the Trekker

 A. Story

 a) Mapping the Way
   The story will be introduced by singing “God Knows Your
   Name” and will be told by Gideon.                                  What’s the Gear?
                                                                 1. Script for the Gideon’s skit
 b) Warming Up                                                   2. Bibles
   Have the children look at the map and find Shiloh.             3. SonKids CD and CD
                                                                    player, words to “God
                                                                    Knows Your Name” (words
   You have not traveled very far this week but in the days of      for the song are in the
   Samuel people had to walk or travel by donkey from Ramah         Song Book.)
   to Shiloh.
                                                                 3. Recycled instruments,
   Talk to the children about some things they might see            shakers.
   at Shiloh.
   To begin our trek about Samuel, the song leader is going to
   teach you a new song, “God Knows Your Name.”
   Get all the children to stand up and the song leader leads
   them in singing the song with the CD.

 c) Communicating the Story
   After they have finished singing, have them find 1 Samuel
   3 in their Bibles. Read 1 Samuel 3:1 and then Gideon will
   tell today’s story of Samuel.

                                                SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons 111
  Unit                          Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel
                                                       God Calls Samuel
      Narrator:   Good morning, everyone! Remember how last week we learned about Hannah, the woman who
                  prayed really hard for a son, and who promised God that her son would serve him at the tabernacle?
                  Well, today we are going to hear part two of that story, about the little boy, Samuel. If you remember
                  from last week, the name Samuel means “God hears,” because God heard and answered Hannah’s
                  prayer. But today we are going to learn about how God speaks. Our story takes place in the
                  tabernacle, where the young Samuel was living with the old priest Eli —
                  (enter Gideon)
      Gideon:     (interrupting) Oooh! Oooh! Pick me!
      Narrator:   For what, exactly?
      Gideon:     Well, last week Gracie got to be Hannah, so I thought this week I could maybe act out the part of
                  Samuel. Please, please, please? I’m a really good actor, if you’d just give me a chance!
      Narrator:   Well, I don’t see why not. Okay, Gideon, you can play the part of Samuel. Now, where were we?
      Gideon:     At that church temple place, um...
      Narrator:   Right. The tabernacle. Samuel was living there with Eli. He helped to keep the tabernacle clean for all
                  the people who came there to worship God. When our story starts, we are coming to the end
                  of a day.
      Gideon:     Well, it’s the end of the day now. What should I do?
      Narrator:   Probably go to bed.
      Gideon:     Already? No, I want to stay up really late and play video games!
      Narrator:   Video games weren’t invented in Bible-times, Gideon. Electricity wasn’t even invented. And, after
                  working hard all day, Samuel would be tired enough to go to bed.
      Gideon:     Oh, all right. Good night, then.
      Narrator:   Both Samuel and Eli went to bed and fell right asleep.
      Gideon:     (makes loud snoring noises)
      Narrator:   Samuel was awakened suddenly by a voice calling his name: “Samuel, Samuel!”
      Gideon:     (continues to snore loudly)
      Gideon:     (starts) Oh, right! Eli, what do you want? I was sleeping. This had better be important!
      Narrator:   Eli was confused. He hadn’t called Samuel. He told Samuel to go back to bed.
      Gideon:     I guess it was a dream, then. Good night! (resumes loud snoring)

112      SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons
          Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel                                                                  Unit
Narrator:   But no sooner had Samuel fallen asleep than he again heard a voice calling “Samuel, Samuel!”
Gideon:     (yawns) Not again. Eli, I know you called me this time. What happened?
Narrator:   But once more, Eli tells Samuel he didn’t say anything, and sends him back to bed.
Gideon:     Crazy nightmares. Good night, Again. (resumes loud snoring)
Narrator:   When this happened for the third time, Eli, being a wise man, realized that Samuel was not just
            dreaming, but that it was actually God calling Samuel’s name. He told Samuel to go back to bed, but
            then when he heard the voice again, to respond by saying, “Yes, Lord, your servant is listening.” So
            Samuel went back to bed —
Gideon:     Good night. (snores)
Narrator:   And was once again wakened by a voice calling, “Samuel, Samuel!” He responded the way Eli had
            told him to:
Gideon:     Go away! I’m trying to sleep here!
Narrator:   Gideon! That is NOT the way Eli told Samuel to respond.
Gideon:     Oh, right. Um, uh, oh dear... What’s my line again?
Narrator:   “Yes, Lord, your servant is listening.”
Gideon:     Right. (pause) Yes, Lord, your servant is listening.
Narrator:   God spoke to Samuel. He gave him a message about Eli’s sons, how they would be punished because
            they disobeyed God. Samuel was reluctant to tell Eli about what God had said, but when Eli asked
            him, he knew he couldn’t keep the message a secret.
Gideon:     Well, I don’t completely remember what God said, but it was something about your sons, Eli. Thanks
            for asking!
Narrator:   Gideon.
Gideon:     All right, all right. God said they will be punished because they disobeyed him.
Narrator:   Eli knew that God knew best, so he simply thanked Samuel for delivering the message. In fact, this
            was the first of many messages from God that Samuel would deliver to other people. Throughout
            his life, God often spoke to Samuel and told him things that no one else knew.
            Samuel was called a prophet of God, because he spoke the things that God told
            him, and Samuel helped lead the nation of Israel to follow God.
Gideon:     Wow! It’s a good thing Samuel listened to God,
Narrator:   It certainly is.
Gideon:     Cool story! But it made me really tired (yawns)
            I’m going to take a nap!
            (Exit Gideon)
                               written by Sarah Munro

                                                          SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons 113
  Unit                               Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel
                                            d) Inspiration Point
                                            When Gideon is finished telling his story, ask
                                                 1. I wonder how Samuel felt when he heard his name in
                                                    the middle of the night?
                                                 2. I wonder how he felt when Eli said the voice was
                                                    from God?
                                                 3. I wonder how Samuel felt when he had to give bad
                                                    news to Eli.
                                                 4. I wonder how you would have felt if you’d been
          Answers to Questions                      Samuel.?
      1. Different answers — in the          Talk about these “I wonder” questions with the children
         story it seems that maybe          and then introduce the memory verse.
         he was surprised but not
                                          B. Memory Verse — 1 Samuel 3:9
      2. Different answers
         — it seems that he wasn’t
                                            Have the children stand up to say the verse together and
         surprised that God would
         be calling his name.
                                            to do the actions.

      3. Different answers — he                       Speak (put their hands around their mouth)
         was really scared, he was                   God (point to heaven). I’m (each child points to
         worried.                                    themselves) your servant (bow from the waist)
      4. Different answers                            ready to listen (cup their ear with their hand).

                                            Remind them to learn the verse for next week to collect
                                            their stickers.

                                          C. Prayer Time

                                            Thank God that he knows us and calls us by name.

                                         3. Discovering the Route
                                            Today there are three Viewpoints. If there are too many
                                            children for the three Viewpoints, one Viewpoint could be
                                            done in two locations. When the children are finished,
                                            they go to Sharing the Adventure.

114    SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons
Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel                                                           Unit
4. Sharing the Adventure

 a) Mapping the Way
   Children talk about Samuel and how God called him by
   name. The morning will finish with a sing-song.

 b) Communicating the Activity
   After the children are settled, ask them to share what they
   did at their Viewpoints.
   Talk to them about Samuel a young child who made a
   difference for God. Talk to them about what they can do
   this week to listen to God. Talk to them about how God
   knows their name and how he has a special plan for them.

 c) Singing
   The older children will lead the group in singing “God             What’s the Gear?
   Knows your Name.” They will use recycled instruments          1. CD player and SonKids
   and have solo parts. Sing the song several times.                CD, words to the song
   If there is time, let the children choose songs they would       “God Knows Your Name”
   like to sing.                                                    on flip-chart paper
             “Trekking with Jesus”                               2. Recycled musical
             “How Majestic is Your Name”                            instruments
             “Psalm 148”
                                                                 3. Travel brochure, travel
             “This Little Light of Mine”                            cards and stickers

 d) Inspiration Point
   Listen to the memory verses and give appropriate stickers.
   Hand out the travel brochures.
   If the children are finished close with prayer. If they are
   having a snack, sing the “Trekking Grace.”


   For the snack, the children will share the happy face
   cookies they made at their Viewpoint. The younger
   children could serve them. As the children enjoy their
   cookies talk to them about how obeying God makes
   them happy.

                                              SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons 115
  Unit                             Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel
                                         1. Viewpoint — Baking
                                            Making “Happy Face” Cookies
                                            Age: Younger
                                            Resource Person: Likes to bake

            What’s the Gear?              a) Mapping the Way
       1. Sugar cookies (2 or 3            At this Viewpoint the children will decorate cookies for the
          dozen)                           snack. If you don’t have a snack time they can be put into
       2. Icing sugar (2 or 3 different     zip lock bags and given to the children to take home.
       3. Plastic knives                 b) Communicating the activity
       4. Raisins or smarties              After the children are settled, ask
       5. Thin licorice for the mouth            1. How did Samuel reply to God’s voice?
       6. Sample cookie - see                    2. How did Samuel feel when he heard the message
          Trekking Tip Beforehand
                                                    from God?
                                           You are going to decorate cookies with peaceful or happy faces
                                           that you can share with everyone at snack time.
              Trekking Tip
                                           Decorating the cookies
                                           Each child will decorate four to six cookies depending on
      Decorate a cookie with a happy
      face to show the children.           the number of children.
                                                1.   Show them a sample cookie.
                                                2.   Give them each a cookie and a plastic knife.
                                                3.   Make sure they put on only a thin layer of icing.
                                                4.   Let them choose their eyes, nose and mouth.
                                                5.   Put them on a plate to dry.
         Answers to Questions
                                                6.   Let them repeat the process with other cookies.
       1. He said, “Speak, for I am
          listening.”                    c) Inspiration Point
       2. Samuel probably felt very        After the children have helped to clean up talk to them
          happy, maybe scared.             about why they made “happy face” cookies. Get ready to
                                           go to Sharing the Adventure.

116     SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons
Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel                                                                Unit
 2. Viewpoint — Science — Sound Waves
    Age: Any
    Resource Person: Science                                        SCIENCE
                                                                     IS FUN
 a) Mapping the Way
   In the story it was important that Samuel heard the voice
   of God. At this Viewpoint the children will do a science
   experiment showing how sound waves affect how we hear.

 b) Communicating the Activity
   After the children are settled, talk to them about Samuel
   hearing God’s voice.
   At this science Viewpoint we are going to look at how
                                                                          What’s the Gear?
   sound waves work. God created us so that we hear sounds
   differently. We even hear God differently. Maybe we hear            1. 8 glasses
   him when we pray, when we read the Bible, when we sit             2. A Jug of Water
   quietly or worship at church. His voice may not sound like
                                                                     3. Spoons
   other voices we hear but in our heart we know it is the voice
   of God. Our experiment is to make water chimes to show
   different sound waves.
   Water Chimes                                                             Trekking Tip
                                                                           What is Sound?
         1. Fill eight identical glasses with different levels of
            water to make eight different notes.                     The sound produced in this
         2. Let the children take turns hitting the glasses         experiment is caused by the
                                                                    vibrating glass which, because it
            gently with a spoon. They will hear different
                                                                    is in contact with surrounding
            musical sounds.                                         air molecules, also causes them
        3. Give all the children a chance to experiment with        to vibrate. These vibrating
            the glasses. Some of them may even play a tune.         air molecules transfer their
                                                                    vibrations to neighboring
 c) Inspiration Point                                               molecules and this process
                                                                    carries on producing a three
   Explain                                                          dimensional radiating sound
   This experiment shows us how the different levels of water        energy wave traveling through
   can change the sound waves coming from the glasses. Many         the air. When this wave strikes
   things in our world change the sound waves and how we hear       the ear drum it also causes
   things. Hearing different sound waves is like hearing God’s       the ear drum to vibrate and
   voice. We each hear God’s voice differently but God always        when the brain processes this
   wants us to listen for his voice. This week try the experiment   “interesting” information
   with the glasses at home and show your family how the sound      we hear sound at the unique
   waves are different. Remember how God is calling you by           frequency of the vibrating glass.
   name and has something he wants you to do,
   After cleaning up, children go to Sharing the Adventure.

                                                SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons 117
  Unit                            Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel
                                      3. Viewpoint — Music — “God Knows Your Name”
                                        Age: Older
                                        Resource Person: Musical/Song Leader

                                      a) Mapping the Way
                                        Children at this Viewpoint sing “God Knows Your Name”
                                        so that they can lead the rest of the group.

                                      b) Communicating the Activity
           What’s the Gear?             After the children are settled, explain
                                        You were introduced to the song, “God Knows Your Name”
      1. CD player and SonKids
                                        at the story time but now you are going to sing it with
                                        instruments taking on some of the solo parts. When we go to
      2. Words to the song, “God        Sharing the Adventure you will lead the rest of the children
         Knows Your Name” — on
                                        Over the next few weeks you will become very good as this song
         flip chart paper.
                                        is part of the Christmas pageant.
      3. Instruments — recycled
                                        “God Knows Your Name”
                                             1. Play the song on the CD.
                                             2. Ask for children who would like to have a solo line.
                                             3. Give children instruments.
                                             4. Play the chorus and practice the rhythm with
                                                the instruments.
                                             5. Sing the chorus until they are getting the
                                                right beat.
                                             6. Practice the solo parts.
                                             7. Sing the song through several times.

                                      c) Inspiration Point
                                        Talk to the children about what it means to be a leader
                                        at SonKids and how they can confidently lead others.
                                        Encourage them to be spontaneous and enthusiastic in
                                        leading “God Knows Your Name.” Get ready for Sharing
                                        the Adventure.

118    SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons
   Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel                                                                       Unit
 I. Scripts and Patterns
  None needed for this lesson.

II. Going the Second Mile
  Continue with Going the Second Mile as described in Lesson 9.

III. It’s a Small, Small World!
  If you aren’t using puppets, one of the youth could take the part of Gideon. Choose the most
  appropriate Viewpoint.

IV. Preview of Next Sunday
  Next Sunday the story is told as a newscast. Isaiah gives his message of good news. This short drama should
  be practiced during the week.
  Advance Preparation
  There is one Viewpoint which is making recycled gift wrapping paper, boxes and gift bags. Several resource
  people are needed for this Viewpoint. The paper, bags and boxes should be prepared ahead of time.
  Children will be asked over the next two Sundays to bring a gift to share with a child in need.

                                                     SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons 119
  Unit               Lesson 11 — God Calls Samuel

               A Picture to Colour

120   SonKids Trekking Adventure Lessons

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