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									                                                                                                                         WITHDRAWAL FORM
                                                                                                                         PPS Preferred Funds

PPS Investments (Pty) Limited
PPS Investments Client Service Centre                Tel: 0860 468 777 (0860 INV PPS)             Fax: 021 680 3680   Email: admin@ppsinvestments.co.za
· All sections are compulsory and must be completed in BLOCK LETTERS.
· Please indicate all options selected by means of a cross [X].
· The applicant must initial any amendments made to the application form.
· Please ensure that this form is completed in full and that the information provided is accurate.
· Please note that Investment Options refer to the underlying funds within your portfolio.

A. Personal Details
Investment number:                                                                    PPS Member number:

Title:                   Surname:

First name(s):

ID or Passport number (if foreign national):
                                                           (Please attach a copy of your ID or Passport)

Home telephone number                                                                 Work telephone number:

Cellphone number                                                                      Fax:


B. Withdrawal Details
I hereby request a withdrawal, subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.
Withdrawal amount:                                                  Cents              Will be withdrawn proportionately from all Investment Options.

                                                                                                                              % of the Investment
       Investment Options                                                             Rand amount                          or Option to be switched
                                                                              Total: R                                                   100%

C. Investor Bank Account Details
Please note that redemption proceeds will not be paid into a 3rd party bank account.
(i.e. payments will only be made to the bank account in the name of the registered investor).

Name of bank:                                                             Account number:

Branch name:                                                              Branch code:

Type of account:           Current                                        Transmission                                     Savings

Name of bank account holder:

Please note:         If you have changed your banking details since your last instruction to PPS Investments, we will require a
                     cancelled cheque or recent bank statement as confirmation of proof of bank details. We are unable to facilitate
                     payments to credit cards or market-linked accounts. The Administrator executes all payment instructions
                     electronically. No payment will be made by cheque.

Preferred Funds - Withdrawal Form
March 2010
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Declaration:        I/We the undersigned, hereby give notice in terms of the trust deed of my/our application to sell the relevant units and
                    in consideration of the purchase price to be paid to me/us for the said units, hereby cede, assign and transfer all my/our
                    rights, title and interest in and to the said units to you and acknowledge that I/we have no further interest therein. I/We
                    warrant that the information contained herein is true and correct, and that I/we have power and authority to enter into
                    and conclude this transaction.

D. Change Debit Order Instructions

I hereby instruct that my debit order to:
          1. remain unchanged.
          2. be cancelled from         Date:

Please ensure that we receive new or changed debit order instructions at least 10 days before the debit order commencement
or cancellation date which you have specified. All purchases are subject to a 14-day clearance period in respect of subsequent

E. Terms and Conditions

Units will be repurchased by the Manager at the ruling price calculated in accordance with the requirements of the Collective
Investment Schemes Act and the relevant Trust Deeds. Certificates issued in respect of units repurchased must be returned for
cancellation. If the units to be repurchased are subject to a pledge, written consent is necessary for the transaction. Withdrawal
instructions which include a change in your banking details must be accompanied by a copy of a cancelled cheque or bank
statement less than three months old.

Forward pricing occurs each business day. This means that units will be repurchased at the ruling net asset value price on the
date of receipt of the repurchase form by the relevant Manager. Withdrawal instructions will take a maximum of three (3) business
days to be processed with payment occuring up to two (2) business days thereafter.

Signed at                                                      on this          day of                            year

Signature of Investor:

                                                       PPS Investments (Pty) Limited
                    PPS Investments (39270) and PPS Multi-Managers (28733) are licensed Financial Services Providers.
                              7th Floor, MontClare Place, cnr. Campground and Main Roads, Claremont, 7708
                            Website: www.ppsinvestments.co.za Email: clientservices@ppsinvestments.co.za

   Preferred Funds - Withdrawal Form
   March 2010
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