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Vol. 63, No. 10                                       Published Monthly                                      October 2008

   ✭✭✭✭✭                        November 4, 2008: GeNerAL eLeCTioN

                    Vote NO on
                  PrOPOsitiON 5
 The Los Angeles Police Protective League and law enforcement agencies across the
    state are united in their opposition to Proposition 5 for the following reasons:
         ✔ NORA guts California’s successful drug courts       ✔ NORA discourages marijuana offenders from
                                                                getting treatment
         ✔ NORA builds on the failures of Proposition 36
                                                               ✔ NORA mandates advancement of a drug
         ✔ NORA could include domestic violence offenders       legalization strategy

         ✔ NORA gives preferred parole for many drug        ✔ NORA will increase the hopelessness of addiction
                              ✔ NORA permits continued use of drugs while in treatment

                                   make your voices heard on November 4!
                                    See pages 36-37 for more information.

                                       The League’s battle against Financial Disclosure continues.
                                                    Please see editorial on page 35.

                                                            DON’T SIGN!
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NOVEMBER 4, 2008:
GENERAL ELECTION                             Vote NO on
The Los Angeles Police Protective League and law enforcement agencies across
✔ NORA guts California’s successful drug courts                      ✔ NORA could include domestic violence offenders

✔ NORA builds on the failures of Proposition 36                      ✔ NORA gives preferred parole for many drug dealers

Proposition 5 Opponents
• Los Angeles Police Protective League
• California District Attorneys Association
• District attorneys from nearly 40 California counties
• Robert B. McCulloch and Mathis Heck, Jr.,
 past presidents of the National District Attorneys
• Chiefs of police from over 50 California cities                                          FACT SHEET
• San Mateo County Police Chief & Sheriff Association
                                                          “Proposition 5 poses a very serious threat to criminal justice and safety in Cali-
• Sheriffs from 40 California counties
                                                          fornia. If this initiative passes in November, nothing else matters.” – Jan Scully,
• California State Sheriffs’ Association                  former president of the California District Attorneys Association
• California Police Chiefs Association
• California Narcotic Officers’ Association
                                                          What would Prop. 5 do?
• Oxnard Peace Officers Association                       • Drug dealers who sell or distribute less than 1 kilo [10,000 doses] of methamphetamine,
                                                          crystal meth, or cocaine will have parole shortened from three years to six months.
• Los Angeles County Police Chiefs Association
                                                          • Domestic violence abusers, child abusers, identity thieves, burglars, felony drunk drivers,
• Peace Officers Assocation of Los Angeles County         car thieves and real estate fraud con men could essentially receive a “get-out-of-jail-free”
• Los Angeles County Prosecutors Association              card and qualify for diversion into programs without accountability instead of facing
• Chief Probabtion Officers of California
• Crime Victims United                                    • Positive drug tests while on probation or parole will not result in violations, incarceration
                                                          or new criminal charges.
• D.A.R.E. America
• National Association of Drug Court Professionals        • Paroled felons can continue to use drugs without being sent back to prison.

• Student Drug Testing Coalition                          • Paroled felons who commit new misdemeanor offenses will not be sent back to prison.
• International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy       • Paroled felons who abscond from parole will receive, upon capture, no more than 30 days
• San Dieguito Alliance                                   in county jail.

• Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)                    • Someone who commits felonies – even violent felonies – and claims “the drugs made me
• Drug Free America Foundation                            do it” will be referred to drug treatment, not jail or prison.

• Save our Society From Drugs
• Students Taking Action Not Drugs
                                                          How much will it cost taxpayers?
                                                          • Proposition 5 shifts many costs from the state to the counties, which may be forced to
• National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance
                                                          raise taxes. The Los Angeles Criminal Clerks Office estimates over $84,000,000 in addi-
• Drug Prevention Network of America                      tional court costs just for L.A. County alone.
• Truckee Police Officers Association
                                                          • Legislative analyst said costs could exceed $1 billion, and savings could equal that, but
• International Scientific and Medical Forum on           said its cost estimates could be wrong by “hundreds of millions of dollars” and didn’t
                                                          include costs if offenders commit more crimes while in treatment.
 Drug Abuse
• Institute on Global Drug Policy                         • If passed, this spending will continue forever unless restricted by future voter initiative.
• Californians for Drug Free Schools
                                                          • Governor and legislature cannot adjust funding, even in times of budget shortfall or
• California Association of Drug Court Professionals      crisis.

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Page 36 | The Thin Blue line | october2008
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                PrOPOsitiON 5
the state are united in their opposition to Proposition 5 for the following reasons:
✔ NORA discourages marijuana offenders from getting treatment                          ✔ NORA will increase the hopelessness of addiction

✔ NORA mandates advancement of a drug legalization strategy                            ✔ NORA permits continued use of drugs while in treatment

                                                                                                      Proposition 5 Opponents
               November 4, 2008, Proposition 5                                                        • PRIDE-Omaha, Inc.
                     A Position Paper                                                                 • Texas State Elks Association Drug Awareness Program
                               By District Attorney Steve Cooley
                                                                                                      • Republican Party of Los Angeles County
        The supporters of Proposition 5 are trying to convince Californians that they can             • California League of United Latin American Citizens
   free addicts from drug dependence, end prison overcrowding and save the state billions
   of dollars by simply voting “yes.” This misguided proposition will not only fail to pro-           • LULAC National Health Commission
   duce the desired results, but it will cost the taxpayers billions of dollars, needlessly clog      • La Raza Roundtable de California
   the courts, and divert scarce resources from those who really want sobriety to those who
   simply want a “Get-Out-of-Jail-Free” card. Worse still, once passed, the provisions of             • No on 5 Campaign Co-Chairman Martin Sheen
   Propositon 5 can only be changed by a four-fifths (80%) vote of the legislature. I stronly         • Former Governors Gray Davis, Pete Wilson and
   urge a “NO” vote.
        Defendants who commit arson of a structure or forestland, commercial burglary,                 George Deukmejian
   vandalism, sell drugs, steal our cars and our identities, traffic in child pornography, drive      • General Barry McCaffrey, Former Director of the
   under the influence of drugs or alcohol, sexually exploit teenagers and the mentally dis-
   abled desrve incarceration. Under Proposition 5, if these crimminals “appear” to have a             Office of National Drug Control Policy
   problem with substance abuse or addiction, they will get probation and treatment, not
   prison. A criminal who is in treatment under Proposition 5, instead of being incarcerated,
                                                                                                      • Edward Jacobs, MD, Former Chairman,
   can continue to use drugs without fear of incarceration. Under the provisions of Proposi-           Committee on Substance Abuse, American
   tion 5, more than 50,000 Los Angeles County criminals a year could escape responsibility
   for their crimes.                                                                                   Academy of Pediatrics
        The price tag for Proposition 5, according to the Legislative Analyst’s Office, could         • Rebecca Hernandez, President, Safety
   exceed $1 billion a year. This does not take into account costs associated with the dramatic
   increase in court cases. In 2007, approximately 18,000 Los Angeles County defendants re-            Wellness Advocacy Coalition
   ceived treatment under Deferred Entry of Judgment, Proposition 36 or Drug Court Pro-               • Numerous judges and court professionals
   grams. If Proposition 5 were to pass, the number of defendants entitled to treatment in
   lieu of incarceration could increase by more than 2-1/2 times (i.e., 50,000 based on 2007           across the state of California
   filings) inundating Los Angeles County courts with thousands of additional appearances,
                                                                                                      • Dr. Igor Koutsenok, Director, UCSD Center for
   clogging the system and straining limited courst resources.
        The claim that Proposition 5 will save billions of dollars because new prisons will            Criminality and Addiction Research, Training
   not be need is untrue. Propostion 5 assumes that everyone who receives drug treatment
   will complete the program and never again commit a crime. There is no reason to believe             and Application
   that this prrogram will be any more successful than Proposition 36, which, according to            • California Senator Jeff Denham and
   a UCLA study, has a failure rate of 77%. Under Proposition 5, Californians will pay twice
   – first for failed treatment and ultimately for incarceration.                                      Assemblymember Doug La Malfa
        The enormous bureaucracy envisioned by Proposition 5 will treat all eligible defen-           • California State Association of Counties
   dants the same, stripping judges of their discretion. Drug courts, which now can craft
   appropriate treatment programs tailored to the specific addiction history of a defendant,          • California Chamber of Commerce
   will be strictly limited as to treatment terms and conditions.
        Under Proposition 5, prisoners may serve as little as one-third of their original sen-
                                                                                                        The Criminal Clerks Office of los angeles esti-
   tences. Once released, all but the most serious offenders will be supervised on parole for
   only six months. While on parole, these convicted crimminals can test positive for drugs,            mates that Proposition 5 will triple the number
   commit new misdemeanor offenses and abscond, without fear of returning to prison.                    of cases eligible to participate in recovery pro-
        Proposition 5 also uses taxpayer money to provide convicted criminals with housing              grams, creating an additional 27,570 defendants
   assistance, child care, education stipends for college or trade school, transportation to and        referred annually, resulting in an additional
   from drug treatment, and “harm reduction therapy” aimed at teaching responsible drug
   use. When the provisions of Proposition 5 prove ineffective, change can only be made by              551,400 court appearances and an additional
   a four-fifths (80%) vote of the legislature.                                                         $63,074,646 in court costs. This is in addition to
        Proposition 5’s unproven programs will waste billions of dollars, allow tens of thou-           the 183,800 additional court appearances and
   sands of crimminals to escape punishment and lead to a significant increase in crime.                $21,024,882 in costs caused by the passing of
   Effectively decriminalizing a wide variety of criminal offenses does nothing other than
                                                                                                        Proposition 36, which have already created a
   greatly endanger the public. If Propositon 5 becomes law, crime will pay and law-abiding
   Californians will pay even more.                                                                     burden on court staff, equipment and facilities.

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