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					                                DOX-AL ITALIA S.p.A.
                               Group Technical Centre
            Sede Legale/Legal Seat: Via dei Giardini, 4 – 20121 Milano – ITALY
           Uffici/Office: Via Mascagni, 6/A – 20050 Sulbiate Superiore (MI) – ITALY

                           DOX-AL AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.
               Head Office: 21 Terrara Road, Vermont, Victoria, Australia 3133
      Telephone: +61 3 9874 1892 Facsimile: +61 3 9873 4194 email:
      New South wales Office: 15 Railway parade, Balmoral Village, NSW Australia 2571
                  Telephone: 0418 651 218 Facsimile: +61 2 486899 004

What are the benefits of feeding Thepax?                                             How does Thepax differ from live or dried yeast?
         The microflora of the digestive tract contributes to the digestive                  There are numerous factors that influence the viability of any yeast product.
         processes of the animal by production of specific enzymes able to
         induce the release of nutrients that would otherwise be inaccessible, for           Live yeast is generally destroyed at the gastric barrier and evidence
         example those bound to vegetal fibre.                                               indicates it may activate the defence mechanisms of the indigenous flora.
                                                                                             While some increase in micro-flora is evident initially the colony is ultimately
         The digestive microflora synthesise substances (vitamins, amino-acids               reduced.
         etc), which play an important role in the metabolism of the animal.
                                                                                             Dried yeasts contain nutrients that are typically destroyed as a result of the
         Stimulating the digestive microflora with Thepax inactivated and                    drying process. Dried yeast has only marginal effect on the growth of
         stabilised saccharomyces cerevaise, enhances the capability of the                  digestive micro-organisms.
         animal to utilise the feed, thus improving the feed efficiency.
                                                                                             Thepax has been used successfully for over 10 years and has been proven
         This leads to:                                                                      the most effective product of its type available in the market today.
                 Increased production performance (milk & meat etc)
                 Improved FCR                                                                An invitro trial at the University of Perugia’s Department of Internal Medicine
                 Decreased production unit cost                                              on the growth of treated and untreated lactobacilli acidophilus over a 24
                 Improved product quality (milk, meat etc)                                   hour period highlighted that the normal growth of an untreated colony
                 Reduction in the use of antibiotics                                         starting at 0.0634 (spectrumphotometer at 600nm) peaked at 11 hours at
                                                                                             117% increase, reducing to 32% at 24 hours.

                                                                                             The addition of Diamond V (dried yeast) increased the colony by 146.8% at
Mode of action of Thepax                                                                     11 hours, reducing to 61% at 24 hours.

                                                                                             The addition of live yeast increased the colony by 145.5% at 11 hours
         The unique and patented method of inactivation and stabilization of the             reducing to just 17% at 24 hours.
         saccharomyces cerevaise cells present a unique product with unparallel
         benefits.                                                                           The addition of Thepax (inactivated and stabilised saccharomyces
                                                                                             cerevaise, increased the colony by 641% at 11 hours reducing to just 553%
         The carrier-cell transports essential nutrients to the digestive                    at 24 hours.
         microorganism, which break down the cell wall by enzymatic attack.
                                                                                             The patented inactivation and stabilisation process of the saccharomyces
         Studies have shown, that this lysis may only be carried out by bacterial            cerevaise cells in Thepax ensures the cells arrive intact in the gut to allow
         enzymes, while the ones produced by the host animal are ineffective.                maximum utilisation by the indigenous micro flora

                                                                                                      Fig 1: Graph of the growth curve of lactobacilli acidophilus
         The digestive bacteria are able to use the substances contained in the
         carrier-cell (Thepax) as nutrients, enhancing their own important
         metabolic activities.

         The resulting increase in cellular synthesis, catabolism and cellular
         reproduction benefit the host animal by improving digestive efficiency
         and immune defence.

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