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					THE DELI MENU                                                     SUSHI
                                                                  The sushi is made fresh in Sevruga, where restaurant quality
                                                                  and freshness is guaranteed. Please feel free to place advance

                     - 2009 -                                     orders to suit your needs.

                                                                  8 Pieces                                               R29.00
                                                                  13 Pieces                                              R49.00
Beluga caviar 28g                                   R1 399.00
                                                                  26 Pieces                                              R99.00
Sevruga caviar 28g                                  R 799.00
Red capelin caviar                                  R 85.00
                                                                  Alan’s famous peanut sauce                             R29.95
                                                                  Nori (seaweed) sheets                                  R85.50
                                                                  Chinese pickled radish                                 R75.00
Take them home, heat them up and enjoy them.
                                                                  Pickled ginger                                         R 9.95
Bolognaise                                             R33.95     QP Japanese mayo                                       R75.95
Goulash                                                R29.95     Soya bean curd                                         R35.00
Beef lasagne                                           R25.95     Rice vinegar                                           R22.95
Butter chicken curry                                   R29.95     Kikoman soya sauce, red                                R29.95
                                                                  Kikoman soya sauce, green                              R36.95
THE MEAT SELECTION                                                Wasabi tub                                             R16.95
Great care is taken to find and process only A grade, grain       Seven spice                                            R25.00
fed, traceable meat; the same as we use in our restaurants.       Ginger jar                                             R14.95
The meat is then cryo vacuum packed for extra protection,         Sushi rice, 1kg                                        R27.95
enabling the meat to mature for a further four weeks.

Fillet steak, portion 250g                            R 54.95     SALADS & SOUPS
Fillet steak, per kilogram                            R149.95     These products are made in our development kitchen where
Rump steak, portion 250g                              R 44.95     we smoke, brine, roast and bake all our own products.
Rump steak, per kilogram                              R 99.95
Sirloin steak, portion 250g                           R 36.95     Tuna caprese salad                                     R29.95
Sirloin steak, per kilogram                           R 99.95     Tuna pasta salad                                       R29.95
Biltong, portion 150g                                 R 33.95     Smoked chicken salad                                   R25.95
Droë wors, portion 150g                               R 29.95     Biltong salad                                          R29.95
                                                                  Vegetarian salad                                       R24.95
POULTRY                                                           Smoked salmon salad                                    R25.95
We brine* the duck and chicken in our special herb brine          Plum tomato & basil soup                               R19.95
to break down the proteins and ensure amazing flavour and         Seafood chowder                                        R23.95
tenderness. The duck fat is absolutely amazing to cook with.      Chicken & sweet corn soup                              R19.95
                                                                  Mushroom soup                                          R24.95
Smoked chicken leg, two in a portion                   R33.95
Duck breast raw, two in a portion                      R54.95
Duck leg raw, two in a portion                         R49.95     VINEGAR & OILS
Quail eggs                                             R69.95     Oil roasted garlic                                   R 49.95
Duck fat                                               R16.95     Oil sun flower white truffle                         R299.00
                                                                  Oil juice verjuice                                   R 99.00
FRESH FISH                                                        Vinegar, cab/sauv                                    R 69.95
We only use sushi quality salmon and tuna, and great care is      Vinegar, black truffle                               R169.00
taken to ensure freshness.

Norwegian salmon, portion 220g                         R55.95     TRUFFLES & HERBS
Yellowfin tuna, portion 220g                           R39.95     Truffle pieces                                         R99.00
                                                                  Vanilla pods                                           R29.95
SANDWICHES                                                        Thyme                                                  R 4.95
Our sandwiches are made fresh daily with lots of love and care.   Coriander                                              R 4.95
Slow cooked lamb                                       R29.95
Steak & cheese                                         R29.95     BREAD
Smoked chicken                                         R24.95     Homemade bread                                        R 4.95
Smoked salmon                                          R29.95     Toasted wafers                                        R 5.95
Vegetarian                                             R24.95     Croutons                                              R 7.95
Smoked tuna                                            R29.95     Cheese puffs                                          R 11.95
SAUCES                                                             CHEESE & BUTTER
A saucier is one of the most important people in a kitchen, just   We serve Gorgonzola, Gruyere and Kimilili cheese in our
as the stock pot is one of the most important cooking apparatus.   restaurants. They are seriously amazing!

Lemon beurre blanc                                      R29.95     Gorgonzola                                              R49.95
Pepper sauce                                            R24.95     Gruyere, 6 months                                       R39.95
Mushroom sauce                                          R29.95     Kimilili pepper                                         R44.95
Balsamic reduction                                      R29.95     Dalewood camembert                                      R34.95
Beef stock                                              R14.95     Tarragon butter                                         R19.95
Vegetable stock                                         R14.95     Parsley & garlic butter                                 R19.95
Chicken stock                                           R14.95     Tarragon & garlic butter                                R19.95
Jus, red wine                                           R39.00     Smoked salmon cream cheese                              R39.95
Jus, rosemary                                           R39.00
                                                                   CUTLERY & GLASSWARE
PÂTÉS & PESTOS                                                     We consider Abert steak knives to be world class, and we use
All these products are prepared in our development kitchen.        them in our restaurants.
They give us an opportunity to be creative and have some fun,
whilst creating products that will delight people.                 Abert steak knife                                      R 59.00
                                                                   Classic ice bucket                                     R550.00
Smoked salmon pâté                                      R19.95     Magnum wine glass                                      R 89.00
Chicken liver pâté                                      R24.95     Sushi rolling mat                                      R 15.95
Duck liver pâté                                         R24.95     Sushi knife                                            R369.95
Smoked tuna pâté                                        R19.95
Biltong pâté                                            R19.95     BOOKS
Red pepper pesto                                        R19.95     We are inspired by so many of the great chefs and restaurateurs,
Sundried tomato pesto                                   R24.95     Heston and Mr Keller being two of them. This selection is a
Rocket pesto                                            R19.95     work in progress.
Coriander pesto                                         R19.95
Butternut pesto                                         R19.95     Heston Blumenthal’s:
Aubergine pesto                                         R19.95     In Search of Perfection                                R399.00
                                                                   Further Adventures in Search of Perfection             R399.00

SALTS & RUBS                                                       Thomas Keller’s:
Salt is one of nature’s best flavour enhancers and a good salt     The French Laundry Cook Book                           R599.00
can make any meal more memorable.
                                                                   Harvé This’:
Biltong infused salt                                    R59.95     Kitchen Mysteries                                      R350.00
Alae red Hawaii salt                                    R49.95     Molecular Gastronomy                                   R350.00
Palm Island black lava salt                             R59.95     Molecular Gastronomy Exploring the
Red & black salt                                        R45.95     Science of Flavour                                     R350.00
Maldon sea salt                                         R39.95     Building a Meal                                        R350.00
Moroccan rub                                            R 9.95
Cajun rub                                               R 9.95     DESSERTS
Lemon & herb rub                                        R 9.95     We only use amazing ingredients, and our great pastry chefs
                                                                   spend countless hours designing and developing new and
PRESERVES                                                          improved recipes.
We serve the onion chutney with our steaks in the restaurants,
and the aniseeds and caramalized onions work great with meat.      Couverture chocolate brownie                            R14.95
                                                                   Belgium chocolate mousse                                R14.95
Candied aubergine                                       R32.95     Vanilla meringue                                        R12.95
Onion chutney                                           R19.95     Lemon meringue                                          R19.95
Green fig jam                                           R48.00     Chocolate truffle cake                                  R19.95
Ginger honey                                            R32.95     Strawberry cheesecake                                   R14.95
Honey & rosemary                                        R19.00     Mango cheesecake                                        R14.95
Masala chutney                                          R19.95     Tiramisu                                                R14.95
Lemon & cayenne onions                                  R19.95
Marinated mushrooms                                     R24.95     THE COFFEE WE USE
Artichokes                                              R45.95     Lavazza crema roma                                     R279.95
Brining is a process of adding flavour to meats by soaking
them in a salt water solution that contains herbs and spices.
The salt content of the water is higher than that of the meat
which draws the salt solution in, taking the flavours with it. This
process not only adds flavour, it also adds moisture, which stays
in the meat through the cooking process.

Should you be interested in procuring more exotic products
such as pigeon or rabbit, please contact us or speak to the
manager in-store, and arrangements will be made.

If you have any queries about our products, or would like
to place an advance order, please see the below contact

Contact Person: Lindi Theunissen
Tel Number: 021 418 0909
Functions, orders, catering:
Recipe suggestions are available on request

As the deli is a work in progress, these menus will be updated
regularly. We value any and all feedback.

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