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                Minutes of Hebron District Coordination meeting

                                     19th July 2007

The 19th of July 2007, the World Health Organization along with the Palestinian Ministry of
Health invited International and national organizations working on health in the West Bank to
the district coordination meeting in Hebron.

The meeting was held at Hebron governmental hospital

    - Dr. Saed Sarahneh, the director of Hebron Governmental hospital welcomed all the
       participants in the meeting.
    - Dr. Qasem Maani (MoH) opened the meeting with emphasizing on the importance of
       coordination meetings on district levels and the willingness of MoH to promote the
       coordination activities with all health stakeholders to provide better health for the
       Palestinian people.
    - Yousef Muhaisen (WHO), welcomed the participants on behalf of the WHO and
       expressed the interest of WHO to support these meetings to avoid duplication in
       health services and saving resources.

Presentation on Health services in the district, by Dr Nabeel Assayed Director Health
services in Hebron district

The area of Hebron District is 1100km sq (19% of total West Bank area), and the total
population is 530,541

Health providers in Hebron district:

       Ministry of health
       Military health services
       Palestine Red Cescent Society (PRCS)
       UNRAWA
       Palestinian medical relief Society (PMRC)
       Union of health workers committee (UHWC)

MoH Service are devided into:
     PHC services
     Secondary health care Services

The services at Hebron PHC Directorate are the following:
1.     Primary health Centers
2.     Reproductive health
3.     Preventive medicine sector:
4.     Environmental sector
5.     Private medical sector
6.     School health sector
7.     Health insurance sector
8.     Medical boards
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9.      Medical institute for road safety
10.     Health education and promotion
11.     Mental health
12.     Statistics department
13.     Accounting -#-
14.     Administration

1. Types of Primary health Centers and numbers:

       PHC level “I”                                             77
       Clinics level “II and III“                               38
       Specialized clinics                                      09
       Dental clinics                                           03
       Community mental health                                  01

2. Reproductive health: Includes Family Planning, High risk pregnancy, Maternity Care,
antenatal care, delivery care and postpartum care

3. Child Care: includes newborn care, Immunizations, Child nutrition

4. Preventive medicine sector: includes vaccination, epidemiology, infectious diseases

5. Environmental sector: includes food safety and control, water and vector control
6. School health sector: Number of visited schools by the GP was 405 and by the dentist
was 275 schools

6. Private medical sector

Constraints of PHC :
   1. Inequitable staff deployment (human resources shortage)
   2. Environmental turbulence
    Political instability, Inability to implement law
    Physical environment, waste and sewage disposal, settlements factories
   3. Increased people demands with comparison to available medical services possibilities
   4. Communication and transportation           difficulties, (wall, check points, closures),
       leads to: a) administrative problems and follow up difficulties c)
   5. Supplies shortages
   6. Referral problems
   7. Lack of coordination
   8. Unbounded work stress (overload,           occupation …)
   9. Staff problems, (absence of        incentives, unclear job description)
   10. Overcrowded clinics, (Al-Aqsa insurance free of charge, lack of physical buildings,
       bad economical            conditions, …)

Presentation #2: Hebron Governmental Hospital, by Dr. Saed Sarahneh, Director

General Information:
    Built in 1955 under the name of ALIA by Jordanian Gov.
    IN 1987 Eastern wing built by the Italian Government through UNDP.
    In 1994 was delivered to the Palestinian National Authority with 75 beds and 175
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       In 2005, two new floors of the northern wing were built by the Italian Gov. through
        the UNDP with 182 beds
       In 2007, one additional floor (2,100 m²) will be ready

                  Wards & Distribution of Fixed Beds at Hebron Hospital

                    Ward                                      Number of beds
General surgery                                22 (22 General surgery, 12 Orthopedic, 10
                                               Urology, 10 E.N.T)

Orthopedic                                     12
Urology                                        10
E.N.T.                                         10
Pediatric                                      45
Medical                                        25
CCU                                            8
ICU                                            5
Newborns                                       17
Gynecology & Obstetrics                        28 (20 Obstetrics beds, 8 Gyne beds, 5 Delivery
                                               rooms, 1 Examination room, 1 Operating room

                    Total                                             182

                              Emergency and Day Care Beds:

                                                               Number of beds
Emergency                                      9 (6 Beds Adults, 2 Beds Pediatrics, 1 Bed ICU,
                                               1 Operating room)
Kidney Dialysis                                14 (14 Machines)

Thalassemia                                    4

Out-Patient Clinics, (7 Rooms, 32 Clinics /week)

Laboratory and Blood Bank Services:
   • Hematology
   • Serology
   • Biochemistry
   • Immunology
   • Drugs & Hormones
   • Microbiology
   • Other Routine Tests

   • 3 X-Ray rooms
   • 1 CT Scan
   • 1 Ultra Sound

Administrative facilities:
  • Personnel
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    • Accounting
    • Registration & Reception
    • Archive
    • Stores
    • Maintenance
    • Kitchen
    • Ambulances & Transportation
    • Laundry
    • Cleaning Services
In-Service Education & Training Center
    • Lecture Hall
    • Electronic Library - ADSL 1 MG
    • Library
    • Access to journals by Hinari Supported by WHO
    • In-Service Education & Training Committee
    • Nosocomial infection Committee
    • Mortality Committee
    • Disaster Committee

   Human Resources at the Hebron hospital

                Profession                              Number
Specialists                                    34
Residents                                      45
Nurses                                         165
Medical Technicians                            42
Administrative & Services                      91
   Total                                       377

Looking forward

The hospital management is looking for improving the hospital in the following areas:
A. Buildings
     To complete the second floor of the north wing (450 m²).
     To build the third floor on the north wing according to the master plan and our needs
       (2,100 m²).
     Rehabilitation of the old wards
     Cafeteria

Equipment Needed:
    The hospital is in a need of computerizing the hospital,, MRI, , cardiac
       catheterization, physiotherapy, hemodialysis machines, Electric generator 750 KVA,
       calling system
Others needs:
    Medical wastes management, day care surgery, flow signs

B. Human Resources Needs
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Subspecialty at: (Neurosurgery, Vascular surgery, Neonatology, Emergency, Endoscopy,
Plastic surgery, Pediatric surgery)
Upgrading for Nurses from Diploma to Bachelor
Training for Nurses in the following fields, ICU, CCU, Neonate, Emergency , Kidney
dialysis , O.R
Paramedical Training: (Blood Banking, Laboratory, X-Ray, Physiotherapy, Hospital

Presentation #3: Abu Al Hassan Al Qasem Hospital (Yata) by Dr. Khaled Sarahneh,

Population of Yata city: 100,000

The hospital was opened in April 2004 as emergency hospital to meet the urgent needs of the
city and surroundings. The hospital is providing the emergency, delivery and pediatrics
services; recently a day care unit was opened. .

Presentation # 4: Italian Cooperation project, by Dr. Marco Barone

The Program is supporting the Palestinian Health Care System in Hebron district; it aims to
strengthening health services, national environmental control and national cancer control

In Hebron the Italian Cooperation is implementing the project of Strengthening Health
Services supporting planning capacities in two pilot areas, which includes the
governmental hospitals at the district (Hebron and Yata) and the some governmental primary
health care facilities.

Hebron hospital: (OPD, Day Care Surgery Unit, Physiotherapy, Emergency, Radiology)

Yata Hospital: Day Care Surgery Unit, Laboratory)

Primary Health Care: (Quarantine, Dura, Yatta, Si’ir, Dahriyyah)


       Develop and upgrade the Primary Health Care services with staff and equipments.
       The services of MoH and the private sector should be complementary and not
       MoH to buy the unavailable health services from the private sector.
       Strengthening the coordination among different health stakeholders by having
        regular coordination meetings
       Improve the equipments maintenance on hospital levels.
       There should be a strategic plan for health services on district level.
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                                                          Attendance List

          Name              Organization       Mobile phone        Telephone        Fax                 Mail Address
Dr. Nabeel Al Sayed        MoH/PHC
Dr. Saed Sarahneh          MoH/Hospital       0599731613          02-2220345    02-2215783    Saids1@yahoo.com
Dr. Qasem Maani            ICD/MoH            0599204247                        09-2387275    qmaani@yahoo.com

Ms. Ola Aker               ICD/MoH            0599836701

Dr. Rajesh Sreedharan      WHO                0542326530          02-5400595    02-5810193    ras@who-health.org

Ms. Munia Abu El Hawa      WHO                0548022753          025400595     025810193     mah@who-health.org

Yousef Muhaisen            WHO                0544810382          025400595                   ymu@who-health.org

Dr. Mohamad Irsheid        Gov. Hospital      0599733799          02-2220345    02-2215783    doctorsubhi@yahoo.com

Dr. Sharif Hamdan          MoH                0599349033          02-2560525    02-2560525

Maesa Irfaeya              It. Cooperation    0599997533          02-5327447    02-5322904    irfaeya@itcoop-jer.org

Marco Barone               It. Cooperation    0546573483          02-5327447    02-5322904    barone@itcoop-jer.org

Dr. Abdalqader Shahin      MoH                0599292497          02-2252857    02-2226078

Hanan Abu Arish            MoH                0599743429          02-2290254    02-2227226

Akram Shraf                MoH                0599678010          02-2296264

Dr. Khaled Sarahneh        Yata hosp/MoH      0599398810          02-2271017    02-2271017    Kalsar2003@yahoo.com

Basam Daoud                MoH                0599306657          02-2226078

Amina Mustafa              MDM-Swiss                                                          Mdmchpalestine-da@hotmail.fr

Nadia                      MDM France         0543116795                                      mdmmed@palnet.com

Far Chiang                 Merlin             0546447368                                      cm@merlin-opt.org

Saleh Aqel                 PRCS               0599830516          02-2583752    02-2583752

Dr. Hussein Hajjeh         MoH                0598909901          02-2280820    02-2250585    Dr.h-hajjeh@yahoo.com

Dr. Mohamad Braighith      PMRS               0599203522          02-2291145    02-2291145

Dr. Basem Nassar           MMS                0599677155                                      Nassar-bassam1@yahoo.com

Raed Hamdeh                HWC                0599121811          02-2259856    02-22932136

Dr. Mohamad Abu Dayah      MoH                0545873527          02-2520689                  drdayasafa@yahoo.com

Dr. Hatem Nassar           MoH                0599801484          02-2267688

Dr. Nazeh Abed             MoH                0599799153          02-2252992

Hamed Qawasmeh             OCHA               059933180           02-292114     02-2292114    Qawahame20@yahoo.com

Dr. Ghandi Tamimi          MSF                0599340318          02--2226803   02-2292114    Ghani-tamimi@yahoo.co.uk

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