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Union do’s – the new                        Feedback on Standard                   Institute of Bankers                    How to win a trip to
cartoon                                     Bank’s salary distribution             dined for development                   Mauritius
                                            More than one third of all
                                            general staff received an
                                            increase of 10% or more.

Absa                                                                               Head Office lends its weight
                                                                                   to union’s Aids campaign
again a problem
      asbo is receiving a number
      of complaints from
      members about undis-
closed overtime. Comfort Duma,
Sasbo’s assistant general
secretary responsible for the
Absa portfolio, explains the

“Employees in the retail branches
are being instructed to arrive at
work significantly earlier than the
normal starting time of 08h00 and                                                  Sasbo head office staff with the caring people of St Francis Care
are being asked to work later than                                                 Centre in Boksburg. Read more on page 7.

“They are not being allowed to
reflect, in the attendance register,                                               for a period of less than 30            it is not based on management’s
the extra time that they are                                                       minutes, such arrangement cannot        instruction.”
required to work. Consequently,                                                    unilaterally be imposed on
they are not being paid the                                                        employees. It must be negotiated        Comfort says that the union has
overtime due to them.                       Comfort Duma, Sasbo assistant          between the employer and his/her        also raised the issue of workload
                                            general secretary.                     line manager. In these cases,           with the bank as Sasbo has received
“This malpractice is called                                                        normal fairness and understanding       a number of complaints from
‘undisclosed overtime.’                                                            needs to apply on both sides.           members who are being placed
                                           “Fortunately, when Sasbo took up                                                under tremendous pressure because
“Undisclosed overtime is                   the issue with Absa, the bank           “However, if the manager requires       of the moratorium on
prohibited by the Basic Conditions         agreed to work with the union to        the employee to work for what the       appointments.
of Employment Act (BCEA). The              sort out undisclosed overtime.          BCEA calls ‘a significant period’ –
law states that where an employee                                                  i.e. 30 minutes or more – overtime      “The bank cited current economic
qualifying in respect of statutory         “We agreed that it is reasonable for    remuneration becomes applicable.        conditions as the reason for this
overtime remuneration is required          managers to want employees to put                                               and promised that the situation
by his manager to work 30 minutes          in the extra hours needed to help       “Sasbo agrees with the bank that        will change once the difficult
or more before or after the official       their branch meet its commitments,      overtime remuneration is not            economic times subside.
working hours, that employee has           but that it is unreasonable to expect   applicable when the employee
to be paid overtime.                       their employees to do so at their       arrives at work earlier than the        “Sasbo will continue to monitor the
                                           own cost.                               starting time or remains at work        situation closely,” says Comfort. S
The BCEA’s overtime provisions                                                     later than knock-off time as a result
cover employees earning up to              “If a situation requires an employee    of personal circumstances or
R149 736 per annum.                        to be at work or to remain at work      personal arrangements and where
The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                                                                           www.sasbo.org.za

Where there’s                                                                    a will                                       …
                                                                                                                                   Did you know ?
        ew incidences of undis-            Are they incompetent?                         There is another reason why it needs
        closed overtime – the dis-                                                       to be stamped it out.
        honest and illegal practice        Or is it because the fruits of this partic-
that remains so rife throughout            ular fraud – which annually steals            It encourages a devious approach to       The first use of magnetic
the SA finance sector – have been          many millions of rands of income              managing.
identified.                                from employees – provide so welcome                                                     stripes on cards was in
                                           a boost to bank profits that the fraud        Employees are persuaded not to            the early 1960’s, when
This time, the malpractice has surfaced    detection teams have been instructed          record their overtime because, no mat-
at Absa. Thankfully, the bank has          to turn a blind eye?                          ter how loyal, efficient or hard-work-    the London Transit
acknowledged the problem and has                                                         ing they might be, failure to collabo-    Authority installed a
agreed to work with Sasbo to stamp it      Surely the banks must realise that they       rate will see them labelled ‘unco-oper-
out.                                       cannot re-inculcate the culture of hon-       ative’ and ‘not really a member of the    magnetic stripe system.
                                           esty – once a deeply ingrained aspect         team.’
                                                                                                                                   San Francisco Bay Area
The question remains, however, why         of banking – for as long as they keep
does so rampant a form of internal         providing the wrong ethical lead?             The time has come for the banks to        Rapid Transit installed a
fraud still exist in our sector?                                                         decree an end to undisclosed over-
                                           As the Basic Conditions of                    time.
                                                                                                                                   paper based ticket the
Each of the major banks has a special-     Employment Act determines, undis-                                                       same size as the credit
ist top-level team working round the       closed overtime is illegal.                   They have the power to do this.
clock to identify fraudulent practices,
                                                                                                                                   cards in the late 1960’s.
to stamp them out and to bring perpe-      Therefore it has no place in our sector.      Where there’s a will, there’s a way. S
trators to book.

Why, then, do they have so poor a suc-
cess rate when it comes to ending
undisclosed overtime?                       Union Do’s
Sasbo Head Office
                                            – the new cartoon
Fourmall Office Park West,

Building No. 1, Percy Street,                       ot only has Sasbo News               tions, it is in Corporate
Fourways. Private Bag X84,                          undergone a facelift, so             Communications that he has found his
Bryanston, 2021.                                    has the regular cartoon              niche. He believes that humour can be
Tel: (011) 467 0192.                        strip. Meet the new characters               a useful and powerful communications
Fax: (011) 467 0188.                        and their creator, Jonathan Davis.           tool and he both draws and writes a
                                                                                         number of cartoons and strips.
Sasbo News                                  After finishing school and spending
                                            four years working as a clerk and            Recent clients include:- Absa, City
Fax (011) 234 1501.
                                            teller at Barclays Bank (and a member        of Cape Town, Metropolitan, CSIR,
e–mail schraader@mweb.co.za.
                                            of Sasbo) in the early seventies,            Liberty Life, Standard Bank, Teba
The Sasbo News contact
                                            Jonathan decided to pursue his cre-          Bank, Deloittes, Eskom and many
number is specifically for
                                            ative inclinations. He went on to study      others.
matters regarding the                       Graphic Design at the Johannesburg
newspaper (changes of address               College of Art and then spent the next       In 2003 he left Johannesburg and
and non–receipt of newspapers               ten years or so in publishing and            moved to Plettenberg Bay where he
should be advised to Sasbo                  below-the-line advertising. In 1988 he       continues to work. He also paints in
Headquarters).                              branched out on his own as a free-           watercolour, pastels and acrylics.
                                            lance cartoonist and illustrator.
                                                                                         You can contact Jonathan at               Jonathan Davis
                                            Although his work is used in adver-          davisart@iafrica.com. S
                                            tising and a variety of other applica-

The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                                                                          www.sasbo.org.za

Feedback on                                                                                                                   Standard Bank

  salary distribution
      ugene Ebersohn, Sasbo’s              performing members will receive big        • 16 143 staff were rated as B
      assistant general secretary          increases. Based on the feedback we          performers (78,3% of staff)
      responsible for the Standard         received from the bank, we are             • 1 099 (5,3%) staff were rated as C
Bank portfolio, told Sasbo News that       happy with the distribution of               performers. This is much better
Standard Bank has kept up their end        increases within the rules agreed to         than what happened with Forced
of the bargain in the distribution of      earlier this year. The average               Ranking where 10% of staff had to
the salary increases to staff.             increase for A and B staff was 10,7%,        be rated as underperformers.
                                           which is well above inflation figures.
“The original settlement called for a      This comprises 94,7% of all general        Value Sharing agreement
10,1% on salary increase with a min-       staff,” explains Eugene.                   A total of 6% was payable with mini-
imum of 8,8% for A and B perform-                                                     mum of 3% for A and B performers.
ers while increases for C performers       More than one third of all general staff   A total of 12 136 staff received a
were discretionary. There is always a      received an increase of 10% or more.       Value Sharing bonus of 6% or more,
conflict within the Union’s negotia-                                                  with 7 281 staff receiving between
tors where we would like the mini-         The numbers of staff that were placed      3% and 6%. S                            Eugene Ebersohn, Sasbo
mum increase to be as high as possi-       in each of the different performance                                               assistant general secretary.
ble, but still have a big enough gap       categories, were as follows:
between the overall settlement and         • 3 394 staff were rated as A
the minimum increase to ensure top            performers (16,4% of staff)

Bankserv                                                                              tion of the staff member, may also be   The Night Shift Transport Allowance
                                                                                      pensionable,” Isaac explains.           of R12 per shift will be increased to

Positive outcome to
                                                                                      “At the request of the individual
                                                                                      staff member, once-off lump sum         Shift allowances will be increased as

Bankserv pay
                                                                                      payments equal to or in excess of       follows:
                                                                                      R12 000 per annum may be paid in
                                                                                      12 equal monthly payments com-          Category A Shift Workers (those
                                                                                      mencing in July 2009.                   shifts ending on or after 02:00) –
                                                                                                                              from R915 to R990 per month;

      talks                                                                           “Affected staff will further be
                                                                                      encouraged to make Additional
                                                                                      Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) to
                                                                                      the pension fund. These issues will
                                                                                                                              Category B Shift Workers (those
                                                                                                                              shifts providing 24 hour, 7 day a
                                                                                                                              week coverage) – from R965 to
                                           “Most individuals will receive pay         be outlined in the 2009 individual      R1 050 per month. S
                                           rises in the 6 to 8% range,” explains      increase letters,” says Isaac.
                                           Sasbo’s Isaac Ramputa, who led the
                                           negotiations. “Only those few indi-
                                           viduals whose performance apprais-
                                           al rating was equal to or less than
                                           2,97 regardless of other factors used
                                                                                      Sasbo Black
                                           in the matrix will receive no
                                           increase.                                  Women’s Chapter
                                                                                      pays beneficiaries
                                           “A further 0,5% has been set aside to
                                           cover ad hoc salary adjustments due
                                           to promotions or merit increases.

                                           “Reward levels have been increased at            he Sasbo Black Women              for tertiary education in the sum of
                                           the minimum and maximum by 8,0%.                 Chapter education scheme          up to R15 000 each. There were 23
                                                                                            dedicated to improving educa-     grants for secondary education and
Isaac Ramputa, Sasbo assistant             “These adjustments are applicable to       tion opportunities for black women      the amount allocated was up to R6
general secretary.                         the entire staff of Bankserv and not       and their children has made its first   000 per person.”
                                           just bargaining unit staff.                payout to Sasbo members.
                                                                                                                              Three applications were held back

       asbo and Bankserv have              “For those staff whose total cost to       Assistant general secretary, Isaac      because the children of the applicants
       agreed on a salary settle-          company packages were on or above          Ramputa, who is a member of Sasbo’s     are still in primary school.
       ment that increases the size        the maximum of the reward level            Black Women Chapter Committee,
of the company’s pay roll by 9%.           after the application of the increases,    reports that the 37 successful Sasbo    “The Committee plan on providing
The increases will be distributed          25% of the excess over the maximum         applicants have received a total of     more education assistance in future, so
according to a matrix that takes           will be paid as a pensionable salary       R293 294 in educational support.        watch Sasbo News for details and
into account individual perform-           increase, with the remaining 75%                                                   make sure you apply in good time,”
ance, salary, peer review and man-         being paid out as a once-off lump          “Fifteen applicants received grants     Isaac advises members. S
agement input.                             sum payment which, at the discre-

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The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                                                                                 www.sasbo.org.za

                                             Debbie Seccombe (IOB head:                                                              Demin’s Bobo, Baldwin and
                                             Marketing) and Bahle Goba (IOB                                                         Tumelo received a cheque of
                                             CEO) hand over a cheque of                                                             R45 000.
                                             R20 000 to Lee Henshaw and
                                             Lizzi Mkosi of Siavuma

IOB CEO, Bahle Goba, delivered the
welcome address and IOB’s new
strategic focus..
                                           Institute of Bankers
                                           dined for development
                                                 he Institute of Bankers’                “Wanderers Club (incorporating            “Through the Siyavuma network,
                                                 (IOB) Annual Dinner is usu-             SilvaSale Events) sponsored the           units of rural ladies receive training
                                                 ally a highlight on the insti-          venue for the evening. Other crucial      for the production and fulfilment of
                                           tute’s calendar.                              partners who reduced their fees           orders. They are, in turn, taught to
                                                                                         were Logoads, responsible for the         pass the skill on to the next unit of
Outgoing IOB President, Dr Steve           “This year was no exception,” reports         incredible stage, lighting and techni-    rural ladies, thus taking skills into the
Booysen, delivered the toast to            Debbie Seccombe, who is charge of             cal support; Siki Mgabadeli the pro-      areas of South Africa that need it the
the Institute.                             the Institute’s marketing. Inspired by        gramme director, and Whitecliffs          most. It was these groups of ladies
                                           Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s “Do                 Photography.                              who handmade the table decorations
                                           your little bit of good where you are. It’s                                             for the evening. A sum of R 20 000
                                           those little bits of good put together that   “The IOB is sincerely grateful for        was donated to Siyavuma.”
                                           overwhelm the world” we made this             these contributions and for the way
                                           year’s event a dinner with a differ-          that the company’s concerned com-         Other highlights of the evening
                                           ence by raising a surplus that was            mitted themselves to the principle of     included a keynote address by Cyril
                                           donated to two worthy South African           helping others,” Debbie told Sasbo        Ramaphosa, who challenged the con-
                                           initiatives – the music band, Denim,          News.                                     ventional ways of doing business in
                                           and corporate beading company,                                                          South Africa.
                                           Siyavuma – each chosen after a long           “Denim have enjoyed varying levels
                                           search because they are proudly               of success over the last few years,       The customary annual changing of
Key note speaker, Cyril Ramaphosa.         South African and contribute to the           and have fought very hard to get          the guard at IOB saw Dr Steve
                                           domestic economy.                             where they are in the music industry.     Booysen hand over his presidency to
                                                                                         Despite this, they still find the time,   Brian Riley, CEO of Wesbank, and
                                           “The development surplus was                  motivation and energy to give back        Professor Shirley Zinn handed her
                                           raised through the sale of sponsor-           to their communities. The IOB felt it     Chairmanship over to Sipho Ngidi of
                                           ship packages and through the assis-          was time to give back to them and         Standard Bank.
                                           tance of the evening’s partners,”             handed them a cheque for R45 000.”
                                           Debbie explains.                                                                        Among the distinguished guests who
                                                                                         “Siyavuma, which incorporates             attended the dinner were Tito
                                           “Diamond sponsorships were                    Uhambo Creations, have a unique           Mboweni, Governor of the South
                                           secured from FNB, Milpark Business            approach to their business. They          African Reserve Bank, Sibongile
Outgoing Chairperson, Professor            School and Cornerstone Performance            strive to return South Africa’s rich      Mdluli, Deputy Governor, and Phil
Shirley Zinn, delivered her last           Solutions, while Platinum sponsor-            cultural heritage to the people, while    Mnisi, Assistant Governor, both from
address as Chairperson before hand-        ships were obtained from BANKSE-              simultaneously interacting with cor-      the Swazi Central Bank. S
ing over the reins to Sipho Ngidi.         TA and DBSA.                                  porate businesses.

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The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                           www.sasbo.org.za

                                             Denim in action.

                                             Table decorations created by

                                            The IOB would like to
                                            sincerely thank the following
                                            sponsors who made the
                                            evening possible:


Your input needed
      alary negotiations between           be reached at these levels. Could be
      Sasbo and Absa bank are              used as an opening demand.
      scheduled to commence in
November. Comfort Duma, Sasbo              REALISTIC: Realistic settlement
assistant general secretary for the        level taking into account the current
Absa portfolio, stresses that ‘in          economic climate, the financial per-
order for Sasbo’s negotiating team         formance of the bank, as well as
to have the best possible under-           previous and other current settle-
standing of members’ views, we             ments.
need all Sasbo members to partici-
pate in the consultation process.’         LOWEST ACCEPTABLE %: Below
                                           this level, members will be prepared
Taking into account the current eco-       to participate in industrial action.
nomic climate and inflation figures,
as well as salary increases conclud-       “Your negotiating team will use the
ed in other financial institutions and     information received from members
other industries,                          as its basis for negotiating the over-
                                           all spend on salary bill by the
Comfort asks all Sasbo’s Absa mem-         bank.”
bers to indicate the percentage
increase they would like the bank to       To assist your negotiating team,
spend.                                     please complete and return your
                                           survey response to Sasbo as soon as
NICE TO HAVE: Highly unrealistic           possible. S
and unlikely that a settlement will

The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                       www.sasbo.org.za

 Sasbo head office staff at St
 Francis Care Centre in Boksburg.
 Present were, among others,
 Shaun Oelschig, Sasbo general
 secretary, (busy unloading the
 groceries) and Joe Kokela, Sasbo
 president (under the St Francis
 sign). Louise Plaatjies (next to
 Joe) organised the event.

lends its weight to union’s
Aids campaign

       pplying the principle: ‘Don’t       “Miraculously, one concerned man’s
       preach it – practise it,’           efforts have flowered into an organisa-
       Sasbo’s head office team            tion making a substantial contribution
have added their weight to the             towards combating the disease and its
union’s HIV/Aids initiative that has       after-effects. The Centre now offers
brought relief to thousands of Aids        four programmes:
orphans and their helpers over the
past eight years.                          An adult hospice that can accommo-
                                           date 48 terminally ill HIV/Aids
The Head office staff chose the St         patients.
Francis Care Centre in Boksburg as
their beneficiary. Explaining their        The Rainbow Cottage for children.
choice, Shaun Oelschig, general secre-     This provides a home for 30 aban-
tary told Sasbo News:                      doned or orphaned children from
                                           birth to seven years of age.
“Father Stand Brennan OFM, a
Franciscan priest, founded the St          An anti-retroviral clinic which offers
Francis Care Centre in 1992.               free counselling, testing and treatment
                                           to all members of the community.
“While visiting homes and hospitals
during the 1980s and seeing how peo-       Home based care to persons infected
ple infected with HIV/Aids were            and affected by HIV/Aids in the
being ostracised, he was deeply affect-    greater Ekurhuleni communities.
ed by the tragedy. Many were neglect-
ed by their families and friends and       In line with the spirit of Sasbo’s cam-
were dying alone and destitute.            paign, which focuses specifically on
                                           the needs of Aids orphans, the head
“He decided to do something about          office team chose the Rainbow Cottage
the problem and founded the St             as its beneficiary and kicked off its
Francis Care Centre as a haven where       donation with a generous supply of
Aids sufferers could be cared for with     food parcels that will keep the children
love, warmth and compassion.               well-fed for some time. S

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The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                                                                                                  www.sasbo.org.za

Pensioner’s                                                                              Durban welcomes
Corner                                                                                   Thando
      o all members: if you have an           This is
      old cardboard membership                where you                                  Thando Nyuswa has joined the
      card, please advise me and it           can help me by sending me the              Sasbo staff at the Durban
will be replaced at no cost to you.           names of those retailers who kindly        office as a regional organiser
                                              do so. Remember, I don’t live in           and is looking forward to
Do you know?                                  your neck of the woods so I haven’t        meeting and working well
That various retail stores give pen-          any idea of what goes on there.            with Sasbo members. Says
sioners discount.                                                                        Thando: “Thank you so much,
                                              Once we have a reasonable number           Sasbo, for welcoming me into
Fruit & Veg have a special on                 of names, we will approach others          your team – and especially the
Wednesday and also give discount              in the retail line to follow suit, how-    Sasbo Durban office which has
to pensioners.                                ever I cannot do this without assis-       such an amazing, wonderful
                                              tance.                                     and warm atmosphere.”
Stores such as Game and Musica
give discount to pensioners.                  While writing this thrilling episode
                                              I received a call from Mrs Ann
Makro gives point to FNB EBucks               Gibson, originally form Broken Hill,
account holders. The points can be            Northern Rhodesia to say that
accumulated and used for special
presents or Christmas gifts.
                                              Checkers Hyper East Rand,
                                              although they do not give pension-
                                                                                         Did you know ?
                                              ers discount, they do provide free of
Euro Assist is available to give you          charge tea and biscuits for pension-       The word credit comes from Latin, meaning
free legal advice as well as help             ers every Wednesday. Thank you,
with tax problems.                            Ann, for the information and I hope        “trust”. Ironically. Almost half of all credit card
                                              that it will spark others into doing
It is worthwhile to confirm with the          the same.
                                                                                         disputes are about internet transactions.
manager what the conditions are
and that nothing has changed in the           Go well and keep smiling.
                                              Mac S

                                                                                                  P ts
Once again I am on my hobby horse
crying out to the membership to                                                                                                     Bank Pensioners’ Society
help me to find who in the retail                                                                                             Bank Pensioenarisse Vereniging
business throughout the whole of                                                               Be
South Africa give discount to our
                                                                                                       BANKMED                                         BENEVOLENT FUND
                                                                                        The BPS was instrumental in arranging a                Application may be made to the National
                                                                                         toll free number with Bankmed for its                 Council of the BPS for financial assistance
                                                                                         members and is available from 8:00 to                  expenses in deserving and exceptional
                                                                                        16:30 every day of the week. The number                    cases. Write to BPS, PO Box 1871,
                                                                                                     is 0800 226 5633.                           Saxonwold, 2132, Tel: (011) 442 0030.

                               Pensioners                                                 FREE Legal Advice – by telephoning
                                                                                         0860 002 437 advice and assistance can
                                                                                         be obtained on any legal matter, from a

                                                                                        highly qualified team of lawyers any time                Special insurance requirements tailored
                                                                                        of the day or night, 365 days of the year.               to your needs as a BPS member. Phone
   Aren’t you tired of having to pay an excess when you dent your car?                                                                            Graham Walker Insurance Brokers at
                                                                                        One half–hour interview with an attorney
   Or worse still when someone else does?                                                                                                            Johannesburg (011) 510 1300.
                                                                                        can be arranged as well. Available to BPS
   Well, this policy is just for you and recognises the financial restraints today’s                  members only.
   pensions and high living costs place on you.
                                                                                         A FREE copy of SASBO NEWS will be posted to each member of BPS every month.
   You will enjoy:
                                                                                        Bank Pensioners Society (BPS) Membership Application Form • PO Box 1871, Saxonwold, 2132 • 159 Jan
   I       A premium which is one of the lowest available.                              Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, 2193 • Tel: 011 442 0030 • Fax: 011 442 0034/3498 • E–mail: BPSoc@telkomsa.net

   I       Excess free cover – not just on motor accidents, but on all claims.          Please enroll me as a member of the BPS and debit my
   I       Emergency roadside, medical, legal and household assistance.                 Account no.                                at                                             (bank)
   I       Quick claims settlement.                                                     Branch name:
   I       Car hire if required for theft, accident or write–off.                       Branch code no.                                   annually with the amount of R47,00*.
   I       Home contents cover for anything you own.                                    Full names:
   I       Service by staff who have been looking after Sasbo member’s                  ID number:
           insurance since 1984.                                                        Address:
          Call now for a free, no obligation quote on (011) 510 1300.                                                                                             Postal code:
                       You will be pleasantly surprised.                                Tel:                                              Fax:
   If you are a Bank Pensioner Society member and are currently insured on              email:                                            Cell:
   our Sasbo Scheme, please advise us so that we can transfer you to the new            Date:                                           Signature:
   Bank Pensioner Scheme.
                                                                                        Enrolled by:                                    Membership no.
                         Administered by GWIB (Pty) Ltd.
                                                                                        * This amount may be adjusted annually

The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                                                                                       www.sasbo.org.za

 Money Matters                                                                                                                                By Magnus Heystek

Global economic
crisis – a year later
         lobal investment markets have       But the world will never be risk-free
         just completed one of its most      and markets could correct at any time.
         volatile and turbulent years on     We need to stress again that volatility is
record. But if you invested some             not risk, even though the media uses
money a year ago and went to sleep           volatility as the feedstock of their some-
and only woke up this week, you              time sensationalist reporting.
might think to yourself: “What’s all the
fuss about? My investments did okay.         In an earlier column I warned about the
In fact, I actually made some money.”        emotional aspect to investing money.
                                             Granted, this was often difficult in the
That’s true. Most investment markets         eye of the storm when it seemed as if
have recovered substantially since the       the whole world was about to plunge
lows reached in March this year. Many
investment managers actually made
some money over this time, but this            One wonders how many
fact conceals the extraordinary volatili-
ty over this period of time.                    students of financial
                                               history will write about                    The International Monetary Fund (IMF)        Magnus Heystek, an
On 15 September last year giant invest-                                                    has raised its forecast for global growth    independant investment advisor
ment bank Lehman Bros. announced to                the Great Credit                        to 2,9% from 2,5% predicted as recently      and the author of several books
the world that it would be closing its           Crunch of 2008 and                        as July this year. It also scaled back its   on investments, can be reached
doors after being in business for more                                                     projection for the global contraction this   on (011) 799 8100 or
than 158 years.                                  what caused it all?                       year to 1,3%, from a drop of 1,4% earlier.   magnus@heystek.co.za.

This was a direct result of its exposure                                                   At some point it is to be expected that
to the deteriorating US sub-prime prop-      into a repeat of the Great Depression of      governments will start withdrawing           global credit crunch, predicting growth
erty mortgages bonds sold to investors       the 1930’s. What is not often mentioned       their stimulus measures. This, however,      of more than 2,5% for the year. But this
and investment funds all over the            in the reports about the Great                still seems to be some six to nine           was nothing but brave posturing ahead
world.                                       Depression was that investments mar-          months away, as the uptick in con-           of the general election in April this year.
                                             kets responded long before economic           sumer and business confidence has not
It sent shockwaves through the global        activity picked up and the good news          as yet reflected itself in declining unem-   The SA Reserve Bank cut interest rates
banking community which at one time          started filtering through to the front        ployment.                                    by a further 0,5% on 14 August, bring-
almost came to a complete standstill as      pages of newspapers. The same has                                                          ing the cumulative decline in interest
banking giants feared doing business         happened again.                               In the US unemployment is set to             rates to 500 basis points by means of six
with other banking giants, fearful that                                                    breach 10% for the first time since 1983     cuts. The repo rate is now standing at
they might not survive the unprece-          Global economy starting to stir               while unemployment is still rife in the      7% compared to December when the
dented financial hellfire that was threat-   In recent weeks the term “green shoots        UK, Europe (especially Ireland and           rate was 12%.
ening to unhinge and destabilise the         of economic activity” started appearing       Spain).
global financial system.                     in the media; hesitantly at first, but                                                     Was this the last interest rate cut? Only
                                             now almost on a daily basis. Earlier this     The G20-leaders made it clear that they      time will tell but it would seem as if
Future economic historians will, no          month the finance ministers of the G20-       are aware of the need to communicate         SARB will most probably wait until
doubt, look back at these events and         countries, which include South Africa,        and coordinate their withdrawal from         new governor Gill Marcus has settled
conclude that it was the closest the         met in the UK in order to discuss the         the economies well in advance. A sud-        into her job before any further cuts, if
modern financial system had ever             state of the world economy. The mood          den and badly communicated with-             any, will be made.
come to a systemic collapse.                 was far better than the World Economic        drawal would be bad for markets and
                                             Forum held in January when the global         confidence.                                  The biggest problem facing the authori-
It was only due to the combined mas-         crisis was at its peak.                                                                    ties is the sharp decline in government
sive intervention by Western govern-                                                       SA economy under the cosh                    revenues, estimated to be between R60
ments that it was averted. More than $4      One of the lessons from history was for       After shrinking by an annualised 6,4%        and R80 billion for the full financial
trillion was provided in direct and indi-    governments not to start withdrawing          in the first quarter of 2009 the SA econ-    year. Against a background of falling
rect injection of liquidity into the world   its stimulus packages as soon as gov-         omy shrank by a further annualised           company profits and declining VAT col-
financial system that staved off greater     ernments did in 1931. It also helped          rate of 3% in the second.                    lections this will put great pressure on
turbulence and provided some floor to        that Ben Bernanke, governor of the US         Manufacturing was the worst sector,          the deficit before borrowings.
economic activity.                           Reserve Bank, is considered an expert         seeing output slide by 11%.
                                             on the Great Depression, having writ-                                                      There is still no sign that the SA con-
Markets have recovered spectacularly         ten his doctoral thesis on it.                This is the first recession in seventeen     sumer is ready to start taking on more
since then and investors have in some                                                      years and the first one the new govern-      credit, but another month or two will
cases fully erased their losses. Further     Other finance leaders agreed that it is       ment has to deal with.                       tell if the drop in interest rates will get
gains are still possible as global econo-    too early to start implementing an exit                                                    the consumer to spend more. S
mies gain traction and start responding      strategy. The recovery is still too fragile   In early January this year government
to the massive injection of liquidity into   with global consumers still very much         was still trying to convince the country
the economies of the world.                  in a taking-shelter mood.                     that it would escape the worst of the

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 Let’s Labour the Point
The Consumer Protection Act–Part6

       ometime in our busy shopping        longer than is reasonable without            was opened and the supplier must
       lives, many of us have had to       telling the supplier that he/she does        now re-package the goods the supplier
       return goods (especially after      not want the goods.                          can charge the consumer for the use of
Christmas day) or have had goods                                                        the goods during the time they were
delivered to our homes, only to dis-       If no specific date or time for a deliv-     in the consumer’s possession, except if
cover that the beautiful couch had         ery has been agreed; the delivery must       the goods were consumed or depleted
torn cushions or the colour was not        not be made at an unreasonable time.         by use, or if the consumption or deple-
what had been ordered.                                                                  tion was just enough to find out that
                                           If it is a special order, the consumer       the goods were not acceptable for the
You wanted to send the couch back          can, before delivery takes place, exam-      consumer.
but, alas, you are bound by the condi-     ine the goods to check if the type and
tions in small print at the back of the    quality is what he/she ordered.              The supplier can also charge the con-
contract that we had quickly signed in                                                  sumer a reasonable amount for neces-
the excitement of the purchase             If the supplier wants to change the          sary restoration costs for the goods for
(besides, who wants to read small          agreed arrangements for delivery, the        re-stocking, unless it was necessary for
print?)                                    consumer can decide to agree to the          the consumer to destroy the packaging
                                           change or insist that delivery must          in order to determine whether the
Now, thanks to the Consumer                take place on the terms originally           goods were the same as the descrip-
Protection Bill that was signed into       agreed to; or the consumer may cancel        tion or sample provided, in the case of
law on 29 April 2009 by the State          the contract without penalty.                goods that had not been examined by
President and is now the Consumer                                                       the consumer before delivery, or were
Protection Act, 68 of 2008, we do not      If the supplier delivers to the con-         fit for the intended purpose.
need to read the small print. We can       sumer a larger quantity of goods than
now read the large print in the Act.       the consumer agreed to buy, the con-         Unsolicited goods or services              Gizelle Conradie, Sasbo assistant
                                           sumer may either reject all of the           We referred to unsolicited goods in        general secretary.
The general rule is that it is an unspo-   delivered goods or accept delivery of        the previous paragraph and the Act
ken condition of every transaction for     the goods, and pay only for the goods        says that goods or services are unso-
the supply of goods or services that       that he wanted and treat the excess          licited when, during any direct mar-
the supplier is responsible for deliver-   quantity as unsolicited goods. If the        keting of goods or services, a suppli-     following 20 business days.
ing the goods or performing the serv-      supplier delivers to the consumer            er has left any goods with, or per-
ices either at the agreed time or, if no   mixed goods, the consumer can either         formed any service for, a consumer         A person in possession of goods not
specific time has been agreed on, with-    accept delivery of the goods as agreed       without asking or arranging payment        intended for him or her
in a reasonable time after the conclu-     upon and reject the rest, or reject all of   for them. Goods or services are also       A person in possession of goods not
sion of the transaction or agreement.      the delivered goods.                         considered as unsolicited if, during       intended for him/her may not prevent
                                                                                        the course of an agreement for the         the supplier from collecting the goods
For any delivery the Act states that       The consumer’s right to return goods         periodic delivery of goods, the sup-       within the 20 business days, or dam-
delivery must take place at the agreed     The consumer has the right to return         plier delivers or introduces goods or      age the goods, or through his/her
place of delivery or performance           goods and receive a full refund when         services that are materially different     actions cause additional costs to have
(which is at the supplier’s place of       the supplier has delivered goods to the      from the goods or services previously      the goods removed. Furthermore such
business – if the supplier has one –       consumer in terms of an agreement            supplied (unless the consumer              a person will not be responsible for
and, if not, the supplier’s residence)     arising out of direct marketing, and         expressly consents to the material         any removal costs or delivery costs to
and the supplier must pay for the          the consumer has cancelled that agree-       change); or after the termination of       deliver the goods to the right con-
delivery of the goods. The supplier        ment during the cooling off period, or       that agreement, the supplier still con-    sumer and he/she is not liable for any
remains liable for the risk of goods       the consumer did not have the oppor-         tinues to deliver further goods to the     costs or damage to the goods while the
being damaged or destroyed until the       tunity to examine the goods before           consumer.                                  goods were on his/her premises
goods have been delivered to the con-      delivery, or it is a mixture of goods,                                                  unless the person intentionally dam-
sumer.                                     and the consumer has refused delivery        Other examples of unsolicited goods        ages the goods.
                                           of any of those goods.                       are when a supplier delivers goods or
To establish when the risk is trans-                                                    performs services at a location, date      A person in possession of unsolicited
ferred from the supplier to the con-       If the goods were intended for a spe-        or time not agreed to by the parties       goods
sumer, the Act gives three possibili-      cific purpose but it turned out that the     and the consumer has rejected that         If a person is in possession of any
ties to confirm that delivery has          supplier delivered the wrong goods,          delivery or performance of services,       unsolicited goods, the person can
taken place.                               the consumer must return the goods           if a supplier delivers a larger quanti-    retain the goods; or return the goods
                                           within 10 days to the supplier at the        ty of goods than the consumer agreed       to the apparent supplier at the risk
The first instance is where the con-       consumer’s risk and expense.                 to buy, the excess goods are unsolicit-    and expense of the supplier. If a per-
sumer clearly or implicitly communi-                                                    ed (unless the consumer has rejected       son lawfully retains any unsolicited
cates to the supplier that he/she has      The consumer may not return goods if         the entire delivery), or if any goods      goods the ownership/property in
accepted delivery of such goods (e.g.      the consumer is prohibited from doing        have been delivered to, or any servic-     those goods passes unconditionally to
the supplier places the goods on the       so by a public regulation (especially        es performed for, a consumer by a          the person. A consumer has no obliga-
shop counter and the consumer picks        health), e.g. injection needles, under-      supplier without the consumer hav-         tion to pay a supplier for unsolicited
them up and walks off with the             wear, etc. or where the goods that           ing requested that delivery or per-        goods or services for the cost of deliv-
goods);                                    were delivered to the consumer have          formance.                                  ery of such goods. If a consumer has
                                           been partially or entirely disassem-                                                    paid monies to a supplier for the unso-
Or where the consumer handles the          bled, physically altered, permanently        Goods and service are not considered       licited goods or services, or for the
goods in a way that is not in line with    installed, affixed, attached, joined or      unsolicited if the goods or service        delivery of any such goods, the con-
the supplier’s ownership (e.g. you eat     added to, blended or combined with,          were misdelivered or if it is obvious      sumer is entitled to recover that
the chocolates in the shop, you wear       or embedded within, other goods or           to the ordinary alert consumer that        amount, with interest from the date on
your newly bought jewellery while          property. Once the goods are returned,       the goods were intended to be deliv-       which it was paid to the supplier, in
you are still in the jewellery shop or     the supplier must refund to the con-         ered to another person. The goods          accordance with the Prescribed Rate of
you take a Coke tin from the shop’s        sumer the price paid for the goods if        become unsolicited only if the recipi-     Interest Act, 55 of 1975. S
refrigerator, open it and drink it);       they are still in the original unopened      ent informs the apparent supplier that
                                           packaging. If they are returned in their     the goods were misdelivered, and the
Or the consumer keeps the goods            original condition but the packaging         goods are not recovered within the

The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                                                                   www.sasbo.org.za

Got a Problem?                                                               Global Labour Briefs
 Find the solution in the Self–Help Directory                                German bank officials rebel against calls for ‘sales at any price’
 Aged in Action                                               011 331 8509   Employee integrity, professionalism and employer demands are in conflict
 Aids Consortium                                              011 403 0265
 Aids Help Line                                               0800 012 322   in Germany where bank officials have come out in protest against continu-
 Aids Link                                                    011 720 5260   ance of the banking industries ‘sales at any price’ demands.
 Alcoholics Anonymous                                         0861 435 722
 ALP (Aids Law Project)                                       011 717 8600   Approximately 2 500 bank employees in North Rhine-Westphalia have so far
 Alzheimer’s Association                                      0860 102 681
 Banking Association                                          011 370 3500   taken part in the ver.di petition on sales pressure.
 Bankmed                                                      021 480 4680
 Bankseta                                                     011 805 9661   ‘Although bank managers like to claim that the necessary lessons have been
 CANSA (Cancer Support)                                      0800 22 66 22   learned from the present economic crisis, the fact is that it has not led to any
 Catholic Welfare & Development                               021 425 2095
 Centre for Early Childhood Development                       021 683 2420
                                                                             change in their approach,’ say protesting finance workers.
 Child Emergency Service (toll free)                          0800 055 555
 Child Line (Child Abuse Clinic )                             0800 055 555   Several hundred customer consultants have posted comments on the web-
 Child Protection Unit                                        011 481 5118   site.
 Child Welfare Society                                        011 298 8500
 Citizens Advice Bureau (free legal advice)                   012 322 6630
 Co-dependents Anonymous (Relationships)                      088.130.0251   Finance workers say that the pressure on them to sell is becoming intolera-
 Communicare (Affordable Housing)                             021 421 6008   ble.
 Compassionate Friend (for bereavement)                       011 440 6322
 Crime Stop                                                   0800 111 213   ‘We are being told that we are no longer advisers – we are sellers’, ‘only the
 Deaf Federation of SA                                        011 482 1610
 Department of Labour                                         012 337 1700   products specified by the banks count,’ and ‘we are told that customers
 Depression and Anxiety Group                               011 783 1474/6   accounts have to be churned,’ are complaints that typify the dissatisfaction.
 Disabled Childrens Action Group                              021 797 5977
 Disabled People of SA                                        011 333 4505   In the ver.di online poll, 95% of the site visitors voted in favour of the
 Drug & Poison Centre                                         082 491 0160
 Drug Counseling Centre                                       021 447 8026   demand “Advice in line with the customer’s needs instead of sales at any
 Dystonia Association                                         011 326 2112   price.”
 Elder Abuse                                                  0800 00 3081
 FAMSA (Family crises)                                        021 461 4228   Irish bank workers under growing pressure to meet targets
 Fatima House (Unmarried mothers)                             012 546 5856
 Gamblers Anonymouse                                          0800 006 008
                                                                             The special issues facing staff in customer service departments are being
 GAP (Gender Advocacy Program)                                021 465-0197   highlighted in an ongoing campaign by IBOA – The Finance Union (Ireland).
 Graham Walker Insurance                                      011 510 1300   The Customer Service Initiative, or CSi, has revealed a widespread demand
 Hospice Association of Witwatersrand                         011 483 9100   from union members for a major review of work practices in the customer
 HPCSA (Health Professions Council SA)                        012 338 9300
 Joy for Life (HIV/Aids Support)                              021 423 7452
                                                                             service departments of major financial institutions.
 Kenilworth Clinic (Addiction clinic)                         021 763 4500
 La Leche League (Breast-feeding Support)                     012 430 3334   The Union’s CSi survey reveals that customer service staff is under growing
 Legal Aid Board                                              011 877 2000   pressure to meet numeric targets rather than address the actual queries and
 Lesbian and Gay Equality Project                             011 487 3810   concerns of customers. Most worrying, the survey clearly identifies the pri-
 Lifeline (Aids Helpline)                                     0800 012 322
 Lifeline (Counselling Line)                                  0861 322 322   ority banks give to sales rather than service in this area of the business:
 Lifeline (Gender Violence)                                   0800 150 150   • 89% of respondents say a review of customer service provision would
 MCHIRC (Maternal & Child Health Info & Resource)             031 332 2452      benefit staff and customers.
 Migraine Helpline                                            0860 678 268   • 75% say they have felt pressure to meet targets.
 Molo Songolo (Rights and Protection of Children)             021 669 0913
 NACCW (Child Care Workers)                                   021 762 6076   • 73% say they feel there are workplace obstacles to providing quality
 NAPWA (Nat Assoc of People with Aids)                        011 872 0975      customer care including sales pressure, call time and volume targets, staff
 Nar-Anon (Help or addict’s family)                           088 129 6791      monitoring, and the resulting workplace stress.
 Narcotics Anonymous                                         083 900 69 62   • 71% say their employer prioritises sales over service.
 National Council for Child and Family Welfare                011 492 2888
 National Kidney Foundation of SA                             011 447 2531
                                                                             • 39% describe the working environment as unsatisfactory or extremely
 National Responsible Gambling Program                        021 763 4500      unsatisfactory.
 Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund                               011 274 5600   • 88% believe pay to be inadequate.
 Netcare                                                           082 911
 NICRO (Crime Prevention and Prisoners Rehabilitation)        021 422 1690
 OASIS (Development of Intellectually Disabled)               021 671 2698
                                                                             IBOA intends to produce a Customer Service Charter and will seek meetings
 OCD Association of SA (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)        011 786 7250   with each employer to address the various issues and concerns raised by
 Old Mutual                                                   011 838 1177   members.
 Overeaters Anonymous                                         011 640 2901
 Parent Centre                                                011 484 1734   The culture in customer service departments is not an issue only for staff.
 Parkinson Disease Association                                011 787 8792
 PNDSA (Post Natal Depression and Anxiety)                    021 797-4498   Customers also have an interest in ensuring that staff are not working under
                                                              083-327-2382   so much pressure – either to meet time demands or sales targets and can,
 Poison Info                                                  021 689 5227   therefore, provide proper advice and support.
 POWA                                                         011 642 4345
 Pregnancy Help Centre                                        011 794 3354
                                                              021 797 5000   Temporary work can increase mental health risks
 Pretoria Hospice                                              012 47 4909   “Temporary workers – those lacking long-term, stable employment – seem
 Qualsa                                                       0860 44 8243   to be susceptible to declining mental health for as long as they continue to
 RadioDoc 24-hour medical advisory service                     012 28 4000   work in these so-called ‘disposable’ or ’second class’ jobs,” said Amélie
 Rape Crisis                                                  012 343 8888
 Reach Out (depression)                                       088 120 4136
                                                                             Quesnel-Vallée, a medical sociologist at McGill University.
 RP Foundation (Retinitis Pigmentosa)                         012 622 4904
 SA Haemophilic Foundation                                    011 849 1733   “Research shows that temporary work strains employee mental health, as
 SA Institute for Traumatic Stress                            011 648 7376   contingent workers report more symptoms of depression and psychological
 SA National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse            012 542 1121
 SA National Council for the Blind                            012 346 1171
                                                                             distress than similarly employed workers who are not in these fixed-term
 SA National Epilepsy League                                  021 447 3014   positions.”
 SA Premature Baby Association                                0860 727 736
 SA Red Cross Society (Health & Disaster management)           21 532 0202   As of 2005, about 4,1 per cent of the US workforce – 5,7 million American
 SA Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect         011 481 5145   workers – held a position they believed to be temporary, according to the
 SA Speech & Hearing Association                              011 716 2374
 SASBO Legal Line                                             0860 111 000   most recent data available from the Current Population Survey.
 Smokenders                                                   083 460 6300
 Stroke Aid Society                                           011 882 1612   “These findings should be of particular interest for employers as they con-
 The Homestead (Projects for Street Children )              021 419 9763/4   sider the long-term or global health impact of relying on a contingent work-
 Trauma Centre for Sufferers of Violence                      021 465 7373
 Treat Action Campaign                                        021 422 1700   force to meet current or future employment needs,” said Quesnel-Vallée.

The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                                      www.sasbo.org.za

 Current Add-On Benefits
Please note that these benefits are only available to paid–up Sasbo members.

 Funeral Cover                                                  Sasbo Benevolent Fund
 Your Funeral benefit!                                          The Sasbo Benevolent Fund, which draws its resources
                                                                from union funds and member donations, renders finan-
 Since 1 January 2005 all paying members of Sasbo under
                                                                cial assistance to members who are suffering extreme
 63 years old are covered in the event of death. The cover
 increased to R10 000 in January 2008.
 An additional R10 000 will be paid out in the case of
 unnatural death in the line of duty. This means a potential    Sasbo Legal Line
 total cover of R20 000 per member.                             This is the union’s popular free 24–hours–a–day,
 Claims should be directed to your nearest Old Mutual           365–days–a–year legal advice through europ assistance
 Servicing branch or contact the Old Mutual Call Centre on      service to members. During its first three years in exis-
 086 060 7000 for assistance. Please relay this information     tence, 25 998 Sasbo callers received professional guidance
 to your family members.                                        and collectively saved nearly R11 million in legal costs.
                                                                0860 111 000
 Old Mutual Educational Trust
 scholarships                                                   Sasbo News
 Sasbo has been admitted to the Old Mutual educational          Members are kept up–to–date about Sasbo personalities
 trust that promotes tertiary education by providing schol-     and activities through its own newspaper, Sasbo News,
 arships for worthy causes. The scholarship provides fund-      which appears 11 months in a year. Sasbo News keeps
 ing to study on a full time, part time or on a distance        them abreast of developments in the local and internation-
 basis, for a first time undergraduate degree or diploma        al finance industry, international socio–economic trends
 (including BTech) at an accredited Higher Education            and developments in the labour movement.
 You may apply only if you are:
 •   A member or staff member of one of the participating       Sasbo Study Grants
     trade unions.
                                                                Each year the union offers study grants (on a
 •     A child of a member or staff member, and are under       rand–for–rand basis) to members or their children under-
       the age of 25.                                           going second year tertiary education or beyond.
 •     A grandchild or other child blood relation of the mem-   In 2009, 50 such grants were paid out.
       ber or staff member, and are under the age of 25, and
       are solely financially dependent on the member.
                                                                Sasbo Travel Club
                                                                The Sasbo Travel Club offers members regular and afford-
 Old Mutual Group Schemes                                       able discounted holiday and travel options, which make it
 During their 20–year association with Old Mutual, Sasbo        easier for members to enjoy most sought after local and
 members have invested in the wide range of financial           limited international destinations, e.g., Mauritius, Canary
 plans (investment, education, capital accumulation and         Islands and Spain. For guidelines contact Helena at Sasbo
 funeral plans) made available to members at competitive        Head Office on Tel 011 467 0192, Fax 086 603 8725, or
 rates. Their collective stake in Old Mutual qualified the      e–mail helenab@sasbo.org.za. For destinations, visit
 11 000 members with Old Mutual investments for shares          www.toucantravel.co.za.
 worth an estimated R40 million when the company priva-
 tised its operation in 1999. Old Mutual continues to offer
 an expanding range of investment opportunities which           GWIB Insurance Brokers
 members would be wise to investigate.                          GWIB Insurance Brokers was formed by individuals who
                                                                had already been serving Sasbo’s short–term insurance
 Sasbo Smalls                                                   needs for many years. The company is, therefore, an
                                                                integral part of the Sasbo family. GWIB Insurance Brokers
 This ‘shop window’ in Sasbo News enables members to
                                                                (Pty) Ltd provides members with competitive short–term
 advertise – free of charge for a prescribed period and at a
                                                                rates and processes their claims more promptly than the
 modest cost thereafter – their goods, services, properties
                                                                accepted norm.
 of sale or rent and other items.
                                                                (011) 510 1300
 (011) 467 0192

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For the Record                                                                      Net ter Inligting
Last month we began discussing the 45 lessons life taught to 90-year-old            In die vorige uitgawe het ons begin om die 45 lewenslesse wat die 90-
Christina Brett, as expressed in her column in the American publication, Plain      jarige Christina Brett vir die Amerikaanse publikasie Plain Dealer geskryf
Dealer.                                                                             het, te bespreek. Hierdie maand kyk ons na twee van haar stellings wat
                                                                                    onderling met mekaar verband hou:
We can draw strength from these next two inter-related splashes of Brett
wisdom:                                                                             Maak vrede met jou verlede sodat dit nie die hede benadeel nie;

Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.                         Moenie jou lewe met ander vergelyk nie. Jy weet nie wat hulle al moes
                                                                                    deurmaak nie.
Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all
about.                                                                              Of jy nou daarvan hou of nie, elkeen van ons op hierdie aarde het ’n stel
                                                                                    vaste omstandighede ontvang. Ons kan niks daaraan doen nie, en hoe
Like it or not, each one of us has arrived on this earth with an inherited set of   gouer ons dit aanvaar, hoe gunstiger is die kanse vir ’n staat van
circumstances. There is nothing we can do to change them, so the quicker we         tevredenheid en sukses in die toekoms.
learn to accept them, the better it will be for our future serenity and success.
                                                                                    As ons kinderjare ’n bietjie rof was, kan ons ons troos in die wete dat die
If our early years have been rough ones, we can console ourselves with the          beste staal in die warmste vure gesmee word ... menige groot name het
knowledge that the finest steels are shaped in the hottest fires… that many         al uit die ashoop van ongunstige beginjare te voorskyn gekom ... ’n slegte
great lives have been forged out of the debris of disagreeable beginnings …         begin is soms die beste medisyne vir ’n gelukkige einde.
that unhappy starts can be the best medicine for happier endings.
                                                                                    ’n Mens sal niks daarby baat om ’n teenstrydige siening te hê nie –
There is nothing to be gained by adopting an opposing view, so why entertain        hoekom sulke gedagtes dan koester? Daar is al dikwels korrek daarna
one?                                                                                verwys dat sou ’n mens deeglike insae in ander se probleme verkry, jy
                                                                                    eerder die probleme waarmee jy vertroud is, sal hou, omdat jy reeds min
We are reliably informed that, given an accurate insight into anyone else’s         of meer weet hoe om dit te hanteer.
problems, we would prefer to stick with the problems we already know and
have some idea of how to handle.                                                    As hierdie stelling waar is – dan het ons nie regtig probleme nie – nie
                                                                                    waar nie?
If that premise is correct – which it almost certainly is – then we don’t really
have problems, do we?                                                               Teen hierdie agtergrond, sou ’n mens verkieslik die beste maak van wat
                                                                                    jy het, sonder om toe te laat dat selfbejammering en ander negatiewe
Against this background, it becomes preferable to make the best of what we          gedagtes ons onderkry.
have without allowing self-pity and other negative thoughts to weigh us down.

 Coffee Break                                                                                                          Crossword
1      2            3           4            5                   6           7      Across                                        Down
                                                                                    1. Assures them that I’m into the right       2. Make it higher and I move my ears
                                             8                                          sort of poses (8)                             (5)
                                                                                    8. I start to see how he got into brush-      3. Classroom creep or teacher’s pet?
                                                                                        work (6)                                      (7)
9                                                                                   9. An intimation that it aligns thus (6)      4. You put it on the slate and I
                                                                                    10. You returned the hat – it was in such         acknowledge you for it (6)
                                10                  11                                  a state! (4)                              5. What a gas! What a story! (4)
                                                                                    12. It takes seven of them to catch that      6. It’s not a fact that I’m fit to keep
12                                                  13                                  pest of an alien (6)                          the icon (7)
                                                                                    13. No! I’ve got into a sheeplike condi-      7. ‘I work for the government!’ he
                                14     15                                               tion (5)                                      says (9)
                                                                                    14. Therefore, go after Her Majesty (4)       11. Worn by Robin in the forest (4)
                                                                                    16. I meet a rat who has a jewelled one (5)   12. Trusted the Automobile
16           17           18                        19      20                      19. Material about to be mined for (5)            Association to arrange it and got
                                                                                    21. I employ men with that certain bear-          soaked! (9)
                          21                 22                                         ing (4)                                   15. Rome loses 1 000 Romans? They
                                                                                    23. Reg! Oh! You are a scoundrel! (5)             were egged on? (3)
23                                           24                       25            24. Flag officer? (6)                         17. Supernatural being joins us in our
                                                                                    26. How do you mean? Nominate me? (4)             devotions (7)
                          26    27                                                  28. Even the dog ran off when he saw          18. It’s such a mean way to end a
                                                                                        the monster! (6)                              prayer! (4)
                                                                                    29. Escapes involvement with Eastern          20. Even little Sally says it will subject
                                             28                                         duels (6)                                     you to domination (7)
                                                                                    30. They’re all taking part! It’s the         22. I require the French to cotton on to
29                                                                                      weather for it! (8)                           it (6)
                                                                                                                                  25. This one certainly shows spirit! (5)
                                30                                                  ANSWERS                                       27. Apes about during recess! (4)
                                                                                    on page 16

                  Who will fight for you on your problem insurance claim?
                  Phone GWIB (Pty) Ltd on (011) 510 1300 for a free, no obligation premium quote.

The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                                                                                                                                                                                      www.sasbo.org.za

 SMALLS                                                                  Your contact person for Sasbo Smalls is Stephne Anders. She can be contacted during working hours at 011 467 0192.
HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION TO                           controlled fans. Pool in complex, 5 minute     rooms, R800, situated near                      Modern tastefully furnished and fully           Situated 500 m from the much sought after       roof/power steering BMW satellite,
LET AND FOR SALE/TIMESHARE                         walk to famous to famous tidal pool and        Hartenbos/Mossel Bay & George. TV,              equipped. Close to beach. Contact Ruby          Diaz Hotel and Resort. 2 bedrooms (1x en        Navigation/TV, BMW Car phone, air bags,
ACCOMMODATION TO LET                               beach. Ballito Fast Foods are now selling      DVD (DStv with card) and braai facilities.      Bake 021 705 9836 or 083 707 0803.              suite), kitchen, open plan lounge. Xtra         electronic rear blind multifunction steering,
                                                   easy eats & food and take aways at very        Contact Erna at 082 925 6128 or 016 455         Hermanus                                        braai area, shower, toilet, deck sleeps 6,      parking distance control tow bar, smash and
Amanzimtoti-South Coast
                                                   competitive prices. 4 Sleeper from R360        6071 or vereenigingBM@nedbank.co.za.                                                            swimming pool in complex, 24 hr security        grab tint, Alpina 17 mag wheels, BMW Hi-
2 bedroomed fully equipped self-catering                                                                                                          Accommodation available throughout the
                                                   per unit per night and 2 sleeper from R260     Holiday Accommodation Cape                                                                      with surveillance camera. Price R900 000.       Fi 6 disk shuttle cruise control. Full service
ground unit holiday unit. Suitable for 4                                                                                                          year. Sleeps 6 @ R800 per day. Fully
                                                   per unit per night NB! Book 7 nights pay       Town/Muizenberg                                                                                 Contact Ronnie 083 394 0634.                    history by BMW with books. Price R130k.
adults. 400 meters from Warner beach and                                                                                                          equipped 3 bedroom house close to town,
                                                   for 6 nights. Tel 032 525 7698.                                                                                                                East London                                     Contact Mr. Moodley 073 931 7222.
5 minute drive to Toti Beach. From R300                                                           Fully furnished, own braai area, accommoda-     new harbour, cliff paths etc. Contact Elize
                                                   St Michaels, Natal South Coast                 tion for holidays 5 km from beach suitable      Breda 082 747 3237 or 021 911 2480 (H).         Holiday homes/Seaside plots for sale. Have      2000 Opel Corsa, Red 1.6 Aircan, Fitted
per night. Call 084 580 3167.
                                                   Fully equipped, 3 bedroom duplex, (sleeps      for 4 persons. R275 per night. Contact Deon                                                     pics to e-mail. Phone Les on 083 630 4767.      gearlock, radio/CD player, 118 000 km.
Cape Town                                                                                                                                         Gordon’s Bay (W/C)
                                                   10) 100 m from beach, 1 km from Shelly         083 368 7250 or Tania a/h 021 706 2949.                                                                                                         Contact Dean 082 851 9944 or Michelle
                                                                                                                                                  3 Bedroom furnished lock up and go unit         Winchester Hills – JHB South
Small furnished beachfront flat overlooking        Mall, 5 km to Margate. Lock-up garage,                                                                                                                                                         082 929 6194 or 011 553 0539.
                                                                                                  Knysna                                          in a secured complex available for holi-        Simplex – only 10 units in complex. Three
sea and Table Mountain with TV and garage.         DStv, washing machine + drier.R350 pd,                                                                                                                                                         1995 BMW 320i manual for sale R22 000
Out-of-season bank staff rates: R250 for flat                                                     Self-catering two bedroomed house with          day/permanent rental. Close to all ameni-       bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge/kitchen
                                                   Long weekends and in season R750 pd,                                                                                                                                                           and 2007 Honda CRV RSVI manual, sun-
per night. 082 682 0667 Gert Theron.                                                              spectacular views over lagoon and Heads.        ties, 200 m from the beach and harbour.         with private garden & lapa. Lock up garage
                                                   weekends R1 000. Contact Willem at 082                                                                                                                                                         roof, leather interior, mileage 27 700, pearl
                                                                                                  Fully equipped with off street parking,         Contact Henrietta on 083 406 1317 or e-         with extra parking. On bus route, close to
Plettenberg Bay                                    446 4458 or Jacques at 083 707 1675.                                                                                                                                                           white, like new R250 000 neg. Contact
                                                                                                  patio and braai facilities. Reasonable rates.   mail hholman@fnb.co.za .                        shops and quick access to all major routes.
Retired bank manager will let his holiday          Durban North                                                                                                                                                                                   Vanita 084 549 5930. NB I am in Durban .
                                                                                                  Visit moms-place-knysna.blogspot.com for        South Coast Margate – Uvongo KZN                Phone now to avoid disappointment. Les
cottage at Keurboomstrand (Plett) and lux-         Comfortable, fully furnished one bedroom       more info and pictures. Contact Anita at                                                        083 267 8967 or 011 432 4090 or                 Yamaha Blaster 2005. New rear tires, two
ury flat in Goose Valley Golf Estate (a                                                                                                           Self-catering houses and cottages. Close to                                                     stroke magic, immaculate condition. R18
                                                   flatlet/granny cottage to let. 6 Months’       083 456 4663 or 021 531 4618.                                                                   lesw@firztsouth.co.za.
golfer’s dream) both fully furnished, to                                                                                                          beaches and entertainment, 1bedroom cot-                                                        500 neg. Herman 014 597 6781 or 083
                                                   lease. Private garden/ braai area, parking.    Knysna (Brenton-On-Sea)                                                                         Holiday/Retirement Home
Sasbo members at half price, out of school                                                                                                        tages, 2 and 3 bedroom cottages and 5 bed-                                                      308 9351 (Rustenburg).
                                                   Rent R3 200 suitable for young couple.
holidays, also available in school holidays.                                                      Fully equipped 3 bedroom holiday house          roomed houses. Group bookings up to 30          Pennington unit in secure complex 5 min-
                                                   Contact Priscilla work 031 575 8001 or                                                                                                                                                         Maroon metallic 1997 Jetta 2.0 lt CLI ex
Phone 044 870 7288 or 083 412 4599.                                                               with magnificent views and 100 m from           persons. Corporate bookings welcome,            utes from beach, comprising 3 bedrooms
                                                   home 031 564 4283 or e-mail                                                                                                                                                                    company car meticulously maintained,
                                                                                                  beach. R550 per day out of season R1 050        team building also welcome. Sports teams,       main en-suite, second full bathroom and
Cape Town/Milnerton Ridge                          gordonj@eject.co.za.                                                                                                                                                                           magwheels R44 500 onco. Call 072 347
                                                                                                  per day in season. For more information         club bookings. Rates on request Sea Spray       separate toilet. Patio/lounge faces Nature
Fully equipped, self-catering, one bedroom         Durban North                                                                                                                                                                                   3193 or 033 396 1134.
                                                                                                  please contact Ulandi Swanepoel on 082          and Eagles Nest 011 683 8381 or 083 267         Reserve. Separate dining room, fully fitted
apartment with separate lounge. Suitable           Spacious one bedroom flatlet/granny cot-       330 3241.                                       3562 or www.sea-spray.co.za.                    kitchen. Automated garage, summer splash        1982 Sprite Alpine Caravan, 220V
for 2 adults and 2 small children. Minimum         tage. Comfortable, fully equipped self-                                                                                                        pool, solar heating for cooler months. R980     Electrified plus add a room, Tando Stabiliser
                                                                                                  Franskraal                                      Plettenberg bay
4 nights, own parking bay, with use of             catering with private garden braai area, and                                                                                                   000. Contact Dorothy 074 158 7482 or e-         and towbar R14 800 o.n.c.o. Contact Hans
swimming pool and tennis court. Near                                                              Fully equipped 3 bedroom house, magnifi-        Beat the recession and enjoy a comfortable                                                      Zeelie 083 771 7479 Fochville.
                                                   parking. Sleeps 6, colour TV. R350 out of                                                                                                      mail mater@wendon.co.za.
Century City, golf course, beaches and 15                                                         cent sea view with whale watching, lounge,      stay in Plettenberg Bay, in the heart of the
                                                   season and in season R550 per day. Phone                                                                                                       Estcourt                                        Very good condition 1984 2lt GL White
minutes from Cape Town Central and                                                                dining, TV rooms with 2 bathrooms (max 8        Garden Route, centrally situated, clean, up
                                                   Priscilla 083 403 7473 or home 031 564                                                                                                                                                         Toyota Cressida, Automatic, aircon and
Waterfront at R300 per night. Call Dave at                                                        persons or two families). Contact Roseline      market home, fully equipped and serviced,       One bedroom flat recently re-furbished.
                                                   4283 or 031 575 8001 or e-mail                                                                                                                                                                 radio. 124 500 km. Please contact Bennie
083 414 7638 or 021 558 4780.                                                                     Muller 028 388 0230 or 082 413 3945.            includes 2 braai areas and entertainment        Central and situated in a well managed
                                                   gordonj@eject.co.za.                                                                                                                                                                           082 920 7709.
                                                                                                  Table View                                      area with pub and pool table-ideal for large    complex. A good investment at R360 000.
Cape Town/Panorama                                 Uvongo/St Michaels                                                                                                                                                                             GENERAL
                                                                                                                                                  groups, golfers etc. Rooms sleep 2-8 peo-       Call Eddie 072 347 3193 or 033 396 1134.
Fully equipped, immaculate self-catering                                                          Furnished garden flatlet in Table View
                                                   Immaculate cottage minutes from the sea                                                        ple. Rates from R110 p/n per person shar-       Stilbaai                                        House sitting – Cape Town: Looking for
flatlet with secure parking and braai area,                                                       secure parking. For single, mature non-
                                                   with stunning sea view, sleeps 2-4 beautiful                                                   ing. Contact Graham 083 297 6677 or                                                             someone to look after your house whiles
sleeps 2. Near Century City, 15 minutes                                                           smoking person. R2 100 pm includes w &                                                          Spacious 3 bedroom house with separate flat
                                                   pool and secure parking. Out of season                                                         email bitou@woldonline.co.za or                                                                 you on holiday. Contact Paul Mouton Cell
from Cape Town, Waterfront and                                                                    e. Phone Jannie 082 463 1564.                                                                   only 5 minutes walking distance from the
                                                   from R250 per day and in season from                                                           www.amakaya.co.za.                                                                              082 377 5979 or 021 405 8003.
Bloubergstrand. R180 per night out of sea-                                                        Langebaan Accommodation                                                                         sea. Great for an investment or retirement. A
                                                   R450 per day. Contact Colin or Lyn at 039                                                      Port Elizabeth                                                                                  Digital Conversions: Convert your LP’s
son. Contact Fransie at 021 930 4054 or                                                                                                                                                           few families can also buy together for a hol-
                                                   315 5633 or 082 336 8132.                      2 Bedroomed fully equipped self-catering                                                                                                        (records) to CD. Convert your videos to
083 772 2783.                                                                                                                                     4 bedroomed house (sleeps 8 sharing/2           iday home. In market R1,9 million neg. To
                                                   Uvongo: South Coast                            ground unit suitable for 6 people, 700 m from                                                                                                   DVD. Audio taped to CD and also other
                                                                                                                                                  families) braai, bar, small gym, farm           view contact Eureka on 083 234 5687.
Bloubergstrand –                                                                                  club Mykenos. R500 per night. Call Gideon                                                                                                       formats. Contact Tom Jenner 084 0600 811
                                                   4 and 6 sleeper beach front flats to let at                                                    kitchen, 10 km from city/beach. R500 per        For Sale/Good Investment/Rental
Seafront/Beachfront                                                                               084 901 1936 or (OH) 021 950 6614.                                                                                                              or LPtoCD@telkomsa.net.
                                                   very competitive rates. Within walking dis-                                                    day for first 4 and thereafter R100 p.p.        Income
Views to die for in this two bedrooms, fur-        tance to main beach fully fitted units         Northern Suburbs                                Available all round. Contact                                                                    Opportunity to earn monthly income:
nished s/c flat with garage. R250 per night out                                                                                                                                                   Cape Town Langebaan West Coast holiday
                                                   including, TV, microwave, dishwasher, etc.     Self-catering and B&B accommodation             rkapp@fnb.co.za.                                                                                Name: U-CARE. Nature: Donations to
of season. Contact Theron at 082 682 0667.                                                                                                                                                        house Club Mykonos and shopping com-
                                                   Secure complex with braai and laundry          offered in northern suburbs Cape Town.          Timeshare for Sale                                                                              Charities. Income: Only introduce a mini-
                                                                                                                                                                                                  plex within walking distance. Free stand-
Franskraal                                         facilities. Tel Johan at 082 492 6677.         Special prices for Sasbo members. Phone                                                                                                         mum of three people to qualify for com-
                                                                                                                                                  Salt Rock Palms, North Coast, KZN –             ing, 4 beds double storey. Selling price
2 Bedroom flat at Franskraal, sleeps 6, 3          Uvongo                                         Elaine 083 448 2737.                                                                                                                            mission, which is excellent and paid
                                                                                                                                                  Dolphin Coast, weeks 3 & 4 Friday to            R875 000 negotiable. Contact Connie 012
km from Gansbaai and 40 km from                                                                   Camps Bay Cape Town                                                                                                                             monthly on four levels. Much better than
                                                    4 bedroom house, sleeps 8 and Margate: 6                                                      Friday, sleeps 4. Fantastic sea views,          933 8904 or 072 450 3374 or Cedric 083
Hermanus, walking distance from beach                                                             Walking distance to beach and restaurants,                                                                                                      the Lotto! Cost: R125 pm. For more
                                                   cottages. All self-catering holiday or perm                                                    restaurants, swimming pools and entertain-      253 1311 or cedricb@worldonline.co.za.
and OK groceries and restaurant. Contact                                                          1 bedroom cottage with sleeper couch in                                                                                                         details/info-please contact Piet on 082 855
                                                   accommodation, 2 blocks from beach,                                                            ment. R25 000 for 2 weeks neg. Contact          Hibberdene
Roseline on 028 388 0230 or 082 413 3945.                                                         living room (sleeps 4) R500 to R650 per                                                                                                         2778/043 748 2165 after 18:00 and during
                                                   pool, DStv included, recognised by AA.                                                         Maria on Tchaikovsky@telkomsa.net.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Leisuredene Village Hibberdene immacu-          weekends aniem@mweb.c.za .
North Coast                                        Contact agent Rose Bester 011 683 8381         day. 3 bedroom house with pool (sleeps 6)       Flexi Club Points                               late split level 2 bdrms 2 baths separate       Brown’s Express Transport Gauteng:
www.northcoastholiday.co.za Contact                or 083 267 3562 or agent@mweb.co.za or         available Dec/Jan @ R2 750 per day. Call
                                                                                                                                                  3 000 Flexi Club Points for sale. Make me       dining, kitchen, lounge downstairs              Provider of airport shuttles, point to point
Eileen hulinfamilytrust@absamail.co.za or          www.sea-spray.co.za.                           Eileen 083 652 2514 or e-mail
                                                                                                                                                  an offer. Phone Rob Richmond 011 371            study/family room, large covered veranda        transfers, school and Pre-school shuttles,
082 497 2664.                                      Cape Town                                      eileenb@mweb.co.za.
                                                                                                                                                  7453 or 072 180 5135.                           patio with sea view, garage, pool and laun-     day tours and Quantum Bus hire. We serv-
Langebaan Cape TownWest Coast                      Self-catering two bedroom apartment,           Bed and Breakfast                                                                               dry in complex plus 24 hr security. Price
                                                                                                                                                  Beautiful Timeshare for Sale                                                                    ice Gauteng (JHB, Pretoria and surrounds)
Free standing, 4 beds double storey house          secure parking/swimming pool, from R270        Overlooking the Indian Ocean nestled in                                                         R950 000 neg. Contact Ken 039 699 3969          with special long distance requests to
                                                                                                                                                  Any two weeks per year out of season in 9
sleeps 6-8. Fully equipped self-catering, a        p/d. Contact Eugene 082 468 4367.              the tranquillity of the Chelsea Downs                                                           or 083 582 1935.                                Western Cape (Cape Town) and KZN
                                                                                                                                                  different resorts. Fully serviced and self-
few minutes’ walk from Club Mykonos                AC Breeze holiday accommodation                Conservancy in Port Elizabeth, our up-mar-                                                      Urgent Sale                                     (Durban and Coastal regions). Please feel
                                                                                                                                                  catering. Can also be exchanged with RCI.
casino. Cost R750 per night out of season          Margate & Uvongo                               ket bed and breakfast offers style and com-                                                                                                     free to make your request 011 908 6249 or
                                                                                                                                                  Contact Dawn 083 788 1713.                      Johannesburg (Regents Park). Three bed-
& R850 per night in season & long week-                                                           forts for business and holiday travellers                                                                                                       082 450 6068.
                                                   Come and enjoy awesome holiday. Fully                                                          Flexiclub Points                                rooms, build in cupboards, two bathrooms,
ends. Contact Connie 021 933 8904 or 072                                                          alike. R260 single and R180 pp sharing.
                                                   furnished, self-catering units available.                                                                                                      lounge, newly fitted kitchen, dinning room,     Honey Team Leader: My name is Marildia.
450 3374 or Cedric 083 253 1311                                                                   www.vista-del-mar.co.za contact Melanie         Flexi holiday club points for sale, price
                                                   Rates from R160 per unit per day. 800                                                                                                          laundry room and single lock up garage.         I am a Honey Team leader in the
cedricb@worldonline.co.za.                                                                        041 379 3710 or 082 846 5782.                   negotiable. Market value per pt R11,40.
                                                   metres from Margate’s main blue flag                                                                                                           Prize R550 000. Contact Raole 072 706           Florida/Roodepoort/Bosmont/Newclare
                                                                                                  Hartenbos                                       Points up for sale 10 500. Please contact
East London                                        beach. Mall and shops in immediate vicini-                                                                                                     5707 or e-mail RaoleJ@nedbank.co.za.            area. If you would like to buy or sell these
                                                                                                                                                  Johan Visser 012 804 8622.
Niki-Nana Backpackers – dorms, doubles             ty. Putt-putt and Entertainment in immedi-     Fully equipped 1 bedroomed self-catering.                                                       Flat for Sale – Strand                          fabulous products please give me a call on
                                                   ate vicinity. Pool in complex and DStv.        TV, DVD, braai area and parking. Sleeps 4.      Quality Vacation Club Timeshare                                                                 082 904 9093.
and camping available – upmarket, exclu-                                                                                                                                                          Immaculate modern 2dbrm, 1 bath flat with
sive. Contact Lee on 043 722 8509 or 071           Breakfast available on request. Students       Walk to beach. R500 per night. Call Erna        Quality Vacation Club Timeshare for sale                                                        Need a place to eat? Come to Galitos
                                                                                                                                                                                                  balcony in newly built complex. Laundry,
263 0904. Visit our site:                          welcome. To avoid disappointment call          Le Roux 082 925 6128.                           R30 000 cash negotiable. There is a man-                                                        Protea North (next to BP garage) 1837
                                                                                                                                                                                                  crèche, pool, car wash bay + 24 hr security
www.nikinana.co.za or email us:                    Quentin on 072 264 9422 or 084 406 0122        Jeffreys Bay                                    agement fee that differs from year to year                                                      Ndaba Drive, Protea. For more info call
                                                                                                                                                                                                  in complex. 2 km from Strand beachfront.
info@nikinana.co.za.                               or 039 317 1974 or e-mail ac-breeze@hot-                                                       payable to company. For further info con-                                                       Kgomotso 083 593 1377 or Thanyani 073
                                                                                                  2 x fully equipped units. Sleeps 10 per unit,                                                   In rapidly developing area, view of
                                                   mail.com or www.ac-breeze.co.za.                                                               tact Saravan Padayachy on 079 885 9005
Green Point, Cape Town                                                                            800 m from beach. Fully enclosed with                                                           Gordons Bay + Helderberg mountains.             136 2787.
                                                   Holiday flat in Amanzimtoti                                                                    or 072 182 5575. Ref 68201406 –
Close to Waterfront plus major tourist                                                            electric gates. Contact Marlene on 083 328                                                      Price only R425 000 neg. Contact Riana          Loans for bank and finance employees, R1
attractions, small bachelor, 1- and 2-bed-         Fully equipped self catering holiday flat, 1   2645 or 041 372 1475 or 041 372 1274 fax.                                                       (012) 313 3914.                                 000 – R20 000. Call Sibusiso 076 236 5491.
                                                   bedroom, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, bath                                                    Timeshare – Beacon Isle
roomed self-catering apartments, fully fur-                                                       Margate Accommodation                                                                           Stand For Sale                                  MS Driving School: K53 driver’s lessons and
nished, serviced daily, prices from R200 –         & shower, fully furnished, 50 m from                                                           Reduced price. I wish to sell unit 521, week                                                    learners tuition. Code 8 @ R110 per hour.
                                                                                                  Immaculate, upmarket services apartment                                                         Stand for sale in a new development sub-
R950 per day. Call Hannes 083 255 9618             beach, walking distance to shopping centre,                                                    28 March to 4 April. It compromises 1 bed-                                                      Learners couching @ R60 per hour. Please
                                                                                                  with sea view in secure complex, 5 min walk                                                     urb Sonkring at Brackenfell Cape Town.
or www.davids.co.za.                               under cover parking, remote gate, sleeps                                                       room with en suite and pull-out couch for                                                       phone 084 211 0172 or SMS for prompt
                                                                                                  to Margate beach, sleeps max 5, pool and                                                        Stand is 772 sq meters. Good new area and
                                                   four adults & two children. From R250 per                                                      R26 500. Please call me at 082 777 1640.
B&B in Sedgefield – between                                                                       covered parking bay. Daily rates: Low R300,                                                     close to shops. R550 000. Phone Johan           service. Grahamstown, PE and surrounds.
Wildernis and Knysna                               day out of season. Call Trish or Jaap on       High R600, Peak R800. Contact Colin or          Timeshare Springs                               084 620 5444.                                   Birth Chart Interpreter: You will be amazed
                                                   082 483 5875 or 083 797 1920.                  Lyn at 039 315 5633 or 082 336 8132.            6 Sleeper at Avalon Springs no extra
SonjaBelle’s B&B - Lovely quiet B&B on                                                                                                                                                            Stand for sale                                  at what you will discover about yourself,
Sedgefield Island with 2 double en suite           Gordons Bay – House of Pearls                  Zanzibar Island                                 charges to enter the hot springs (all inclu-                                                    partner and your children. Read how you
                                                                                                                                                                                                  1600 m2 stand in Porterville, Western Cape.
rooms each with their own braai area.              Free standing upmarket 3 bedroomed                                                             sive) and access to all the indoor rejuvenat-                                                   could develop in both your personal and
                                                                                                  Kilima Kidogo Guesthouse, Zanzibar, East                                                        R210 000 ono. Phone Jannie 082 463 1564.
Breakfast is served in a picnic basket to          house, large private enclosed garden, stun-                                                    ing hot pools 6 – 9 November 2009 or 20 –                                                       professional lifeas every aspect of your
                                                                                                  Coast. Experience a holiday of a lifetime in                                                    For Sale
enable you to decide where you would like to       ning mountain view, 800 m to beach, shops                                                      23 November 2009 R3 000. Call Heather                                                           character is analysed in detail. Focusing on
                                                                                                  luxury fully serviced guesthouse, 6 double en
eat in bed, at the nearby lagoon, beaches or in    and restaurants, bathroom with full shower,                                                    Gordon 084 547 0002.                            R250 000 two bedroom, one bathroom              life path, identity, emotions and mentality +
                                                                                                  suite rooms, pool table, dartboard, plenty
the peaceful leafy bird and tortoise filled gar-   lounge, dining room plus fully equipped                                                        Timeshare for Sale                              house for sale in Hlanganani Village,           12 additional character traits. R150 per
                                                                                                  entertainment. Price 250 p.p.p.n. Bed &
den. Sparkling pool, bicycles and table tennis     kitchen, TV, Hi-Fi, DVD player. Braai area,                                                                                                    Springs close to N17 toll road. Phase two       birth chart. To order reply mail with your
                                                                                                  Breakfast. Contact Joey 084 225 5500 or         Global Grand Vacation Package with RCI,
available to gently exercise while on holiday.     bedding and towels supplied. Beach towels                                                                                                      houses sold for R276 500. School and clin-      name, surname, place and time of birth to
                                                                                                  joeypi@absa.co.za or Dina 082 856 1046 or       which is a yearly holiday for sale – points
Day trips to places like Plett, Tsitsikama and     not included. Contact Pearl Jason 083 707                                                                                                      ic are planned for the development. Ideal       carmenh@telkomsa.net.
                                                                                                  status@lantic.net or www.kilimakidogo.co.za.    available immediately, contact Mandy @
Oudshoorn possible due to the central locality     2015 pjason@ebucksmail.com view photos                                                                                                         first home or investment property to rent.      Direct Advantage: Excellent opportunity to
                                                                                                  Mosselbaai/Tergniet                             033 395 5612 (w) or 084 505 8524.
of Sedgefield. Prices relatively low from          on www.gumtree.co.za.                                                                                                                          Contact Melanie 011 734 4750.                   earn monthly income. No joining fee, no
                                                                                                  Netjiese 2 slaapkamer huis te huur. Slaap 6,    Port Edward: Caribbean Estates
R165 per person sharing per night low season       Port Elizabeth                                                                                                                                 Executive home in Midrand                       debit order, no products to be sold and no
to R225 ppspn high season. Have a look at                                                         4 volwassenes en 2 kinders. Branderuitsig,      Fully equipped self-catering, serviced, 3                                                       extra money to fork out. Do yourself a
                                                   2-bedroomed furnished beachfront flat.                                                                                                         A new home for the senior executive or an
facilities & book through http://www.sa-ven-                                                      besigtig walvisee en dolfyne uit die bad.       bedroom (8 sleeper) Caribbean style villas                                                      favour and contact Piet today for more
                                                   Sleeps 6. Available December 2009 to                                                                                                           ideal work from home opportunity. Own
ues.com/gr/sonjabelles.htm.                                                                       Stapafstande van die see.                       in conservation area. Scenic walkways.                                                          info/details on 082 855 2778 or 043 748
                                                   January 2010. Linen supplied. R450 per                                                                                                         your own erf and take control of your own
No Commission payable. For the ‘internet                                                          Toesluitmotorhuis. Kontak Joey by 041 933       Direct access to beach and Umtamvuna                                                            2165 after 19:00 and during weekends or
                                                   day. Contact Linda on 083 309 7043 or                                                                                                          security in this home built with security in
challenged’ – phone 044 343 3157 and speak                                                        2466 of 083 257 7222.                           River. Week 4-11 December 2009. R8 000.                                                         aniem@mweb.co.za.
                                                   041 583 3540.                                                                                                                                  mind. Huge entertainment areas give you
to Sonja or Izobelle!                                                                             Strand                                          Call 083 231 6461.
                                                   Kruger Park                                                                                                                                    the opportunity to impress family and           DJ (Gauteng): Wim 69 for all your func-
Knysna                                                                                            Strand (W.Cape) safe and quiet 1 bedroom        Umdloti: Perna Perna                            friends. Luxury finishes. Landscaped low        tions. No function is too big or too small.
                                                   Marloth Park, on banks of Crocodile River      large Granny Flat for 2. Available for holi-    Fully equipped self-catering, serviced, 3
Fully equipped self-catering flatlet with pri-                                                                                                                                                    maintenance gardens. Located in Midrand,        Contact Werner 083 408 4108 or e-mail
                                                   bordering Kruger. 15 km from Crocodile         day/permanent. Please no smokers, children      bedroom (6 sleeper unit) Umdloti beach and
vate patio and braai area, magnificent                                                                                                                                                            the place to be with easy access to East and    wim69@ananzi.co.za. Quotes will be pro-
                                                   Bridge. Fully equipped house with splash       or pets. Walking distance to beach and shop-    rock pools metres away. Swimming pool,
views of lagoon and mountains, TV and                                                                                                                                                             West Rand, Pretoria, Johannesburg and           vided according to needs.
                                                   pool, braai and lapa – sleeps 10. Game         ping centre. Please call/SMS 072 494 4756.      superb sea view. Week 4-11 December
undercover parking, sleeps 2, tariff R250                                                                                                                                                         near to a Gautrain station. Asking mid R2       I am looking for transport from Alberton,
                                                   roam freely. Peak R600, off peak R400 for                                                      2009. R8 000. Call 083 231 6461.
per day out of season, R300 per day in sea-                                                       Waterford House in Clarens                                                                      m but negotiable. To view contact Lieb on       Voortrekker Road to Absa connect Zone in
                                                   first 5 people, thereafter a further R50 per
son. Tel: 044 384 0734.                                                                           Luxury 4 star graded self-catering lodge        Timeshare for Sale                              082 903 4529 or Gordon on 083 207 9511.         Auckland Park. Contact Jackie 082 498
                                                   person per day. Contact Debbie on inkwaz-
Knysna                                             ihouse@vodamail.co.za. (Ref 3126)              on golf estate. Very special mid week rates     Flexi Club Points available. Contact Rina       Shelly Beach                                    6378 or e-mail
Fully equipped self-catering unit. Sleeps          Jeffreys Bay                                   for bank pensioners. Phone Jean 083 285         @ 083 231 6461.                                 5 Bedroom home, 2 bathrooms, 2 lounges,         Jackie.duplessis@absa.co.za.
two (double bed), full bathroom, (shower                                                          0021. web: www.clarensgolfbreaks.co.za.         Timeshare – Beacon Isle                         kitchen, laundry, double garage, large          Zhareena’s transport and shuttle services,
                                                   Flat – sleep 4/5 people. Fully equipped        email: waterfordinclarens@gmail.com.
and bath), TV and off-street parking, own                                                                                                         I wish to sell unit 521 – week 4 January. It    stand, fully walled and separate 1 bedroom      Cape Town Area. Airport shuttles, day
                                                   with braai on balcony. Just bring your tow-
patio with braai facilities and magnificent                                                       B & B South Coast KZN                           comprises 1 bedroom en suite and pull-out       granny flat. Slight sea view, 1 km from         tours and point to point transfers. Contact
                                                   els. R400 pd in season and R200 pd out of
views of lagoon and mountains. R250 per                                                           The Treehouse is located in tranquil            couch for R18 000. Please call me at 021        beach and 2 shopping malls. R980 000.           Faeez 082 691 7777 or 021 692 3920 or
                                                   season. Jorian 083 458 5684.
day out of season, R300 per day in season.                                                        Pumula. Stunning panoramic sea views,           789 0078 or 083 548 4510.                       Phone Cynthia 083 729 7939.                     Shareena 072 018 7679 or 021 703 7738.
Tel: 044 384 0562 or 083 269 1751.                                                                safe and secure, ample parking with deck        Timeshare to Let                                To let Elspark – Germiston                      I am looking for a lift club from Sydnham
                                                   4-6 sleeper flat, 400 m from beach, fully
Jeffreysbaai – Oos Kaap                                                                           and braai area plus bar. All bedrooms have
                                                                                                                                                  Pine Lake marine Garden Route. From             2 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, own garden,              to Kingsmead every day. Contact Shireen
                                                   equipped self-catering, secure complex.        en suite facilities. R200 pppd out of season.                                                                                                   083 357 8734.
Selfsorg 2, slaapkamer eenhede @ R350                                                                                                             24/11/2009 to 01/12/2009, week 48. 4            access control, 24 hr security, complex
                                                   Out of season R250 and in season R450          R300 pppd in season. Phone Keith or
p/d buite seisoen en R550 p/d binne                                                                                                               Sleeper, self-catering chalet. Price R3 000.    swimming pool, children’s play park. R4
                                                   per day. Contact Reinhardt 072 610 6420        Christine 039 684 5098 e-mail thetree-
seisoen. Loopafstand van strand. Marna                                                                                                            Contact Estelle Petersen at                     500 per month excluding water and elec-
                                                   or email vanderwaltr@fnb.co.za.                house@telkomsa.net.
082 828 4344.                                                                                                                                     epetersen2@fnb.co.za or                         tricity. Contact Danie 082 558 1526 or e-
                                                   10 St Ellen Great Brakriver                    Zia’s Accommodation                                                                             mail ddfrey@fnb.co.za.
Chaka’s Rock (Ballito)                                                                                                                            epetersen@mweb.co.za.
                                                   Fully equipped self-catering holiday           Holiday apartments available Sea Point,                                                         FOR SALE
Self-catering holiday accommodation.               accommodation. Pool in complex. Sleeps 4                                                       PROPERTY FOR SALE
Magnificent sea-views air-con & ceiling                                                           Rondebosch Village and Green Point.                                                             Full HSE 330d Face Lift Sport Pack, sun-
                                                   in cottage. R500 per day. Sleeps 6 – 3 bed-                                                    Mossel Bay at Twee Kuilen/Diaz Beach.

Sasbo members may use the Smalls section of Sasbo News to place three advertisments annually free of charge. The size of these insertions is limited to 40 words per advertisement, excluding contact details. Longer advertisements
are acceptable as paid advertisements. The charge will be 20 cents per word, all words included. Smalls contact numbers: fax 011 467 0188, e–mail: Stephnea@sasbo.org.za, tel 011 467 0192, Private Bag X84, Bryanston, 2021.

The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                                                                                                                   www.sasbo.org.za

                                                                             Membership Application Form
A             TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF                                                                                                                         FOR OFFICE USE ONLY

ID Number                                                                                       Title                          Status

Surname                                                                                         Male     Female                Title Code

Full First Names                                                                                                               Payment Type

                                                                                                                               Acc Type

Code & Tel (W)                                                                                                                 Bank AT

Code & Tel (H)                                                                                                                 Work AT

Cell No                                                                                                                        Label

Race (Govt Statistics)    Black               Coloured         Indian          White                                           Recruiter

                                                                                                                               Area Code
B             Address
                                                                                                                               Deduct Subs

                                                                                                                               E             Debit Authorisation – Indicate which is applicable
Private Postal                                                                                                                         I agree to pay Sasbo monthly subscriptions as determined by the Union
 (as alternate address                                                                                                                 from time to time, and authorise you to recover my subscriptions from
 for Sasbo News)**                                                                                                                     my bank account via ACB Magtape.
                                                                                                                                       I hereby authorise my employer to deduct from my salary each month
Postal Code                                                                                                                            and pay on my behalf, my subscription fee to Sasbo as determined by
                                                                                                                                       the Union from time to time.
** Absa & Nedcor receive Sasbo News at workplace address

C             WHERE DO YOU WORK?                                                                                               F
Employee Number
Job Grade
                                                                                                                               Signature                                                     Date

Branch Code (Nedcor)                                                                                                           Enrolled by:
Cost Centre (Absa)                                                                                                             Bank:
                                                                                                                               Name of member recruited:
Name of Bank
Branch                                                                                                                         One month’s written notice is required for the cancellation of membership.
Account Number
Branch Clearing Code
Type of Account                   Cheque              Transmission        Savings                                              Signature                                                     Date

Headquarters: Fourmall Office Park West, Building No. 1, Percy Street, Fourways. Private Bag X84,       Durban office: 10 Sookhai Place, Derby Downs, Suite 3, Grosvener Square, Westville. PO Box 337,
Bryanston, 2021. Tel: (011) 467 0192. Fax: (011) 467 0188.                                              Westville, 3630 . Tel: (031) 266 9355. Fax: (031) 266 9359. e–mail: sasbodbn@mail.ngo.za.
Headquarters staff, Administration, Research and Information, Training and Legal                        Port Elizabeth office: 4 Ascot Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, 6001. PO Box 63708, Greenacres,
Department: Tel: (011) 467 0192. Fax: (011) 467 0188.                                                   6057. Tel: (041) 373 9471/2/3. Fax: (041) 373 9475. e–mail: sasbope@mail.ngo.za.
Johannesburg office and Bank Pensioners’ Society: 159 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood. Tel:                     Bloemfontein office: Unit 14, Westdene Centre, Cnr First Ave and Reid Street, Bloemfontein. PO
(011) 442 0030. Fax: (011) 442 0034. e–mail: venessab@sasbojhb.org.za                                   Box 12310, Brandhof, 9324. Tel: (051) 447 7422. Fax: (051) 447 7430. e–mail: sasboblm@mail.ngo.za.
Pretoria office: 18 Botano, Cnr Embankment Street & Lenchen North Ave, Centurion. PO Box                Sasbo News: Fax (011) 234 1501. e–mail: schraader@mweb.co.za.
11912, Centurion, 0046. Tel: (012) 663 6673. Fax: (012) 663 6713. e–mail: sasbopta@sasbo.org.za         The Sasbo News contact number is specifically for matters regarding the newspaper (changes of
Cape Town office: 42 Burg Street, 6th Floor, Cape Town, 8001. PO Box 2256, Cape Town, 8000.             address and non–receipt of newspapers should be advised to Sasbo Headquarters). All other
Tel: (021) 424 5941. Fax: (021) 424 3014. e–mail: sasbo@sasbocpt.org.za                                 enquiries should be directed to the relevant numbers on this page.

COMMITTEE                          NAME                        BANK                    FAX NO           E–MAIL                                               ADDRESS
Bloemfontein                       Justi Kettledas             Absa                    051 407 0397     justik@absa.co.za                                    PO Box 539 Bloemfontein 9300
Boland                             Lynn Benjamin               FNB Paarl Mall          021 863 0880     paarlmall@fnb.co.za                                  PO Box 38 Paarl 7626
CapeTown                           Bronwyn Weppenaar           Absa Adderley St        021 510 1558     bronwenw@absa.co.za                                  PO Box 3264 Cape Town 8000
Diamond Fields                     Gabriel Moncho              FNB Kimberley           053 832 4142     Pte Bag X654                                         Kimberley 8300
Drakensberg                        Shaheda Asvat               SBSA Ladysmith          036 637 6375     shaheda.asvat@standardbank.co.za                     PO Box 22 Ladysmith 3370
Durban                             Janice Canny                Absa International      031 304 6710     janicek@absa.co.za                                   PO Box 4724 Durban 4000
East London                        Shawn Cole                  Nedbank                 043 707 8302     shawnco@nedcor.co.za                                 PO Box 2237 Beacon Bay 5205
Far North                          Moloko Serakalala           SBSA                    015 290 8302     moloko.serakalala@standardbank.co.za                 Shop 1&2 Limpopo Mall Middestad 0699
Goldengate                         Ntabiseng Moeng             Nedbank Bethlehem       058 307 3930                                                          PO Box 129 Bethlehem 9700
Goldfields                         Elaine Viljoen              Absa Welkom             057 352 8466     elainevil@absa.co.za                                 Ryk Street Welkom 9460
Grahamstown                        Sylvia Ndzima               Nedbank; Port Alfred    046 604 3903/6                                                        Shop no 6, Heritage Mall, Port Alfred
Johannesburg                       Thoko Tshabalala            Imperial Bank           011 879 9595     Ttshabalala@mfc.co.za                                PO Box 4005 Edenvale 1610
Sub Kalahari                       SueJuane Smith              Absa Kathu              053 723 2541     suejuans@absa.co.za                                  PO Box 245 Kathu 8446
Langeberg                          Leon Barnard                SBSA Swellendam         028 514 5197     leonbarnard2@standardbank.co.za                      PO Box 5 Swellendam 6740
Lowveld                            Bheki Ndaba                 Nedbank Nelspruit                        bhekin@nedbank.co.za                                 3 Ferreira Street Nelspruit 1200
Natal South Coast                  Nazeera Hamid               FNB Port Shepstone      039 312 2388     nazhamid@fnb.co.za                                   PO Box 12309 Port Shepstone 4240
Newcastle                          Daisy Bedhasie              SBSA Newcastle          034 312 1938     daisy.bedhasie@standardbank.co.za                    PO Box 22 Newcastle 2940
Northern Natal                     Karin Marx                  Absa Vryheid            034 980 8848     karinma@absa.co.za                                   PO Box 123 Vryheid 300
Pietermaritzburg                   Thaera Rahaman              SBSA Pietermaritzburg   033 394 8160     Thaera.Rahaman@standardbank.co.za                    PO Box 379 Pietermaritzburg 3200
Port Elizabeth                     Liesel Wait                 FNB Private Client      041 363 8316     lwait@fnbprivateclient.co.za                         PO Box 27521 Greenacres 6055
Pretoria                           Edith Fredericks            Absa Hatfield           012 342 7746     edithf@absa.co.za                                    333 Grosvenor Street, Block C 1st Floor, Hatfield
South Western Districts            Neil McConnell              FNB George              044 874 7991     mcconnell@fnb.co.za                                  PO Box 37 George 6530
Tygerberg                          Des Visser                  Absa PSBCS Bellville    021 940 7755     desv@absa.co.za                                      PO Box 2608 Bellville 7535
Uitenhage                          Marlene Nel                 Absa Ziyabuya           041 485 1971     marlenene@absa.co.za                                 Shop 70 Ziyabuya Kwadwesie PE
Upington                           Mari‘tte Cronjé             Absa Upington           054 332 6191     mariettec@absa.co.za                                 PO Box 1815 Upington 8800
Vryharts                           Ansie Burger                Absa Vryburg            053 927 3959     ansiebu@absa.co.za                                   88 Market St Vryburg 8601
Vryburg                            Alpha Sedibe                SBSA Vryburg            053 927 5146     alpha.sedibe@standardbank.co.za                      56 Market Street Vryburg 8601
Zululand                           Deo Skosana                 FNB Empangeni           035 780 8444     dskosana@fnb.co.za                                   PO Box 1488 Eskahwini 3880

The official organ of Sasbo, The Finance Union, est. 1916                                                                                        www.sasbo.org.za

Recruit your way Free State cracks
to a bonanza     double-ton
        ver the past two decades
        scores of Sasbo members
        have earned themselves
                                                                                    recruiting record
overseas trips or cash bonanzas                                                           wo months ago we lauded the       Firstrand Bank: Barkly West,
simply by recruiting the non-mem-                                                         Kwazulu Natal region for          Bethlehem, Bethlehem Metropolitan
bers around them. Is it not time for                                                      notching up a stunning ‘dou-      Centre, Bethulie, Boshof, Bultfontein,
you to join that happy throng?                                                      ble-ton recruiting record’ i.e. 105     Cheque Processing Day 1,
                                                                                    branches that have a one hundred        Dealesville, Dewetsdorp, Diamond
Each new member you recruit will                                                    per cent Sasbo membership.              Pavillion, Douglas, Excelsior,
give you an additional ticket in the                                                                                        Fauresmith, Griekwastad,
draw. This makes our recruiting com-                                                Now we salute the far-flung Free        Harrismith, Heilbron, Hennenman,
petition one of the most winnable lot-                                              State region – and its members – for    Hertzogville, Hoopstad, Investment
teries around. Take a look at the                                                   going 20 branches better to record      Product House, Jacobsdal, Kakamas,
prizes that are awaiting this year’s                                                125 branches that are one hundred       Keimoes, Kestell, Koffiefontein,
seven winners:                                                                      per cent Sasbo.                         Koppies, Langenhovenpark, Lindley,
• A free holiday for two in                                                                                                 Loch Logan, Luckhoff, Mangaung,
   Mauritius plus R5 000 spending          Here are a few facts to aid your         It is an achievement that measures      Odendaalsrus, Petrusburg,
   money, or                               recruiting efforts:                      up to the highest international stan-   Phuthaditjhaba, Pofadder,
• R15 000 in lieu of the Mauritius                                                  dards of union organising and mem-      Reddersburg, Reitz, Rouxville,
   trip, or                                Since its formation in 1916, Sasbo has   ber loyalty.                            Sasolburg, Senekal, Smart Solutions
• One of the six regional prizes of        been a pillar of strength for finance                                            FS & NC, Southern Centre,
   R2 000 each                             workers.                                 The latest count of 100% branches in    Springfontein, Steynsrus, Thaba
                                                                                    the Free State region is:               Nchu, Theunissen, Training Centre,
The new members you recruit will           Sasbo has recognition agreements                                                 Trompsburg, Tweespruit, Upington,
also stand a chance of winning a           with many major SA financial institu-    Absa Bank: ABC Satellite Kimberley,     Ventersburg, Villiers, Virginia,
prize as each month Sasbo pays R500        tions – the four largest included.       ABC Satellite Upington, ACPU            Vredefort, Warden, Wepener, Zastron
to the lucky new recruit of the                                                     Kimberley, Allpay Kroonstad, Allpay
month.                                     The union’s professionalism is seen      Qwa Qwa, AVAF Kroonstad,                Hlano Financial Services: Welkom
                                           as a major reason for our sector’s       Bethlehem, Bethlehem Business
You will find a recruiting form on         remarkable record of stability and       Analysis, Bethlehem Sales,              Landbank: Upington
page 15 of this issue. If you are plan-    industrial peace.                        Bloemfontein, Bloemfontein ABC
ning to recruit more than one new                                                   Client Services, Bloemfontein CBD       Nedbank: Bloemfontein, Kimberley
member you can use photocopies of          In addition to the negotiating skills    Sales, Bloemfontein Operations,         Processing, Kroonstad Processing,
that form.                                 and personal representation that         Botshabelo, Brandfort, Brandwag @       Loch Logan, Maitland Street, NBB
                                           Sasbo provides, the union also offers    Medi Clinic, De Aar, Dewetsdorp,        Bloemfontein T & O, Nedlink
To make it even easier for you to          a wide range of add-on benefits.         Diamond Pavillion, Ficksburg,           Acquiring Free State, Personal Loans
recruit, Sasbo has placed the services                                              Galeshewe, Hartswater, Hopetown,        Bloemfontein CBD, Personal Loans
of its professional tele-recruiting        Rules of the Competition                 Kimberley 4, Kroonstad, Kroonstad       CRD 1, Preller Square, Sasolburg
team at your disposal. All you need        • All participants must be bona fide     Agency @ Senwes, Lindley, Loan
to do is pass on the names and con-          Sasbo members at the time they         Centre 1, Loan Centre Bloemfontein,     Santam Insurance (Pty) Ltd:
tact details of potential new members        recruit the new member and when        Marquard, Medium Business               Kuruman, Upington
to Sasbo’s tele-recruiters. They will        the draw takes place.                  Central, Odendaalsrus, Parys, Parys
make the follow-up call/s and credit       • The new members recruited              Customer Services, Parys Tellers,       Standard Bank: Auto E Centre
you with the achievement if they suc-        should still be bona fide Sasbo        Petrusburg, Petrusville,                Sasolburg, Barkly West, Bethlehem,
ceed in recruiting the employee or           members when the draw takes            Phuthaditjhaba, Phuthaditjhaba          Bloemfontein, Bothaville, Botshabelo,
employees on your list.                      place.                                 Sales, Postmasburg, Prieska, PSM        Brandfort, Business Centre
                                           • The winner of the Mauritian            Bloemfontein, RASC Bloemfontein,        Bothaville, Business Centre

    Solution to                              holiday must be in a position to
                                             claim his or her holiday before the
                                                                                    Retail Delivery Area Manager,
                                                                                    Sasolburg, Sasolburg 2, Schweizer
                                                                                                                            Schweizer Reneke, Business Centre
                                                                                                                            Vryburg, Christiana, Clocolan,

    Crossword                                end of 2010 or accept the R15 000
                                             cash prize.
                                                                                    Reneke, Senekal, Senwes, Small
                                                                                    Business, Student Bureau
                                                                                                                            Danielskuil, Douglas, Jagersfontein,
                                                                                                                            Kestell, Kimberley, Kimberley
            on page 13                     • The prizewinners’ names will be        Bloemfontein, Taung, Thaba Nchu,        Service Centre, Ladybrand, Lindley,
                                             drawn under the supervision of         Trompsburg, Upington Customer           Loch Logan, Mobile Sales, Parys,
                                             Sasbo’s management committee.          Services, Upington Sub, VFD             Pofadder, Postmasburg, Preller
                                             All members recruited during           Welkom, Viljoenskroon, Villiers,        Square, Provincial Office
                                             2009 will qualify to go into the       Virginia, Vryburg Tellers, Warden,      Bloemfontein, Provincial Office
                                             draw that will take place in 2010.     Warrenton, Welkom, Welkom               Kimberley, RCC N Cape, Reitz,
                                           • The prizewinner will be                Agency @ Medi Clinic, Welkom            Rocklands, Sasolburg, Senekal,
                                             responsible for getting to             Sales, Wesselsbron, Winburg, Zastron    Smithfield, Stannic Bethlehem,
                                             Johannesburg International                                                     Stannic Upington, Thaba Nchu,
                                             Airport at his or her own expense      African Bank: Bloemfontein, Choice      Thabong, Upington
                                             for the departure to Mauritius.        Branch Bloemfontein, Credit
                                           • Full-time employees of Sasbo are       Indemnity Kroonstad, Hartswater,        Wesbank: Asset Sales Bloemfontein,
                                             not eligible for this competition.     Kimberley Mobile Sales, Sasolburg,      BFN Satellite @ Oranje Toyota,
                                           • The decision of the judges will be     Taung, Virginia, Vryburg                Commercial Bloemfontein, De Aar,
                                             final and no correspondence will                                               Wholesale Finance S
                                             be entered into. S                     Capitec: Viljoenskroon

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