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					Tax Compliance Declaration Form

The Ontario Government expects all Applicants to pay their provincial taxes on a timely basis.
Applicants are advised that a Project Owner may also require a declaration from the Listed
Vendor that the Listed Vendor’s provincial taxes are in good standing. In this regard, in order to
be included on the Vendor List, the Applicant must submit the following tax compliance status
statement and the following consent to disclosure:


 I/WE hereby certify that
                                                  (Legal Business Name)
at the time of submitting its Application, is in full compliance with all tax statutes administered by
the Ministry of Revenue for Ontario and that, in particular, all returns required to be filed under all
provincial tax statutes have been filed and all taxes due and payable under those statutes have
been paid, or satisfactory arrangements for their payment have been made and maintained.

Consent to Disclosure

I/We consent to the Ministry of Revenue releasing the taxpayer information described in this
Declaration to the Ontario Power Authority administering the Vendor List application process as
necessary for the purpose of verifying that I/we am/are in full compliance with all statutes
administered by the Ministry of Revenue.

 Dated at                               this                    day of                 2010
                 (Location)                    (Day of Month)              (Month)

(Signature of Authorized Signing Officer)

(Print Name)


(Phone Number)                                         (Fax Number)
Please provide the requested information below to the best of your ability.

1) Indicate the form of your business, and the name under which it was registered. E.g.
   Corporation, Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership, etc.

2) Indicate the jurisdiction(s), and year(s), in which the business was formed or has been
   registered. Specifically indicate if the business has been registered in Canada and/or

3) Provide all registration and tax identification numbers assigned to the business, associated
   with the jurisdictions above. Specifically indicate if you have registered for GST, HST, or
   prior to July 2010, RST, and provide the corresponding federal business number and/or
   Ministry of Revenue number.

4) Does your business currently manufacture and/or sell your manufactured product within the
   province of Ontario? As of what date?

5) Does your business employ workers within the province of Ontario to the extent that payroll
   exceeds $400,000? If yes, provide your Ontario Employer Health Tax registration number.