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					IM103 Further programming (Java) Lecture          1.2 Practical ex 2 and 3, p531 - but only if you have
Notes Week 11                                     time!
Airport - UML & Swing GUI Case Study              1.3 Tutorial ex 3 from p531: UML class diagram
(Charatan & Kans ch 20&21 -slidesa and slidesb)   for a college dept lecturer holiday cover system.
                                                  (Note, only three classes need be defined, with two
1 From UML to Java (ch20, p506)                   relationships). AE11
Follow the UML method: use cases, specs, class
diagrams and study the Java files.                2 Design of the GUI (ch21, p532)
Tasks                                             JTabbedPane - like index cards
1.1 Download the files (not necessarily into a    JFrame - comes with menu bar
package folder airportSys): Airport.java,         JDialog - extended to AirportDialog & its children
PlaneEnumeration.java, PlaneList.java,            JOptionPane - for error messages.
Runway.java, AirportException.java and

Tasks                                             2.2 Look back at ch20 and identify a set of tests,
2.1 Download the files: AirportDialog.java,       and carry them out.
AirportFrame.java, ArrivalDialog.java,            2.3 Study, in particular, the new Swing and other
BoardingDialog.java, LandingDialog.java,          Java classes not covered in IM103 so far, eg the
RegisterDialog.java, TakeOffDialog.java and       Enumeration interface and Vector class.
AirportGUI.java. Run the main program
AirportGUI.                                       AE 11 Using a drawing package, draw the UML
                                                  diagram for tut ex 3 on p531 and submit the file
                                                  (preferrably in .gif or .jpg format).

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