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									              Featured for Spring ‘95
                                PeakSimple for Windows
                                                                             SRI Instruments
                             Purge & Trap Autosampler
                     Environmental GC with 3 Detectors
          Serial Port Data System - 4 Channels US$1695
            Hand-held Halogren Sniffer - goes anywhere
The dry-ELCD, new, solvent less, halogen specific detector
  New Chassis and Front Panel Lay-out with digital LED
       “At-A-Glance” Display of ALL Operating Zones
8610C            Digital Pressure Control on ALL gases
 ‘97       Oven Temperature NOW to 400C maximum
              and Sub-ambient with Turbo-Cool Option
     Optional Dual Oven - for eg Multi-dimensional GC
                                                                             GC Products Catalog
There are many New       NOTE : For the NEW 8610C GC                          Gas Chromatographs - value priced
features and products
    - See new 8610       The SAME . . .                                                 for laboratory & Field Use
brochure and “short”             Options and Accessories
  8610C catalog and                 Custom GC Models
Chromtech’s Website
   for more details.
                                       Specifications                          IBM PC Compatible Data Systems
                                       APPLY to the new 8610C GC
* Prices are basically          as described in this1995 SRI Catalog           with Peak Simple Data Acquisition
                                                                              Software NEW Window 95 Version
  Update                 NEW !
                                                                                                            Update                  NEW !
  January                                                                    This Issue
                        8610C                                                                               January              8610C
   1997                  Model                                                      Spring ‘95                1997                  Model
                                  Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd :                                  Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd :
    SRI                        PO Box 435 Boronia Victoria 3155, Australia         SRI          PO Box 435, Boronia ,Victoria, Australia, 3155
Australian                    Fax +61 3 9761 1169 Phone +61 3 9762 2034        Australian     Fax : +61 3 9761 1169 Phone : +61 3 9762 2034
Distributors                      E-mail :           Distributors         E-mail :
     Six GREAT REASONS to buy                                 To Order...                                                CONFIGURE YOUR OWN
       an SRI 9300 or 8610 GC                                                                                           SRI 8610/9300 GC SYSTEM
    The 9300 & 8610 GC offer the same                                                                                               Standard Equipment:
    performance, and use the same columns as
    full-size laboratory instruments but cost         Australian Distributor
    less than half to buy and much less to             Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd               PeakSimple II data system software with an 8610 or 9300 GC,
    maintain.                                        Fax +61 3 9761 1169 Phone +61 3 9762 2034
                                                                                                      except the Educational GC. (No, the PC is NOT included!)
                                                     E-mail               9300 GC and 8610 GCs include built-in SERIAL PORT Data
    SMALLER COMPACT SIZE                                                                               Board to control 4 channels connecting directly to a PCs serial port.
    The 9300 or 8610 GC fit easily on crowded
    lab bench tops, in mobile vans, or car           Why SRI? Our Philosoph. . .                       (When purchasesd with any detector, except Educational GC)
    trunks. With its light weight, ship it easily   At SRI Instruments (the 4th largest             Temperature programmable column oven.
    via UPS or FEDEX.                               U.S. GC maker) we try to provide the            Thermostatted digital flow controller for carrier gas and all required
                                                    world with a Gas Chromatograph that
                                                    is a little different from the many other
                                                                                                      pressure regulators with digital pressure readout to 1 PSI.
    PROGRAMMABLE OVEN                                                                               Operator’s manual, video tape, spare septa.
    The column oven is multi-ramp                   GCs on the market. Hewlett-Packard,
    programmable from ambient t 300°C  o            Perkin-Elmer, Varian, Shimadzu and              Exclusive 2 year SRI Warranty.
    (4OOOC for the 9300 GC) for fast analysis       others make fine equipment which sell
    times and optimum resolution. Three fans        for double or triple SRI’s prices. In                            Select from our Popular Models or...
    force room air into and around the oven for     some rare cases, it makes sense to buy
    fast cool-down                                  one of those other brands, and we will                           . . .Customize your own GC here!
                                                    steer our customers towards a
    MULTIPLE DETECTORS                              competitive instrument. However, in             Start with the GC    SRI 8610 - Maximum versatility $--.00
    Unlike most GCs which can only mount            most other cases, a simpler, smaller,              mainframe
                                                                                                                         SRI 9300 - Sub-compact size     $--.00
    two or three detectors, the SRI 8610 can        less expensive GC not only does the
                                                                                                      add an extra
    mount 3 or more detectors including TCD,        job, but does it better precisely                injector or gas
    FID, NPD, ECD, PID, DELCD, ELCD or              because it is less complex.                     injection valve
    FPD.      Any combination of multiple                                                           add a purge &
    detectors can be plumbed in series/parallel     At SRI we strive for simplicity...                   trap &
    for any EPA or ASTM method!                     We incorporate GC features only after             autosampler
                                                    extensive R&D, testing, customer              add up to 6 or 7
    FREE PeakSimple SOFTWARE                        interaction, and based on our
    Every SRI GC (except the Educational            experience with GCs and user                        add an air
    model) includes our PeakSimple software         requirements over the years.                     compressor or
                                                                                                     vacuum DUlllD
    and built-in serial port data acquisition
                                                    In our design deliberations we opt for          other options see
    system to turn any IBM PC compatible into                                                        pages 30 to 34
    a powerful 4 channel data acquisition           the smallest and least expensive
    system.                                         solution which retains the sensitivity,         add PeakSimple
                                                    stability and performance required for           for Windows
    TWO YE4R WARRANTY                               a quantitative laboratory tool.              Total . . lt adds up
    Eight times longer than most other GC                                                          to a great valuei     Compare this to our competitor’s quotes !
    warranties, SRI GCs are deliberately                 If you know the huge and
    designed to be as “bullet-proof” as a GC         complicated GCs of yesteryear, you
    can be. Same day TECH support and Next           may not believe the performance of
    Day factory service ensures prompt repairs       the “simplified” SRI GC until you
    or modifications.                                         try it for yourself!
2                                                                                                 SRI - Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd : Fax +61 3 9761 1169   35
     TERMS WARRANTY WARNINGS 8, HAZARDS                                                                                                             PRODUCT INDEX
MINIMUM ORDER: US$50.00 All orders are payable in US dollars via check, money order, credit card
or wire transfer. (no letters of credit)
PAYMENT TERMS: 40% deposit-balance net 30 (or by arrangement)
RESTOCKING FEE: 1% per day aher 30 days from shipment.                                                                          Design your own “Custom” GC configuration using our wide selection
SHIPMENT: F.O.B. Factory. Domestic orders are shipped UPS unless otherwise specified.                                            of GC models, detectors, injectors, valves, columns and accessories
CHANGES: Product specifications, designs, and prices may change without notice.
REPAIRS: All repairs are done at the SRI Factory.
WARRANTY: SRI will repair or replace any defective parts within two years from the date of shipment. Consumable                                                            I
items such as lamps, heaters, septa, NPD beads, PMT tubes, ECD detector cell, traps, filters, columns, syringes, ate.
are excluded. Replacement or repair shall be the purchasar’s only remedy, and in no case shall SRl’s liability exceed the
original purchase price. The equipment is purchased mthout any other warranty expressed or implied, including, without
limitabon. any warranty of merchantability, any warranty arising from a cowsa of dealing, performance of usage of trade,
and/or any warranty that the equtpment is fit for any particular purpose or trade. The purchaser agrees to assume all
risks of defects relating to the design, construcbon, purchase, operation, condition. maintenance. possession and use of
the equipment, and to releasa SRI, to the maximum extent allowed by law, from any and all liabilities. claims or
demands of any nature. includtng without ltmltation any claims based on incidental or consequential damages
(foreseeable or not), lost earnings, negligence (active or pa&w). strict liability, breach of agreement or misconduct.
The purchaser is aware of and waives the provisions of California Civil Cc-de Section 1542, C’A general releasa does nd
extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release,
which if known by him must have matedally affected his seftlement with the debtot’). and/or all other laws, local, state,
federal. or international, of similar intent scope or purpose, relating to the release of unknown or unexpected claims. in
                                                                                                                                       Model 9300 GC                            Model 8610 GC
is expressly agreed that the possibility of such unknown or undiscovered claims exist and has baan explicitly taken into            with EPA Style Purge & Trap                Standard Configuration
account in determining the equipments purchase price and that consideration has bean adjusted, having been
bargained for in full knowledge of the possibility of such unknown claims. In the event the equipment is sold, loaned, or
otherwise transferred, purchaser agrees to bind the third paw to the terms of this agreement as a condition of transfer.
                                                                                                                             MODEL 8610 Gas Chromatograph                                               Page
Purchaser is aware of the dangers, and hazards inherent in operating chromatcgraphs and data systems including but                                             _ _
not llm&d to the warnmgs listed below. No agent, representative. distributor or emplovee of SRI has authoritv to amend
this warranty in any way. In the event that any t&m or provision of this war&y is sub@ to a valid claim of
                                                                                                                             A small, full featured GC for the laboratory, mobile lab or field use.      4
unenforceability, such term or provision shall be narrowly construed. the remaining provisions shall nevertheless survive,
granting SRI the greatest possible protection then available under law.
WARNINGS AND HAZARDS: Purchaser is aware of and accepts complete responsibility for
                                                                                                                             MODEL 9300 Gas Chromatograph                                               Page
operation of the equipment knowing that:                                                                                     A compact GC for the utmost in portability and high performance.            5
1) Flammable gases such as hydrogen and argon/methane are required for operation of some
detectors, and every precaution must be taken by user to install safe and leak-free gas line tubing with
flow snubbers, quick shutoff valves, etc. in accordance with all local fire department regulations.                          PeakSimple 11 SOFTWARE                                                     Page
Flammable gases should not be used as carrier gas if the GC is run in a pressure regulated mode as                           Easy to operate DOS or optional Windows chemstation for                     6
might be the case when using the splitlsplitless injector or with the student model.
2) High temperatures may bum the operator. Gloves should be worn. and all surfaces touched only                              chromatography data acquisition and GC control.
after making sure they are not hot.
3) High voltages on the PID lamp or FPD Photo-multiplier tube may shock the operator. Be sure the
power is off before touching these parts.                                                                                    DETECTORS                                                                  Page
4) Radioactive material is present inside the ECD detector. It is the user’s responsibility to comply with                   Select from TCD, FID, NPD, PID, DELCD, ELCD, ECD, and FPD                   11
all regulations and safety precautions, and to dispose of the detector in the manner prescribed by
regulatory agencies. ECD detectors are transferred directly from Valco Inc. Houston Texas, to the                            GC mounted, Stand-alone and a new hand-held SNIFFER!
purchaser, and all licenses, details of operation, warranty, disposal, etc$re solely the responsibility of
Valco and the purchaser.
5) Toxic, hazardous or poisonous solvents such as N-Propanol are requhed for operation of the ELCD                           INLET SYSTEMS                                                              Page
detector. Other detectors may release or form. toxic compounds, requiring operation under a fume hood                        On-column, Split/Splitless, Heated Flash Vaporization, Thermal Soil         15
or use of a respirator.
6) Eye damaging ultra-violet light is emitted by the PID lamp. Eye protection should be worn at all times                    Desorber, Purge & Trap, Gas Sampling Valves, AutoSamplers,
when operating the GC.                                                                                                       Methanizers
7) Both qualitative and quantitative results from GC Data System are subject to many sources of error.
The magnitude of the error is variable, and must be statistically evaluated and controlled by the operator.
Responsibility for the accuracy of the results obtained is solely the operators. SRI makes no claims                         POPULAR MODELS                                                             Page
regarding the accuracy, bias or precision of the results.
6) All SRI equipment is intended for operation by trained laboratory personnel only. It is the purchasers
                                                                                                                             Pre-configured systems - BTEX, 6011602, TPH, Environmental,                 21
responsibility to limit access so that only qualified laboratory technicians may operate the equipment and                   Method 25 & 25A, Multiple Gas, MTBE, CFC, Educational
to ensure that they are provided with all necessary safety apparatus and procedures to minimize injury
and/or damage in the event of an accident or matfunction (foreseeable or not ).
9) Errors and/or “bugs” may exist in integration sotlware.                                                                   GC ACCESSORIES / COMPUTERS / COLUMNS                                       Page
                                                                                                                             Useful additions for your GC including accessories, computer                30
DISTRIBUTOR OR REPRESENTATIVE, SHALL CONSTITUTE ACCEPTANCE OF ALL                                                            systems, and columns

34    Sri - Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd Fax : +61 3 9761 1169                                                                                                                     3
                          MODEL 8610                                                                CAPILLARY COLUMNS
                                                                                                    The SRI Model 8610 & 9300 GCs are specifically designed for capillary columns. The
                     GAS CHROMATOGRAPH                                                              standard on-column injector has a special adapter which guides the injection syringe
                                                                                                    smoothly inside the bore of .53mm “Megabor of wide-bore capillary columns.
                                                                             Choos l                Narrower bore capillary column (.32san 0.25 mm) may also be used, but generally
                                                                                                    require the split/splitless injection option.
                                                                            8610 GC when you
                                                                                   need multiple    8600~WBCI NON-POLAR THICK FILM
                                                                               injectors or a big                                                                                  r
                                                                                                    This all-around, general purpose 15 meter long column is excellent fo BTEX, Gasoline,
                                                                            column oven which                                                                                 d
                                                                                                    Diesel, chlorinated solvents, even higher boiling pesticides an PA&. The 5 micron
                                                                             can fit multiple 7”    thick film of non-polar 100% methylsilicone stationary phase is very tough, and does
                                                                                        columns.    well with volatile molecules. If you don’t know in advance exactly what you will be
                                                                                                    analyzing, this column is a GOOD choice.
                                                                                  The 8610 is a
                                                                                compact GC in       8600-WBC2 MEDIUM POLARITY THIN FILM
                                                                         comparison to similar      This 15 meter long, medium polarity ( 5% phenyl, 95% methyl silicone ) with 1 micron
                                                                                                    film thickness is ideal for pesticides PCBs , , diesel, and other high boiling compounds
                                                                                   temperature      fro m C6 to C44. Very volatile analytes elute too quickly even at low oven temperatures,
                                                                               programmable,        so this column is used for “heavies”.
                                                                           certified laboratory
                                                                                    quality GCs.    8600~WBC3 30 METER VOLATILES COLUMN
                                                                                                    Thi s 30 meter long column is a popular choice for applications where many volatile
                                                                              Easily shipped by     compounds must be separated early in the run. It is widely used for analyzing the
                                                                          UPS/FedEX o r hand-       601/8010 mix of 25 volatiles.
                                                                          carried for field work
  The Model 8610 GC equipped with PID and FID                                                       8600- WBC4 60 METER VOLATILES COLUMN
    detectors, EPA Style Purge & Trap, single on-                                                                                               s
                                                                                                    This is the best column for EPA method 601/602,8010/8020 and 502.2 Purge and Trap
      column injector and built-in air compressor.                                                  injections because it separates the most volatile molecules (chloromethane, vinyl
                      (This is our BTEX model)                                                      chloride) at 40 degrees oven temperature thus eliminating the need for cryogenic oven

                                                                                                    PACKED COLUMNS
8610-0002 8610 Gas Chromatograph (120 volts AC)                                                     8600-PKCl SILICA GEL PACKED COLUMN
8610-2202 8610 Gas Chromatograph (220 volts AC)                                                     This column is excellent for Cl to C6 gas separations, and is especially useful for
                                                                                                    separating air and CO2.
Includes:   single-on column injector for capillary or 1/8" packed columns
columns-pressure regulator and thermostatted digital carrier gas flow controller                    8600-PKC2     MOLECULAR SIEVE PACKED COLUMN
(0-5 0 ml/min.) , 300°C temperature programmable column oven, digital                               Thi s colum n separates oxygen, nitrogen, CO, and methane, but is too retentive for
pressure readout, digital temperature readout, operator’s manual, spare septa                       heavier molecules.
and a heavy duty re-useable shipping container.
                                                                                                    8600-PKC3 PORAPAK Q PACKED COLUMN
                                                                                                    This column is good for separating water from solvents and C1 to C6 hydrocarbons.
With the purchase of any detector at the time of the GC purchase, except
Educational Models, the system also includes PeakSimple 11 and our                                  8600-PKC4 CTRl DOUBLE PACKED COLUMN
built-in Serial Port Board for 4 channels.                                                          This unusual column is a column inside a column designed specifically to separate
                                                                                                    oxygen, nitrogen and methane, CO2, CO and methane with temperature programming too.
 How do I choose between the 8610 and 9300?                                             *           No single column can separate these analytes, but the double column works very nicely.

4 SRI - Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd Fax : +61 3 9761 1169                                                                                                     33
                                                                                                                    MODEL 9300
                                                                                                               GAS CHROMATOGRAPH
As a service to our customers, SRI can provide complete computer systems. The exact
brands and model numbers depend on availability and product performance. Service is           Choose the Model
limited to the manufacturer’s warranty. Call for more information!                            9300 GC when you
                                                                                              need the smallest, mos;t
8600-9000 NOTEBOOK COMPUTER and PRINTER                                                       portable GC which stil .l
Includes: Notebook computer with at least a 60 MB hard disk, 1.44 MI3 3.5” floppy, 1          provides certified lab
MB RAM, display, mouse parallel, serial, mouse ports, dot-matrix printer & cables,            quality results in the
8600-9010 386 DESKTOP COMPUTER and PRINTER                                                1

Includes: Desktop computer with at least a 60 MB hard disk, 1.44 Mb 3.5” floppy, 1
                                                                                              The 9300’s column
MB RAM mono monitor, mouse, dot-matrix printer & cables.
                                                                                              oven can accept
                                                                                              multiple columns with
GC RENTALS                                                                                    coil diameters up to 4”
                                                                                              and is designed to
                                                                                              exploit the recent
ANY SRI GC (except ECD detector) and/or Data System is available for rent at the rate         availability of
of .75% (3/4 of one percent) of the list price per day, plus shipping. The minimum
rental for stock GCs is the greater of $750 or 10 days. Rentals for special build GCs         unbreakable, high
and options are subject to a minimum rental period of 30 days. Rental minimums are            performance metal
payable in advance, which covers the time we spend to configure and check-out your GC         capillary columns
before shipment. If rental payments are made net 30, one half will be credited towards        which can be coiled
purchase provided the purchase commitment is made before returning the CC.                    tighter. The IDEAL
                                                                                              GC for the FIELD.

SRI may be able to offer financing leases (40% down, 8% per month for 12 months), or          9300-0002      9300 Gas Chromatograph (120 volts AC)
to recommend commercial leasing companies for longer term rates.                              9300-2202      9300 Gas Chromatograph (220 volts AC)

                                                                                              Includes:   single-on column injector for 0.53mm capillary or l/8 packed
TRAINING                                                                                      columns-pressure regulator and thermostatted digital carrier gas flow controller
                                                                                              (0-50 ml/mm.), 400°C temperature programmable column oven, digital
Training is available at the SRI facility in Torrance, California (15 minutes from Los
Angeles International Airport), at the rate of $100 per hour. Typically, three hours is
                                                                                              pressure readout, digital temperature readout, operator’s manual, spare septa
sufficient to orient someone with prior GC experience.                                        and a heavy duty re-useable shipping container.

                                                                                              With the purchase of any detector at the time of the GC purchase, the system
WARRANTY and SERVICE                                                                          also includes PeakSimple II software and our built-in Serial Port Data Board
                                                                                              for 4 channels!
SRI provides a free 2 year warranty from the date of shipment. See page 34 for
complete warranty information. Service is provided at our technical center in Torrance,       . ..Select the 8610 for maximum versatility (more injectors, more
CA.- GCs are typically returned for service and upgrades by UPS and FedEx                     detectors, bigger column oven). Select the 9300 for equivalent
                                                                                              performance and sub-compact size.
32 SRI - Australian Distributors : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd - Fax +61 3 9761 1169                                                                                     5
                                                                                       cylinder. 2) l/8” Swagelok adapter (to connect regulator to copper tubing). 3) Stainless
                PeakSimple SOFTWARE                                                    steel gas line filter (removes most contaminants). 4) Tubing cutter. 5) 50 feet of l/8”
                                                                                       copper tubing. 6) The Hydrogen ( CGA #350 ) kit includes a snubber to limit gas flow
                                                                                       in the event of a large leak. 7) The air kit is supplied with both CGA 346 and 590
                                                                                       nipples so either style of fitting will work. 8) Extra Swagelok nuts and fermles.
                                          PeakSimple data system &
                                        integrator can control two SRI                 Each type of gas has a different style of fitting on the gas cylinder, identified by
                                        GCs, acquire and display up to                 CGA number. Generally Hydrogen and Argon-Methane use CGA #350,
                                           four detector signals from                  Nitrogen or Helium use CGA #580, and Air uses either CGA #590 or 346.
                                          ANY model GC or HPLC !
    Real time Screen displays...                                                       SPARES and PARTS (See your OPERATION and
                                                                                       SERVICE MANUAL for a Complete parts list)
                                                                                       860-Main GC MAINTENANCE KIT (specify 110VAC or 22OVAC)
                                                                                       This kit includes most parts that could conceivably fail, and is designed especially for
                                                                                       our export customers who may have difficulty returning the GC to the factory for
                                                                                       service. Includes 1) Replacement chips and devices for most electronic circuits. 2)
     Simultaneously dis1ay 1 2, 3 or 4 chromatograms                                   Oven heater and socket, rope heater. 3) Cooling fan 4) Spare 9 volt battery. 5) Zero
                                                                                       adjust pot. 6) Type J thermo-couple. 7) Swagelok fittings and ferrules. 8) Graphite
                                                                                       ferrules. 9) Wide-bore injector adapter. 10) Digital voltmeter for electronic
  PeakSimple software really lives up to
                                                                                       8690-1087 THERMAL DESORBER SAMPLE TUBES
  its name. It’s simple, friendly, fast, and                                           Pack of 10 tubes. The glass Thermal Desorber Sample Tubes are 2 l/2” x 3/8” dia. with
  POWERFUL. This s o f t w a r e is a                                                  glass wool on both ends. The tubes can be cleaned and reused ahnost indefinitely.
  chromatographer’s dream, and the                                                     Users who wish to make their own sample tubes can use any 3/8-inch O.D. tubing,
  hardware runs on every type of IBM PC                                                metal or glass.
  compatible from XT to AT, 386 or 486,
  including Notebook PCs.                                                              8690-1081 REPLACEMENT METHANISER TUBE
                                                      . ..Laser or Dot                 Consists of l/8” x 6” stainless tube packed with nickel powder.
   See Page 8 for Serial Port and Bus data
                                                      Matrix Printouts
       systems hardware specifications                                                 8600-Manu OPERATION & SERVICE MANUAL
                                                                                       The OPERATION & SERVICE MANUAL for the SRI 8610 & 9300 covers operation,
                                            PeakSimple for Windows will                service, and PeakSimple software. The manual includes detailed information on
  Best of all, PeakSimple is so affordable. delight the most demanding                 detectors, injectors, technical notes and all aspects of GC operation. This manual is
  Two software versions are available:      chromatographers and laboratories          supplied free with every SRI GC!
                                            standardizing in a Windows
  l PeakSimple II, a DOS program, is        environment.                               VIDEO
  supplied FREE with every SRI 8610 &
  9300 GC purchased with a detector PeakSimple for Windows satisfies                   8600-DEMO VIDEOTAPE DEMO KIT
  (except Educational Models). Provides the most stringent QA/QC                       The two hour VHS video includes hardware, software, installation, operation and GC
  abundant features!.                       requirements and allows                    theory sections which are updated continuously as new footage and product
                                            unprecedented data manipulations.          enhancements become available. The “Demo” Video is available in PAL and SECAM
  l PeakSimple       for Windows ($-.-                                                 formats as well as the NTSC format for USA and Canada.
  upgrade), incorporates many of the This upgrade easily pays                          Other GC videos are currently in prodktiom.. call for update and availability!
  features previously available in          for itself in time saving alone !
  PeakSimple III.
6 SRI - Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd Fax : 61 3 9761 1169
ACCESSORIES / COMPUTERS / COLUMNS                                                                             PeakSimple II FEATURES
                                                                                            . FOUR SIGNAL IN-PUTS -                        . MULTIPLE POINT CALIBRATION
                                                                                             Simultaneously acquire, display, integrate    CURVES - Permits exact quantification
GC ACCESSORIES and OPTIONS                                                                  and manipulate up to 4 analog signals          of sample components in analysis reports
                                                                                            from 2 different GCs or HPLCs.                 . MANUAL and AUTOMATED
8690-0079 ***Brand New* * * BINARY Electronic Pressure Control (EPC)                        . CONTROL of DUAL SRI GCs -                    INTEGRATION CORRECTION -
Most EPC applications call for a pressure increase during injection to speed up sample      2 SRI GCs can be controlled from the           Manipulate baseline & integration during
transfer onto the column, or at the end of the run to speed elution of “High Boilers”.      same computer                                  or after runs.
The SRI EPC allows a High / Low flow, computer controlled by PeakSimple software.           . UNLIMITED TEMPERATURE and                    l PEAK GROUPING e.g. PCBs & TPH
You can toggle from normal flow rates to a higher flow rate instantly, anytime during       EVENT ENTRIES - User defined                   l High Quality PRINTED REPORTS -
the run! Especially useful for split/splitless injectors. All the advantages of EPC at a    temperature and event programs have no         Area %, external and internal standard
fraction of the cost!                                                                       size or entry limitations, allowing a “fine-   reports with peak annotation to Epson-
                                                                                            tune” for each run                             type 9 pm or HP DeskJet/LaserJet printers
8690-0160 TURBO-COOL OVEN OPTION                                                            . MULTI-TASKING BACKGROUND                     l ASCII or BINARY file storage for
Includes: Heavy duty solenoid valve for liquid CO2 or NZ and computer interface to          OPERATION - allows concurrent                  easy export to spreadsheets etc.
enable PeakSimple to quickly cool the GC oven from 250 to 0°C in 30 seconds at end of       operation of other programs
temperature program. Pays for itself in a few days of faster sample throughput!             l MOUSE driven menu windows

The built-in Air Compressor consists of a miniature air compressor mounted inside the       PeakSimple for Windows - Additional Features
GC chassis. The ultra-quiet compressor delivers 1000 ml/mm of air at 10 PSI. The air        l AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION at seven concentration levels using multi-line or
compressor is handy for supplying FlD or DELCD combustion air. It eliminates the            best tit curves. Choice of area or height calculation on a peak by peak basis.
need for “bottled” air. This can be very convenient for field operation, since carrying     l MULTIPLE INTERNAL STANDARD PEAKS - Multiple reference peaks.
one small hydrogen cylinder is logistically much easier than moving separate air bottles.   High/Low peak alarms with link to user programs if alarms levels are exceeded.
                                                                                            l BASELINE subtraction, peak smoothing, valley de-convolution, peak reverse, drift
8690-0072 VACUUM PUMP (electric on/off via PeakSimple data system)                          correction and overlay.
The built-in vacuum pump is a close cousin to the air compressor, except a little
                                                                                            l DATA STORAGE with or without
noisier. For most GC configurations, both the compressor and the vacuum pump can be
                                                                                            manually over-ridden baselines.
mounted inside the GC at the same time. The vacuum pump is handy for drawing
                                                                                            l AUTOSAMPLER QUEUE for
samples through a gas sampling valve loop or pumping a gas sample through a trap for
                                                                                            unattended operation allows mixed
air analysis. The vacuum pump we use is small and relatively quiet, but it can only
                                                                                            methods, auto-recalibration.
create a vacuum of one half atmospheric pressure (-7psig, .5 bar ), so a more powerful,
                                                                                            l CONFIRMATION REPORT
external vacuum pump should be used where higher flow rates through long tubes are          Why the QC Module is SO Important
required. Control is provided by the PeakSimple Data System (or any integrator’s
                                                                                            l BATCH RE-PROCESSING of any
contact closure).
                                                                                            number of previously run chromatograms.
                                                                                            l QUALITY CONTROL MODULE -
This useful GC mounted accessory holds ten 20ml or 40ml headspace (VOA) vials at            PeakSimple For Windows is the ONLY software which includes QC as an integral part
any temperature from ambient up to 200°C. Take your samples from the heated VOA             of the integration software. Other programs force you to export data to spreadsheets.
vials without even removing the vials. Set the isothermal temperature by adjusting a        With PeakSimple For Windows, the QC is REAL-TlME. One mouse click is all it takes
potentiometer with a digital readout.                                                       to enter 60 peaks into 60 different control charts. Know immediately which peaks are
                                                                                            out of control. Control chart the blank runs to develop a statistical basis for reporting
                                                                                            Mean Blank Levels, and have the data to prove it. Control chart your Calibration Check
Each installation kit includes everything you will need to connect up to a single gas       Standards to document the CC’s bias and precision at three different concentration
cylinder: Includes: 1) Pressure regulator (0-100 PSI) for connection to top of gas          levels. Ditto for your Duplicates and Spikes. Control chart the Retention Times to
                                                                                            determine the optimum peak windows.
                                                                                            PeakSimple for Windows makes good data happen, because it makes QC easy!

30 SRI - Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd Fax +61 3 9761 1169                                                                                               7
                                                                                                                             EDUCATIONAL GC
                                 Model 202 SERIAL                            Model 110 BUS
Speci fications                   PORT A/B Board                                A/B Board
                                     (Std. Built-in)                             (Optional)                   “HANDS-ON” GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE
# Of Channels                4 channels per board                     1 channel per board
Resolution                   23 bits at 2 Hz                          19 bits at 2Hz                   The SRI 8610 EDUCATIONAL GC is
Range                        * 5000 millivolts                        If: 4000 millivolts                intended to meet the needs of
                                                                                                             demanding educators1
Mounting                     Serial Port - Std RS232                  half size ISA slot
                                                                                                     This GC delivers the most performance,
Digital I/O                  TTL Logic                                8 SPST relays                  quality and value for the budgetary dollar,
Analog Output                0 to 5.0 volts to control the            0 to 2.5 volts for GC          yet atfordable to enable the student of
                             GC column oven                           column oven                    chemistry or other discipline to purchase a
                                                                                                     unit of their own. This unit is true gas
Sampling Rate                1, 2, 5, 10 Hz                           1, 2, 5, 10 Hz                 clrromatography. It is the only low priced
Activation                   keyboard, mouse, remote                  keyboard, mouse, remote        GC easily upgraded with additional detectors
                                                                                                     and/or a temperature programmable column
                             Start                                    Start                          oven.

                                                                                                     The IBM-compatible PeakSimple data                              SRI 8610 Educational GC
The SERIAL PORT A/B BOARD                               The BUS MOUNT A/B BOARD, an                                                                                 equipped with TCD detector
                                                                                                     system, normally included with ah SRI gas
is standard on all SRI 8610 and 9300                    option, can be used on desktop type          chromatographs, has been omitted in order to
GCs. It is ideal when using a                           PCs with unused ISA motherboard              reduce the cost of this model while
notebook type computer which has                        slots. The serial port is therefore still    maintaining the overall performance. Simply              EDUCATIONAL GC Features
both a serial and mouse port, or two                    available for use with a mouse. Many         connect carrier gas (H2, He or N2) and a
                                                                                                     chart recorder or integrator. This model also        Thermal conductivity detector is excellent for
serial ports. The Model 202 A/D                         older XTs, and AT computers with             makes a great second or back-up unit for             air, gas analysis
board can acquire 4 signals with 23                     this configuration are available and         commercial or institutional laboratories that        TCD Wbeatsone bridge configuration ensures
bit resolution at 5 samples per second,                 make perfect platforms for dedicated         operate on a limited budget.                         highly accurate analyses
or 3 signals at 10 samples per second                   chromatography data stations. Up to                                                               True laboratory GC can be upgraded to aad
                                                                                                                                                          detectors, & temperature programming
This board is mounted in the SRI GC                     four bus mounted AD 110 boards may                                                                Large, isothermal column oven accommodates
or, can be optionally located in the                    be installed simultaneously in the                                                                columns to an 8” diameter
stand-alone SERIAL PORT box. In                         computer to acquire 4 signals and                                                                 Convenient single gas operation requires on&
many cases, 2 GCs can be controlled                     control two separate SRI GCs.                                                                     a single carrier gas bottle
by the serial board.                                                                                                                                      Analog detector signal output for your c/tart
                                                                                                                                                          recorder or integrator

                                                                                                                  Educational SRI 8800 series gas chromatograph with TCD detector
                                                                                                     8610-4000 EDUCATlONAL GC
                                                                                                     Includes: SRI model 8610 gas chromatograph (1I0VAC, 60Hz) equipped with thermal conductivity
                                                                                                     detector (TCD) employing Wheatsone bridge design isothermal temperature-controlled column oven,
                                                                                                     precision gas pressure regulator for carrier gas flow control, l/8” x 3’ stainless steel silica gel-packed
                                                                                                     column, digital display of temperatures and pressures, and operation manual.
    SERIAL PORT A/D board in the GC                          Bus A/B board is inserted into          Optional: 8600-205 1 PeakSimple II software and built-in serial data board
     connects to your PC’s Serial Port to                     your PC, controls the GC via
             control 4 channels                                    the Interface Board              EDOZlJ95.DOC

8   SRI - Australian Distributor Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd Fax : +61 3 9761 1169                                                         Popular Models                                               29
                                                                                                Serial Port Data System for HPLC and GC
              CFC Gas Chromatograph )
                                                                                                A data acquisition package for any lab or field chromatography application
                                                                                                requiring the convenience of serial communications and / or a small PC. This
                                                                                                hardware is ideal for any crowded lab or on-site chromatography data system.

SRI Instruments can provide you with the
hardware to perform required refrigerant
reclamation screening and other ARI test
methods with a minimal expenditure.
SRI CFC GC system permits screening of
incoming refrigerants (such as R-11, R-12
and R-22) at CFC reclamation sites, in
addition to other ARI methods.

l    PeakSimple II data system kit included
with GC performs analysis and saves analysis
and results to disk files.
l   PeakSimple software results can be                   SRI 8610 CFC gas chromatograph
reported in area %, peak height, area counts                 equipped with TCD detector                 Serial Port Data System installed in its own case with AC
or concentration using multipoint calibration
curves created by the user.                                                                              power supply fits conveniently under a typical notebook
.    Thermal conductivity detector (TCD) is                                                                computer (computer sold separately, see page 32)
indicated for refrigerant analyses (as specified              CFC GC Features
in ARI test methods).                                                                           The SRI Serial Port Data System eliminates the need for a computer equipped
.    AT- 1000 type analytical column is            Compact, field transportable unit            with expansion slots. Your computer only needs an open serial port to
included to perform clean separation of high-      Programmable analytical column oven          communicate with the data system. This permits the use of IBM compatible
purity CFC peaks from contaminants.                Can be equtpped to sample multiple streams
.    Highly stable, temperature                    (wrth optional sampling valvej
                                                                                                notebook computers. Even palmtop computers may be used when equipped
programmable column oven for precise,              Custom sample manifolds available            with a DB-9 serial port adapter, 640K RAM and at least 1.2MB of available file
reproducible retention times                                                                    storage for PeakSimple II chromatography software. Our new PeakSimple
.    Direct on-column injection port accepts
both l/8” packed and 0.53mm I.D. (O.80mm
                                                   PeakSimple Data System Features              for Windows requires the Serial Data Board.
                                                   Ability to peflorm repetitive sampling
O.D.) capillary columns.
.    Optional automated gas sampling valve         Data stored in ASCII or binary formats
and externally-attached thermostatted valve        Epson dot matrix or Laser Jet reports                          Special Serial Port Features
oven may be automatically controlled by            QA QC, chromatogram overlay, baseline            No expansion slots are required in your PC !
PeakSimple data system.                            subtraction, alarm2external event control
  Ako avaiIable with opiional FID detector         oflered in optional PeakSimple for Windows       No interface boards required !
                                                                                                    Serial connection allows PC to be located at a greater distance
                                                                                                    from the GC !
                                                                                                    Built-in to your GC (standard on the 9300) or as a stand-alone
                                       CFC Gas Chromatograph
                                                                                                    data system !
    8610-1500 CFC Gas Chromatograph                                                                 Includes eight Single Pole Dual Throw Relays, computer
    Includes: Sri Instruments 8610 GC (110VAC, 60Hz) equipped TCD Detector, AT-1000 type
    column, and PeakSimple II software and built-in serial data board.                              activated 110VAC socket, and dual pulse stretcher for interface
    8610-1510 Optional CFC GC same as above with FID in lieu of TCD                                 to HP remote start                                             9

    28                                       Popular Models
                         PeakSimple PART LIST                                                       MTBE GC FOR OXYGENATES IN GASOLINE                                                              1
                       Model 202 Serial Port Data Systems
                 (The built-in Serial Data Board is standard on 8610                        Separates Oxygenates from Gasoline Components AUTOMATICALLY in one
                                                                                                        single injection per ASTM Method D 4815-88
                     and 9300 GCs except the Educational GC)

8600-2055        PeakSimple II SERIAL PORT Data System - Standalone                        ASTM Method D4815-88 specifies an FID detector, one
       Kit includes software, MODEL 202 SERIAL PORT Data Board with                        capillary column, one trap and a valve to separate oxygenates
       standalone case, 1l0VAC 60Hz power supply, PeakSimple II software                   such as methanol, ethanol, isopropanol and MTBE in gasoline.
                                                                                           There is wide interest in this analysis because gasoline additives can
       (3 l/2” HD disk), manual, and serial cable DB-9 to DB-9).                           reduce tailpipe emissions, and many “cleaner burning” gasoline blends
                                                                                           are in wide distribution. In a typical direct injection into a GC
8600-2255 PeakSimple II SERIAL PORT Data System                                            column, the gasoline peaks tend to co-elute and mask the oxygenates
                                                                                                                                                                             SRI 8610 MTBE GC
                                                                                           in the sample. The SRI MTBE CiC is configured to meet the
      Same as above with 220VAC.                                                                                        requirements of ASTM Method D48I5-                 with FID & I0 port valve
                                                                                                                        88: which adopts an analysis scheme wherein the sample is injected using a
8600-2053 SERIAL PORT RETROFIT                                                                                          split type injector onto polar TCEP packing. Because alcohols like methanol
      Retrofits an existing 8610 GC with the new SERIAL PORT data hoard.                                                are polar molecules, they are retained by the TCEP packing while the volatile
                                                                                                                        non-polar gasoline molecules in the same boiling point range quickly pass
      Includes MODEL 202 SERIAL PORT hoard, hardware, serial cable,                                                     through and are vented. Less volatile molecules such as benzene. toluene.
      install labor, plus a PeakSimple II software update. _                                                           and xylene are retained by the TCEP along with the oxygenates. One minute
                                                                                                                        after the initial sample injection, the valve is rotated so that the now-heated
                                                                                                                       TCEP trap is backflushed into the 60M MXT-I thick film capillary
               Model 110 A/D Bus Data Systems - OPTIONAL                                                               column The column is temperature ramped to elufe the oxygenates on a
8600-2000     PeakSimple II BUS DATA SYSTEM KIT                                                                        clean baseline followed by the less volatile gasoline constituents such as
                                                                                                                       benzene and toluene.
       Kit includes software, interface hoard, and one MODEL 110 A/D BUS
       hoard for one data channel.
                                                                                                        Special Feature
8600-2010 MODEL 110 A/D BUS Board                                                          + The valve, column and heated trap are pre-
      Each additional channel needs one A/D hoard. Install up to 4 channels.               plumbed and pre-tested at the factory to
                                                                                           separate the oxygenates such as methanol,
8600-2020 Interface Board                                                                  ethanol and MTBE from the other low boiling
     Each interface hoard supports 2 MODEL 110 A/D hoards, and provides                    hydrocarbons so that the oxygenates appear
      8 relay contacts. Use a 2nd Interface Board for channels 3 and 4.                    on the baseline without interference from
                                                                                           other peaks!
                          PeakSimple Software Only
8600-2030        PeakSimple II software with manual
                                                                                                                MTBE GC WITH FID DETECTOR ( for ASTM D4815-88 )
8600-2040        PeakSimple II UPDATE for PeakSimple II licensees
                                                                                            8610-4815 MTBE GC
                                                                                            Includes: SRI model 8610 gas chromatograph (110VAC,60Hz), equipped with flame ionization
8600-4000 PeakSimple For WINDOWS UPGRADE                                                    detector, 10 port electric gas sampling valve, valve oven, heated split/splitless injector, pressure
      Upgrade to PeakSimple for WINDOWS for PeakSimple II                                   regulator, one column, one trap, PeakSimple II software and built-in serial data board.
      licensees.                                                                                     This preconfigured GC is complete (except for gases cylinder regulators and computer)
                                                                                                          and ready to perform the AS7M D48I5-88 method for oxygenates in gasoline.

8600-4030 PeakSimple For WINDOWS UPDATE
      Update from prior PeakSimple For WINDOWS versions.
10   SRI - Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd - Fax +61 3 9761 1169                                             Popular Models                                                27
                                                                                                                                       GC DETECTORS
                                                                                                          One, two, three or more detectors may be installed on the SRI 8610 and 9300 GC.
                                                                                                          Usually 2 to 3 detectors are more practical. Some detectors share components, for
          Separates Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Methane, Carbon Dioxide,                                  example the FID converts to NPD by replacing the ignitor with a thermionic bead. All
             Carbon Monoxide, Ethane, Propane, Butanes and Pentanes                                       detectors require factory installation. Upgrade kits may be user installed and include all
                       AUTOMATICALLY in a single injection!                                               necessary parts to convert from one detector type to another. For optional A/D Bus Data
                                                                                                          board users, detectors purchased at the time of the GC purchase include one
                                                                                                          PeakSimple Model 110 A/D BOARD. For subsequent detector and upgrade kit
The SRI Multiple Gas Analyzer is pre-
plumbed and tested to resolve the fixed gases
                                                                                                          purchases, Model 110 A/D BOARD S must be purchased separately.The standard
O2, N2, CO2 plus hydrocarbons through C6.                                                                 built-in Serial Port Data Board includes 4 channels.
In the past, this analysis has required 3
valves, 3 to 4 columns, and a troublesome
                                                                                                          8690-0007 THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY DETECTOR (TCD)
and complex sequence of critically timed
valve actuations                                                                                          The TCD consists of four tiny coiled wires arranged in a Wheatstone bridge
                                                                                                          configuration. Electric current flows through the filaments making them glow hot,
SRI has simplified the system down to 2                                                                   while carrier gas exiting the column flows past two of the hot filaments and reference
independent analytical columns, 1gas                                                                      gas flows past the other two. The gas flow carries away excess heat, and the filaments
sampling valve, for almost “bulletproof                                                                   equilibrate. When a peak exits the column, the thermal conductivity of the gas flowing
operation. Other gases such as ethylene and
N2O, may also be analyzed
                                                                                                          around the filaments is changed, thus the filaments get hotter, altering the balance of the
                                                        SRI 8610 MULTIPLE GAS ANALYZER                    Wheatstone bridge.
                                                        wrth TCD, 10 part valve. and 2 columns
                                                                                                          The TCDs biggest advantage is that it detects everything, because every compound has
                                                               Special Features                           some thermal conductivity. The biggest disadvantage is that the TCD is not very
                                                + The gas sample from the sample loop is delivered        sensitive with detection limits in the 100 ppm range for most compounds. The TCD is
                                                onto 2 independent analytical columns connected in        typically used for gas analyses and simple mixtures where the concentration of each
                                                series via a gas sampling valve.                          analyte is between 1% and 100%. Since the TCD responds to oxygen, nitrogen, water
                                                d By temperature programming the silica gel-packed        and other non-hydrocarbons, it is often the only choice for compounds to which other
                                                column & rotating the valve during the analysis, the
                                                sequence of the two columns is reversed & the             more sensitive detectors do not respond.
                                                components are eluted into the detector with a high
                                                level of separation.                                      8690-0010 FLAME IONIZATION DETECTOR (FID)
                                                                                                          The FID consists of a stainless steel jet constructed so that carrier gas exiting the
          Actual Chromatogram                                                                             column flows through the jet, mixes with hydrogen gas, and burns at the tip of the jet.
      Top: Flame Ionization Detector                                                                      Hydrocarbons and other molecules which ionize in the flame (i.e. lose an electron) are
 Botrom: Thermal Conductivity Detector                                                                    attracted to a metal collector electrode located just to the side of the flame. The
      Note : sharp peak resolutmn!
                                                                                                          resulting electric current is amplified by a special electrometer amplifier which converts
                                                                                                          very small currents (pica-amps) to millivolt level signals which are sent to the data

                          MULTIPLE GAS ANALYZER                                                           The FlD is the most commonly used GC detector because it detects virtually all
   8610-0070 MULTIPLE GAS ANALYZER with TCD                                                               hydrocarbons down to .l nanogram (100 ppb) and responds linearly as the amount
  Includes: SRI 8610 GC with heated 10 port electrically operated gas sampling valve, TCD detector, two   increases to almost 100%. Unlike many other types of detectors, the FID is very stable,
  columns, PeakSimple II software and built-in serial data board. TCD detects most analytes to 200 ppm.   because the detector calibration stays constant as long as the gas flow rates don’t change,
                                                                                                          and it is not susceptible to contamination by dirty samples or bleeding columns. The
  8610-0071 MULTIPLE GAS ANALYZER with TCD, FID plus methaniser                                           SRI designed FID is unique because it has a “state of the art” ceramic ignitor which may
  Includes: Same equipment as above plus an FID detector for hydrocarbon detection to 1 ppm and
  Slethanizer to convert CO and CO2 to methane for measurement by FID
                                                                                                          be left permanently glowing, thus preventing the flame-outs for which other
                                                                                                          manufacturer’s FIDs are notorious. With the SRI you can even flood the detector
                                                                                                          with water, and the flame will simply re-ignite when the water has passed.
 26                                       Popular Models                                                  SRI : Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd - Fax + 61 3 9761 1169    11
The NPD is very similar to the FID, except that the hydrogen gas flow rate is reduced to
(l-3 ml/min), and an electrically heated thermionic bead (NPD BEAD) is positioned
just above the jet orifice. Analyte molecules exiting the column collide with the hot
                                                                                                                         METHOD 25 GC
bead, and if they have a nitrogen or phosphorus group, a catalytic surface chemistry
reaction occurs liberating an electron. The electron is attracted to the same collector       CONVERT ALL NON-METHANE ORGANICS INTO METHANE FOR QUANTITATION
electrode and electrometer amplifier used in the FID detector. The NPD is typically             AS CARBON VIA BACKFLUSH AFTER ELUTION OF CH4, C2H6, CO AND CO2
used to analyze drugs of abuse like cocaine and heroin, nitrogen containing herbicides,
or phosphorus containing pesticides like malathion. The ceramic NPD bead used on the
SRI GC is exceptionally rugged and long lived compared to the fragile beads used on           Method 25 specifies the analysis of gas for
other manufacturer’s models. NPD bead lifetimes range from 100-1000 hours                     methane (CH4), ethane (C2H6), carbon
depending on operating conditions. The NPD’s biggest advantage is that it is very             monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and
selective, showing 10,000 times greater response to N-P compounds than towards                all nonmethane organic (NMO)
                                                                                              hydrocarbons. The analysis is unusual
hydrocarbons. The biggest disadvantage is that because the active ingredient of the           because the hydrocarbons are first oxidised
NPD bead is contirmally being used up, the response of the detector changes, requiring        into CO2, then reduced to CH4 by reactors
 frequent recalibration.                                                                      in series between the column outlet and the
                                                                                              FID detector inlet.
8690-1015 NPD UPGRADE KIT from FID) with one NPD bead
                                                                                              The reaction ensures that the FID accurately
Converting between FID and NPD modes is a simple 3 minute procedure.                          measures the total carbon present in the
                                                                                              sample. Without the reactors, FID response        SRI 9300 series gas chromatograph equipped with FID
8690-0020 ELECTRON CAPTURE DETECTOR (ECD)                                                     to equal amounts of acetylene and                 detector, gas sampling valve. oxidizer and methanizer
The ECD detector consists of a sealed stainless steel cylinder containing radioactive         trichioroethylene, for example, would vary
Nickel-63. The Nickel 63 emits beta particles (electrons) which collide with the carrier      even though both molecules possess two
gas molecules ionizing them in the process and forming a stable cloud of free electrons       carbon atoms. With the reactors, all carbon-                METHOD 25 GC         Features
                                                                                              bearing molecules are converted to CH4
in the ECD cell. When an electronegative molecule, especially chlorinated, fluorinated        molecules for accurate quantitation. In           Compact, field transportable unit
or brominated compounds such as carbon-tet, bromofotm, PCBs, and pesticides such as           addition, the Method 25 GC measures CH4,          Automatic backflush of C3+ components
DDT enters the cell, it immediately combines with one of the free electrons temporarily       C2H6, CO and CO2 (non-VOC) separately             On-site sampling possible - reduces or eliminates
reducing the number of remaining free electrons. The detector electronics pulse at a          From the NM0 by means of an automatic gas         sample degradation in transit
variable rate to measure the electrons remaining in the cell. By varying the pulse rate,      sampling valve and sampling loop, which           Analytical column separates the NM0 from the CO.
the total electron current is held constant thus extending the linear dynamic range of the    perform repeatable, unattended backflushes        CO2, CH4 and C2H6 in the sample.
detector. The ECD’s biggest advantage is the extremely high sensitivity (femto-grams          of every sample under software control by         Oxidizer is included to oxidize the non-methane
                                                                                              the PeakSimple II data system (included).         organics in the sample to CO2.
for some compounds). The biggest disadvantage is that the detector is radioactive and         The SRI Method 25 GC incorporates all the
requires a license and bi-annual wipe-tests. The ECD detector cell used by SRI is                                                               Methanizer is included to reduce the CO2
                                                                                              hardware and software required to perform         into CH4 for area count per carbon quantitation.
generally licensed, so no fees are involved, just a form to file with your state department   Methods 25 and 25A analyses in a compact
                                                                                                                                                System offers a detection limit of I ppm.
of health. The ECD requires nitrogen or argon-methane carrier gas.                            lab and field portable system.
                                                                                                                                                Complete except for He and H2 gases, PC-
                                                                                                  For analysis of Method 25A only, a            compatible notebook or desktop PC equipped with an
8690-0040 PHOTO-IONIZATION DETECTOR (PID)                                                        simplified configuration without the           available serial port. and gas standards
The PID consists of a special UV lamp mounted on a low volume flow-through cell.                 methanker and oxidiser is available
The 10.2 e.v. (electron volts) lamp puts out 121 nanometers which is sufftcient to ionize
most aromatic molecules such as benzene, toluene and xylene, many aliphatic
molecules such as hexane, but NOT some chlorinated compounds such as
trichloroethane. Unlike other types of PID detectors on the market, the high voltage                             METHOD 25 and METHOD 25A Gas Chromatograph
lamp power supply on the SRI is adjustable so the lamp current can be optimized for             8610-0025 or 9300-4025 METHOD 25 GC
highest sensitivity or longest life. Even old lamps light easily on the SRI by increasing       Includes: SRI Instruments GC (110 VAC, 60Hz) with an FID detector, methanixer, oxidizer, valve
                                                                                                oven, electric gas sampling valve, built-in air compressor, column, PeakSimple II software and built-in
the power to the lamp. Because the SRI’s lamp runs cooler, lamp lifetimes are measured          serial data board.
in years, where other manufacture& PlD lamps may last only a month or two. The SRI
is designed to mount both the larger lamp style found on HNU detectors, and the                 8610-1025 or 9300-1025 METHOD 25A GC
smaller lamps found on HP, OI, Varian and Tremetrics products. The lamps snap in                Includes: Same as above, excluding Metbaniser, excluding Oxidiser
and out in seconds without tools by releasing a spring loaded plate. With a standard
                                                                                              .M2013195 DOC
10.2 e.v. lamp, detection limits are in the 10 picogram (10 ppb) range for aromatics.
12                                                                                                                                       Popular Models                                             25
                                                                                                        The biggest advantage of the PID is the high sensitivity, non-destructive flow-through
                                                                                                        cell and the fact that many EPA methods specifically call for its use. The biggest
!            THE ENVIRONMENTAL GC ]                                                                     disadvantage of any PID is the tendency of the lamp window to become contaminated
                                                                                                        from dirty samples or column bleed. With the SRI PID, the lamp window is easily
                                                                                                        cleaned with no tools in minutes!

                                                                                                        8690-l026 DRY ELECTROLYTIC CONDUCTIVITY DETECTOR (DELCD)
              A Single GC with 3 Detectors for many EPA & ASTM methods                                  Our newest Detector! The “Dry ELCD” exclusively available from SRI Instruments, is
                                                                                                        specific for the analysis of halogenated compounds (chlorinated and brominated
                                                                                                        compounds). Performance is similar to that of the traditional solvent-based “wet
         If you need a small, easily                                                                    ELCD”. The difference between the dry ELCD and the traditional ELCD detector is
      transported GC to run a variety                                                                   that the dry ELCD does not use a solvent electrolyte since the reaction products are
      of EPA analyses, the solution is                                                                  detected in the gas phase. Therefore, the user does not need to be concerned with
           our....Environmental GC                                                                      electrolyte and the resin needed for replenishment. The main advantage of the DELCD
                                                                                                        is its ease of use and specificity for halogenated compounds. The DELCD is very often
    In one GC, we’ve included a PID, FID and our                                                        run in series with the PID. The DELCD can also run in series with the FID, which is
    new Dry ELCD (DELCD) detector Easily add
    an ECD, NPD, TCD as optional detectors
                                                                                                        impossible with traditional “wet ELCD”.
    This means that one GC can do most known
    EPA or ASTM methods                                                                                 TIP: See our new hand-held HALOGEN SNIFFER on page 14!
                                                       8610 ENVIRONMENTAL GC equipped with
     If you’re going out into the field and don’t     FID, PID, DELCD & EPA-style purge and trap        8690-0026 “Wet” ELECTROLYTIC CONDUCTIVITY DETECTOR (ELCD)
       know what to expect, you will have the                                                           The ELCD (sometimes called a HALLTM detector) consists of a high temperature
      hardware to cover almost every possrble                                                           reaction furnace which heats the column effluent to 17OO’C in the presence of hydrogen
                                                         ENVIRONMENTAL GC Features
               analytical situation.
                                                     + FID for TPH, PAH, Gasolrne and Diesel,           or air to convert halogenated molecules (chlorinated solvents, PCBs, pesticides) to
    For mobile testing labs, where space is critical,
                                                        Phenols, Alcohols and all Hydrocarbons          hydrochloric acid. The highly conductive HCL is micro-extracted into a low
    offer your customers the capability of running + PID requrred for EPA analysis of aromatics.        conductivity aerosol of n-propanol temporarily increasing the electrical conductivity.
    more types of analyses than your competitors.       Benzene, Toluene and Xylenes                    The SRI ELCD can also be run in the oxidative mode for analysis of both sulfur and
    The Environmental GC is equipped with all of                                                        halogen compounds. The ELCD’s biggest advantage is its selectivity, because only
    the chromatography hardware necessary to          + DELCD required for EPA analysis o f
                                                        chlorinated solvents, methylene chloride.       halogens respond, and it is totally blind to water which makes it a good choice for purge
    obtain state certification Available in both the
    8610 GC and 9300 GC concentrations with             chloroform, TCE, perchlorethylene (“perk’j      and trap injections where substantial water may be injected along with the sample. The
    built-in serial data board, built-in air                                                            biggest disadvantage is the detector’s complexity, requiring more operator skill than the
                                                      + PURGE AND TRAP - EPA Style with dual
    compressor, EPA Style Purge & Trap, column          traps to concentrate soil, water, air sampies
                                                                                                        DELCD, FID or TCD.
    and SRI’s two year warranty.
                                                     + Optional Detectors Include:                      8690-0080 FLAME PHOTOMETRIC DETECTOR (FPD)
       TPH, BTEX, 601602 and more the                ECD for PCB and pesticides, DDT, DDE, EDB
                                                                                                        The FPD detector is very similar to an FID except that the detector body is completely
     Environmental GC has almost everything          NPD for nitrogen and phosphorus based compounds
                   you need’                         TCD for gas refrigerant. O2, and N2 analysis
                                                                                                        light-tight, and a second flow of hydrogen makes an extremely hydrogen rich flame.
                                                     FPD for sulfur and phosphorus based compounds      Sulfur burns blue (393 nm) while phosphorus emits yellow (525 nm) in a reductive
                                                                                                        flame, and an extremely sensitive photomultiplier tube and filter pick up these
                                                                                                        emissions from the flame. The SRI FPD is unusually sensitive because of the short
                                                                                                        optical path. Noise is minimized by locating the photomultiplier tube (PMT) in a cool
                          ENVIRONMENTAL GC with FID, PID, DELCD                                         environment. Other manufacturers fix the PMT voltage at 7.50 volts, while SRI
    8610-0059 or 9300-0059 Environmental GC
                                                                                                        provides an adjustable supply between 100 and 1000 volts so the signal to noise ratio
    Includes: SRI Instruments GC (11 OVAC, 6OHz) with three detectors (FID, PID, & DELCD). EPA Style    can be optimized. Some other FPD detectors are notoriously hard to light and prone to
    Purge and Trap, Built-in Air Compressor, and IS meter 53tnm capillary column, PeakSimple II         flame-outs, but the SRI FPD lights easily and is practically impossible to blow out. The
    software and built-in serial data board. Add any of the following optional detectors:               FPD is widely used for sulfur gas analysis such as HrS and SOr, and for organo-
    8690-0020 ECD Detector                  8690-0015 NPD Detector                                      phosphate pesticides where it is more stable than the NPD. The FPD’s biggest advantage
    8690-0007 TCD Detector                  8690-0080 FPD Detector
                                                                                                        is the high sensitivity and selectivity to sulfur and phosphorus. The biggest disadvantage
    Optional: 8690-1088 ThermolSoil Desorber (manunl actuator)
                                                                                                        used to be the high cost of the detector, but the SRI FPD is much less expensive than
    ENOI095 DOC                                                                                         other manufacturer’s units. (Note: 30 day warranty PMT tubes)

     24                                         Popular Models                                          SRI - Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd : Fax +61 3 9761 1169    13
8690-1080 FPD/FID SIMULTANEOUSDETECTOR (2 amplifiers)
The FPD/FID SIMULTANEOUS DETECTOR incorporates a separate FID collector
electrode and electrometer amplifier to produce a separate and simultaneous signal from
                                                                                             [ TPH GAS CHROMATOGRAPH ]
the flame. Because of the hydrogen rich flame required for best FPD results, the FlD
sensitivity is reduced. The detector can he operated as either an FID or FPD alone with
optimum sensitivity.                                                                                     ANALYSIS of TOTAL PETROLEUM HYDROCARBONS
                                                                                                  with MINIMAL SAMPLE PREPARATION via THERMAL DESORPTION
The “Dual” DFPD features two photomultiplier tubes and filters of different
wavelengths. It is ideally suited for organo-phosphorous compounds as well as sulfur         The TPH gas chromatograph equipped
gas analysis. The DFPD GC is contigured for simultaneous testing of both compound            with our thermal soil desorber can analyze
types with a single injection. The dual wavelength, DFPD provides high specificity for       unprepared soil samples for volatiles such as
                                                                                             BTEX components and semi-volatiles such
both sulfur and phosphorous. SRI’s unique “double-headed” FPD permits simultaneous           as diesel in the same cbromatogram The
testing, eliminating the need for changing filters for different compounds on the            sample requires no handing other than
traditional single FPD. The DFPD is especially useful for pesticides and neutralization      loading mto and weighing of the desorption
and disposal of chemical warfare gas.                                                        tube, virtually eliminating analytical and
                                                                                             human error. TPH analyses can be
                                                                                             performed in less time, because time
                                                                                             consuming extraction and concentration
               STANDALONE DETECTORS                                                          procedures are not used. Routine total
                                                                                             petroleum hydrocarbon soil analyses may be                  SRI 8610 TPH Gas Chromatogrqh
                                                                                             performed with ease, using only one gram of                    with Thermal Soil Desorber
l Use existing gas chromatographs as host for up to                                          sample. Cbromatograms obtained via thermal
3 additional external detectors.                                                             desorption rival those obtainable using
l Heated 18” transfer line connects detectors to                                             solvent extraction methods, producing crisp,                       TPH GC Features
column inside host GC’s column oven.                                                         clean comuonent neaks
                                                                                                                                               Reusable desorption tubes heated instantly to
0 Can he moved quickly from one GC to another
l Complete with precision electronics and
                                                                                                                                               Volatile ,’ semi-volatile analysis desorbs TPH
adjustable analog signal output.                                                                                                                  components in soil
l Compact and lightweight occupying only 12” of                                                                                                Detects compounds to ppb level without extraction
bench space.
                                                                                                                                                                     manipulation reducing rep ,I
All standalone detector units include a fused silica-lined metal transfer line for
connection the host column, stainless steel bulkhead fitting (minimum deadspace) for                                                              Single gas operation using H2 plus our built-in air
installation in host oven, the detector hardware, electronics, signal cable and operator’s       -.a.._         .I.                        I      compressor for FID air
manual. User must supply an integrator or data acquisition system such as PeakSimple                                                 _‘-       T, FID detector flameout-proof) with solid-state
                                                                                                                                                  ceramic ignitor
Il starting at $ -- Call for additional detector configurations!
                 .                                                                              4 ppm mix of gasoline & diesel in soil
                                                                                                via thermal desorber and FID detector
                                        8680-0040       PID                                                in a single run!
8680-0010 FID
8680-1126 DELCD                         8680-4010       PID-FID
8680-4126 PID-DELCD                     8680-4120       DELCD-FID
                                                                                                                       SRI Instruments TPH Gas Chromatograph
                                                                                              8610-0062 or 9300-0062 TPH GC
        New Product - HALOGEN SNIFFER                                                        Includes: SRI Instruments gas cbromatograph (11OVAC, 6OHz ) equipped wiilth flame ionization detector
                                                                                             (FID), manual thermal soil desorber accessory, built-in 10 psi air compressor, 15meter thin-film 0.53mm
8680-312 Brand New HANDHELD HALOGEN SNIFFER                                                  column suitable for TPH analysis, and PeakSimple II software and built-in serial data board.
                                                                                             8610-0061 or 9300-0061      Same as above with electric valve actuator
This unique handheld halogen sniffer incorporates the new technology of our dry ELCD         8690-1026 Optional addition to GC- Dry Electrolytic Conductivity Detector
(see page 13), for the convenient detection of halogenated ‘compounds. Detects
halogenated compounds in seconds at the low ppm range. Includes detection wand,              TP013195.Doc
shoulder strap, internal battery pack and 12 volt car adapter.
14 SRI - Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd - Fax +61 3 9761 1169                                                PopularModels                                              23
                                                                                                                                     INLET SYSTEMS
          EPA METHOD 601/ 602 GC
                                                                                                         The SRI 8610 & 9300 GCs come standard with an 1/8-inch cold on-column liquid
       SIMULTANEOUSLY ANALYZE FOR AROMATIC AND CHLORINATED                                               injection port (injector) which is ideal for packed and wide-bore (0.53mm) capillary
       COMPOUNDS WITH PID and NEW Dry DELCD DETECTOR COMBO                                               columns. Cold on-column injection means that the injection needle deposits the sample
                                                                                                         directly into the bore of the column itself. Because of the SRl’s thin oven wall design,
                                                                                                         the needle actually penetrates well into the column oven, so the injection temperature is
                                                                                                         whatever the initial oven temperature is at the time. When the initial oven temperature
    The 601/602 gas chromatograph                                                                        is low (50%) this results in the sharpest peaks and best separation because the sample
     now includes SRI’s easy to use                                                                      never vaporizes as it does with a heated injector. When a sample is injected into a
         Dry DELCD detector                                                                              heated injector by comparison, it expands in volume by a factor of 1000 creating a
                                                                                                         miniature explosion in the injector. The sample, now in a gaseous form, is then pushed
                                                                                                         into the column in a much broader, less distinct plug with some inevitable tailing. The
 EP.A Methods 601 and 603 (and their counterparts
                                                                                                         cold on-column injector on the other hand puts the sample onto the column in the
 8010. 5020, and 502 2) are commonly specified at                                                        narrowest plug possible. The differences are most noticeable with early eluting peaks
 testing sites across the country every day. Method                                                      and especially the solvent peak. Using the on-column injector, the solvent hardly tails
 602 requires a purge & trap and PID detector to             SRI model 8610 gas chromatograph equipped   at all, whereas the same sample injected with a heated injector tails noticeably on the
 measure aromatics such as benzene and toluene.             with DELCD. PID & EPA-style purge and trap   early peaks. Higher boiling peaks look about the same using on-column or heated
Method 601 requires the same purge and hap                                                               injection techniques.
combined with the ELCD to measure chlorinated
 solvents such as TCE, carbon tetrachloride and                  601/602 GC Features
 methylene chloride. The methods are typically run         + New Dry ELCD detector completely            Tip: SRI recommends that unless you have some specific reason for a heated
simultaneously by operating the DELCD in series               eliminates the need for ELCD solvents      injector, the standard on-column injector is preferred. The only time, in our
 with the PID in order to obtain two chromntograms         + Photo Ionisation Detector excellent for     opinion, that a heated injector makes sense is when narrow bore capillary
from the same purge and trap injection Method                 aromatic analyses                          columns are used, or when you need to split the injection onto two columns.
 601 requires the detection of molecules that are gasses   + Detectors may be connected in sertes to
 at ambient temperature. Therefore, a mixture of              obtain 2 chromatograms in 1 sample         In order to split, the sample cannot be a liquid - it must be a gas, so you have to vaporize
trapping adsorbents must be used. The double-trap          + EPA-style automated purge & trap
 system used by the SRI gas chromatograph is ideal for        ensures precise, reproducible
                                                                                                         the sample before you can split. For this reason, we offer the SPLIT/SPLITLESS
this application. The combination of adsorbents can           chromatograms and data                     lNJECTOR which enables use of any type column, and can also be used as a cold on-
produce crisp peaks for chloromethane and vinyl            + Includes 60 meter MXT-1701 column           column injector by reducing the setpoint temperature.
chloride without the need for sub-ambient cooling.
             The 6 early eluting 601 peaks
                                                                                                         TIP: Two injectors may be mounted on the 8610 SRI GC!
      (expanded from complete chromatogram)

                                                                        EPA Method 601 standard on       8690-0023 ADDITIONAL ON-COLUMN
                                                                         DELCD. in series from PID
                                                                                                         Includes: Thermostatted digital flow controller (O-50 ml/min), injection port hardware,
                                                                                                         septum nut, capillary adapter and digital pressure readout with 1.0 PSI resolution for
                                                                                                         maximum readability at low column head pressures. For the 8610 GC Only!

                                                                                                         8690-0025 HEATED ON-COLUMN INJECTOR (l/4 INCH)
                                                                                                         Note: This is an upgrade to an existing on-column injector for the 8610 & 9300. The
                                                                                                         HEATED ON-COLUMN INJECTOR is used for FLASH VAPORIZATION with any
                                                                                                         standard packed column to allow injections at any temperature up to 300°C. The l/4
                                                                                                         inch size allows easy use of other manufacturer’s injector port adapters (i.e. glass
         EPA Method 601/602 Gas Chromatograph with PID and DELCD
 8610-6012 or 9300-6012 601/602 GC
                                                                                                         adapters for capillary columns) or insertion of glass or metal l/4 inch columns. Heat
 Includes: SRI Instruments gas chromatograph (110VAC, 60Hz) equipped with Dry Electrolytic               from the injector makes cooling the oven down below 50°C difficult, so this option
 Conductivity Detector (DELCD), Photo Ionization Detector (PID), EPA-style Purge & Trap, Built-in air    should not be ordered if operation near ambient temperature is required. Only one
 compressor, 60meter capillary column, PeakSimple II software and built-in serial data board.            heated injector may be installed per GC.

22 SRI - Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd Fax +61 3 9761 1169                                                       Popular Models                                         15
8690-0034 HEATED SPLIT/SPLITLESS INJECTOR (electric vent)
Note: This is an upgrade to an existing on-column injector for the 8610 & 9300. The
Split/Splitless Injector allows the use of narrow bore (0.32mm and smaller) capillary
                                                                                                BTEX GAS CHROMATOGRAPH
columns in either a SPLIT mode where some of the sample is vented, or the SPLITLESS
mode where the sample is allowed time to migrate onto the column before the residue is
then vented from the injector. The injector may also be used for cold on-column                    C E R T I F I C A T I O N QUALITY GAS CHROMATOGRAPH FOR 8015/8020
injections onto wide-bore capillary columns with the adapter provided, or with packed                Analysis of Purgeable Aromatics and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
columns. Temperature may be adjusted up to 300°C. It incorporates a solenoid valve
automatically actuated under control of the data system for precise timing of splitless
mode delay times. Both pressure controlled and flow controlled carrier gas supplies are
available and can be selected by a toggle valve mounted on the front panel. Split ratio is    The BTEX gas chromatograph is
controlled by a precision needle valve, and unlike some other manufacturer’s designs,             equipped with all of the
the SRI injector allows the split flow to be completely shut off to conserve expensive          chromatography hardware
carrier gas. In addition, the SRI SPLIT/SPLlTLESS INJECTOR is designed without                      necessary to obtain
troublesome hidden seals and ferrules, and the injector liner may be glass, metal or even            state certification.
Teflon for the most inert surface.                                                           - Includes: Flame Ionization Detector (FID),
                                                                                             Photo Ionization Detector (PID), PeakSimple
THERMAL SOIL DESORBER                                                                        software, built-in serial data board, EPA-style
                                                                                             Purge & Trap, Built-in Air Compressor,
Why Thermal Desorption?                  See Popular Models, page 23 for the TPH GC          Column and SRI’s two year warranty.                     SRI model 8610 BTEX GC equipped
Historically, solvents such as                                                                                                                         with EPA-style purge and trap
methylene chloride, carbon disulfide,                                                        - All that the user needs is any PC-compatible
hexane etc. have been used to extract              !                                         computer, laboratory paraphernalia (glassware,             BTEX GC Features
samples from soil prior to injection             1 GASOLINE,          , DIESEL          I
                                                                                             reagents, gas, standards, samples) and an
                                                                                             analyst with the required method expertise.
                                                                                                                                            + Purge&trap sequence and analysis in 30
into the CC. With the phasing out of                                                                                                           minutes or less
CFCs like freon, and closer scrutiny of                                                                                                     + Automation permits the user to perform
                                                                                             - The PID and FID are connected in series,         other tasks during run
laboratory solvent usage, it makes                                                           permitting two chromatograms to be obtained
sense to strip the analytes from the                                                                                                        + .Analyte concentrations can be detected
                                                                                             simultaneously from a single sample.
soil by simply heating the soil to drive                                                                                                       at below the 0.5 ppb !evel
the organics into the GC. Unlike                                                             - For analyses other than BTEX, the detectors + Meets or exceed all current U.S. detection
                                                                                             may be operated individually or in conjunction    limit requirements
solvent extraction which often dilutes
                                                                                             with other external detectors, such as our dry + Large column oven on the 8610
the sample, thermal desorbtion           I
                                                   0.w                                 m__
                                                                                                                                               accommodates 2 columns (2nd injector
deposits all of the sample onto the                                                                                                            optional)
column. Whereas detection-limits for        4 ppm mix of gasoline & diesel in
                                            soil via thermal desorber and FID                - Our optional Thermal Soil Desorber can be + Disposable glass test tubes eliminate trace
diesel fuel in soil by extraction are                                                        installed for easy TPH analyses.                   contamination
about 10 ppm, by thermal desorption 10 ppb is possible. In the past, direct thermal                                                         + Carrier and sparge gas passed through in-
desorption of soils has been troublesome because the massive amounts of water                * Available in both the 8610 GC and 9300 GC       line, bakeable polishing filters allowing
liberated from the average soil extinguish the flame of the FID detector (the usual                                                             only clean, dry gas to reach the sample
detector for hydrocarbons). However, the SRI GC’s advanced ceramic ignitor can be run                                                          and detector
continuously hot, thus the SRI FID simply re-ignites itself if the flame temporarily goes
out or sputters from water flooding. The water elutes along with the early gasoline
peaks, and may interfere with their accurate quantitation, but water does not interfere
with the diesel since the higher boiling diesel peaks elute well after the water
interference has passed.                                                                                           BTEX Gas Chromatograph with PID and FID
                                                                                              8610-0050 or 9300-0050
8690-1088 THERMAL SOIL DESORBER (manual actuator)                                             Inc/uuks: SRI Instruments gas chromatograph (110VAC, 60Hz) equipped with Flame Ionization
8690-l089 THERMAL SOIL DESORBER (electric actuator)                                           Detector (FID), Photo Ionization Detector (PID), EPA-style Purge & Trap, Built-in air compressor,
                                                                                              15 meter capillary column, PeakSimple II software and built-in serial data board.
The Thermal Soil Desorber is mounted on the left hand side of the GC for easy operator
access. The operator loads the desorber with a 2 l/2” x 3/8” dia. glass tube packed with     BT02695 DOC

16     SRI - Australian Distributor : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd Fax +61 3 9761 1169                                               Popular   Models                                     21
8690-0082 TO-14 CRYO-TRAP SAMPLE LOOP (manual)                                               0.5 to 1.0 grams of soil. Glass wool on both ends of the desorber tube prevents the soil
8690-0083 TO-14 CRYO-TR4P SAMPLE LOOP (electric)                                             from falling out. The desorber temperature is adjustable from ambient to 3OO’C. Once
The Cryo-loop lets you use the gas sampling valve loop to concentrate samples by             the tube is secured in the hot desorber, the valve is rotated and carrier gas is forced
cooling the loop, passing a large sample through the loop, which being cold retains the      through the soil inside the tube carrying with it any organics such as gasoline, diesel and
compounds of interest, and then heating the loop to desorb the concentrated sample into      even motor oil. The GC column is then ramped to elute the hydrocarbons for
the GC column. The loop may also be used to trap many compounds at ambient                   identification. Beautiful separations at high sensitivity are easy because little operator
temperature by filling the loop with adsorbent such as Tenax or Carbopak B, then             skill or time is required. Because the sensitivity is so great, small sample amounts can
heating to desorb. The loop heater accommodates 15cm x 3cm (6” x 1 l/8”) straight            be used thus minimizing the quantity of water deposited on column and into the
loops, and can be cooled using either liquid CO2 or liquid nitrogen. Coolant flow is         detector. For diesel analysis in particular, water is not a problem since it elutes well
controlled by toggle valve in the manual version and by a solenoid under data system         before the diesel. TIP: Call for our informative paper “TPH ANALYSIS by GC”
control in the electric version while the heater ramps at 200°C per minute under data
system control in both manual and electric versions. Requires installation of                PURGE & TRAP
thermostatted valve oven (8690-0088).                                                        WHAT DOES A PURGE AND TRAP DO? A purge and trap is a device which allows
                                                                                             the organic molecules in a large (5-10 ml) amount of water, soil or air to be
LIQUID AUTOSAMPLER                                                                           concentrated on an adsorbent trap. The adsorbent trap is then heated to release the
8690-0068 LIQUID AUTOSAMPLER (42 vials/l.5ml)                                                concentrated organics onto the GC’s column. The reason a purge and trap is required is
The Model 31IH Liquid Autosampler is                                                         that most GC detectors are not sensitive enough to detect parts per billion or parts per
manufactured for SRI 9300 & 8610 GCS                                                         trillion, and you cannot inject 5 ml of water onto a GC column. If, however, you can
by Dynatech Precision Sampling Corp.                                                         concentrate the organics present in that same 5 ml of water onto a trap, then heat the
It is available as a 42 vial version using                                                   trap, all the organics originally in 5 ml of water are injected on column lowering the
1.5 ml vials. The larger vials are                                                           detection limit by a factor of 1000; By this means, detection limits in the parts per
preferred because this type of                                                               trillion are easy to obtain! See POPULAR MODELS pages 21, 22, 24 for the
autosampler flushes the needle with                                                          BTEX, 601/602 and Environmental GCs using our Purge & Trap.
sample, and the longer the flush the less
carry-over      contamination.        The                                                                  =
                                                                                                           ,To Columnn                              to Column _
autosampler can be totally automated
under control of the PeakSimple data
system. Injection volume is adjustable
from 0-3 ul, dwell time is adjustable                                                        from
from .l to 99 seconds, and flush time from 0-99 seconds. The sample tray and syringe
require air or nitrogen at 60 psi to actuate the mechanisms, and to pressurize the vials
during sampling. The autosampler mounts to the GC injector port by means of one
simple nut which automatically aligns the needle so it slides smoothly into the column.
Injections can even be made onto a 0.53mm capillary column. The autosampler is
                                                                                                    LOAD trap - Ambient                          DESOREB    - Heated
supplied with 100 screw top vials and septa.
                                                                                              Note how both traps are Loaded in one direction, but Backflushed during Desorb
8690-0081 METHANISER ACCESSORY (mounts on GC,)
                                                                                             8690-005 EPA STYLE PURGE and TRAP (Built into GC)
The Methanizer consists of a l/8” x 6 inch (3.2 mm. x 7.5 cm.) stainless steel tube filled
with a special nickel powder and heated to 375’C. With hydrogen supplied as either the       The EPA style purge and trap is an improved version of the EPA design specified in
carrier gas or as a make-up gas, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide ( CO & CO2 ) are         many methods such as 601, 602, 501, 502 etc. The SRI design is unusually compact
catalytically reduced to methane. Since methane is detectable by FID down to 1 ppm, it       which allows us to mount it on the 8610 GC chassis. Having the purge and trap
is possible to obtain lower detection limits for CO & CO2 via methanization than by          permanently attached to the GC is convenient because when you move the GC, you do
using a TCD detector to sense the un-methanized molecules. In many cases, the TCD            not have to disconnect transfer lines and electrical cables, re-attach them later, leak
detector is plumbed in series with the FID, and the methanizer is placed between the         check, and then verify that everything has been re-assembled properly. Mounting the
TCD and FID so that the CO & CO2 peaks are first detected as CO & CO2 by the TCD,            purge and trap on the GC itself, right up close to the column oven eliminates the need
then pass through the methanizer and on to the FID. In this manner, low concentrations       for a heated transfer line and permits the capillary column to be connected directly to
are quantitated by the FID and high concentrations (1% +) are quantitated by TCD.            the 10 port valve, thus minimizing dead volume, and active surfaces. For many analyses
                                                                                             such as EPA Method 60 1, a wide range of compounds must be trapped and desorbed.
20 SRI - Australian Distributors : Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd : Fax +61 3 9761 1169                                                                                              17

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