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									Annual Membership and Fee Schedule:

Registered builder participants agree to support the certification program through an annual
membership and per home application fee, which may be reviewed and amended as required.

         Annual Registration —                            $395.00/subscribing organization
        Per home application for certification: (A), $50.00/home; (B), $100.00/home

                             Builder/Company/Organization Enrollment

       Company: ___________________________________________________________________________

       Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

       City: _______________________________________________________________________________

       State: ____________________ Zip Code: ______________

       Telephone: ________________________________ Fax: ______________________________________

       E-mail: ______________________________________________________________________________

       Web URL: ___________________________________________________________________________

       I warrant that my company will adhere to the Enrollment Agreement of the LIFE-FLEX™ Home
       certification program and commit the above funds to its support.

       Company: __________________________________________________________________________

       By: ________________________________________________________________________________
       Authorized Representative’s Signature

       Name: ___________________________________________________________ Date: ____________________
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        ●   739 Marion Street   Denver, CO 80218-3433 ● (720) 838-5900
Enrollment Agreement:
The LIFE-FLEX™ Home is certified to meet the needs of a variety of residents and anticipated guests.
Its purpose is to promote the building of homes with features that make a home more attractive, viable
and livable for all homeowners and their visitors.
To gain this certification the builder’s home is required to incorporate a minimum of seven options from
the list of most-commonly incorporated Universal Design features (below) — assuring the home will be
welcoming to all guests, while also allowing the owners to stay in their home over time. The first four
(4) are mandatory to gain the certification/designation, including

       Initial provision of the requisite zero-step entry at inception (A); or as an assurance it can be completed at
        a future date by the initial (or future) buyer, (B):
        A—A zero-step entry on an accessible route (at front, side, rear or garage — via sloped graded walk or
        lift): B—Alternatively, because a buyer may not opt for a finished no-step entry installation at time of
        purchase, the builder is assuring the buyer’s capacity to install the option in the future at the buyer’s own
        expense—given original grading and/or electrical provisions.
       32”- 36” clear openings at doorways                    First-floor ¾ or Full Bath
    •   First-floor Flex/Sleeping Room                   along accessible route

    Minimum of three (3) additional options to qualify for certification:

        D-shaped cabinet handles                             Knee space at bathroom vanity for chair
        36-inch-wide exterior doors                          Curb-less shower with flexible water dam
        Hand-held showerhead                                 Blocking for grab bars at toilets, tubs/showers
        Lever-handled locksets on exterior doors             Lever-handled interior door handles
        Top position ground plug at all outlets              E -Z-Fold hinges for bi-fold closet doors
        Raised electrical outlets                            Lowered light switches/controls
        Rocker-style electrical switches                     Thermostats w/large numerals
        Easy-to-reach thermostat location                    Varying height kitchen work surfaces
        Task lighting for specific activities                Pull-out shelf for oven food transfer
        Knee space at kitchen countertop for chair           Maneuvering space in kitchen/bathrooms
        Seating in shower                                    Offset tub/shower anti-scald controls
The LIFE-FLEX™ Home is a voluntary, optional, market-driven program — As a member builder
we will make these certifiable homes available on sites where their land contour permits, and our buyer
chooses to purchase them. We understand that the homes will be individually certified by the program’s
designee, and may be marketed as having met the established, adopted LIFE-FLEX™ Home criteria.
 All our advertising, marketing, display materials, or other activities will present/promote LIFE-FLEX™ Home as
a home for anyone — and not necessarily one for older adults or those with differing abilities.
 Our actions will be consistent with this agreement. Breeches of these protocols, if not cured, will cause the
revocation of the party’s LIFE-FLEX™ Home agreement/forfeiture of any deposited funds.
 I warrant that our company will adhere to the Enrollment Agreement of the LIFE-FLEX™ Home certification
program, as outlined and enumerated above.


Authorized Representative

__________________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________
Please print

        ●   739 Marion Street       Denver, CO 80218-3433 ● (720) 838-5900

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