“Aviation is essentially not about flying_ it's fundamentally

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					                           HENLEY AIR

                           Helicopter Charter and Flight Training Centre

“Aviation is essentially not about flying, it’s fundamentally about landing”

HENLEY AIR is a family owned business specialising in Helicopter Charter and
Flight Training. What started out in 1995 as a dream, has today grown into a
major operation at our base at Rand Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The early years saw us using a Bell JetRanger helicopter. Today we provide our
clients with a variety of single and multi-engine aircraft to meet their diverse

From the time you check in, to the time you board your flight, the HENLEY AIR
experience is unique and personal.

Come fly with us - we look forward to sharing in your adventure.

André Coetzee            CEO and Chief Pilot

                                              Business Profile

The HENLEY AIR business profile offers our clients and
customers reliability of service from trained
professionals in the South African aviation industry.

The following companies are designed to assist you in
all your aviation endeavours:

HENLEY AIR Charter (Pty) Ltd
• helicopter air charter.
• SA: CAA Class II & III licenses.
• N569D & G576D.

HENLEY AIR Flight Training (Pty) Ltd
• helicopter ab-initio flight training.
• SA: CAA 0088.

Henley Global Aviation Training
• crew resource management.
• dangerous goods awareness.
• flight safety office management.

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                 Our charter operations are ideally situated in Johannesburg, close to OR
                 Tambo International Airport, the Johannesburg CBD, Sandton and the East

                 At HENLEY AIR we provide the following charter services:
                 • aerial photography & videography.
                 • cargo & goods transport.
                 • event promotion.
                 • personal, private & executive transfer.
                 • pleasure flips.
                 • surveillance & vehicle tracking.

                 If you have any special requirements, discuss them with us and we will make it


Training is undertaken in-house with industry qualified instructors on the world-renowned Robinson R22 helicopter.
Groundschool forms an integral component of learning to become a helicopter pilot, and our Flight Training Centre
offers you a most comprehensive and interactive training programme.

At HENLEY AIR we also facilitate the undertaking of Commercial License training and renewals, as well as a variety
of ratings including: instructor, instrument, mountain, night, radio and sling ratings.

We also offer conversion-to-type certification on a variety of aircraft including: Agusta, Bell, Eurocopter, Hughes and
Robinson types. Multi-engine conversions are available on request.

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     Flying Club
Sharing your flying experiences with other
students, instructors and pilots is a great way to
learn more about helicopter flying.

HENLEY AIR has an active Flying Club that
regularly  undertakes    Mountain    Weekends,
Navigation Exercises, Skills Days and local Fly-

Test yourself and your hovering skills by flying a
bucket of water on a 15 meter rope through a
series of gates, trying not to spill a drop of water in
the process. Or try your luck the good old
fashioned way by identifying land markings
located from various waypoints plotted on a map.
These are all just part of the Flying Club’s regular

Our dynamic website is always up to date with
information, so log on to and see
what’s happening.

                                    Our Fleet
 Piston Aircraft

                   Robinson R22

                   Robinson R44

Turbine Aircraft                  Turbine Aircraft
    Single                             Twin

                   Bell 206B                         Agusta 109

                   Bell 206L                         Bell 222

                   Bell 407                          Bell 412

                   Hughes 500

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                          HENLEY AIR

         Hangar 6   Rand Airport   Germiston    Johannesburg

         PO Box 18027    Germiston   1419      SOUTH AFRICA

Tel +27 (0)11 827 5503   Fax +27 (0)11 824 3759    Web

  Reg. N° 2002/005181/07   LICENCE N° N569D, G576D & CAA 0088