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					                         HALF DAY TOURS
                         • Soweto
                         • Gold Reef City
                         • African Markets
                         • Pretoria Tour
                         • Lesedi Cultural Village

                         DAY TOURS
                         • Sun City and Lost City
                         • African Day Safari
                         • African Adventure
                         • Pretoria and Cullinan Diamond mine

                         ADVENTURE TOURS
                         • River Rafting
                         • Ballooning
                         • Horseriding Safari

                         AWAY TOURS
                         • Kruger National Park
                         • Madikwe Game Reserve
                         • Golf Tours

                         Airport Transfers available
                         in and around JHB

Time-keeping is our success !!

Registered with Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA)


a member of Southern Africa Tourism Ser vices Association (SATSA).


• Transport in latest air-conditioned vehicles
• Appointed Tour Operator for the Indaba Hotel/Southern Sun and Misty
  Hills Countr y Hotel.
• Preferred tour Operator for Johannesburg and Pretoria.


Tel: +27 11 465 5053/9
Fax: +27 11 467 0072
Cell: +27 (0)82 820 0226
Physical address: Indaba Hotel
                  Hartebeespoort Dam Road
                  Four ways
                  (See directions on page 8)
INDEX                                                                                   PG

SERVICES                                                                                1

ENTERPRISE THAT WORKS                                                                   3

DAY TOURS IN AND AROUND JOHANNESBURG / PRETORIA                                         5

NORTH-WEST PROVINCE                                                                     6

DAY TOURS AND GOLF TOURS                                                                6

DAY TOURS IN CAPE TOWN                                                                  7

DIRECTIONS                                                                              8


Boyang Gape Tours and Travel is a medium sized wholesale travel outlet, established
in 1994 as firstly Africa Excursions and specialising in making travel arrangements of any
kind for Companies, special interest groups and individuals. Realising that African names
were left unused when we operated as blacks, we finally decided to re-register to a real
African name with a meaning “Welcome Again” (Boyang Gape).

The company consists of three business areas via:
1)   Inbound Tour Operation
2)   Corporate transport for South Africa and International Companies.
3)   Hotel services including Travel and Business Centers.

Our Inbound Tour Operator has established an enviable name in Scandinavia, US, UK and
Asia. As a wholesale tour operator with our own fleet of vehicles and Gauteng Tourism
Authority (GTA) accredited guides we have hosted some of the most well known companies in
the world.

From Sweden we have brought the following companies to South Africa for incentive con-
ferencing and touring purpose:-Rhone Poulenc, Swedish Golf Federation, Goodyear, Kalmar
and General Electric Finance. In addition we have hosted the company responsible for the
sponsorship of the top Swedish golfers, tennis players and other professional sportsmen
which consists if the Chief Executive Officer of the top 100 companies in Sweden namely
Hello Sweden seven times over the last 10 years of our operation. Indeed they are set to
return to South Africa in the near future.

Our UK market has been mostly Golfers and Free Individual Travel groups referred to as Fit’s
and have been mostly procured through our establishment of an agent in the United
Kingdom. The Halifax Bank and Royal Porthcawl Golf club from Wales and as well as
Swishes Golf Group. (They will be returning for the third time shortly.) Our experience with
tourist has confirmed that this area of our business could grow exponentially.
From the hotel where we have offices, we operate transfers facilities from airports to hotels as well
as from hotels to training centers and have long term arrangements with the following companies.

AED Netmark (NGO) , Old Mutual, African Life Training, Lucent Technologies, SARS,
Bambanani /Channel Platt & Associates, Medical Research and Indepent Complaints
Directorate (ICD), Trade International Conference (TCI) and many more.

As a result of the emerging nature of tourism in South Africa, we have found the guaranteed
establishing of transport has enabled us to make a contributions to some organisations in
need of donations.

Our tour schedule, which we have operated since 1994, provides a contribution from inception.
The most popular tour we operate in Gauteng is a half day Soweto and we an average of
240 tourist per month to this township.

Hotel Services and Business and Travel Centr e:
With corporate South Africa demising their business we identified an opportunity for
ourselves to offer some services previously offered by the hotel industry on a more enhances
and complimentary scale. We hence offered the Three Cities, Karos Hotel (now the Indaba
Hotel) and Southern Sun Group, our services and add services previously unthought of to
their range of services.

The Three Cities Group offered their valet parking facility to us, which we enhance with a
chauffeur service.

The Southern Sun Group permitted us to take over their portraging facility, which we
enhanced by offering day tours from our daily tour schedule as well as fax and internet
service to guests.

At the Indaba Hotel we established a Business and Travel Center with a large variety of

We believe that this area of our business can be grown and indeed this business can be
duplicated in both Cape Town and Durban.

Competitive Advantage
In each of the above mentioned business areas we have following distinct advantages.

Inbound Tour Group:
Apart from the structural advantages of the country i.e. cost of living and exchange rates we
as a company have the following advantage.
1) Relationship Management, the key driver in international business extends far beyond
   best pricing. Our European market relationship driven in that they first establish an infor-
   mal relation to examine if they can work with you. If they are comfortable with you as
   an individual they will then formalise the relationship by entering into business with you
   on the basis of a trust relationship.

2) Track record in handling groups from ten to one hundred and fifty people.

3) Favoured status contracts with accommodation and other service providers as well as a
   good payment history, assists us in ensuring that we are able to offer the best deals to
   our clients and secure prices not available to the individual traveller.

4) Own ‘wheels’ and own guides enable us to be a competitive company and the lowest
   cost supplier.

5) Understanding of the different cultures from the countries in which we operate, is gleaned
   from working with the individual and is not available from any textbook.

6) Membership (National) of the South Africa Tourism and Services Association provides us with
   a network of other tour operators enabling us to stay up to date with current developments.

Corporate Transport and Tours:
Once again we have built relationships with all companies to whom we provide services.
In this business area the criteria success factor which have enabled us to obtain a
competitive advantage.

• Punctuality, clean vehicles and drivers/guides who are able to drive efficiently.
• Courteous and well presented drivers/guides who ensure that transfers are affected per
  agreement with clients.
• A company which is contactable 24 hours per day, seven days a week, to attend to
  any changes and unexpected occurrences.
• Preferred Tour Operator of Johannesburg and Pretoria accredited by Southern Sun and the
  Indaba Hotel groups as well as NGOs and above mentioned Corporate companies.

In order to grow this business, we have had to comply with Government regulations and
invest in late model vehicles with air-conditioning, seatbelts and we carry insurance for
both Passenger and Public Liability.

Our vehicles are with Airport Company for the right of access to the lower and upper
parkade which are reserved for diplomats and registered Tour Operators.

Business and Travel Centers
This business area is unique in that it was the first one establishment in South Africa offering
the range of services that we are able to provide.

The advantage we have secured with this concept:-

• We are linked to the hotel LAN and are able to process charges direct to companies in
  conferences or hotel guest rooms.
• Our computers are connected to the wireless internet.
• Motivated capable staff, are able to provide services with minimum of delay.

Contact our friendly staff at the Business and Travel Centre on
Tel: +27 (11) 465 5053.

We pride ourselves on our reliability and hope to be of assistance to you.

Thank you for your valued support.

Enterprise that works
It was during late summer of 1994, that I (Chris S Ndlovu) and one of my colleagues decided,
the skills and talents that we had learned in our previous positions would put us in a position
to start a Tourism company. Our first impression was just how nice and well mannered the
tourists were. This was in spite of the tour operation who was appointed to collect them,
were always late and even on occasion rude to South Africa guests. The second and per-
haps the most impressionable aspect of this period was just how impressed the tourist were
with our country side they were exposed to. Without exception all had an immense desire
to experience anything truly “Africa” from the artwork through to the traditions of the people
of South Africa.

With much debate, we decided to launch our business on the basis that we could offer the
tourist to our country a different perspective than the traditional Johannesburg and Pretoria
City Tours. We had a competitive edge, in that we could expose our PEOPLE which are far
more interesting than the high rises in our cities.

Having decided to form a business we needed to actually get into business and to this end
we all looked for an opportunity. This hotel group having decided to concentrate its attention
upon its core activities of providing a good bed and a nice breakfast sub-contracted the
business out.

The task of the guest assistance function, was simple and whilst not in exactly the realm of
tourism we saw for ourselves it was “AN OPPORTUNITY”. Briefly the function was to provide
a portaging function, organise transfers (just what we wanted) and tours in and around
Johannesburg as well as Cape Town. From performing these tasks we would derive an income.

It was easier than you would believe, management was at the end of the line with the previoous
travel company and were more than receptive to our proposals. Within 2 weeks we were the
new guest assistance company.

Our learning curve was steep. It was in the first month of operation that we realised that in
order to provide a comprehensive service we would need vehicles. We obtained finance
and purchased 2 vehicles.

We were now a fully fledged tour operator and applied for road transport permits and
membership of Southern Africa and Services Association.

Our next task was to ensure that our vehicles operated effectively and efficiently earning our busi-
ness much needed revenue and ensuring we were able to meet our commitments to the banks.

We noted with concern that the business we had entered into had a cycle with no two months
being the same. The effect was that whilst August to November they were good months we
had very quite times during December to February and again from April to June. We realised
that the banks and ourselves expected to be paid monthly regardless of how busy or quite
we were, and realised that to stay business we would need to earn additional revenue.

We realised that our tour schedule made use of our vehicles only from 09h00–16h30 daily,
with them lying idle before 09h00 and as a rule after 16h30. A request by delegates from
Old Mutual for transport to the training centre in Randburg led to us approaching them with a
request to transfer all their delegates from the hotel to the training centre, thereby preventing
the trainees from having to hire cars at great expense to the company. Our transport effected
a large monthly saving to Old Mutual. Also giving us GUARANTEED INCOME from a fixed
term contract, that enables us to obtain finance to the purchase of an additional two vehicles.
This contract led us to other contracts, and within six months we had the transport contract
for Avroy Shlain, Ivy Skills (African life training arm), and SA Institute of Welding & ABSA.

In the meantime, tourism to South Africa was starting to take off, our commitment to making
as many friends as possible in the corporate and tourism related industry, ensured that we
were lucky enough to be asked to provide transfer services to Sun City by Sandton Sun for a
group of Swedish businessman staying at the hotel. At this stage we were not aware that the
group of 12 guest included Klas Hammar one of leading outbound tour operators based in
Stockholm. This was the group’s first trip to South Africa and all were impressed by the quality
of the golf courses, the countryside, the good South African beer and wine and the pretty
local girls.

In short, our relationship strengthened to the extent that since 1995 we have brought over
400 Swedish tourist into South Africa and earned the country in excess of R20 million
foreign exchange.

What we have learnt, is that relationship management is of utmost importance. The foreign
market establishes a relationship first and then proceeds from the basis of trust will go into
business with you.

Our business has seven employees ranging from GTA accredited tourist guides to a secretary
and an administrator. Indeed we are in a growth phase and are looking for another 3 good
quality people to join our business. We have the right attitude and an ability to work
with people. Plans to expand to other cities are in progress.

Tourism in our part of the world has only one way to go, that is “UP”.

We travel abroad to market our country and ourselves.

Reasons for our success

• We are a real-time on-time business. Time-keeping is our success.
• We attend to queries received and return correspondence promptly.
• Great attitude and our relation with everyone we come across is vital.
• We source professional advise, and use qualified people, to help us attend to matters
  outside our industry.
• We believe in South Africa and its people and what it has to offer.
    We are proudly to be South African.

A wonderful opportunity to descend into a vast gold mine at Gold Reef City, named after the
richness upon which the city of Johannesburg was built. Watch a gold pouring, see the miners
performing their traditional tribal and gum boot dancing, learn a bit of their specially devised
mine language – still used today to cover the many diverse tribes who worked here. Stroll
through the theme park reflecting the life of the mining town at the turn of the last century.
There is plenty to do for young and old but remember to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Take a half or full day of Soweto, the most famous sprawling township in Africa, home to
about 4 million people. See the original home of Nelson Mandela, and Baragwanath
Hospital – the largest in Southern hemisphere. Enjoy a beer at some of the fascinating
shebeens. Study the famous Hector Peterson Museum, see Winnie Mandela’s luxury home,
the many interesting culture filled places, buzzing street craft markets, and amazing new
housing developments and educational establishments.

Enjoy a city tour of Johannesburg, the financial capital of South Africa, and see the new
Banking District, the Magistrate’s Court and the Supreme Court, the world famous mining
houses and Wits and Rand Afrikaans Universities. Drive through some of the most beautiful
suburbs in the country, visiat the buzzing newly revamped New Town.

Enjoy a visit to the Lesedi cultural Village and experience the ethnic heart of Southern Africa
at this unique venue. Take a tour around the many cultural diversities of our rainbow nation
in a natural environment, enjoying their delicious cuisine and tribal dancing, and meet the
Chief in his Royal Kraal.

Take a trip to the most meticulously restored village of Cullinan, and descend into a working
diamond mine and view some of the world’s largest diamonds. After shopping for one of
your own, enjoy a meal in these historic and attractive surroundings.

Enjoy a visit to the capital city of Pretoria (Tshwane), see the home of Paul Kruger – now a
museum, enjoy the beauty of the Union Buildings – the seat of Administrative Government in
South Africa, and view the huge Voortrekker Monument dedicated to the original Transvaal
settlers. In October, revel in the beauties of the Jacaranda season, a spectacle unequaled
anywhere in the world.

Depart Johannesburg for the fun capital of Southern Africa. We visit the Palace of the Lost City,
Valley of Waves, Water World, Kwena Gardens Crocodile Farm and the various tropical
gardens around the complex. You are left for a few hours at leisure to enjoy the complex or
casino before departure at 17:30.

Experience the wildlife at close. Full day Safari at Pilanesburg National Park (home of Big 5).
Scale extinct volcanoes and view an impressive array of wildlife in Pilanesburg National Park
View various species of animals at close including Giraffe, Elephants, Lions and many more.
Spend rest of the day at Sun City and Lost City the lost Palace with and unforgettable experience.

Is situated in the heart of the North West Province and just ±4 hours drive from Johannesburg
or Pretoria. Madikwe Game Reserve established in 1991 is operated by North West Parks
Board. This is the home of Big 5 with over 360 heads of elephants and is a malaria free
environment. There are no accesses for day visitors and the entry is limited to those booked
to one of the Game Lodges. Game drives are conducted in open vehicles belonging to the
Lodges of the Madikwe Game Reserve.

Gary Player Golf Course situated at the Sun City complex, offers a spectacular spread of
fairways and greens, carved out of rugged Pilanesburg Bushveld. This is where a select few of
the world’s greatest players compete in the annual Nedbank Million Dollar Golf Challenge,
apart from the Gary Player, you can enjoy a game of golf at the Lost City Golf Course.
This is one of the magnificent courses in South Africa. Accommodation can be booked with
one of the Hotels in the complex.

Fancourt Hotel and Country Club is a unique Hotel of rare distinction, found in the heart of
the Garden Route with a 27-hole Gary Player designed championship golf course, famous
for its bent grass greens set in breathtaking surroundings. No doubt that Fancourt is South
Africa’s premier golf resort. Accommodation can be arranged at the Fancourt.

The Pezula Championship Golf Course is perched above the Indian Ocean and the Knysna
lagoon. It is a sweeping spectacle of fairways and greens rolling through the southern Cape
landscape. Flanked by indigenous forest, flora and unforgettable vistas, the course of offers
players both a challenging and rewarding golf experience. Accommodation can be
arranged with Pezula resort hotel and Spa in Knysna.

Full day / Half day tour. This tour, which offers wealth of insight into South Africa’s history,
financially supports five different community-based organisations through the entrance fees
they levy (included in the tour price).

Highlights of the Tours
•   Brief educational introduction to Cape Tow.
•   Visit to the Bo-Kaap, the picturesque “Marlay Quarter”
•   The dynamic District Six Museum
•   Visit to an informal schools
•   Walking tour of Langa. You will have the opportunity to interact with residents.
•   Try the traditional African sorghum beer or ginger beer at a township shop or tavern.
•   Visit a Reconstruction and Development Plan housing project.
•   A ferry trip to and tour of Robben Island, former political prison (full day tour only)
    (whether permitting).

An inspiring tour to the towering headland known as Cape Point. Magnificent beaches,
breathtaking views, historic and picturesque coastal villages are to be seen around.

Highlights of the Tour
• Take off along the Atlantic via sea Point, Clifton and Campus Bay.
• Stop at a look-out point and continue to Hout Bay, a quaint village with splendid mountain
  views, beach and fishing harbour.
• Chapman’s Peak, a breathtaking coastal drive, to the Cape Point and the Good Hope
  nature Reserve, which has a wide variety species of plant, bird and animal life.
• Lunch will be included.
• Proceed on to Simon’s Town, a village with a naval base and a large penguin colony
  at the beautiful Boulders Beach.
• Visit Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, an unforgettable day trip.

Situated below table Mountain, Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head, Cape Town offers a rich
cultural and industrial heritage, grand splendour and an insurance of activity.

Highlights of the Tour
• Tours of Table Mountain, now a World Heritage Site (weather permitting) (cable car fee
  not included).
• The Company Gardens and the South Africa Museum.
• The Historic Castle of Good Hope.
• The vibrant and arty flea market, Greenmarket Square.
• We take a trip through the picturesque Bo-Kaap.

We drive into the heart of the Cape Winelands, through superb mountain ranges, vineyards
and Cape Dutch Homesteads.

Highlights of the Tour
•   Visit historic Stellenbosch (Drop Street, Oom Samie se Winkel)
•   Wine Cellar tour and tasting-choice between two wine estates (Paarl or Stellenbosch).
•   En route to Franschoek we visit a well-known estate manor house.
•   Lunch in Franschoek (not included in cost)
•   Visit to and wine tasting at a Franschoek Wine Estate (wine tasting not included in cost)
•   Visit a wine estate near Paarl for tasting.


Directions to Boyang Gape Tours and Travels at the Indaba Hotel Sandton Jhb.
From Johannesburg
• From Johannesburg International Airport, follow the Johannesburg R24 signs (N3 Pretoria).
• At Gilloolys interchange follow Pretoria N1 signs towards Pretoria/Midrand area
• On Pretoria/Johannesburg interchange continue on the Concrete Highway towards
  Roodepoort (N1-Roodepoort)
• Pass Rivonia Road off-ramp continuing to William Nicol Road off-ramp
• Take William Nicol Road off-ramp turning right at the traffic light on the bridge over the
• Follow William Nicol road for +- 4km pass Fourways mall on your left hand side and
  Montecasino on your right hand side.
• Continue past Witkoppen School (LHS) and the Leaping Frog (RHS), crossing the traffic
  light at Uranium road.
• Turn left at the road (Pieter Wenning Avenue, the Indaba Hotel will be on your right hand
  side. Look for the Business and Travel Centre office.

From Pretoria
• Take the Ben Schoeman highway
• Take the N1 towards Bloemfontein
• Take William Nicol road off-ramp turning right at the traffic light on the bridge over the
• Follow William Nicol road for +- 4km pas Fourways Mall on your left hand side and
  Montecasino on your right hand side.
• Continue past Witkoppen School (LHS) and leaping Frog (RHS), crossing the traffic light
  at Uranium road.
• Turn left at the next road (Pieter Wenning Avenue), Indaba Hotel will be on your right
  hand side.


      Tel: +27 11 465 5053/9
       Fax: +27 11 467 0072
     Cell: +27 (0)82 820 0226

Indaba Hotel, Hartebeespoort Dam Road,
        Four ways, Johannesburg

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