Technical Briefing - Deh Cho Bridge Project July 28_ 2009 by dfsdf224s


									Deh Cho Bridge Project
        July 28, 2009
A contract dispute had the potential to disrupt the 2009
construction season. DCBC acted under the contract, with
GNWT support, to direct Ruskin Construction to beging
construction of the work bridge and to begin pier construction.
That work is now underway and a contract has been signed.
                                                      p    ,
Atcon Construction continues its fabrication of steel piers, for
delivery in 2009. It also continues to provide the construction
Dispute resolution mechanisms are built into DCB contracts to
ensure an orderly means of resolving
all disputes, and they are being
    p y
GNWT will not comment on contract
disputes between two third parties.
The GNWT entered into a Concession
Agreement with DCBC to construct a $170
million bridge
If at any point DCBC were unable to meet its
     g                              g
obligations under the Concession Agreement,  ,
GNWT would assume responsibility for the
project. That is not an expected outcome.
The GNWT remains informed about the project
through a Department of Transportation team
committed to ensuring high
quality, good value, and a
long service life for the
Deh Cho Bridge
Processes established under the Concession
Agreement ensure the interests of NWT
   id                 d
residents are protected
GNWT adds value to the Deh Cho Bridge project
by providing expertise and additional project
management capacity when required
To ensure national bridge standards are met
  d       i i     h design and construction,
and to optimize the d i       d          i
GNWT worked with DCBC to
provide for independent
p               p
reviews of the bridge design
The Deh Cho Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge
design, suitable for spanning a wide river
GNWT undertook a detailed independent review
of the design, and opportunities for improving
the bridge design have been identified.
A final design for the superstructure and deck
is expected by late fall 2009
Any design changes that may be adopted are
not expected to significantly
impact the cost of the bridge.
However, d l
          delays in steell
fabrication may affect the
overall budget
The project continues to be managed within the
        g     g                   g   y
existing budget. There is a contingency amount
built into the budget to address unanticipated
Delays and design changes may have an effect on
the overall budget
◦ Still too early to assess
◦ It is still expected the project will be on budget at
All parties are working
hard to address problems
and have a successful
completion of the project
Year                 On Site                           Off Site
2008   • Complete four South piers, pier      • Fabricate pier armour
       bents and abutment                     and pier bents
                                              • Fabricate South
                                              superstructure spans
                                              • Fabricate South deck
2009   • Complete four North piers, pier      • Fabricate North and
       bents and abutment                     Centre superstructure
       • Install South superstructure spans   spans
       • Install South deck panels            • Fabricate North deck
2010   • Install North superstructure spans
       •Install main span
       •North and Centre span deck panels
       •Finishing work
Year             On Site                        Off Site

2008   • Complete four South        • Fabricate pier armour and pier
       piers                        bents
2009   • Complete four North        • Complete fabrication of North
       piers, pier bents and        pier armour and pier bents
2010   • Install superstructure     • Fabricate superstructure spans
       spans                        • Fabricate deck panels
       •I     ll deck
         Install d k panelsl
       • Finishing work
2011   • Complete installation of   • Complete fabrication of
       superstructure spans         superstructure spans
       • Complete installation of   • Complete fabrication of deck
       deck panels                  panels
       • Finishing work
Deh Cho Bridge Act
Concession Agreement
◦ h    // i    l    /d h h 2
Deh Cho Bridge Brochure 2007
◦ http://tinyurl com/dehcho3
DOT website


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