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					                    Registrar’s Report
                                         November 16, 2009

                    Engineers Canada Alternative Methods of Licensure
Government          Engineers Canada‘s From Consideration To Integration project made 17
Liaison Project –
                    recommendations regarding the International Engineering Graduate immigration
Initiative          and integration experience. Since 2005 Engineers Canada has been working
                    with stakeholders to implement the recommendations. Recommendation XI was
Licensing           to “study the feasibility of alternative systems of evaluating an applicant’s
Process             professional competency for licensure in comparison with the current system.”
                    Engineers Canada has recently received federal government funding to study
                    Alternative Methods of Licensing and to make Recommendations for
                    Assessment of Work Experience.
Third Quarter
Progress vs.
                    PEO Experience Requirements Committee members and staff attended an
                    Engineers Canada Focus Group Meeting on September 11 and 12 in Toronto to
                    develop preliminary engineering experience competencies for licensure.

                    Licensing Process Taskforce (LPTF)
                    PEO Staff is in correspondence with Ministry of the Attorney General Staff
                    regarding regulation changes for the Council-approved LPTF recommendations.
                    The Attorney General’s Office requested some clarifications in March which have
                    led to the most recent draft being forwarded to PEO in April. The Task Force held
                    meetings on May 20 and July 16, 2009 to discuss the latest draft and to prepare a
                    response to the Attorney General’s Office. Proposed revised draft regulations
                    were submitted to the Attorney General’s Office at the end of July. The Attorney
                    General’s office had just responded with further revisions which will be discussed
                    at upcoming LPTF and Legislation Committee meetings.

                    Limited Licence for University Faculty
                    The new Limited Licence with the scope “Teaching courses which are primarily
                    engineering science and engineering design and conducting engineering-related
                    research with a University” to assist Ontario University Engineering Programs in
                    meeting the CEAB accreditation criteria was presented to interested professors
                    at University of Toronto and McMaster University. A special sitting and expedited
                    marking of the PPE was arranged for attending professors. Over 50 professors
                    have taken advantage of these programs.

                    Government Liaison Program (GLP) – Student Initiative
                    2008 marked the start of a new venture by PEO which is innovative in its
                    approach by combining the activities of a number of units in PEO from Pre-
                    Licensing to Chapters to Communications to Governance. The purpose of these
                    interactions was to create a system to involve engineering students –
    representing the next generation – into PEO’s new GLP. The result of these
    interactions was launched as the GLP/Ontario Engineering Student Public Policy
    Initiative at the ESSCO 2008 AGM at Ryerson University.

    Engineering students from University of Toronto, Ryerson University, UOIT,
    University of Guelph, and University of Waterloo have been invited this year to
    Ontario Energy Network luncheons as part of the GLP/ Ontario Engineering
    Student Public Policy Initiative.

    Internship and EIT Proposal
    In November 2008 Council approved the development of a new internship
    program and restructured Engineer-In-Training Program. An Implementation
    Plan and legal analysis was presented to Council at the February 2009 meeting.
    Work has begun towards the first phase of the implementation plan. This
    includes research into other structured programs within Ontario regulators and
    the creation of tools to be used in the pilot program. An article will be published
    in the September/October issue of Engineering Dimensions regarding this

    EIT Program
    During 2009, eight EIT Seminars were presented: five on the importance of the
    Professional Practice Exam and three on the Experience Requirements. External
    seminars continue to be offered at Chapter events and industry. The first half of
    2009 saw such presentations made at three locations of Hatch Associates as well
    as Colt Engineering, OPG, Vale Inco, Halsall and AMEC.

    At the request of the Chapters, presentations were delivered to EITs, engineering
    students and recent graduates from Ontario engineering programs in Windsor,
    Thunder Bay, Chatham and London.

    During the first half of 2009, the Ministry of Environment hosted a question and
    answer session with upper management, representatives from the engineering
    union and HR staff. A similar Q&A session via teleconference was conducted by
    Alberici Constructors Ltd. Other organizations which have implemented these in-
    house programs have indicated further interest in participating in the more
    structured internship pilot project.

    The Pre-licensing Programs Unit continued to participate in the Engineers
    Canada Constituent Member (CM) committee and represented PEO at the
    annual meeting held in September 2009 in Moncton, New Brunswick.

    External special interest groups have also made arrangements for their members
    to learn about the licensing process and the EIT program benefits. These include
    a presentation to the North American Taiwanese Engineers Association

    LICENSING AND REGISTRATION - January 1 – September 30, 2009

    Activities                                                             Number

    P.Eng. Applications/Licences
    Paid applications for P.Eng. licence received from CEAB candidates –     1,183
    Paid applications for P.Eng. licence received from non-CEAB              1,248
    candidates – new
    Paid applications for P.Eng. licence received but not streamed             12
    FCP Application Numbers Assigned                                          882
    FCP Applications Received by L&R from CEAB candidates                     457
    FCP applications received by L&R from non-CEAB candidates                 198

    Candidates interviewed by Experience Requirements Committee               695
    New P.Eng. licences issued to CEAB graduates                              871
    New P.Eng. licences issued to non-CEAB graduates                          790
    P.Eng. licences issued to Transfers
    Less than 5 years in good standing –567
    At least last 5 years in good standing – 146                              199
    P.Eng. Licences issued to Reinstatements                                   99
    Provisional Licences issued                                                 8
    Engineering Intern Training (EIT) Program
    New CEAB-educated EIT registrants                                         552
    New non-CEAB-educated EIT registrants                                     214
    New Confirmatory candidates                                               138
    FCP: CEAB Graduates not required to write exams                           477
    FCP: Non-CEAB Graduates not required to write exams                        34
    FCP: Confirmatory Candidates                                              108
    Special: Phase 1/SEP candidates                                             7
    Total applicants enrolled in EIT Program through the
    FCP January 1, 2009 – March 31, 2009                                      619
    Total applicants (including FCP candidates) enrolled in
    EIT Program January 1, 2009 – March 31, 2009                             1,530
    Total EITs enrolled                                                      5,306

    Limited Licences
    New Limited Licences issued                                                42

    Temporary Licences
    New Temporary Licences issued                                              48
    Temporary Licences renewed                                                 39

    Certificates of Authorization
    Certificates of Authorization – new                                        280
    Certificates of Authorization – renewals                                 2,766
    Certificates of Authorization – temporary                                   31
    Certificate of Authorization – closed                                     254

     Activities                                                                   Number

     Consulting Engineering Designations
     Consulting Engineering Designations – new                                          30
     Consulting Engineering Designations – renewed                                     142
     Consulting Engineering Designations – rejected                                      0

     Student Membership Program
     New Student Members                                                             1,714
     Total Students Enrolled                                                         7,337

    Professional Standards Committee (PSC)
    Following Council approval of the peer review policy, three guidelines (Use of
    Software-Based Engineering Tools; Writing Engineering Evaluation Reports for
    Drinking Water Systems; and Guideline for Professional Engineers Providing
    Demolition Services) and two policy statements for professional standards (Writing
    Evaluation Reports for Drinking Water Systems; and Use of Building Code
    Compliance Data Matrix on Drawings Prepared by Professional Engineers) will be
    posted on the PEO website for public consultation during October and November.

    Work continues on the following guidelines: Expert Witness; Peer and Technical
    Review; Professional Practice; Practice Review; and Use of Standard Agreements.

    The subcommittee charged with developing a standard for supervising and
    delegating non-engineers carrying out professional engineering activities is making
    substantial progress and plans to have a complete draft ready for PSC to review in
    early 2010.

    PSC revised the Terms of Reference and prepared a budget estimate for the work
    of developing the software specialization designation.

    PSC held one meeting in Q3, on September 9, 2009. The next three meetings are
    scheduled for October 6, November 3 and December 9, 2009.

    Practice Advisory
    S&T staff continue to participate on and provide support for the Engineers,
    Architects and Building Officials Committee (“EABO”). No meetings were held in
    Q3. The next two meetings are scheduled for October 1, and November 26, 2009.

    S&T staff met with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural
    Affairs to discuss issues of mutual concern, including the role and responsibilities of
    professional engineers in designing and reviewing construction of nutrient
    management storage and distribution systems.

    S&T staff continued to monitor postings on the Environmental Bill Registry in
    respect to potential impacts on practitioners’ professional obligations. During this
    period, 92 postings were reviewed. All of these postings were information
    documents, reports of Ministry decisions, internal Ministry policy directives, or
    related to matters of land and wildlife policy, and required no action by PEO.

    S&T staff participated on a committee with practitioners, Ministry of Labour,
    contractor associations and unions regarding practitioners’ concerns regarding
    proposed changes to the Construction Regulations under the Occupational Health
    and Safety Act dealing with review of tower cranes.

    S&T staff worked with legal and policy to deal with practitioners’ concerns regarding
    requirements in the Occupational Health and Safety Act for the practitioners to
    declare, following a crane inspection, that the crane is “not likely to endanger

    Registration Committee (REC)
    No hearing matters were scheduled for Q3.

    The REC as a whole met on September 14, 2009. The meeting included a training
    session delivered by David Jacobs of Watson Jacobs McCreary LLP.

    The Rules were discussed at the Registration Committee’s meeting of September
    14, 2009. The Rules subcommittee will meet one more time to finalize the Rules.
    The Committee will consider submissions received from various parties, and those
    received from counsel for the Committee. It is anticipated that the Rules will be
    finalized in Q4.

    The next REC meeting is scheduled for December 9, 2009.

    Discipline Committee (DIC)
    Three new hearing matters were scheduled for Q3. Of these, two hearings were
    completed and 1 hearing is to be continued. Also, one hearing continuation and
    three motion presentations took place in Q3.

    The DIC as a whole met on September 10, 2009.

    The DIC Handbook subcommittee met to review sections of the Rules and to amend
    the related explanatory text contained in the Committee’s Handbook.

    The next DIC meeting is scheduled for November 23, 2009.

    Complaints Review Councillor (CRC)

    The CRC received two applications for a CRC review in Q3.

    Third Quarter Progress Report
    Attached at Appendix A is the progress the departments have made towards
    achieving goals for 2009.

    Government Liaison Program, Brown & Cohen Activities
    Third Quarter, 2009
    See Appendix B.

    Upcoming Meetings
    At PEO (Unless otherwise noted)
    • Consulting Engineer Designation Committee (CEDC) Meeting - February 25,
    • Academic Requirements Committee (ARC) Meetings - November 27 and
        December 11, 2009
    • Experience Requirements Committee (ERC) Business Meeting – December
        17, 2009
    • Complaints Committee (COC) – January 19, 2010 (tentative)
    • 460th Council Meeting – February 25, 26, 2010

Progress on the Goals

    Standards & Regulations
    1. To ensure that PEO’s Tribunals independently exercise their quasi-judicial roles
    Manage Discipline & Registration Hearings
    • Discipline Tribunal scheduled 9 new hearing matters, of which 5 were completed and 4 are to
      be continued; 3 hearing continuations took place, with all three completed; 5 pre-hearing
      conferences were held; 2 motions were heard.
    • Registration Tribunal held one hearing continuation and 5 pre-hearing conferences.

    Enhance Public Transparency
    • Discipline Committee met as a whole three times on February 25, June 23 and September
      10, 2009.
    • Registration Committee met as a whole three times on February 12, May 28 and September
      14, 2009, with training provided by ILC.
    • Discipline Committee established a subcommittee to review its Rules of Procedure, who
      recommended to the Committee the repeal of Rule 8.1 made under the SPPA. After
      receiving legal advice, the Committee repealed this rule on February 25, 2009.
    • Discipline Committee subcommittee continued work on revisions to the Discipline Committee
      Handbook, and is conducting a review of the Rules.
    • Registration Committee appointed a subcommittee to review its Rules of Procedure. The
      subcommittee has completed its review, has sought legal advice from ILC, and is proposing
      a completed new set of Rules to the Committee, which will come into effect in the near future.

    Enhance Tribunal Operations
    • After the repeal of Rule 8.1, posted the revised Rules of Procedure of the Discipline
      Committee on the Discipline Tribunal website.
    • The draft revised Rules of Procedure of the Registration Committee were posted on the
      Registration Tribunal website in July 2009 for public consultation and comments. All
      submissions received were forwarded to the subcommittee members and its legal counsel for
    2. To develop professional standards and guidelines
    Develop Standards
    • Completed work on policy statements for the following standards: (a) writing evaluation
      reports for drinking water systems and (b) use of architectural design matrix on architectural
      drawings prepared by professional engineers. Preparing to post these statements on the
      PEO website for public consultation.
    • Provided support to subcommittee developing standard for Supervising and Delegating
      Professional Engineering Work.

    Develop Guidelines
    • Completed the following guidelines: Professional Engineers Providing Demolition Services;
       Use of Software Based Engineering Tools; and Preparing Engineering Evaluation Reports
       for Drinking Water Systems. Preparing to post these guidelines on the PEO website for
       public consultation. Continued work on revisions to the Professional Practice Guideline.
    • Continued development work on the following guidelines: Expert Witness; Peer and
       Technical Review; and Use of Standard Agreements.
    Practice Advisory
    • Made presentations at 6 EIT seminars.
    • Provided presentation on responsibilities of practitioners to consultants and Ministry staff at
        two Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs symposiums on farm structures.
    • Continued work on populating a subcommittee charged with developing a software
        engineering specialization.
    • Participated on a committee with practitioners, Ministry of Labour, contractor associations and
       unions regarding practitioners’ concerns regarding requirements in the Occupational Health
       and Safety Act for the practitioners to declare, following a crane inspection, that the crane is
       “not likely to endanger workers”.
    • Met with staff from Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to discuss issues of mutual
        concern regarding professional engineering practice related to the Nutrient Management Act
        and farm structures.
    • Worked with PSC to redefine Terms of Reference for a subcommittee charged with
        developing a software engineering specialization.
    • Worked with legal and policy to deal with practitioners’ concerns regarding requirements in
        the Occupational Health and Safety Act for the practitioners to declare, following a crane
        inspection, that the crane is “not likely to endanger workers”.
    • Met with engineering firm to advise on proper procedures related to delegation of work to
        engineers and non-engineering staff.
    • Participated on a committee with practitioners, Ministry of Labour, contractor associations
        and unions regarding practitioners’ concerns regarding proposed changes to the
        Construction Regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act dealing with review
        of tower cranes.

    Licensing & Registration
       1. To ensure qualified applicants are licensed to practice professional engineering.
       - New P. Eng Licence Applications including Approved FCP – 3,098
       - Financial Credit Program Application Numbers Assigned – 882
       - Financial Credit Program Applications received by L & R – 655
       - Non-CEAB Academic Assessments – 1,728
       - Experience Requirements Committee Interviews - 695
       - P. Eng. Licenses Issued to CEAB graduates – 871
       - P. Eng. Licenses Issued to non-CEAB graduates – 790
       - P.Eng. licences issued to Transfers – 199 (all combined)
       - P.Eng. licences issued to Reinstatements – 99
       - Attended partners meeting of “Bridge Training Program” project with Settlement and
          Integration Services Organization (SISO).
       - Presentations at settlement agencies to explain the licensing requirements to
          International Engineering Graduates.
       - Recruited and trained new ERC members to replace those who resigned due to work-
          related issues.
       - Quality Control and Quality Assurance on ERC interview tapes.
       - Reviewed and made recommendations concerning the content of the PPE and prepared
          an analysis of the PPE papers of applicants who have failed the PPE three times.

                                              PPE Statistics
             Sitting         Registered       Wrote       Passed           Pass %       Attendance
       August 2009              1211          1153           907             79             95
       April 2009               1525          1466           1179            80             96
       December 2008            1182          1126           882             78             95
       August 2008              1108          1044           878             84             94
       April 2008               1260          1198           1004            84             95

        -   There were four PPE re-read requests for the December 2008 sitting and all four re-read
            requests remained failures after the review.
        -   For the December 2008 PPE sitting, six candidates failed the PPE for a third time and all
            six candidates were interviewed on May 1, May 22 and June 26, 2009 by the PPE
            Subcommittee, and allowed to write a fourth and final time.
        -   A special PPE sitting was conducted on March 7, 2009 to accommodate 41 University of
            Toronto professors.
        -   A total of 206 reminder letters were issued to candidates required to write the PPE at the
            April 2009 sitting.
        -   For the April 2009 PPE sitting, 21 special-site accommodations were prepared and
            seven of these special sites were outside Canada.
        -   A total of 82 files were closed for time expiration for not writing the PPE at the April 2009
        -   For the April 2009 PPE, there were eight third-time failures that require interviews to be
            scheduled with the PPE Subcommittee before a fourth and final chance would be
            permitted, and interview dates have been confirmed for October 2, October 30 and
            November 12, 2009.
        -   On October 2 and October 30, 2009, six PPE candidates were interviewed by the PPE
            subcommittee for failing the PPE three times and all six candidates were granted
            permission to write the PPE for a fourth and final time.
        -   A total of 518 reminder letters were issued to candidates required to write the PPE at the

            August 2009 sitting.
        -   There were 18 PPE re-read requests processed for the April 2009 sitting. After the re-
            read review was completed, three re-read requests were successful and 15 re-read
            requests remained failures.
        -   A total of 148 PPE files were closed for time expiration during the period June 1 to June
            30, 2009.
        -   A total of 74 PPE files were closed from August 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009 for time
            expiration and two PPE files were closed in August 2009 at the candidates’ request.
        -   For the August 2009 PPE sitting, 13 special-sites accommodations were prepared and
            four of these special sites were outside Canada.
        -   For the August 2009 PPE sitting, 13 candidates failed the PPE for a third time and
            interviews with the PPE subcommittee will have to be arranged sometime in February
        -   Still continuing to work closely with IT regarding online registration for PPE candidates.

    2. To uphold the integrity of the qualification and registration requirements for the
    practice of professional engineering
        - Registration Committee Hearings – Reviewed correspondence and provided necessary
           file and process background information to PEO’s Legal Department for registration
        - Assisted Legal Department in providing comments on behalf of Registrar to the
           Registration Committee regarding its proposed Revisions to its Rules of Procedure.
        - Met with the Fairness Commissioner and her staff to discuss positive outcomes of
           Deloitte’ Independent Compliance Audit.
        - Attended Registration Committee Meeting and Training session.
        - Provided continuous support to Document Management Centre and IT by updating the
           database with members academics and, where necessary, added new records to capture
           members’ academic credentials. About 20,000 academics were reviewed.

                                   Technical Exam National Statistics
            Sitting          Set     Registered     Wrote       Passed         Pass %      Attendance
     December 2009           105          736
     May 2009                106          765            623          498         80            81
     December 2008           102          634            500          409         82            79
     May 2008                115          797            629          499         79            79

        -   There were seven re-read requests from candidates who wrote technical exams at the
            December 2008 sitting; two re-reads were successful and five re-reads were
        -   A total of 346 reminder letters were issued to candidates to write at the May 2009
            technical exams sitting.
        -   A total of 106 exams were set for the May 2009 sitting.
        -   For the May 2009 technical exams sitting, a total of 13 special accommodation sites
            were prepared and two of these special sites were outside Canada.
        -   From August 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009, a total of 182 technical files were closed
            for time expiration, five were closed for lost contact and one technical file was closed for
            poor performance.
        -   A total of 105 exams were set for the December 2009 sitting.
        -   Still continuing to work closely with IT regarding online registration for the technical
            examination candidates.
        -   License Ease generation of standard letters project follow-up.
        -   Attended FEQC, CEAB and CEQB meetings

        -    Participated as PEO Liaison in Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering Meetings
        -    Inter-Association Mobility Agreement Annual Survey completed.
        -    An invitation from the PEO Registrar to apply for the P. Eng. licence was distributed to
             almost 5,000 graduating Ontario Engineering students in March and April. The letter
             also promotes the EIT Financial Credit Program.
         - Continued participation on Ryerson University’s International Engineering Education
             Qualifications Bridging Program Steering Committee.
         - Invited to present at the First Year Integration Conference (FYIC) at the University of
             Ottawa; Organized by ESSCO and The University of Ottawa Engineering Student
         - Invited to participate in the ESSCO President Meeting at the Laurentian University.
         - Invited as a guest and a judge to the UWO Design Showcase; 200 engineering students;
             40 faculty members and special guests including the Mayor of London participated at
             this event.
         - Invited to speak to the engineering students as a member of the discussion panel:
             Lakehead University, Carleton University/University of Ottawa.
         - Continued participation in the Civil Engineering Career Fair at the University of Toronto.
         - Sponsored Orientation Week activities with the first year engineering students held at
             Ryerson, McMaster, Ottawa, York, Queen’s, and Carleton Universities; including special
             presentations at the University of Guelph, Western and Waterloo.
         - Held meeting with the 2009-2010 ESSCO executives to discuss plans for the upcoming
         - All Year Students Presentation – University of Ottawa (2), Carleton University (2),
             University of Toronto, York University, Lakehead University, University of Western
             Ontario, McMaster University.
         - Guest Lecture - 4th Year Engineering Students: University of Windsor, University of
             Guelph, Lakehead University, University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto (2),
             RMC, UOIT.
         - Guest Lecture – 1st Year Engineering Students: University of Western Ontario,
             Lakehead University, University of Toronto, University of Ottawa.
         - Guest Lecture – 2nd Year Engineering Students at the University of Ottawa.
         - Provided Feedback to the Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy regarding its
             proposed internship program
         - Attended Meeting with Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration regarding the Pan -
             Canadian Framework for Foreign Qualification Recognition.
    3. To ensure that titles, designations, certificates and marks are issued to qualified
    applicants and entities.
        - Responded to inquiries from university staff about the new program to issue limited
           licences to qualified university professors. The scope of the new limited licence for
           faculty members is: “Teaching courses which are primarily engineering science and
           engineering design and conducting engineering-related research with a University.”
           Received numerous applications from faculty members at several universities for
        - Continued to handle numerous inquiries from lapsed members concerning the new
           reinstatement regulations launched on June 16, 2008.
        - Continued to apply the new assessment process using the Experience Requirements
           Committee (ERC) to determine if reinstatement applicants have sufficient knowledge and
           understanding of the current laws and standards governing the practice of professional
           engineering, to be applied in those cases where the fees are paid in full more than 2
           years after cancellation.
        - Continued to provide project management documentation in support of the C of A
           Enhancement Implementation Project. Worked with an external consultant and staff in
           Information and Technology Services (I&TS) and Policy, General Counsel and Secretary
           Departments to advance related information technology enhancements and to support
        draft regulation changes.
    -   L&R staff who process C of A applications participated in four rounds of user acceptance
        testing of the newly designed on-line C of A application system over several weeks. The
        results confirmed that the new system appears fast and easy to use, and it should
        substantially reduce the time required to have an application reviewed and approved by
        PEO. Launch of the new system is planned once the related amendments to the
        regulations are announced in 2010.
    -   A project was launched named the “Certificate of Authorization (C of A) name clean-up
        project”. This project required support from an external temporary worker and C of A
        program staff under the project direction of the I&TS. This was a necessary part to
        support the rollout of the upcoming C of A on-line application service. Part of this project
        also required staff to request and obtain supporting documentation from certain entities
        that hold existing C of As. The documentation pertained to Articles of Incorporation and
        Business Registration.
    -   Supported meetings of the Consulting Engineer Designation Committee (CEDC) and its
        Toronto Subcommittee.
    -   Continued to process applications for limited licences submitted by OACETT with the
        ultimate goal of preparing the applicants for the proposed Licensed Engineering
        Technologist (LET). Processed applications for limited licences from other technologists,
        some of whom are also OACETT members. Participated in related experience reviews
        by panels of the Experience Requirements Committee (ERC).
    -   Presented licensing options to 40 engineering professors at University of Waterloo, and
        another 30 at McMaster University.
    -   Informed external HR personnel and senior management of title restrictions and
        supervisory requirements while assisting them with the creation of in-house EIT
    -   Continued to work with ministries and other organizations to ensure that in-house EIT
        training programs followed PEO requirements for licensing. Issued PEO Guidelines and
        followed up with senior management and/or HR members in the development of their
        program materials. Reviewed these for adequate coverage of licensing requirements.
    -   Pre-Licensing unit participated as members of the Task Force researching and designing
        a concept for a province-wide mentoring program for EITs. The final report was
        presented to Council in September.
    -   Seven additional Building Design Specialist (BDS) licensing agreements were approved
        and wall certificates issued in 2009. This brings the total number of BDS holders to 185.
        The BDS program started in January 2006

    Regulatory Compliance
    1. To ensure PEO’s Complaints Process is managed in the public interest and is fair to
    the complained against practitioners
    All figures are as of October 31, 2009:

       -   72 new complaint files opened
       -   56 complaints considered by Complaints Committee (COC)
       -   13 filed complaints awaiting consideration
       -   Complaints Committee utilized its 24(2)(c) powers in five cases
       -   Work towards revamping the ADR process continues – revised brochure expected to be
           ready by end of Q4.
       -   Several meetings held with investigative and administrative support staff to address
           standardization of complaints processes and record keeping.
       -   Initiated process to renew/augment standing offers for expert witness services

    2. Actively enforce applicable elements of the Act and Regulations regarding unlicensed
    practice and unauthorized use of engineering titles
       -   5 meetings of Enforcement Committee held
       -   11 matters with the Legal department for prosecution
       -   2 successful prosecution resulting in a s.39 restraining order
       -   2 successful proceedings before the MGCS to change offending corporate names
       -   Several enforcement matters resolved through voluntary compliance:
           o 21 companies or individuals obtained a C of A
           o 34 businesses changed their name or cancelled their name registration
           o 10 individuals changed their job title
           o 16 other cases where respondents complied with PEO requests regarding restricted
                words or designs in advertising.
       -   Completed Proactive Enforcement Project Implementation Plan to commence in early
       -   All investigative staff received briefing re: enforcement, investigation and relevant
           provisions of the Professional Engineers Act.
       -   Several meetings held with investigative and administrative support staff to address
           standardization of enforcement processes and record keeping.

    3. Support PEO Legal department in the prosecution of discipline matters before the
    Discipline Committee and enforcement matters in the public courts
       - Hand-off meetings held with PEO prosecutor for ten matters referred to the Discipline
       - Additional investigation work performed at the request of prosecution staff for five
           matters referred to the Discipline Committee.

    Communications & Chapters
    1. To foster effective communications within PEO and with the public.
    Communication to Members
    • Published July/August issue of Engineering Dimensions, with a feature article on the new
        President, the theme of Integrating International Engineering Graduates, and notice in the
        Gazette of changes to Regulation 941/90 that became effective on May 28. Published the
        September/October issue of Engineering Dimensions, with the theme of Innovation.
    • Continued implementation of the approved recommendations of the Licensing Process Task
        Force by revising application forms for the P.Eng., limited and temporary licences. Revised
        licence forms were approved at Council’s September meeting to enable an approval date to
        be cited in the revised Regulation 941. Also revised and reprinted the Guide to the Required
        Experience for Licensing as a Professional Engineer. Participated in July 16 meeting of the
        LPTF to review draft regulation changes.
    • Held Northern, East Central and Western Regional Congresses in September and West
        Central and Eastern Regional Congresses in October, due to a late Labour Day; 38 chapter
        delegates and guests attended the congresses held in September. Congress Digest will be
        included with the fourth quarter Registrar’s Report, so as to include the October congresses.
    • Copyedited and reviewed the content of six chapter newsletters to ensure content was
        timely, accurate and in keeping with PEO publication quality standards.
    • Copyedited and produced the third and fourth issues of the Ontario Centre for Engineering
        and Public Policy’s Journal of Policy Engagement, which were inserts in the July/August and
        September/October issues of Engineering Dimensions.
    • Conducted e-blasts to PEO members to: 1. Call for Volunteers for the Engineer-in-
        Residence program; 2. Advise of Consultation on proposed PEO Standards and Guidelines;
        and 3. Alert members to “Engineering Politics”, highlighting the benefits of engineers in
        politics, on TVO’s The Agenda on September 28 and invite them to October 16 Candidate
        College Workshop. Conducted e-blast to Certificate of Authorization holders to Call for
        Standing Offers for experts for PEO’s complaints process.

    Communications to the public
    • Continued work on updating of PEO’s 36 chapter websites to ensure currency, consistency
      with PEO standards and accessibility. The recommended new framework for the chapter
      sites was presented to all the chapters via the Regional Congresses. Chapter volunteers will
      have time to provide feedback on the design. The next step is to develop a few layout
      samples before implementation, likely in the fourth quarter. Updating of PEO’s websites is
      a 2009 area of focus.

    Feedback from Members
    • The completed Mentorship Task Force Report, incorporating any feedback from distribution
       to the chapters in June, was included in the September Council Agenda for the information
       of and feedback from Councillors.

    2. To utilize the chapter system effectively.
    • V.I. John, P.Eng., a long-time Kingston Chapter Executive, was inducted into the Order of
       Honour at the Kingston Chapter annual summer BBQ. Engineer John was unable to attend
       the ceremony in May 2009 due to a prior family commitment.
    • Continued to provide staff support to the Mentorship Task Force, which was struck in late
       November 2008 with a six-month mandate to develop a province-wide PEO mentorship
       program delivered through the chapters. The task force’s final report was included in the
       Agenda of Council’s September meeting, for approval of recommendations in November.
    •   Designed and produced artwork for PEO-branded nameplates for all 36 chapters.
    •   Began organization of 2009 Chapter Leaders Conference. Organizing committee is chaired
        by David Spacek, P.Eng., vice chaired by Paul Ballantyne, P.Eng. The committee
        additionally comprises two representatives from each region. Theme of the conference,
        scheduled for November 21 in Toronto, is “Empowering Volunteers for Greater Results”.
    •   Presented a chapter podium banner to the newly formed West Toronto Chapter, which is an
        amalgamation of the former North Toronto and Toronto Dufferin chapters, resulting from the
        Chapter Boundary Task Force recommendations.

    • The Regional Councillors Committee met in July. All open issues from the Regional
      Congresses were dealt with during the meeting. The RCC approved a 5 per cent increase for
      the total chapter allotment, which was factored into the draft PEO budget included in the
      September Council Agenda package, for approval at Council’s November meeting.
    3. To promote the public awareness of the role of PEO
    Government Liaison Program
    • Published two GLP Journal articles in Engineering Dimensions.
    • Communications and Chapters staff met with Howard Brown, Brown & Cohen
       Communications and Public Affairs, and Donald Wallace, Executive Director, Ontario Centre
       for Engineering and Public Policy, to discuss a process to enable PEO chapters to develop
       and have approved positions about local issues they are passionate about. The ideas
       generated at the meeting will be refined and rolled-out to chapter GLP subcommittees for
    • Staged PEO’s fourth Engineering for Ontario Day reception at Queen’s Park. More than 115
       attendees, including leaders from PEO Council, senior management, and Government
       Liaison Program, as well as more than 30 attending MPPs and Ministers. David Zimmer,
       Parliamentary Assistant to the Attorney General, MPP Willowdale, brought greetings on
       behalf of the government, while Lisa MacLeod, MPP Nepean-Carleton, spoke on behalf of
       the Progressive Conservatives and Paul Miller, MPP, Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, spoke on
       behalf of the NDP. MPPs received a personal thank you letter and copies of the new PEO
       book, Contributions to Professional Engineering from the Western Region, for attending.
    • Prepared talking points for President Karakatsanis and Howard Brown for an episode of
       TVO’s The Agenda, which aired on September 28. E-blasted link to the show on PEO’s and
       TVO’s websites to all members.
    • Ministry of Education contacted PEO to discuss ways PEO members can be mathematics
       tutors. The objective is to have sessions where groups of students can be informally tutored
       to improve their math skills. Representatives of PEO’s Education Committee, staff, and PEO
       volunteers will be meeting with the ministry to explore the idea’s potential.
    • Edited letter for Ottawa Chapter to send to government, on the benefit of Canadian
       innovation remaining in Canada.
    • Edited letter from PEO Registrar to Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Consumer Services
       about the new propane regulation and engineering.
    • The report on the third quarter activities of Brown and Cohen is attached at Appendix B.

    Public Outreach
    • Attended meeting of the Engineers Canada Campaign Advisory Committee to review
       messages and audiences for the next phase of the campaign.
    • Prepared citations for the 16 recipients of the Ontario Professional Engineers Awards,
       engaged vignette producer and began production of the 16 vignettes.
    • Published the book, Contributions to Professional Engineering from the Western Region, a
       project of the Grand River Chapter, which took some 15 years to complete, with chapter
       volunteers researching and writing the stories of the contribution to engineering of individuals
         resident in the Western Region prior to the formation of PEO. 350 copies of the book were
         initially printed for distribution to MPPs, MPs in the Western Region, PEO Councillors in
         Western Region, deans of Western Region engineering schools, and mayors in the Western
         Region. The book will be distributed on a print-on-demand system, driven by a customized
         website section with on-line ordering. The book’s main website will be the entire contents of
         the book, organized on a scrolling and interactive time line. Plans are underway to leverage
         the content from the book to create an interactive children’s website in 2010 to excite young
         people about engineering.
     •   Issued five permissions for Certificate of Authorization holders to use the PEO logo and
         certification statement.
     •   Prepared remarks for President-elect Freeman to deliver at the Freedom of the City event in
     •   Developed PEO business card standards.
     •   Provided Sponsorship for National Conference on Women in Engineering. Benefits to PEO
         included an advertisement in the conference program, recognition on the conference
         website, and PEO-branded items in conference delegate packages.

     Media Relations
     • Issued 4 media releases and recorded six media impressions, including coverage of the
       results of the Fairness Commissioner audit of PEO’s registration practices and PEO’s
       enforcement of the provisions of the Professional Engineers Act against a Toronto man.
       Media impressions for the first three quarters of 2009 total 44. Increasing PEO’s media
       impressions by 10 per cent is a 2009 focus.
     • Placed PEO advertising in Engineering Week Frosh Kits, and the Ontario General
       Contractors Association 2010 Directory and The Generals magazine.
     • Drafted letters to the Editor of Metro News from CEO/Registrar regarding construction
       without a building permit during the Toronto municipal workers’ strike, and the Editor of
       Skulematters from Vice President Chisu regarding the use of P.Eng. within the publication.

     Administrative Services
     1. To ensure financial soundness, integrity and regulatory renewals requirements
        through effective and efficient financial stewardship, planning, processing and
        - In Q2 of 2009, the department issued 17,258 invoices to P.Eng members and sent
           approximately 6,642 reminder notices to collect payments.

        -   Management Compliance - PEO has complied with the statutory requirements with
            respect to salaries, vacation pay, severance, etc. PEO has remitted all amounts due
            for income tax related to source deductions, and premiums for Employment Insurance
            and Canada Pension Plan.

     2. To provide professional, effective and safe office facilities and services to meet the
     needs of staff, volunteers, members, chapters, applicants, and the public.
         - Last quarter, in consultation with the Building Development Committee, work was
            initiated on developing an RFP (Request for Proposal) to seek qualified vendors for
            design and construction services for building office space in the new building at 40
            Sheppard. After a comprehensive search, the Building Development Committee selected
            Sweeny, Sterling, Finlayson and Co. Architects as the project manager to design the new
            PEO office at 40 Sheppard Ave. W.

        -   Preliminary planning for the office layout and preparations for the move to 40 Sheppard
            has commenced. Staff has been requested to start disposal of unwanted and outdated
            papers and files.

        -   The budgeting process for the preparation of the 2010 operating and capital budgets was
            started in June using the upgraded ABM (Activity Based Management) module. Due to
            enhancements to this module, the senior management team was able to view historic
            data in monthly buckets and also enter their proposed budgets on a monthly basis.
            Going forward, this is expected to aid all managers in enhancing their visibility into
            monthly expenditures thereby helping in better cost control.

        -   Financial services have also started work with the IT group on implementing
            enhancements to existing credit card module. These enhancements will further improve
            the credit-card payment interface and help it become more user-friendly to end users.

        -   New staff joining the People and Development department posed a challenge to the
            limited space on the tenth floor. To deal with this challenge the fitness room was
            transformed into an office.

        -   The fitness equipment was relocated to 40 Sheppard for temporary storage and the
            vacated space was outfitted with two desks to accommodate new staff that was starting
            in August. All of the work was performed without any disruption to staff.

     Governance and Culture

     1. To enable Council to fulfill its governance and fiduciary responsibilities as required by
     the Professional Engineers Act

     •   Opened nominations for the 2010 Council Election
     •   Conducted 2010 Council Election RFP for Official Elections Agent – Computershare Investor
         Services Inc. selected as Official Election Agent
     •   Completed annual corporate filing (Form 1) with the Ministry of Government Services

     2. To ensure the efficient management and administration of Council as PEO’s governing
     body and board of directors
     • Continued to coordinate the agenda management process within timelines prescribed by
        legislation or protocols, including:
            o Sending reminders to all authors of briefing notes
            o Ensuring that review of draft Council/Executive agendas are on the SMT agendas for
            o Ensuring all Councillors and staff are sent Notices of Meetings
            o Populating agenda database and draft briefing note folder on SharePoint with
                 upcoming agenda items
            o Reviewing draft briefing notes for correct grammar, formatting, proper motions, etc.
            o Ensuring timely sign off of briefing notes by CEO/Registrar
            o Ensuring agenda packages are sent to Councillors
            o Preparing Disposition of Motions document immediately following meetings for
                 distribution to Councillors/staff
            o Preparing Action Log following meetings for staff
            o Drafting minutes of meetings and sending drafts to Councillors and staff for comment
            o Maintain corporate minute books
     • Developed protocol for the drafting of motions

     3. To support Council as a policy board by providing Council with processes, tools,
     training and materials to enable strategic and informed decision-making
     •   Completed Policy Study on Non-Engineering Certifications in External Legislation – adopted
         by Council
     •   Completed Policy Study on PEO Responses to External Legislation, Requests and Events –
         adopted by Council
     •   Completed Professional Development System Peer Review and report to Executive
         Committee and Council
     •   Co-ordinated final drafting of Committees and Task Forces Policy – Reference Guide
     •   Wrote to Deputy Minister, Ministry of Consumer Services re: Propane Safety Regulations
     •   Conducted initial policy review on Fee Remission Policy (Maternity/Paternity leave) and
         Enforcement Committee issues (section 12 exceptions, inappropriate use of job titles, whistle
         blowing protection) for Executive Committee review
     •   Provided continued staff support for Emerging Disciplines Task Force and its subgroups
     •   Wrote article “Getting Policy Traction” for Journal of Policy Engagement (OCEPP)
     •    Co-ordinated Ontario Profession Regulators’ Policy Network 2009 Conference on
         Stakeholder Engagement

     •     Completed consultation on Building Code Position Statement
     •     Completed consultation on Protocol for Public Safety Concerns
     •     Developed list of PEO Stakeholder groups
     •     Documented consultation process
     •     Started Corporate Record cataloguing and scanning project
     •     Prepared and distributed 3 Issues Digests
     4. To build an organizational culture based on PEO’s core values that fully engages
     staff and volunteers

     New Hires – Regular Full Time Staff:
     August 24, 2009 – Andrea Vecera (Recognition Coordinator – Governance and Culture)
     August 31, 2009 – Viktoria Aleksandrova (Committee Coordinator – Governance and Culture)

     New Hires – Contract Staff:
     August 4, 2009 – Jana Levison (Junior Fellowship – Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public

     Promotions and Transfers:
     September 1, 2009 – Mark Hekimgil (Licensing Representative – Licensing and Registration)
        - Transferred from Contract to Regular Full Time Staff

     September 15, 2009 – Tom Chessell (Manager Volunteer Services)

     •     Listed below are the monthly complement statistics:

         Month     Regular Contract Agency   Short      Long     Maternity Leave of
                    Full                     Term       Term      Leave    Absence
                    Time                   Disability Disability
         January     80       9       1        1          3         1         0
         February    81       8       3        1          2         1         0
         March       84       7       3        1          2         1         0
         April       84       7       3        1          2         1         0
         May         84       9       2        2          2         1         0
         June        84       9       2        2          2         1         0
         July        84       9       2        1          1         1         0
         August      86      10       1        1          1         0         0
         September   85       8       1        1          1         0         0

     •     Two employees are enrolled in evening classes working towards professional
     •     Recruitment and selection completed for two new positions to fill the vacancy of an
           employee retiring – Committee Coordinator and Recognition Coordinator.
     •     Revisions to the updated Employee Handbook (Policy Manual) were made based on
           feedback from Senior Managers.
     •     Participated in three major salary and benefit surveys – Board of Trade, the Insider and
           Morneau Sobeco. Survey results were received and People Development is currently
         analyzing the data.
     •   Management Compliance – PEO has complied with the statutory requirements with
         respect to salaries, vacation pay, severance, etc. PEO has remitted all amounts due for
         applicable source deductions and premiums for Employment Insurance and Canada
         Pension Plan.
     •   Employees participated in an Organizational Effectiveness Survey conducted by Self-
         Management Group to gage attitudes, opinions and general experience with PEO.

     • Forwarded 15 volunteer information packages to prospective volunteers and responded to
        22 general e-mails from students and newcomers enquiring about volunteer opportunities.
     • Recruited two new members for committees and task forces. [see chart below]

                              Committee                          No. of Members Recruited for
                                                                 Committees and Task Forces
          Discipline Committee (DIC)                                         1
          Experience Requirements Committee (ERC)                            1

     •   Submitted an external application for re-appointment of Nick Colucci to the Canadian
         National Exhibition Association (CNEA).
     •   Submitted candidate’s application for consideration of external appointment to the Building
         Code Energy Advisory Council (BCEAC) with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
     •   The Committees and Task Forces Roster for 2010 was updated for submission to Council
         for approval.
     •   The Advisory Committee on Volunteers (ACV) held a meeting on August 13th to review
         and approve the Work Plan template and HR Plan template for inclusion in the
         Committees and Task Forces Policy Reference Guide. The ACV also prepared their Work
         Plan for 2010 for approval by Council.
     •   The Council Emeritus List was completed and uploaded onto SharePoint.
     •   The Awards Committee (AWC) held a meeting on September 17th to review the guidelines
         for the selection process regarding the Order of Honour (OOH) and Ontario Professional
         Engineers Award (OPEA).
     •   The Equity and Diversity Committee held a meeting on August 5th to approve the final draft
         of the Equity and Diversity Policy.


     1. To provide legal authority for PEO’s regulation change process

     •   Completed Regulation regarding amendments to Chapter Boundary
     •   Amended 4 Regulations (Regulations 170/03, 128/04, 319/08, 318/08) made under the
         Safe Drinking Water Act the amendment revoked the definition of Professional Engineer
         and replaced it with ‘licensed engineering practitioner” means a holder of a licence, limited
         licence or temporary licence under the Professional Engineers Act”. The reason for the
         amendment is that the definition of Professional Engineer under the Professional
         Engineers Act excludes limited licence holders. The new definition is now inclusive and is
         in keeping with Council’s direction and the amendments made earlier to the definition of
         Qualified Person under Environmental Protection Act
     •   Worked on Draft 9 of the Licensing Regulation with LPTF and Attorney General’s Office
     •   Worked on Draft 7 of the Certificate Of Authorization Regulation with staff and the
         Attorney General’s Office
     •   Worked with Licensing Department respect to mandatory background checks for
     •   Completed review and made changes to application forms as related to mandatory
         background checks of applicants
     •   Review Regulation making powers to require disclosure of disciplinary action in other

     2. To provide legal advice and mitigate PEO’s legal exposure

     •   Drafted Services Agreement with Architect for services at 40 Sheppard
     •   Drafted CCDC Stipulated Price Agreement with Construction Manager for construction
         services at 40 Sheppard
     •   Drafted Letter to Halsall regarding their Building Inspection Report
     •   Reviewed Letter of Engagement for PEO’s auditors, Deloitte
     •   Reviewed all Briefing Notes and provided Legal Authority and Implications where required
         for November 2009 Council Meeting
     •   Reviewed all Briefing Notes and provided Legal Authority and Implications where required
         for August 2009 Executive Committee Meeting
     •   Prepared Legal Update for November 2009 Council meeting
     •   Negotiating with Electrical Safety Authority to complete amendments to provisions in its
         regulation which conflict with Professional Engineers Act and in order to recognize all of
         the Association’s licences under such Legislation
     •   Reviewed and provided comments on Contract for proposed PEO Council Workshop
     •   Provided advice to Staff re: Business Names Act
     •   Presentation to staff re: Divisional Court decision in Caskanette

     3. To represent PEO at Registration and Discipline Hearings, Enforcement trials and
     applications and act as PEO Counsel on all litigation matters.
     •   Represent PEO on all litigation matters
     •   In house counsel has carriage of all Proposals to Refuse to Issue Licences Continued to
         redraft Notice of Determination and other precedent documents related to Proposal files
     •   Provided advice to registration staff on a number of matters
     •   Liaised with Registration Department and participated in review of Form letters sent to
     •   Provided advice to staff on a number discipline of matters
     •   Completed hand off of 5 matters that were referred by the Complaints Committee, in
         October 2009, for a hearing before the Discipline Committee
     •   Attended before the Discipline Committee on 2 Discipline Hearings
     •   Met with witnesses to prepare for hearing
     •   Met with expert witnesses to prepare for hearing
     •   Obtained 2 orders pursuant to Section 39 of the Professional Engineers Act
     •   Completed File tracking chart to be used to report matters to council
     •   Reviewed character issues and followed up with witnesses
     •   Ensured that newly developed procedures to be followed with respect to Registrar’s
         Proposal files
     •   Reviewed 1 file in order to prepare Registrar’s Notice of Proposal to refuse a licence
     •   Followed up on decisions of the Registration Committee
     •   Attended at 3 pre-hearings pertaining to Discipline matters
     •   Prepared mock trial training session and delivered same to Discipline Panel members
     •   Ensured that procedures developed for Discipline matters are complied with
     •   Ensured that procedures developed for Registration matters are complied with
     •   Engaged in on-going dialogue with investigation staff regarding matters referred
     •   Followed up on decisions to ensure penalties carried out, costs paid
     •   Carriage of all Section 39 matters
     •   Enforcement actions (section 40) dealt with in-house, in accordance with the Crown
         Policy Manual
     •   Ensured proper tracking of hearing dates
     •   Preparing for Mediation in 1 Human Rights Complaint matter
     •   Representing PEO’s interests in 2 upcoming hearings before the Ontario Labour Relations
     •   Liaised with Legal Counsel regarding summons served on PEO staff member
     •   Responded to email inquiries from members
     •   Assisted IT department with correspondence to members
     •   Liaised with various PEO departments regarding issues that arise through the litigation
         process including registration, investigations, exam department
     •   Continued to develop legal department library & obtain on-line research tools including
         access to Quicklaw
     •   Provided advice to staff
     •   Attended 2 continuing legal education seminars
     •   Responded to members inquiries

     4. Under the direction of legal counsel, assisted Litigation Counsel, and co-ordinated
     registration, discipline and enforcement matters
     • Reviewed one registration matter involving a Notice of Proposal to Refuse to Issue a
       Licence to ensure material is complete and liaise with registration department to obtain any
       missing documents
     • Made recommendations on registration files
     • Assisted in drafting documents required for Notice of Proposal to Refuse to Issue a
       Licence including Notices of Determination and Proposals
     • Identified and alerted witnesses regarding upcoming Registration hearings and
       enforcement applications.
     • Coordinated the closing of files including drafting all closing memos and correspondence to
       the parties and witnesses
     • Completed interviews with witnesses for 12 section 39 applications-preparing files for such
     • Coordinated and assisted in the preparation of application notice and affidavits for section
       39 applications
     • Assisted outside counsel in final preparation of 2 successful Section 39 applications
     • Preparation of Press Release regarding Orders in the above application
     • Coordinated and assisted in the preparation of application notice and affidavits for section
       39 applications
     • Reviewed and provided feedback on several documents referred by Licensing &

     Information and Technology Services
     1. To enable business processes through the integration of appropriate technologies.
     •   Completed user acceptance testing for the Certificate of Authorization online
         application/renewal initiative; target launch March, 2010
     •   Enhance LicenseEase to support regulation changes including fee remissions and
         Engineering Internship program; developed and delivered ad-hoc reports for Licensing &
         Registration group as requested (i.e. Fairness Commission audit)
     •   Enhanced the credit card online payment module
     •   Coordinated enhancements to the budget management facility for 2010; support for 2008
         year end and audit
     •   Provided support as required for special events such as the online registration facility for
         the Annual General Meeting, 2009 elections, Queens Park day
     •   Co-ordinated design and launch of the OCEPP website
     •   Managed the migration from SharePoint 2001 to 2007; established SharePoint 2007
         facilities for volunteer committees
     •   Worked with Licensing and Registration to re-design the Student Membership website
     •   Developed process maps for an online exam registration and payment facility
     •   Coordinated preparations and launch of Chapter FTP facility
     •   Worked with Administrative Services to introduce cheques for new accounts with Bank of
     •   Coordinated installation and configuration of Meeting Room Management facility
     •   Enhanced the ERC interview recording facility to stabilize performance and quality of

     2. To ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data within the
     technology infrastructure
     •   Completed the work to establish consistent use of a ‘discipline’ field across License Ease,
         PEO online member directory, member online Voluntary Annual Reporting facility and the
         pending Certificate of Authorization online application/renewal facility
     •   Completed a project within the C of A initiative to “clean-up” the C of A holder business
         name field per new C of A requirements
     •   Completed a project to “clean up” member reported employer business names including
         ongoing update facilities for use by members

     3. To support and maintain a cost effective, service level compliant technology
     •   Co-ordinated upgrade of the post-out source PEO network infrastructure plus set-up of a
         virtualized “Test & Development” computing environment at outsource vendor; upgraded
         servers remaining at PEO including use of virtualization
     •   Upgraded the VPN facility
     •   Co-ordinated the design of the IT infrastructure for the new building at 40 Sheppard
     •   Coordinated installation of network performance and traffic monitoring software; resolved
         intermittent performance problems on the network
     •   Increased out bound internet bandwidth capacity from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Mbps
     •   Enhanced spam filtering facility
     •   Completed deployment of new PCs and MS-Office 2007 software to replace old
         equipment; coordinated give-away of old PCs to chapter volunteers and staff
     •   Coordinated the installation of voice and data telecommunication services for new office

         facilities at 40 Sheppard; coordinated the introduction of VOIP telephone equipment and
     •   Upgraded software for electronic fund transfer facility
     •   Assisted Administrative Services in the negotiations for replacement of old printer/copier


Government Liaison Program, Brown & Cohen Activities
Third Quarter, 2009

Meetings/briefings with Government
•   As part of our mandate to introduce the PEO Government Liaison Program and the Ontario Centre for
    Engineering and Public Policy to MPPs, Executive Director Donald Wallace and I met with Progressive
    Conservative Leadership runner up Frank Klees, MPP (Newmarket-Aurora), in his constituency office in
    Aurora. Mr. Klees, who is the critic for Transportation and Infrastructure, offered to introduce us to
    representatives from his policy advisory committee. We advised him of the work of the GLP and the Centre,
    including the plans for the September 16 GLP Queen's Park reception and the October 14 PEO/Engineers
    Canada Candidate College. He is planning to attend the reception.
•   As part of the ongoing effort to introduce both the PEO Government Liaison Program and the Ontario
    Centre for Engineering and Public Policy to Government officials, Donald Wallace and I had an excellent
    meeting August 26 with Deputy Minister of Transportation Bruce McCuaig, Director and Chief Engineer
    Provincial Highway Management (PHM) Gerry Chaput, P.Eng., and Assistant Deputy Minister, Provincial
    Highway Management (PHM) Brian Gaston. They were very interested in PEO’s program and in partnering
    with OCEPP initiatives.
•   Met with Tony Ruprecht, MPP (Davenport), for lunch and attended a seminar in his riding with PEO Vice
    President Corneliu Chisu, P.Eng. Mr. Ruprecht has been very helpful in speaking at PEO Chapter Licensing
•   Confirmed meeting with Dan McTeague, MP (Pickering-Scarborough East), and PEO VP Corneliu Chisu,
    P.Eng., on August 26 at the Royal Military Institute.
•   PEO CEO Registrar Kim Allen, P.Eng., President Catherine Karakatsanis, P.Eng., President-elect Diane
    Freeman, P.Eng., and Howard Brown met September 16 with the Attorney General Chris Bentley, MPP
    (London West), to brief the Minister on the recent successes of PEO. Mr. Bentley was particularly impressed
    with PEO’s leadership role on several issues, including its work regarding foreign-trained professionals.
    President Karakatsanis spoke about the June PEO Council Workshop in Niagara, which identified a "big
    audacious goal" for PEO to be a world leader as a regulator. Other issues discussed with the Attorney
    General included plans for national mobility, the National Framework for Licensure and Membership and
    professional development. The meeting lasted over 30 minutes and it was agreed that it would be helpful to
    have the Attorney General participate at least once a quarter at a PEO meeting or event. Director of
    Outreach and Operations for the Attorney General Omar Khan was also in attendance.
•   President Karakatsanis, President-elect Freeman and Howard Brown had a 90-minute lunch meeting
    September 16 in the Queen's Park dining room with David Zimmer, MPP, Parliamentary Assistant to the
    Attorney General and Kosta Chialtas, Manager of Community Outreach for Mr. Zimmer. Mr. Zimmer was
    interested in what other jurisdictions were doing in areas in which PEO is taking a leadership role,
    particularly in regard to interprovincial mobility. Discussions followed similar positive themes to the Attorney
    General meeting that followed.
•   Kim Allen, President-elect Freeman and Donald Wallace, Executive Director, Ontario Centre for Engineering
    and Public Policy, were introduced in the Legislature by David Zimmer, MPP. Each was introduced
    separately with applause and Mr. Zimmer also announced the PEO MPP reception in the dining room later
    in the day. The introduction was the first item on the agenda as the legislature opened. During the question
    period, the following Ministers and MPPs approached PEO members:
    • Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure George Smitherman, MPP (Toronto Centre),
         came over to apologize for not being able to attend the PEO MPP reception that evening. Mr.
         Smitherman said that he would very much like to speak to the Mississauga/Brampton Town Hall
         Meeting regarding the Green Energy Act (see Work in Progress).

    •   Minister of Health Promotion Margaret Best, MPP (Scarborough-Guildwood), and Elizabeth Witmer,
        MPP (Kitchener-Waterloo), former Minister and current Education Critic, also came into the Gallery to
        speak with the PEO delegation.
    • Also had discussions with Minister of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry Michael Gravelle,
        MPP (Thunder Bay-Superior North), Christine Elliott, MPP (Whitby-Oshawa), Minister of Revenue John
        Wilkinson, MPP (Perth-Wellington), and others following Question Period.
•   Met with Senator Jerry Grafstein and had two-hour discussion about the political scene in Canada. Senator
    Grafstein has been very interested in and supportive of PEO's proposals for interprovincial mobility and the
    National Framework for Membership and Licensure.

Events Attended
•   With Kim Allen and Vice President Chisu, participated in a day-long event for Bas Balkissoon, MPP
    (Scarborough-Rouge River), Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. Had
    extensive discussions with Mr. Allen, Mr. Chisu and Mr. Balkissoon on a variety of issues, including PEO
    activities, the National Framework for Membership and Licensure, the Government Liaison Program and
    PEO’s plan to elect 11 engineers as MPPs in the 2011 legislature. Also had discussions with others,
    including Town of Markham Deputy Mayor Jack Heath and Ontario Deputy Government Whip Joe Dickson,
    MPP (Ajax-Pickering). Very positive feedback received from the discussions.
•   Participated in a reception with Attorney General Chris Bentley, MPP (London West). The Minister spoke on
    the history and role of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. New Progressive Conservative leader Tim
    Hudak, MPP (Niagara West-Glanbrook), has called for the dismantling of the Act. Afterwards, spoke with the
    Minister and also had discussions that evening with Omar Khan, Director of Outreach and Operations; Drew
    Price, Liaison and Manager of Public Appointments for the Attorney General, and Pam Hrick, Legislative
    Assistant to the Attorney General, about PEO Government Liaison Program and other issues.
•   Participated in PEO Etobicoke Chapter Toronto Harbour Boat Cruise with others in West Central Region
    with Vice President Chisu and PEO Councillors Phil Maka, P.Eng., and Colin Moore, P.Eng. Had
    discussions with the councillors and many of the guests, including Paul Short, P.Eng., from the Quad
    Chapter, about confirming an MPP for their fall licensing ceremony. Also had discussion with Scarborough
    Chapter's Zuhtu (Steve) Ozden, P.Eng., and Oakville Chapter's Gordon Guo P.Eng., who both expressed
    an interest in PEO's goal for 11 engineers to be elected in the 2011 Legislature. We will invite both to the
    PEO/Engineers Canada October 14th Candidate College.
•   Worked with Wayne Kershaw, P.Eng., Past Chair of the Hamilton Burlington PEO Chapter, to arrange for
    chapter member and McMaster University Engineering Professor Allan Spence P.Eng., to participate in a
    reception for Ted McMeekin, MPP (Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale), with Minister McMeekin and
    others, such as Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities John Milloy, MPP (Kitchener Centre), and
    Chair of Cabinet Gerry Phillips, MPP (Scarborough-Agincourt).
•   Participated in the Nick Nicolaides 17th Annual Liberal Barbecue. Had discussions with Laura Albanese,
    MPP (York South-Weston), Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Culture, about her recent meetings in
    Philadelphia with U.S. and Canadian legislators where Bill Gates was the guest speaker. Her brother is also
    an engineer. Also had discussion with Kirsty Duncan, MP (Etobicoke North), and Toronto City Councillor
    and former Toronto Transit Commission Chair Howard Moscoe. Event was also attended by Mike Colle,
    MPP (Eglinton-Lawrence), Ken Dryden, MP (York Centre), Alan Tonks, MP (York South-Weston), and
    Andrew Kania, MP (Brampton West).
•   At the invitation of Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Jim Watson, MPP (Ottawa West-Nepean),
    participated in a reception with stakeholders of the Minister. Had discussions with Gerry Doyle, the 2009/10
    President of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA). Ms. Doyle introduced me to Dean Findlay,
    incoming President of the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA). Had discussion on PEO’s position
    on building code legislation and the 2006-07 court case. Ms. Doyle also introduced me to Lynn Balfour,
    current OAA president and co-chair of the Building Advisory Council, Leo Cusumano, Vice President of
    OBOA, and Ron Kolby, Chief Administrative Officer of OBOA. Ms. Balfour advised that she has been in
    discussions with Catherine Karakatsanis and they are looking forward to working closely with PEO. Also had
    discussions with Minister Watson. Informed him that the new PEO Ottawa Chapter Government Liaison
    Program Chair, Wenqin Shao, is an engineer from his riding. The Minister said he is very interested in
    meeting Mr. Shao and invited him to an October 15th reception the Minister is holding in Ottawa. Following
    up to arrange meeting.
•   Participated in the Ontario Liberal Party Nomination meeting for the St. Paul’s riding. Also participating was
    David Zimmer, MPP (Willowdale), and other Queen’s Park representatives. Dr. Eric Hoskins was elected as
    the candidate for the seat vacated by former Attorney-General Michael Bryant.

•   At the invitation of Bonnie Crombie, MP (Mississauga- Streetsville), participated in a Heart & Stroke Charity
    event in Georgetown in support of the KMH Family Assistance Foundation. Had discussions with Guna
    Deivendran, Director of Policy for Energy and Infrastructure Minister George Smitherman, MPP (Toronto
    Centre), and Charles Sousa, MPP (Mississauga South), about the PEO Mississauga Town Hall meeting.
    Other attendees included Minister Smitherman, Labour Minister Peter Foncesa, MPP (Mississauga-
    Cooksville), Bob Delaney, MPP (Mississauga-Streetsville), Bonnie Crombie and Mississauga Mayor Hazel
•   Participated in Premier Dalton McGuinty’s 5th Annual Summer Patio Party. Special guests included Minister
    of Finance Dwight Duncan, MPP (Windsor-Tecumseh), Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues and
    Children and Youth Services Deb Matthews, MPP (London North Centre), and Minister of Labour Peter
    Fonseca, MPP (Mississauga East-Cooksville). Arranged for Donald Wallace to attend to introduce the
    mandate of the Centre with academe and the bureaucrats to the MPPs. Had discussions with MPPs,
    including Minister Matthews, in regard to a potential University of Western Ontario event in Toronto. We are
    to follow up with Nicole Lovell from Ms. Matthews’ office. Also had discussions with Minister Milloy on the
    need to get more aboriginal people into engineering programs. Minister Fonseca invited us to his annual
    summer picnic.
•   Participated in Federal Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff’s tribute to the protective services. Spoke with
    Mr. Ignatieff, MP (Etobicoke-Lakeshore), and advised him of the plans for the PEO/ Engineers Canada
    Candidate College on October 14 and he was interested in knowing if any engineers would consider
    becoming federal Liberal candidates. Also had discussions with Toronto City Councillor Mark Grimes and
    Councillor Peter Milczyn, who is an architect and spoke at PEO’s Candidate College in 2006
•   Participated in the campaign kick-off for St. Paul's Liberal candidate Dr. Eric Hoskins with Minister of Energy
    and Infrastructure George Smitherman, MPP (Toronto Centre).
•   Attended nomination meeting for Sue-Ann Levy, Progressive Conservative candidate for St. Paul's. Spoke
    with Ms. Levy and Blair McCreadie, Past President of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, as well
    as Christine Hogarth, Executive Director of the PC Party, and advised both of PEO’s plan for the 2009
    Candidate College. Mr. McCreadie spoke at the 2006 Campaign College and suggested we contact Sonia
    Richards at Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak’s office to confirm a Progressive Conservative
    speaker for the September 16 Queen’s Park Day reception and the October 14 Candidate College.
•   Participated in a 50th birthday party for Martha Hall Findlay, MP (Willowdale), with Nanda Lwin, P.Eng., and
    Past Chair of the Willowdale-Thornhill PEO Government Liaison Committee. Encouraged Mr. Lwin to attend
    the PEO/Engineers Canada Candidate College.
•   Participated in an event at the Royal Canadian Military Institute hosted by Kathryn Robinson, Past President
    of the Ontario Liberal Party, with special guest Rocco Rossi, Executive Director of the Liberal Party of
    Canada. Had discussions with one of the participants who had organized a Government Relations Program
    to get doctors involved in public life about how it must be an intense ongoing program, not just a one shot
•   Spoke on the PEO GLP Program and Preparing Engineers for Public Office at the University of Windsor
    Engineering Arts Symposium, looking at the future of a Bachelor in Engineering Arts program. The
    engineering program is looking at including courses in government, business and other arts-related courses.
    The symposium was an initiative of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
    (ISME) in collaboration with the Centre of Teaching and Learning. It was a two-day opportunity to explore
    the connection between engineering and other disciplines, such as the arts, sciences, humanities, social
    sciences and business. They are hopeful to be the first school in Canada to introduce an Engineering Arts
    program. Other PEO speakers included Kim Allen, who spoke on Professional Engineering and PEO
    Licensure, and Donald Wallace, who spoke on the Importance of Preparing Engineers to be Leaders. Other
    speakers were Professor Larry Liefer, former Director of the Centre for Innovations and Learning from
    Stanford University in California, Antoni Cimolino, General Director of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival,
    Dr. Graham Reader, P.Eng., Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Windsor, and Dr.
    Waguih ElMaraghy, Head of ISME and Professor at the University of Windsor. Afterwards, Kim Allen
    remarked that the request for PEO participation indicates that the PEO GLP has reached a level of maturity
    that has universities consulting with us on how to enhance potential new programs. Received follow-up
    emails from several participants, including Political Science Professor Paul Rousseau and Dr. Cecil
    Houston, Dean of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Windsor.
•   Participated in a Toronto fundraising reception with Attorney General Chris Bentley, MPP (London West),
    and Federal Justice Critic Dominic LeBlanc, MP (Beauséjour).
•   Participated in an Economic Club of Canada luncheon with Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak,
    MPP (Niagara West-Glanbrook), who spoke about his party’s plan for the opening of the legislature, which
    started last week. Had discussions with Norm Miller, MPP (Parry Sound-Muskoka), Toby Barrett MPP

    (Haldimand-Norfolk), Charles Sousa, MPP (Mississauga South), and Elizabeth Witmer, MPP (Kitchener-
•   Participated in the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) Executive Board meeting in Ottawa with Federal
    Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff, MP (Etobicoke Lakeshore), as speaker, as well as Mauril Belanger, MP
    (Ottawa-Vanier). Later met with former Deputy Prime Minister Sheila Copps. Each has been interested in
    PEO's plan to have more engineers in government.
•   Hosted an event for PEO staff at the Brown & Cohen office. Attending were PEO Deputy Registrar Michael
    Price, P.Eng., Director of Communications Connie Mucklestone, Donald Wallace, Executive Director for the
    Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy, Chapter Manager Matthew Ng, P.Eng., Chapter
    Coordinator Marisa Sterling, P.Eng., Executive Assistant Brenda Caplan, OCEPP Business Manager
    Catherine Shearer-Kudel, and OCEPP junior fellow Jana Levison. Attending from Brown & Cohen were
    CEO Kim Cohen, VP Wendy Kauffman, Account Manager Kendra Dubyk, Account Coordinator Matt
    McNama and 1.
•   Attended former MP and Minister and Ontario Fairness Commissioner Jean Augustine’s celebration for the
    Centre for Equity and Education at York University, held in conjunction with her 72 birthday on September 9,
    at Woodbine Banquet and Convention Hall.
•   Attended an all-candidates meeting for the St. Paul’s by-election that included Dr. Eric Hoskins, Progressive
    Conservative candidate Sue-Ann Levy, and NDP candidate Julian Heller. The riding was featured in the
    September/October GLP column I wrote for Engineering Dimensions magazine. With PEO Councillor Bill
    Kossta, also participated in victory party for Dr. Hoskins. Also in attendance were numerous MPPs, as well
    as Premier Dalton McGuinty.
•   Attended fundraising reception on September 17 for Wayne Arthurs, MPP (Pickering-Scarborough East),
    Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance, at Campbell House with Energy and Infrastructure
    Minister George Smitherman, MPP (Toronto Centre).
•   With President Karakatsanis, participated in the Toronto Board of Trade luncheon with Federal Opposition
    Leader Michael Ignatieff, MP (Etobicoke-Lakeshore). Also introduced President Karakatsanis to a number of
    MPs, MPPs and officials, such as John McCallum, MP (Markham-Unionville); Martha Hall Findlay, MP
    (Willowdale); Rob Oliphant, MP (Don Valley West); Scott Brison, MP (Kings-Hants); and Laurel Broten, MPP
    (Etobicoke-Lakeshore). We also spoke with Ian Davey, Chief of Staff to Mr. Ignatieff. Mr. Davey went to high
    school with President Karakatsanis. Martha Hall Findlay held a particular interest in the meeting as her son
    is studying to be an engineer. The Toronto Board of Trade event was also attended by Donald Wallace and
    Matt McNama, Account Coordinator for Brown & Cohen.
•   With PEO Vice President John Vieth, P.Eng., participated in a community event in Kitchener-Waterloo with
    Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities John Milloy, MPP (Kitchener Centre), Elizabeth Witmer, MPP
    (Kitchener--Waterloo), Waterloo City Councillor Angela Vieth and former MPs Karen Redman and Andrew
•   Participated in a business dinner with Martha Hall Findlay, MP (Willowdale). Had discussions with her on the
    PEO Candidate College and we invited her to come.
•   Participated in a committee meeting with Carolyn Bennett, MP (St. Paul’s). Had discussions at the event
    with Michael Friedman, MPP David Zimmer’s campaign manager, and asked him to participate in the
    PEO/Engineers Canada Candidate College.
•   Attended community event with NDP MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis (Winnipeg North). She suggested we invite
    Olivia Chow, MP (Trinity Spadina) to the Candidate College.
•   Willowdale/Thornhill Chapter Chair Changiz Sadr, P.Eng., and Past Chair and current Treasurer Noubar
    Takessian, P.Eng., attended a Peter Shurman, MPP, September 24 fundraiser.
•   East Toronto Chapter Chair John Glover participated in 2009 NDP leadership candidate Peter Tabuns’ MPP
    (Toronto-Danforth), September 25 fundraiser. Also attending was East Toronto Chapter GLP Chair Ron
    Clarkin P.Eng.
•   With Kim Allen, participated in a Fundraising Reception for David Zimmer, MPP (Willowdale), with special
    guest Minister of Consumer Services Ted McMeekin, MPP (Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale). Also
    attended by Willowdale-Thornhill Chapter Past GLP Chair, Nanda Lwin, P.Eng. Mr. Allen and Howard
    Brown discussed PEO’s request for revision to the Electrical Safety Authority regulation 22/04, which has
    been outstanding since 2004. The Minister said he would be pleased to review if the request came in from
•   Participated in Eric Hoskins’, MPP (St. Paul’s), first riding association meeting. Had discussions with Mr.
    Hoskins regarding an upcoming fundraiser for Carolyn Bennett, MP (St. Paul’s) that is honouring retiring
    senator Jerry Grafstein.

Events Held
•   On July 7, Peter Tabuns, MPP (Toronto-Danforth), attended an East Toronto Chapter Licensing Ceremony.
    This event was organized by Peter Jancic, P.Eng., Chapter Vice Chair. Mr. Tabuns arrived about 20
    minutes prior to the calling of the meeting to order, during which time he conversed with Chapter Board
    members, newly licensed professional engineers and their guests. Peter Tabuns' speech covered the role of
    professional engineers in safeguarding our daily lives in Ontario and the anticipated involvement of the
    newly licensed professionals in the economic and environmental challenges we currently encounter and will
    continue to experience. He also encouraged the newly licensed engineers to get involved in their
    community. Mr. Tabuns gave each licence recipient a Province of Ontario trillium lapel pin and spoke with
    several recipients and guests at the conclusion of the presentations. The total audience was almost 100
    people, 31 of whom were recipients, and another 60 their family members and guests.
•   Participated in a four-hour media training session on August 12, conducted by Brown & Brown VP Wendy
    Kauffman, for President Karakatsanis and Donald Wallace. Followed up with a draft document of PEO key
    messages, based on the discussion.
•   30 MPPs attended the PEO Engineering for Ontario reception at Queen’s Park. Eighteen of the 71 Liberals
    attended, including five ministers; six of the 25 Progressive Conservatives; and six of the 10 New
    Democrats. This represented approximately 25 per cent of the Liberal and PC caucuses and 60 per cent of
    the NDP caucus. The speaker, Steve Peters (Elgin--Middlesex--London), also attended. The event was
    opened by President Karakatsanis. Remarks were made by David Zimmer, MPP, on behalf of the
    Government, Lisa MacLeod, MPP (Nepean-Carleton), on behalf of the Progressive Conservatives, and Paul
    Miller, MPP (Hamilton East--Stoney Creek), on behalf of the NDP. PEO representatives attending included
    members of Council, staff, Engineers Canada and Chapter GLP Committees.
    • Others attending were:
    • Minister of the Environment John Gerretsen, MPP (Kingston and the Islands);
    • Minister of Culture Aileen Carroll, MPP (Barrie);
    • Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Brad Duguid, MPP (Scarborough Centre);
    • Education Minister Kathleen Wynne, MPP (Don Valley West);
    • Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Michael Chan, MPP (Markham-Unionville);
    • Bas Balkissoon, MPP (Scarborough-Rouge River);
    • Jim Brownell, MPP (Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry);
    • Kevin Flynn, MPP (Oakville);
    • Linda Jeffrey, MPP (Brampton-Springdale);
    • Amrit Mangat, MPP (Mississauga-Brampton South);
    • Gerry Martiniuk, MPP (Cambridge);
    • Julia Munro, MPP (York-Simcoe);
    • Michael Prue, MPP (Beaches-East York);
    • Peter Tabuns, MPP (Toronto-Danforth);
    • Jeff Leal, MPP (Peterborough);
    • Tony Ruprecht, MPP (Davenport);
    • Norm Miller, MPP (Parry Sound-Muskoka);
    • Rosario Marchese, MPP (Trinity-Spadina);
    • Jim Wilson, MPP (Simcoe-Grey);
    • Gilles Bisson, MPP (Timmins-James Bay);
    • Leanna Pendergast, MPP (Kitchener-Conestoga);
    • David Orazietti, MPP (Sault Ste. Marie); and
    • Garfield Dunlop, MPP (Simcoe North).

    •   Congratulations to Simcoe-Muskoka Chapter, which had all five of their local MPPs at the Queen’s Park

    •   The Queen's Park reception also saw the announcement of two new PEO initiatives:
        • 1. The PEO Government Liaison Program (GLP) Chapter Awards. First winners were Algoma and
             York Chapters for their work with MPPs and papers on the Green Energy Act and the Northern York
             Region energy grid.
        • 2. The October 14th PEO/Engineers Canada Candidate College at PEO. The evening workshop is
             open to engineers interested in seeking public office or interested in helping other engineers seek
             public office.

    •    After the Queen's Park reception, received terrific follow-up email to President Karakatsanis from East
         Toronto Chapter Government Liaison Program representative Ron Clarkin, P.Eng., who said:
         "I just wanted to convey my thanks and appreciation to you and PEO for hosting a wonderful evening
         with our MPPs. I am the GLP rep for East Toronto, and MPP Peter Tabuns (Toronto-Danforth) was very
         effusive in his praise of the event, and has been quite supportive of our efforts in East Toronto. In the
         last year, I have sensed a renewed energy at doubt due to the hard work of you and your
•   At the invitation of PEO Student Liaison Coordinator Manoj Choudhary, P.Eng., participated in the Ontario
    Energy Network luncheon with engineering students and faculty from the University of Toronto and the
    University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Also attended by Kim Allen, who was asked to thank the guest
    speaker, Don Drummond, chief economist of TD Bank. Mr. Drummond came at the invitation of PEO and
    Mr. Allen, due to PEO’s relationship with TD Meloche Monnex. The event was also attended by PEO 2005-
    06 president Bob Goodings, P.Eng., and Donald Wallace and Jana Levison.
•   Arranged with Rob Oliphant, MP (Don Valley West), for a PEO representative to speak at a September 23
    Town Hall meeting at Thorncliffe Park, regarding immigration and foreign credentials. PEO Admissions
    Manager Moody Farag, P.Eng., was the guest speaker. Event was co-hosted by Ontario Minister of
    Education Kathleen Wynne, MPP (Don Valley West). Mr. Farag outlined what PEO is doing in regard to
    foreign-trained professionals. Many foreign-trained professionals were in attendance and were looking for
    information on how to become licensed engineers in Ontario. Also speaking at the event was Gurmeet
    Bambrah, from the Council for Access to the Profession of Engineering. Also in attendance were Fairness
    Commissioner Jean Augustine and Brown & Cohen's Matt McNama.
•   Helped with West Toronto Chapter meeting on September 23 looking at Engineering and Public Policy.
    Donald Wallace spoke at the event. Cheri DiNovo, MPP (Parkdale-High Park), was invited to participate.
    • President Karakatsanis and I appeared as guests on The Agenda with Steve Paikin on September 28.
         The show was broadcast across Ontario at 8 p.m. and repeated at 11 p.m. that day. The discussion is
         also available at Others on the show included Norm Sterling, MPP, P.Eng., and former
         Ontario Cabinet Minister Marie Bountrogianni. Worked with PEO Director of Communications Connie
         Mucklestone and Communications Manager David Smith on the messages for the TV Ontario program
         on why engineers want to add their voices to public office and what PEO is doing about it. The episode
         is called Engineering Politics. Kim Allen forwarded the program to all 72,000 members, along with an
         invitation to the PEO/Engineers Canada October 14 Candidate College. During the TV show, President
         Karakatsanis and others spoke of the important contribution engineers make to society and PEO's plan
         to have 11 engineers in the 2011 Legislature. The PEO Algoma and York Chapters were mentioned for
         their initiatives, for which they received their Government Liaison Program Awards on September 16 at
         Queen's Park. Also mentioned was the October 26 PEO Mississauga-Brampton Town Hall event on the
         Green Energy Act. Received positive feedback from David Zimmer, MPP (Willowdale), West Toronto
         Chapter Past Chair George Senkiw, P.Eng., East Toronto Chapter GLP Chair Ron Clarkin, P.Eng.,
         2004-05 PEO President George Comrie, P.Eng., Rocco Rossi, Executive Director, Liberal Party of
         Canada, Kim Allen, Vice President Chisu, Councillor Rakesh Shreewastav, P.Eng., Chapter Manager
         Matthew Ng, P.Eng., Chapter Coordinator Marisa Sterling, P.Eng., and Communications Manager David
         Smith, among others.

Work in Progress/Ongoing
•   Had discussions with Kim Allen on the PEO Government Liaison Program, meetings and discussions with
    MPPs and upcoming activities.
•   Had discussions with Matthew Ng on the PEO Government Liaison Program, the upcoming PEO staff golf
    tournament, the fall Candidate College and other activities.
•   Had email discussions on upcoming meetings and activities with Donald Wallace on his work, including an
    announcement that Jana Levison had taken up the post of inaugural junior fellow at the Centre. Ms. Levison
    is an engineer-in-training and is nearing the completion of her PhD in the department of civil engineering at
    Queen’s University in Kingston.
•   Received a letter from Kim Allen regarding a July 15 article in Metro News about the construction on an $80-
    million non-profit housing complex likely being halted in two weeks because striking Toronto planning staff
    have not issued the necessary permits. Mr. Allen’s letter to the editor is below: Under the subject of
    "Housing project could be next victim, Metro News, July 15, 2009","As the Registrar and CEO of
    Professional Engineers Ontario, the licensing and regulating body for engineering in Ontario, I must point
    out for your readers contemplating moving forward with a building project in Toronto without a building
    permit during the civic employees' strike, that the option cited in the article about the YWCA Toronto project,
    namely, hiring "private engineers to certify the work", would place the YWCA Toronto in violation of

    sentence 8.(1) of the Building Code Act and the professional engineers hired in violation of both the Building
    Code Act and the Professional Engineers Act. For information on the services professional engineers may
    provide for building projects in Toronto during the strike, please visit the homepage of Professional
    Engineers Ontario at"
•   Received correspondence from the office of Minister of Labour Peter Fonseca, MPP (Mississauga East-
    Cooksville), in regards to the Fairness Commissioner audit of PEO registration practices: "Thank you for
    your email addressed to the Honourable Peter Fonseca, Minister of Labour, regarding the favourable audit
    conducted on the registration practices of the Professional Engineers of Ontario. Ensuring that qualified and
    capable engineers are able to practise their profession is critical to building a strong Ontario economy in
    which all can share the benefits. The Ontario Ministry of Labour’s mandate is to set, communicate and
    enforce workplace standards in the areas of occupational health and safety, employment rights and
    responsibilities, and labour relations. Licensing of foreign-trained professionals falls under the jurisdiction of
    the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. The ministry is therefore forwarding a copy of your
    correspondence to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration for its review. Thank you again for writing.”
•   Followed up with the office of Minister of Energy and Infrastructure George Smitherman, MPP (Toronto
    Centre), to determine his availability for the proposed Mississauga/Brampton Chapter Town Hall Meeting on
    October 26 about the Green Energy Act. Had phone and email discussion with Brampton Chapter GLP
    member Nikhil Dixit, P.Eng., that Malcolm Hill, P.Eng., from Suncor Energy, and Mike Crawley, from AIM
    Power Generation, are both confirmed as panellists. Also met at the Mississauga Central Library with PEO
    Mississauga Chapter representatives GLP Chair Galal Abdelmessih, P.Eng., Chapter Chair Pappur
    Shankar, P.Eng., Past GLP Chair Tapan Das, P.Eng., and PEO Councillors Phil Maka, P.Eng., and Colin
    Moore, P.Eng.
•   Had email correspondence with Queen’s Park regarding our request to book a room in both October and
    November for the Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy, Policy Engagement Series. We will
    continue to follow up to see the status of the booking.
•   Received request from Donald Wallace to set meetings with the Deputy Ministers of Transportation,
    Environment and others. Following up.
•   Prepared article for London Chapter newsletter as requested by Ian Cheng, P.Eng., Treasurer of the
    London Chapter and member of the Government Liaison Program. Received email from Rakesh
    Shreewastav with positive feedback about the article. Also received request from London Chapter's Joe
    Adams for a follow-up article for the next issue of the chapter newsletter. The article is to be about getting
    involved in the grassroots level of the political process.
•   Reviewed proposal from Donald Wallace for an Ontario Engineering Internship Program for the Ontario
•   Met with Vice President Chisu to discuss PEO issues, including our plans for the PEO Engineers Canada
    Candidate College for October 14 and PEO’s plan to have 11 engineers in the 2011 Legislature. We
    discussed how important it is for engineers to be prepared to run for office and to be able to recruit
    candidates for the upcoming election. We discussed the importance of getting “skin in the game,” a phrase
    used by Mike Colle, MPP, to get more people involved in political life by attending fundraisers and
    volunteering in local riding associations. We discussed the importance of knowing your audience and being
    knowledgeable about the issues.
•   Had discussions with Laurel Craib, Manager of Government Relations, Engineers Canada, to confirm
    speakers list for the October 14 Candidate College at PEO. The College, which is open to engineers
    interested in running for public office, will be co-sponsored by both the PEO Government Liaison Program
    and the Engineers Canada Bridging Government and Engineers Program. Had two meetings with Connie
    Mucklestone, David Smith, and Executive Assistant Brenda Caplan, as well as Laurel Craib. Received
    confirmation from PEO Councillors Shreewastav, P.Eng., Thomas Chong, P.Eng., and Santosh Gupta,
    P.Eng., that they will be attending.
    • Confirmed speakers for the event include:
         • President Karakatsanis;
         • Laurel Craib;
         • Tim Reid, former Scarborough East MPP and one-time president of the Canadian Chamber of
         • Jack Heath, Markham Deputy Mayor and former president of the Ontario Liberal Party;
         • Peter Tabuns, MPP (Toronto-Danforth), 2009 NDP leadership runner up;
         • Progressive Conservative Deputy Leader Christine Elliott, MPP (Whitby-Oshawa); and
         • David Zimmer, MPP.
    • Because over 100 engineers have registered to attend, the venue has been changed to the Westin
         Prince Hotel, 900 York Mills Road.
    •    Had email from PEO Vice President John Vieth, P.Eng., who said the Candidate College is a great
         initiative for engineers and praised the efforts of everyone involved. He is also hoping that more
         candidate colleges will take place in the future.
•   Working with Ian Cheng, P.Eng., Treasurer, London Chapter, and member of the Government Liaison
    Program, regarding a 2010 London Town Hall meeting. Received request to follow up on invitation to
    Revenue Minister John Wilkinson, MPP (Perth-Wellington).
•   Had discussions with Donald Wallace on developing synergies between the Ontario Centre for Engineering
    and Public Policy and the Government Liaison Program. Confirmed that we will prepare a 1500-word article
    for the Journal of Policy Engagement, called “Finding the Access Point: Getting Government to Listen.” Also
    working with PEO Manager of Policy, Jordan Max on a piece for the Journal called “Getting Policy Traction."
•   Worked with Donald Wallace to identify the potential for a spring event on the Green Energy Act in Toronto
    for the University of Western Ontario.
•   At the invitation of Matthew Ng, met with Connie Mucklestone, David Smith, Donald Wallace and Mr. Ng to
    discuss protocols for chapter policy initiatives. Had phone conversation with PEO Councillor Cliff Knox to
    discuss the structure and direction for chapters on the GLP program, building on the discussions with PEO
    staff. Had discussions with Matthew Ng on the plans for the new GLP corner at the PEO Northern Congress
    being held that weekend in Sault St. Marie.
•   Spoke with and received email correspondence from Vice President Chisu about the National Society of
    Black Engineers (NBSE) event taking place in Toronto in March 2010. Mr. Chisu had correspondence
    inviting Margarett Best, MPP (Scarborough-Guildwood) to the NBSE conference.
•   Had email from Engineers Canada Director and PEO past president Pat Quinn, P.Eng., offering advice to
    Engineering Deans at universities on ways to commemorate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Montreal
    massacre. He thought this might also be of interest to politicians.
•   At the request of Kim Allen, reviewed six proposed Engineers Canada Policy papers.
•   Received invitation from Victoria Townsend, one of the graduate students who attended the Engineering
    Arts Symposium, to speak at the 30th anniversary Institute for Industrial Engineering 2010 National Student
    Conference in January. Over 350 students are expected from industrial engineering programs in Canada
    and the U.S., to be held in Caesars Hotel in Windsor. Their theme is Innovations, Opportunities and
    Challenges for Today’s Industrial Engineers.
•   Had email correspondence with Gabriel Tse, P.Eng., from the Grand River Chapter, regarding the
    Government Liaison Program, following his discussions with President Karakatsanis at the Queen's Park
    MPP Reception.
•   Had discussions with Scarborough Southwest MP Michelle Simson at the Variety Village Rock n' Run, who
    was interested in the upcoming PEO/Engineers Canada Candidate College.
•   Had discussions with PEO Councillor Chris Roney, P.Eng., regarding the importance of the Centre for
    Engineering and Public Policy as an important plank of the Government Liaison Program. Also had phone
    conversations with Councillors Maka and Shreewastav about the Centre.
•   Received e-mail from Edwin Tam, P.Eng., Assistant Professor at the University of Windsor who is interested
    in getting involved in the PEO Government Liaison Program
•   Received email from Carol Wright, Human Resources Development Canada on behalf of Minister Diane
    Finley, thanking us for passing on the PEO Media Release celebrating PEO's recent recognition for its work
    with foreign-trained professionals.
•   Received request from PEO Penta Chapter's Joe Bonadie, P.Eng., that we invite MPPs for the November
    17 licensing ceremony at the Islington Golf and Country Club. Following up with MPPs.
•   Had telephone discussion with PEO Councillor Bruce Clarida, P.Eng., on getting further involved politically
    at the local level in his community.
•   Received email from Windsor engineer-in-training Andrew Dowie about getting more involved in PEO's
    GLP. Mr. Dowie’s email said: “Hi Howard, I am a member of PEO's GLP Committee for the Windsor-Essex
    Chapter. I have been interested in perhaps taking the plunge in seeking elected office next year (2011)
    albeit as a "token" candidate. I am currently serving as president of my local riding association at the
    provincial level.”
•   Received email from Toronto Humber Chapter member Ivan Milin, P.Eng., to get an update on his work for
    the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Followed up with Michael Mastromatteo, the associate editor of
    Engineering Dimensions, who may be interested in a potential story.
•   Received request from Willowdale-Thornhill Chapter GLP Chair Michael Chan, P.Eng., to invite Minister of
    Health and Long-Term Care David Caplan, MPP (Don Valley East), to the upcoming Chapter Licence
    Certificate ceremony. We are following up with his office.
•   Had discussions with Kim Allen, asking us to contact all MPPs to ensure that they are aware of our weekly
    updates as a way of promoting their upcoming events, including fundraisers and town hall meetings. Mr.
    Allen also advised that he participated in a stakeholder’s workshop regarding the electrification study of the
    GO transit rail network.
•   Received correspondence from Stephane De Vuyst, VP Internal ( of a
    new organization at the University of Toronto called Citizen Engineer. Citizen Engineer has a mission to
    promote the awareness of public policy within the engineering student community. They will be holding their
    upcoming welcome event on October 7, 2009 at the University of Toronto Engineering School in GB304 and
    have a guest speaker on October 14.