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                                                       Information. Insights. Innovations : : Third Quarter 2008

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An organisation                                                          TBFS CELEBRATES
of courage                                                                     ALL GOLD’S

                                                                                      UPDATE ON
 UCM                                                                              Promotions
 Learnership passion


Brilliant Launch
New Pioneer Foods In-store business
Looking inside
                   4     To Jeannette Macnab - a salute to a Smollan

                         SMOLLAN DIVERSIFIED SERVICES
                         BRAND ACTIVATION
                    6    BRAND GURU - Questions & Answers
                         SONY ERICCSON MDM IN ISTANBUL - Nic
                    7    Janse van Rensburg visits Turkey
                    8    METCASH BDP - News from KZN and Free State
                         PRIVATE LABEL - Updates
                    9    COMPASS COMMUNICATIONS - Amazing Omo
    8     10       10    Challenge and together with Motorola they
                         strike a pose
                    11   KNOW- Stakeholder Management

                         FIELD SERVICES
                         PFMS - Parmalat “potjiekos” Competition
                   12    Eastern Cape Bonnita Long Life Campaign
                         Western Cape is on the move and Inland shares
                         their successes

                         PFI - Mike Lawson salutes you on the brilliant
    13             15    launch of the newly established PFI (Pioneer
                         Foods In-store) business
                         All the regions give us their updates
                         Introducing the PFI HR Team

                         TBFS- Commrades 2008, a true reflection of
                   19    team spirit
                         All Gold celebrating 100 years
                         Eastern Cape Spar Golf Day and Bio Classic
                         OK Foods Show and Consumer Sampling

                         UCM - Learnership in Port Elizabeth and KZN
    17        20   21    Diamonds in the rough - profiles on Lungile
                         Ntombela and Nomsa Anna Mokgodi
                         Staff motivation is key to success at POP
                         Unilever and Spar Eldos feed the poor and UCM
                         taking change in it’s stride
                         Face of Impulse and UTD with Unilever score a
                         goal at Lotanang L.P School
                         Charl Grobbelaar - the father of UTD

                   26    SSM - Secret weapon

                   27    QBIC - shows their hearts

                         Learnership programme - learning in action
23       27
                         THE LAST WORD
                   28    Michael Smollans’ Industry Insight

                                                                So what makes a Smollan
                                                                person? Some of the words
                                                                that have been suggested
                                                                are things like courageous,
                                                                tenacious, problem solvers,
Smollan, an                                                     reliable, enthusiastic,
organisation of                                                 energetic, busy, trained,
courage                                     Doug Smollan
                                                                passionate, empathetic and
                                                                people with a good value
        o all the people who I have met during my re-
        engagement with the business, a big thank you
        for the time you took to show me the exciting
        things you are working on and for the energy,
                                                               It takes courage to attain what sees to be impossible goals and
passion and commitment you bring to the business. It is
                                                               when looking at the growth in the business, both locally and
such a privilege to lead an organisation which has such
                                                               internationally it is again clear to me that this has been
extraordinary people and talent. During one of my
                                                               achieved through special people. Entry into a new country is
meetings with the HR team we got to talking about the
                                                               not done by a faint hearted organisation and the feedback that
DNA of a Smollan employee and what type of special
                                                               I have received from India, for example, tells me that we have
characteristics make up this person. It has certainly been
                                                               entered successfully and made a real difference to execution at
my experience over the past few months that our people
                                                               the point of purchase there. Courage will be required expand
are tangibly different. So what makes a Smollan person?
                                                               into the other markets that we are looking at right now, but
Some of the words that have been suggested are things
                                                               there is a great sense of comfort that our people will rise to the
like courageous, tenacious, problem solvers, reliable,
                                                               challenge without fear.
enthusiastic, energetic, busy, trained, passionate,
empathetic and people with a good value system.                Courage is an individual act that comes from the heart. It is a
                                                               choice that begins, at times, as a very lonely act but ends up
This got me thinking about the organisation and whether
                                                               being the very thing that inspires others to follow.
or not we recognise ourselves for what we are. One of the
things that we definitely are, is an organisation of           So stand up and speak; sit down and listen; challenge the status
courage. You might ask what courage has got to do with         quo; take some chances; endure the rough times; discover new
business. Think of the environment in which we work            possibilities; be accountable; be vulnerable; be the best you
every day. It is one which requires us to take on new          can be and continue to make our organisation strong and
challenges daily and adapt to a changing environment. It       proud.
is one where we are subjected to scrutiny constantly. We
are, after all, responsible for some of the leading brands     In this issue we pay tribute to an individual who epitomises the
in South Africa and our clients expect us to uphold the        courage and commitment that I have talked about here.
brand values at all times and to take initiatives to keep      Jeannette Macnab has made an unbelievable contribution to
improving their point of purchase performance. Each one        our Group and has demonstrated the Smollan values in every
of you is held personally accountable for the achieve-         way, every day for the last 27 years. I cannot think of a better
ment of our goals and this requires a special type of          example of a Smollan person and I thank Jeannette from the
resilience. It seems to me that out people feel personally     bottom of my heart for standing beside me through good
connected to helping the organisation achieve its vision,      times and bad, through complicated negotiations, through
they take unexpected changes or setbacks in their stride       personal challenges that she has endured in her life. Jeannette
and they seek solutions with a resourceful, “can-do”           you have been an inspiration, thank you for your courage and
attitude                                                       integrity and for your unfailing loyalty to our Group.

We expect our people to perform, to communicate
clearly, to trust each other in order to collaborate, to
align to a vision, to be innovative, to adapt and even
create change, to take risks and make tough decisions.
For most people, most of the time, to do and be all these
                                                                Editor’s message
things requires courage. Aristotle had it right, courage is     For submissions:
the first human virtue. Without it, you cannot have
integrity, or be creative, accountable or resilient, nor        Contact: Kirsten Zeelie
trust each other, nor inspire others as a leader. Courage is    Address: Hathorn House, 27 Hathorn Avenue , Maryvale
                                                                Fax: (011) 485-2425 Tel: (011) 640-8057
the ultimate business issue.                                    Email:

      MACNAB                                 TRIBUTE      a salute to a Sm
                                                                     Comments from Jeannette's colleagues
Last year Jeannette Macnab left the                                  and friends
full time employment of the Smollan                       Sean Leas: Jeannette has been a stalwart of the business, her knowledge,
Group after 26 years of dedicated                         corporate memory and commercial acumen has been of great value to me.

service. Thankfully, for the ongoing                      Linda Druckman: A remarkable woman who excels at whatever she puts
                                                          her mind to, a lady of integrity and high morals, an inspiration to all who
success of the business, Jeannette                        cross her path, one of Smollan's best assets.
has agreed to remain in our employ
                                                          Arno Schworer:
on a part time basis as well as serving                   Jeannette's motto in
on the Holdings Board as a non-                           business has always
                                                          been “The easiest way
executive director.                                       to do things is to do
                                                          them right the first
                                                          time.” This is the

                                                          way Jeannette has
          eannette joined the business having left        conducted herself
          the teaching profession. At the time her        over the last 12
          intention was to gain a bit of business         years I have known
          experience before returning to teaching         her. Her preparation
          with more to offer her students, but luckily    at her last EXCO
          Jeannette soon realised that she had found      meeting was as good
          her niche and remained in the business in       and as thorough as it
          various roles for the next 26 years.            was at her first, with
          Jeannette started in the Finance depart-        absolute attention to
          ment as a clerk but her attention to detail,    detail. Jeannette's
her quick mind and her dedication soon resulted in        empathy for people and
her being promoted, eventually becoming the               her personal ethics will
Finance Director, and the first woman executive on        forever be embedded in the
our Board. In later years she took on the challenge of    Smollan culture. Jeannette is
Organisational Effectiveness Director and in typical      a true example of an excellent
Jeannette fashion, made a massive contribution to         executive and human being.
the development of our human capital.
                                                          Colleen Rose: Jeannette has
Jeannette has been an exemplary mentor for women          inspired me with her clarity of
in the business. Her growth to Executive level led the    thought, her management ability,
way for many women to come and yet she maintained         her dedication and work ethic and her
her femininity and her commitment to her family.          integrity in everything she does. I have
Jeannette lost her husband to cancer while her            often heard her described as the
daughters were very young and she has been a single       conscience of the business and her
parent to them ever since. The girls are now beautiful,   contribution is immense.
proficient young women with successful careers of
their own and the example set by their talented,          Cecilia van Wyk: Jeannette taught me so much
caring, successful mother is evident in everything        about this business and she was my mentor. I
they do.                                                  really enjoyed working for her as she always knew
                                                          what was happening in this business. She is a fair
Jeannette's checklists are legendary in the business      and honest manager and will protect her staff always.
and people who reported to her talk with fondness         She is kind, caring and you could approach her with any
and great respect of how she mentored them and            problem. For me personally it was a sad day when she left
stretched them, but also of how you did not EVER dare     Finance. We shared much laughter as well as many tears.
come to a meeting with something on a checklist that
had not been completed. Jeannette's footprints are        Arno Gelderbloem: Consistent, pedantic, special, grumpy at
everywhere, in the rigorous processes that she helped     times.
designed, in the learning centre that was established
under her leadership, in the financial rigour that she    Gerhard Snyman: She was the most systematic and organised
brought to everything we do and mostly in the             individual that I have worked for, having checklists for major events
contracts which she negotiated that will continue to      and thereby ensuring that nothing is missed.
protect our organisation for years to come.
                                                          Milana Pretorius: Jeannette is the best mentor that I have ever come across.
Jeannette, the business salutes you and thanks you        With her fast thinking actions, she has made a difference in so many peoples
and trusts that you will be involved with us for many     lives that I have lost count of it. Her straight forward manner and wonderful
years into the future. In the comments that people        sense of humor makes her a person you can easily look up to for advice.
who know you and who have worked with you we see
tributes to your integrity, to your intellect, to your    Edelweiss Perazzolo: Jeannette is an amazing woman with an amazing
wisdom and to your service to our Group.                  heart. Her down-to-earth attitude, understanding and work ethics are
                                                          traits that hold my every respect. I'm glad to be associated with her both as
                                                          a work colleague and a friend.


mollan heroine
   Bryan Hirsch: In my 43 years in the business I have never come across
                                                                                       David Smollan: I have known Jeanette Macnab for
                                                                                       most of my life -she has been a key driver of the
                                                                                       group's human development, intellectual property,
                                                                                       and contracting ability which are characteristics that
   an individual who is as competent, enthusiastic and innovative in what-             set us apart in the marketplace. Jeanette has a
   ever role she plays. Jeannette makes it her business to fully understand            formidable talent in attending to the finer details,
   and educate herself about the subject that she is involved in. Our                  combined with an enduring patience to ensure that
   business has learnt a lot from her. Whenever she has picked up an error             issues are always meticulously dealt with. I have no
   or some other issue about the company where we haven't delivered and                doubt that the explosive growth would not have
   brought it to our attention, we have used this as the benchmark for all             been possible without Jeanette quietly stitching up
   our clients. I have always maintained that the people who should own                the pieces behind the scenes...
   shares in a business are those of think and behave like an owner.
   Jeannette has always thought of Smollan's as her very own business and        Steven Romberg: It has been my privilege and pleasure
   has committed herself fully in each and every role throughout her years       to work with Jeannette for the past 7 years in my capacity
   with Smollans. My award to Jeannette must be beyond the call of duty.         as the healthcare service provider to Smollan's. Her
                                                                                 attention to detail, absolute commitment, and tireless
      Michael Smollan: Jeannette has been a part of this business                devotion to getting the best possible outcome for
      through many phases. She built it with passion and enthusiasm in           Smollan's personnel are defining characteristics of our
      the earlier days and continued to grow and nurture the business            working relationship. One cannot work with Jeannette
      and its people to ensure that it stands today built on strong values       without getting a lot of take-home value and I have
      and superb corporate governance. She has a great gift of making            personally benefited from our association and her
      sure every piece of work she is involved in is truly perfect in the        personal support. The Sasfin Healthcare Consulting team
      details, which so many people tend to brush over, and she                  joins me in wishing Jeannette a well-deserved retirement,
      compounds this with sheer dedication. Jeannette has truly been one         with many years of good health, enjoyment, and
      of the cornerstones of this business and it in turn owes her a great       fulfilment.
                                                      Malcolm Leitch: I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeanette since the early nineties
   Byron Xypteras: As a consultant to the             when she held the position of Financial and Legal Director. She grew with the
   Smollan Group, I had the honour and                company and ensured that the company operated on a sound financial footing. She
   pleasure of working with Jeannette                 also played a major role in drawing up and negotiating contracts with our clients,
   Macnab for a number of years. Graduating           large and small. Throughout these negotiations Jeanette earned the respect of all
   from the tough and disciplined arena of            parties concerned for her thoroughness, knowledge and enquiring mind, pragmatism,
    finance, she was given the task of taking         the ability to keep calm during difficult negotiations and her determination. I think
      over the Group's HR function, an area in        she has always been fair and has always been willing to be forthright when the
       which, at the time, she had had little         occasion calls for this.
        experience. However, with typical             Most of all Jeanette is a people person and it was fitting that she became the
         grace, intelligence, fortitude,              Organisation Effectiveness Director a few years back. She really cares about the
          honesty and hard effort, Jeannette          15000 employees of the Smollan Group and has always tried her best to ensure fair
           rose to the challenge with aplomb          treatment for all.
            and soon mastered her new role,           It has always been a pleasure to work with Jeannette who is a really warm and caring
             bringing a sense of fair play,           person. She showed great fortitude in her personal life and has brought up two lovely
             consistency and attention to             daughters.
             detail into the Group's HR               I am delighted that she will continue to be associated with the group as she has so
             policies, practices and                  much to add.
             procedures. In all my interactions
             with her, I have always found        Claire Mol: Jeannette is one of those rare people that totally absorbs herself in the projects
             Jeannette to have been a             she is involved with. The Pension Fund in particular she approaches as though she was
            professional, ethical and             looking after her own children's interest, her dedication and attention to detail makes all
            thoroughly pleasant person to         the people around her up their game to try and compare with her consistent
           work with and I wish her well in       excellence.
          all her future aspirations and
         challenges.                                                           Leon Rautenbach: Jeannette always strikes me as a person
                                                                               who is dedicated to what she does. She will leave no stone
                                                                               unturned to solve a query /problem. The comment that you
       Michelle Christou: Working with Jeannette Macnab I learned
                                                                               would rather have her on your side when going to war than
     about dedication to one's task, high standards and a level of             against you speaks many words about how trustworthy she is.
   perfectionism I didn't know existed. Jeannette was there for me
   during a very difficult confinement, her visits were full of genuine
   care, she is really special. Her daughters are privileged to have
   such a role model in their lives.                                     Jeanette Hern: I met Jeannette, a number of years ago when I joined
                                                                         the Smollan external audit team. I had the pleasure of working with
      Mike Lawson: I have worked with Jeannette for the last             her for several years before she moved out of finance into HR. Being
      14 years and we, as an organisation, can count ourselves           the new kid on the block and having heard about the extremely high
      lucky to have someone as passionate about the business             standards and expectations at Smollan I was very nervous about the
      as Jeannette, someone who ensures good corporate                   assignment. I can thank Jeannette for making my job that much
      governance is the order of the day and attention to detail         easier. She provided guidance and support and being extremely
      is on every agenda.                                                dedicated and hard working, always made sure that the deadlines
                                                                         were met. Although a hard task master she was prepared to roll up
   Michelle Chandler: Jeannette is a true brand ambassador for her sleeves and assist, never expecting her staff to put in more effort
   the organisation. Everything which she undertakes is always           than she did. Meetings at 7 in the morning were not out of the
   delivered on to the highest standards and her decisions and           ordinary, especially since Jeannette was working a 14 or 16 hour day.
   actions firmly rooted in the values. Her ability to coach and         How she managed to work these hours and bring up two
   mentor ensure that she leaves an enduring and positive effect teenage daughters I will never know!
   on all those with whom she engages.

URGENCY INNOVATION DISCIPLINE PASSION INTEGRITY RESULTS ORIENTATION COURAGE                                                                   5
    BRAND ACTIVE                                Q&A

    Dear BrandGURU

    I've heard that brands like Pepsi are
    worth billions of dollars. How the heck
    do they work that out? Do they add up
    the value of all the bottles of Pepsi in
    the world? I thought a brand was
    something intangible – something you
    can't see or touch. Sounds crazy to me
    that something you can't see or touch
    can be worth so much moolah. Can you
    shed some light?
    Dazed & Confused

    dazed & confused
    Dear Dazed & Confused

    You pose both a baffling and brilliant question. When I last
    checked, the Pepsi brand was worth about US$12.8 billion
    (that's pretty close to R100 billion). That value (brace
    yourself Dazed), does not include a single can of actual
    Pepsi. No siree. It's the sum of all things intangible that
                                                                     Basically, brand value (or the premium that a brand can
                                                                     command) is really determined by the customer. And
                                                                     apparently, loads of people worldwide are willing to pay a
                                                                     substantial premium for Pepsi.

    relate to Pepsi.                                                 There it is Dazed. I hope that helps and welcome more
                                                                     challenges from you and your colleagues. Your prize is on its
    Brand value can be calculated in many ways. The most             way!
    common way to work it out is to calculate the net present
    value of the forecast brand earnings, discounted by the          Keep it green.
    brand discount rate.

    Essentially, the Brand Whizzes calculate how much dosh
    the brand is likely to earn them in the future and then they
    work backwards to find out what that means in today's
    monetary terms, taking into account all of the usual risks.        Email your question to the Brandguru
    Still Dazed & Confused?
    Interbrand (the folk that do a lot of these kinds of
    calculations) defines brand value as “the dollar premium           No access to email? Don't worry.
    resulting from customer's commitment to a brand and                Post your question to:
    their willingness to pay extra for it as compared to a generic
    (unbranded) offering in the same category.”
                                                                       The BrandGURU
    What this means is that if the average customer is willing to
    pay R5,00 for a 330ml can of Pepsi and only R3,00 for              PO Box 51537
    unbranded cola, the brand premium is R2,00 per 330ml.
    Roughly, if you multiply that by the quantity of Pepsi on the
    market and the likely future quantity to be consumed, you          Johannesburg
    get some sense of the brand's value.                               2124                    BrandGURU. A Brandactive innovation

                                                                                    SMOLLAN DIVERSIFIED SERVICES

MDM in Istanbul                                                Janse van Rensburg

I was the top achiever of the 22 MDM's
within the Sony Ericsson Fieldmarketing
structure for the first quarter based on
scorecards (achieved 100%). My award
for this, from Sony Ericsson, was a trip to
Turkey to represent Sony Ericsson SA on
the Sony Ericsson stand at a global
technology conference.

A     fter an 8-hour flight to Dubai, 6-hour wait and another 4-hour
      flight to Istanbul, was it worth it? DEFINITELY! WOW what an

The exhibition itself represented the entire Sony portfolio,
exhibiting from Audio Visual to cell phones from the Sony Ericsson
range. VIP's from across Europe and Asia and let me tell you they
mean business over there. I worked in the Cybershot division of our
handsets showcasing some awesome new products such as The
C905 (the first 8mp camera phone) to the stylish Xperia. The event
lasted two days and was a huge success.

Turkey, known officially as the Republic of Turkey, is a Eurasian
country that stretches across the Anatolian peninsula in western
Asia and Thrace (Rumelia) in the Balkan region of southeastern
Europe. Turkey borders eight countries: Bulgaria to the northwest;
Greece to the west, Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, Azerbaijan
(the exclave of Nakhichevan), and Iran to the east; and Iraq and Syria
to the southeast. The Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus are to the
south; the Aegean Sea and Archipelago are to the west; and the
Black Sea is to the north. Separating Anatolia and Thrace are the Sea
of Marmara and the Turkish Straits (the Bosporus and the
Dardanelles), which are commonly reckoned to delineate the
border between Asia and Europe, thereby making Turkey

After only two days in Turkey it was back to SA, but it was very
exciting and a great experience. Once again thanks to those who
made it possible and especially to Sony Ericsson.

[did you know]
The famous Trojan Wars took place in Western Turkey, around
the site where the Trojan horse rests today.

    Pictures on right
    1. The exhibition
    2. From left to right: Oz (Turkey), Nic (SA), Mike (Dubai), Lulia (Romania)
    3. View from the hotel
    4. Presentations on the other Sony products
    5. SE stand
    6. One of the older buildings in Istanbul
    7. Event
    Eastern Cape
    METCASH BDP                             Frank Ferns       KZN

At a recent customer day that was held at Keats Drift Supermarket by the BDP
(Banner Development Program) consumers had the opportunity to taste the
following house brands:

Astor Baked Beans
White Harvest Maize Meal
Flavo juice
In addition to that, the first 30 customers that purchased stock from the store
                                                                                  “A brand name is
to the value of R300-00 also received a free T-Shirt.
                                                                                   more than a word.
                                                                                   It is the beginning
                                                                                   of a conversation.”
                                                                                  - Lexicon

                                                                                       SMOLLAN DIVERSIFIED SERVICES

Free State
The BDP provide a service to all the Metcash banner
stores (Lucky 7, Square Deal, Pop In, Viva and Buyrite).
One of the aspects of the BDP (Banner Development
Program) is to drive the Metcash house brands at the            PRIVATE LABEL                              van der Westhuizen
banner stores.

This includes brands such as:
Family Favourite

Xtra                                                                rivate Label Services has just completed their first full year
                                                                    with the Metcash Group, and achieved their targeted
In the picture below you can see an Ad-hoc display                  growth numbers. The private label budget new financial
that was build at Bafokeng Cash Store to highlight the              year is going to stretch the PLS team and will demand high
house brand items.                                                  levels of commitment, passion and skill from the PLS team.

                                                           Our main objective – as with all other Smollan business units - will
                                                           always be to strive towards operational excellence, in order to
                                                           achieve our Customer and Clients targets, thus giving them a return
                                                           on investment.

                                                           Earlier this year we identified, that information would play a huge
                                                           roll in taking us to the next level and in light of the above, we have
                                                           launched HHT (Hand Held Technology) capabilities including the
                                                           following applications:

                                                           VP Score carding – This will enable us to understand different
                                                           Fieldmarketer's strengths and developmental areas, while identify-
                                                           ing training opportunities and taking action. It also gives us a clear
                                                           picture of how the different regions are performing and helping us
                                                           to identify trends. Trends that we can make informed decisions

                                                           Promotional Feedback – We have set up a platform to report on
                                                           Rack end Schedules, by client. It is important to understand strike
                                                           rates on a monthly basis This then enables Metcash to have mean-
During July the BDP together with Compass                  ingful discussions with their suppliers around promotions.
Communications conducted wet demos of Family
Favourite Soup.                                            Image Library – All original templates and working documents are
                                                           stored in an Image library. This insures the most current documents
The objectives of the wet demos were:                      are always ready to be used by both Metcash as well as their suppli-
To create awareness for the brand.                         ers.
To increase sales.
                                                           In conclusion we have our first year behind us, and we are rearing to
To gain market share.                                      go for the next. I want to thank the Metcash team, their suppliers and
To increase profits for both the banner                    my PLS team for the commitment and support shown. Here's to
stores as well as the Metcash stores.                      another great year.

The promotion took place over a three-day period
six hours per day.

Below are photos that were taken at Kwiksave (a
lucky 7 banner store) in Dordrech while the demo
took place.
                                                           “What do you want to achieve or
                                                            avoid? The answers to this question
                                                            are objectives. How will you go
                                                            about achieving your desire results?
                                                            The answer to this you can call
                                                            - William E Rothschild

 COMMUNICATIONS                                                    Promotions

                                                                 "Nothing cleans more than OMO"
                                                                  is the key message behind the
                                                                  OMO campaign in Shoprite stores
Amazing Omo                                                       that Compass is activating
Written by Debra Burton

Compass communications instore ladies are driving the
Shoprite shopper competition linked to OMO's exciting
"Amazing Omo Challenge TV Reality Show". The reality
show is broadcast before and after Bold and Beautiful on
SABC 1 every Monday night. Each week contestants battle
it out against each other and put Omo to the test through
exciting challenges. Shoppers also stand the chance to
win huge cash prizes!

The instore ladies have proved to be invaluable with their
constant support and enthusiasm in store, converting
laundry shoppers at the point of choice! Omo sales on
average have shot up an incredible 73% from May - July.
From April to May, sales figures increased by 65%, from
May - June sales figures increased by a further 17% and
from June - July sales figures increased even more by 8%.
The campaign went full steam ahead at the end of May and
will cross the finish line at the end of August.

                                                                 Motorola and
                                                                 strike a pose
                                                                 Pink or Purple - Which one are you?

     Written by Tenille Moodley

     The new Motorola U9 with MP3 music player, 25MB
     internal memory, 2 megapixel camera and touch
     sensitive music keys, to name just a few of its features,
     is cute, curvy and chic! - As were our Compass
     promoters in a rather unusual role as live mannequins
     in the windows of selected Foshini stores across the
     country. Our lovely ladies sported the stylish handset,
     paired with Foshini's sleepwear range, of which sales

                                                                                             SMOLLAN DIVERSIFIED SERVICES

                he past decade has seen a major shift in the way business is
                managed. Gone are the days when companies could survive and
                succeed by only investing in the needs of the shareholder. In
                today's globalised and technology-based economy, the
                interaction and participation of key stakeholders is paramount
                to the success of any business. This brings about a new dynamic
                in the way we conduct business. Business today is relationship
                based – the intangible assets, such as intellectual, human and
social capital. As quoted by Jeff Mooney, Chairman & CEO of A&W Food Services:
“It doesn't matter how good the market research is, how bright the manage-
ment team is, it is the quality of relationships amongst all people in the
organisation that has an enormous bearing on the quality of decisions and their
execution.” The human factor and its impact on any organisation is critical.

The questions all organisations should be asking: “How strong are the relation-
ships between the key shareholders?” As well as “To successfully run a business,
should businesses be concentrating on key relationships?” The only way to
determine the strength and necessity of these relationships is to measure

Stakeholder Management / Loyalty research represents a significant (as much
as 33% by some sources) and growing proportion of market research spend in
South Africa. In addition, the largest part of this spend would be in non-FMCG
industries such as banking and telecommunications. It has become clear that a
loyalty relationship at all levels of the spectrum has become paramount.

“Research has shown convincing correlations between customer loyalty and
business performance, specifically profit margins and growth rates,” explains
Grant Lindhorst, Account Manager at RPI. “Keeping customers happy isn't
enough anymore. Loyalty is really what translates into the bottom line and
therefore we needed to find a loyalty management and measurement solution
which is internationally credible”. Walker Loyalty Solutions was the most
appropriate. Walker Loyalty Solutions use effective business tools for measur-
ing and managing critical relationships. Walker is the world's leading technical         KNOW              Grant Lindhorst
and practical authority on loyalty measurement. With this businesses can make
better decisions and develop stakeholder-focused strategies to improve their
business. Thus, with much dialogue between RPI and Walker, the Walker license
was secured.

When the Walker Information team was looking for an exclusive partner in
                                                                                      “Companies must
Southern Africa to take its customer and employee loyalty solutions to market,
they set their sights high.                                                            try to understand
“We wanted an agency that had both depth of expertise in market research,
experience in loyalty solutions and the ability to deliver excellent client
service,” says Jane Gehlhausen, Walker's International Vice President. “We also
                                                                                       better what their
wanted a partner with the technological resources to be able to offer clients
real-time results and with extensive networks in Africa.”                              stakeholders' needs
Walker found their partner in Research & Planning Intelligence (RPI).

RPI is a full service, boutique market research specialist based in Johannesburg,
                                                                                       are and then deal
with research partners in Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi & Namibia. As part of
KNOW Market Intelligence, the sixth largest market research business in South          with those needs
Africa, RPI also has access to research and auditing capabilities in India and
South East Asia.                                                                       ahead of time
RPI has provided its customers with competitive edge primary and secondary
market research since 1999. With pioneering products ranging from tools that
seek to understand the unconscious desires of consumers, to mathematical
                                                                                       rather that learn
models that simulate the birth of new products, RPI offers its clients a high level
of interpretation and insight, an inquisitive and innovative approach and a
commitment to service delivery and professionalism.
                                                                                       about them later.”
                                                                                       - Marc J. Epstein
 “It's a seamless partnership for us, because loyalty research has always been an
area of focus for RPI,” says Lindhorst. “Walker Information is regarded as the
global expert in their field and they've been leaders in loyalty since the early
'90s. We're really excited about how this synergy will deliver real value to our        Contact: Grant Lindhorst
clients.”                                                                               Research & Planning Intelligence
With a successful launch that was held in June, the relationship between the
                                                                                        (011) 519-3700
partners of Walker and RPI was cemented and thus ultimately will bring about a
unique customer strategy for any organisation, to accelerate their business
performance and ultimately to increase their shareholder value.
                                                                  “Brand value is very
                                                                   much like an onion.
     PFMS                                         News
                                                                   It has layers and a core.
                                                                   The core is the user
                                                                   who will stick with you
  Parmalat                                                         until the very end.”
 “potjiekos”                                                       - Edwin Artzt

     Written by Hendrick Human

     On Saturday 5th of June we entered in a potjiekos
     competition in Upington.

     There was an open class and a business class, we
     entered in the business class of which 24 teams
     participated including the likes of Clover, DairyBelle,
     Shoprite/Checkers etc. It was a really tough
     competition, but we had a lot of Parmalat products in
     our “pot”.

     Parmalat was the winner of the business class and all of
     us worked as team to making the “Parmalat Potjiekos” a
     memorable one with plenty of Parmalat products
     having being added to make it tasteful “potjie”.

     A sampling campaign was done after the competition.

     Western Cape                                                [welcome]
                                                                New employees to the PFMS business
                                                                Lou-Ann Leonard, Jakobus Hendricks, Phumlani Jezile,

      [on the move]                                             Malikah Isaacs, Chenell Theunissen, Nadia Kleinhans,
                                                                Deswill Lottering, Wynne Fortuin, Ryan Rasmus, Warren
                                                                Jansen, Chester Williams, Jody Ehlers and Ntobeko

      [on the move]
      We have moved offices from the Smollan Offices to
      Parmalat DC on 12 July 2008.

     New Learnerships to the PFMS business
     Kula Sabelo, Elizabeth Lisoetsa, Nobuntu Libala,
     Siviwe Nodiwa, Brian Mageleni, Phumeza Pere,
     Anthony Alexander, Sibonile Ronorono and Bongiwe
                                                                Pierre du Pree                   Natasha Carnow
                                                                New Fieldmanager to              HR Officer to PFMS
                                                                PFMS W/Cape Team                 W/Cape Team

                                                                                FIELD SERVICES

                                             Eastern Cape                 Written by Charl Kok

Bonnita Long Life Campaign
What a fantastic brand awareness campaign
We were fortunate to participate , in the last
few months, together with Parmalat
Marketing and the Brand Awareness
Activation teams, in a fantastic brand
awareness campaign. We were responsible
for driving from town to town educating
consumers. Some excellent displays were
executed at store level to coincide with the

Well done the East London Team!                       Congratulations to David Chipenya
                                                      from PFMS Port Elizabeth for winning
                                                      the Melrose “Back to School”
                                                      promotion. David won a Sony PSP.

                                                      Congratulations to Melikhaya Sithuba
                                                      from PFMS East London. Melikhaya took
                                                      part in the comrade's marathon 2008
                                                      and finished in 12th place overall, and
                                                      3rd for his age group. Well done we are
                                                      proud of you!!

                                             When you believe you can!
 Inland                                      - Maxwell Maltz

Precilla Mmethi                               Arshad Khan                                      Clive Pillay

A rising Star                                Change                                          Success story
Written by Tania Hawkins                     Written by Arshad Khan                          Written by Deon Morgan
                                             Change; a process that every individual at
Precilla Mmethi joined Parmalat Field        some stage is afraid of, the question is        Clive Pillay started his career with Smollan
marketing Services during 2001, when         though, is it always for the better?            in the Smollan Sales and Marketing
she was appointed as a Fieldmarketer for                                                     Division as a Fieldmarketer on 3 July 2000.
the Inland North Region. Precilla was        I made the change, or “the plunge”,             In 2001 when TBFS became a dedicated
based in Checkers Polokwane from             however it really has been some ride. In        structure he moved from SSM to TBFS in
                                             May 2008, I chose to change business
September 2001 – September 2007,                                                             the same capacity.
                                             units from TBFS (C&G) to PFMS; relocate
where her presence was evident in
                                             from Durban to Johannesburg. Making
growing the awareness of Parmalat                                                            In 2005 Clive joined Parmalat Field
                                             the transition from TBFS to PFMS was easy.
products and sales in store. The former                                                      marketing Services as a Fieldmanager and
                                             TBFS and PFMS are both unique business's
Store Manager, Mr. Muller, once said “I do   with unique challenges, the commonality         he covered the Southern suburbs. He
not tell Precilla what to do in my store,    is Smollan, so the systems and policies for     always took on new challenges and
she's got full authority to do as she        me didn't change just the day-to-day            therefore continuously moved and
pleases, as her contribution has always      running of operations.                          covered various areas within the Gauteng
been of excellent value to me and my                                                         Region.
                                             My experience thus far at Parmalat
                                             Fieldmarketing Services has certainly           As a result of Clive's attitude and contribu-
                                             been pleasant, challenging and fulfilling.      tion to the business he was placed on
Precilla has been actively involved with
                                             Pleasant in the sense that the people I
training of new staff as she was allocated                                                   the succession program in June 2007 and
                                             have working around me have really been
the responsibility of a leadership role in                                                   he grabbed the challenge with both
                                             there to help and support me wherever I
various stores throughout Polokwane.                                                         hands! Clive clearly distinguished himself
                                             have needed it, a great sense of together-
This has given her the opportunity to        ness that I'm sure would take any team to       from his peers and has always presented
broaden her experience in all channels as    number one.                                     himself and the business in a very
well as becoming a leader in her team,                                                       professional manner. When I look at Clive I
and make her mark in PFMS.                   Challenging, in that I need to work really      see the motto of the business come alive
                                             smart to get the numbers right in my            “When you green you grow” and that, in
Precilla was promoted to the position of     region. Fulfilling in that, in my short time    my opinion, is the secret to his success.
“Area Marketer” when the position was        here, I have already managed to win a
                                             cheese incentive, lead the pack in a Yum        Clive was promoted to Regional Manager
created in the Limpopo area to focus on
                                             Chums incentive and be nominated for
Spar, Score and Wholesale channels in                                                        for Inland South in April 2008 and in the
                                             the GM5 learnership programme.
the outlying areas of Limpopo. Precilla                                                      short space of time he has once again
was allocated 29 stores and has, true to     All in all if there's one important lesson      proven himself to be a force to be
character, grown the Spar channel by         that I have learnt at PFMS, it is never to be   reckoned with. He is a sound leader and a
100% for 2007 vs. 2008. Precilla adds        afraid of change, accept your challenges        good manager to his team.
value in everything she does. Precilla has   and face them head on, be positive,
a great future ahead within PFMS, and we     determined and focused.                         PFMS would like to wish Clive all the best
are actively assisting in her career         So back to the question, is change for the      going forward in his new position.
development.                                 better? It's what you make of it.

                                                                                                      FIELD SERVICES

                                                                             PFI                               News

                                            PFI, I salute you                              Written by Mike Lawson

Every so often, we embark upon a journey that contributes so significantly to the growth of our
business and our people – both professionally and personally, that it leaves a trail of unparalleled
learnings that will forever be remembered as 'textbook' milestones to our future success!

                                                 t is during these times that we truly realise the core of our
                                                 company's values and the reason we have never compromised on
                                                 our 'passion for excellence' culture. Indeed, I am referring to the
                                                 acquisition and brilliant launch of the newly established PFI
                                                 (Pioneer Foods In-store) business that commenced operations on
                                             Monday 4th August, making it arguably the largest stand-alone
                                             structure of its kind in the world!

    PFI team left no                         The launch of PFI represents the culmination of an 8-month journey
                                             that started with an end and ended with a beginning! The 'end' was
    stone unturned,                          in December 2007 when we were given notice by Bokomo and the
                                             start of the beginning was their simultaneous invitation for us to
                                             pitch for the much larger Pioneer business's full stable of household
    no resource                              brands, including Bokomo, Sasko, SAD, CFJ, Pepsi, Moirs, Nulaid,
                                             Tydstroom and the list goes on.

    untapped and no                          Following a gruelling countrywide briefing process that set the
                                             industry alight, the PFI team left no stone unturned, no resource
    Pioneer executive                        untapped and no Pioneer executive uninvolved in compiling the
                                             most outstanding winning presentation. The next step was to 'make
                                             it happen', 'plan the action' in painstaking detail throughout the
    uninvolved in                            country and interview well over 10 000 applicants to fill the
                                             stringent Smollan employee specs. With clockwork precision, we've

    compiling the                            trained these new employees and brought them into the workplace
                                             armed with the most sophisticated tools required to excel in
                                             delivering on the promise of the Smollan brand. I am confident that
    most outstanding                         the future performance of PFI will bear testimony to these supreme
                                             levels of preparation at inception.

    winning                                  I take this opportunity to salute every person involved in our
                                             enormous PFI business achievement. We wish Michael Smollan and

    presentation.                            his team good fortune as they carve their future careers off this high

                                             Equally, I salute everyone not involved in PFI for their unstinting role
                                             in ensuring that the exceptional service delivered to our other clients
                                             has remained unaffected by the establishment of PFI.

                                             I am extremely proud to be associated with such a promising team of
                                             professionals. Well done!
                                  Inland                                                   Western Cape
Written by Seggie Gounden                     Written by Ronald Ramolobeng

The Training                                  A motivational and inspirational message
Gauteng received a phenomenal
response with regards to the start up         Bokomo the goodness of home.
training. The training was scheduled for
                                              The heart of Bokomo is divided into five
an entire week and consisted of 3
                                              seasons: Bokomo breakfast, Nature
modules as well as clients' product
                                              source, Moirs, Biscuits & So Soy.
presentations. Various venues were
booked all around the province and were       The only way to see the happy faces in the
full to capacity for the entire week of       morning is to prepare breakfast for our
training. We also had a 90% turnout on        consumers. The future belongs to those       Written by Brian Eloff
the day of the strike.                        who are prepared to fight, fight for the
                                              space, fight to stay.                        It's not often in life that you get an
During the training sessions the field                                                     opportunity to be part of something so
staff were introduced to the Smollan          I can make things happen. Yes! I can, as     great that the non-believers become
Group as well as in-depth training on         long as you eat Bokomo products to keep      believers. In the Western Cape this
procedures and standards of operations        your body healthy. Bokomo you make my        opportunity has become a reality for many
within the organisation.                      day, make my life easier, simpler, better.   people.
                                              Why don't share breakfast with your          We started our recruitment process during
These modules were very informative           friends and family.                          the month of June. As with everything in
and were accepted very well by the TEAM.                                                   life we ran into snares and picked up issues,
                                              Business is like wind you don't know which
                                                                                           this would just encourage us to get up and
The Clients were overwhelmed by the           way it's going to blow, but with Bokomo
                                                                                           fight harder. In general the recruitment
response and inter-activeness of the          you know .You can drive a big ship on a
                                                                                           ran smoothly and we managed to get a
TEAM, there were questions and answer         strong wind to the right direction. To       team together that is unique. We knew
sessions after every presentation and         provide good service to our customers        that each individual in the team would
prizes were awarded to the respective
                                              and say come back tomorrow.

                                              Let's serve them with “Respect”
                                                                                           bring his or her unique skill to the team
                                                                                           and make PFI Western Cape a structure to
                                                                                           be reckoned with.
The team are very passionate about this
new structure and certain individuals         By being “Passionate”                        The team got together as a whole for the
went to the extent of writing motiva-         Will to create “Friendship”                  first time on the 14th July. From the word
tional speeches for the different clients.                                                 go they all showed what they have to offer.
So motivated in fact that they actually
                                              They will “Trust” us                         A more enthusiastic and energetic team I
sang what they thought should be the          And get good “Results”.                      have not seen. The team started with
Pioneer Foods In-store anthem (We Are                                                      training and received more and more
Number One!!!) after every client             I am very ambitious with aspirations to      training for five full days. All the clients
presentation. This gesture blew the           become successful in everything I do.        presented and the team received in-house
clients away and made them realise that                                                    training from Barry Pretorius. This was a
this is the best TEAM to handle their                                                      long and tiring week for all.
business.                                                                                  From the 21st August we had the huge task
                                                                                           of getting all the field staff together at one
By the end of this training all field staff                                                venue, this was their week of training. In
were fully equipped with full uniform for                                                  these five days we had to ensure that the
the Launch, which followed the week                                                        staff would be ready to go into the stores
after.                                                                                     and do business the Smollan way. Once
                                                                                           again the commitment shown was
The Launch:                                                                                exceptional. Arriving on time each day and
This was a phenomenal success and went                                                     giving total commitment for the entire five
on well with no glitches. The executives                                                   days was no problem for these guys. The
were very impressed with the execution                                                     following week we had an opportunity
and were overwhelmed with the turnout                                                      from Monday till Thursday to get the staff
and passion shown throughout the                                                           into stores and get them acquainted with
launch.                                                                                    their new surroundings.
                                                                                           Friday 1st August we had our launch at the
                                                                                           Cape Sun. What a day it was! For many of
                                                                                           these individuals this was the first launch
                                                                                           and they were blown away. The day was a
                                                                                           huge success and after inspiring words
                                                                                           from Doug Smollan, Mike Lawson, Michael
                                                                                           Smollan, Francois Eksteen (Divisional
                                                                                           Manager Sales - Bokomo SAD) and Felix
                                                                                           Lombard (MD- Bokomo SAD) the scene was
                                                                                           set for the PFI Western Cape team to go out
                                                                                           on the 4th August and show what we are
                                                                                           made of. To the entire team I want to say
                                                                                           thank you for what you have done until
                                                                                           now. Carry on doing it and this will ensure
                                                                                           that we will reach the top spot.

                                Free State
Written by Andy Melville                         On the Sunday before the launch, we had
                                                 a shuttle service running between the
PFI FS started spreading the news that we        airport, the venue and the hotel to get all
were recruiting soon after we got the            involved where they had to be, on time.
news that we had been awarded the
contract to do the sales and merchandis-         Monday 28 July - The Big Day - PFI Launch
ing for the Pioneer Group of companies.          in Bloemfontein. People arrived by lift,
                                                 Taxi, Bus, Train, Plane and cars to attend
Our fax machine and our phones started           the official launch at Kopano Nokeng just
working overtime as the applications             outside Bloemfontein.
started coming in. Tests were conducted
and interviews were held in hotels, cars,        It was quite a sight to see everybody
parking areas of shopping centres,               neatly dressed in his or her uniforms,
storerooms and outside fast food outlets         disciplined and on time. Michael Smollan
in the rain etc.                                 welcomed each and everyone and
                                                 e ve r y b o d y e n j oye d t h e l a u n ch .
By mid July we had 95% of all staff that we      Spontaneous eruptions of dancing and
needed and had to arrange for all key            singing started after the first tea break
personnel to attend training.                    and this set the tone for the rest of the
It was a logistical challenge to get all new
staff to Kimberley and Bloemfontein for          We had a few budding Picasso's and got
their training, which started on 21 July         some excellent paintings that depicted
and ended on 25 July.                            just what we stand for and what we are
                                                 all about.
Uniforms were issued on the last day of
training and it looked like a clothing store     I would like to thank Michael Smollan,
at the office with all the boxes full of         Doug Smollan, Mike Lawson, Francois
uniforms stacked all over the show.              Eksteen, Felix Lombaard and all atten-
                                                 dees for making this all possible.

                                                                                                   Written by Krishni Depnarain
                                                                                                   Our team in Northern Natal consists of
                                                                                                   vibrant and energetic men and women.
                                                                                                   We are ready to take on our new venture
                                                                                                   with pride and zest.
                                                                                                   I have long waited to be part of the
                                                                                                   Smollan Family, as have so many of the
                                                                                                   new employees.
                                                                                                   Smollan business is most talked about
                                                                                                   company in the trade and we are part of
                                                                                                   this exciting organization.     We are
                                                                                                   grateful that Pioneer Foods In-Store has
                                                                                                   given us this immense opportunity.
                                                                                                   It's been hard work setting up the team
                                                                                                   but well worth every effort. We are proud
                                                                                                   to be part of an ongoing partnership of

Written by Hennie van den Berg
A new era has dawned; the birth of PFI
Eastern Cape has been an amazing
journey of fun, trial and tribulation. The
                                                 Eastern Cape
geographical size of the Eastern Cape
tested every member of this incredible
team and I am proud to say that every staff
member has come through with flying
Focus on the training of the field staff was
fun and interactive. The launch was an
absolute amazing experience and the
Regional Managers and Fieldmanagers
were absolute stars in ensuring the
turnout from very vast areas of our region.
It has been a good journey up to now and
now it is time to turn it to great at the POP.

                                                                                                        the task
                                                                                                        and doubles
     Introducing                                                                                        the success.

 PFI HR Team
                                                                                                        - Unknown

 Madeleine Schwarz                              Tankiso Mohale                              Wendy Newton
 Business Unit HR Manager                       HR Officer – Learning and Development       HR Officer - WC & EC

 Madeleine has a ND in HR Management as         Tankiso has graduated in HR Management      Wendy completed her studies in HR
 well as a postgraduate Labour Law              and is currently studying HR Development    Management. After completing her in-
 qualification. She joined Smollan in Nov       with Unisa. Tankiso started with Smollan    service training with Shoprite Checkers she
 2007 and transferred to PFI recently. She      on 27th August 2007 as part of the SSM HR   was employed with Shoprite Checkers and
 has gained HR experience through               team and has transferred to PFI as the      moved later to their Africa division. Other
 Goldfield, Nampak and New Clicks SA.           dedicated Learning and Development HR       job opportunities included a placement at
                                                Officer.                                    a recruitment company and then at
 “Positive attitudes and dedication will                                                    Southern African Fruit Terminals (SAFT) as
 make this the best HR team ever.”              “I think PFI will afford everyone within    Group HR Officer. Wendy joined the PFI
                                                the PFI team an opportunity for great       team on the 28th July.
 Jabulile Siwela                                development, relationship building          “I always look forward to new challenges
 HR Assistant - Inland                          and on a more personal note an              and believe that PFI will be that challenge.”
 Jabulile is no stranger to Smollan as she      opportunity for me to solidify myself in
 has come through our Business                  my career.”                                 Claire Derby
 Administration Service Seta and is now                                                     HR Officer – KZN
 the HR Assistant for PFI as of the 1ST July.   Shelley Lawrence
                                                HR Officer – Inland                         Claire started with studies in Hospitality
 “Being part of the HR team comes                                                           Management at a Hotel School in Durban
                                                Shelley completed her Honours in            DUT followed by a program with QED
 with great responsibility, including                                                       Coach and Mentoring. She is a skills
                                                Industrial Psychology and a BA Psychology
 being able to communicate with my              Honours Equivalence. She is registered      facilitator and currently completing her
 co-workers. I intend to grow within PFI        with the Health Professions Council of      BCom HR through Unisa. Claire has worked
 and help my career.”                           South Africa as a Psychometrist. Previous   at various places such as Toyota SA & GUD
                                                work experiences include jobs at Business   Filters, Capitec, Rebserve Services and
                                                Connexion, GijimaAST and Netcare            Netcare until the 1st July when she joined
 Megan Harrison                                                                             PFI.
 HR Officer – Inland                            Milpark Hospital after which she started
                                                with PFI on the 17th June.
 Megan has completed her HR Manage-                                                         “I am 100% confident that I am part of
 ment Diploma and her HR Management             “One can only be effective if part of a     a winning team and organisation.”
 Bachelors Degree. She has worked for           great team, and I see that team as PFI.”
 Bantry Executive Apartments / Danco
 Projects and Linmere Real Estates /
 Gamtoos Mouth Resort in PE and at
 Polyoak Packaging and Pfour HR                 7 Business Administration learners have joined the PFI team for a 12
 Consulting in JHB. Megan joined the PFI        month learning programme where they will learn about operations,
 Team on the 9th June.
                                                sales support, office administration and human resources.
 “I look forward to a long and successful       These learners are eager, dedicated and thirsty for knowledge, we
 career with the company.”                      see them developing well within the PFI structure.

                                                                                        FIELD SERVICES

2008                                                          TBFS                                News

A true                                                 Written by Naz Chetty & Sathie Ramsurran
                                                       Together with Easter, Comrades is one of the
of team                                                biggest events on the TBFS ops calendar. By mid
spirit                                                 April orders and displays were negotiated and
                                                       tied up in all Retail groups. True to the nature of
                                                       the FMCG business, all does not go as planned,
                                                       POS was short and Energade was out of stock.
                                                       With the passion and drive so characteristic of
                                                       TBFS, the entire team from admin assistants
                                                       through to merchandisers pulled together to
                                                       ensure that stock and POS was delivered into
                                                       stores and bulk display areas were re-negotiated
                                                       resulting in very impressive and creative displays
                                                       in all retail sectors.

                                                       Comrades for KZN exceeded the expectations of
                                                       the client as the team went further with the
                                                       branding of Energade. Contact was made with the
                                                       Comrades Association and TBFS KZN manned
                                                       their watering station en-route. The sponsorship
                                                       of Beverage Sales and Marketing Management to-
                                                       gether with Beacon transportation and loads of
                                                       blood, sweat and tears from the KZN team, this
                                                       served as a grand finale for the “most successful
                                                       Comrades ever for KZN”

                                                       Below are e-mails from Neil Brimacombe –
                                                       Managing Director of Snacks, Treats & Beverages
                                                       and Kate Popplewell – Marketing Manager, Health
                                                       & Nutrition Beverages with praise for the KZN

[people on the move]
       Written by Arno Groenewoud
                                                       Excellent stuff team – very well done!!! Let's
                                                       see some more of these.



                                                       Congratulations on such an incredible effort
                                                       on Sunday - your team were true
                                                       ambassadors to the Energade brand.
       We would like to congratulate Belinda van der
       Westhuizen on her promotion to Regional
       Manager S&T. Belinda started as an Area         Please extend our thanks and
       Marketer in 2001 and became Fieldmanager in     congratulations for the passion and support
       2003 in the Border Eastern Cape. We wish her    that your team showed for the event and
       well and best wishes for the future.            for the Energade brand - you made us

       Lucrain Cupido has been promoted to a
       Fieldmanager in the Transkei area. Lucrain
       started with the company 2003 as an Area        Well done!
       Marketer in the SWD area. We wish him success
       for the future.                                 Kate

                          All Gold –
                          celebrating 100 years
                                                                             Below: Stellenbosch SuperSpar

     Above: Garden Route Mall was the winner of the Eastern Cape Regionals
     for May 2008

     Right: PnP Family Observatory                                                                           Left:
                                                                                                             N1 City

All Gold 100-year birthday
Written by Henrico Crous
The All Gold 100-year birthday drive is in full swing, and every weekend the TBFS C&G
team are involved with All Gold activities at selected stores.
This includes the current ‘Shoprite Checkers Boerewors’ competition as well as activities
at selected PnP and Spar stores. Branding is put up at these events and certain products
are promoted to consumers on these days.
Thus far the response has been fantastic. Thanks to the full TBFS C&G team for their
ongoing commitment and extra time and effort being put into this. Also thanks to the
Culinary Customer and Channel team for the free stock and apparel.

                                                                              Below from left:
                                                                                                      Bio Classic
Eastern Cape Spar Golf day                                                       Marius, Arno,
                                                                              Gregg and Freek
                                                                                                       Written by Arno Groenewoud

Written by Belinda van der Westhuizen                                                                  TBFS C&G Eastern Cape was
                                                                                                       awarded Bio Classic business in
The Eastern Cape Spar Golf day was held on the                                                         April 2008. An additional 10 staff
10th of April 2008. TBFS participated by having                                                        were allocated to service the entire
a Culinary stall at one of the holes. Also we had                                                      Eastern Cape Region from the
our very experienced golf players participating                                                        Transkei to Mosselbay. By con-
in the form of Arno Groenewoud, Marius van der                                                         stantly focusing on our service,
Walt and Freek Johannes. This year Spar decided                                                        building creative displays, cross
to donate R40 000 to Community Chest. This                                                             merchandising, as well fighting for
successful day was concluded by the guest                                                              our rightful space against our
speaker Arnoldt Geertz from SuperSport and                                                             competitors, we have pulled the
Spar donating R40 000 to Community Chest.                                                              sales into double figure growth. By
Although we did not win best stall we made                                                             doing what we do best we are sure
Tiger proud by being second runner up in the                                                           that we can still grow the business
Better Ball Format competition. All had fun and                                                        for Bio Classic in the years ahead.
relationships with Spar have been strength-

                                                                                                                                FIELD SERVICES
OK Foods Trade Show
Written by Henrico Crous

The OKFD annual trade show for the Western
Cape division was held on the 17th of July at the
Grand West Casino in Cape Town.
                                                                                                     UCM                                    Update

TBFS C&G was there in full force and participated
on the Grains, Culinary and Consumer channel.
We promoted the Golden Cloud pre-mix range
with freshly baked muffins on offer for all the
OKFD members. The new Morvite Roasted
Mabele, Jungle Bfast and Ace Instant ranges
were also promoted.

The Ingrams Camphor Cream winter drive as
well as the Elizabeth Anne's Avril baby drive were         Stephen Bowker (Fieldmanager), Nolisindiso Silo (Learner), Mammei Hlehlisi (HR Officer)
promoted from the Consumer channel.

For the Culinary channel, the All Gold 100 year
                                                        LEARNERSHIP PASSION IN PORT ELIZABETH
birthday promotion was promoted as well as              Written by Mammei Hlehlisi
new innovation and line extensions on the Purity
Cream of Maize and jarred foods range.                  After three years of struggling to get a job, Nolisindiso Silo finally had a
                                                        breakthrough – a Smollan learnership.
The trade show activities were followed in the          She was born in Port Elizabeth on the 07th April 1986 and is the second
evening by a function for the suppliers and             child of the five children in her family. Nolusindiso graduated from her
members, with comedian Mark Lottering in                lower primary in 1995 (Bhongeni Primary School). Moved on to higher
attendance. The whole event was a big success           Primary at Nowell High School. She completed her matric in 2003 and
and we received very positive feedback from             progressed further to University Of Port Elizabeth (UPE) now known as
                         OKFD and members.              Nelson Mandela Metropole University (NMMU) to study B- Comm in
                                                        Accounting. Due to financial crisis, she only managed to complete her
                           Thanks to Godfrey            second year.
                           Trimm and his team
                           fo r h a n d l i n g t h e   'It has been difficult for our family as we are now relying on my sisters
                           event, as well as the        cleaning salary to support all of us at home. My father does get part time
                           Customer team                jobs now and then.' Nolisindiso, is excited about the learnership program
                           Barbara Vlok, Richard        as she will be able to assist her sister in supporting her family. She also
                           Adonis and Bennet            wants to save towards completing her degree.
                           Basnett for the free
                           stock.                       'When I received a call to let me know that I was successful, I was in tears,'
                                                        she said. When asked about how she finds the job that she is doing she said
                                                        “I have a passion for what I am doing and would like to be a successful
                                                        Merchandiser and for that you need to be a hard worker, dedicated,
Consumer Sampling                                       ambitious and assertive. I would one day like to be a Fieldmarkerter.”
                                                        In her spare time, she loves reading the newspaper- The Herald (Eastern
Written by Henrico Crous                                Cape Newspaper) and books especially romantic novels.
TBFS C&G in conjunction with the Consumer
Customer team have embarked on a sampling
drive where Lemon Lite and Jeyes Power Cream
are sampled at specific targeted stores to drive
sales and awareness with customers.
                                                        KZN LEARNERSHIPS
                                                        Written by Marisa Sheferman
The responses we have had, from stores, were
very good and we could see the off take in sales        Meet Lungelo Luthuli & Siyanda
on those specific days. Thanks to all the TBFS          Mhlongo – they are 2 of our learners
C&G Fieldmanagers and staff who are putting             with UCM in the KZN region. We
extra time and effort in to drive this. Thanks to       have a total of 13 learners in our
Bennet Basnett and Theo Wilscott for assisting          region.
with the sample stock.                                                                                  Siyanda Mhlongo           Lungelo Luthuli
                                                        Lungelo is doing a Fieldmarketer
                                                        learnership and is 22 years old. He has been placed to work in Pick 'n Pay
                                                        Hypermarket, Durban North. Siyanda is doing a merchandiser learnership
                                                        and is 27 years old. He is working in Shoprite Inanda.

                                                        Both Lungelo & Siyanda are very eager to do their learnership through
                                                        Smollan. Most of our learners have very little or no previous work
                                                        experience; some of them are currently furthering their tertiary studies.
                                                        This learnership gives them a great opportunity to gain work experience in
                                                        the FMCG industry and get a recognised qualification whilst doing so.

                                                        On their first day of work, one of our Regional Managers, Chris Trimble,
                                                        welcomed everyone and gave a brief overview of the Smollan business and
                                                        a few of the basic rules to adhere to when working in a store. The
                                                        Fieldmanagers then took their learners to their stores, introduced them to
                                                        their fellow UCM colleagues and did a bit of in-store training. Everyone was
                                                        very enthusiastic to start working!

     DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH Written by Jessie Scott-Turner

 “Chaucer, I confess,                        D      iamond cutting is the art, skill and increasingly the science of changing a diamond from
                                                    a rough stone into a faceted gem. Rough diamonds are not brilliant and can appear
                                                    greasy. Diamond cutting encompasses a number of processes that bring out the beauty
                                             of gem diamonds. These processes include cleaving, sawing or laser cutting and polishing. A
  is a rough diamond;                        diamond cutter seeks to enhance the brilliance and fire of each stone and to eliminate
                                             imperfections, such as cracks and cloudiness. The cutter develops a plan that will accomplish
  and must be                                these goals while still producing a gem of the greatest size and hence maximum value.
                                             This article is about our learnership programme – so why am I going on about diamond
  polished e'er he                           cutting? Perhaps because the process of training and developing certain people is very similar
                                             to that of transforming a rough, often fairly ordinary looking stone into a precious and
  shines.”                                   expensive gem – we are unlocking the true potential of our number one asset – people.
     - John Dryden (1631 - 1700)             The benefits to this initiative are twofold – the person, or potential gemstone, is given the
       English poet, playwright              opportunity to grow and develop into a real gem and to climb the ladder that this company
       and literary critic.                  offers, whilst the company benefits by having these fantastic individuals in their various teams,
                                             who in turn help our company to grow and go on being as successful.

     This programme has now been under way for a short time – and already some true diamonds are shining
     through and making excellent impressions on their new colleagues. We interviewed two of these learners
     to find out about their experiences so far within Unilever Channel Management.

     LUNGILE NTOMBELA                                                       NOMSA ANNA MOKGODI
     Business Administration                                                Retail and Wholesale
     learner, UCM Inland                                                    Processes learner, UCM

     So how are you finding UCM Inland so far?                              What motivated you to apply to become a learner at Smollan?
     I think it's great. I am really enjoying every aspect of being         All my life I have been working in other sectors of business – I
     here so far.                                                           have bought things at stores but I have never done merchandis-
                                                                            ing. As long as I have been aware about merchandising I have
     Would you say at this early stage in the programme that you            been very curious about how it all works and what it involves. I
     are learning anything so far? If yes, what have you learnt?            want to learn. I want to know about products – how they are
     I have already learnt a lot. When I got here two weeks ago, I          doing, what they do. I used to think merchandising was just
     didn't have a great knowledge of administration and even               about packing shelves – but it's so much more. It's about
     filing. And I am now already feeling very confident in myself          organisation and making products available to our valued
     - I can do these things successfully.                                  customers.
     Why did you apply for this learnership with Smollan?                   And how are you finding it so far?
     When I was at school I really enjoyed studying Business. It            To be honest I never expected what I saw. But my colleagues are
     has always been my dream to be in Business Administration.             helping me to already learn new things on a daily basis. And I am
     So when I saw this advert I thought - this could be my dream           sure in the near future I will know a lot more.
     come true.
                                                                            One positive thing that stands out about you is your attitude –
     Do you feel this is going to help you with your career?                you have an eager, willing view towards your work and you ask a
     It will – a lot. I think it is and will be exactly what I have been    lot of questions, which is very commendable. How do you think
     looking for!                                                           your attitude has helped you thus far, and will help you get
     You are already standing out as somebody who shows                     further?
                                                                            I like working with people and under pressure. I am always
     initiative, a great attitude and is generally a very happy
                                                                            willing to ask questions, because if you keep quiet, it slows you
     person. How does it make you feel when you receive
                                                                            down. I love to learn – I have been like that my whole life.
     recognition for your good qualities and the work that you're
     doing (although you haven't been here for a very long time)?           What goals do you have, and how do you think this learnership
     It encourages me – it makes me want to work even harder at             will help you to achieve those goals?
     everything that I do.                                                  Right now my goal is to learn. I am also working on getting my
                                                                            driver's license. One thing I have learnt about Smollan is that
     The reason I asked Lungile that last question about recogni-
                                                                            there are so many opportunities for growth in this company. I
     tion is because I feel that it is as much a part of the learning
                                                                            would love to be part of UCM as long as possible. To be honest I
     and development process as cutting is to diamond forming.
                                                                            never knew I would be part of such a big company, but I plan to
     One needs recognition, even in small things, in order to
                                                                            make the most of it.
     grow and keep pushing to make the most of their opportuni-
     ties. Lungile's answer proves this point. I therefore encour-          One thing our learners need to take note of is Nomsa's excellent
     age anyone reading this article to start doing the same with           attitude. They are being presented with a rare opportunity and
     their learners or any of their employees and colleagues for            to truly benefit they need to have the same mind-set. They must
     that matter – make the people around you feel valued.                  take in all the knowledge they can, not just at the classes they
                                                                            attend but also from everyday occurrences in the workplace.
     During a meeting I sat in with one of our Regional Managers
                                                                            They need to ask questions. This too forms a vital aspect of the
     and his Fieldmanagers, Nomsa Mokgosi's name was
                                                                            learning process because as Nomsa said – if you don't reach out,
     mentioned by her Fieldmanager and he raved about her
                                                                            it slows you down. Above all, they need to identify the true value
     willing attitude and her exceptionally quick learning
                                                                            of education and being part of an organisation that offers
     abilities that were clearly evident from her first day on the
                                                                            growth and development like no other.

                                                                                                              FIELD SERVICES

Written by Marlene Du Preez
As line managers we are often faced with the challenge to keep our staff motivated while
performing their daily duties of meeting the client's objectives, servicing the customer
efficiently and ensuring their line managers are satisfied with their level of performance.
In PnP Witbank a Fieldmarketer named David Zondo is performing all these duties and more on a
daily basis. After a discussion with him I realised that 50% of his success is due to self-motivation.
David is a shy but confidant Fieldmarketer. With his help his store has won 2 major incentives these
past 2 years and he has won a couple over the years as well. His excellent execution of new
innovation, booked promotions, adhoc activities as well as drives sets an immaculate example to
all of us.
At every cycle meeting we honour and give recognition to Fieldmarketers for going the extra mile
and it's difficult to exclude David in these ceremonies as others are striving to follow his example.    David Zondo
Our “Achiever of the Month” gets recognition at these meetings in form of a small gift and a
presentation shown to all of their achievements. During one of these ceremonies I asked David to         is performing all
talk to his colleagues and tell them what keeps him motivated and his “secret to success”, so to
speak. This is what he said.                                                                             these duties and
As I have been given this opportunity to give a little bit of motivation, I will humbly elaborate on
my way of tackling the daily duties that I have to execute. There are 3 key basics that form the
                                                                                                         more on a daily
gist/crux of my style of working.                                                                        basis and after a
The 1st is PLANNING, according to my understanding planning is knowing how, where and when
to start a given task. Thus by planning you will cover a lot of ground in a short space of time.         discussion with
The 2nd is to focus on a closely related value namely of DISCIPLINE. I uphold this value by being
punctual, neat, hard working and dedicated, ensuring that my communication is excellent with
                                                                                                         him I realised that
everyone within our business. Remember “it's not what we say but how we say it”, it's through
discipline that client & customer can distinguish between organization and people.
                                                                                                         50% of his success
The 3rd is FAIRNESS that is about treating others, as we would like to be treated. This has been to      is due to self-
my advantage as I negotiated for more forward share and displays for our brands in store.
In conclusion I would like to point out that the above mentioned basics will go a long way to            motivation.
ensure that we LIVE THE BRAND…Integrity, Passion, Urgency, Innovation, Urgency &
Orientation.”Thank you!”
After this message you could see the respect and emotion on many faces, I will certainly not forget
this meeting.
Well done David, keep this up. Your efforts and achievements are greatly appreciated and
“In this life we cannot do great things.
 We can only do small things with great love.”                                                                   - Mother Teresa

Unilever and Spar Eldos feed the Poor
Written by Vish Singh
                                                                                Change: UCM, taking
After a store visit to Spar Eldos on a Saturday morning at the beginning of     it in our stride!
June, Colin Jagdessi, my Spar Fieldmanager, and myself were sadden by
seeing so many children hanging around begging so early in the                  Written by Zahid Shaik
morning. What made us even sadder was that most of these kids were
between the age of five to ten years and when questioned they told us           Change is fundamental to the survival of the
they need money for a meal. We then decided to speak to the owner of            species. Inherently man's quest for the prover-
Spar and told him that we want to help by having a soup kitchen one             bial “greener pasture” has ensured his survival
Saturday morning and would confirm details, once I had spoken to                through the evolutionary timeline.
Unilever, to donate the soup. The Unilever Knorr Category willingly             In the socio economic context, back at the office
agreed to help us and donated soup to feed 800 people. We then had a            at least, the UCM business has been through a
follow up meeting with Spar and it was agreed that we would bring the           metamorphosis these past two years since the
soup and that Spar would donate the bread and cups. Once we all came            inception of the One Unilever concept. During
to this agreement we set the date for Saturday the 14th June. The store         this time the business has re-engineered itself
also agreed to make posters to advertise the day and put these posters up       into a single channel mirroring the Unilever
on nearby street poles and outside the store.                                   dynamic. The UCM core competency however has
                                                                                remained the same throughout this period that is
I then spoke to the rest of my team and asked if they will be willing to help   providing “world class service delivery at the
on this day and everyone agreed. We planned the day and tasks were split        POP by means of leading edge technology and
among all of us. A special thank you must go to Colin's mum for lending         people”.
us four of her huge pots and to Joseph Stepens for lending us his
soupspoons.                                                                     In the Global sense, most large corporations have
                                                                                been putting their marketing, operations,
On the Saturday morning we spilt into two teams. The first team started         financial and outsourced functions under the
to cook the soup in the Spar kitchen and the second team set up the table       microscope to evaluate their competitiveness -
and decorated the outside of the store with KNORR POS. We also had an           for good reason, because of the growth in the
Omo roadshow outside this store on the same day with loud music to              SME business category (small to medium
create some fun with lots of samples and goodies for all that took part in      enterprises) and the threat of external competi-
the planned activities. Once the first batch of soup was cooked team two        tion. The FMCG market is a vast and highly
started to dish up the soup into cups while team one continued to cook          competitive universe and many small companies
the next batch. By this time we had a long line of poor people waiting to       have being seeing lucrative gains in market share
get their free soup and bread. What touched me was the fact that the            at the expense of their bigger more illustrious
kids that came for the soup were well disciplined and after collecting          rivals. This is due to the fact that they have made
their soup sat in one corner outside the store and cleaned up after they        huge strides in cutting down production lead
finished. Some kids were so hungry that even came for a second round.           times and more simpler route to market con-
We all could see the happiness in their faces and that all these people         cepts.
were extremely thankful. We finished at about 2pm that afternoon and
fed 803 people in total that consisted of men, woman and children.              Unilever has been no exception. As companies are
                                                                                trying new ways to look more attractive in the
I would like to thank my team, Unilever and Spar for making this day a          marketplace from a investor and investment
great success and for putting a smile on these peoples' faces.                  relationship, the current scenario suggests that
                                                                                Unilever's taken an innovative approach to
Colin Jagdessi, Michael Jele, Mario Friedberg, Cairoomisha Pannels,             outpace its competitors and merge its once stand
Pranesh Pooran, Attish Jugdow, Peter Van Wke, Ceri Labuschange, Joseph          alone Foods and HPC businesses.
Stepens and Mrs Jagdessi (Colin's Mum).
                                                                                Whilst most companies either undergo aesthetic
                                                                                or cosmetic change some have even gone to the
                                                                                extent of re-evaluating their core competencies.
                                                                                In the Unilever case they've still maintained their
                                                                                original objective in providing the South African
                                                                                consumer with high quality brands and products
                                                                                across our diverse LSM portfolio.
                                                                                For UCM it means taking this corporate strategy
                                                                                and turning it into action, in the field. This is
                                                                                being done with a single-minded vision to ensure
                                                                                Unilever remains one of South Africa's most
                                                                                recognisable brands in the consumer goods
                                                                                We might not see the end of change, as the global
                                                                                FMCG market is taking tremendous strain from
                                                                                the Macro Economic factors impacting here. On a
                                                                                positive note though, we can rest assured that the
                                                                                experiences gained this past two years will
                                                                                certainly give us the tenacity and resolve to
                                                                                embrace any further change with positivity!
                                                                                Here's looking forward to the challenges that lie
24                                                                              ahead.
                                                                                                                       FIELD SERVICES
Face of Impulse
                                                                                  UTD and Unilever score a goal
Written by Aatish Jugdow and Nigel Maguire
                                                                                  at Lotanang L.P School
What a fantastic day! This was the launch of the Impulse new fragrance
range. There was plenty of surprises in-store for the consumers at                Written by Alfred Manala
Shoprite Randburg on the 2nd August 2008.
                                                                                  On behalf of the UTD team we would like to thank
The preparation started two weeks prior to this with the planning for             Edwin Ukama for giving us the resources to drive
the event. Involved was: -                                                        our brands. Thank you to Chris Pillay for his
  UCM Team                                                                        support of this idea on social responsibility,
  Unilever Category team                                                          actions that are above normal duties.
  Shoprite management
  Centre management                                                               It is with great pride that I share the letter
  Promotions company Plum PR                                                      received from the school principal of Lotanang L.P
                                                                                  School. The UTD team presented, on behalf of
My day started at 6:00am, with a phone call from the technical staff              Unilever, a new soccer kit to school.
confirming the placement of the podium that needed to be erected in
front of the store. At 7:00am both my team and I were present at the
store. I touched base with the store management as well as the centre
management to finalise any outstanding issues.

After a lot of preparations the time had finally come. We kicked off by
playing some slow jams hosted by no other than “Zanele” from 5FM.
Crowds gathered anxiously awaiting “Karabo” (Generations) the Face of
Impulse. The aim of the promotion was to build hype and to encourage
purchases of the new Impulse fragrance range. The day was filled with a
host of activities, quizzers, gifts were handed out and autographs and
pictures were taken with Karabo.

All in all we rejuvenated the Impulse
brand. We sold 210 units of Impulse
during the 3 hours of the event.
Shoprite management gave a big
thanks to Unilever and UCM for
making this event a huge success. A
special thanks to Reuben Modika
(Fieldmarketer) for assisting in the
day's events. It had been a long day
but at the end it was most

                                                                 [well done]
July 2008 a busy month for                                        A job well done – Sidney Skippers
UCM W/Cape
                                                                  Sidney Skippers Fieldmarketer in Hypermarket Brackenfell was
                                                                  taken on a factory visit in Durban. This was in recognition of the
July was a busy month for UCM W/Cape team. On the                 displays' that he has built in his stores. He expressed a wish to do a
7th a new structure was implemented and it was a                  factory tour and Unilever arranged it for him. Well done Sidney.
hectic scramble to get handovers in old zones and
introduce staff to new zones. We employed new staff
and also welcomed 19 learners to our team.

On the 18th we left our offices and moved to the new
1 Unilever offices in Century Gate. The movers were at
our door at 8am on Friday morning and by 3pm we
had set up and could access E-Mail and were up and
running. The teamwork was great and everyone
assisted in making it a success.

THE                                                                                         SSM                           Luis Monteiro

OF UTD                                                 SSM's
Written by Chris Pillay
Words do not come easily and there are not
enough to describe Charl Grobbelaar, “The father
of UTD”. To everyone in UTD, Charl can be
ascribed to Madiba. He took a moment and
created an opportunity. He took an ordinary (and
sometimes nobody) and gave them hope that
they're somebody.
He is a true leader and partner that we would
work with again and again and again. He has
been an inspiration to, not just us at UTD, but our

extended families and friends. I recall a very             have had to overcome many challenges in my life. This began for me at an
befitting comment made by Brian Keddie when               early age when I was diagnosed with polio on my left leg at the age of
he delivered his speech at the launch of UTD in           three. This resulted in me spending time in and out of hospitals
October of 2000, “If ever there's a Boss that I want   throughout my childhood.
to work for, it would Charl Grobbelaar”.
                                                       Through hard work and dedication I did manage to complete my schooling
Charl started the successful UTD division in 1999      however my parents could not afford to send me to university. I therefore
with a burning passion to make a difference to         decided to join the FMCG industry and got my first start within the liquor
people who in turn grew with the business. We          industry. (e.g. Solly Kramer's, Trade Centre, Bavaria Brau).
saw him grow people quicker than he grew the
business. Ordinary people became important             I refused to allow my personal setbacks, i.e. my disability and divorce get me
people who started seeing life from a different        down.
perspective. Many people with no vision saw a
future when they came in contact with Charl.           In 2006 I decided I needed a new challenge in my career. I went for various
Numerous people achieved dreams that they did          interviews and was unsuccessful due to my inability to drive a manual car.
not even dream of. He was a master at creating         Then eventually an opportunity came my way, when after numerous
opportunities and making people see beyond             interviews, SSM offered me a Fieldmanager position. In addition, they agreed
them selves.                                           to provide me an automatic car, the only small accommodation I required to
                                                       overcome my disability.
He has instilled self-confidence and empowered
all who were lucky enough to have worked with
him over the years. Charl's knowledge, expertise       I officially started with SSM two years ago on the 5th August 2006. Initially
and attitude will be missed but his legacy will live   there were a few managers and colleagues who were concerned whether I
on.                                                    would cope in the trade. This only helped to inspire me, and ensure I not only
                                                       achieved, but also surpassed goals that had been set.
Charl will remain in the minds of all that knew
him. As he ventures into another chapter in life,      On the 23rd January 2008 I suffered a serious fall and I broke my leg, that was
we know that he will make a success of someone         another setback for me. The sun rising every day was a consistent reminder
else. That's what makes him successful.                that I was given yet another opportunity to tackle the problems I faced,
                                                       regardless of my disability. Nothing was going to stand in my way.
We as UTD family would like to bid farewell to a
brother, father, friend and a true LEGEND. We          Not only did I believe in myself but also, so did the SSM management team
wish Charl well in his future endeavours.              and on 1st July 2008 whilst recovering from the broken leg I was promoted to
                                                       a Regional Manager position.
Thank you Charl. With love from the Family.
HAMBA KAHLE BABA.                                      When doing trade visits, certain customers tend to show varying degrees of
                                                       sympathy. I do not let this get me down. I have learnt to use this as an
                                                       advantage to ensure success.
                                                       Nothing in life is impossible, and to a certain degree my achievements in life
                                                       this far and more recently in SSM are clear proof of this.
                                                       All it takes is self-confidence, hard work and the knowledge that it's only over
                                                       when you cannot take another breathe. The key to my achievements this far
                                                       has been the passion I have for my job.

                                                       So team SSM... “YOU HAVE A SECRET WEAPON”
                                                       on your side…LUIS MONTEIRO!

                                                        INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND HUMAN RESOURCES

  QBIC                            News
                                                                                                  in Action
Qbic shows                                                                                        Written by Eva McLaren

their hearts                                   “The great aim of education
                                                is not knowledge but
The staff of Qbic based at Smollan Maryvale,
opened their hearts and wallets to collect      action.”
goods to donate to victims of the xenophobic   - Herbert Spencer, English Philosopher
violence.                                        (1820–1903)

                                               I   n July we launched our 2008 learnership programme that will see the
                                                   group delivering 6 national qualifications to our employees across 5 cities,
                                                   Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.
                                               683 employees across the group have been given the opportunity to obtain
                                               their qualifications in Merchandising, Sales and Marketing, Business
                                               Administration, Contact Centre Support and Generic Management.
                                               This is definitely one for the records and a massive learning curve for all in-
                                               To all the learners – GOOD LUCK with the your programmes - may you prosper
                                               and achieve your goals.
                                               To all the teams involved across the business –Thank you for your tremendous
                                               effort in delivering this project.

                                               Shining the Light of Learning!
                                               2008 has seen Group Learning and Development growing, learning and
                                               changing! Let's meet the team! To find out more about what Learning and
                                               Development can offer your team, contact Debbie van Blommestein:

                                                           Arnold Sebastian
                                                                                     Debbie van Blommestein

                                                    Virna Senneck
                                                                                                               Eva McLaren

                                                         Elsabe Uueckermann

                                                                                               Michelle Chandler

                                                                                                                   INDUSTRY INSIGHT

                                                 The                     “We often try work out why
                                                 last                     some people succeed in our
                                                                          business from the first moment
                                                 word                     their feet hit the ground, and
                                                 Michael Smollan
                                                                          we try understanding what
                                                                          makes these people who they
                                                                          are – in a word it is courage”
             e often try to work out why some people succeed in
             our business from the first moment their feet hit the
             ground, and we try understanding what makes these
             people who they are – in a word it is courage. Courage
                                                                         It is a very difficult business to control and manage because of
to fight to be the best everyday, in every touch point we are
                                                                         the number of people and the distances between them – but
responsible for, wherever and in whatever part of the world it may
                                                                         discipline is one of the things that sets us as “Smollan people”
be. More than that though it is about peoples 'make up'. Now you
                                                                         apart. We know we have a responsibility to deliver at the point
may ask “what this is?” and “how you define it?” but simply it's our
                                                                         of purchase every day, and it is only by disciplining ourselves
                                                                         can we truly be successful as a business. Our people under-
At the centre of our business right from Fred Smollan in 1931 we         stand the responsibility we have and have the self-discipline to
have held a number of core values, these values are the foundations      ensure we fulfil every promise we make. We know we can make
of what we as Smollan people are made of and indeed what our             the difference ourselves and we make sure that we are
business and its reputation has been building on for 77 years.           disciplined enough not to break the trust of our colleagues.
                                                                         Discipline is one of the hardest values because it is so difficult
PASSION                                                                  to constantly strive for perfection when no one is watching –
Passions stems from pride, being proud of who we are and whom            but this value like the others shows our DNA.
we represent. Passion for what we do in ensuring we deliver the
best service at the points of purchase we have been entrusted with       RESULTS ORIENTATION
is a critical value in ensuring we deliver every objective to the        We work in an environment where results measure our success.
fullest. This passion stems from a combination of our world class        Unfortunately it is very difficult to measure the value we add
clients and various sectors in which we represent them as well as        any other way, and why we are constantly striving for better
the understanding and appreciation of working for a market               results. These results may be physical like more shelf space,
leading business with a long and rich history. The passion that we       higher sales or bigger displays or these results can also be
talk about cannot be made or bought, it must be felt inside each         things you cannot see like better relationships, working faster
person and radiate in the work that we do for the people we do it        and smarter or even building a better team. In all of these
for.                                                                     improvements we are trying to improve ourselves in every
                                                                         possible way to ensure a better delivery to our clients and our
INTEGRITY                                                                customers. If we can manage to achieve better results every
Integrity is another founding principle of this organization. This       day while at the same time applying all the values of our
perhaps is the one with the greatest responsibilities, as it not only    business, then we can truly be proud of who we are and what
defines you as a Smollan person, but defines who you are as an           we have done that day.
individual. Integrity represents a number of different qualities like
honesty, loyalty and fairness. These qualities are integral in our       INNOVATION
dealings with each other in the business as well as our clients and      Innovation is the final value. It is a value that too started in 1931
customers because integrity is the basis of building trust. This trust   and has been a driving force in everything we do. You may say it
takes many years to build and is one of the most key components to       is difficult to be innovative and only certain positions or people
building relationships that are the cornerstones of our                  have the luxury of being innovative. This is certainly not true.
partnerships with each other and with our clients. Some of which         Innovation comes from questioning ourselves; it comes from
we have been building for over 30 years. Integrity is really the value   looking at what we do and asking if this is the best way we can
that governs all others and unless it is at the centre of all your       do it. This too is a very difficult value because most people are
actions – none of the other values can truly be built.                   happy to keep doing what they do the same way forever,
                                                                         because it is much easier. To be truly innovative is very difficult
URGENCY                                                                  because it means we have to constantly question the way we
We work in a very fast paced environment, we need actions and            do things in order to get better results. Our business looks at
answers instantly. This allows us and those we work with the             itself every day and looks to see what we can enhance and each
information to act quickly ensuring the best service and the best        individual can do the same.
results. We are most often the people at the centre, meaning we
control that information flow and the responsibility falls onto us to    These are the values of a company that has been built from one
ensure we have the sense of urgency to deliver this information          man to 15 000 over 77 years. These values have been the
faster and better than our competitors – this gives us the leading       building blocks of our people and our business and they are the
edge. We may sometimes believe or think that our actions to not          'make up' of the people who are truly Smollan people. If you sit
have an effect on others but in fact because of what we do, the          back for a minute and think about these values you will see
speed at which we act and the quality of our actions are critical to     none of them can exist without the others and that they all
all of the people we deal with, whether it be on a shop floor, in a      enhance each other to create something better. These values
buyers office, on the road or in the office. Sense of urgency like       are what we strive for everyday at every touch point in
passion needs to be driven from inside of you, it is the constant        whichever part of the world we are, and if we combine these
drive to be faster and better than the competitors and it constantly     values with the courage we have – we can truly create
tests us to be the market leaders in what we do.                         something special and continue to build on the reputation and
                                                                         legacy we have all been building together for 77 years.
Our business is spread far and wide across many cities and borders.      These values are our Smollan DNA.