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THE LINK                    WEEKLY CLUB NEWS
                                                                                                           E L I NK
Weekly Newsletter of
The Rotary Club
of Durban North             MEETING ON 22 JULY               Hilary Augustus announced
District 9270,              President Gussie opened the      the evening’s attendance as
South Africa                                                 93.75% Due to lack of time,
                            meeting, Lionel Wybrow pre-
P O Box 20209, Durban
North, 4016                 sented an Invocation appropri-   there was no Sergeant, but the                          ROTARY CLUB OF DURBAN NORTH
                            ate to the evening’s speaker     fines box found its way round
Web Site       and Nicole Bollman had to        the meeting. Gussie closed the                            WEEKLY NEWS LETTER
                            stand on tip-toe to read the     meeting with the following:
President 2010-2011                                                                                                           Issue No 6 — 29 July 2010
Neill Augustus              Fourway Test.                    Rotarians :
Tel: (031) 579-2850         Hilary Augustus introduced         Service is a privilege - let’s
Cell: 082 5560 299                                           assume it
                                                                                                JUSTIN FOXTON : STOP CRIME SAY HELLO
                            and welcomed Honorary Rotar-
Fax (031) 579 2853                                             Service is a challenge -
                            ian Michael Pan, Ambassado-
Secretary:                  rial Scholar Jenny Albon, and    let’s meet it                      Laura Donet introduced Justin Foxton who proved to
Brenda Swanepoel            guests Genevieve Moore,            Service is a gift - let’s ac-    be one of the most outstanding speakers to address
Tel (031) 569 1617                                           cept it
                            Veronica Hayes, Alan and                                            our Club with a message of dignity and peace toward
Cell: 083 301 2692
                            Rose      MacDonald,    Peter      Service is a promise - let’s     our fellow South Africans which, without doubt, had all
Fax: (031) 569 1621
E-mail:                     Coutts and Amanda Risi.          fulfill it                         present rethinking our approach to crime in South Af-
brenda@boilerindustrialpl                                      Service is the future - let’s    rica.
                            Hilary Augustus announced        build it                   that our first inbound student,
                                                                                                Justin opened his address with a series of statistics
Editor:                     Thiebud Stevens would arrive FAMILY OF ROTARY
                                                                                                which suggested that crime in South Africa is not as
Clive Raaff                 from Belgium on Monday. Ja-
                                                               Nary a birthday or wedding       bad as we imagine and that our negative thoughts do
Tel: (031) 562-1940         son Stevens will be his Club
Cell: 08204967 705
                                                               anniversary in the week ahead.   not help the situation. The stats included the following:
E-mail:                                      Dave Flitton celebrates 17        • since 2002 overall crime in SA is down by 20%
                            Mike Neale reminded all that years with the Club on 29 July;         • since 1994 murder is down by 30%
Assistant Editor:           this Thursday, as the fifth in the Nicole Bollman celebrates the     • of the 18 500 murders committed last year, less               Justin Foxton
Gerard De Broglio           month will be an “Anns” eve- first anniversary of her return to        than 3% related to hijacking or robberies
083 4077 163                ning with dinner after the meet- the Club on 31 July, and on the     • 89% of assault,82% of murders and 76% of rapes involved people who know each other
Lay Out:                    ing at the China Plate in same day, Laura Donet chalks              Justin then went on to explain that Stop Crime Say Hello is a campaign aimed at all
Mike Hartley                Browns      Drift  Road.      The up the second anniversary of      South Africans. The message is simple: by actively respecting and dignifying one another
082 2922 108                speaker, Grant Bashford, the her induction. Congratulations         and our environment, each of us can help create a society in which crime does not flour-
Hilary Augustus             assistant Sharks coach, should to all three.
(031)579 2850
                            be of interest to the Anns who
The Club meets at cock-     are encouraged to attend the Our deepest condolences go             Societies that regularly promote and uphold the value of respect can live relatively free of
tail hour every Thursday    meeting.                           out to Shirley Piek whose                                    crime. South Africa’s history is characterised by lack of respect
at :                                                           brother died suddenly in Cape                                for one another, and this is often acknowledged as a significant
DHS Old Boys Club,          President Gussie read an Town. Chic Steele came                                                 contributing factor to our high levels of crime and violence.
Gainsborough Drive,         email inviting the Club to run a through his hip replacement
Durban North at 5.15 for    food stall on the beachfront operation successfully but is in                                   Small, positive actions repeated often create big change. We
5.30 pm                     each weekend to the end of a lot of pain, more so than the                                      can begin simply by looking one another in the eyes, smiling
                            September. Mike Neale sup- previous op. Mike Hartley was                                        and saying hello. We can begin by cleaning up our street or
  Visitors are most                                                                                                         local park. We can begin by obeying the law ourselves; not
                            ported the proposal. Gussie admitted to hospital last week
      welcome.                                                                                                              talking on the cell phone whilst driving, not speeding or travel-
                            will discuss with Rob Thomp- with a heart problem. We wish
                            son and revert to the club. The Chic and Mike speedy recov-                                     ling unnecessarily in the emergency lane, not committing petty
                            possibility of involving another eries.                                                         theft from our company.
                            Club / Clubs will be considered.                                                                We also encourage people to take the idea further and find
                                                                                                                            their own personal ‘hello’. Using your unique talents and gifts
                                                                                                                            you can help to create a safe, peaceful South Africa. For some
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JUSTIN FOXTON : STOP CRIME SAY HELLO (Continued)                                                             ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CLUB NEWS
this has meant taking on an apprentice or teaching their staff about the value of respect.
Teachers have used their classrooms, business owners have used staff meetings and par-                FROM THE PRESIDENT.......
ents have opened their homes to mentor orphaned teenagers.                                            Gussie reported at the last meeting that Ikhaya Lobomi is still sitting empty, some two
                                                                                                      years after the Club spent the R170 000 matching grant on furniture and equipment.
It is about a shift of mindset away from fighting crime towards creating peace.
It is about empowering each of us to work together in the creation of a safe South Africa.            The Sunday Tribune featured an article on this sad state of affairs which, apart from a
                                                                                                      waste of a much needed facility, is now an embarrassment to Rotary. John Steen-
It is about not pointing fingers and taking responsibility.
It is about each of us doing small, practical things daily that can prick the bubble of anger         huizen has been contacted and asked to assist in trying to resolve the impasse.
and create peace.
                                                                                                      VIRGINIA AIR SHOW
In order to combat crime we must urgently move towards respecting one another no matter our           Peter Gooderson reported on the finances of the Air Show - South Park with a turnover
differences, each working daily to prick the bubble of anger that exists in so many. Our words and    of R12 007, out performed the main tent and the net income from parking was R8500.
actions must convey respect and dignity and this begins with a simple hello                           Overall, the project resulted in a very satisfactory net profit of R34 000. President Gus-
Mike Neale thanked Justin on behalf of all present for his outstanding address.                       sie thanked Adriaan Verhagen, Peter Gooderson, Rob Thompson and Brenda
                                                                                                      Swanepoel for their contribution to the organisation of the event and all the Rotarians
                                                                                                      and Partners, and the non-Rotarian family including children, Exchange Students and
                                                                                                      tea ladies for making the project the success it was. It made Gusssie proud to be part
WELCOME THIBAUD                                                                                       of Durban North Rotary Club.
We welcome our Exchange student from Belgium
                                                                                                      VOCATIONAL SERVICE
Thibaud Stevens and wish him a great year in South
                                                                                                      Jason Stevens reported on the Committee meeting held on 20 July. Goals have been
Africa. Jason Stevens is his counselor and he will
move to the Roux family at the weekend. Thibaud                                                       set for the year for which the criteria for a Presidential Citation have been used as a
will be attending Northwood. All Rotarians are re-                                                    checklist. The Inanda Special School will be reappraised, possibly utilizing the Robus
minded to remember Thibaud when doing anything                                                        Fund. Paving will be provided at the Golden Hours School and the Committee is pro-
exciting and include him in your activities.                                                          ceeding with the planning for the Centre of Excellence at Northcrest for which Mike
                                                                                                      Hartley has prepared architectural plans and Barry Garland has obtained sponsorship
Pictured on Right—Thibaud with Counselor Jason                                                        through the Victor Deitz Foundation. This is an exciting project which will benefit chil-
Stevens, Gus & Hilary and Host Parents Dirk &                                                         dren and their families by providing adult literacy, life skills and computer training.
Annette Roux—(Brenda was behind the camera)                                                           Jason reminded the meeting that October is Vocational Service Month during which
                                                                                                      Vocational Awards will be made for which nominations from our members are invited. It
                                                                                                      is also intended to present the Club Wheel of Service Award for the promotion of good-
                                                                                                      will within the community in accordance with the objects of Rotary. Again, nominations
 CLUB DIARY                                                                                           are needed for this award.
 29 July                       Grant Bashford : The Sharks                                            FUTURE VISION PLAN : CLUB ACCREDITATION
 05 August                     Peter Gooderson : Thailand and Other Travels                           Lionel Wybrow has been advised by PDG Colleen Pieterse that Durban North has
 12 August                     Debra Bower : Kilimanjaro Blind Climbers                               received full accreditation and that we are fully qualified for the Rotary year 2010/2011
 19 August                     DG Visit

 DUTIES                        29 July                       5 August                                INTERESTING YEARS
 Door Duty                     Laura Donet                   Peter McDermott                         Interesting Year 1981                         Interesting Year 2005
 Look after Visitors           Brian Sanders                 Dave Flitton                            1. Prince Charles got married                 1. Prince Charles got married
 Invocation                    Barry Garland                 Themba Sokhabase                        2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of      2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of
 Fourway Test                  Sam Reddy                     Mike Mylrea                                Europe                                        Europe
 Introduce Speaker             Mike Hartley                  Hilary Augustus                         3. Australia lost the Ashes tournament.       3. Australia lost the Ashes tournament
 Thank Speaker                 Jason Stevens                 Rob Thompson                            4. The pope died                              4. The pope died
 Sergeant                      Mike Thomson                  Norman Newberry
                                                                                                     Lesson to be learned: The next time Charles gets married, someone should warn the Pope!