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The PREMIER sailing tour in the Greek islands for the last decade_ by dfsdf224s


									                           The PREMIER sailing tour in the Greek islands for the last decade!
                                Join Poseidon Charters' world renowned 'Archaeological Adventure Cruises & Flotillas
                                Program', the premier sailing vacation that captures all the history, beauty and flavors of
                                Greece. See why so many sailors and non-sailors have chosen our exclusive tour of the
                                Greek islands. The program has developed a great reputation for four unique reasons: 1)
                                The variety of islands is diverse. The two-week program is the boldest itinerary in the
                                industry. It follows fascinating historic trade routes and a gastronomic circuit for all tastes.
                                2) The professional service is the highest level available in Greece. Our international staff
                                are certified, knowledgeable on Greek waters and history as well a s trained in the service
                                industry. 3) The quality of our boats and equipment sets a standard unparalleled in Greece.
                                Our two flotilla lead boats are the best-equipped and maintained 65-foot sloops in Athens. 4)
                                The 'hands on' character of the tour, where g uests 'are the crew', allows experienced sailors
                                to feel right at home and offers novice sailors a great experience to learn and practice.

                                The Greek islands offer sun-kissed beaches, secluded coves, fine dining, exquisite shopping,
                                exceptional nightlife and so much more! Immerse yourself in traditional Greek life. Each day
                                brings a new port with a new adventure! Poseidon Charters is proud to be embarking on its
12th successful season at the top of the industry. Come and join us on this renowned odyssey, t he 'Archaeological Adventure
Cruises & Flotillas Program', and sail Greece! We are rated in the best inclusive tours in Europe (Parkhurst Publishing Feb.
2000) and recommended by the Greek National Tourism Organization.
The two-week 'Odyssey Cruise' covers the most complete itinerary in the Greek sailing industry! It is roughly 360 miles round
trip and is a challenging sailing adventure taking in the most important archaeological, mythological and historical islands in
the Saronic Gulf and central Aegean sea.

Day 1     Arrive at Marina and sleep over aboard. Briefing.        Day 9      Day (or optionally 2) in Santorini.

Day 2     Athens to Aegina, (Temple of Aphaia) then Poros          Day 10     Ios to Tagania for lunch then onto Paros

Day 3     Poros to Spathi for lunch then onto Hydra                Day 11     Paros to Mykonos

Day 4     Day in Hydra (night at remote beach for BBQ)             Day 12     Mykonos to Delos return (by ferry see ruins)

Day 5     Hydra to Milos (dine under cliffs at Kleftiko)           Day 13     Mykonos to Kea (hike to 600 BC Lion)

Day 6     Day at Kleftiko then sail to Adamas Port Milos           Day 14     Kea to Cape Sounion (Temple of Poseidon)

Day 7     Milos to Ios (Homer’s tomb)                              Day 15     Farewell at Athens at 09:00

Day 8     Ios to Santorini by ferry. Stay in Villa & visit sites

7-day tour guests disembark at Ios on Day 8. 10-day tour guest disembark at Paros on Day 11. 7-day and 10-day tours may
vary from the above itinerary.

Meet our Captains

Captains make a huge difference on any charter. For that reason we have carefully selected and trained our Captains and
Program Directors for exactly what the Archaeological Adventure Cruises & Flotillas Program requires.
                            On some of the two–week cruises this spring and fall, your guide is our very own charter director
                            Steven Parry. Captain Parry is a 38–year–old Royal Yachting Association certified skipper
                            registered with the British Department of Transport who is also a member of the Canadian Power
                            Squadron and a graduate of the J –World Sailing School. He is a certified PADI Divemaster and is
                            trained in first–aid. This will be his 12th year in the Greek islands and the ‘Archaeological
                            Adventure Cruises & Flotillas Program’ is based on his experience in the region. Steven trained in
                            archaeology with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology attending the University of Texas A&M
                            Masters level course in marine archaeology. He also became involved with the Hellenic Institute
                            of Marine Archaeology diving on the oldest shipwreck in the world at Dokos Island. Captain Parry
is convinced that exploring the enchanting Greek waters by private yacht is one of the best vacation experiences possible.


                                                         Two healthy meals are served aboard each day and consist of the
                                                         following: Breakfast – coffee, tea, orange juice, freshly baked bread,
                                                         cereal, yogurt, honey and fresh fruit. A hot breakfast may be
                                                         prepared on some mornings. Generally breakfasts are light as a
                                                         result of the heat in Greece and are a great start to the day before
                                                         heading out to sites or onto the water. Lunch – consists of salads:
                                                         green, vegetable, tuna, egg, coleslaw, potato or pasta salads served
                                                         with fresh bread, an assortment of cheeses as well as Poseidon
                                                         Charter’s famous Greek salad dressing. Also cold cuts, olives,
                                                         capers, peppers, Greek dips (tzatziki, fish roe & egg plant salad) and
                                                         fruit are served! Lunches are usually served in the shaded cockpit
                                                         while anchored in secluded bays. Stops are often made for lunch, a
                                                         swim and a snorkel. Beverages such as soft drinks, ice tea and
                                                         bottled water are included and stowed on board. In the afternoon
we also offer coffee or tea and sweets such as c ookies to tide us over until dinner. The galley is always well stocked in the
event of unforeseen meals. Guests are expected to help prepare, serve and clean up after meals. Guests are advised to bring
aboard their own specialty and snack foods, alcohol, m ixer drinks and ice. These items may be purchased at reasonable rates
on all inhabited islands.

Yachts used by Poseidon Charters are the best maintained in Greece. Most Archaeological Adventure Cruises & Flotillas are led
aboard the luxury Atlantic 65 foot sloops ‘Margarita’ and ‘Dream’ , for groups of 8 –9 guests. The Atlantic 65’s are 61 feet
on deck but offer almost 70 feet overall with the bow sprit and afterdeck platform extensions. These are the biggest charter
                                              boats ever made in Greece. The amount of cabin, berth and head (washroom)
                                              space is impressive.

                                              The yachts feature four identical double bed staterooms, one ‘singles’ forward
                                              bunk berth cabin all with private washroom facilities and an aft skipper cabin.
                                              Headroom in the cabins is 6’4”. Washrooms feature marble/granite countertops
                                              and stainless steel fixtures with 40–PSI water pressure. A 16.5–foot wide beam
                                              allows for a fully equipped galley including a refrigerator & freezer, a microwave
                                              and double sink. The saloons have a large dining area including a table with
                                              surround couch, storage cabinets, oil paintings and 6’9” headroom. To one side of
                                              the open saloon / galley layout is a well–equipped navigation station complete
                                              with a full range of navigational equipment and a large chart table with electrical
                                              outlets. The spacious topside cockpits have external refrigerators and weather
                                              resistant sound systems. The yachts are equipped with a generator with 220–volt
                                              output, Bimini (shade awning) and spray hood. These 32–ton sloops have a
                                              cutter rig with two forward furling sails and battened mainsails with ‘lazy–jack’
                                              system       –     a     total    of     200      square      meters      of     sail!

                                              Smaller groups of 5 -8 guests will be accommodated aboard similar but smaller
                                              yachts (40 to 51 foot yachts). These y achts are sporty, modern designed sloops
                                         built for comfort and easy sailing. Whether you are confirmed on a larger or the
smaller Archaeological Adventure Cruise yacht we offer the same luxury equipment on the boats: Bimini, spray hood, CD
stereo and private washrooms (larger yachts only). The only difference when reserved on a smaller boat is that there are
fewer passengers. The tour remains the same. All yachts meet the safety standards required by Greek maritime law.
Emergency life rafts, life jackets, h arnesses, first-aid kits and the standard safety equipment for sailboats are part of all yacht
inventories. Poseidon Charters reserves the right to change the yacht for a larger or smaller model than originally stated if the
group bookings increase or decrease on certain departures.
Marine Life

                                  Dolphins often swim at the bow while we sail. Hawksbill and Loggerhead turtles sun
                                  themselves on the surface in Greek waters. Sardines, tuna, swordfish, rays and mackerel
                                  are also often seen on the surface. Scuba diving is available at Hydra and Mykonos and
                                  divers and snorkelers can see moray eels, eagle and sand rays, octopus, kalamari, crayfish,
                                  rock lobster, crabs, triton and nautilus shells, nudibranchs, jellyfish, scorpion fish and many
                                  other colorful fish –but this is not the tropics. As a result of the high salt content (3.8% salt)
                                  the ecosystem has far fewer species than the tropics but the water is much more buoyant
                                  and offers incredibly clear visibility. There are no sharks so the only danger is stepping on a
                                  sea urchin! Sea sponges are incredibly colorful coral encrustations cover rocks and caves.
                                  Fantastic archaeological treasures can be seen on many dives.

The Wind and Sea

Charter sailing can be affected by the weather. The seas in the Saronic and Aegean are
generally calm and offer exceptional sailing conditions. Sporadically, Poseidon (God of the
sea and storms) is responsible for the famous 'Meltemi' wind. This is typically a northerly
which can develop into 30-40 mph and is more common during the hotter times of year
(July, August and September). The Meltemi is created by high and low pressure systems at
opposite ends of the Mediterranean. The 'Sirocco' or southeast wind can also blow hard but
for the last two seasons we have experienced more s outh westerly or 'Ostra' than any other
wind. This southwest wind rounds the bottom of the Peleponese and is an excellent wind to
sail heading east out to the central Aegean. The sea can be as flat as a mirror, but a short
chop of 1 meter is common. When t he God Poseidon gets restless 3 to 5+ meter swells can
develop. This is a challenge but not a problem for the larger yachts used for the
'Archaeological Adventure Cruises and Flotillas Program'.

Ferries, high-speed catamarans and hydrofoils connect almost all of our island circuit
directly, which is a nice option for those who would rather not experience the wild Aegean
Sea when it gets windy. Occasionally some guests opt to ferry certain legs of the circuit and
meet the yacht/s at the next port of call. As in all sailing holidays, rough weather conditions
may alter the proposed itinerary and stop flotillas. Bad weather combined with longer
crossings can make for fatigue so longer passages are broken up by several day stops
(Hydra, Milos, Ios and Mykonos). Captains and program Directors inform the guests of
rougher conditions before setting out. It is rare that heavy wind or bad weather affects the
itinerary as only 10% of the trips were delayed for a day or two in the last two full sailing
seasons. There are three long crossings in the two-week trip: 50, 60 and 80 mile days are
required to travel out into the Aegean and back, so guests must appreciate that this trip can
be both relaxing and challenging if the wind and seas are rough. The itinerary may be added
to with additional swim stops if the weather and time allows and may also be reduced as a
result of bad weather.
Life Aboard Ship

                   One of the unique attributes of the Archaeological Adventure Cruise is
                   that it is a hands on adventure tour and not a fully crewed charter.
                   Guests are considered part of the crew and are encouraged to take part
                   in all aspects of life aboard ship including navigation, sailing, taking
                   watches, practicing mooring procedures as well as helping in the galley.
                   Fellow crewmates, Captains and Program Directors develop a mutual
                   respect aboard each voyage thus group dynamics are exceptionally
                   good. Topside, the deck allows ample room for guests to enjoy their own
                   solitude. Below deck, guests can relax in a comfortable salon and private
                   cabins. Upon arrival at island ports, guests explore the islands on their
                   own and can participate in the planned group excursions to sites with
                   Program Directors. Ashore, guests can access Internet cafes, digital
                   telephone service, 24-hour cash machines and laundry and shower
                   services at many ports.
Flotilla Options
Flotillas are arranged based on the Archaeological Adventure Sailing Cruise departure schedule. The schedule begins in May
and runs to the end of September with the exception of August. We do not advise travel to Greece in August as it is
unbearably hot and filled with droves of European vacationers. Cruises and flotillas may also be scheduled in October which
has pleasant weather conditions each year. Flotilla guests are offered assistance with provisioning, fuel and water at
departure and throughout the tour. They are given briefings, 24 hour VHF and visual contact, receive docking assistance at
each port and they are welcome to join on the archaeological itinerary including walking tours and excursions in the evenings
to sites and exceptional local tavernas. There can be as few as one yacht in a flotilla or up to 4 per lead boat. There must be
two certified or experienced sailors on the flotilla yacht and it must be chartered as a bareboat from our fleet with the
standard bareboat contract and insurance requirements. Flotilla fees are USDD$350 per week and USD$625 per two weeks
per boat.

Flotilla yachts can be chosen from our fleet of 250 yachts including recent Bénéteau, Jeanneau, Hunter and Greek designs.
Flotilla guests sailing smaller vessels may be concerned about keeping up with the larger flotilla led boats but we always
maintain visual and VHF contact and often reduce speed or tack to regroup on longer crossings. The smallest flotilla boat
recommended for following on the 2 -week Archaeological circuit (360 miles) i s a 36-foot bareboat. Waves can be too big and
uncomfortable for a boat less than 36 feet. Please see the Bareboat Charter Price List & Catalogue for boat models and prices.
Please see the Flotilla pages for additional details


It is important to note that the 'Archaeological Adventure Cruises and Flotillas' are not guided by an archaeologist and there
are no lectures given aboard. The itinerary is designed to offer the most important archaeological, mythological and historical
islands but guests are a dvised to explore them with guide book in hand (see suggested reading list). The captains are well
trained sailors and have a good knowledge of modern and ancient Greece but are not government trained guides. It is also
important to note that the 'Archaeological Adventure Cruises and Flotillas' are not privately booked tours. They are ‘individual,
group 'by the cabin' tours where groups who know each other cannot dictate the size of yachts, number of guests aboard or
the number of boats in a flotilla. Generally the departures are one yacht but often two and sometimes there are as many as
four yachts on a departure. Customised itineraries and bareboats with captain can be arranged for groups wanting their own
private yacht and itinerary which can be chosen from our fleet of 250 yachts including all recent Beneteau models.
Detailed 14 Day Itinerary
The adventure begins in Athens where we recommend you spend a few
days seeing the historic sites of this dynamic city. We offer 3 to 5 star
hotels near the famed Acropolis. Arrangements can also be made for 1 to
8 day land tours to sites in the interior of Greece (Delphi, Olympia,
Mycenae, Sparta, Meteora and more). While in Athens, visit the Plaka, a
charming and safe tourist district in the heart of the city full of traditional
tavernas (Greek restaurants), unique souvenir & clothing shops and
friendly Athenians. Two good tavernas in the Plaka are the Garden of
Eden (Vegetarian) and the central Byzantino Taverna. It is generally
worth staying a few days in the city to shake off jet lag and to see the
major sites: the Acropolis, Parthenon & Odeon, the Agora (ancient marketplace) and the National Archaeological Museum
among other attractions. We can arrange transfers, however taxies are the most convenient way to get from the airport to
hotels or directly to the yachts.

Day 1
We have a 'sleep over' in Athens the first night. We recommend that 'by
the cabin' guests arrive at the marina around 17:00 so as not to waste time
that could be better spent in Athens seeing the sites. A briefing is given at
Il Fungho Restaurant which includes important general information on the
'day to day' life on the tours and emphasizes safety.
Day 2

The next morning we have an early sail to Aegina Marina Bay on Aegina
island (17 miles, 3 hours). Aegina was the home of the first Greek
government after the war of independence. The island was the first place
to mint coins in Greece and boasts the best pistachio nuts in the world!
Arriving at Aegina Marina Bay, guests can take a 30 - 45 minute uphill
hike (bus or taxi also possible) to see the famous Temple of Aphaia.
Dedicated to the daughter of Leto (-the goddess Aphaia), the temple was
built in the Doric order and dates from the early 5th century B.C. It is the
best-preserved temple in the Greek islands with several monolithic
columns (one piece columns) and it is the o nly Doric temple with double
standing columns (on top of each other). After the excursion up to the
temple, crewmates then enjoy a wonderful swim in the crystal clear
waters of the bay and a healthy lunch aboard before sailing on to Poros
island (18 miles, 3 hours). Poros is one of the most beautiful views from
seaward of any Greek island -get the camera ready! At Poros guests can
practice Med. mooring the yacht/s to the sea wall if there is not too much
boat traffic. Enjoy a late afternoon cocktail aboard and/or explore the
harbor by foot. At around 20:00, sailors assemble for a walk up to the
clock tower and view the sunset while identifying Fig trees, Cactus,
Bougainvillea, Jasmine bushes and Cyprus on the way. We enjoy a
splendid meal under a roof of grape vines at the Garden Taverna. Crews
are always given a warm welcome at this friendly, family run taverna.
After dinner, the Malibu Bar awaits the real sea salts for a nightcap and
the captain may suggest the pool hall / foosball room for the young at
Day 3

We are underway early as we motor through the narrow channel between
Poros and the majestic Peleponnese coast -another great photo
opportunity! We motor past fortified Bourtzi Island (20 minutes away),
which protected this narrow channel when the Venetians were in power.
After raising sail, we race other yachts to the tranquil splendor of Spathi
Island and bay (11 miles 1.5 hours) for lunch and excellent snorkeling
over a clear sandy bottom! After lunch, we set sail for the famous island
of Hydra (11 miles 1.5 hours) arriving before 15:00 in order to get a good
spot along the small and crowded wharfs. Hydra's harbor has become
very busy and in the summer months, yachts can raft four deep bow to
stern - expect to be boarded! Before exploring this enchanting town, a
cool swim can be enjoyed at Hydra's swimming oasis, which features a
buoyed/protected swimming area and flat sun bathing levels cut out of
the cliff -there is also a cocktail bar! One of the most famous towns in
Greece, Hydra offers visitors art expositions, fine dining, fabulous local
handicrafts, exquisite clothing and jewelry shops all set in the winding
cobble stone streets surrounded by 18th Century architecture. Stop by
Mai Tai for a chat over some Greek coffee with owners Ruth and Kosta.
They offer the most exquisite Byzantine and ancient Greek jewelry
designs and give excellent discounts to sailing clients, as well as gifts to
all newlyweds! Excellent value is found at many shops in Hydra for silver,
gold and precious stones. Haggling is the word of the day and
Skippers/Program Directors often know the best shops. Fashionable Hydra
has been a refuge for artists since the sixties and has many well-known
visitors including royalty, film celebrities and music stars such as part-
time resident Leonard Cohen. The real beauty of Hydra is the historic
architecture and the fact that there are no motorized vehicles on the
island - only donkey power! Take the donkey tour of the town! Scuba
diving can be enjoyed with Hydra Divers, who offer personable, qualified
instruction and guidance for all levels of diving. Arrangements can be
made for a morning dive on the second day at Hydra. In the last century, Hydra figured prominently as its population was
fifteen thousand compared with Athens at o nly six thousand. During the Greek War of Independence with the Turks, Hydra
provided a powerful fleet of naval vessels. The leader of the Greek navy, Admiral Miaoulis, was a Hydriot. The most famous
boats were the 'fire ships' which were small fishing boats loaded with gun powder that sailed out, in the cover of night, and
tied up alongside much larger Turkish gun ships. The fire ships were ignited and the end result was devastating for the
Turkish navy. Greece won its independence from Turkey in 1821. Every June, Hydra has the Miaoulis (Fire Ships) Festival
where the locals ignite fireworks and burn a ship in the harbor. We spend the better part of two days at Hydra allowing ample
time to explore. A dinner excursion begins by watching the sunset from the o uter wharf or up at the fortified sunset lookout
followed by a walk through Hydras labyrinth of streets all the way to Kristina & Manolis Taverna's roof garden. This is one of
the best tavernas on our carefully researched gastronomic circuit! Favorite dishes are all the starters including: deep fried
Saganaki cheese, Fava (giant bean) dip, beetroots served with Skordalia (garlic sauce), grilled peppers stuffed with feta
cheese and of course Greek salad! After dinner, Hydra offers starry nightlife at Hydranetta, a beautiful cocktail bar built into
the cliffs, Disco Heaven for those who want to dance and Pirates Bar the best watering hole around the harbor!
Day 4

Program Directors and flotilla boat crews spend the morning provisioning
the yachts for the next two days. The plan is to moor under the stars for
two nights - if the weather allows. Guests have a free morning and
afternoon as the yachts usually leave Hydra town between 14:00--15:00.
We suggest a leisurely 30 minute hike south along the coastal stone
pathway leading sailors to picturesque Kamini harbor. The view looking
out over the tiny fishing cove, the Saronic Gulf and Peloponnese
mountains is breathtaking. In exchange for a restaurant lunch ashore,
guests aboard Archaeological lead boats are treated to a Beach barbecue
for dinner. A great lunch spot in Kamini harbors is Kodylenia's taverna or
in Hydra town eat lunch at the Vigla Restaurant, which is situated in the
southeast corner of busy Hydra harbor. After a nice lunch and last minute
shopping guests sail the yacht/s (12 miles, 2 hours) to the beautiful,
secluded shingle beach of Aghios Nicholaus Bay. This is a very popular
spot amongst our guests as the half-mile pebble beach is gorgeous and
the crystal clear waters offer interesting snorkeling. Program Directors
assemble a stone barbecue pit with help from the crew and then
marinated chicken, baked potatoes and coleslaw is cooked and enjoyed
back aboard the yachts - followed by star gazing! If the wind is from the
Southeast then another alluring private bay option is the uninhabited
island of Dokos for the barbecue. Little known and deserted Dokos
harbors Early Hellenic II ruins and the resting place of the oldest known
shipwreck (1500 B.C.), explored by Jacques Cousteau. Pottery shards are
abundant which make for great snorkeling!

Day 5

The yacht departs Hydra at 06:00 for the long haul out into the
Cycladic (circular) islands (80 miles, 9–12 hours –off the beaten
course!) and arrives before sunset at the volcanic island of Milos. The
destination is Kleftiko – a set of bays surrounded by 150–300 foot
cliffs riddled with swim–through sea caves. Upon our arrival, guests
help moor the yachts securely for the night, and then snorkel or
dinghy through the sea caves. A delicious Italian meal is included and
prepared aboard by the crew and Program Director of each boat. The
most dramatic night of the tour follows – eating topside under the
bright Aegean night sky. The fantastic cliff setting makes this stop
one of the highlights of the tour. See the Poseidon Charters color
brochure cover.
Day 6

Most of the day is spent at Kleftiko, swimming/snorkeling or motoring in
the dinghy around the cliffs, through grottos and up to the beaches. Of
interest are the ancient man made bollards carved into the rock that are
scattered throughout these secret caves. Kleftiko’s caves were used for
shelter and the cliffs as a lookout by pirates and perhaps even the Knights
of Saint Johns during the Crusades. At 14:00 or 15:00 the yachts make
their way around the island into the volcanic crater to Adamas port (18
miles, 3 hours). Cruising around the island, it is fascinating to observe the
volcanic composition of this, the most geologically interesting island on
the tour. Guests help moor the yachts to the sea wall and have time to
explore the harbor and have a shower. At 18:00–19:00 we jump on the
bus up to the town of Tripiti where we visit the ancient Greek
amphitheater that the famous and enigmatic Venus of Milos used to
adorn. A magical evening meal is enjoyed at Erginas Ouzeri – a restaurant
overlooking the huge volcanic crater. Ergina’s Ouzeri is one of the best
restaurants on the tour featuring over sixty local Milos delicacies. Ergina
and her husband Lukianos boast that all delicacies served are homemade
and enticingly fresh – they make their own pasta, mayonnaise and even
sun dry the tomatoes on the roof! Taxis are used to return to the port. In
May, Ergina’s is not open so w e eat at nearby Glaros Taverna which also
serves delicious unique Milos specialties.
Day 7

After an early provisioning and exploration of the port of Adamas,
including the Geological Museum, we sail over the north coast of Milos and
make way for the island of Ios (50 miles 8 –10 hours). Ios is the resting
place of Homer and our halfway stop on the tour. The yachts are moored
in the main harbor for two or three nights (depending on the ferry
schedule to Santorini). Upon arrival, guests can swim at a wonderful fresh
water pool at Ios Camping near the harbor – a great way to freshen up,
as the sail can be salty! If you prefer the sea, Ios offers the nicest
beaches in the central Aegean – Milopotas and Manganari (Ios’ crystal
clear water provided the shooting location for the award winning
underwater film The Big Blue). If there is a Friday afternoon/evening ferry
to Santorini, guests can travel to Santorini and spend two nights in a pre–
arranged villa/apartment. Usually the ferry schedule calls for a Saturday
ferry to Santorini on the next day, so guests remain in Ios for the night.
For dinner, guests take a bus up to the Chora (hilltop town) and enjoy an
exquisite meal at Lord Byron's Taverna (Greek with a Californian Twist).
Many guests agree that Lord Byron's Taverna is the best restaurant on
the 2–week tour – the self–taught chef, Vasilli, is a creative genius. Ios is
best known however, for the notorious nightlife at a multitude of discos
and clubs (300+) up on the chora. Ask your Skipper/Program Director for
a pub–crawl!
Day 8/9

Crewmembers take a hydrofoil or ferry to the volcanic island of Santorini,
rumored to be the lost civilization of Atlantis! Santorini is the most
beautiful of all the Greek islands and offers the fantastic entombed
Minoan town of Akrotiri, incredible volcanic beaches (Perissa & Kamari),
excellent wine tasting at famous vineyards (Boutari & Roussos), great
sightseeing and unique shopping at Thira. The real highlight however, is
watching the sunset at charming Ioa town. All of the attractions can be
seen by rental car, moped, coach tour, taxi or bus. It is recommended to
rent new model, small, air–conditioned cars and to stay a night or two in
one of our pre–arranged luxurious yet inexpensive villas or hotels. This
wonderful excursion is tentatively booked in advance with the Poseidon
Charters office at the time of balance payment (we send you digital
images and brochures of the accommodations). The final confirmation for
rooms, villas and car rentals is made on the first few days of the tour by
your   Program    Director.   Guests    can   add   their   names    to   our
accommodations list well in advance but we do not pre–pay these
accommodations as the weather can alter our arrival date. There are
always 3–5 star accommodations available to Poseidon Charters as we
work with six different operators in Ioa and others throughout Santorini.
We recommend staying in the exquisite town of Ioa, which is clung to the
edge of the volcanic crater. Ioa is quieter and more traditional than Thira.
We also recommend a rental car to explore the island as sites are quite
far apart, bus schedules are unreliable and taxis are expensive. New, air–
conditioned rental cars can be arranged, ready and waiting for guests
when they disembark at the port. The advantage of staying over on
Santorini is two fold. First, it allows two days to explore the most beautiful
island in Greece and second, guests disembark from the boat/s for a night
or two and enjoy a real bed, shower and the creature comforts of home
halfway through the two week journey! You return to cleaned
‘Archaeological Adventure’ yachts with fresh linens and towels to begin
the second half of the cruise. The yacht/s remain at Ios, as there are few
safe anchorage places in Santorini. A two–night stay at Santorini has
become very popular among guests – check with your Program
Directors/Captains for the returning ferry schedule.
Day 10

After the crew returns to Ios from Santorini on an early morning ferry,
we tack north for a lunch stop and swim at the beautiful natural lagoon
and sand bar at Tigania island (20 miles 5 hours). Tagania is nestled in
between Paros and Andi Paros islands. After lunch we navigate the
famous ‘14 foot Passage’ and head for Paroikia town on the island of
Paros (8 miles 1.5 hours). On Paros there are archaeological sites within
walking distance of the harbor (a Frankish castle built out of pieces of
Greek temples and an ancient graveyard). A must see is the church of 99
doors, a well–known shrine with exceptional architecture, religious icons
and marble baptismal chamber. Great bargain shopping is also a highlight
at Paros in the painted, pedestrian, ‘Plaka’ streets. Paros is famous for its
‘Ignitis’ marble which is the purest and whitest marble in the world. It
can be purchased in town. Paros is a large and very interesting island and
we recommend that guests take a bus or rental cars/bikes and visit the
fashionable harbor town of Naoussa (30 mins), and/or the historic inner
town of Lefka (20 mins), which is entirely untouched by tourism and
remains a peaceful, traditional ‘Chora’. On the way to Lefkas a stop can
be made at the abandoned marble quarries and monarch butterfly valley
(seasonal). Cars, scooters or bikes can be rented at the harbor and
brought back the next day before we depart. W e normally eat at Harry’s
Grill as the restaurant offers exceptional grilled meats and fish as well as
wonderful traditional Greek dishes served with local wine and frozen
steins of draft beer. Not to mention a spectacular view of the sunset! Our
host Harry is a jovial, well–known, municipal councilor on Paros who
usually has a few good island stories to tell. Another excellent choice is to
dine in the elegant atrium at Apollon Gardens with host Theo.
Day 11/12

Sailing north, we visit the best known and most cosmopolitan of
the Greek islands, Mykonos (20 miles 5 hours). The yacht/s
drops anchor meters off the gorgeous beach of Ornos Bay. With
favorable weather the yacht/s remains at Ornos for two nights,
as it is the safest anchorage from the North wind. Two nights
allows time to relax and swim from the boat, explore the beach
and visit the highlights of busy Mykonos town. Neighboring
Delos Island is the largest and most important archaeological
site in all of Greece. It is accessed by a fishing boat ride from
Ornos Bay or by ferry from Mykonos town. At the center of the
Cycladic (circular) islands, Delos was the most important center
of trade and worship in antiquity. Delos was the mythological
birthplace of Artemis (Goddess of chastity and the hunt) and
Apollo (God of physical beauty and fine arts). The island was
also the commercial center of the Aegean and it has remained in
an excellent state of preservation. Walk the Street of the Lions
to the Agora (ancient marketplace) or wander room to room in
palaces dedicated to Gods and Goddesses (Poseidon’s and
Cleopatra’s house). Discover temples and statues which date
back to 500 B.C. as well as Greek theaters and Roman baths.
Finish your exploration with a climb up sacred Mount Kythos for
a divine panoramic view of the Cycladic islands. Returning to
Mykonos in the afternoon, visit the renowned beaches of
Paradise and Super Paradise (gay/nude respectively). Kosta at
Paradise Divers offers the best scuba diving in Greek waters on
reefs around Prasonisi Island south east of the ancient port of
Delos. This area is the resting place of many ancient shipwrecks
and the seabed is covered with amphora and pottery! Porto
Ornos Taverna offers a great menu and friendly service and is
two minutes away by dinghy from the yachts. In the evening,
visit the labyrinth at Mykonos town, which offers fantastic
shopping, fine dining and world–class nightlife. A great
restaurant in town is Nikos Taverna.
Day 13

From Mykonos we sail west to Kea (60 miles 8 –10 hours) keeping a watch
for dolphins, turtles, tuna and mackerel on the way! Little–known, Kea
island is surprisingly one of the most interesting places visited on the tour.
The yachts Med. Moor at the quaint harbor of Vourkari. One can find the
deserted ruins of a Mycenaean temple site 2500 B.C. on a short hike
around the bay. Over the rolling hills at Kefala, archaeologists discovered a
Neolithic site from 3000 B.C. Watch the sun set over the Aegean from the
enchanting ‘Chora’ or hilltop town Ioulis, built on a summit where the
inhabitants were safe from pirate raids. We access Ioulis by taxi or bus. On
Kea, the Chora is little changed over the centuries. There are no tourist
signs and the locals speak minimal English. An enchanting walk (1.5 hours)
through Ioulis and the valley beyond brings you to a special feature – the
Petrified Lion. Carved out of slate and 21 feet long the sculpture is the
largest example of ancient Greek carving and is dated at 600 B.C. There
are other items of historical interest within the Chora including a small
museum, Venetian, Byzantine, Turkish, Hellenic architecture and a
beautiful cemetery. A wonderful seafood meal is enjoyed after our hike at
Nikos Taverna, steps from the gangplank. The specialty is ‘soupa’ – fresh
fish served with vegetables in a soup! Kea is considered one of the gems of
the tour, as it is quintessentially peaceful and very beautiful.

Day 14

On the last day we cross the Kea channel to Cape Sounion
(18 miles 3 hours) on the tip of Attica, where we anchor in
the shadow of the famous Temple of Poseidon (444 B.C.). We
have lunch, a swim and observe the temple. Back on board
we follow the coastline Southwest arriving at our berth at
Alimos / Kalamaki Marina on Friday afternoon (29 miles 4
hours). We usually celebrate the end of the trip at Il Fungho
Restaurant and sleep aboard Friday night. Disembarkation
and farewell is at 09:00 Saturday.
One week and 10 night itinerary

There are several options on a one–week and ten–night cruise within the ‘Archaeological Adventure Sailing Cruises Program’.

One Week Options

• Guests can join the two week circuit for one week, starting on Day 1 in Athens and finishing on Day 8 in Ios. Alternatively,
guests can start in Ios on Day 8 and finish in Athens on Day 15.

• A group of 8 can book a private departure and do an Athens to Athens round trip visiting Aegina, Poros, Spathi, and
Hydra/Dokos, historic Spetses and Epidaurou. Spetses is 18th century home of Admiral Bouboulina, the only female Admiral
in world naval history. Admiral Bouboulina’s courage and determination is legendary as she was instrumental in liberating
Greece from the Ottomans with the help of her Spetses sailors.

Ten Day Options

• Guests can join the two week circuit for ten days, starting on Day
1 in Athens and finishing on Day 11 in Paros.

• A group of 8 can book a private departure and do an Athens to
Athens round trip visiting Aegina, Poros, Spathi, Hydra/Dokos,
Spetses and Naplion (the original capital of Greece). At Naplion
guests can explore a fantastic Venetian Citadel (Palamidi), perched
high above the coast, by climbing over one thousands. Taxis can be
used to travel inland to discover the historically important sites o f
Mycenae, Tiryns, and the Tomb of Agamemnon.

•  A group of 8 can optionally book a private departure and do an Athens to Athens round trip visiting Cape Sounion, Kea,
Syros, Mykonos, Kithnos, Hydra, Poros and finally Aegina. (See details on day 2, 3 and 4 on the regular circuit).

The Peloponnese coast offers sweeping forested mountain ranges, quaint coastal villages and towns with traditional Greek life.
The peripheral Cycladic islands of Kea and Kythnos, offer striking beauty and a sense of timelessness while Mykonos offers
tremendous shopping, d ining and night life. The seven and ten-night ‘Archaeological Adventure Sailing Cruises’ cover between
150 and 250 miles respectfully, round trip, depending on the pace crew wants. These are the proposed comprehensive
itineraries which include some gorgeous beaches, quaint harbor towns, excellent restaurants and many of the most important
archaeological sites of the Saronic and Argolic Gulfs and central Aegean Sea. However, the actual itinerary can be changed to
include, exclude or prolong stays as a result of bad weather.
                                         Prices and Schedule

2003 Schedule
Guests who want one-week cruises may join the 2-week circuit from Athens or from Ios Island on a one-way departure
(based on availability). Based on bookings the one week tour will cruise a one week A thens–Athens round trip circuit and will
not sail one–way out to Ios island. The schedule is subject to additions and changes (dates and boats).

         2 WEEK ODYSSEY                                   1 WEEK*                                        1 WEEK
         Athens to Athens                       Athens to Athens or Ios Island                    Ios Island to Athens
          May 3 - May 17                               May 3 - May 10                              May 10 - May 17
          May 17 - May 31                              May 17 - May 24                             May 24 - May 31
         May 31 - June 14.                             May 31 - June 7                             June 7 - June 14
         June 14 - June 28                            June 14 - June 21                            June 21 - June 28
         June 28 - July 12                             June 28 - July 5                             July 5 - July 12
          AUGUST BREAK                                 AUGUST BREAK                                 AUGUST BREAK
        Sept. 13 - Sept. 27                          Sept. 13 - Sept. 20                          Sept. 20 - Sept. 27
Departures: July 12-26, July 26-Aug 9, Aug 30-Sept 13, Sept 27-Oct 11 and additional October dates may be added.
* Based on bookings the one week tour will cruise a one week Athens-Athens round trip circuit and will not sail one-way out
to Ios island.

2004 Schedule

      2 WEEK ODYSSEY                                  1 WEEK*                                          1 WEEK
      Athens to Athens                      Athens to Athens or Ios Island                      Ios Island to Athens
       May 15 - May 29                             May 15 - May 22                                May 22 - May 29
      May 29 - June 12                             May 29 - June 05                               June 05 - June 12
      June 12 - June 26                            June 12 - June 19                              June 19 - June 26
       June 26 - July 10                           June 26 - July 03                              July 03 - July 10
       July 10 - July 24                           July 10 - July 17                              July 17 - July 24
          AUGUST**                                    AUGUST**                                       AUGUST**
       Sept. 18 - Oct. 2                          Sept. 18 - Sept. 25                             Sept. 25 - Oct. 2
Departures: May 1-15, July 24 - Aug 7, Aug 7-21, Aug 21 - Sept 4, Sept 4-18 and Oct 2-16 may be added.
* Based on bookings the one week tour will cruise a one week Athens-Athens round trip circuit and will not sail one-way out
to Ios island .
**Olympic period prices not yet established
2003/04 Prices

                       2 week cruise: EURO/US $2295, 1 week cruise: EURO/US$ 1395,
                                        10 nights: EURO/US $1795

                             10% DISCOUNTS ON ADVENTURE CRUISES
                                         (Please contact us for dates)

These prices are per person ‘by the cabin’ double occupancy aboard the flotilla lead boats. If you are booking a flotilla boat,
you must rent a boat from our fleet and add a flotilla fee of $350 per boat per week ($625 for 2 weeks). See ‘Flotilla’ and
‘Bareboat’ details. Prices are subject to change.
On the ‘group/by the cabin’ Archaeological Adventure Sailing Cruises: Skipper / guide, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea & non
alcoholic refreshments, inflatable tender with outboard, planned shore excursions to archaeological sites and guided evening
walks to our wonderful selection of traditional tavernas – rated the best restaurants in Greece! Dinners ashore are
approximately USD$15–25 per person per night.

Reservation and Payment Policy
Bookings are accepted on, a ‘by the cabin / boat’, first come first serve basis. Reservations can be secured at boats/travel
shows, by telephone or e–mail with a non–refundable deposit of 50% of the cruise price due within two weeks of this
confirmation. The balance of payment is due two months prior to the departure of the cruise and must be received otherwise
the cabin may become available to other requesting parties. Cabins usually have double bed berths so singles requiring a
cabin to themselves will be charged a single supplement of 50% of the cruise price. Alternatively, there is no supplement
charged if singles bunk bed cabins accommodations are available on certain boats. Payments can be made by check in US
dollars to: Poseidon Charters. Credit cards are not for the Archaeological Adventure Cruise segment of travel.

Flight, Land and Yacht Packages
Poseidon Charters offers: International & Domestic flights, land tours, 3–5 Star hotels, Apartment/Villa island packages,
weddings packages, car rentals and travel insurance, which can be combined with cruising. Our 'in house' hotel & land tour
division has something for all budgets and has connections right across
Greece. Please contact us for any of these services!

Liability Waiver and Insurance
As a result of the adventurous nature of this type of holiday, all guests
aboard Poseidon Charters Archaeological Adventure Cruises and Flotillas
Program will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to departure on the
cruises. Guests are advised to get medical, cancellation and property
insurance for peace of m ind while cruising. The yachts are all fully insured
for damage but guests must have their own personal injury insurance.
Cancellation insurance is recommended and offered at the time of booking and 50% deposit payment.

     Come and meet us at one of out many annual trade shows or presentations

                                      Additional Information on Greece

              We are recommended by the Greek National Tourist Organization. They can be contacted at:

                                                  USA                Canada
                                            645, 5th Avenue.         1300 Bay St.
                                                New York               Toronto
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 POSEIDON CHARTERS – E-mail:, Tel: 1-888-372-SAIL

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