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					   Annual Report
St Joseph’s Primary School
            26 Coreen Street, Jerilderie, 2716
        Phone: (03) 5886 1475, Fax (03) 5886 1786
                 Principal: Jason Harrison

           Vision Statement
In keeping with the evangelising mission of the
       Catholic Church, the community of
      St Joseph’s Primary School, Jerilderie
  Is committed to Jesus Christ and his Gospel;
  Knows and celebrates our Catholic faith tradi-
  Educates the whole person: body, spirit, heart
  and mind;
  Promotes education in the service of a better
  Provides our children with reasons for living,
  hoping and loving.

               School Motto

                                         June 2005
PAGE 2                                   ST JOSEPH’S JERILDERIE ANNUAL REPORT

                       The School
                                        This is expressed through the mis-
          The School                    sion statement of our school, as be-
 St Joseph’s Primary School is held     ing a committed community of faith,
 in high regard in our community. In a community of learning, a commu-
 2004 our reputation has continued to nity of care and a community of ser-
 grow. This report highlights many      vice.
 examples of the excellent achieve-
 ments of our students, staff and par-
 ents. We have the right to feel proud
                                          Religious Education
 of our school.                         As part of our school curriculum, we
                                        use the Diocesan Religious Educa-
 St Joseph’s is a Catholic community tion Program called “Sharing Our
 school in which staff and parents      Story”. Each day the students learn
 work together to educate children.     about the heritage, commitment and
 We recognise and affirm the unique- principles of our Catholic Faith. We
 ness of each student, and assist each start each morning with prayer and
 to develop his or her full potential   prayer has a focus throughout our
 through a safe, supportive and chal- day.
 lenging learning environment. We
 work in an atmosphere built on mu- In 2004 we had a full complement of
 tual respect and, through celebrating Sacramental programs for Recon-
 Gospel principles, we aim to achieve ciliation, First Communion and Con-
 a quality education for all.           firmation. Our school co-ordinates
                                        and facilitates the Sacramental pro-
 We are a community of learners who grams in our Parish.
 strive to achieve in all we do. We are
 a community of faith filled people     Throughout the year, we raise
 who live with the understanding of money for Children’s Mission
 the Gospel. We are a community of through special days and during mis-
 parents dedicated to our school and sion week. We raised $186 to sup-
 students. We are a community of        port people outside our country. A
 teachers who go above and beyond wonderful accomplishment.
 in all that we do. We have a staff of
 devoted and loyal people who en-       We have a supportive Parish. They
 rich our school everyday.              assist us in many different ways to
                                        ensure the success of our school.
ANNUAL REPORT 2004                                                    PAGE 3

                       The School
                                         all levels and compete in the NSW
            The Arts                     Primary Schools Swimming Carnival
 Creative Arts has a prominent place     in Sydney, where the best swimmers
 in our curriculum. Each classroom       in the state compete against each
 has a dedicated time for dance, mu-     other. We are very proud.
 sic, drama and visual arts. We train
 our staff each year in new and varied
 methods of teaching. This year we
 updated the Curriculum Plan for
 Creative Arts, which focuses our
 learning and teaching in this Key
 Learning Area.

 This year we:                         We also had:
      Attended school plays by Jer-       7 students represent our Deanery
      ilderie Public School, St Peters    at the Diocesan Swimming Car-
      Coleambally & St Joseph’s           nival
      Finley                              Harry Stonnill & Ellen Sweeney
      Attended a brass band perform-      compete at the Diocesan Athlet-
      ance by AusBrass                    ics Carnival
      Incorporated the Musica Viva        Sammy Conn and Ellen
      music learning program into our     Sweeney named Aged Champi-
      school                              ons for Deanery Athletics &
      Attended a religious musical        Grace Rutherford for Deanery
      extravaganza by Monica Brown        Swimming
      Had our K/1/2 students sing at      8 students represent our Deanery
      the Flower Show                     at Diocesan Cross Country
      Had an end of year play by our      Sammy Conn represented the
      K/1/2 students                      Wagga Diocese in netball
                                          Yr 5/6 Netball team at Lightning
                Sport                     Premiership in Barooga.
 We are very proud of our achieve-     And we became champion Deanery
 ments in sport. This year we had      Swimming and Athletic School in
 Grace Rutherford and our PP5 swim- 2004.
 ming relay team of Ellen Sweeney,
 Talliah Zampin, Sam Barlow and
 Grace Rutherford progress through
PAGE 4                                   ST JOSEPH’S JERILDERIE ANNUAL REPORT

                            The School

  General and Specific Author Visits
                       We had visiting authors Sofie La-
   School Initiatives  guna and Jane Carroll, not to men-
                                        tion a special celebration for Possum
 St Joseph’s has enjoyed some out-      Magic’s 50th Birthday.
 standing academic results through-
 out the year. Many students achieved
                                        Community Events
 excellent results in both the Basic    Students have contributed to and
 Skills and Primary Writing Assess-     attended many community events
 ment Tests.                            this year including:
                                             CWA Chile Country of Study
 Many of our students also enter the         ANZAC Day
 University of NSW competitions.             ANZAC Day writing competi-
 Our outstanding achievements in-            tion
 clude:                                      Library & Newsagency Easter
     Penny Raleigh: Distinction in           competitions
     Maths, Credit in English and            Remembrance Day
     Science;                                Ecumenical Services with Jer-
     Emily Raleigh: Credit in Maths          ilderie Public School
     and English                             Clean Up Australia Day
     Ellen Sweeney: Credit in Eng-           Summer Fair
                                             Red Cross Functions
     Kimberly Bright: Credit in Sci-
                                             Local Government Week
 Public Speaking                        And in particular, the Jerilderie Let-
 Our Year 5/6 students participated in ter Event in which all our students
 the Rotary Public Speaking, with 3 sang to the lunchtime crowd.
 students attending the night in
 Finley. All Year 5/6 students partici-
 pated in the Annual Penguin Club
 Public Speaking Competition.
ANNUAL REPORT 2004                                                          PAGE 5

                             The School
  Nestle’ Write                           We had open classrooms for the
                                          parents and friends, a delicious
  Around Australia                        morning tea, and then Jump Rope
  Sammy Conn was selected as a            For Heart.
  Zone Finalist for this competition.
  An amazing achievement.                 Our School Council served up a
                                          delicious lunch for parents, children
                                          and staff.
  Fund Raising
      Jeans for Genes Day lead by         We concluded with our Showcase
      our Yr 6 Leaders                    Assembly and, as always, this was
      Jump Rope for Heart                 full of great things done by our
      Daffodil Day                        students. We had a terrific day, and
      Two Book Fairs                      we’ll do it all again next year.

  Open Day 2004                           Peer Support
  Open Day 2004 saw our students          In 2004, our Year 5/6 students are
  and guests to the School welcomed       trained to be leaders in this exciting
  through a Doorway to the Circus.        program that builds self-esteem in
  Then we had a wonderful circus          all our students. Our leaders have
  atmosphere for our Parade. We had       the opportunity to develop and prac-
  horses with beautiful young ladies      tise leadership skills. All students
  performing tricks on their back,        learn how to support each other,
  horse trainers, jugglers, clowns and    make safe and healthy life decisions
  ringmasters galore, monkeys,            to realise their potential and make a
  strongmen, tigers, lion tamers,         positive contribution to our commu-
  tightrope walkers, a popcorn lady,      nity. This year we focused on self-
  magicians, stilts walker, beautiful     esteem.
  little princes and princesses, even a
  fairy, and the list goes on.            PMP—Perceptual
  We welcomed Janelle and Sadie,          Motor Program
  and the Pre-Schoolers who attended      This is a daily gross motor program
  our parade dined on cupcakes and        for our K/1/2 students which de-
  cordial, and were entertained in the    velop their motor skills whilst using
  K/1/2 classroom.                        both sides of their brain.
PAGE 6                                    ST JOSEPH’S JERILDERIE ANNUAL REPORT

 Information on Key School Programs

                                          CSO personnel. They looked
         School Policies                  through our policies, programs and
 In 2004, we had our registration re-     student work to ascertain whether
 view which we passed successfully.       we met the requirements.
 As a part of this registration all our
 policies and curriculum plans were       From the report: “St. Joseph’s
 reviewed.                                Catholic Primary School, Jerilderie,
 In 2004, the School Council Consti-      NSW meets the requirements of the
 tution was written and distributed to    NSW Board of Studies manual reg-
 all the families in our school.          istration under the Education Act of
 Our Parent Information Booklet was       1990.”
 updated and distributed to all our
 new enrolments.                          From this Inspection, there are a
 We updated our Maths and Creative        number of minor and significant
 Arts Policy. These are to be re-         commendations and recommenda-
 viewed in 2005.                          tions that will be addressed in our
 We wrote our Email and Internet          School Renewal Framework in the
 Policy and importantly our Student       coming years.
 Exit Outcomes Policy. These, and
 the policies below, are available
 from the office:                            Curriculum Focus
       enrolment policy,                  Our Curriculum Focus for 2004 is
       discipline policy,                 tied into our School Renewal Frame-
       complaints & grievance policy      work. Using “Today’s Children,
                                          Tomorrow’s Adults” key skills crite-
       student welfare policy.
                                          ria, we had a 2004 focus on “Year of
                                          Communication” with Maths and
         Educational and                  Creative Arts being our main cur-
                                          riculum priorities. This resulted in
  Management Practice                     our Country Areas Programs ad-
                                          dressing our Creative Arts needs.
      Evaluation                          We updated our policies, focussed
         – School Culture                 teacher development on these areas
                                          and focussed on the Maths and Crea-
 In December 2004, our school un-         tive Arts learning of students during
 derwent a Registration Inspection.       this year.
 The report was conducted by two
ANNUAL REPORT 2004                                                          PAGE 7

  Information on Key School Programs

                                          gram. Due to the success of our Year
  Programs to Support                     One students, we have not needed to
       Learning                           offer this support program again in
                                          2004. Mandy Catena also attended
         Technology                       the Reading Recovery Conference in
 Our school is very well resourced        Sydney.
 with technology. We have 4 com-
 puters in K/1/2 and 5 computers in
 each 3/4 & 5/6 classroom. Most of                Difficulties
 our computers are networked to a         The school is allocated a Special
 server which provides efficient and      Needs In School Co-ordinator. This
 fast internet access whilst ensuring     staff member is trained to support
 the suitability of internet access.      teachers who are ensuring the suc-
                                          cess and supporting the needs of
 All our students have an individual      students in their class, to co-ordinate
 email account which is accessed          application forms and to assist teach-
 through a browser called MyInter-        ers in accessing special services of-
 net. This is a Diocesan wide project     fered by the CSO. This allocation is
 linking all schools and student to-      granted on the number of funded
 gether.                                  students within the school.
 Throughout the year, all students use    The school has access to a Deanery
 computers as a tool to assist in their   Education Officer and Head of Spe-
 learning. The students use them          cial Services. These people support
 daily.                                   the needs of all students in our
                                          school and, in particular, students
 At our Graduation and Presentation       with learning difficulties and dis-
 Night, our Year 6 students created a     abilities. These people are accessed
 PowerPoint Presentation which was        readily throughout the year to meet
 displayed to everyone. The students      the needs of our students.
 created the pages themselves to
 highlight their time at St Joseph’s.One highlight in 2004, was our
                                     teacher who worked one-on-one
 Reading Recovery                    with a student, giving up their per-
 We have the resources and specially sonal time to ensure the success of
 trained staff to complete this pro- this student.
PAGE 8                                   ST JOSEPH’S JERILDERIE ANNUAL REPORT

  Information on Key School Programs
                                            hance Literacy and Numeracy
  Teachable Moments
                                            Musica Viva—to provide pro-
 In 2004, we started a new personal
                                            fessional development (PD) for
 development program for our Year
                                            staff in music skills based
 5/6 students, run by Julianne White,
                                            around a performance of Aus-
 author of Teachable Moments. This
 is a three phase course. The first
                                            Gymnastics—to provide weekly
 session aims to equip parents with
 the knowledge of puberty changes           gymnastic sessions to improve
 and how to find the right moment to        the skills of our students for 5
 discuss and resolve issues with chil-      weeks
 dren. Then in the second session,          Playground Helper—to provide
 parents and their children come to-        a member of the local commu-
 gether to discuss and share changes        nity to help all our students in
 during puberty, and finally a third        interaction and social skills
 session with students to talk about        through organised lunchtime
 the evening, the facts and how to          games.
 talk to Mum and Dad about these            Zart Attack - to provide PD in
 changes. It is an exciting and infor-      Visual Arts as a method of com-
 mative program that was welcomed           munication
 by all parents & students.
                                            Equity Programs
                                         Aboriginal Education
   (Country Areas Program)
                                     Aboriginal perspectives are incorpo-
 This program is funded by the Com-
                                     rated in all Key Learning Areas of
 monwealth Government and is de-
                                     Religion, Maths, English, HSIE,
 signed to improve opportunities for
                                     PDH&PE, Science & Technology, &
 students living in rural areas.
                                     Creative Arts.
 Through our CAP funding we are
 able to offer support for the follow-      Multicultural
 ing programs:
      Effective Education—providing
      an additional 1½ hours per week Each year, the students study an
      to maintain stage groups to en- Asian Country as part of their HSIE
ANNUAL REPORT 2004                                                           PAGE 9

 Information on Key School Programs
 studies. In 2004, the country was the   School Counsellor
 Philippines.                          Each fortnight sees our school coun-
                                       sellor attending our school to sup-
 Also as part of our community in-     port our students and families.
 volvement, our Year 3/4/5/6 students
 studied Chile and performed an item
 at CWA International Day.              Student Achievement
                                          Each year our Year 3 and Year 5
  Programs to Support                     students sit for the Basic Skills Test
                                          (BST) and Primary Writing Assess-
       Students                           ment (PWA). The BST assesses as-
                                          pects of literacy and numeracy and
     Drug Education                       the PWA assesses students’ writing
  The Life Education Van visits the       skills. These results are compared to
 school each year. This targets drug      all students in NSW.
 education for all our students. We
 then follow-up using the program         In 2004 we had four Year 3 and
 provided by Life Education.              three Year 5 students sit for the tests
                                          and we received excellent results.
 Also the school focuses on drug          They will be directing our student
 education in term three as part of its   learning in the future.
 PDHPE curriculum.

      Students with
                                             Staff Achievement
                                        In 2004, we saw our last teacher gain
         Disabilities                   accreditation from the Diocesan Lit-
 Students with a disability are given eracy Learning and Teaching in the
 additional support by the CSO. They Classroom program. This is a fantas-
 have an aide to support their learning tic accomplishment as we are the
 and Individual Learning Programs       only school in the Diocese fully ac-
 are written to meet their particular   credited with this program.
 needs. The parents of these students
 meet on a regular basis with the
 teacher, Principal and Special Ser-
 vices personnel to discuss and direct
 future learning needs.
PAGE 10                                   ST JOSEPH’S JERILDERIE ANNUAL REPORT

                 School Renewal
                                             Complete all Diocesan Maths
     School Renewal                          training for teachers
   Framework for 2004                        Implement and review the new
                                             Religious Education curriculum
 The School Renewal Framework                Complete the Diocesan Creative
 (SRF) is a Diocesan accountability          Arts training part 1
 structure that supports schools in its      Update Creative Arts Curricu-
 efforts to create an effective school       lum Plan
 under the areas of :                        Write an Acceptable use of
 1. Vision & Mission                         Email and Internet Policy
 2. School Programs and opera-               Complete all compliance and
      tions: Policies and Curricula
                                             safety training for staff
 3. Leadership: Administration and
                                             Update Uniform Policy with
 4. Professional Development                 School Board recommendations
 5. Resources & Facilities.                  Complete MyInternet and My-
                                             Classes training
 In 2004 our focus was on “The Year          Continue with the maintenance
 of Communication” and we under-             and OH&S plans for our school
 took the following successfully:            Re-vamp the newsletter
     Promotion of vision and mission         Continue with the playground
     through the newsletter                  upgrading including bridge con-
     Conduct parent information              struction and planting
     Promote the school in the SRN
     and Jerilderie Journal
     Write School Council Constitu-
     tion joining the Board and P&F
     into one body
     In-service staff on anti-bullying
     Prepare for the Registration
     Review in Term 4
     Update Maths Curriculum Plan

                                          Ellen Sweeney reading to K/1/2
ANNUAL REPORT 2004                                                     PAGE 11

               School Overview
    School Enrolment and Attendance Profile
 In 2004 we had 31 students. We welcomed our 3 new Kindergarten students
 into our school community, bringing 3 new families to our school. The en-
 rolment numbers for each grade are listed below.

         Kinder Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6              Total
 Boys     2      5       2      1      2      1       1                 14
 Girls    1              3      3      1      3       6                 17
 Total    3      5       5      4      3      4       7                 31

 The majority of our students attend school regularly, many with 100% at-

                                        HSIE, Creative Arts and PDHPE.
  Structure of Classes                  Friday afternoons consist of Physical
 At our school, there are 3 composite Education and Sport and a Library
 classes:                               Skills Program.
        The Kindergarten/ Year 1/
        Year 2 class of 13 students all
        day.                                         Staffing
        The Year 3/4 class has 7 stu-   The students of St Joseph’s are sup-
        dents for Literacy and for Nu- ported by a group of dedicated,
        meracy Monday to Thursday. faith-living teachers. They are:
        The Year 5/6 class has 12 stu-
        dents for Literacy and Nu-      Jason Harrison Principal Fulltime
        meracy Monday to Thursday. Mandy Catena Teacher 3 days
 All students are placed in these 3     Kate Lee           Teacher 2 days
 smaller groups to ensure the success   Trish McKenna Teacher 3½ days
 of our students in Literacy and Nu- Julie Conn            Admin 20hpw
 meracy.                                       Integration Support 2½hpw

                                       All teaching staff are entitled to re-
 In the final session of each day, the lease from teaching. To ensure small
 students are placed into 2 class      class grouping, the staff have agreed
 groups with 2 stages in each class    to forgo have this entitlement .
 for Religion, Science & Technology,
PAGE 12                                  ST JOSEPH’S JERILDERIE ANNUAL REPORT

                School Overview
                                        large amount of funds for the benefit
   Parent Involvement                   of our students. Their contribution of
    and Participation                   $7,000 to our school budget allows
                                        the school to maintain the high stan-
 Parental involvement is the key to the dard of faith inspired education. This
 success of St Joseph’s Primary         year they have targeted additional
 School. Parents are the “back-bone” funds to our playground renovation
 of our school.                         as well as a new sound system, CD
                                        players and an infra-red listening post
 The School Board, consisting of 5      for the K/1/2 classroom. In June this
 parents and Father, the School Princi- wonderful body became a part of the
 pal and School Administrative Offi- School Council with all funds kept in
 cer, was closed to allow for the for-  a separate Parent Funds account.
 mation of a new body called the
                                        The Combined Schools Fete/Auction
 School Council.
                                        Committee met on four occasions to
                                        plan and execute the fete/auction at
 In June 2004, at the inaugural School
                                        Jerilderie Public School in March.
 Council meeting, the School Board in
                                        This year they donated $3400 to the
 its current form was dissolved and
                                        school budget.
 the new School Council opened com-
 bining both the School Board and       The Canteen, under the supervision
 P&F into one working body.             of Wendy Smith, continues to pro-
 Its purpose is to provide advice and   vide a valuable service to our stu-
 support on matters of education, op- dents, as well as producing a profit
 eration, disseminate information,      for the School Council Parent Funds.
 finance, buildings & equipment, or- All parents are rostered on to “work”
 ganisational items, school policy and in the canteen.
 procedures, and community issues.
 All families are included in the Coun- Our parental participation does not
 cil and this allows them to have a     stop there. We have a dedicated
 direct say in the operation of our     group of reading parents who come
 school.                                in once a week into the K/1/2 class
                                        for reading and writing groups.
 The P&F (Parents and Friends) Com-
 mittee of St Joseph’s are our tireless We have fantastic support in our li-
 hardworking parents who raise a        brary. Parents accession (catalogue)
ANNUAL REPORT 2004                                                   PAGE 13

                School Overview
 books, cover all the new resources     Chairperson are members of the Par-
 and re-sort books to their shelves. A ish Council. This ceased in May
 parent is our Library Monitor and we 2004.
 deeply appreciate all she does for us.

 Parents support our working bees,
 disco’s, transport students to events
 and sporting carnivals – just to name
 a few.

 Without our parents we would not
 operate as effectively.

 Parish Community                          2004 Reconciliation
 Links                                    Community Use of
 St Joseph’s Parish is an integral part
 of our school community.                  School Facilities
                                        During 2004, the Catholic Women’s
 The Catholic Women’s League give League used our library for their
 each Year 6 student a parting gradua- meetings.
 tion gift of Rosary Beads to assist in
 their faith development.               We had a parent use our Parish Hall
                                        for after school and evening scrap
 The Parish provide an encouragement booking classes.
 award for each class recognising ex-
 cellence in Religious Education.
 They give each graduating Year 6
 student a Good News Bible.

 The Parish support the Principal by
 providing accommodation at a re-
 duced rental rate.

 The Principal and School Board
PAGE 14                                                                               ST JOSEPH’S JERILDERIE ANNUAL REPORT

                             School Overview
                             Financial Statement Summary
  This data shown below is a summary of Diocese of Wagga School System
  income and expense and includes income and expense of all system schools.
                              Income                                                                  Expenses

                                                                                                Non-salary Expenses, 4.9%
                   Ot her                                               Fees and
                  Capit al                                              Privat e
                  Income,                                               Income,
                     3.2%                                                19.8%

          alt h                                                            St at e
     Recurr ent                                                          Recur rent
        Gr ant s,                                                         Grant s,
         57.7%                                                             19.3%

                                                                                                     Salaries, allowances and
                                                                                                     related expenses, 95.1%

 The total income and expense of the school, that is included in the above,
 is shown below.

                               Income                                                                   Expenses
                             Ot her Capi t al
                                                                                                 Non - salar y
                             I ncome, 1. 2%
                                                   Fees and                                      Expen ses,
            Gov er nment
                                                   P r i v at e                                   13 . 3 %
               Capi t al
                                                I nc ome, 18. 9%
           Gr ant s, 1. 0%

                                                                                                                                i     l
                                                                                                                          Salar es, alowan ces
                                                              St at e                                                         an d r elat ed
    Commonweal t h
                                                          Rec ur r ent                                                        expen ses,
       Recur r ent
                                                       Gr ant s, 21. 4%                                                         86.7%
     Gr ant s , 57. 6%
ANNUAL REPORT 2004                                                       PAGE 15

             About This Report
 This report was written by Jason Harrison, Principal. It is a requirement of
 our registration as a Non-Government School and is aimed at informing
 parents and our community about our school.

 If you would like any further information about St Joseph’s Primary School,
 please contact me using the details on the final page of this report.

                     Jackson is always full of smiles.
             26 Coreen St
       Jerilderie NSW 2716

       Phone: 03 5886 1475
        Fax: 03 5886 1786