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					               DEPARTMENT                                          ONDER ONS
               of HEALTH                                                September 2010
               Provincial Government of the Western Cape


I wish to express my ineffable appreciation to
the staff and partners of Tygerberg Hospital for
the very warm welcome and pledges of support
I have received since my appointment as
Chief Executive Officer. Tygerberg Hospital is a
large and complex organisation and this warm
welcome has eased the adjustment to this new
working environment for me.                                             Above: Dr Dimitri Erasmus

As one way of familiarising myself with the               Background
hospital, I will, over the next few months, be            Previously, Dr Erasmus held the position of Chief
visiting several areas to meet staff in their working     Executive Officer of Red Cross War Memorial
environment.                                              Children’s Hospital since 2005. During this time
                                                          he was involved in the delivery of paediatric
The hospital faces many challenges, and in the            services in the Cape Metropole and has been
context of a resource-constrained environment             part of a departmental team which developed
it will require partnership, teamwork, resolve, a         a successful diarrhoeal disease intervention plan
positive attitude and innovation to address               and a measles outbreak response.

Having realised that there are many competing
needs, I will start focusing on improving the
experience of patients, forging relationships
and partnerships, building nursing capacity,
strengthening general specialist services,
addressing key infrastructure and technology
needs and improving efficiencies.

I look forward to my tenure at Tygerberg
Hospital with great anticipation, enthusiasm and
commitment, and I urge all staff and partners to
join me in making a positive contribution to the
lives of those (patients) who have been entrusted
to our care.
                                                        Above: Dr Dimitri Erasmus with the winners at the opening
                                                               match of South Africa during the World Cup

                                                        Quality health for all                             1
                              SOCCER WORLD CUP
     During the month of June and July, South Africa
made history when it hosted the 2010 Soccer World
Cup, the first Soccer World Cup ever to be held on
the Africa continent. On 11 June 2010, the day of the
official opening, the entire country was in a frenzy.
The day was met with much enthusiasm by Tygerberg
Hospital staff, each of whom dressed in the official
Bafana Bafana colours (yellow and green) to show
their support for the national team.

     The R4 lecture hall was transformed into a soccer
arena with a big-screen TV and was decorated with
the different countries' flags and Soccer World Cup                    Above: Staff of Paediatrics C3A Special Clinics were really
promotional items. Here, thanks to management,                         struck by soccer fever . Their enthusiasm and spirit spread to
Voluntary Aid Services and the Hospital Facility Board,                all who visited the clinic that day
staff were able to watch the opening ceremony
and the opening match between South Africa and
Mexico as well as other Bafana matches. TBH Acting
CEO Dr Erasmus joined staff at the venue and later
handed out prizes to the lucky winners.                              A Soccer World
                                                                     Cup portrait
                                                                     made by the
     Tygerberg Hospital also had the pleasure of
a visit from the German dance group Isargauer                        School
Trachtengruppe. The group, which performs
traditional Bavarian dances, was part of the opening
event of the Bavaria Meets the Western Cape Expo
at Artscape during the Soccer World Cup.

                                            Mr Khulile Dyamara

                                                                             Above: The Occupational Therapy Department

    Above: TBH staff cheering during the opening of the 2010
    Soccer Wotrd Cup.

Far Right: The Isargauer Trachtengruppe dancers with TBH staff and

                                     KICKING CANCER
      Not sure what the likes of Nelson Mandela, Kylie
Minogue, Lance Armstrong, Desmond Tutu and Mark
Pilgrim have in common? International fame and wealth
aside, these public figures have all battled cancer at
some stage of their lives.

     The reality of the cancer pandemic is that 1 in 5
people can expect to develop some form of malignancy
during their lifetime. Most of the remainder will be touched
by the disease of a loved one at some point.. So it really
does affects us all!

       Unfortunately there is a lot we don’t understand
about cancer – but we know that leading a healthy
lifestyle will contribute to a smaller chance of developing
cancer. Try to eat 5 portions of fruit a day, drink lots of
water and aim at exercising at least 3 times a week. Stop
smoking and keep to 2 units of alcohol a day. Women
should have regular pap smears, as well as a screening
mammogram once they are above the age of 45. Men
above the age of 50 should have their PSA (a bloodtest
                                                                  The staff at X-block aims at providing patient care
to look for prostate cancer) taken yearly. If you have
                                                                  with love, compassion, patience and empathy,
unexplained changes in your body you should discuss
                                                                  and even when a patient is cured, we ensure that
these with your doctor without hesitation, as time is a very
                                                                  the patient is made as comfortable as possible to
important factor in cancer.
                                                                  enjoy life to the full. X-block is fortunate that many
                                                                  volunteers give of their expertise, time and financial
      Tygerberg Hospital is proud to have its own oncology
                                                                  resources. If you would like to become involved at
unit situated on the premises where world class cancer
                                                                  the cancer unit, please feel free to contact Sister
care is provided to our patients. Depending on the
                                                                  Lea Wynand for more information at (021) 938 4287.
diagnosis and condition of the patient, radiotherapy as
well as chemotherapy may be offered to provide a cure
                                                                                                       Dr. L. Langenhoven
or to relieve symptoms.

                                        CYSTINOSIS: AWARD CEREMONY
     An award ceremony was held on Friday, 16th
July 2010, at Tygerberg Hospital in honour of Dr Peter
Nourse, a nephrologist at Red Cross War Memorial
Children’s Hospital.

      The Cystinosis Foundation USA in collaboration
with the Cystinosis Support Group South Africa has
awarded Dr Peter Nourse with the Empatheia Award,
for his tremendous dedication to the art of listening
and responsiveness to the concerns expressed by his
patients. Dr. Peter Nourse is highly commended for his
consistent empathetic sensitivity, going beyond the
call of duty and his ability to assist families with his acts
of kindness as they struggle with the complexities of
this disease.
                                                                Many in the medical profession are not informed
     The award was presented by Prof. Craig                     about this rare, yet treatable disease. With the help of
Househam, Head of Health for the Western Cape.                  Cystinosis Foundation USA, Dr Peter Nourse and some
Also present at the ceremony were Dr Terence                    of his colleagues, Mr and Mrs Colin Daniels, parents of
Carter, CEO of Groote Schuur Hospital, as well as Dr            Danielle Daniels (age 16, with Cystinosis), established
Dimitri Erasmus, Acting CEO of Tygerberg Academic               the Cystinosis Support Group SA in April 2010.
Hospital. Cystinosis is an extremely rare disease, and
hard to diagnose, affecting about 2000 individuals in           The Support Group currently consists of 16 patients
the world today. Cystinosis is a very complex disease,          and their families. One of our aims is to carry on Dr.
as it affects multiple organs such as kidney, liver,            Peter Nourse’s legacy of empathy, as we will also
spleen, brain, eyes, muscle and thyroid.                        listen, interact with, and as far as possible improve the
                                                                quality of life of the cystinostic sufferers.

                                             MANDELA DAY
                   On 18 July 2010, TBH in conjunction with            the adult Oncology Department.
           the Provincial Department of Cultural Affairs and                                     Mr Khulile Dyamara
           Sport (DCAS) celebrated Mandela Day, held in
           honour of Mr Nelson Mandela’s 92nd birthday. The
           theme for this year was ‘Education’. The MEC of
           the DCAS, Sakkie Jenner, celebrated the day
           at TBH. Last year MEC Jenner’s Department ad-
           opted TBH as part of their contribution towards
           social responsibility. Speaking at the ceremony,
           MEC Jenner said his Department adopted TBH
           to change people’s lives. He honoured Mr Nel-
           son Mandela, by saying his presence touched
                      Thanks women for being there
           the nation. MEC Jenner promised that his de-
                      God created Adam and year
           partment will be back next he saidand that he be-
                  people are people to live alone
           lieves It’s impossible for a man through other people.
                                                                        Above from left: Ms V Matthews handing over her painting,
                                                                                                                    Then he created a
                                                                         Dr P Ciapparelli, MEC I Jenner, Ms D Matthews, Mr M Lee
                The guests were then taken on a tour of the                                                    Without equipment i
                                                                       Below : Some of the donated craftwork and sport a women life
           hospital. The specific areas were Ward G10, the
                  You and the powerful, dedicated
           TBH tunnel women are adult Oncology Department.
           The Elsies River Youth Band entertained the
                Determined, well minded and intelligent
           children and the guests at Ward G10 and the
               You such Mothers and Fathers, independent
           Cape Town Opera entertained the oncology
           patients atYou play a role in our lives Entertainment
                        the Gene Louw Building.
                     You carry a child for 9 marimba band and
           in the Disa hall was by themonths
                        You bond with that child
           also performing was ballroom dancers, Veon
           Matthews and her partner Mukhtar Lee. The
                The women are educational today
           DCAS donated leading the countrytoys and sport
                 We pay a the Tygerberg you ladies
           equipment totribute, we honourHospital School, and
              Winnie Mandela, to the G10 playroom.
           tables and chairsHelen Zille, Fikile Mbethe. Several
           You deserve to be craftwork treated with to G10
           paintings and respected andwere givendignity and
         For marching to the Union Buildings for Women’s rights
                                                           We say Baie
            Re a leboha Mme, Siyabulela enkosi with
         It is with great joy that children Mamacancer will be
  welcomed into the newly renovated paediatric oncology
  ward, the opening of which was held on Tuesday 10 August
  2010 at the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital.
o Mosiea
       Transformed into a child friendly unit, the ward also
  offers friendly spaces for parents who stay with their children
  to provide emotional support and care during the difficult
  cancer treatment. Currently childhood cancer can be
  cured in up to 80% of children, but it is essential that the child
  be treated in a holistic manner, including the creation of a
  safe and beautiful environment.
                  Women’s Day 2010
        Renovation of the ward was made possible through
   the generous support of Dell Computers, who provided
    known is the funding for the upgrade. Other contributors
is the majority of month for women in South Africa and every                                                                       y
   include the delivering on organisation for families with
: 2010 - 2020;parent support the promise of equality for all”.
   a cancer child patient, and CHOC (Childhood Cancer
   Foundation South Africa) and Kanya. These two hosting a
gerberg Hospital commemorated this day by organisations                                                            W
 icwork closely with the local communities. Women from
    relations department of the hospital.                                                                          d
motivational speaker in the Tygerberg region. Among the guests was Dr Beth Engelbrecht, Deputy Director Gener
  People interested in donating to assist in renovation of the          Above: The
                                                                                   Robyn Wenlock of at G3
e Tygerberg Children’s Hospital the women about theirKling, and domestic abuse.newly renovated murials Exact Stores r
  Tseapo of Mosaic spoke to can contact Malcolm rights
  procurement ladies were given refreshments and each
250 each. The officer for the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital one of them went home with a goody bag. The Public Re
pport. Fund, at 021 938 9583.
                                          Professor Mariana Kruger

                                  WOMEN’S DAY

      August is known as the women’s month in South
 Africa and every year on 9 August women across the
 country are celebrated. The theme for this year was
 “A decade for African Women: 2010 - 2020; delivering
 on the promise of equality for all”.

        The Hospital commemorated this day by
 hosting Women’s Day Programme on 5 August 2010.
 The event catered for 450 female staff members.
 Women from different levels of staff were treated
 to a two hour programme at Disa hall. The MC was
 Denise Lynch, a well-known motivational speaker
 in the Tygerberg region. Among the guests was Dr
 Beth Engelbrecht, Deputy Director General (Tertiary
 Secondary & Emergency Care). The Cape Town
 woman                                                        Above from left: Exact Vouchers lucky winners, Ms A Fortuin,
 Opera provided the entertainment for the day, and           Ms M Abrahams, Ms N De Bruin, Ms M Claasen, Ms A Warwick,
is incomplete
 Charlotte Tseapo of Mosaic spoke to the women              Ms J Xundu, Ms S Cloete, Ms CJ Williams. In front Exact Ladieswear
 about their rights and domestic abuse. Robyn                                Buying Manager Ms R Wenlock
 Wenlock of Exact Stores revealed their summer
 2010 range and she later did lucky draws where 8
 audience members won vouchers to the value of
 R250 each. The ladies were given refreshments and
 each one of them went home with a goody bag. The
 Public Relations Department would like to thank all
 the sponsors who made the day possible.

, Siyabonga Mama
       Cervix cancer is a cancer that develops on
  the surface of the mouth of the womb. It is one
  of the most common cancers in South Africa, any Above from left: The ICU Nursing Department winners, Ms R Sass,
                                                            Ms M Jacobs, Ms S Matthews, Ms S McKree , Ms N Loubser,
  woman having a 1 in 26 chance of developing it                          Ms V Slinger, Ms H Jeffries
  in her lifetime. A national screening programme is
  actively trying to prevent this cancer by providing
  a free pap smear every 10 years to women at
  the ages of 30, 40 and 50. If cervix cancer does
  develop and it is found early, it can be cured with
  surgery or radiation treatment. It is important that
  women who develop any problems with pain,
  vaginal bleeding or discharge immediately seek
  medical attention at their nearest clinic.
year on 9 August women across the country are celebrated. The theme for this year was “A decade for African
       At Tygerberg Hospital there is a specialist
  cancer unit with surgeons and radiation oncology
  doctors who August all available forms of
Women’s Day on 5provide2010. The event, which catered for 450 female staff members was organised by
  treatment. The unit sees more than two new cases
different levels of staff were treated to a 300 hour programme at Disa hall. The MC was Denise Lynch, a well-
  of cervix Secondary & Emergency Care). The Cape
ral (Tertiary cancer every year, and many patientsTown Opera provided the entertainment for the day, and
                                                             draws where 8 Internal Medicine Department, Ms M Koopman
 revealed their summer 2010 range and she later did luckyAbove from left: The audience members won vouchers
  can be cured.
                                                                  (A8 the day possible Ms Henry, Ms R ho offered
 elations Department would like to thank all the sponsors who madeEast Internal Medicine),andS TBH staff Cupido
                                                                            (DLG Psychiatry), Ms D Van Greunen
                                    Dr Hannah Simonds


          The Mothers-to-Mothers project was
    launched in Cape Town in 2001. It is a
    mentorship       programme        designed     to
    empower women and to destigmatise
    HIV infection. These services have been
    integrated into Prevention of Mother to Child
    Transmission of the HIV Virus . Groote Schuur
    Hospital and Khayelitsha Site B were the first
    institutions to benefit from their support. There
    are currently 88 sites in the Western Cape.
    Nationally there are 606 sites and 1 567 staff
    members. The organisation is funded by
    PREPAR, USAID, UNICEF, the Department of
    Health, Elton John, MAC foundation, Atlantic
    Philanthropic, etc.

        In August 2009 the Mothers-2-Mothers
    project was started at Tygerberg Hospital.           The attendees at the Mothers-2-Mothers event held at TBH
        The coordinator and three mentor
    mothers help to counsel and support the
    mothers who are HIV positive. They work in the
    antenatal clinic, antenatal ward, postnatal
    wards, labour ward and neonatology
                            Sister Ellie Warrington

                           AUSTRALIAN CLOTHING DONATION
     What may be regarded as an unlikely
friendship between Emeritus Archbishop
Desmond Tutu and Mrs Barnes, a Senior
Customs Officer, has resulted in a generous
donation for the neonatal wards. Mrs
Barnes met up with the “Arch” 10 years
ago and learnt that he was the patron of
Tygerberg Children’s Hospital through e-mail
correspondence with him.

      She offered to help, and together with the
efforts of pupils at her children’s school, the
Laguna Street Public School, in Caringbah,
Sydney, donated clothing for newborns and
other clothing to the Children’s Hospital. Mrs
                                                        Above from left: Ms Laticia Pienaar, Dr Gugu Kali,
Cheryl Kirsten has since started a clothing             Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ms Cheryl Kirsten,
bank and will ensure that the families in need          Ms Rozaun Botes, Mr Khulile Dyamara holding some of the
will receive these parcels. What a delightful           donations
moment it was for Emeritus Archbishop
Desmond Tutu to officially hand it over to the
Children’s Hospital.

Sal jy weet wat om te doen?
Daar is tans meer as 1 000 Suid-Afrikaners wat
op orgaannoorplantings wag. Dit        is     vir die
oorplantingspanne in Suid-Afrika ‘n bron van kommer
dat daar ‘n ernstige tekort aan potensiële skenkers
bestaan wat deur medici verwys word, terwyl waglyste
vir oorplantings steeds groei.

Behoefte aan skenkers
Baie pasiente wag tans op hart-, nier-, kornea- en
leweroorplantings. Deur ‘n orgaanskenker te word, kan
haas enigiemand ‘n ander se lewe red. Baie potensiële
skenkers gaan verlore omdat mense nie bewus is van
die moontlikheid dat hulle hul organe kan skenk nie.

Potensiële skenkers
Enige pasiënt wat breindood is waar dit moontlik
veroorsaak is deur traumatiese hoofbeserings,
subaragnoiedale bloeding, serebrale anoskie as gevolg
van ‘n oordosis, kardiale arres, verdrinking en embolie, is
‘n potensiële skenker.

’n Potensiële skenker is enigeen onder die ouderdom
van 70 jaar wat goeie gesondheid geniet en aan geen
ernstige sistemiese siektes soos diabetes ly nie, geen
ernstige infeksies asook geen aansteeklike siektes het
nie, en geen teken van kanker het behalwe primêre
breintumors nie. So ‘n persoon moet ook negatief toets
vir hepatitis B en MIV.

Indien enige twyfel bestaan oor die geskiktheid van die
potensiële skenker, moet die oorplantingskoördineerder
geskakel word.

Wanneer is `n pasiënt breindood?
Die diagnose wod deur twee geneeshere gedoen wat
nie deel van die oorplantingspan mag wees nie. Een van        die ouderdom van die ontvangers.
die geneeshere moet ten minste vyf jaar geregistreer
wees. Om iemand breindood te verklaar, moet daar              In die geval van ‘n onnatuurlike dood moet
aan sekere vereistes voldoen word.                            toestemming van die staatspatoloog verkry word
                                                              vir die verwydering van organe.
Die familie se toestemming word skriftelik of telefonies      Hoe word jy `n orgaanskenker?
verkry. Die geneesheer en die oorplantingskoördineerder       Wanneer iemand ‘n orgaanskenker wil word, is die
bespreek met die familie die oorsaak wat gelei het            eerste en belangrikste stap om sy familielede in
tot die dood. Daar moet seker gemaak word dat die             te lig oor die besluit. Dit is hulle wat die mediese
familie die konsep breindood verstaan. Eers daarna            span van die pasiënt wense in kennis moet stel en
kan die koördineerder orgaanskenking met die familie          die finale toestemming moet gee. Hoewel dit nie
bespreek. Aangesien dit ‘n baie traumatise tyd vir die        noodsaaklik is nie, is registrasie by Medic Alert ‘n
naasbestaandes is, moet die vraag vir orgaanskenking          verdere moontlikheid.
met groot deernis hanter word. Daar is geen vergoeding
vir orgaanskenking nie, maar die wete dat hulle iemand        Indien u ‘n orgaanskenker wil word of meer inligting
anders kan help deur die organe te skenk, is dikwels ‘n       verlang, skakel die Stigting vir Orgaanskenkers van
troos vir die familie.                                        Suid-Afrika, tolvrye nommer 0800 22 66 11. Skakel
                                                              ook die orgaanoorplantingskoördineerders, Suster
Die familie moet tyd gegun word om afskeid te neem            B Bailey en Suster C Gidlan telefoon 021-938 5082,
by die pasiënt. Indien die familie toestemming gee            selfoon 072 0122968
vir orgaanskenking, word dit na ongeveer drie weke
opgevolg met ‘n bedankingskaartjie. Hoewel die
ontvangers en skenkerfamilie anoniem bly, word die                                                 Bertha Bailey
skenkerfamilie ingelig oor byvoorbeeld die geslag en                                  Oorplantingskoördineerder


AstraZeneca donates to A5 Lung Unit
     On 16 August 2010, the TBH A5 Lung
Unit received a donation of a SSEM lung
function apparatus machine known as the
Koko Legend Spirometer from AstraZeneca
Pharmaceuticals. This machine would
be used for doing screen lung function
testing. Patients in the different wards who
are bed ridden and in need of a lung
function measurement will be reached
using this mobile Koko Legend Spirometer.
This will enhance the treatment of patients
in Tygerberg Hospital. AstraZeneca also
donated a laptop to be used by Clinicians                             Above from left: Mr David Maree, Mr Johan Mouton, Ms
                                                                      Neetu Naidoo, Mr Christo Olivier, Prof Elvis Irusen,
for storing and recording of reports.                                 Prof Bolliger, Dr Revere Thomson

      On 13 July 2010 the Table View Lion’s
 Club donated story books, cartoon videos,
 toys and puzzles to the Tygerberg Children’s
 Hospital G9 playroom. This donation will help
 create a homely environment in the hospital.
 Such an environment enables the patients
 to recover quickly and the toys are used for
 the rehabilitation of the children. The videos
 and story books will contribute towards the
 education of the children while they are
 Far right from left: Ms Freda Dodd, Ms Zandria Berlin with
 baby Zonay, Ms Elizabeth Hucks, Ms Nicolette Dolf with Kelly,
 Ms Susan Lyners

 Far Right, Ms Susan Potgieter was appointed
 as the new Principal of the Tygerberg
 Children’s Hospital School on 1 July 2010.
 “ I believe in team work and we see the
 parents, children, all the medical staff and
 everybody that is involved with the child in
 any way as part of our team. We want to
 reach as many children in the hospital as we
 possibly can. Come and have a look at the
 work we are doing here. Our goal is to make
 the Hospital School the best hospital school
 in the country”, said Ms Potgieter.


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