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					                            JUNIOR FACULTY SUMMER RESEARCH
                                        GRANT APPLICATION
                                                 Fall 2010
As detailed in the “Types of Grants” webpage, Junior Faculty Summer Research Grants support junior
faculty members’ research work over the summer. The stipend can be used to supplement income, to
offset research expenses, or both. The stipends are for a fixed amount of $4,000 (for summer 2011), and
are offered on a competitive basis. Faculty may typically receive only one Junior Faculty Summer
Research Grant during their probationary period. The deadline for submitting an application for a
summer stipend is December 1st.
Because stipend money may be used as the recipient sees fit – to supplement income or to cover project
expenses, no budget is required. However, faculty receiving a stipend may not apply for an expense
defrayment grant until after submitting a final report of their summer research activities. In addition, a
faculty member receiving this summer research stipend and also wishing to receive the $1,000
honorarium for a student summer grant must demonstrate that the student’s project is fully distinct from
the faculty member’s summer research.

Please read through this application and fully complete all sections, taking as much space as you need.
Failure to complete each section will result in denial of funding.
PLEASE NOTE: Before completing this application, please rename and save this document using the
following guidance when renaming the document: FDC-Junior Faculty Summer Research Stipend
semester year – your last name

Name:                                                        Rank: Select ...
Department:                                           Campus Box:           Extension:
Title of the Project:
Actual or expected date of project completion:
Year of fourth year review: Select ... Year of tenure review: Select ...

The standard award Junior Faculty Summer Research is $4,000 for summer 2011. Note: If you are
awarded a junior faculty summer research stipend, you may not teach a summer course.

FDC- JFS Application                             1                                 September 2010
Do you have additional sources of supplemental income (e.g. an external grant) for summer of the
upcoming academic year? Select ...

If yes, please describe:

Are you signed up for SPIN/SMARTS? Select ...
(If no, stop now and sign up for SPIN/SMARTS by contacting Angela Irvine at If you are seeking
substantial support, please check other funding sources prior to submitting an application.)

Have you sought outside funding for this project? Select ... If no, why not?

If yes, please complete the following:

      Source of Funding                           Amount                         Decision/When You
                                                                                   Expect to Hear

Have you sought other Saint Michael’s funding support for any aspect of this project (e.g., from your
department, the Dean, the VPAA, EdTech, etc.)? Select ...
If yes, complete the following:

      Source of Funding                           Amount                         Decision/When You
                                                                                   Expect to Hear

Have you received Faculty Development funding in the past five years? Select ...
If yes, was that funding for this or a related project? Select ...
If yes, briefly explain why additional funding is needed now:
If you have received Faculty Development funding in the past 5 years, indicate how you reported on
your use of the funding:
        Written report submitted to the Office of the VPAA (required)
        Oral presentation given on             as part of:

FDC- JFS Application                                   2                                     September 2010

Does your proposal involve human or animal subjects? Select ...
If yes, please obtain approval from the Saint Michael’s College Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior
to submitting your proposal to the Faculty Development Committee. Please copy and paste IRB’s
approval here:


In one, but no more than two pages, explain your project with a section devoted to each of the following
     Description of the project in layperson’s terms
     Explanation of why this project is important to your career at this time – why this summer and
        not some other summer? How will it impact your chances for tenure?
     Explanation of the potential value of this project to others or to the College.
     A projected time-line for completion of the entire project, including a specific description of
        work to be completed over the summer.
     Plans for publication, display, or performance of the project.


Please cut and paste your CV here, or attach it to the end of this application, or attach it to the email you
submit with your application.

Your electronic signature below indicates that you have worked with your department chair to determine
if any departmental or other sources of funding are available for this project. Further, your electronic
signature indicates that your department chair is aware of and supports your funding request.
Signature of Applicant:                                               Date:

The Faculty Development Committee is advisory to the VPAA who makes the final decision regarding
Junior Faculty Summer Research Stipends. The Office of the VPAA will mail decision letters by the
end of the semester. If awarded, the stipend will be issued in two equal installments in June and July.

FDC- JFS Application                              3                                  September 2010
A report on the summer’s activity must be submitted electronically, to the VPAA’s Office no later than
September 30 of the same year of the award. Failure to submit a report will make you ineligible for
future FDC funding. The report must be one page (single-spaced) with a paragraph on each of the
following topics in this order:

      Description of the project in layperson’s terms
      Discussion of the specific work accomplished over the summer and why/how the stipend was
      An updated timeline for completion of the remaining phases of the project
      Any news about possible publication, display, or performance of the project

Please keep a record of your report. Finally, when the project is completed, please include it in the
President’s annual celebration of faculty achievement and indicate that your project was supported by
Faculty Development funding and the Office of the VPAA.

Please initial to indicate that you agree to these requirements:


Please email a copy of this application to the Chair of the Faculty Development Committee, Shane
Lamos ( with a copy to your department chair and Madeleine Rabideau
( in the Office of the VPAA by the specified deadline. Be sure you have saved
and renamed this document as follows:
                                      FDC-JFS year – your last name

Your CV can be included in this application, or submitted as an extra attachment. Please be sure to
rename your CV as follows:

                                  FDC-JFS year – your last name – CV

Please contact the Chair of the Faculty Development Committee, Shane Lamos, if you have any
questions regarding this application.

FDC- JFS Application                              4                              September 2010