Classroom Observation Recording Sheet

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					                                      Classroom Observation Recording Sheet

Observer Name:_________________                   Date:______________             Teacher Name: _____________

Start Time: _____________       O AM              End Time: _______     O    AM
                                O PM                                     O   PM

Room #:____________

Subject Area(s):                O   Language Arts                Grade Level(s):          ____________________
                                O   Math
                                O   Social Studies
                                O   Science
                                O   Other, please specify:________________

Timeframe of period:            O    Beginning            O   Middle              O   End

Summary description of the lesson and major activities:

Number of Participants:         ______ Students

                                ______ Teachers, Teacher’s Aides etc.

                                ______       Other, please specify: ___________________

Percent of Students Using Technology: (check only one)

       O   Fewer than 10%                O     50%-74%
       O   10%-24%                       O     75%-89%
       O   25%-49%                       O     90% or more

Organization of the Classroom: (check all that apply)

       O    Traditional rows
       O    Small clusters of 3-5 student desks
       O    Desks arranged so that students face each other
       O    Desks in circles or semi-circles
       O    Lab

Learning Context: (check all that apply)
          O   Students complete assignments individually
          O   Students work together
          O   Students are engaged in the learning activities

 Assessment of On-task Time Management: (check all that apply)

          O Student progress is monitored

          O Instruction is adjusted based on student need

          O Teacher and students review student performance to determine if high standards are being met

Instructional Use Indicators
Based on your walk-through and the provided rubric, please rate the items below using the following scale to score each:
                                                    Novice      Developing    Proficient    Exemplary     Not applicable
                                                                                                          OR can’t tell

Technology Integration                              O           O             O             O             O

Differentiating Instruction (content-specific)      O           O             O             O             O

Differentiating Instruction (technology centered)   O           O             O             O             O

Learner Centered                                    O           O             O             O             O

Classroom Management                                O           O             O             O             O

Use of software and online tools                    O           O             O             O             O

Laptops                                             O           O             O             O             O

Presentation Technology (i.e. laptop, projector,    O           O             O             O             O
interactive whiteboard)


 Technology Integration:
Differentiating Instruction (content-specific):

Differentiating Instruction (technology centered):

Learner Centered:

Notes Continued….

Classroom Management:
Use of software and online tools:


Presentation Technology (i.e. laptop, projector, interactive whiteboard):