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									                                                    Pro Series Model 2410
                                                            Garratt Specific
         Seed & Grain
                                                           Gravity Separator
The Pro Series is complete with motors and vibratory trough—You get a
COMPLETE machine which doesn’t require expensive extras to install.

                                                                                                                           Specific Gravity

                                                                                                                       Model                  2410

                                                                                                                       Table                  48” x 120”

                                                                                                                       HP Required            10

                                                                                                                       Capacity               200-250 bu/hr

                                                                                                                       Weight                 4200 lbs

The Pro Series is now even more      The Garratt Gravity Table is an        In addition, the fans are designed         Height                 74 in.
user friendly. Shake speed is        effective final cleaning unit for      to operate at low decibel levels, so
adjusted by simply turning a dial    any seed processing plant. It is       noise is kept to a minimum.                Discharge              28 in.
which controls a variable fre-       designed to separate out the           A side discharge trough moves the
                                     lighter material and fines, as well    product into the heavy discharge
quency drive in the prewired con-
                                     as infected and poor quality           and the trough is self cleaning.
trol panel.                          seed.                                                                          Optional Electrical Controls. The Pro
                                                                            Common Components. Garratt              Series Gravity Separator has all electri-
The new automatic kick down          Superior Separation. The               Gravity Tables use common com-          cal controls already installed in the CSA
feature eliminates the worry of      Gravity Table features a rectan-       ponents. Routine part replace-          approved master panel, eliminating the
contamination from the flow slow-    gular deck that is designed to         ments can be made by the opera-         need to purchase contactors and keep-
ing or stopping by simply changing   keep light material travelling         tor with parts that are obtainable at   ing the installation cost lower. This unit
the speed of the variable fre-       across the deck for a greater          local supply stores.                    is compatible with computer controlled
quency drive to a preset program-    distance. It allows more time for                                              panels used in modern plants.
mable speed preventing unwanted      the materials to stratify, and         Heavy Frame Construction. The
light product from climbing to the   results in better separation and a     frame is constructed of ¼ “ tubular     The Deck features a large rectangular
heavy side when the machine is       cleaner final sample.                  steel. This extra heavy frame           cleaning deck with half round ripple
going empty. When normal flow                                               provides greater stability during       strips to provide more traction resulting
resumes the shake speed returns      Low HP requirements. The               operation reduces vibration and         in superior separation. The deck is low
to its previous setting.             horsepower to capacity ratio on        adds longevity to the unit.             enough to watch the performance of
                                     the Garratt Gravity Table is very                                              the machine from ground level. Easy to
 Shaker speed, fan speed and all     efficient. The unit requires little    Counterbalancing is standard on         use over center clamps hold the deck
major operating adjustments as       energy to operate. That reduces        all Pro Series Gravity Separators       on the machine making it easy to
well as deck pitch adjustments can   your operating costs for the unit      making the unit suitable for port-      change for different products. A wide
be made on the go. You won’t         and in the big picture, translates     able milling and second floor           range of stainless and urethane coated
have to disassemble your machine     into dollars on your bottom line.      installations with virtually no move-   screens are available.
to make adjustments.                                                        ment.
                                     Precise Controls. Where some
Our new deck design provides         Gravity Tables use a baffle            The Discharge outlets on all
more product to be discharged,       system to control air flow, all flow   Garratt Gravity tables are high
allowing more capacity in some       rate on the Garratt Table is           enough, in most cases to prevent
applications. However, the 2410 is   controlled by fan speed.               the need of a stand under the
capable in holding back product        The variable speed fan control       machine to access conveying
when desired to achieve tougher      allows for extremely precise           equipment.
separations allowing the Garratt     adjustments in the air flow rate
Pro Series to be very flexible,      and quick, responsive results on
which puts extra value in your       the table. It allows you to better                                                       Milestone, Saskatchewan, Canada
pocket.                              control your product depth.                                                             Ph: (306) 436-2178 fax: (306) 436-4647
                                                                                                                                                                 Printed in Canada

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