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					                                                         BEAUTY TIPS

Maintaining the perfect complexion
The ultimate foundation for looking good is a healthy skin.
Here are just a few hints and tips to keep you glowing and blemish free.

Oily skin
Oily skin should never be ‘dried’ out. A cleanser, however, will balance it
perfectly. While you cleanse, you balance, leaving your skin just right not tight,
not greasy, just clean and comfortable.

These are basically clogged pores with a plug inside. Cleansing, toning,
exfoliating and using a regular face mask will get rid of the blockage without
damaging the skin.

These form from clogged pores that become inflamed and red. Never pick
or squeeze a pimple: it can leave scaring. Skin susceptible to pimples is
weak and needs help to resist bacterial upsets. A good skin consultation
and prescription will help treat the problem.

Dry and dehydrated skin
Dehydration is a loss of moisture (not oil) from the uppermost skin cells.
There are three steps to solve this problem: firstly, the use of an appropriate
cleanser and toner to balance the skin; secondly, remove dead skin cells by
regular gentle exfoliation; thirdly, have an appropriate moisturiser to protect
the moisture from escaping from the skin.

A routine must be formed to give the skin constant lubrication and protection:
cleanse and tone to balance, exfoliate, and then lubricate.

Apply an appropriate moisturiser to nourish the skin every day, and a regular
face mask every week with special boosters to treat.

 Sensitive and mature skin
 There are two kinds of skin that can present problems of their own. But don’t
 worry, there’s plenty you can do if you get the right advice.

 Sensitive skin
 It’s essential not to irritate the skin further – but to use a range of products that
 are gentle enough to rebuild the skin’s natural barrier. A good skin consultation
 by your therapist is important.

 Mature skin
 This is inevitable: we age! However, we can help slow down many factors of
 ageing. The sun hardens and thickens the outer layers causing lines so it is
 important to wear a sun bloc to protect the skin. Watch out against cosmetic
 abuse, such as harsh and abrasive chemicals, that break down your skin’s
 natural defences and leave it looking aged.

   Beauty top tips
   G   Always have a skin consultation by a beauty therapist before starting
       on a skin care routine. It’s easy to do more damage than good
   G   Do not try to strip oil from your skin: balancing is the key
   G   All skin types need the bare basic routine to get great results:
       cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturising
   G   Do not use harsh scrubs on the face: gentle scrubs are more
       than capable in removing dead skin cells
   G   Less is more: don’t go crazy with the amount of product you use on
       your face, it’s best to add more product if needed
   G   If your product is in a tube, cut it in half when it is empty.
       You’ll generally find another month’s worth of product at the bottom