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									Arena Quantum Media - Job Spec

Title:          Senior Data Analyst

Reporting to: Head of Performance Lab

Salary:         £30k Guide

Key Clients:    Haven Holidays, Domino’s Pizza, FlyThomasCook, NEXT, Tesco Bank


Job overview and purpose

Performance Lab sits at the heart of Arena Quantum. Data analytics and the discovery of
insight is an essential part of our client offering.

We are looking to grow the number of data analysts within the Performance Lab in order to
ensure that we have the capacity to fully understand all the data generated by client
campaigns with a view to making them even better, based on key insights delivered from
mining acquisition and customer data.

We are looking for a senior data analyst to interpret data by devising models to understand
key trends, gain insight, and form recommendations to clients based on the insights. This
is a key role in the agency and will ideally be someone who enjoys deriving insight and
delivering this to clients.

Key Responsibilities

Responsibilities will include:

    -    Extracting data from external 3rd party sources
    -    Processing, storing and interpreting this data
    -    Analysing data and demonstrating to clients how we can use this to inform their
         business and marketing decisions
    -    Building models to predict future behaviour / observe changes in behaviour of users
         over time
    -    Presenting findings to clients and providing recommendations on how these insights
         can be used to optimise their activity

Skills required

Highly numerate with an analytical mind while a qualification in a statistical area is useful.
Past experience in database mining is an essential requirement with a focus on extracting
trends or changes from data sets and providing recommendations based on these findings.

Advanced Excel knowledge and previous experience of website analytics is an essential
requirement for the job. It would also be beneficial if the analyst has previous knowledge
of ad-servers (DoubleClick, Atlas or Mediaplex) and databases (particularly SQL)

   - Previous experience in a role that involved analysing and mining data
   - Analytical mind (based on degree / previous jobs)
   - Advanced ability with Excel
   - Previous experience of Website Analytics (Preferably Google Analytics/Webabacus)
   -   Experience using databases / relational data
   -   Ability to build models based on trends within data

   - MySQL database administration experience
   - Ability to read html and JavaScript
   - An understanding of PHP
   - Previous experience with data visualisation tools
   - Experience in customer journey & re-attribution analysis

The analyst would spend their time on the following areas:

Extracting data from 3rd party interfaces

For all of our clients, data needs to be collected from a series of systems and fed into
databases and reports. Some of these are automated while others require manually
inputting and manipulating data. The main sources of these would be from:-

   -   Ad servers ( such as Doubleclick, Mediaplex, Atlas)
   -   Website analytics tools (mainly Google Analytics and Webabacus)
   -   Other external tools such as Hitwise, Google Insight, DDS and Calltracks
   -   My SQL databases storing reporting and exposure to conversion data

Processing and storing data

Following on from extraction, this data then needs to be efficiently stored and managed
and this is a regular part of the job, ensuring that client’s consumer and media data is in a
format that is ready for analysis. This involves:-

   -   Loading data into SQL databases for further analysis
   -   Joining up tables of data using Power Pivot to allow data analysis
   -   Archiving for data to store extended periods

Analysis of client data

Another key part of the job involves looking into client data and pulling out insights. This
may be on an ad-hoc basis, regularly (weekly, monthly) or for specific meetings / projects.
Depending on the client, this can be quite wide ranging however below are some examples
of the types of information you would be asked to look for:-

   -   Customer journey from first point of contact with the brand to conversion
   -   Trend analysis based on media data, customer data or client sales data
   -   Identifying the source of discrepancies within data sets
   -   Website performance and how on-site journey changes over time
   -   Providing recommendations based on the insights uncovered

Analytics recommendations, setup and tagging support

For a number of our clients, we are responsible for their website analytics provision. This
replaces are in-house expertise and results in us setting up new accounts for them and
managing these accounts, setting up new reports and pulling out insights from the
interface. Your work within this area would involve:-

   -   Providing recommendations and requirements for the setup of new accounts
   -   Creating tracking requirements recommendations
   -   Checking tagging implementation once this has been completed on the website
   -   Creating new reports to provide the client with top line view of the site
   -   Deep dive analysis based on specific questions about user behaviour

Assisting usability sessions

As a consequence of providing website analytics support to clients, we also offer a usability
service, analysing client websites and identifying areas where they could improve user
experience. On a monthly basis, you will be required to assist in preparing for these:-

   -   Pulling out insights from the client’s website analytics product
   -   Analysing changes in the website and effects of these on different conversion points

Creation and upkeep of web based Dashboards

In order to provide regular reports for clients, we offer a range of online dashboards to
clients, which provides trends, weekly results and drill downs within a simple to use
interface. As a digital data analyst, you would be involved in maintaining these, performing
tasks such as:-

   -   Analysing client requirements and data and creating feasible table structures
   -   Setting up metrics, dimensions and user logins
   -   Automation of tasks inc. writing macros, setting up templates and PHP scripts
   -   Pre-building reports and queries for clients within the dashboards
   -   Training clients on how to use the basic functionality of the dashboards

Helping support the other areas of the team

Alongside the core functions of your job role, there will also be times where you are
needed to support the other functions of the Performance Lab team. Some of the areas
that you may find yourself helping out are as follows:-

   -   Providing ad hoc reporting assistance in terms of completing daily, weekly or
       monthly reports for the specific clients
   -   Providing ad hoc trafficking to set up media campaigns within the ad-server
       solutions so that Display, Affiliates or Search campaigns can run smoothly
   -   Other ad hoc requests such as attending brainstorms, assisting with user testing
       projects and attending external presentations may also be required

Responding to client queries

The final and by no means smallest area of your job will be dealing with client requests.
Some of these requests will be simple questions where you can provide an immediate
solution while others may be more complex requirements that need to be scoped out by
discussing them with the wider team.

Arena Quantum is one of the UK’s leading digital media agencies and was recently awarded
Agency of the Year at the 2009 IMA Awards. We have a team of 50 digital specialists and
billings of £50m – making us a top 5 agency in the UK.

Quantum operates across all online media channels and offers clients a full 360⁰ service
incorporating all aspects of digital marketing – from strategic consultancy and media
planning and buying through to SEO and web analytics.

We pride ourselves on a friendly culture of innovation and ambition. We like winning
awards, new business and doing brilliant work for clients. Staff development is important
to us and last year, one of our team won Media Week’s Young Digital Person of the Year.

Quantum is part of the Arena group and the Havas Network (2 nd largest global digital
network). This means that we work both as a standalone digital specialist agency but also
as the online arm of one of the most exciting media buying agencies in the UK.


The people at Quantum make it a great place to work. There is a great sense of support
and it is a meritocracy where star quality gets rewarded.

   -   Can do attitude
   -   Approachable
   -   Confident
   -   Knowledgeable
   -   Intelligent
   -   Team player
   -   Down to earth/pragmatic
   -   Fun

Company Values


We have a well constructed talent management process that rewards our staff on hard
work, technical and attitudinal merit along with an effort to deliver against our company

Salary / benefits

Salary dependent on experience, but £30k guide. Benefits include company bonus scheme,
private medical insurance, subsidised gym membership.

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