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					  Published by Saskatchewan Branch of Consumers’ Association of Canada ISSN 1184-0005   Volume 25 Issue 2 Summer 2009

WALK, WHEEL, JOG, RUN, SKATE,            Canadians are not active enough,           QUALITY OF LIFE BENEFITS:
SKI, SCOOT, CYCLE, PADDLE       ...      and a sedentary lifestyle is a fun-        Walkers and cyclists see more
                Choosing human           damental health problem today.             than stoplights,
                power over motor                                                    white lines and
                                         ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS:
                power will im-           Decreased use of motorized vehicles        car bumpers. Ac-
                prove your health        helps cut down on greenhouse gas           tive Transporta-
                and reduce your          emissions and global climate
                                                                                    tion     provides
                impact on the envi-      change; reduces air pollutants (up         calmer and safer
ronment. Active Transportation           to 16,000 premature deaths per
                                                                                    roads,     reduces
includes anything that gets you to       year in Canada can be attributed to
                                                                                    noise pollution and congestion,
your destination using your own          air pollution); reduces noise pollu-       and increases opportunities for
energy. According Health Canada,         tion; saves valuable green space;
                                                                                    social interaction with your com-
“each Canadian makes an aver-                                                       munity, family and friends.
                                         and reduces the need for new
age of 2,000 car trips of less than      parking lots and roadways, which           PUBLIC HEALTH BENEFITS:
three kilometers each year; trips        means more efficient land use.             Active Transportation can signifi-
that could be replaced with an ac-                                                  cantly reduce public health costs
tive choice of transportation.”          FINANCIAL BENEFITS:
                                                                                    while fostering a healthy, produc-
Whatever mode you choose, it has         Operating a vehicle is very expen-
                                                                                    tive workforce. Public health costs
great benefits for you as an indi-       sive. It costs an average of $9,000
                                         per year to own and operate a mo-          attributable to physical inactivity
vidual and for the Earth!                                                           are one to two times greater than
                                         tor vehicle, but only $150 annually
HEALTH BENEFITS:                                                                    that of smoking! This takes into
                                         for a bicycle, and virtually no cost
Active Transportation incorporates                                                  account that while the individual
                                         for walking!
regular physical activity into daily                                                risk of smoking is greater, the fact
activities. Not only will                                                                    that far more Canadians
you look and feel better                                                                     are inactive (35%) com-
and reduce your stress,                                                                      pared to those that smoke
but you'll reduce your risk                                                                  (26%) makes physical
of diseases. Health Can-                                                                     inactivity a greater public
ada says 6 out of every 10                                                                   health burden.

                                              In the Issue
                   Year in Review; CAC/SK AGM             2     6 Bill 60-Protects Cellphone Users
                    Consumer Protection Campaign          3     6 Deceptive Telemarketing; Operation Mirage
                   Restaurant Inspections Go Public       3     7 Don’t be Fuelish! Protect Yourself from Fraud
                                       Bits & Pieces      4     8 You Asked
2       S AS K W ATCH

     SaskWatch - Summer 2009
                                                                      A Year in Review
     Consumers' Association of Canada,
    Saskatchewan Branch (CAC/SK), Inc.                                        by Maura Gillis-Cipywnyk
                 Editor:                                                                President
           Brenda Goldsworthy
              Contributors:                  Given the economic downturn in         regarding insured funeral policies.
           Ruth Robinson
        Maura Gillis-Cipywnyk                the past year, the Saskatchewan        We've had input into the New
      Annemarie Buchmann-Gerber              Consumers’ Association has an          Home Warranty Program and have
         Production & Design:                increasingly important role in ad-     been active in getting Restaurant
           Brenda Goldsworthy                vancing the rights of consumers in     Inspections made available to the
          Published quarterly:               the market place. We strive to         public. The Saskatoon Airport
       Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter          make a difference for consumers in     Authority has been appreciative of
    _____________________________            this province and, in many areas,      our recommendations and we've
       Consumers' Association of
                                             have helped to effect important        submitted comments towards pos-
     Canada (Saskatchewan Branch)            changes.                               sible legislation for “ticket selling
       #306 - 220 3rd Avenue South               We had input into the new Gift     and reselling in Saskatchewan” .
        Saskatoon, Sask. S7K 1M1             Card Legislation and believe these         Work is underway to enhance
          Phone: 306.242-4909                new regulations will provide good      our website and make it more inter-
            Fax: 306.955-5810
        Toll free: 1-888-395-5661            protection for consumers. We           active and user friendly. We cur-
      Email:        made several presentations to the      rently average about 800 hits per
     Website:           Rate Review Hearings for Sask-         month.
     Office Hours: Tuesday to Thursday       Power and SaskEnergy. We met               Thank you to the board mem-
            (8:30 am - 1:30 pm)
                                             with the Assistant Privacy Com-        bers and volunteers who've contrib-
          Office Administrator:
      Annemarie Buchmann-Gerber              missioner of Canada and ex-            uted their time and talents to our
    _____________________________            changed ideas of how to dissemi-       activities in the past year. Your
                                             nate relevant information to Sask-     participation and support is appre-
    Consumers' Association of Canada,        atchewan consumers. The Funeral        ciated and necessary.
Saskatchewan Branch, active since 1947,
                                             and Cremation Service Council
      is a non-profit, volunteer-driven                                             Together we can make a difference.
  association committed to fairness in the   met with us to get our comments
marketplace and improving the quality of
 life for consumers. Through information
and education, CAC Saskatchewan assists       CAC/SK Annual General Meeting
   consumers make wise use of personal
resources and endeavours to represent the
                                             CAC/SK held its Annual General         Consumer Protection Branch and
  consumer interest in marketplace issues    Meeting in Saskatoon on May 26th       its mandate and revealed how they
      with business and governments.         and included presentation of au-       identify issues and recognize sig-
             ____________                    dited financial statements, approval   nals of when, where and how to
    CAC/SK Board of Directors                of budget for the coming fiscal        respond.
          2009-2010                          year, appointment of an auditor,           The AGM concluded with
                                             and committee reports.                 nominations and election of the
    President: Maura Gillis-Cipywnyk             Eric Greene, Registrar, Con-       New Board of Directors for 2009-
     Treasurer: Jacqueline Lindgren
        Secretary: Ruth Robinson             sumer Protection Branch, Ministry      2010. Maura Gillis-Cipywnyk
                                             of Justice & Attorney General gave     (President), Ruth Robinson
           Members-at-Large:                 a very informative PowerPoint          (Secretary), Jacqueline Lindgren
              Jane Finnie
             Burna Purkin
                                             presentation called “Ensuring          (Treasurer), and Members at
             Mary Glauser                    Marketplace Fairness.”                 Large: Jane Finnie, Mary Glauser,
            Audrey Findlay                       He covered the existence of the    Burna Purkin, and Audrey Findlay.

                   SaskWatch is available on line at:
                                                                                         S AS K W ATCH           3

            Consumer Protection Campaign
The Government of Saskatchewan’s       “We want to get people the infor-         While the CPB’s focus is on
new campaign - The Money Game          mation they need to avoid scams       helping those who are most
- Play it for Keeps - will help pro-   and to keep themselves in good        vulnerable, such as senior citizens,
tect consumers from cons, scams        financial shape.”                     youth and young adults, the cam-
and credit troubles, and increase          The campaign will inform          paign provides tools and informa-
public awareness of the Con-           Saskatchewan consumers about          tion to help all Saskatchewan con-
sumer Protection Branch (CPB)          CPB services and help get them        sumers protect their finances
and consumer protection issues.        the information they need to pro-     from those who would prey upon
“Helping protect Saskatchewan          tect themselves from con artists,     them.
consumers from financial loss is       Internet scams, high-pressure             For more information, phone:
important to this government,”         sales people and the potentially      306-787-2626 or email: lin-
Justice Minister Don Morgan said.      high cost of easy credit.   

          Restaurant Inspections Go Public
                             New regulations under        The Ministry of Health        erally had to file an access
                             The Public Health Act,       conducted comprehen-          to information request if
                             1994 will allow anyone       sive consultations with       they wanted to try and
                             to access all restaurant     numerous stakeholders,        see an establishment’s
                             inspection reports dating    including the Consumers’      inspection records.
                             from October 1, 2008. “If    Association of Canada,
                                                                                        Robinson noted if a res-
                             they are licensed by the     the Canadian Restaurant
                                                                                        taurant has problems
                             health region, they are      and Food Services Asso-
                                                                                        identified, a follow up
                             safe to eat at,” Mr.         ciation (Manitoba-
                                                                                        report, posted online, will
Saskatchewan residents       McMorris said.               Saskatchewan Region)
                                                                                        allow the consumer to
now have free access to      Summaries of reports         and the province’s re-
                                                                                        see if the issues have
public health inspection     dating back to October       gional health authorities
                                                                                        been addressed.
reports for restaurant-      2008 are posted, which
                                                          prior to introducing the
type facilities at:                                       new regulations. “I want      Because the information
                             means information on                                     to commend the restau-        online is only a summary,
                             many restaurants isn't yet
restaurant-inspections.                                   rant industry and the Con-    a full copy of a report can
                             available because an in-
                                                          sumers’ Association for       be obtained through the
“The public has a right      spection hasn't been con-
                                                          their commitment to be        appropriate health region
to know the restaurant       ducted since last fall.
                                                          open and accountable,”        for a $30 fee. For more
they are eating in has       Restaurants are typically
                                                          Mr. McMorris said.            info rmation phone:
been inspected and meets     inspected at least once a
                                                                                        306.787-4083. Email:
provincial standards,”       year.                        Ruth Robinson, a Direc-
Health Minister Don          Eventually, the summa-       tor of the Saskatchewan
McMorris said. “These        ries of the most recent      Consumers’ Association,
inspection reports are       three reports on each res-   said the site is a big step
public information,” he      taurant will be available    forward from the old sys-
added, noting the prov-      for viewing.                 tem, where patrons gen-
ince has about 5,000 res-
taurant-type facilities.
4        S AS K W ATCH

                                                                         Bits & Pieces              BITS &
Anti-Spam Bill Introduced                                     Retire your Ride in Saskatchewan
In April, Industry Canada Minister Tony Clement               Saskatchewan residents will soon breathe easier
tabled the Electronic Commerce Protection Act                 thanks to Canada’s new vehicle recycling program,
(ECPA) in Parliament. According to the minister, the          Retire Your Ride. Managed by Clean Air Foundation
proposed ECPA will deter the most dangerous forms             and delivered locally by the Saskatchewan Environ-
of spam, such as identity theft, phishing and spyware,        mental Society, the program aims to recycle 1995 or
from occurring in Canada This bill will allow busi-           older vehicles in an environmentally responsible
nesses and consumers to take civil action against any-        manner to improve air quality and encourage the use
one who violates the EPCA. It will allow offenders to         of sustainable transportation. Older vehicles produce
be charged with monetary penalties of up to $1 mil-           19 times more smog-forming pollutants than 2004
lion for individuals and $10 million for all other            and newer models. More info:
offenders. Web:   or phone: 1-877-773-1996. (SEN June Info Bulletin)

Cellular Recycling Program Will                               Green Radio
Benefit Transition Houses                                     Tune in to Green Planet, CJTR - 91.3FM (Regina
SaskTel recently announced a new cellular recycling           Community Radio), Wednesdays at noon for infor-
program called Phones for a Fresh Start that provides         mation on energy efficiency, environmental program-
an opportunity for Saskatchewan residents to drop off         ming in Regina, climate change, and all things great
their used wireless devices for recycling, while pro-         and green. Replayed Thursdays at 9:00am. You can
viding cellular phones and prepaid phone cards to             listen on the web, as well, at:
women’s shelters across the province. SaskTel will                 Tune in to CFCR's Pocket Mulch, every Wednes-
accept donations of any used wireless devices, batter-        day and Friday at 6:30 pm on 90.5FM (Saskatoon's
ies, chargers and accessories at all SaskTel Stores and       Community Radio), for up-to-date info on environ-
participating SaskTel Authorized dealers. All donated         mental happenings around the world and in Saska-
items will be shipped to a wireless recycling company         toon, as well as interesting environmental issues in
which will pay SaskTel for each device. The money             the news. It's also on the web:
will be used to provide the phone cards to the transi-
tion houses. Full story:          Way To Go Saskatchewan
myv8jl.                                                       For many years now Saskatchewan has had the high-
                                                              est rate of charitable giving per capita, and the highest
Important Labelling Information                               volunteering, of any province in this country.
for Iron-Containing Products
Health Canada is advising Canadians to carefully read         Asbestos: Dramatic Documentary
the labelling of iron supplement products as there is         In Canada, over 60% of workplace deaths every year
potential for confusion about dosage. Products cur-           are the result of exposure to asbestos. In B.C. 300
rently on the Canadian market display the dose in dif-        workers will die every year for the next five years
ferent ways and consumers may misinterpret the                from asbestos-caused illnesses. On June 10th, CBC's
amount of iron in the product and potentially take an         The National aired a dramatic and compelling docu-
incorrect dose. As of January 1, 2010, all products           mentary presenting another opportunity to take action
containing iron will be required to have consistent           on this critical issue. Please write a short email to
labelling information with respect to dosage. Con-            both Stephen Harper ( and Michael
sumers requiring more information about this advi-            Ignatieff ( urging them to ban
sory can contact Health Canada's public inquiries line        the export and production of this lethal substance.
at: 613.957-2991, or call toll free at 1-866-225-0709.
PIECES                  Bits & Pieces
 Anti-Fraud Call Centre                                    Patients’ Rights Association
 PhoneBusters plays a key role in educating the pub-       of Saskatchewan (PRAS)
 lic about specific fraudulent telemarketing pitches.      The PRAS was founded in 1999 to advocate for the
 The Call Centre also plays a vital role in the collec-    rights of consumers of healthcare in Saskatchewan,
 tion and dissemination of victim evidence, statistics     and to ensure these rights are respected. They believe
 documentation, and tape recordings which are made         the best way to ensure such respect is to have gov-
 available to outside law enforcement agencies. Pro-       ernment enact formal legislation to guarantee these
 tecting yourself from fraud begins with learning to       rights. Their aim is to ensure that through public edu-
 recognize it. Call PhoneBusters to report fraud and       cation and increased government sensitivity, public
 learn more ways to protect yourself. 1-888-495-8501       institutions will be held accountable for their health-
 or check out their web:              care decisions. Email:
 Pesticide Reduction Group
 The cosmetic use of pesticides in and around our          About the Net …
 homes has significant impacts on the health of hu-        • The number of text messages sent and received
 mans, animals, plants and the environment. Sask-            every day exceeds the total population of the
 atchewan Environmental Society encourages you to            planet.
 consider the risks of using pesticides. Join their Pes-   • the number of internet devices in 1984 was one
 ticide Reduction Group! For details: Susan at pesti-        thousand. In 1992 it jumped to one million. In 2008, phone 665-1915.           the number exceeded one billion!
                                                           • there are about 31 billion searches on google every
 Consumer Reports                                            month.
 Best Buy DrugsTM
 For some people, medication costs are a serious issue     Fast Facts
 and can mean the difference between taking their          Q: How many sea creatures are being killed by plas-
 drugs as prescribed or not taking them at all. Con-       tic bags and plastic garbage thrown into the ocean?
 sumer Reports Best Buy DrugsTM is an educational          A: Two million animals die each year, either by get-
 and outreach initiative that compares a variety of        ting tangled in plastic or mistaking it for food (including
 prescription drugs on price, effectiveness and safety     sea birds, turtles, dolphins, whales and seals).
 to help consumers and their doctors identify the most     Q: How many soft drink cans and bottles do North
 effective and affordable medicines. More informa-         Americans throw away every year?
 tion:              A: Enough to reach the moon and back nearly 20
                                                           times if they were stacked end-to-end.
 Saskatchewan Youth Awards
                                                           Q: How long does it take for a disposable diaper to
 The 2008 recipients of the Saskatchewan Youth
 Awards are: Bryce Ehman (Weyburn); Jasmine                completely decompose in a landfill?
 Erickson (Estevan); Justin Gryba, (Saskatoon);            A: 500 years!
 Nicole LaPlante (North Battleford); and Sarah Thies-      Q: How much would it cost to slow climate change,
 son (Clavet). This Award is bestowed on youth who         conserve wildlife, reduce our population growth, im-
 have made significant contributions to Saskatchewan       prove land use and human health, reduce poverty,
 through personal accomplishments and outstanding          and cut waste production?
 achievement. Recipients are selected from nomina-         A: $600 billion, which is about $400 billion LESS
 tions submitted by the public. For more information,      than the global military budget!
 visit:                                          (from
6     S AS K W ATCH

               Bill 60 - Protects Cellphone Users
The Government of Québec has           renewal of cellphone contracts         increase fees during the life of the
tabled legislation to better protect   without a customer’s written ap-       contract.
consumers when they sign cell-         proval. It would also force mer-           Weil said officials in the prov-
phone contracts. Justice Minister      chants to disclose the total cost of   ince receive nearly 700 formal
Kathleen Weil said laws aimed at       the goods and services offered to      complaints about cellphone con-
protecting cellphone users were        prevent customers from being           tracts each year — about 10 per
written in the early 1970s and         caught off guard by hefty fees for     cent of all consumer complaints —
don't address current consumer         services they don’t want, such as      as well as thousands of inquiries.
habits. She said Bill 60, introduced   text messaging. In addition, com-          Michel Arnold, head of the
June 16th, would revise outdated       panies won’t be able to suddenly       non-profit consumer rights group
rules.                                                                        Option consommateurs, said Qué-
    There can be “very onerous                                                bec is the first jurisdiction in the
penalty fees” to pull out of a con-                                           country to introduce this kind of
tract once a service provider auto-                                           consumer protection. Bill 60 is
matically renews it — usually for                                             expected to be adopted before the
a period lasting three years, Weil                                            end of the year.    (from
said. The bill would prohibit the

       Deceptive Telemarketing / Operation Mirage
                                   The Competition        OPERATION MIRAGE: Recognizing the serious-
                                   Bureau has an-         ness of deceptive telemarketing, The Competition Bu-
                                   nounced that four      reau announced that it is taking action against 50 or-
                                   companies have         ganizations and individuals in the Montreal area, as
                                   pleaded guilty to      part of Operation Mirage, a campaign to combat
                                   deceptive telemar-     fraudulent telemarketing operations. “Deceptive tele-
                                   keting    charges      marketers are defrauding businesses and consumers
                                   and were fined         of hundreds of millions of dollars in an already diffi-
                                   $725,000. “The         cult economic climate,” says Andrea Rosen, Deputy
                                   Bureau is dedi-        Commissioner of Competition. “Through Operation
                                   cated to eliminat-     Mirage, we are cracking down on this criminal activ-
                                   ing deceptive tele-    ity with enforcement action and public education.”
                                   marketing activi-          This action was conducted under the newly
ties,” said Andrea Rosen, Deputy Commissioner of          amended Competition Act, which allows for signifi-
Competition. “This type of telemarketing is illegal       cantly higher penalties for those convicted of criminal
and punishable under the Act, and the Bureau’s on-        telemarketing offences.
going efforts to crack down on any company or per-            The campaign is targeting fraudsters who use ille-
son involved in deceptive telemarketing scams remain      gal techniques to market phony business directories
a priority.” The four companies are Infogroup Data        to businesses and not-for-profit organizations. It is the
Inc., Allegiance Publishing Inc., 2957647 Canada          largest-ever Bureau sweep against deceptive telemar-
Inc., and 3433587 Canada Inc.                             keting and one of the largest ever in Canada.
    The Competition Bureau is an independent law              For further information on Operation Mirage and
enforcement agency that contributes to the prosperity     to learn more about how to protect yourself against
of Canadians by protecting and promoting competi-         fraud, please visit the Bureau’s Web site at:
tive markets and enabling informed consumer choice.
                                                                                         S AS K W ATCH             7

              Don't be Fuelish! Join a Carpool
In 100 years, we’ve gone from horse and buggy to           Carpooling is a simple way for individuals to take
over 14 million cars on Canada’s roads! Our reliance       part in the climate change challenge while saving
on the single occupancy vehicle contributes greatly to     money, reducing congestion and conserving energy.
global warming. According to Environment Canada,  provides assistance to individuals who are
overall transportation represents the largest single       considering carpooling as an alternate means of com-
source of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions (27%).         muting. Contact them at: or
                                                           phone: 1-800.668.7433. Web:
Canadian Automobile Association says that the aver-
age commuter spends about $7,500 per year, or $15
per day, to operate their car. Sport utility vehicle and
mini-van owners spend over $9,000.

But a more tragic cost is the degradation of our envi-
ronment. Every day, millions of vehicles pump pol-
lutants into our atmosphere. Some of these fall to
earth, fouling streams and contaminating crops. Oth-
ers rise into the stratosphere, damaging the ozone
layer and causing global climate warming – the
“greenhouse effect”. Still more of these pollutants
cling close to earth, and are inhaled with every breath
we take.

           Protecting Yourself Against Fraud
                                       the last four numbers. The com- card numbers handy so you know
                                       pany knows the rest.            who to call.
                                       4) Put your work number on your         2) File a police report immediately.
                                       cheques instead of your home
                                       phone. If you have a P.O Box, use       Here's the most important of all:
                                       that instead of your home address.      3) Call the two national credit re-
                                       If you don't have a P.O. Box, use       porting organizations immediately
                                       your work address.                      to place a fraud alert on your name
                                       5) Photocopy both sides of the          and Social Insurance number.
1) Order cheques with only your        contents of your wallet. In an          Then, any company that checks
initials and last name. The thief      emergency you'll know what was          your credit, knows your information
won't know if you sign with initials   in your wallet and all of the ac-       was stolen, and they must contact
or your first name, but your bank      count numbers and phone numbers         you by phone to authorize new
will know.                             to call and cancel. Carry a photo-      credit.
                                       copy of your passport when traveling.
2) Don't sign the back of your credit                                          Here are the numbers you always
cards. Put “Photo ID Required.”       If Your Wallet is Lost or Stolen         need to contact if your wallet, etc.
3) When paying for your credit 1) Canceling credit cards immedi-               has been stolen:
card, don't use the complete account ately is important, but the key is        Equifax Canada: 1-877-249-2705
number on the "for" line. Just use having the toll free numbers and            TransUnion: 1-877-525-3823
8         S AS K W A T C H

Question: How do I figure out the         fact and good products from bad          Question: If I buy or sell my
best buy when making purchases?           ones. Since then CU has filled that      house, what do I do about the ex-
                                          vacuum with a broad range of con-        isting alarm system and contract?
Answer: Before making any pur-            sumer information. To maintain its
chases, call the Consumers’ Asso-         independence and impartiality, CU        Answer: A contract is a contract
ciation of Canada, Saskatchewan           accepts no outside advertising and       and most companies will make it
Branch (CAC/SK) at: 242-4909 or           no free samples and employs sev-         as difficult as possible for the con-
toll free at: 1-888-395-5661. CAC/        eral hundred mystery shoppers and        sumer to get out of an existing
SK will answer your questions re-         technical experts to buy and test        contract, but the companies will
garding buying any new product.           the products it evaluates.               most likely allow a transfer.
     We get most of our informa-              Most Saskatchewan public                 Be aware of what you're get-
tion from Consumer Reports, pub-          libraries subscribe to the Con-          ting into when you purchase a
lished by Consumer Union (CU) -           sumer Reports magazine and if            house with an alarm system in-
an expert, independent, nonprofit         you have access to the internet you      stalled, and make sure to have it
organization whose mission is to          can inform yourself at their web:        included as a negotiable item in
work for a fair, just, and safe mar-                  the ‘offer to purchase’.
ketplace for all consumers, and to            If you know French, then the             The alarm system usually stays
empower consumers to protect              Québec based Protégéz-Vous               with the house, but the monitoring
themselves. The organization was          magazine will be a great source of       contract needs to be negotiated
founded in 1936 when advertising          information. Their website is:           and included in the ‘offer to pur-
first flooded the mass media. Con-                     chase’.
sumers lacked a reliable source of            Be well informed, before you             It's important to have it in the
information they could depend on          buy anything. A knowledgeable            contract; if it isn't, the existing
to help them distinguish hype from        consumer is a smart consumer.            contract is assumed.

                                 Membership / Subscription
    ( )    I'd like a one-year CAC/SK membership (includes a one-year subscription to SaskWatch)      $ 25.00
    ( )    I'd like a one-year subscription to SaskWatch (4 issues)                                   $ 10.00
    ( )    I'd like to make a donation of $ _______                                                   $ _____
           Total enclosed: (make cheques payable to CAC/SK)                                           $ _____

    ( )    I would like to become a CAC Saskatchewan volunteer. I am interested in volunteering in the following
           areas: _____________________________________________________________________________

    Name: ____________________________________________________                Phone: _____________________

    Street: _________________________________ City: ______________________ Code: _______________

Renewal Notice:
Your membership expiry date
is on the top of your address label.
We hope you will renew your membership.

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