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Student Life vol 3 - SRC ELECTIONS


									                                                                                       Top Achiever
                                                                                                                          Face of Glam Final

                                SRC ELECTIONS
                                                                    Who is eligible
                                                                    to vote?             Solomon Mudege,
                                                                                          George Weah &
                                                                                          Dennis Oswald                           Glam Squad’s Models
                                                                    Any registered
                                                                    NMMU student       NMMU graduate Solo-
                                                                    is eligible to                                 “Glam Squad’s face of          Entertainment for the
                                                                                       mon Mudege who re-
                                                                    vote.                                              Glam Finale”               night was provided by
                                                                                       cently graduated with
                                                                                       distinction from the FIFA                                  popular student and
                                                                    When is the                                    On the 25th of August          Captains DJs Sbusiso
                                                                                       Master Class in Switzer-
                                                                    voting day?                                    the Face of Glam finale        Msane, Muzi, and Jesse
                                                                                       land will start his year-
                                                                                                                   show was hosted at the         (DJs S.O.S, Muzero,
  Mxolisi Ncapayi                                                                      long internship at FIFA
                                                                    The voting day                                 popular student club,          and Jesse James).
Deputy Director SGD                                                                    in Zurich from 1 Septem-
                            Prof Wannenburg, Fikile,                is Thursday, 16                                Buzz Bar.                      Body Builder Bulelani
                             Brightness & Mr. Hoyi                  September                                      The Master of Ceremo-          Jola was back by popu-
 Importance of your                                                 2010 from 8:00     This scholarship was        nies was founder and           lar demand, flexing his
       vote.                                                        till 19:00pm.      made      available   to    former Glam Squad              ripped body in front of
                                                                                       NMMU by FIFA Presi-         President Delon Le             an awestruck crowd.
It is your responsibility                                           Why is it im-      dent Sepp Blatter with a    Roux.        Markham’s         Sim Ndima our resident
  to cast your vote for                  Why Vote?                  portant to have    view to contributing to     Greenacres kept the            poet was there to share
   any organization or                                              an SRC?            development of the          male models looking            some thought provoking
 individual you believe     Becomes the question on every stu-                         game of soccer in South     trendy, with their new         words as well.
will represent you best     dents lips around this time of the year. The SRC repre-    Africa. He completed his    collection out-fits for this   By: Khanyisile Jumba
  within the university                                                                BCom in Sport and Rec-      season. The female
                            We certainly hope we can answer sents students
   committees. Do the                                                in the highest    reation Management          models were dressed to
 right and responsible      some of your questions.
                                                                     decision making   and a BCom honors de-       kill in their own inspired
  thing, cast your vote                                                                gree in Business Man-       garments. Not to be out-
 on the 16 September        Many students have asked us what body of the                                           done, our beautiful
                                                                     NMMU and they     agement at NMMU.
          2010.             is the SRC? The Student Representa-                                                    crowd of students came
                                                                     also sit in 25
                            tive Council (SRC) is a structure made other commit-                                   in numbers with their
                            up of students who have been democ- tees where stu-                                    best      foot    forward
                                                                                                                   dressed to take hearts.         Mnxumanisi & Fika
                            ratically elected by registered NMMU dent issues are
                            students to represent their student discussed.
             Casual Day                                                                                 About Us
                                                        You can WIN               Paparazzi                  SRC Officer

                                                                                                               SRC Officer
                                                                                                                   plans, or
                                                                                                           and coordinates
                                                                                                        SRC related events
                                                                                                          and programmes,
                                                                                                        Works closely with
                                                                                                        the IEC in planning
                                                                                                             SRC Elections.

                                                     L Harmse & S Broderick                                  Msondezi
                                                                                                            SRC Officer

          Diba & Able Casual Day Mascot

       “Diba Adds flavour to Casual Day”                                                         Thabisa
                                                                                                 Society Office
                                                     You can win vouchers to
The NMMU & Casual Day Mascots, Diba & Able,
                                                     the value of R100, by just
added flavour to Casual Day celebrations. The
                                                     answering the below ques-                    Society
celebrations were hosted by the Disability Unit
                                                     tions about the university                   Officer         Society
(DU) across the NMMU campuses.
                                                     shop.                                                        officer
Great excitement and joy filled the air the moment
the Mascots made their appearance at the cam-
                                                     1.Where is the university
puses. Proceeds from the events went to the Deaf
                                                     shop situated?                               The role of the society
Association of South Africa (DEAFSA) amounting
to just over a R1200. By: Kholisa Papu                                                            officer is to provide
                                                     2.What are the trading                       strategic guidance to
Cup cakes 4 charity          Diba with students      hours of the university                      organisations. Society
                                                     shop?                                        officers help societies
                                                                                                  build constructive or-
                                                     Correct answers along with                   ganisations that con-
                                                     your name, surname, stu-                     tribute to the priorities
                                                     dent number & contact de-                    of the university. They
                                                     tails can be e-mailed to                     encourage students to
                                            by                       engage themselves in
                                                     30 September 2010.                           co-curricular activities.
                                                                                               Arbor Week
                         Caught on Camera                                                             “Greening”
                                                    SRC Elections
           What’s the                                                                          The Student forum of the
           role of an                       Snap!   16 September
                                                                                               South African Climate Con-
             SRC?                                       2010                                   sortium (SEACC) held Ar-
                                                                                               bor Week which ran from
It’s to represent and                                                                          the 1st to the 7th of Sep-
act in the interest of                                                                         tember 2010.
all registered stu-
dents.                                                                                         Arbor Day was first cele-
To preserve and pro-                                                                           brated in 1983 with the
mote the honour and                                                    The     celebrations
                                                                                               need for raising awareness
interests of the Uni-                                                  ended on the 7th of
                                                                       September 2010 by       of the value of trees in so-
versity and of the
                                                                       an address by Vice      ciety. In 1999 the South
                                                                       Chancellor Prof. Der-   African government ex-
                                                                       rick Swartz. Arbor      tended the celebration of
                                                                       week tries to in-
       SRC                                          Time:08:00-19:00   crease public aware-
                                                                                               Arbor Day to National Ar-
                                                                                               bor Week, from 1 to 7 Sep-
                                                                       ness of a few of the
                                                    Venue: All NMMU    2,000 indigenous tree   tember every year. Organi-
                 Info                                  Campuses        species in our coun-    sations were encouraged
Did you
                                                                       try.                    to participate in community
                                                                                               "greening". The celebra-
                                                                       By: Jacobus My-         tions for Arbor Week at the
Only 12% of the                                                        burgh                   NMMU took place on the
NMMU students                                                                                  3rd of September which
voted in the 2009                                                                              saw a tree planting cere-
SRC Election.                                                                                  mony at the South Cam-
Why should I Vote?                                                                             pus. It was followed by a
                                                                                               Green day Fun walk/run on
The SRC elections                                                                              the 4th of September.
take place every
By voting you able to
express who you
want to represent
your needs.
  Congrats!               Hot spot                                                  BtC Breakfast
                                               Hello Day

                                             Hello Day participants

                                             The 30th of August saw                       BtC class of 2010
                                             scores of volunteers
                                             walking around campus        “Leadership Breakfast” This voluntary self de-
                                             and distributing sweets                                 velopment programme is
                                             labeled Hello in many
                                             different languages.         On the 18 of August intended to broaden

                                                                          the Beyond the Class- leadership skills, foster
                                             This initiative was the      room (BtC) Breakfast appreciation and sensi-
                                             brain child of the depart-   was held at the North tivity for cultural diver-
                                             ment of Student Govern-      Campus Conference sity. Its also encourages
  Baxolele                                                                Centre.                    volunteer work in on-
                Pragtig                      ance and Development in                                 campus and community
                                             trying to promote and
                                             embrace ubuntu.              The breakfast was to environments.
                                             The objectives of the        give recognition to the
                                             campaign were to pro-        students that had com- The Breakfast was well
                                             mote Unity and Diversity     pleted the BtC Leader- attended with guests
 On the 11 September                         within the NMMU cam-         ship programme. The ranging from EMCOM
 2010 saw the crown-                         puses.                       students showcased members as well as
 ing of    Mr & Miss                                                      their learning through guests invited by the
 South Point Residents.                                                   presentations titled “This students.
                                                                          is my Story”.
 This event was held at
 the King Edward Hotel                                      Missionvale   They used video clips,
 and saw Baxolele Ma-                                       Students      power point and poetry
 fuya and Sethu Nca-                                                      to express their learning
 payi being crowned                                                       as they progressed
 as Mr & Miss South                                                       through the programme.
 Point Res 2010.
Coming up ...               Nedbank Student Account
                                                                                     Events                   SASOL Winners

Ayoba                     Open a Dezign student current account at      Snap!
                          any Nedbank Branch within Port Elizabeth                                                                            Alhyrian
                          between 25th August and 30 October 2010
                          and you could be the lucky winner of a lap-                                                                          Fine Art student Zane
     SEPTEMBER            top.                                                                                                                 Lange’s entry won
        SRC Varsity                                                                                                                            him a merit award.
                          To qualify all you need to do is to make a
        Ball                                                                                                                                   Photography gradu-
                          minimum 1 deposit– Each deposit receipt to
                                                                                                                                               ate Gerhardt Coetzee
        OCTOBER           be placed in entry box in any PE branch, 2
                                                                                                                                               and Fine Art student
        Mr & Miss         deposits are to be made to the account in
                                                                                                                                               Lorinda Pretorius
        NMMU              the same month as the deposit. Its open to
                                                                                                                                               also won Merits .
        BtC Breakfast     all NMMU students only!!!
        Merit Awards

                                                                                Time: 9 am
                                                                                Date: 17 September            “NMMU students fly the
CONTACT                                                                         2010                               flag high”
US                                                                              Venue: Student Kraal
                                                                                                              Nelson Mandela Metropoli-
                                                                                South Campus
                                                                                                              tan University’s art stu-

                                                                                The Pharmacy Society          dents continue to fly the
Simlindele Manqina                                                              (PEPSA) bring you Health      flag with their exceptional
                                                                                Day. This day will be         success in the country’s
Department of Student                                                           dedicated to serving the      oldest and leading compe-
Governance &                                                                    student community of the
Development                                                                                                   tition for emerging artists.
                                                                                NMMU. Pharmacy stu-

                                                                                dents will be running tests
Office: 101 Gold Fields                                                                                       Four of the seven prizes in
                                                                                which include blood pres-
South, South Campus                                                             sure, blood glucose and       the SASOL New Signa-
Phone: 041 504 2700                                                             body mass index meas-         tures competition went to
Fax: 041 504 1029                                                               urements.                     students from the School
E-mail:                                                                         Come one come all!!           of Music, Art and Design,
                                                                                                              including that of the overall
Website:                                                                                         winner Alhyrian Laue.

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