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					               DEAR COLLEAGUES!                               satellite symposiums, the exhibition of modern medical                       Publication of the congress materials.
            In accordance with the plan                       techniques, materials, medicinal preparations and medical                 It is planned to publish the collection of materials
              of the Ministry of Health                       literature.                                                       of the XIV Congress of surgeons of the Republic of
   of the Republic of Belarus the XIV congress                                                                                  Belarus “Actual problems of surgery”. In this collection
      of surgeons of the Republic of Belarus                         THE MAIN SCIENTIFIC TRENDS OF THE                          papers containing the results of own researches and
  “Actual problems of surgery” will take place in                                CONGRESS                                       analysis of work experience will be included. Materials
        Vitebsk on the 11-12 of November.                                                                                       presenting literature reviews, review reports are not
                                                              1.   The state and perspectives for the development of            considered.
         ORGANIZERS OF THE CONGRESS                                surgical care rendering to the population of the Republic               Publication of the materials is free of charge.
                                                                   of Belarus.                                                  Maximally three papers are accepted from one author.
THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH OF THE REPUBLIC OF                                                                                                  All presented materials will be reviewed.
                                                              2.   Advances in the sphere of rendering high-tech medical
BELARUS VIITEBSK STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY                          care: cardiovascular, thoracic, abdominal surgery.           Committee reserves the right to determine the
                                                              3.   Modern principles of prophylaxis, diagnostics and            possibility to publish the materials sent in accordance
    BELARUSIAN ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS                                                                                          with the conclusions of reviewers. Materials are
                                                                   treatment of the pyoseptic diseases.
 BELARUSIAN ASSOCIATION OF ANGIOLOGISTS                       4.   Achievements and perspectives of development in the          accepted up to May, 15, 2010 inclusively. Papers, sent
             AND VASCULAR SURGEONS                                 transplantation of organs and tissues.                       later this date or those which don’t correspond the
                                                              5.   Modern tendencies of development in the reconstructive       requirements listed below are not considered. The
   BELARUSIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE CARDIO-                                                                                        materials sent by the authors are not given back.
                                                                   surgery of the thoracic and abdominal cavities.
            THORACIC SURGEONS                                 6.   Possibilities of the endoscopic and less-invasive                       RULES OF DRAWINGUP MATERIALS
                                                                   technologies in the treatment of surgical pathology.               All text materials should be done in MS Word
    ADRESS OF THE CONGRESS COMMITTEE                                                                                            (format doc, rtf)
                                                              7.   Latest technologies in prophylaxis and treatment of
             210023, The Republic of Belarus,                      venous thromboembolic complications, chronic venous                The volume of materials up to 2 pages of À4,
             Vitebsk, Frunze av., 27, Vitebsk state                insufficiency.                                               perimeter margins 30 mm.
             medical university                               8.   Organization and improvement of surgical care in the               Times New Roman font, 14 pt, “normal” style,
                                                                   out-patient conditions, development of the hospitalization   paragraph alignment in width, tabulation 1,27 cm, single
     OFIIAL LANGUAGES OF THE CONGRESS                              substituting technologies.                                   interval, automatic transfer.
               belarusian, russian, english                   9.   Achievements in the sphere of surgical care rendering to           The title of the paper is capitalized, in bold and
                        CONTACTS                                   children.                                                    centered.
220096, Minsk, Uborevich str., 73,                                                                                                    The surname and initials of the authors, the
Surgical clinic of SCB ¹10, Tel: (+375 017) 340-04-              10. Surgery of extreme situations.                             name of the organization, city and country are typed in
54, 340-02-54, 340-41-33, Tel/fax: (+375 017) 340-            1.  Medical rehabilitation and the problem of life quality of     bold italic.
04-54, e-mail:                                surgical patients.                                                  Materials should include the following
Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian association of        2. Problems of the innovating way of development of the           sections: “Introduction”, “Aim”, “Materials and
surgeons, Professor Leonovich Sergey Ivanovich                    surgical specialists training.                                methods”, “Results and discussion”, “conclusions” and
210023, the Republic of Belarusm, Vitebsk, Frunze                                                                               the list of literature (maximally 3 ) each section starts
                                                                      TO TAKE PARTIN THE CONGRESS ITIS                          with a new line, the titles of the section are bold marked.
av., 27, Vitebsk state medical university
Tel: (+375 212) 24-17-38, (+375 29) 291-90-47,                                  NECESSARY                                                 The list of the used literature is completed in
                                                                                                                                accordance with GOST – 7.1-2003 and is placed at the
 (+375 44) 768-75-34,
                                                              up to May, 15, 2010 send the registration form and the            end of the text; the sources are given according to the
Tel/fax: (+375 212) 37-21-07
                                                              text of the materials to the congress committee by                order of quoting in the text. The numbers of references
                                                              E-mail:                                      are given in the square brackets (model: [1]).
     Vice-rector in research work of VGMU
     Associate professor Sushkov Sergey Albertovich
During the congress it is planned to hold plenary and
sectional sessions, poster sessions, seminars, roundtables,
     The tables and pictures (maximally 2 (except photos)        XIV congress of surgeons of the Republic of Belarus
and 2 tables in one paper) should be included in the text of       “Actual problems of surgery” regicnration form
the materials presented in MS Word, and also separately in
the form of the additional files of JPEG or TIFF format
with the resolution of 300 dpi.                                  Participant ______________________________________
     Commonly used abbreviations and shortenings are
permitted; author’s abbreviations can be used after their        (surname, name, patronymic in full, academic degree and rank) The
explanation in the text.
     Editorial commission of the congress reserves the          form of participation in the conference:
right to shorten the materials and to select published
pictures.                                                                                                                             XIV congress of
                                                               presentation, poster presentation, publication.

                                                               Title of the work:_________________________________
                                                                                                                                       surgeons of the
                                                                                                                                     Republic of Belarus
   CONSERVATIVE TREATMENTOFDEEPVEIN                            Name of the presented organization:_______________ (higher
 Ivanov I.I. The name of the establishment, city, country                 educational establishment, clinic) Post   mail and
                                                                                                                                     Actual problems of surgery
   Urgency: Treatment… Aim. The aim of the paper                   index________________________________ (in full)
   was… Materials and methods. Results and
   discussion. Conclusion. Literature:                         Telephone/fax, E-mail for a contact____________________

     1. Kistner, R.L. Diagnosis of chronic venous disease
of the lower extremities: the «CEAP» classification /          Scientific direction________________________________                         Information letter
R.L.Kistner, B.Eklof, E.M. Masuda // Mayo.Clin.Proc. –
1996. – Vol.71, ¹4. – P. 338-345.
                                                               Equipment necessary for the report presentation:__________
                                                                                                                                      11-12 of November, Vitebsk

                                                               *Need in a hotel:  Yes  No Special                                Vitebsk state medical university
                                                               notes:___________________________ Date of


                                                               * Accommodation payment is charged by sending side
                                                               Download the registration form and information about the
                                                               preparation for the congress