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									                                                 giving rich explanations of complex
Advantages and                                   phenomena, but in creating or evolving
                                                 theories or conceptual bases, and in
Disadvantages of the                             proposing hypotheses to clarify the
                                                 phenomena. Besides, value of the qualitative
Qualitative Research                             research consists in validity of the
                                                 information received; people are minutely
Methods                                          interviewed so as the obtained data would be
                                                 taken as correct and believable reports of
Qualitative research is used to denote           their opinions and experiences. Its major
approaches which are supported by a set of       disadvantage is that small group of
hypotheses concerning the way the social         interviewed individuals cannot be taken as
world functions. It deduces many of its basic    representative.
principles from the perspective that there are
fundamental differences between the science
of human world and science of natural world
and consequently needs to use distinctive
methods. Here, attention is focused upon
looking at the world through the eyes of
studied objects and upon evolving concepts
and theories which are grounded in the
collecting data. So, qualitative research
connected with own accounts of the
individuals of their attitudes and behavior.

The significance of qualitative research
consists in setting stress on describing,
understanding complex phenomena. It
investigates, for instance, the relationships
and patterns among factors or the context in
which the activity happens. It is
concentrated on understanding the full
many-dimensional picture of the subject of

The approaches of the qualitative research
differ from the methods of the quantitative
research. Quantitative methods have their
aim in dividing into clearly defined parts, or
variables. When we research an issue which
we know how to quantify, for example, what
can be quantified for sure, we may leave out
the factors which are crucial to the real
understanding of the phenomena under
study. Disadvantage of the quantitative as
well as qualitative research is that they do
not always underpin understanding of multi-
dimensional pictures.

Qualitative methods are helpful not only in

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