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					                                                             Safety Alert
                                           Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union
                          82 Royal St East Perth WA 6004            9221 1055      

                          Pre-cast concrete panel alert
A cast-in ferrule in a pre-cast concrete panel was cut down and glue/epoxy injected into the panel for
erection on a multi-storey project in the Perth CBD.

The ferrule dislodged from the panel when the riggers attempted to clean the ferrule. Upon investigation a further
two panels were found with a similar ferrule arrangement.

New WA regulations for the tilt-up and pre-cast panel industry require that:

    a) The Worksafe Commissioner must be notified of the intention to manufacture concrete panels. No
       construction can take place without this notification.
    b) The design, manufacture, cranage, storage erection, and stabilisation of concrete panels be carried out
       in accordance with Australian Standard 3850.

   All persons involved with pre-cast and tilt-up concrete panels must be diligent, and ensure that all proprietary*
   items are inspected, and that a quality assurance system is in place to ensure that panels are constructed in
   accordance with engineer design drawings.

    For further information contact CFMEU Safety Officer Mick Buchan 0n 9221 1055 or 0419812861

                    Dislodged ferrule                               Correct ferrule arrangement

          Report unsafe sites and safety procedures call 9221 1055 Text 0419812 861