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									Term 1 - Week 4                                                                                   P.O. Box 710, Nelson Bay 2315
                                                                                                              Ph: (02) 4981 1444
16th February 2010                                                                                           Fax: (02) 4984 1524

  Dear parents,
  Congratulations to our new school leaders for the year – the induction assembly was a lovely occasion for the students as they
  took the pledge to lead the school or their sport house this year. Thank you to the parents who attended to support and celebrate
  with the students and thanks to Mr Egan & Mr Gattenhof who organised the ceremony.

  Our welcome BBQ was a positive event and it was wonderful to meet so many new families and chat informally while the chil-
  dren played. The weather was very kind and the storms avoided our area. Many thanks to Deb Hersant & Beb Mould who coordi-
  nated the event and also thanks to many others (too many to name) who decorated the COLA, cooked the BBQ, made salads, set
  up, packed up, mingled with new parents and many other tasks to make it successful. It was a team effort and I am sure our new
  families feel very welcome. Thanks everyone!
  Parent Information Sessions
  Thank you to our parents of stage 3 students who attended the parent information evening. Students appreciate their parents at-
  tending school functions and the teachers appreciate the support and interest of parents. We understand that not all parents can
  attend for a variety of reasons but teachers are happy to catch up with you if you can make an appointment. We still have 2 ses-
  sions for the other grades.
  This is a great opportunity to meet the teachers, open the communication with the school and find out the details of major events
  and routines for your child/children this year.
  Tuesday 16th February 6pm KH (Mrs Holland), KR (Ms Rzepecki), K/1OJ (Mrs O’Sullivan & Mrs                 Jory), 1M (Mrs Mason).
  Please meet in the Kindergarten rooms first.
                            6.45pm 2P (Miss Prior) & 2C (Mrs Comber). Please meet in the classrooms.
  Wednesday 17th February 6pm 3W (Mrs Walmsley), 3/4CR (Mrs Cropley & Ms Ridley), and 4M (Mrs Mayers). Please meet in
  the classrooms first.
  A crèche will be provided each night in the tiered learning room for young students & toddlers.
  Salamander Rotary Club
  On behalf of the school I would like to acknowledge and thank the Salamander Rotary Club for their generous donation to our
  school yesterday to support our reading and public speaking programs. The donation will be spent on 30copies of the novel “Storm
  Boy” for the Accelerated Literacy program and stage trophies for our Public Speaking competition winners to be displayed in the
  school trophy cabinet in the library. We have been improving the profile and levels of competency in public speaking over the last
  4 years and this will be a positive recognition of the efforts of teachers and students.
  We encourage you to support the efforts of the Salamander Rotary Club in the community if you have the opportunity as they give
  back to our school in this very practical way.
  Road safety banners - these were designed by our students and manufactured by Port Stephens Council as a joint project to pro-
  mote pedestrian and vehicle safety on Bagnalls Beach Road. You may have seen them up in the first week of school. It is unsafe
  for students to place them on the roundabout and we are looking for a family or families to help put them out and bring them in on
  2 or 3 days a week. It doesn’t take long and if you can help it would be wonderful – please see the add in the newsletter and con-
  tact the office. Perhaps a couple of families could share the job.
  Thank you P&C
  Our P&C have obtained the rights to the Salamander Tavern Friday raffles and through the efforts of just 2 dads (mainly), they
  have raised over $2,000 since late November. It would be great if some other families could also help here and share the load. It
  requires about 1 1/2hours on Friday evening and is finished by 7pm and there is no preparation required. You may only have to
  commit to once a month or less if we had more helpers. The money raised comes back to the school for our students and will pur-
  chase much needed resources or equipment.
  We do thank our parents who have helped and support the school continuously through the P&C. We could not have some of the
  excellent resources without your contribution.
  Enjoy the week ahead.
  Regards                                                     EMAIL: tomaree.ps@det.nsw.edu.au
  Annette Thomson                                            The newsletter is now loaded onto our website each week.
               P&C NEWS
                                                                               COMING EVENTS
The tavern raffle       has been run by two dedi-                 FEBRUARY 2010
cated dads every Friday night for the last 4
months, raising close to $2000 for the                            15th Mon             Parent information session
school. Please volunteer to help so that they can                                      Stage 3 (yr 5,6)
have the occasional Friday night off                              16th Tues            Parent information sessions
                                                                                       6pm Kinder and Yr 1
    P&C POSITIONS VACANT – HOURS FLEXIBLE                                              6.45pm Yr2
Fundraising Coordinator
                                                                  17th Wed             Parent information sessions
Communication skills are all that are required in this role.
                                                                                       6pm Stage 2 (yrs 3,4)
The 2010 Fundraising Calendar is already planned and there
                                                                                       Life Ed visit - 3W, 6G, 1M
are plenty of resources available from events run in previous
years. You will need to coordinate and organise the available     18th Thurs           Life Ed visit - 5J, Special Ed, 2P
“manpower” for running each of the events. This role is suit-
able to share.                                                    19th Fri             Life Ed visit - 5K, 2C, KR + some K”OJ
P&C Assistant Treasurer                                                                Zone Swimming carnival
No bookkeeping skills are required in this role, just time and
                                                                  22nd Mon             Life Ed visit - 6E, 4M,KH + some K OJ
the ability to count! Your main roles are to provide a second
person to count receipts from various P&C fundraisers and to      23rd Tues            7pm P&C Welcome evening
provide additional help as negotiated with the P&C and Can-                            Life Ed visit - 3/4CR, 4K, 1OJ
teen Treasurers. It would be an advantage to have some time
available in school hours.                                        17th—24th            Life Education Van—Happy Harold
P&C Treasurer                                                     APRIL 1ST            Last day of Term 1
You will be responsible for P&C and indirectly Canteen ac-
counts, and also have a role on the school Finance Commit-        19th Mon             Staff development day no students
tee. You report monthly to the P&C meeting. While book-
keeping skills are not necessary, they would be an advantage.     20th Tues            First day of term 2 for students

FULL TRAINING AND SUPPORT PROVIDED!                                             Defence Aide News
Call Lisa on 0403 264 522 for details or speak to Jo in the
Canteen.                                                         On Sunday we held our Welcome BBQ for our new
Next meeting                                                     families. There was a nice turnout of families and I
A welcome evening on Tuesday 23rd Feb at                         hope they enjoyed the afternoon. A big thank you to
7pm in the staffroom (behind the office).                        those families who came along to help run the BBQ
                                                                 and provided food, decorations and support to our new
Please come along to meet other families.                        families.
President of the P&C - Bruce Cocking
contact details.                                                  ‘Buddies in the Bay’ is a social group for the Nelson
Phone—49 81 5998                                                 Bay area, who meet approximately once a month.
E-mail—sbsco@nelsonbay.com                                       Debra Mould, the Tomaree High School Defence Tran-
                                                                 sition Mentor, is the coordinator. Debra has organised
                                                                 for the group to meet tomorrow morning, Wednesday,
                                                                 February 17, at the Ripples Café (near Sportspower) at
         CANTEEN NEWS                                            10.00am. Anybody is most welcome to attend, it is a
                                                                 fantastic opportunity for new spouses, defence or civil-
                                                                 ian, to get together and form friendships. To RSVP or
  WED 17th Feb                ??                                 enquire, call Debra on 4981 1444.
  THURS 18th Feb              R.Ivancovic
  FRIDAY 19th Feb             E.Stokes J.Pollock                 I will be having my regular coffee afternoon for
  MON 22nd Feb                E.Stokes Bec Coe                   spouses at school next Wednesday, February 24,
                                                                 from 2.30pm, in the TAFE common room (beside the
  Well, we are all sweltering in this heat and humidity          admin building). Please take the opportunity to come
  and some of us are looking forward to some cooler              along if you are new to the school and meet some
  weather. There are lots of frozen items on the menu…           other spouses. Please let me know if you can come, by
  ice creams, slushies, ice blocks, frozen milk (50c),           phone on 4981 1444, or em ail deb-
  frozen yoghurt (80c), frozen grapes (50c) and yummy            bie.hersant@det.nsw.edu.au.
  “moosies” are back for $1.20. I still need more volun-
                                                         Enjoy your week.
  teers or we may need to consider closing for another
  day and only operate 3 days a week so if you can Debbie Hersant
  spare a morning even once a term it would help.        DSTA
  All the best         Jo

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            MERIT CARDS Week 3 Term 1
          DAMON PERRY
K/1OJ     NEVIS HARMSEN        TORI COE          ~~~~~~~~
1M        HARRY COLLIS         AMBER WOODS        Our 2010 swimming carnival was held on Monday
          NICHOLAS PRESTON                       1st February at Tomaree Aquatic Centre.
                                                 Congratulations to all the students who participated.
                                                 Their behaviour throughout the day was excellent.
                               SPOONER           Thank you to the parents who acted as officials. Your
          RACHEL GAUCI                           help is always greatly appreciated.
                                                 The winning House was STEPHENS!
          HUNTER BROWN
                                                 Well Done!
          HANNAH CROPLEY                         The following students have qualified for the Port
                                                 Stephens Zone Carnival to be held at Lakeside Swim-
                                                 ming Centre on Friday 19th February: Rhiley Kelly,
4M        TAYLA CROTHERS       EMELIO PINCOUAI   Bailey Hortle, Claire Jones, Charlotte Diemar, Alexa
          BROCK HORTLE                           Bright, Reece Ryeland, Danielle Brennan, Marnie
4/5K      EMILY POLLAK         AMELIA PEPPER     Dowden, Nathan Stuchbury, Khai Funnell, Indianah-
                                                 Rose Kelly, Aleisha Edmunds, Sammy Coleman, Brae
5J        TAISON BROKBANK      IMOGEN BURCHER    Fleming, Jasmine Kaschan, Amelia Pepper, Dane Car-
6E        THOMAS JOHNS         ISAAC WOODS       ney, Sean Pobie and Kyle Morison.
                                                 Congratulations to these students.
                                                 House Captains and Vice Captains
        UPDATE                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                                 The following students have been elected to lead
These great Road Safety
                                                 their Sports Houses in 2010:
Banners need to be
erected at the Keel Street                       STEPHENS:
roundabout 3 days a                              Captains = Jesse Shanahan & Indianah-Rose Kelly.
week. The students did a                          Vice Captains = Jarrod De Pater & Hayley Shin.
great job on these banners                       NELSON:
so now we need to ensure                         Captains = Melissa Marvin & Anthony Thurlow.
                                                  Vice Captains = Jordan Cleary & Abbi Sydor.
they are displayed regu-                         TOMAREE:
larly                                            Captains = Sam Wiseman & Stevie Schneider.
We are looking for a few                          Vice Captains = Maddi Sheridan & Isaac Woods.
parents who could do this                        YACAABA:
for us. Please contact the                       Captains = Alex Bruce & Danielle Comber.
office on                                         Vice Captains = Brittany Heyden & Bailey Hortle.
49 811444 if you are able
to volunteer for this very                       Congratulations to these students.
important job!!                                  Kevin Gattenhof
                                                 Sports Organiser.

                                CASHIER HOURS
 Please note the Primary School cashier is opened from 8.30am to 4pm Monday to
 The High School Cashier is opened from 7.45am to 3pm daily for payments of
 school fees, book bond deposits, excursions and student stationery supplies.

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Tomaree Public School Values and Beliefs

Each week, for the next 6 weeks, teachers will be actively encouraging stu-
dents to practice and display our values and beliefs at school. Speaking about
our values on a regular basis reminds students how to behave in a manner
which is necessary for a happy and cohesive learning environment. A Values
Award will be presented, on behalf of the teachers, by the school captains at
assembly each Friday.
Our Value for this week is Respect.

                                                    HOW TO BE

•      Treat other people the way you want to be treated.
•      Be courteous and polite.
•      Listen to what other people have to say.
•      Don't insult people, or make fun of them, or call them names.
•      Don't bully or pick on others.
•      Don't judge people before you get to know them.

                                                           Maths Plus Texts - Years 3 to 6 classes
      Movie Making Madness
    PARENT HELP REQUESTED                                  This year all students in Stage 2 and 3 classes will be pro-
                                                           vided with a ‘Maths Plus’ mathematics text book, appropriate
                                                           to their year level, which will be used in classrooms.
                                                            These texts provide a thorough and rigorous coverage of syl-
                                                           labus outcomes, key ideas, knowledge and skills including:
                                                           • Integration of the five Working Mathematically processes;
                                                           • Comprehensive diagnostic reviews with the relevant out-
 We are planning to rehearse, film and produce a very      come stated beside each activity;
                special movie called                       A range of mental strategies to address the syllabus; and
                                                           Clear extension and remediation activities.
                      Meanies                              These texts are of interesting and fine quality with coloured
               starring Kindergarten.                      pages throughout.
                                                           The cost of the textbook is $15.00. This price is cheaper than
 A script has been drafted and we will now swing into      recommended prices from book sellers as we were able to
rehearsal.                                                 purchase a bulk quantity. This cost may be claimed as a tax
                                                           deduction in many family income tax returns. So that no child
We require parents to help assemble some props and a       is disadvantaged in having to wait until they have paid for their
backdrop scene for the movie. This movie is very vis-      text book before they receive it, we have distributed the text-
ual and the props are an essential element of the movie.   books to all students straight away.
Costumes for characters will also be discussed.            Your assistance in sending in the payment for the text as soon
                                                           as possible would be greatly appreciated. Payments should be
If you are able to help please come along to a meet-       handed to class teachers in an envelope labelled with your
ing on Friday 19th February at 9:00 am in the Kinder       child’s name and class and ‘Maths Plus $15’.
rooms to discuss our movie making project.                 Brian Egan Assistant Principal

Thank you,
from the
Kindergarten teachers                                                                                          4 Page 4
                                   COMMUNITY ADVERTISEMENTS

                                 RESULTS GUARANTEED!

                                                * One free lesson
                                                      coupon                            SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM
                                                                                        FOR St Michael’s Church 2010
Professional Tuition for students                                                   Attention to all Catholic parents/
* English          * Mathematics
  * Reading          * Number                                                       carers of children wishing to receive
     * Spelling        * Measurement & Data                                         the Sacraments this year.
       *Comprehension * Space & Geometry                                            If you wish your child to participate in
         * Writing                                                                                     the
                                                                                     Sacramental Program this year please
                     Call Allyson now for a
                                                                                       contact the church office to obtain
                     FREE ASSESSMENT                                                    your forms for enrolment Phone:
                             or                                                                    4981 1069
                      for any tutoring                                                               Email:
                                            * Conditions apply
                           enquiries                                                   stmichaelsnb@mn.catholic.org.au
                                                                                      Enrolment evening for each Sacra-

                                                                                    CONFIRMATION - 21st April
                                                                                    FIRST COMMUNION - 28st April
                                                                                    RECONCILIATION - 21st July
                                                                                     Please contact the office well before
                                                                                    the enrolment evening.

                                                                      Tomaree Public School P&C             fantastic fundraising
                                                                             Association                  opportunity for the school

                                                                               Tavern Raffle

                                                                    When? Friday Nights
                                                                         Lets make it easy and get a
                                                                       roster going—once a month or
                                                                      once a term—join in with a friend

                                                                       Ring Lisa on 0403264522 or return this slip to the front office:
    Advertisements in this Newsletter are published at the
                                                                    CONTACT PHONE
     request of community organisations and businesses.
          They are not necessarily endorsed by the                  EMAIL (OR CHILDS CLASS)
             Tomaree Public School Community.
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                                                   School news

                           LIBRARY                                                    Student Council
Regular borrowing from our Library is encouraged for reading       Our school has a student body, represented by each class,
for pleasure and leisure. All students should have a Library Bag   which meets regularly and contributes to the management,
to protect their borrowed books to and from school. While          organisation and operation of our school. The Student Coun-
classes have regular weekly borrowing times it is appreciated if   cil also do fundraising, usually once a term, for charities
you could remind students to bring their bag and return their      outside the school. We are currently reviewing the Student
books when due.                                                    Council guidelines because of the changes made to the struc-
                                                                   ture of our elected student leaders.
Students are also able to borrow most lunchtimes Monday to         The class representatives this year are:
Thursday.                                                       Jorja Webb
Teachers often use Library borrowing to record Principal’s      Kurtis Armstrong
Reading Challenge books. Details about the Challenge for new
parents will be in next week’s newsletter.
                                                                Stevie-Rae Ball
                                                                Sarah McDonald
There are still some students with overdue books from last year James Ninopoulos
that will be receiving reminder notices shortly.                Hannah Cropley
                                                                Jye Sewell
Class Borrowing Days:                                           Dane Carney
Monday:     5J, KR, 6G
                                                                   Darian Comber
Tuesday:    JSU, 3/4CR
Wednesday: 3/6P, K/1OJ, 6E, KH                                     Taylor Williams
Thursday:   4/5K, 2C, 3W                                           Rory Davis
Friday:     2P, SSU, 1M                                            Natasha Harris
                                                                   Matthew Blyth
                    Library Monitors                               Caitlin Pepper
Each year students from Year 5 volunteer to assist in the lunch-   Jake Hill
time operation of our school Library. They help by shelving
                                                                   Stephen Blaszkowski
books, assisting other students with research and book selection
and with computers.
                                                                   Letitia Jarvis-Soar
                                                                   Jorja Donnelly
The students will be awarded their badges at assembly on           Zachary Pounder
FRIDAY 26th FEBRUARY.                                              Nevis Harmsen
Congratulations to: Jack Goodwin, Jemima Sproule, Nakita           Tori Coe
Stephens, Bella Pauccio, Megan Walmsley, Jessica Serrao,
Joshua Penman, Sarah Gauic, Brittany Dawson, Caitlin Jacobs,
                                                                   They will be presented with their badges at Friday
Jordi McDonough, Aleisha Edmunds, Natasha Simmonds,                the 26th February assembly.
Nicole Hodkinson, Ashley Hodkinson and Danny Shin.                 Kindergarten representatives will be selected later this
Mrs Ruth Higginbottom                                              Mrs Ruth Higginbottom
Teacher Librarian                                                  Student Council Coordinator

                           HEAD LICE WARNING

Identify            Check for lice
Treatment           With head lice treatments available from the Chemist
Elimination         Remove eggs and lice with a metal comb and solution
                    (follow directions of Product)
Prevention          Prevention spray
                    (spray on hair daily)
                    Check heads regularly
                    Tie long hair back
Precaution          Use lice soaking solution to clean all pillows , linen, towels,
                    pyjmas, hats, combs etc to avoid reinfestation
                        For more information— web site is

                             A POINT TO REMEMBER
                    Lice like all heads of hair, they are not fussy.
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