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                                                    DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS

                                                   Strategic Plan
                                                           2003 – 2005
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                                                                      Design & Layout
                                                                Department of Foreign Affairs
                                                                  Internal Communications

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                                                                                                 DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                             Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                                                   ABBREVIATIONS OF GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS
           DA             Department of Agriculture
           DACST          Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology
           DEAT           Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
           DOC            Department of Communications
           DCS            Department of Correctional Services
           DOE            Department of Education
           DFA            Department of Foreign Affairs
           DOH            Department of Health
           DHA            Department of Home Affairs
           DJCD           Department of Justice and Constitutional Development
           DOL            Department of Labour
           DLA            Department of Land Affairs
           DME            Department of Minerals and Energy
           DPE            Department of Public Enterprises
           DPSA           Department of Public Service and Administration
           DPW            Department of Public Works
           DPLG           Department of Provincial and Local Government
           DST            Department of Science and Technology
           DSD            Department of Social Development
           DSR            Department of Sports and Recreation
           DTI            Department of Trade and Industry
           DOT            Department of Transport
           DWAF           Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
           GCIS           Government Communication and Information System
           NIA            National Intelligence Agency
           NT             National Treasury
           ORC            Office on the Rights of the Child
           OSDP           Office on the Status of Disabled Persons
           OSW            Office on the Status of Women
           SANDF          South African National Defence Force
           SAPS           South African Police Service
           SARB           South African Reserve Bank
           SASS           South African Secret Service
           SARS           South African Revenue Service
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                                                                       LIST OF ACRONYMS
                       AASRSOC  Asia-Africa Sub-regional Organisations           MISS       Minimum Information Security Standards
                                Conference                                       MSP        Master Systems Plan (ICT)
                       ACP      African, Caribbean and Pacific States            NAM        Non-Aligned Movement
                       ASEAN    Association of South East Asian Nations
                                                                                 Nepad      New Partnership for Africa’s Development
                       AU       African Union (formerly OAU)
                       BLSN     Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia            ODA        Official Development Assistance
                       BNC      Binational Commission                            OIC        Organisation of Islamic Conference
                       CARICOM  Caribbean Community                              PAP        Pan African Parliament
                       CHOGM    Commonwealth Heads of State and                  PMS        Performance Management System
                                Government Meeting                               PSC        Peace and Security Council (AU)
                       CPA      Cotonou Partnership Agreement (EU & ACP)
                                                                                 RECs       Regional Economic Communities
                       CWC      Chemical Weapons Convention
                       ECOSOC   Economic and Social Council (UN)                 RISDP      Regional Indicative Strategic Development
                       EU       European Union                                              Plan
                       FDI      Foreign Direct Investment                        SACU       Southern African Customs Union (SA, BLSN)
                       FSI      Foreign Service Institute                        SADC       Southern African Development Community
                       G77      Group of 77 (and China)                          TDCA       Trade and Development Co-operation
                       G8       Group of eight (USA, UK, Germany, Italy,
                                                                                            Agreement (with EU)
                                France, Russia, Japan, Canada)
                       GCC      Gulf Co-operation Council                        TICAD      Tokyo International Conference on African
                       HRD      Human Resource Development                                  Development
                       HSIC     Heads of State Implementation Committee          TISA       Trade and Investment South Africa
                                (Nepad)                                          UNCITRAL   United Nations Commission on International
                       IBRD     International Bank for Reconstruction and
                                                                                            Trade Law
                                Development (World Bank)
                       ICC      International Criminal Court                     UNCTAD     United Nations Conference on Trade and
                       ICT      Information and Communications Technology                   Development
                       ICTR     International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda       UNGA       United Nations General Assembly
                       ICTY     International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia   UNHCR      United Nations High Commissioner for
                       ILC      International Law Commission                                Refugees
                       IMF      International Monetary Fund
                                                                                 UNSC       United Nations Security Council
                       IOR-ARC  Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional
                                Co-operation                                     WCAR       World Conference Against Racism
                       JBC      Joint Bilateral Commission                       WMDs       Weapons of Mass Destruction
                       JSE      Johhanesburg Stock Exchange                      WSIS       World Summit on the Information Society
                       MERCOSUR Southern Common Market (Argentina, Brazil,       WSSD       World Summit on Sustainable Development
                                Paraguay, Uruguay)                               WTO        World Trade Organisation
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                                                                                                            DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                        Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                                                                 DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                  STRATEGIC PLAN (2003 – 2005)

           Abbreviations of Government Departments                         3      • Service Delivery Improvement Programme                       42
           List of Acronyms                                                4        Priority 1 African Renaissance                               42
                                                                                    Priority 2 Peace and Security                                45
           PART ONE                                                        6        Priority 3 Sustainable Development                           47
           Message from the Minister of Foreign Affairs                    6        Priority 4 Structured Relations (BNCs/JBCs)                  48
           Message from the Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs             9        Priority 5 International Conferences                         52
           Introduction by the Acting Director-General                   11         Priority 6 Public Diplomacy                                  55
           Mandate of DFA                                                12         Priority 7 Support Services                                  56
           • Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives and Values            15         Priority 8 State Protocol                                    58

           Priorities of the Department of Foreign Affairs               16       PART THREE                                                     59
           • Foreign Policy Objectives                                   16       Information and Communications Technology Plan                 59
           • Priorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs               16
           • SA’s regional and multilateral interests                    16       PART FOUR                                                      68
                                                                                  Asset Management Plan                                          68
           PART TWO                                                       27
           Key Performance Areas                                         27       PART FIVE                                                      72
           • Medium Term Priorities and Objectives                       28       Public Service Regulations Requirements (Chapter I, Part III B) 72
           • Resource Requirements per Departmental Objective                     • Human Resources Plan                                         72
             Vote 3: Foreign Affairs                                     34       • Organisational Structure                                     73
             Programme 1 Administration                                  34
             Programme 2 Foreign Relation                                36
             Programme 3 Public Diplomacy and Protocol                   38
             Programme 4 Foreign Properties                              40
             Programme 5 Auxiliary and Associated Services               41
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                       PART ONE

                                                   MESSAGE FROM THE MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, DR NC DLAMINI ZUMA

                          ‘we have committed our foreign policy to the eradication of poverty and underdevelopment’

                                                                                                                      e are entering the last
                                                                                                                      year of the first decade of
                                                                                                                      democracy in South
                                                                                                        Africa. The advent of democracy in
                                                                                                        South Africa also coincided with some
                                                                                                        major international developments such
                                                                                                        as the end of colonialism and the end
                                                                                                        of the cold war. This was a unique
                                                                                                        period in the history of the world and
                                                                                                        promised much: an end to the nuclear
                                                                                                        arms race, improved dialogue
                                                                                                        between all nations of the world
                                                                                                        through the United Nations, a greater
                                                                                                        focus on poverty and underdevelop-
                                                                                                        ment to alleviate the plight of the poor,
                                                                                                        and improved co-operation and rela-
                                                                                                        tions between countries of the North
                                                                                                        and South.
                                                                                                              Our own interactions were ini-
                                                                                                        tially centred on consolidating rela-
                                                                                                        tions with all nations and consolidat-
                                                                                                        ing our position in the world. This
                                                                                                        effort will obviously continue within the
                                                                                                        context of changing global develop-
                                                                                                        ments and challenges. However, our
                                                                                                        early experience helped us to gain a
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                                                                                                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                            Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

           better understanding of the challenges
           facing our democracy and our conti-
           nent, and of the complexities and chal-
           lenges facing us as humanity.
                                                                          of    Mass
                                                          quently we initiated the
                                                          Pelindaba          ‘Nuclear
                                                                                            As South Africans, we
                                                                                                                         nature, and that the tides
                                                                                                                         can turn.
                                                                                                                               Our struggles and
                                                                                                                         tribulations, our chal-
                  Our collective experiences as           Weapons          Free-zone’                                    lenges and traumas and
           South Africans have placed us in a             Treaty that ensures that
                                                                                                must become a            our own history demands
           unique position to understand and              our continent remains                                          that we make meaning
                                                                                                positive global
           empathise with the challenges facing           free of such weapons.                                          ful contribution for the
           humanity. Let’s reflect on just a few of       We have pursued, and                 influence and an          creation of a better world
           these experiences and extrapolate their        will continue, to play an                                      for all. A world in which
           implications for our role internationally.     active role in areas of dis-       agent of progressive        there is peace and secu-
           Firstly, ours is a reality of two nations, –   armament.                                                      rity, equity amongst
           one developed and wealthy and the                     Fourthly,      South               change.              nations, an end to
           other marginalised and poor. We find           Africa’s transition indicat-                                   racism, sexism, xenopho-

           similar expressions globally between           ed that peaceful change                                        bia, intolerance, poverty
           countries of the North and those of the        through dialogue and                                           and under-development.
           South. Hence, we have committed our            reconciliation is possible.                                    As South Africans, we
           foreign policy to the eradication of           Hence, we have partici-                                        must become a positive
           poverty and underdevelopment, to the           pated in the peace processes of the              global influence and an agent of pro-
           protection of the vulnerable and for the       Democratic Republic of Congo, the                gressive change. It is a daunting chal-
           transformation of our continent and the        Great Lakes Region, Comores, Sudan,              lenge - but one that I believe is within
           global environment.                            Eritrea, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Israel-              our grasp. As nations of the world we
                  Secondly, the abuse of human            Palestine, the Lockerbie issue, the Iraqi        have already begun this journey.
           rights in South Africa demanded that           crisis and others. We have committed                   During the Millenium Summit the
           our new democracy protects and pro-            ourselves to the resolution of these con-        peoples of the world came together to
           motes the civil, political, social, cultur-    flicts through peaceful means and by             reaffirm a commitment that our com-
           al and development rights of all our           using internationally agreed upon                mon humanity, our common environ-
           people. Such a commitment in our for-          mechanisms for dealing with conflict.            ment and our common ancestry links
           eign policy is therefore natural.                     Our experience and peaceful               our destiny in an inextricable way. The
                  Thirdly, after decades of civil         transition has been a symbol of hope             Millenium Development Goals is our
           strife and war, our leadership took the        to millions of citizens all over the             re-commitment and re-dedication to the
           principled stance that our country and         world. It has demonstrated that a                creation of a more peaceful, prosper-
           people have a right to feel safe and           peaceful resolution of differences is            ous and just world in which there is
           secure, and therefore should be free           possible, that the divide between the            freedom from the scourge of war and
           from fear of Nuclear and other                 rich and the poor is not a law of                the threat from weapons of mass
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                       destruction; there is no poverty and
                       every individual is able to develop to
                       his/her full potential; there is no dev-
                       astation of our environment and it is
                       preserved for the enjoyment of our
                                                                      Our common humanity should not
                                                                                                              political, security and economic ben-
                                                                                                              efits it brings, enhances our ability to
                                                                                                              exert influence on a wider interna-
                                                                                                              tional arena.
                                                                                                                     Clearly, the vision of a new
                       children; there is respect for democra-
                                                                       allow any of us to be content...       World Order and of an African
                       cy, the rule of law and the rights of all                                              Renaissance will not be an easy task
                       peoples and nations; there is protec-
                       tion and assistance for the vulnerable
                       so that they too can enjoy a meaning-
                       ful life; there is lasting peace, prosper-
                       ity and development for Africa; and
                                                                    and economic development pro-
                                                                    gramme. Nepad targets, informed by
                                                                                                              to accomplish. Already, the threat of
                                                                                                              war in the Middle East is undermining
                                                                                                              the many hard won gains we have
                                                                                                              made during this last decade.
                                                                                                              However, now more than ever, we
                       there is a strong United Nations that        the Millenium Development Goals,          must continue to garner commitment
                       represents the best interests of all peo-    seek to advance the legitimate socio-     for global justice and equity through
                       ples and nations of the world.               economic aspirations of the African       a rules based international system.
                              In support of the Millenium           people while anchoring itself on dem-     We must continue to work towards
                       Development Goals and the creation           ocratic values and principles. It pres-   the promise of peace. We must not let
                       of a better life for all, South Africa has   ents a continentally approved plat-       the attention of the world be deviated
                       participated in several major interna-       form for Africa’s engagement and          from the plight of the poverty stricken,
                       tional conferences. Each of which            partnership with the broader interna-     of the vulnerable and destitute and of
                       makes a significant intervention in the      tional community. Now that the plan       those that are the victims in times of
                       international rules based systems that       is in place, our focus must change to     war. Our common humanity should
                       will bring us closer to our desired          one of implementation.                    not allow any of us to be content
                       goals. These include the WTO Doha                  Our membership of the African       when the rest of humanity is living in
                       Round, the Monterrey Consensus on            Union has become the biggest single       conditions of war and violence, and
                       Finance for Development, the World           factor in our international relations.    in conditions of squalor and abject
                       Conference           Against      Racism,    The development of AU policies, the       poverty.
                       Xenophobia and Related Intolerances          elaboration of Nepad and the contin-
                       (WCAR) and the World Summit on               ued harmonisation of AU and Nepad
                       Sustainable Development.                     policies with those of the Regional
                              To further the interests of Africa    Economic Communities of the conti-
                       the continent came together to launch        nent seeks to build a more dynamic
                       the African Union, and adopted the           Union capable of dealing with the
                       New        Partnership      for   Africa’s   challenges of the 21st century. AU                            Minister of Foreign Affairs
                       Development (Nepad) as its social            membership, aside from the intrinsic                                Dr NC Dlamini Zuma
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                                                                                                           DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                       Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                          MESSAGE FROM THE DEPUTY MINISTER

                            OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, AZIZ PAHAD


                      he role South Africa has            international     law
                      carved for itself in the interna-   prevail.      Further-
                      tional arena and the position       more, as we are
           it is perceived to hold in the affairs of      endeavouring        to
           the world have brought with them               redress the economic
           enormous international responsibilities        disparities of the
           and expectations.                              past, globally we
                  It is important to underscore that      are part of the col-
           South Africa’s foreign policy is               lective that is build-
           premised upon its national interests,          ing bridges and nar-
           domestic policies and values.                  rowing the divide
           Domestically, South Africa is commit-          between the South
           ted to bringing about a better life for        and the North.
           all in an environment of peace, stabili-             Although South
           ty and security. This objective could          Africa’s       formal
           only be achieved in an international           responsibilities    of
           environment characterised by global            chairing and guiding
           peace and security and an equitable            a number of major
           and just system.         Internally, South     international organi-
           Africa continues to entrench democra-          sations and confer-
           cy and a culture of human rights.              ences will come to
           Externally, South Africa strongly sup-         an end, the issues
           ports the democratisation of the United        raised during South Africa’s steward-      structing a humane, people-centred
           Nations system and the Bretton Woods           ship of the NAM, the African Union         international system.
           Institutions. These efforts are aimed at       and the Commonwealth, as well as the             By their nature these decisions
           the reconstruction of an international         WCAR and the WSSD will still be with       and outcomes are the result of negoti-
           order in which multilateralism and             us. These issues go to the heart of con-   ation between states whose world-
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                       views and policies are in many
                       instances, diametrically opposed to
                       each other. Hence they are the prod-
                       uct of compromise. They represent the
                                                                      ... resolving problems and conflicts
                                                                                                                 in operationalising the AU organs, like
                                                                                                                 the African Parliament, and other
                                                                                                                 African agreements to deal with the
                                                                                                                 problems of the continent, including
                                                                       through war or peace, has never
                       best that is possible to achieve.                                                         the resolution of conflict, health, ener-
                              The overwhelming issue that            before been so sharply placed on the        gy, and development issues.
                       faces South African diplomacy in the                                                            South Africa also has a leading
                       future is to develop ways in which the                international agenda.               role to play in dealing with global
                       decisions taken at the aforesaid inter-                                                   issues, such as terrorism, trans-frontier
                       national conferences can be imple-
                              At a time when multilateralism
                       and the whole multilateral system that
                       has been built up during in the past
                                                                    bridge the South-North divide and
                                                                    strengthen South-South cooperation. It
                                                                                                                 crime, good governance, human
                                                                                                                 rights, democracy, peacekeeping and
                                                                                                                 peace-building, disarmament and
                                                                                                                 arms control.
                                                                                                                       Two issues that will seriously
                       fifty years seems to be under threat.        is also imperative to advance the role       impact on world peace, stability and
                       South Africa, together with other coun-      of the South in the global security and      sustainable development, are the
                       tries, whose ability to influence world      the multilateral systems. In addition,       Middle East crisis, and the peaceful
                       affairs lies in the workings of the multi-   the South has a role to play in ensuring     destruction of Weapons of Mass
                       lateral system, will have to find ways to    that its points of view and its interests    Destruction in Iraq.
                       defend, protect and strengthen that          are reflected in the developing system             The issue of resolving problems
                       system.                                      of international law.                        and conflicts through war or peace,
                              The Non-Aligned Movement and                 Likewise in the economic arena,       has never before been so sharply
                       other organisations of the South also        South Africa has to play a role in resolv-   placed on the international agenda.
                       have key roles to play in this regard.       ing issues of interest to the South. These   The future of humanity and multilateral-
                              This must be achieved without         include market access for products of        ism depends on the decision taken.
                       creating the perception that South           the countries of the South through the             South Africa remains committed
                       Africa is hostile to any country, and at     Doha Round at the WTO; ensuring that         to seeking solutions through peaceful
                       the same time it is essential that bilat-    resources are optomised in achieving         means.
                       eral relationships be managed and            the objectives of the NEPAD and similar            The real challenge for South
                       developed in a positive manner. The          initiatives in other developing regions;     African foreign policy is to be able to
                       concept of equality, sovereignty and         the reform of the Bretton Woods institu-     play an effective role, and the role that
                       territorial integrity of nations must        tions; implementing the UN Millenium         is expected of us, in dealing with the
                       underpin our relations.                      Development Goals, through the               vast plethora of international issues that
                              It remains a challenge for South      NEPAD.                                       engage us and the international com-
                       Africa and our partners to continue to              Much work remains to be done          munity at large.
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                                                                                                                 DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                             Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                                                                                    INTRODUCTION BY THE ACTING DIRECTOR-GENERAL
                      his Strategic Plan outlines the service delivery commit-
                      ments of the Department of Foreign Affairs, conducted
                      under the direction of the President and the Minister of                    ABDUL S MINTY
           Foreign Affairs. The Plan articulates the focus of the department’s
           work for the 2003/04 financial year in terms of its mission state-    department operates is unpre-
           ment of promoting and protecting South Africa’s national interests    dictable, complex, multidimensional
           and values, promoting the African Renaissance and creating a          and involves numerous role-players.
           better life for all.                                                  Hence, setting time frames for the
                 The Plan includes all statutory requirements as defined in      achievement of priorities and objec-
           Chapter 5 of the Public Finance Management Act (Act No. 1 of          tives is at best difficult.
           1999) and Chapter I, Part III B of the new Public Service                    Priority interests during the
           Regulations (2001).                                                   2003/04 performance cycle relates
                 Part 1 of the Strategic Plan outlines the role and challenges   to our role and responsibilities to the
           for South African Foreign Policy, the mandate of the department       African Union, currently as Chair
           in terms of the principles and basic tenets informing our appr-       and thereafter as part of the troika,
           oach to foreign policy, the department’s vision, mission, strategic   the implementation of the New
           objectives, values and foreign policy priorities.                     Partnership           for       Africa’s
                 Foreign policy priorities have been developed after wide        Development, Peace and Security
           consultation within the department, within the International          and Sustainable Development.
           Relations, Peace and Security Cluster, within the Extended                   Internally, priority is given to
           Cabinet Committee and after due consideration to the Presidents       the continued transformation of the
           State of the Nation Address.                                          department with particular emphasis on Institution Building,
                 Part 2 of the plan contains the medium term objectives,         capacity building, and efficient and effective service delivery. The
           Departmental Programme Structure and a Service Delivery               department has also initiated a plan for housing the entire Head
           Improvement Plan (also referred to as a One-Year Operational          Office in one building, and hopes to launch the implementation
           Plan). Parts 3, 4 and 5 outline plans for the management of           phase later this year. This will represent an important milestone in
           Information and Communications Technology, Fixed Assets and           uniting the department and in enhancing a corporate identity.
           Human Resources.                                                             The Strategic Plan will form the basis for the development
                 To enhance delivery and performance time frames and per-        of Business Plans, Performance Agreements and resource
           formance indicators have been developed. However, when refer-         requirements for Business Units at Head Office and for our
           ring to the foreign policy activities of the department, it must be   Missions abroad.
           borne in mind that the nature of the work does not lend itself to            Performance reviews are scheduled during mid-term and
           easy measurement. Hence the performance indicators will con-          year-end. However, changes to the priorities, objectives and
           tinue to be refined to enhance accuracy and reliability of per-       work plans may be undertaken at any other times as well, given
           formance measures. Furthermore, the environment in which the          developments in the global environment.
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                                                                                              MANDATE OF THE DEPARTMENT
                                 he Minister of Foreign Affairs,
                                 in accordance with her
                                 Cabinet portfolio responsibili-
                       ties, is entrusted with the formulation,
                       promotion and execution of South
                       Africa’s foreign policy and with the
                                                                           According to the South African Constitution the President is ultimately
                       daily conduct of South Africa’s interna-
                       tional relations. The Minister assumes
                                                                      responsible for the foreign policy and international relations of South Africa. It is
                       overall responsibility for all aspects of      the prerogative of the President to appoint Heads of Mission, to receive foreign
                       South Africa’s international relations in
                       consultation with the President. In prac-      Heads of Mission, to conduct state to state relations and to negotiate and sign
                       tice, the Minister consults The Cabinet
                       and individual Cabinet Ministers on               all international agreements. International agreements which are not of a
                       aspects of importance, as well as on
                       aspects that overlap with the priorities         technical, administrative or executive nature will only bind the Republic after
                       and programmes of other Ministries
                       and Departments.                               being approved by Parliament. Parliament also approves ratification or accession
                              In view of the Ministers overall
                       responsibility, the Minister advises the       of the Republic to multilateral agreements. All international agreements must be
                       Presidency and Ministers on those
                       international matters in which they
                                                                                        tabled in Parliament for information purposes.
                       should be involved, provides them with
                       strategic information on developments
                       in the international arena, facilitates            To facilitate interaction and col-        Relations, Peace and Security Cluster.
                       their participation at international         laboration, government has imple-                      The Parliamentary Portfolio
                       events, and advises them on policy           mented the system of Clusters at both           Committee on Foreign Affairs is an
                       options that they may pursue in the          Ministerial and departmental levels.            important mechanism to ensure over-
                       national interests. Other Cabinet            Important issues of foreign policy and          sight and accountability in the formu-
                       Ministers are required to consult the        international relations, the develop-           lation and conduct of South Africa’s
                       Minister of Foreign Affairs on their         ment of sector priorities and the imple-        foreign policy and relations.
                       international role. From this practice at    mentation of international relations                   The Department’s overall man-
                       Cabinet level, which is a Presidential       programmes are the core foci of the             date is to work for the realisation of
                       instruction, it follows that there must be   clusters. In terms on this mandate, the         South Africa’s foreign policy objec-
                       a similar interaction between depart-        department participates in all five clus-       tives.    More     specifically,   the
                       ments.                                       ters and Co-chairs the International            Department’s primary mandate is to
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                                                                                                                   DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                               Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                                                                                                            of more that 160 countries and organ-
                                                                                                            isations resident in South Africa.

                                                                                                            DEFINING SOUTH AFRICA’S FOREIGN POLICY
                                                                                                                  Foreign policy is a multidimen-
                                                                                                            sional set of policies, principles, strate-
                                                                                                            gies, objectives, and plans that cannot
                                                                                                            easily be packaged into a neatly
                                                                                                            described formula. However, it is nec-
                                                                                                            essary to consider in broad but clear
                                                                                                            terms the general orientation of our for-
                                                                                                            eign policy – which serve to define our
                                                                                                            national values and benchmark our
                                                                                                            foreign policy decision-making and
                                                                                                                  Our Presidents and Foreign
                                                                                                            Ministers have enunciated the princi-
                                                                                                            ples underlying South Africa’s foreign
                                                                                                            policy since 1994 in various forums.
                                                                                                            These include State of the Nation
                                                                                                            addresses, budget vote speeches,
                                     State of the Nation Address – President Thabo Mbeki.
                                                                                                            addresses to international and region-
                                                                                                            al bodies such as the United Nations,
           assist the Minister in carrying out her                 departments in navigating complex        the African Union and the Non-
           cabinet and Ministerial responsibili-                   international dynamics.                  Aligned Movement, as well as in vari-
           ties. The Department conducts its man-                        South Africa’s diplomatic and      ous foreign policy discussion docu-
           date by: monitoring developments in                     consular missions help to enhance our    ments such as those for Heads of
           the international environment; commu-                   international profile, and serve as      Mission Conferences and Strategic
           nicating government’s policy positions;                 strategic mechanisms for the achieve-    Planning initiatives. Despite some sig-
           developing and advising government                      ment of our national interests and for   nificant changes and developments in
           on policy options, mechanisms and                       carrying out our mandate. South          the global environment, these princi-
           avenues for achieving objectives; pro-                  Africa maintains diplomatic relations    ples have remained consistent and
           tecting our sovereignty and territorial                 with countries and organisation          enduring, and have taken on even
           integrity, assisting South African citi-                through 96 missions in 85 countries      greater significance given current
           zens abroad; and by assisting partner                   abroad, and through the accreditation    international developments.
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                         The following list of South Africa’s foreign policy principles is a         •   Pursue friendly relations with all peoples and nations of the
                         distillation from the aforesaid speeches, statements and documents on           world
                         South Africa’s foreign policy.                                              •   Peace making and conflict prevention should receive priority
                                                                                                         consideration. Preventive diplomacy and proactive initiatives
                         Principles Underpinning South Africa’s Foreign Policy                           should be the approach, and monitoring mechanisms with
                                                                                                         African partners is essential
                         The principles which serve as guidelines in the conduct of our foreign
                                                                                                     •   Actively engage in efforts to secure international peace and
                         relations include:
                                                                                                         security, promote disarmament, prevent genocide, restrict the
                         •      A commitment to the promotion of human rights                            proliferation of arms and secure a new world security compact
                         •      A commitment to the promotion of democracy                               through the United Nations (as the primary global security
                         •      A commitment to justice and international law in the conduct of          body), the Non-Aligned Movement, the African Union, the
                                relations between nations                                                Southern African Development Community, the Commonwealth
                         •      A commitment to international peace and to internationally               and other multilateral fora.
                                agreed upon mechanisms for the resolution of conflicts               •   Promote multilareralism to secure a rules-based international
                         •      A commitment to Africa in world affairs, and                             system
                         •      A commitment to economic development through regional and            •   Promote the democratisation and reform of the United Nations
                                international cooperation in an interdependent (and globalised)          system and the Bretton Woods Institutions (i.e. International
                                                                                                         Monetary Fund and World Bank).
                                                                                                     •   Promote a rules-based international trading regime through the
                                                                                                         World Trade Organisation.
                         In addition to the above principles the following tenets have been          •   Combat racism, sexism, xenophobia and other related
                         enunciated as guidelines to instruct our approach to foreign policy:            intolerances.
                         •      Foreign policy is an integrated part of government policy, aimed     •   Promote the Agenda of the South through South-South Co-
                                at promoting security and the quality of life, of all South              operation and North-South Partnerships.
                                Africans                                                             •   Eradicate of poverty through the attainment of the Millennium
                         •      A commitment that South Africa, as a member of the United                Development Goals by 2015, and through the implementation
                                Nations and as a responsible citizen of the world, will live up to       of manifestos such as the WTO Doha Development Agenda, the
                                its obligations in this regard and contribute to a peaceful world        Monterrey Finance for Development, World Conference Against
                         •      Commitment to the African Renaissance through the African                Racism and the World Summit on Sustainable Development.
                                Union and its programme for Africa’s development, namely the         •   Support efforts to alleviate the plight of refugees and children
                                New Partnership for Africa’s Development.                                in Africa, and elsewhere, and particularly support the work of
                         •      Commitment to economic development through regional                      the UNHCR
                                integration and development in the Southern African                  •   Promote a positive image of South Africa.
                                Development Community and the Southern African Customs               •   Safeguard South Africa’s territorial integrity and sovereignty
                         •      Interact with African partners as equals
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                                                                                                          DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                      Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

             OUR VISION IS AN AFRICAN CONTINENT, which is prosperous, peaceful, democratic, non-
             racial, non-sexist and united and which contributes to a world that is just an equitable

             WE ARE COMMITTED to promoting South Africa’s national interests and values, the African
             Renaissance and the creation of a better world for all

             • Through bilateral and multilateral interactions protect and promote South African
               National interests and values
             • Conduct and co-ordinate South Africa’s international relations and promote its foreign
               policy objectives
             • Monitor international developments and advise government on foreign policy and related
               domestic matters
             • Protect South Africa’s sovereignty and territorial integrity
             • Contribute to the formulation of international law and enhance respect for the provisions
             • Promote multilateralism to secure a rules based international system
             • Maintain a modern, effective and excellence driven department
             • Provide consular services to South African nationals abroad
             • Provide a world class and uniquely South African State Protocol service

             The Department of Foreign Affairs adheres to the following values:
             • Patriotism
             • Loyalty
             • Dedication
             • Ubuntu
             • Equity
             • Integrity
             • Batho pele
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                       PRIORITIES OF THE DEPARTMENT OF              Committee Meeting (January 2003,             should not, be isolated from that of its
                                                                    Pretoria) approved the following prior-      neighbours in the Southern African
                       FOREIGN AFFAIRS                              ities of the International Relations,        region and the rest of the African
                                                                    Peace and Security Cluster.                  Continent. The Government's vision for
                       FOREIGN POLICY OBJECTIVES                           The priorities are:                   the Continent involves the highest pos-
                                                                    1. Facilitate South Africa’s role as         sible degree of economic co-opera-
                       PEACE AND SECURITY                               African Union Chair, and its contin-     tion, mutual assistance and joint plan-
                       • Conflict Management, Arms                      ued role as part of the African          ning, consistent with socio-economic,
                          Control and Security Co-operation             Union Troika                             environmental and political realities.
                       • International Law, Sovereignty and         2. Implementation of Nepad                          The department’s work on the
                          Territorial Integrity                     3. Regional integration, with specific       African continent is principally con-
                       • International Crime and Terrorism              reference to SADC and SACU               cerned with the resolution of conflict,
                       • Human Rights and Democracy                 4. Conflict prevention, management           the elaboration of the New Partnership
                                                                        and resolution                           for Africa's Development (NEPAD), the
                       SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT                      5. Economic Development and Co-              transformation of the OAU into the
                       • Economic Development                           operation                                African Union (AU), and the restructur-
                       • Imaging and Branding                       6. Respond to the challenge of unilater-     ing of the Southern African Develop-
                       • Integration and Co-operation, and              alism by ensuring the pr-eminence of     ment Community (SADC). These objec-
                         People-to-people Relations                     multilateralism and respect for inter-   tives have as ultimate goal the creation
                       • Poverty Alleviation and the Right to           national law                             of the conditions for Africans to devel-
                         Development                                7. Develop a positive image of South         op themselves and their communities to
                       • Human Resource Development and                 Africa and to market South Africa        their full potential.
                         Health                                         internationally                                 NEPAD is being elaborated as a
                       • Environment                                8. Provide efficient and effective sup-      continental instrument to advance peo-
                                                                        port services                            ple-centred development, based on
                       PRIORITIES OF THE MINISTRY OF                                                             democratic values and principles. It
                       FOREIGN AFFAIRS                                                                           functions internally to commit African
                                                                    SOUTH AFRICA’S REGIONAL AND                  governments to good governance and
                             The priorities reflect the focus                                                    to detailed programmes of action, and
                       areas of the department’s work pro-          MULTILATERAL INTERESTS                       to projects linked to specific time-
                       grammes, service delivery improvement                                                     frames. Externally, it represents a plat-
                       plans and priorities of the budget for the   AFRICA                                       form for Africa’s engagement and
                       financial year 2003/4.                            The South African Government            equal partnership with the broader
                             They include the priorities            has consistently espoused the view that      international community. It therefore
                       appoved by the Extended Cabinet              South Africa’s destiny cannot, and           provides a strategic framework for the
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                                                                                                              DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                          Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

           establishment of partnerships aimed at          an enabling environment for the reso-          of the identification and implementa-
           encouraging development initiatives             lution of conflicts in Africa, and pro-        tion of projects; assist in creating a
           and programmes in Africa. In this               mote and work towards the creation of          greater synergy and compatibility
           sense NEPAD has brought about a ver-            a peaceful region and Continent. To            between national, regional and con-
           itable paradigm shift in the restructur-        this end, our work in the African conti-       tinental programmes of action, and
           ing of the continent’s patterns of inter-       nent will promote South Africa’s               promote efforts towards developing
           action, particularly with the highly            regional and multilateral interests            appropriate capacities in both RECs
           industrialised countries of the North.          towards the realisation of the African         and individual countries.
                  As the culmination of the political      Renaissance through the promotion of               By utilising the appropriate mech-
           and economic action of the continent, the       the objectives of the African Union and     anisms of the Continent such as RECs,
           AU can only achieve its full potential if its   NEPAD, in the following areas:              we intend to work towards the actual
           regional building blocks are in place. For                                                  design and implementation of social
           this reason, particular attention is given      • Within Southern Africa we will seek       and economic development projects, as
           to the restructuring of SADC, a process           to maximise the potential of each         identified within the framework of
           that has in effect created a totally new          SADC member state in terms of secu-       NEPAD, bilateral commissions and like-
           organisation in the Southern African              rity and stability; economic and          minded multilateral groupings.
           region. Within the region SADC will of            social development and civil society             The department will continue to
           necessity remain the primary vehicle for          interaction; in support of the restruc-   support the African Union Outreach
           South African policy and action to                turing of SADC and the implementa-        Public Awareness Programme. In this
           achieve regional economic develop-                tion of NEPAD.                            regard all segments of Africa civil socie-
           ment. Of particular importance in the                                                       ty will be engaged in the continent’s inte-
           Southern African context, is the develop-       • For the rest of the Continent, we will    gration process as well as in the formu-
           ment of SADC's 5-year Regional                    seek to maximise the potential of         lation and implementation of pro-
           Indicative Strategic Development Plan             African countries in terms of security    grammes of the African Union and
           (RISDP) which will be aimed at opera-             and stability; economic and social        NEPAD.
           tionalising the restructured SADC. This           development and civil society inter-             In the implementation of these
           plan is informed by NEPAD so as to                action; in support of the operationali-   priorities, the Department will utilise
           ensure that the SADC development                  sation of the African Union and its       the capacities of Head Office and our
           agenda is aligned with that of the AU.            organs, in particular the                 Missions in African countries, and will
           Naturally the effective operationalisation        Commission; the rationalisation and       seek to build upon the interaction of
           of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence            strengthening of the Regional             our political principals and partner
           and Security will underpin the RISDP.             Economic Communities (RECs) for           departments, with their counterparts.
                  As a prerequisite for the success-         the implementation of NEPAD.              The Department will also continue to
           ful implementation of NEPAD, we will            • We will also oversee the national         engage with African Missions accred-
           continue to contribute to the creation of         implementation of NEPAD in terms          ited to South Africa
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                       ASIA AND AUSTRALASIA                         icance of China and India, as a future     as demonstrated by the high-profile
                             Since 1994 South Africa’s inter-       source of investments in South Africa,     role played by key Asian countries in
                       action with Asia has increased signifi-      is expected to grow. South Africa’s        global affairs: China is a permanent
                       cantly: South Africa presently has fif-      international companies are finding        member of the UN Security Council,
                       teen residential Missions in Asia and        attractive investment opportunities in     Japan is an influential member of the
                       Australasia. Eighteen countries from         China, Indonesia and Thailand in           G8 while India and Japan harbour
                       this region currently have diplomatic        diverse fields such as mining, minerals    ambitions to be permanent members of
                       Missions in Pretoria.                        processing, electronic media and the       a reformed UN Security Council. South
                             Over the past two decades Asia         petro-chemical industry.                   Africa and key Asian countries agree
                       has emerged as one of the world’s                  Nevertheless, the potential Asia     on important multilateral issues, such
                       fastest-growing economic blocs. Rapid        offers as a market for South African       as the reform of the WTO and UN,
                       growth in China, India and other             goods and a source of direct invest-       international disarmament, small arms
                       South East Asian states has made Asia        ment remains largely untapped.             proliferation and environmental issues.
                       one of the most dynamic regions of           Exploiting these opportunities is one of   Continued co-operation with Asian
                       the world. Despite Japan’s economic          South Africa’s most important strategic    countries on these multilateral issues is
                       woes, it is still the second largest econ-   objectives in the region.                  crucial to the multilateral foreign poli-
                       omy in the world. This economic                    The assertiveness of the region in   cies South Africa is promoting.
                       dynamism in Asia has generated               global politics is increasingly visible,         Despite its generally perceived
                       tremendous           business                                                                       identity as a unified bloc,
                       opportunities for South                                                                             Asia comprises a rich diver-
                       Africa. Japan and Taiwan                                                                            sity of cultures and peoples.
                       feature prominently as                                                                              Greater Asia today also
                       markets for South African                                                                           incorporates former Soviet
                       industrial products, such                                                                           Union Asian states that are
                       as vehicles, and as afflu-                                                                          reasserting their Asian roots
                       ence increases in China                                                                             against their previously
                       and India, exports of                                                                               enforced Eastern European
                       value-added goods to                                                                                identity. These countries
                       these countries are likely                                                                          offer new economic oppor-
                       to grow.                                                                                            tunities for South Africa,
                             While            Japan,                                                                       inter alia in the oil and min-
                       Malaysia and Taiwan                                                                                 ing industries. Furthermore,
                       already rank among the                                                                              Australasia is moving closer
                       foremost sources of for-                                                                            to Asia in terms of carving
                       eign investment, the signif-                                                                        an identity for itself within
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                                                                                                                 DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                             Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

           the Asian region and sees its econom-
                                                        ASIA’S ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE TO SOUTH AFRICA AND NEPAD:
           ic future as being tied to Asia.
                  Several important Muslim coun-
                                                        • More than 27% of South African foreign trade, some R70-billion per annum, is conducted
           tries, e.g. Indonesia, Malaysia,
                                                          with countries in Asia
           Bangladesh,       Pakistan,      Brunei,
                                                        • Asia can be a strategic partner in human resource development, agriculture, infrastructure
           Afghanistan and Indonesia, are Asian
                                                          construction, ICT, health and private sector development for South Africa and Africa to
           and have significant influence in the
                                                          realise the implementation of NEPAD
           Muslim world. All of the aforemen-
                                                        • Tourism from Asia is an important source of income for South Africa and there is a need
           tioned countries are members of the
                                                          to further explore opportunities in new and existing markets
           52 nation strong Organisation of
                                                        • Investment from the region has grown significantly since 1994 and continues to expand
           Islamic Conference (OIC). Malaysia,
                                                        • Present ODA to South Africa from Japan, the third largest contributor, is significant
           which assumed the Chair of NAM dur-
                                                        • Co-operation between Asia and South Africa in international fora such as the WTO, UNC-
           ing February 2003, will also become
                                                          TAD, IMF and the World Bank is crucial in promoting the interests of the countries of the
           the Chair of the OIC in October 2003.
           South Africa’s partnership with
           Malaysia in the pursuit of common
           goals in the international arena is of
           critical importance.                       Bandung Afro-Asian Conference dur-                  share common membership with South
                  Key Asian countries are also        ing April 2003. This conference will                Africa in international organisations
           committed to contributing to the imple-    be a valuable opportunity to forge                  such as the NAM, G-77 and the
           mentation of the NEPAD. Several exist-     closer ties between Asia and Africa.                Commonwealth. South Africa also
           ing Africa-Asia co-operation fora, such          Countries of the North (especial-             plays a leading role in the Indian
           as the Tokyo International Conference      ly the US and EU member states)                     Ocean Rim Association for Regional
           on African Development (TICAD),            recognise Asia as a strategically                   Co-operation (IOR-ARC).
           China-Africa Co-operation Forum and        important region and their increasing-                    Asia comprises of both develop-
           India’s Focus Africa Programme are         ly high profile involvement with the key            ing and developed countries. It is
           being synchronized with NEPAD in           countries of Asia on both economic                  therefore imperative for South Africa to
           order to serve as implementing institu-    and political fronts bears testimony to             strengthen ties with this strategically
           tions. NEPAD was well received in          this. The location of military bases in             important region, “to strengthen our
           South East Asia as is illustrated by the   Japan, South Korea and a significant                relations with countries of the South,
           reception President Mbeki received at      military presence in Uzbekistan, illus-             and improve our multifaceted relations
           the XIIIth ASEAN Summit in                 trate the strategic importance the US               with the developed world”, as stated
           Cambodia. As a result of South             attaches to the region.                             in President Mbeki’s State of the
           Africa’s participation at the Summit, a          Several key countries of Asia are             Nation Address on 14 February,
           decision was taken to hold the             leading role-players of the South. They             2003.
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                       MIDDLE EAST
                              The primary strategic significance
                       of the region emerges from its role as
                       the repository of and conduit for the
                       world's largest oil reserves, as well as
                       of other sources of energy such as natu-
                       ral gas. Historically, the region's strate-
                       gic importance was augmented by its
                       geo-political location as a "bridge"
                       between Europe and Asia; however the
                       significance of this role has waned due
                       to innovations in communications and
                       transport technologies and as a conse-
                       quence of the ending of the Cold War.
                       More recently, the region has been
                       associated with the emergence of so-
                       called "Islamic extremism" and has
                       been identified by countries such as the
                       USA with the emergence of terrorist net-         Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr NC Dlamini Zuma, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aziz Pahad together with
                       works such as Al-Qaeda. Most recently,                           Palistinian Minister of Planning and International Co-operation Nabil Sha-ath
                       the issues of Iraqi compliance with                                           after a Bilateral meeting in Pretoria – March 2003.
                       UNSC resolutions on disarmament and
                       the US-led war against Iraq have domi-        and over its domestic politics. As noted                      most regimes in the region tend to rely
                       nated the international agenda.               above, more recently, Western-based                           on Western political support and eco-
                              The region has been commonly           apprehensions over "Islamic extrem-                           nomic investment. With the exception
                       perceived as a source of political            ism" and over terrorist networks have                         of Israel, most regimes project them-
                       volatility in the global landscape. A         also generated concerns about the sta-                        selves as Islamic-based and pan-
                       primary source of this volatility has         bility of the region.                                         Arabist. It is noteworthy however that
                       been the ongoing issue of Israel-                    Against the background of South                        there is significant disquiet and discon-
                       Palestine and the historical conflict         Africa’s own transformation to democ-                         tent at a popular level (the "Arab
                       between Israel and the Arab world. At         racy, it has to be noted that most ruling                     street") regarding the links of many
                       a broader level, the region's status as       regimes in the region are non-demo-                           Governments with the USA and with
                       the repository of the world's largest oil     cratic (in the Western sense) and con-                        the West, which is often manifested in
                       reserves has had crucial significance         sist of dynastic monarchies. With the                         a rhetoric of politicised Islam and/or
                       for its place in international politics       exceptions of Iraq, Iran and Syria,                           Arab solidarity. There are also signs of
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                                                                                                                            DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                                        Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                                                                                                                     ly maintains 11 Missions in the region
                                                                                                                     and 14 countries from the Middle East
                                                                                                                     have diplomatic missions in Pretoria.
                                                                                                                     South Africa maintains cordial rela-
                                                                                                                     tions with all countries of the region. In
                                                                                                                     general, there has been support in
                                                                                                                     principle for both the AU and NEPAD,
                                                                                                                     although this must be leveraged in
                                                                                                                     terms of concrete commitments. Formal
                                                                                                                     co-operation between the Gulf Co-
                                                                                                                     operation Council (GCC) and SADC is
                                                                                                                     being pursued. South Africa has also
                                                                                                                     applied for Observer status of the
                                                                                                                     Organisation of Islamic Conference
                                                                                                                     (OIC). Recently, the League of Arab
                                                                                                                     States indicated that it intended open-
                                                                                                                     ing an office in Pretoria. South Africa
                                                                                                                     has further multilateral links through
                                                                                                                     the NAM, the G-77 and the IOR-ARC.
                Super Moloi (left) and Deputy Minister Aziz Pahad (right) at a media briefing on the visit to Iraq          As Chair of the Non-Aligned
                               by the South African technical team on the issue of disarmament .                     Movement, South Africa has attempted
                                                                                                                     to play a constructive role in address-
           dissidence against the ongoing auto-                      ity economy. The degree to which most           ing both the Israel-Palestine impasse as
           cratic and unrepresentative nature of                     governments have been able to sub-              well as the situation of Iraq.
           the ruling regimes.                                       sidise their indigenous populations via                Politically, South Africa's contri-
                  South Africa is largely dependent                  oil revenues has meant that prevailing          butions to the Middle East Peace
           on the Middle East as a supplier of oil,                  political dispensations have remained           Process and toward resolving the crisis
           resulting, in the cases of Iran and Saudi                 largely unchallenged, but that there is         over Iraq, have increased its profile in
           Arabia, in negative balance of trade                      significant underdevelopment of human           the region and have earned it
           accounts. Some Gulf states have                           resources. Most countries are signifi-          enhanced respect. However, this must
           recognised the importance of diversifi-                   cantly dependent on expatriate labour           be complemented with an enhanced
           cation (notably the United Arab                           (including South Africans).                     and revitalised economic strategy and
           Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar) although                             Since 1994, South Africa's inter-        initiative. The potential for trade and
           most oil producing countries remain pri-                  action with the Middle East has                 investment remains significant and has
           marily dependent on a single-commod-                      increased greatly. South Africa current-        yet to be pursued to its fullest degree.
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                       AMERICAS                                                                                                           large extent, the economy of the
                              The countries of Latin America                                                                              United States, determines the state
                       and the Caribbean, with a total                                                                                    of the global economy.
                       population of 543,4 million inhabi-                                                                                       The United States and Canada
                       tants are of importance to South                                                                                   have both pledged and reiterated
                       Africa in terms of, inter alia, closer                                                                             their strong support for the NEPAD
                       South-South cooperation. South                                                                                     process, both bilaterally and within
                       Africa, together with Cuba and                                                                                     the context of the G-8. The chal-
                       Jamaica are members of the NAM                                                                                     lenge is to ensure that this political
                       Zimbali Working Group, tasked to                                                                                   will is translated into a sustainable
                       investigate the relevance of the                                                                                   and tangible programme of action.
                       Non-Aligned Movement in the cur-                                                                                   Of critical importance will be the
                       rent global environment. Cuba                                                                                      active bilateral engagement of the
                       requested South Africa’s support in                                                                                US and Canada on issues such as
                       its bid to host the XIV NAM Summit                                                                                 the need to increase official devel-
                       Conference.                                                                                                        opment assistance as a means to
                              President Mbeki will address                                                                                building the necessary capacity to
                       the      CARICOM         Heads      of                                                                             access       developed      markets;
                       Government Summit, to be held in                                                                                   increased foreign direct investment
                       Jamaica in July 2003. The second                                                                                   into Africa and provide deeper and
                       meeting of the SA/Brazil Joint                                                                                     wider debt relief.
                       Commission and the third meeting                                                                                          Although the US is South
                       of the SA/Cuban Bilateral                                                                                          Africa’s largest single trading part-
                       Commission will be held in South                                                                                   ner and source of foreign direct
                       Africa this year.                                                                                                  investment since 1994, there is sig-
                                                               Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma with her Mexican
                              Proposals have been made                                                                                    nificant scope for improvement. Of
                                                                      counterpart Jorge Castaneda, Mexico City – October 2002.
                       to broaden political dialogue, to                                                                                  critical importance and priority in
                       capitalise on opportunities pre-                                                                                   North America is therefore to re-
                       sented by the coming to power of                  view of establishing a free trade                             double our efforts to increase South
                       Brazilian President Lula da Silva,                agreement between Mercosur and                                African exports, improve Africa’s mar-
                       while the election of a new Argentine             SACU are continuing.                                          ket access into North America and to
                       President in March is expected to pro-                    The North American region,                            increase the number of tourists from
                       vide further opportunities for fruitful           which includes the most economically                          North America. In this regard, the
                       engagement          with      Argentina.          powerful country in the world, is of                          branding of South Africa will be of crit-
                       Negotiations with MERCOSUR with a                 great importance to South Africa. To a                        ical importance.
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                                                                                                                                   DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                                               Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                A significant priority will be to                Agreement (TDCA) and its protocols or                             South Africa –EU partnership.
           ensure a beneficial outcome of the pro-               side agreements on Science and                                            South Africa’s political relations
           posed comprehensive (free) trade                      Technology, Wines and Spirits and                                 with the EU date back to the pre 1994
           agreement negotiations between the                    Fisheries as well as in the context of                            period. With the advent of democracy,
           Southern African Customs Union                        the World Trade Organisation (WTO).                               political relations were formalised
           (SACU) and the US. Given the fact that                Since the signing of the TDCA, trade                              through Ministerial meetings with
           such comprehensive trade agreements                   between South Africa and the EU has                               European Commissioners and Heads
           establish long-term relationships,                    significantly increased.                                          of State and Government of Members
           beyond technical issues of trade, the                       Other fora, such as the Africa –                            States and Parliamentary interactions
           Department must play an integral and                  EU forum, the Franco – Africa forum                               with European Parliamentarians.
           pro-active part in the negotiation                    and Bi-National Commissions with                                  Political relations will further be
           process together with DTI.                            individual EU Member States also                                  strengthened through the establishment
                                                                 serve as useful links in strengthening                            of the Political Dialogue as enunciated
           EUROPE                                                                                                                                   in the TDCA.
                 The most impor-                                                                                                                           Common interests
           tant dimensions of the                                                                                                                   on global peace and
           SA-EU partnership are                                                                                                                    security, multilateralism,
           the economic and polit-                                                                                                                  sustainable development
           ical dimensions and the                                                                                                                  and a just and equitable
           EU’s contribution to the                                                                                                                 world have brought
           success of NEPAD.                                                                                                                        South Africa and the EU
           Relations at both eco-                                                                                                                   even closer.
           nomic and political lev-                                                                                                                        The signing of the
           els have intensified and                                                                                                                 Cotonou       Partnership
           strengthened       since                                                                                                                 Agreement          (CPA),
           1994.                                                                                                                                    between the EU and the
                 The EU is South                                                                                                                    ACP, to which South
           Africa’s main trading                                                                                                                    Africa is party, provided
           partner. Trade relations                                                                                                                 a more formalised frame-
           between the EU and                                                                                                                       work for the conduct of
           South Africa are con-                                                                                                                    Political       Dialogue
           ducted     within     the                                                                                                                between the EU and the
           framework of the Trade         Deputy Prime Minister Matviyenko of the Russian Federation and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr NC Dlamini ACP group. This will
           and        Development                   Zuma sign a Bilateral agreement during the 2nd ITEC held in Pretoria – December 2002            bring further impetus to
           C o o p e r a t i o n                                                                                                                    political debate.
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                             South Africa is engaging the EU       were amongst the first to give their full   2003). The President emphasized the
                       at a high political level to ensure that    support to the African Renaissance          centrality of multilateralism as the pre-
                       South Africa, Africa and NEPAD              during the South Africa - Nordic            eminent mechanisms for maintaining
                       remain on the agenda of the EU’s pro-       Summit of 2000 and reaffirmed this          global order and for dealing with the
                       gramme.                                     during the South Africa - Nordic            current challenges facing humanity.
                             The accession, in 2004, of 8          Summit of 2002. The Nordic countries                It is also evident in the following
                       Central European countries to the           look to South Africa as one of their        extract of the Deputy Ministers
                       European Union will change the nature       most important partners in Africa and       Response to the President’s State of the
                       of South Africa’s political and econom-     have supported various projects such        Nation Address (February, 2003):
                       ic relations with these countries as they   as conflict resolution and peacekeep-               “ The cornerstone of our foreign
                       will, as European Union members,            ing. On a multilateral level there is       policy will be to end conflicts peace-
                       conform to the guidelines and legal         good co-operation between South             fully, to achieve a new world order that
                       frameworks of that body. To be ade-         Africa and the Nordic countries and         is more equitable and people-centred
                       quately prepared for this, an intensifi-    there have been various joint initia-       and to create conditions for sustain-
                       cation of relations, with particular        tives. The Nordic countries have been       able development. This demands that
                       emphasis on market access, including        long time supporters of democracy in        we strengthen and not weaken multi-
                       the sourcing of tourism could be seen       South Africa and have since 1994            lateralism.” - Deputy-Minister Aziz
                       as the broad areas of focus.                contributed over a billion rand in          Pahad: Response to State of the
                             The bilateral relations between       development co-operation throughout         Nation Address: 18 February 2003.
                       South Africa and the Russian                the country. The Nordic countries have              One of the main consequences of
                       Federation is moving towards a strate-      increased their investment in and trade     globalisation has been that nations
                       gic partnership through its Inter-          with South Africa dramatically, and         have perceived that complex issues,
                       Governmental Committee on Trade             this trend continues. South Africa is a     which affect all countries across the
                       and Economic Co-operation – this            growing tourist destination for the         globe, need global solutions. There
                       momentum should be sustained. The           Nordic countries and investment in the      has therefore been a strong movement
                       bilateral relations with Turkey, espe-      tourist industry continues to increase.     towards multilateralism and an
                       cially at the political level, should                                                   increased importance placed on the
                       receive further attention in terms of       MULTILATERAL                                role of global organisations, particu-
                       high level visits because of Turkey’s             The importance of multilateralism     larly the United Nations.
                       geostrategic position within Europe,        for South African foreign policy has                Multilateralism is also important
                       the Middle East and Asia.                   been succinctly articulated by the          because it offers the smallest and
                             The Nordic countries, as a group      President during the 57th session of the    weakest nations an opportunity to
                       and individually, are of the most stead-    United Nations General Assembly             make their voices heard, either indi-
                       fast supporters of South Africa and         (October, 2002) as well as during the       vidually, or through regional groups
                       Africa in Europe. The Nordic countries      State of the Nation Address (February,      within organisations.
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                                                        DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                                    Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                 The cornerstone of our
              foreign policy will be to end
                 conflicts peacefully, to
              achieve a new world order
               that is more equitable and
              people-centred and to create
               conditions for sustainable
              development. This demands
              that we strengthen and not
                weaken multilateralism.

                 South Africa supports a mul-
           tilateral approach to global
           issues, especially those seriously
           affecting Africa, because it offers
           the best opportunity for African
           states to achieve their objectives.
           Unfortunately the current multilat-
           eral system is highly skewed in
           favour of the developed countries
           and is in serious need of reform.
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                                DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005

                       The issues, however, cannot wait         The three key areas where a multilateral approach offers the Department the best
                       for the system to be reformed, so
                                                                prospects for results favourable to the African Renaissance and the NEPAD are:
                       a two-track approach is needed:
                       making the best of the available
                       opportunities that the system has        PEACE, SECURITY AND STABILITY
                       to offer, while working from with-       As South Africa’s lead representative abroad, the Department works withinin the framework of the
                       in for reform. Prime candidates          AU/NEPAD and the context of the UN system (especially the UNGA and the Security Council) for an
                       for reform are the UN itself,            end to conflicts in Africa and the rest of the world.
                       especially the Security Council,
                       and       the    Bretton      Woods
                       Institutions. The issues of the          We should continue to work for peace and stability through the promotion of non-proliferation and
                       WTO are more complex since it            global disarmament, especially in the area of Weapons of Mass Destruction . We will continue our
                       is the global trading system that        endeavours in the AU and SADC for conflict prevention, resolution and post-conflict reconstruction and
                       needs to be restructured, and not        development. A special emphasis will be placed on small arms and demining. We will also use our
                       so much the organisation itself.
                                                                leadership positions in the NAM and Commonwealth Troika to achieve these goals.
                              South Africa should intensi-
                       fy implementation of the Durban
                       Declaration and Programme of             SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA AND THE WORLD
                       Action domestically, and con-            South Africa needs to continue to encourage support for the development agenda of the South, with
                       tribute to the efforts of the UN fol-    special reference to the NEPAD, as well as promote the implementation of the outcomes of major
                       low-up at the international level.
                                                                global development conferences such as the Millennium Summit, WTO Doha, WCAR, Monterrey FfD and
                              South Africa should contin-
                                                                the WSSD.
                       ue to work for a stronger human-
                       itarian response capability to
                       deal with African and global             We need to ensure a focus on Africa, using the NEPAD as a framework, in all UN Specialised Agencies,
                       crises, especially the food crisis       as well as encourage support for health programmes, especially in Africa, with HIV-AIDS as a central
                       in Southern Africa, and promo-           focus. We need to work within existing groupings (G77 etc) in striving to achieve these objectives, but
                       tion of the right to development.
                                                                should also seek improvements to the way these groupings function.

                                                                HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY
                                                                South Africa should continue working in the AU/NEPAD and the UN system for the promotion of
                                                                democracy, human rights and respect for international humanitarian law across the globe, with a
                                                                special emphasis on women’s and children’s rights, as well as the rights of the disabled.