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					                        COTF Research Grant Application Guidelines
1.     PURPOSE
To encourage and contribute to the growth of research in occupational therapy.

2.1     COTF has limited funds available for grants and cannot fund every worthy
application it receives. Consequently, COTF strives to ensure that its grants are awarded
as equitably as possible for the benefit of the maximum number of people.
2.2     COTF recognizes that individuals applying for scholarships and research grants
may apply to other funding sources for the same activity or project. If received, this
funding may be complementary to COTF awards or it may overlap. COTF reserves the
right to proceed with or withdraw funding based on the perceived overlap with funding
from other sources.
2.3     COTF further recognizes that some investigators may be recommended for
funding in one or more COTF competitions during a calendar year. COTF reserves the
right to determine that those individuals shall receive no more than one COTF award
annually (calendar year).

3.1      The principal investigator must be a CAOT member in good standing.
3.2      The principal investigator must work in Canada.
3.2      Where possible, the principal investigator should identify an institution willing to
administer funds (see Application - 4.6). If the principal investigator does not have an
institutional affiliation, COTF will issue a T4A to the individual receiving the grant. The
investigator must include this amount as income when filing a tax return for the year the
grant is awarded. Expenses associated with the grant may be deducted to offset the
3.3      Recipients of a COTF Research Grant may reapply in subsequent years.

4.1 Projects must be directly applicable to the science of occupation and/or to the practice
of client-centred occupational therapy. (See Enabling Occupation: An Occupational
Therapy Perspective: CAOT 1997).
4.2 Consideration will be given to projects focusing on disability and handicap rather
than impairment (WHO, 1980) Canada.
4.3 Projects must be innovative, progressive, original and scientifically sound.
4.4 COTF values research which demonstrates a multidisciplinary approach and
consumer participation.
4.5 Projects must be conducted in a Canadian setting.

PROVIDE 10 (TEN) COLLATED (packages of all the required documents listed
below grouped together in separate packages) COPIES OF THE FOLLOWING
5.1    A photocopy of CAOT membership card (must be a member at the time of
application, with dues paid in full)

Revised: 13 July 2010                                                                       1
5.2     Completed and signed application form
5.3     A 200 word abstract written in plain language summarizing purpose and
methodology of the proposed research
5.4     Research proposal, not in excess of 4 (8.5 X 11) typed pages, single-spaced with 1
inch margins and 12-point print size. Appendices may be provided in addition to the 4
page proposal and may include literature searches, references, detailed budgets and
copies of tools such as interview guidelines etc. The proposal must address the following:
    scope and objectives of the research
    theoretical significance and relevance to occupational therapy
    relationship to existing research and literature
    research plan and methods including reference to sources and theoretical approach
   where applicable
    time frame for the proposed study
    language requirements for the study and plan for obtaining required resources
5.5     Budget, with justification of expenditures, for research assistance, supplies,
equipment, travel etc. (maximum 1 page)
5.6     A description of how the proposed research relates to the principal investigator's
ongoing research. If this project represents a new area of research, describe how the
investigator has prepared for this change (maximum ½ page)
5.7     A dissemination plan outlining the investigators' plans for communicating the
results of the research (maximum ½ page)
5.8     Curriculum vitae of principal and co-investigators, each not in excess of 3 - 5
pages, providing educational qualifications, work experience for the previous 5 years,
previous or current research funding, publications, and presentations
5.9     A letter of support from any individual and/or organization whose cooperation is
essential to the project.
5.10 Certificate of ethical approval if human subjects are involved (e.g. through
interviews). The certificate need not accompany the application, but it must be submitted
before funding can be released.

6.1     The principal investigator must complete the COTF Annual Award Recipient’s
Report (annually, if required), and COTF’s Award Recipient’s Project Completion
Report. The principal investigator should view these documents as a contract binding
him/her to complete the project, as funded, in the allotted time.
6.2     The COTF Award Recipient’s Project Completion Report should cover the
purpose, what was done, the results and further research, publications and presentations
planned (not to exceed 3 pages).
6.3     At the completion of the grant period, the principal investigator must ensure that
the sponsoring institution, if any, provides a financial account and that this account is
forwarded to COTF. When no sponsoring institution is involved, the principal
investigator is responsible for providing the financial account.
6.4     For public relations purposes, the principal investigator must forward to COTF all
abstracts and/or reprints of any presentations/publications based on the funded work.
6.5     Any publications, reports or presentations based on the research project must
acknowledge the financial support of COTF.

Revised: 13 July 2010                                                                    2
7.1    FEBRUARY 28. Applications, by mail, must be received in the COTF office by
17h (Eastern Standard Time). If February 28 is a Saturday or a Sunday, applications, by
mail, must reach the COTF Office by 17h on the immediately following Monday. The
review will take 12 to 16 weeks.
7.2    Projects of duration longer than one year must re-apply for funding for each
subsequent year. Renewal applications will be given preferential consideration, but
extended funding is not guaranteed.

8.1     Send ten (10) collated (packages of all the required documents grouped
together in separate packages) copies of the proposal and all other supporting
materials to:
        Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation
        CTTC Building, Suite 3401
        1125 Colonel By Drive
        Ottawa ON K1S 5R1
8.2     All proposals will undergo a scientific review process by members of the COTF
Research and Scholarship Review Committee. Copies of the reviews from reviewers will
be made available to applicants. Reviews will be structured on the basis of the sheet titled
“Reviewer Criteria” (please refer to the next section).
8.3     Applicants will be notified in writing of the results of the competition after the
COTF Board of Governors ratifies the Committee's recommendations.
8.4     Grants may be made conditional on revisions suggested by the Committee. If this
is the case, revisions must be received and approved by the Chair of the COTF Research
and Scholarship Review Committee before the grant will be awarded.
8.5     A cheque will be issued to the sponsoring institution or the individual upon
receipt of requested information from the award recipient. Coverage of expenses beyond
the termination date of the grant must be negotiated with the agency administering funds.

9.1     No principal investigator may receive more than one award in a given
9.2     Principal investigators may not draw a salary from the grant.
9.3     All investigators must appear on the application.
9.4     When the project is a thesis, the thesis supervisor must appear as an investigator
on the grant.
9.5     Funds unexpended or unaccounted for at the end of the project must be returned
to COTF.
9.6     Funds not spent within one year following the receipt of the grant may be carried
into the following year upon application to do so.
9.7     COTF understands that conducting research may require investigators to travel (to
conduct interviews or search archives) and considers such travel to be a justifiable
expense. The applicant may choose to allocate a maximum of $500.00 to attend the
CAOT Conference to present a paper related to the funded project. If the paper is not

Revised: 13 July 2010                                                                      3
accepted for presentation, the investigator must obtain COTF approval to reallocate the

Revised: 13 July 2010                                                                     4