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									Oral Sessions / Program Tuesday, June 16                                                                                            Session Room A

Session #4 : 9:35>10:45 : Natural carbons (geological and extraterrestrial carbons)
09:35 Keynote : The insoluble organic matter in carbonaceous meteorites
Doctor Sylvie Derenne (tentative speaker), Doctor François Robert                                                                               Page 121
10:05 Carbonaceous matter and metamorphic conditions in chondritic asteroids
Doctor Eric Quirico (tentative speaker), Doctor Gilles Montagnac, Doctor Jean-Noel Rouzaud, Doctor Lydie Bonal, Doctor Michèle Bourot-Denise,
Doctor Stan Duber, Doctor Bruno Reynard                                                                                                         Page 121
10:25 Fullerenes from the geological environment – seventeen years after the first discovery
Doctor Jan Jehlicka (tentative speaker), Doctor Ota Frank, Mister Petr Vitek, Doctor Vera Hamplova, Doctor Libor Juha                           Page 121
Session #5 : 11:10>12:30 :Carbons grown or deposited from gas phase and plasmas (diamonds,
11:10 Engineering of hierarchically structures with carbon surfaces via gas phase processes
Doctor Bastian Etzold (tentative speaker)                                                                                                       Page 125
11:30 Carbide-derived carbon: a novel approach for creating of carbon materials with tunable microstruture
Doctor Nadejda Popovska (tentative speaker)                                                                                                     Page 125
11:50 Detailed kinetic mechanism of pyrocarbon deposition obtained by hydrocarbon pyrolysis
Mister Remy Lacroix (tentative speaker), Doctor Paul-Marie Marquaire, Doctor Isabelle Ziegler-Devin, Doctor René Fournet                        Page 125
12:10 Production of MWCNT by a FBCCVD (Fluidized Bed Catalyzed Chemical Vapor Deposition) process
Doctor Alina Carmen Tito (tentative speaker), Doctor Carlo Vittorio Mazzochia, Doctor Francesco Bianco, Doctor Pierrot Nunga                    Page 126
12:35 LUNCH
Bellevue Building : Rotonde, Atlantique Room
Oral Sessions / Program Tuesday, June 16                                                                                             Session Room A

Session #6 : 14:00>15:50 : Natural carbons (geological and extraterrestrial carbons)
14:00 Keynote : On laboratory nanodiamonds as earth analogues of extraterrestrial carbons
Doctor Jean-Noël ROUZAUD (tentative speaker), Mister Corentin LE GUILLOU, Doctor Lionel VANDENBULCKE, Doctor Thomas GRIES                               Page 133
14:30 Nanostructured carbohydrate based materials – economical, green and valuable
Doctor Maria-Magdalena Titirici (tentative speaker), Miss Rezan Demir-Cakan, Mister Niki Baccile, Miss Li Zhao, Miss Shiori Kubo, Doctor Markus Antonietti Page 243
14:50 The deuterium signature of insoluble oganic matter in carbonaceous chondrites: a record of early solar system
Doctor Laurent Remusat (tentative speaker), Doctor François Robert, Doctor John Eiler, Doctor Anders Meibom, Doctor Sylvie Derenne                      Page 133
15:10 Photoluminescence of extraterrestrial a-C:H
Miss Marie GODARD (tentative speaker), Doctor Emmanuel DARTOIS, Mister Dominique DEBOFFLE                                                               Page 134
15:30 Low pressure flame: a source for analogues of carbonaceous interstellar dust
Doctor Thomas Pino (tentative speaker), Doctor Emmanuel Dartois, Mister Yvain Carpentier, Mister Anh Tuan Cao, Doctor Rosario Brunetto,
Doctor Antony Jones, Doctor Louis d’hendecourt, Doctor Philippe Bréchignac                                                                              Page 134
Session #7 : 16:15>18:15 : Carbons from “soft” precursors (pitches, polymers), including their primary
and secondary carbonisation, graphitisation
16:15 Structural analysis of low temperature PPP-based carbons by high energy X-ray and transmission electron
Doctor Kyoichi OSHIDA (tentative speaker), Doctor Tatsuo NAKAZAWA, Doctor Kozo OSAWA, Doctor Katsuyuki FUJIWARA,
Doctor Morinobu ENDO                                                                                                                                    Page 141
16:35 SAXS and WAXS investigations of the graphitization mechanism of PBO chars
Doctor Krisztina László (tentative speaker), Doctor Erik Geissler, Miss M. Beatriz Vázquez-Santos, Doctor Amelia Martínez- Alonso,
Doctor Juan M.D. Tascón                                                                                                                                 Page 141
16:55 Carbonization temperature a key parameter for carbon fibers activation by hydroxides
Mister Mirko Kunowsky, Doctor Juan Pablo Marco-Lozar, Doctor Diego Cazorla-Amoros, Doctor Angel Linares-Solano (tentative speaker)                      Page 141
17:15 Non-monotonic Microstructural Evolution in pitchbased carbon fibers
Doctor Amod Ogale (tentative speaker), Doctor Sungho Lee, Doctor David Anderson                                                                         Page 142
17:35 Nanoporous carbonized thin films produced by plasma immersion ion implantation of self-organized block-
copolymer precursors.
Doctor Valeriy Luchnikov (tentative speaker), Doctor Aleksey Konduyrin, Doctor Marcela Bilek, Doctor Petr Formanek, Doctor Hans Lichte,
Doctor Manfred Stamm                                                                                                                                    Page 142
17:55 Selectivity of gas separations and molecules characteristics in elementary textural fragments of pitch-based carbon
molecular sieves
Mister Alexander Berveno (tentative speaker)                                                                                                            Page 142
Bellevue Building, Atlantique Room
Oral Sessions / Program Tuesday, June 16                                                                                          Session Room B

Session #4 : 9:35>10:45 Carbon-based composites, nanocomposites,and components (fibres,
nanotubes, matrices,…) for mechanical properties (thermo-structural, tribological…)
Mister William Fawcett (tentative speaker), Doctor Dinesh Shetty                                                                            Page 122
10:05 Carbon and ceramic open-cell foams with tunable properties
Doctor Georges Chollon (tentative speaker), Doctor Sophie Delettrez, Doctor Francis Langlais, Doctor Gérard Vignoles                        Page 122
10:25 Hybrid SnO2/carbon composites: from foams to films
Doctor Mohammed Mastabur Rahman (tentative speaker), Doctor Federico Cesano, Doctor Domenica Scarano, Doctor Adriano Zecchina               Page 122
Session #5 : 11:10>12:30 Carbon-based composites, nanocomposites, and components (fibres,
nanotubes, matrices,…) for mechanical properties (thermo-structural, tribological…)
11:10 Friction properties of fluorinated carbon nano-objects
Doctor Philippe Thomas (tentative speaker), Doctor David Himmel, Doctor Jean-Louis Mansot, Doctor Marc Dubois, Doctor Katia Guérin,
Mister Wei Zhang, Doctor André Hamwi                                                                                                        Page 127
11:30 Superlow Friction of Onionlike Carbon Synthesized from Diamond Nanoparticles
Doctor Nobuo OHMAE (tentative speaker)                                                                                                      Page 127
11:50 The role of 3rd body in the friction and wear during carbon/carbon composite friction
Doctor Haytam Kasem, Doctor Sylvie Bonnamy (tentative speaker), Doctor Yves Berthier, Doctor Roland Benoit, Doctor Pascale Jacquemard       Page 127
12:10 Development of a new method for the study of textural structures of pyrolytic carbon
Miss YanYan Zhu, Doctor LianLong He (tentative speaker)                                                                                     Page 128
12:35 LUNCH
Bellevue Building : Rotonde, Atlantique Room
Oral Sessions / Program Tuesday, June 16                                                                                                 Session Room B

Session #6 : 14:00>15:50 Carbon-based composites, nanocomposites, and components (fibres,
nanotubes, matrices,…) for mechanical properties (thermo-structural, tribological…)
14:00 Keynote : Latex-based Polymer Nanocomposites containing Carbon Nanotubes or Graphene.
Doctor Cor Koning (tentative speaker), Doctor Nadia Grossiord, Miss Marie Claire Hermant, Doctor Hans Miltner, Mister Evgeniy Tkalya,
Doctor Joachim Loos, Doctor Bruno Van Mele                                                                                                            Page 135
14:30 Carbon nanotube impregnated carbon fiber composites
Doctor Gajanana Prabhu-Gaunkar (tentative speaker)                                                                                                  Page 290
14:50 Chemically Modified Carbon Nanostructures for Electrospun Thin Film Polymer Nanocomposites
Doctor Kristopher Behler, Doctor Mickael Havel, Doctor Antonella Stravato, Doctor Vadym Mochalin, Doctor Yury Gogotsi (tentative speaker)             Page 135
15:10 Tensile Properties of PAN-based Carbon Fiber Containing Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes
Miss Carissa Dowden (tentative speaker), Doctor Matthew Weisenberger, Miss Ashley Whitlow, Mister John Craddock, Doctor Rodney Andrews,
Mister Keith Roberts                                                                                                                                  Page 136
15:30 Elaboration and properties of 1D composites from long and aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Doctor mayne-l’hermite martine (tentative speaker), Miss Guyomard Anne-Yvonne, Mister Helezen Michaël, Miss Patel Stéphanie, Mister Roussel Florent, Doctor
Desarmot Georges, Miss Ciornei Cristina, Doctor Wegrowe Jean-Eric, Doctor Pinault Mathieu, Doctor Reynaud Cécile                                        Page 136
Session #7 : 16:15>18:15 Mixed Topics T3 + T4 + T5 + T6
16:15 In situ transformation of agave bagasse into activated carbon using an environmental scanning electron
Mister Cesar Nieto-Delgado (tentative speaker), Doctor Mauricio Terrones, Doctor Jose-Rene Rangel-Mendez                                              Page 143
16:35 Microscopy of columnar structures
Doctor Boris Reznik (tentative speaker), Doctor Aijun Li, Doctor Guenter Schoch, Doctor Olaf Deutschmann                                              Page 65
16:55 A SWNT synthesis apparatus for multivariate analysis of nucleation and growth factors
Doctor Benji Maruyama(tentative speaker), Mister David Liptak, Doktor Rahul Rao, Mister Roberto Acosta                                                Page 43
17:15 Surface Chemistry, Porous Texture, and Morphology of N-Doped Carbon Xerogels
Doctor María Pérez-Cadenas, Doctor Carlos Moreno-Castilla (tentative speaker), Doctor Francisco Carrasco-Marín, Doctor Agustín F. Pérez-Cadenas       Page 144
17:35 Structure and rearrangement of graphene planes in carbon fibres at high temperatures and high stresses
Doctor Harald Rennhofer, Doctor Stephan Puchegger, Doctor Dieter Loidl, Doctor Oskar Paris, Doctor Herwig Peterlik (tentative speaker)                Page 144
17:55 Carbon-encapsulated α-Fe2O3 hollow nanoparticles as negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries
Mister Zhou Jisheng, Doctor Song Huaihe (tentative speaker), Doctor Chen Xiaohong                                                                     Page 144
Bellevue Building, Atlantique Room
Oral Sessions / Program Tuesday, June 16                                                                                              Session Room C

Session #4 : 9:35>10:45 Energy storage and conversion
09:35 Keynote : Graphite composite bipolar plates – A basis for reliable and cost effective fuel cells
Doctor Guenter Rinn (tentative speaker), Mister Sven Bornbaum, Mister Juergen Spies                                                                  Page 123
10:05 Study of diffusive limitations in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC)
Miss Mathilde Brigaudet (tentative speaker), Doctor Sandrine Berthon-Fabry, Doctor Christian Beauger, Doctor Nathalie Job, Doctor Marian Chatenet,
Doctor Patrick Achard                                                                                                                                Page 123
10:25 Evaluation of supported transition metal carbides nanoparticles as a potential replacement for platinum in PEMFC
Doctor DESFORGES alexandre (tentative speaker), Doctor CAHEN sébastien, Doctor MARECHE jean-françois, Doctor FURDIN guy,
Doctor GUILLET nicolas, Doctor BONNET caroline, Doctor LAPICQUE françois                                                                             Page 123
Session #5 : 11:10>12:30 Liquid and gas storage, adsorption (and environmental uses)
11:10 Induced selectivity by activated carbon in the photooxidation of 4-chlorophenol
Doctor Juan Matos (tentative speaker), Miss Andreína García, Doctor Jean-Marc Chovelon, Doctor Tulynan Cordero, Doctor Corinne Ferronato             Page 129
11:30 Imaging the Protective Performance of a Carbon-Containing Textile by Unilateral Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Mister Hans Adriaensen (tentative speaker), Doctor Martin Bencsik, Doctor Stuart Brewer, Mister Martin Smith                                         Page 129
Miss Alba Anfruns (tentative speaker), Doctor Manel Poch, Doctor Miguel A. Montes-Moran, Doctor Maria J. Martin                                      Page 129
12:10 Removal of very low concentrated formaldehyde using MnO2 supported PAN based activated carbon nanofiber
under humid atmosphere
Mister Gang Ho LEE (tentative speaker)                                                                                                               Page 130
12:35 LUNCH
Bellevue Building : Rotonde, Atlantique Room
Oral Sessions / Program Tuesday, June 16                                                                                              Session Room C

Session #6 : 14:00>15:50 Energy storage and conversion
14:00 Keynote : High-voltage saturation of sub-nanometer pores in an electric double-layer capacitor
Doctor François Béguin, Doctor Roman Mysyk, Doctor Yasin Eker, Doctor Encarnacion Raymundo-Pinero (tentative speaker)                              Page 137
14:30 Adsorption of anionic azo dyes onto microporous and mesoporous activated carbon cloths
Mister Lucio DONNAPERNA, Doctor Laurent DUCLAUX (tentative speaker), Doctor Roger GADIOU, Madam Marie Paule HIRN, Doctor Carlo MERLI               Page 232
14:50 EDLC electrodes from cellulose-based carbon aerogels: influence of the carbon’s surface chemistry
Madam Claudia Hildenbrand (tentative speaker), Doctor Bartosz Grzyb, Doctor Sandrine Berthon-Fabry, Doctor Nathalie Job, Doctor Dominique Bégin,
Doctor Arnaud Rigacci, Doctor Patrick Achard                                                                                                          Page 83
15:10 Graphitization of carbon nanospheres and their performances as negative electrodes in Li-ion batteries
Doctor Noriko Yoshizawa (tentative speaker), Doctor Yasushi Soneda, Doctor Hiroaki Hatori, Mister Hitoshi Ue, Doctor Takeshi Abe                    Page 138
15:30 NH3 adsorption on MoF/GO composites
Noriko Doctor Teresa Bandosz (tentative speaker) Doctor Camille Petit                                                                              no abstract
Session #7 : 16:15>18:15 Liquid and gas storage, adsorption (and environmental uses)
16:15 Albumin-directed one-step synthesis of nitrogen-doped hydrothermal carbon nanostructures from glucose
Doctor Maria-Magdalena Titirici (tentative speaker), Doctor Niki Baccile, Doctor Markus Antonietti                                                  Page 152
16:35 CH4-CO2 mixed gas adsorption on single wall carbon nanohorn
Doctor Yasuhiko Urabe (tentative speaker), Mister Takefumi Ishikura, Doctor Katsumi Kaneko                                                          Page 145
16:55 Sulfur containing carbons for H2S removal at room temperature
Miss Carla Canals-Batlle (tentative speaker), Doctor Miguel A. Montes-Morán, Doctor Maria J. Martín                                                 Page 145
17:15 CO2 capture by adsorption on activated carbons using pressure modulation
Mister Mario PELLERANO (tentative speaker), Madam Pascaline PRE, Madam Mariem KACEM, Madam Laurence LE COQ,
Mister Arnaud DELEBARRE                                                                                                                             Page 146
17:35 Adsorption of Pyridine from Water Solution onto an Activated Carbon Cloth
Doctor Roberto Leyva-Ramos (tentative speaker), Miss Oliva L. Torres-Rivera , Mister Raul Ocampo-Perez, Doctor Pedro Alonso-Davila,
Doctor Maria S. Berber-Mendoza, Madam Rosa M. Guerrero-Coronado , Madam Jovita Mendoza Barron                                                       Page 146
Doctor Indrek Kulaots (tentative speaker), Doctor Jillian Goldfarb, Doctor Eric M. Suuberg                                                          Page 146
Bellevue Building, Atlantique Room
Oral Sessions / Program Tuesday, June 16                                                                                            Session Room D

Session #4 : 9:35>10:45 Chemical and physical modifications: functionalisation, doping, intercalation,
exfoliation, solid state transformations
09:35 Keynote : Synthesis, characterization and application explorations of graphene
Doctor Wencai Ren (tentative speaker), Mister Zhongshuai Wu, Mister Libo Gao, Doctor Hui-Ming Cheng                                           Page 124
10:05 Site-specific functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes by Focused Ion Beam
Miss Xiaoxing Ke (tentative speaker), Doctor Alex Felten, Doctor Carla Bittencourt, Doctor Sara Bals, Doctor Gustaaf Van Tendeloo             Page 344
10:25 Complex pattern formation in graphene through low temperature etching by single magnetic particles
Miss Lutfiye Bulut (tentative speaker), Doctor Robert Hurt                                                                                    Page 124
Session #5 : 11:10>12:30 Chemical and physical modifications: functionalisation, doping, intercalation,
exfoliation, solid state transformations
11:10 In situ Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Containing Highly Dispersed Pt Nanoparticles
Miss Liuping Wang, Madam Ying Zhou, Mister Zhichao Wang, Miss Xiaoxue Liu, Doctor Jieshan Qiu (tentative speaker)                             Page 332
11:30 Enhancement of platinum nanoparticles loading on activated carbon fibers by nitrogen functional groups doping
Doctor Seungkon Ryu (tentative speaker), Mister Hakjun Kim, Mister Jaeyoung Lee, Doctor Xiaoping Yang                                         Page 131
11:50 Carbon aerogels as supports for highly dispersed Pt nanoparticles
Miss Marta Dawidziuk, Doctor Francisco Carrasco-Marín, Doctor Carlos Moreno-Castilla (tentative speaker)                                      Page 131
12:10 New synthesis methods for fluorinated carbon nanofibres
Mister Wei ZHANG (tentative speaker), Doctor Marc DUBOIS, Doctor Katia GUERIN, Doctor Francis MASIN, Doctor André HAMWI                       Page 132
12:35 LUNCH
Bellevue Building : Rotonde, Atlantique Room
Oral Sessions / Program Tuesday, June 16                                                                                                Session Room D

Session #6 : 14:00>15:50 Chemical and physical modifications: functionalisation, doping, intercalation,
exfoliation, solid state transformations
14:00 Keynote : Graphene and carbon nanotubes solutions.
Doctor Alain Pénicaud (tentative speaker)                                                                                                              Page 139
14:30 Covalent and non-covalent modification of SWCNT under 60Co g-ray irradiation.
Doctor Alex Ryabenko (tentative speaker), Doctor Dmitrii Kiryukhin, Doctor Galina Kichigina, Doctor Nikolai Kiselev, Doctor Olga Zhigalina,
Doctor Sergei Sulyanov, Doctor Evgenii Nikolaev, Doctor Aleksei Konanihin, Doctor Mikhail Larichev, Doctor Sergei Bukalov                             Page 139
14:50 Dispersion behavior of graphene oxide in organic solvents
Doctor Juan I. Paredes, Doctor Silvia Villar-Rodil, Doctor Amelia Martínez-Alonso, Doctor Juan M.D. Tascón (tentative speaker)                        Page 139
15:10 Synthesis of calcium-graphite intercalation compounds using different types of host graphite
Doctor Rika Matsuoto (tentative speaker), Mister Mutsuki Nakajima, Doctor Yoshihiko Takano, Doctor Noboru Akuzawa                                     Page 140
15:30 A novel lithium-europium graphite intercalation compound: synthesis and magnetic properties
Doctor Nicolas Emery, Miss Hania Rida, Doctor Sebastien Cahen (tentative speaker), Doctor Claire Hérold, Doctor Christine Bellouard,
Doctor Jean-François Marêché, Mister Pierre Delcroix, Doctor Philippe Lagrange                                                                        Page 140
Session #7 : 16:15>18:15 Chemical and physical modifications: functionalisation, doping, intercalation,
exfoliation, solid state transformations
16:15 Local structure of microporous carbide-derived carbons from neutron radial distribution function analysis:
Correlations with hydrogen storage
Doctor Anna Llobet, Doctor Sun-Hwa Yeon, Doctor Yury Gogotsi, Doctor Jason Simmons, Doctor John Fischer (tentative speaker)                           Page 147
16:35 Carbon nanotubes as highly active catalysts for chemical reactions
Doctor Dang Sheng Su (tentative speaker)                                                                                                              Page 147
16:55 Space Confined Synthesis of Metal or Intermetallic Nanoparticles Using Mesoporous Arrays of Carbon Materials
Doctor Philippe Dibandjo (tentative speaker), Doctor Claudia Zlotea, Doctor Renato Campesi, Doctor Roger Gadiou, Doctor Fermin Cuevas,
Doctor Michel Latroche, Doctor Cathie Vix-Guterl                                                                                                      Page 147
17:15 Growth and dispersion of Ni clusters in porous carbon structures
Doctor Jan LOS (tentative speaker), Doctor Christophe BICHARA, Doctor Roland PELLENQ                                                                  Page 148
17:35 In situ high-temperature XRD investigation of structural changes in nanostructured iron-carbon composites
obtained by the decomposition of Fe(CO)5 over porous carbons
Mister Miguel Schettino Jr., Doctor Jair Freitas, Doctor Milton Morigaki, Doctor Evaristo Nunes, Doctor Alfredo Cunha, Doctor Edson Passamani,
Doctor Francisco Emmerich (tentative speaker)                                                                                                          Page 148
17:55 Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Wetting in Polymer Nanocomposites
Doctor Gregory Van Lier (tentative speaker), Doctor Hans E. Miltner, Doctor Nadia Grossiord, Doctor Guy Van Assche, Doctor Cor E. Koning, Doctor Bruno Van Mele,
Doctor Paul Geerlings                                                                                                                                   Page 148
Bellevue Building, Atlantique Room

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